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April 1st to 15th 2007

Gavin Page at 23:20:56 Sunday April 15 2007
Just in, full update in the morning

Richard Felstead at 22:45:15 Sunday April 15 2007
Congrats Chevvy on the prospect of becoming a Nannie.

G.A.H. at 21:29:27 Sunday April 15 2007
Oi doris been in the White Horse lately

Nurse Doris at 21:18:35 Sunday April 15 2007
Evening all!

barry the yid at 20:3:4 Sunday April 15 2007
ok we sign anton and coker as long as you have zokora and jenas,lazy wankers,holding midfielders my arse,they cant hold a handbag,i hate football stupid game...

Northern Mick at 19:55:37 Sunday April 15 2007
Evening all.....as per usual Essence was great,company was terrific....Richard we missed you !! Selina..glad to see there has been a reunion in your house.'knockin da boots'(H-Town)comes to mind...GT you are a star !! thankyou !Marcus,Blowey, Maz, Andy,Wayne et al.........good to see y'all

Selina in Mr and Mrs Bob back together at 19:32:26 Sunday April 15 2007
Maz, you are a star, we've just taken a photo of the worlds most happiest boot's. there upstair's making good boot love. Me and and tone in the bath while they make a lickle pair of bootie's.

steve day in BAR 12 INFO at 19:31:18 Sunday April 15 2007
thanks to all that came to hatfield BAR 12 last nite, what a great nite of music big thanks to pedroni great sets mate, jim jackson lots of jazz funk and wicked sound system, also lenny for letting us put it on,nice to see lots of faces there to many to mention. NEXT BAR 12 DO IS ON 30TH JUNE.

Alan in Sutton at 19:29:44 Sunday April 15 2007
What an excellent weekend !

Ellie in shattered but smilin at 19:13:50 Sunday April 15 2007
Richard Essence was brilliant .. probably the best weekend I've ever attended .. and Blowey's my new best pal lol ....I couldn't believe the music I was hearing on Saturday afternoon in The Lounge !!!!!! jsut incredible ..I thort I'd died and gone to Soul Heaven ..am sure I saw some angels ?? but that could have been the vodka !!!!

sharpy in rushing about at 19:5:41 Sunday April 15 2007
just a quick note to say good luck chevvy. sorry i didn't ring back last night my phone battery went

Richard in soulville hq at 18:2:51 Sunday April 15 2007
just got back from a nice chat and drink with Marcus and Blowey,Essence sounded brilliant,wwell done Gavin and Bob.

Iron at 17:1:57 Sunday April 15 2007
Nice one you Toffee's Cheer on spurs nah ! hope you sign that no good lazy wanker Coker and take Anton as well

G.A.H. at 16:39:33 Sunday April 15 2007
April pt2 mix now uploaded to http://trcmix.co.uk/spmb/

Marky Mark at 15:40:38 Sunday April 15 2007
Bob you cant win them all mate

Bob Masters at 14:47:41 Sunday April 15 2007
Barry, Can you hear all the "Irons" cheering us on.

barry the yid at 14:31:35 Sunday April 15 2007
kin ell,my 12 year old nephew can defend better then us

Marky Mark at 14:8:49 Sunday April 15 2007
Thats great you found it ok! Should be a good night with some good old cheese

Info fom Bluey at 13:3:50 Sunday April 15 2007
For more fab photos from last weeks "Tubbs" doo at Dingwalls go to............http://www.incognito.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4233

Lynn at 12:36:0 Sunday April 15 2007
at phne s/be a phone

Lynn and Geoff at 12:35:5 Sunday April 15 2007
Hi Marky, we found it no problems at all, signposted on the corner of the road to the venue and at venue itself, Have left at phne message for you on no given. Nice evening it was for a drive out anyway xx Chevvy, Big Congratulations to you all. All our Love Lynn and Geoff xx

Marky Mark at 11:56:0 Sunday April 15 2007
Hello Lynn and Geof did you find it ok? otherwise I will put up signpost for the real one ..........................CHARITY SOUL NIGHT 11TH MAY IN AID OF THE ESSEX AIR AMBULANCE TO BE HELD @ THE 147 CLUB , STEPFIELDS , FREEBOURNE IND EST , WITHAM ESSEX... DJ'S: MARKY MARK AND SMUDGER.... MUSIC WILL BE CHEESE AND HANDBAG 8.30 - 12.20 ADMISSION £5.00 - ALL DOOR TAKINGS GO TO CHARITY, HOPEFULLY A RAFFLE .... FOR MORE INFO 07931 848058

chevvy at 10:50:46 Sunday April 15 2007

remember vinyl ? in london... at 10:27:56 Sunday April 15 2007
more records added to the growing list, lots of great music for sale - http://www.markymark.gemm.com discount for bulk orders too, let me know if you want anything. marky, push fm. for my radio show playlists,archives and other info - http://www.myspace.com/markymarkdancetrax

MARKY, PUSH FM.... ONLINE THIS SUNDAY EVENING... in LONDON at 10:18:42 Sunday April 15 2007

Lynn and Geoff at 9:38:44 Sunday April 15 2007
Hello Marky Mark, called over Witham last for your charity nite, forgot to look at flyer, See you on the correct date Luv Lynn and Geoff x

G.A.H. in April mix pt 2 at 19:25:17 Saturday April 14 2007
So much good stuff i've been handed this month.. More vocally for the soul fans this time.. http://download.yousendit.com/82B8793F5CEED196 Till i upload it to trc

terry james in at home in my hot tub!! at 17:38:20 Saturday April 14 2007
join me this sunday on starpointradio.co and on sky digital check the web page how to tune your self in to starpoint at 8 till 10pm

BGG in Sunny SOTR at 17:27:39 Saturday April 14 2007
Well done Arsenal on their win....hopefully done us a bit of a favour

Richard Felstead in Work for a change !!! at 15:57:58 Saturday April 14 2007
Your earlier comments Sharpy are spot on, but I guess some people are always gonna bicker and be like that. Have a good one Frostie. Hope all is well fella.

Frostie at 15:14:15 Saturday April 14 2007
Right.....Im off to do two gigs tonight,should be at yours for one oclock time Absolute Paul!

Debs at 15:12:15 Saturday April 14 2007
Sharpy me and u both that will be some party

Frostie at 15:5:1 Saturday April 14 2007
Allo Dave Maaate!

Frostie at 15:2:28 Saturday April 14 2007
Oh Right!More a cottage pie myself!Now,a little ditty I heard the other day.My Name is Jack,Im a Necrophyliac,I shag dead women and leave them my seman,I get frustrated,when they get cremated,burial is a must.....cos you cant fuck dust!

sharpy at 14:51:14 Saturday April 14 2007
you should change the name to deep throat park

sharpy at 14:50:8 Saturday April 14 2007
keep you chin up debs. can't wait for the all clear party

G.A.H. at 14:47:31 Saturday April 14 2007
I've been down with the Westham more times than Linda Lovelace.

Debs at 14:45:50 Saturday April 14 2007
Sharpy look forward to it i'm doing good at the mo thanx building my stregnth up for the next bout of treatment

sharpy at 14:43:51 Saturday April 14 2007
or do you like to go down with the west ham

G.A.H. at 14:38:51 Saturday April 14 2007
Or to pay a visit to Shite Hart Lane

**Spare ticket available** at 14:37:59 Saturday April 14 2007
Anybody at a loose end ? Shaggy (Wayne) has a spare Soul Essence pass and accomodation available due to a no-show at Yarmy .. call him on 07866 605925

Bob Masters at 14:36:38 Saturday April 14 2007
Do you mean up the Tony Cottie ?

Sharpy at 14:33:29 Saturday April 14 2007
do you want to have a car driven up the chocolate driveway or be the driver

dave ogorman in st albans at 14:26:16 Saturday April 14 2007
anybody going to bar 12 in hatfield tonight ?....elloo frostie long time ..

G.A.H. at 14:22:8 Saturday April 14 2007
Frost do you want to be the POstman or Postbox

Frostie at 14:7:43 Saturday April 14 2007
Frost is lost on this one.

Sharpy in did you watch the game last night at 14:5:55 Saturday April 14 2007
i don't mind being Martha but don't expect me to finish you off if you can't complete the job

G.A.H. at 14:1:46 Saturday April 14 2007
As long as i'm Aurthur not Martha i don't care

Frostie at 14:0:49 Saturday April 14 2007
Tone you had to be at Yarmouth last weekend to understand the two of them.They dont do rhyming slang ,they mime instead!Kerruy thinks your interpertation is spot on though!

Frostie at 13:56:43 Saturday April 14 2007
Allo Bob Maaate!Ive got Jack High to win and Joes Edge each way.

Sharpy in i'm flattered GAH at 13:54:22 Saturday April 14 2007

G.A.H. at 13:51:48 Saturday April 14 2007
Getting on all 4's with your arse raised & a cheeky look over one shoulder always works for me

sharpy in there you go at 13:51:46 Saturday April 14 2007
can you see what i'm doing

Kerry at 13:49:0 Saturday April 14 2007
Sharpie.....Whats miming slang for"I want your children!"

Bob Masters at 13:47:48 Saturday April 14 2007
Frosty, What's your tip for the National. I'm doing ; Bothar Na, Idle Talk each-way and Point Barrow to win. SO!! you should all put a line through those three then.........

Frostie at 13:47:0 Saturday April 14 2007
Just read Tones earlier comments......Also the Garlic Vodka is a must.

Frostie at 13:43:32 Saturday April 14 2007
Allo Sharpie Maaate1Fanx Maaate!By the way,spoke to Bobbi and Steve re that residency and its all good-Just waiting for the dates and will let you know.

sharpy in on a computer at 13:38:6 Saturday April 14 2007
ps hello debs hope your feeling better see you in couple of weeks at southport hopefully.

Frostie at 13:36:0 Saturday April 14 2007
Allo Maaates!Many fanx to Margate Mark for coming on and sorting that matter out this morning.Barry the Yid,The Sun Rooms has been established for about 15 years and was originally owned by Mark Hay-An old Cafe Del Mar Ibiza regular.Its a place that myself and my old Maaate Tone(How you doing son?)know well and I tell you what the food aint too bad either!

Sharpy in i don't get it either at 13:34:55 Saturday April 14 2007
i don't come on here often and i can't understand the poison on this site. people knock frosty, rainam dave and richard at soulville. Frosty is probably one of the forerunners responsible for keeping the soul scene alive in the 90's when it went underground. organising do's at the norfolk village, hotels in bournmouth and various other do's involving some of his biggest critics (inc. get down) yes he has his faults but don't we all. the mans breaths soul and if you can't get your head round that speak to the man. Rainham can come across aggressive i grant you but again he is a punter like all of us and i have never read a poor review on here of his night not only that the guy has never knocked a DJ for money. if you don't like his night don't go. Richard and siobhan from soulville are trying to put together a weekend for the punter. last weekend musically was one of the best weekenders i have been to (Jester by the way you are underated) so stop knocking him. it is time we all got together and regrouped instead of in fighting and sniping and perhaps one day i might see some happy comments but i won't hold my breath

barry the yid at 13:30:8 Saturday April 14 2007
bit different from the norm though,made a nice change

G.A.H. at 13:22:3 Saturday April 14 2007
We locals call it the Scum rooms hahaha... Had many a messy night in there.. Mate of mine Glen owns it.. Does some stunning food during the day.

Bob Masters in I don't get it ....... at 13:19:34 Saturday April 14 2007
I don't think it happens enough on this site but when someone give you a "heads-up" about a new track/album or artist etc, which always help's me, I really don't understand the motivation behind making such poisonous, harsh and unnecessary post's..........

barry the yid at 13:11:21 Saturday April 14 2007
went to a bar in southend last night called the sun rooms for me mates birthday,nice jazz downstairs and dub upstairs,looks like a dutch coffee bar,check it out if your in the area,as for the football,fuck it we,ll ave another go next year (hopefully)

G.A.H. at 12:54:19 Saturday April 14 2007
i see; usual coward mug wanker i see.. No blanks to fill in at all.

i see at 12:46:16 Saturday April 14 2007
GAH is his usual polite self. t....r fill in the missing letters.

G.A.H. at 12:27:14 Saturday April 14 2007
I never said i was you 9ct Gold prick

ViVA Espagne at 12:15:54 Saturday April 14 2007
scroll back GAH you not the first

G.A.H. at 12:4:30 Saturday April 14 2007
So why didn't you recommend it to any one before then ya lazy cnt

Margate Mark at 11:53:13 Saturday April 14 2007
Just a note to let slipper of the yard know that the box set of cds I now have off of Frost were not the same ones as you were referring to so before you go trying to spread your vermin comments get your facts right.

Oh no he didn't! at 11:47:17 Saturday April 14 2007
PEVEN EVERETT- "JAMES BROWN I LOVE YOU" TRACK LISTING: This is a True Tribute to the late James Brown. Not a copy,but written from the heart. The track list includes Do You Love me Wanted Man I'll Be your worker Bee No Vaseline Gotta Have Game Put My Thing To Use Love Me GOOD Simmer

G.A.H. at 11:33:29 Saturday April 14 2007

and GAH had it first at 11:22:17 Saturday April 14 2007

Soulbeard in to disco at 11:15:56 Saturday April 14 2007
This one starts tonight, and hope to be every week. Soulbeards Saturday Night Soul Disco.

Soulbeard in Saturday Night Soul Disco at 11:14:34 Saturday April 14 2007
Classic 70s & 80s soul-boogie-funk-disco grooves 8pm to 11.30pm FREE ENTRY. @ The Railway Tavern (formerly Blarney Stone & Salt Bar) 427 Hornsey Road, London N19 4EF. Soulbeards Saturday Night Soul Disco! heck it's a Saturday night in a rough London pub with good music, could be classic.

Starpoint Radio at 11:4:30 Saturday April 14 2007
Join Dexter Wansel for a 2 hour show only on Starpoint Radio tonight. Dexter will be talking about the people he has worked with and the music that has influenced him. You can catch the show on www.starpointradio.com or on Sky digital. Sky Tuning information: To Listen 1. Select Services 2. Select Other Channels 3. Select Starpoint One time setting up process 1.Press Services 2.Press System Setup 3.Select Add Channels 4.Set Frequency to 11 & 463905.Scroll to Find Channels, then press SELECT 6.Scroll to Starpoint Radio, press YELLOW, then press SELECT

G.A.H. at 10:22:29 Saturday April 14 2007
oops missed the Peven Everett bit out

G.A.H. at 10:22:1 Saturday April 14 2007
Just been given his new lp.. It's called James Brown i thank you.. Pretty much sums it up really. If your a fan of that JB Maceo acroos the tracks sort of sound keep your eyes open for it over the next few months.. Not got a track list as yet soon as i do i'll post it.. Will be massive Caister Lacy lady lp.

Debs in NOW LISTENING TO ASH at 10:17:21 Saturday April 14 2007

Debs at 9:2:30 Saturday April 14 2007
Hi u two Sean get the B B Q out u know u wanna Hi to Debbo and Callum xx

sean at 8:45:52 Saturday April 14 2007
mornin deb..eds fine 25c here 2 day so into the bbq....NOT got to install b/band for debbos bro this am ...now thats wot i call FUN.....not av a goodun deb regards to bob......laters

Northern Mick at 8:23:24 Saturday April 14 2007
Hi Debs, now then GT !!

Debs in LISTENING TO THE GINGER ONE at 8:7:1 Saturday April 14 2007
Morning everyone morning Sean 'ows yer 'ead were off to Liverpool have a nice weekend all

Northern Mick at 7:39:24 Saturday April 14 2007
Morning all .................

sean at 0:20:29 Saturday April 14 2007
me and me ol mate...r avin a drinkiepoo boss radio 4 me and ...................................

keegan at 23:33:35 Friday April 13 2007
Jester... absolute quality clip.... just made my night.... brought a huge smile to my face.

Neville in JazzFunkSoul and Soulful Garage at 22:58:43 Friday April 13 2007
JazzFunkSoul is upstsirs and Soulful Garage is downstairs TOMORROW night Saturday 14th April!!! As always EVERY 2nd Saturday. Looks like being another packed night with Happy Birthday Celebrations to Art, Colin, Fitz, Fitz, Hilary, Jan,and Julianne! DJ's Neville, Colin Scott, Andy Unique (Soulpranos)and Nick Adams (Solar Radio) Adm is £5 b4 11 and £10 after. Doors 10pm to 3am. Please see www.jazzfunksoul.com or SoulfulGarage.com for directions to the Epicurean Lounge, 10 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DP Nearest Tube: Farringdon. Playing JazzFunk Greats, Soul Anthems, and of course the best Soulful Garage/Soulful House.

Anorak alley at 18:48:32 Friday April 13 2007
Not as dear as those Robbing dealers at Essence

Markthecabbie at 17:19:49 Friday April 13 2007
"Henrys is not convenient its bloody miles away in a cab"............ Convenient for me mate.I can walk there and back no trouble.Means I dont have to pay them robbing cabbies

Richard in soulville hq at 16:56:57 Friday April 13 2007
Andy davies,did you play for me at yarmouth in the 80s?

thats a shame at 16:5:25 Friday April 13 2007
i really think salsa dancing would have taken off in the roundhouse at dagenham.

Andy Davies at 15:39:41 Friday April 13 2007
Hi Everyone, Just to let you know about my new label.I have the first release available today by Jerline & Friends which is a previously unissued album from the 70's.Check the site www.streetsoulrecords.com to listen.See some of you at Yarmouth!! Cheers Andy Davies.

that will be £35 return guv to henrys at 15:19:5 Friday April 13 2007
Henrys is not convenient its bloody miles away in a cab

Oi no !!!!!! at 15:16:50 Friday April 13 2007
Roundhouse in cornbeef city is shut

Markthecabbie at 15:3:51 Friday April 13 2007
"Kyranoooooooooooo" "Those eyes,those staring eyesssssssss!!" Henrys will never die,hope not anyway,its just soooooooooooooo convenient Might even pop along and say hello to Pete and Tom later. Tony,seem to remember you talking about Thunderbird 2 last Sunday,you halfway thru a box set or summat??

is that at 15:2:36 Friday April 13 2007
gig at the roundhouse in Dagenham.As that will be fun with the nutters doing salsa.

Pete Collins at 15:0:3 Friday April 13 2007
Yes, Dam, that's what I was thinking. However if the weather's good there's often quite a few non-soul locals in attendance for us to indoctrinate! That's the way to do it - make the buggers listen.

Dam at 14:54:43 Friday April 13 2007
Henrys will be dead then as everyone's either at Essence or 3 blind mice

Pete Collins at 14:47:50 Friday April 13 2007
Enjoyed a nice evening at the Silk Road Lounge in Colchester last night, many thanks to Smudger for the lift and some excellent tunes. Tom Holland and me on deck duties at Henry's this evening from 8.30 till late Hurry up to Yarmouth if you're going to Essence or you'll be caught in the Friday afternoon traffic Thanks for the link young Jester, all good stuff.

Soulbeard in Saturday Night Soul Disco! at 14:44:42 Friday April 13 2007
Classic soul-boogie-funk-disco grooves 8pm to 11.30pm FREE ENTRY. @ The Railway Tavern (formerly Blarney Stone & Salt Bar) 427 Hornsey Road, London N19 4EF. Soulbeards Saturday Night Soul Disco! heck it's a Saturday night in a rough London pub with good music, could be classic.

HAPPY FEET at 14:9:8 Friday April 13 2007
Friday 10 th August 8pm Roundhouse Willie Colon A special farewell London show for a true salsa legend. Willie Colón was signed to Fania Records at 15 and recorded his first album at age 17, which ultimately sold more than 300,000 copies. Due to chance events (he had no singer for his band at recording time since his first candidate was killed in a street fight), the main record producer at Fania at the time, Johnny Pacheco, recommended Héctor Lavoe to him, the subject of a soon to be released J.Lo/Mark Anthony biopic. Colón’s collaboration with Héctor Lavoe was the milestone that spread this fusion of tropical/urban music throughout Latin America.

Bob Masters in those were the day's moment....... at 13:41:18 Friday April 13 2007
Jester, Brilliant......

Carol in in sunny south Florida at 13:35:45 Friday April 13 2007
Wendy! I know sad isnt it - having a lovely time here in beautiful Naples - but hub had to bring his flippin lap top and I cant resist popping on for a nose..and there you are! Hope alls ok and see you when I get back next week xx

Ginger Tony at 13:17:35 Friday April 13 2007
Well there's a leading question...

Parker at 13:9:15 Friday April 13 2007
Who does Michael Jackson?

he at 13:6:15 Friday April 13 2007
wears gloves and a hat.

Ginger Tony at 12:58:26 Friday April 13 2007
Great lyric that... I'm a bit worried about him serving food! I seem to remember him perspiring a lot whilst under his brother's influence. Not exactly hygenic! Great actor though, cornered the market for "sweaty puppet" roles. Learned his art from "Fats" in the classic "magic".

he at 12:45:39 Friday April 13 2007
is working as a waiter in a cocktail bar in the Kings Road after his first few shows with Paul Mckenna where dropped by the tv network.Sad really considering he had star potential.Loook into my eyes,back in the room.

HAPPY FEET at 12:26:4 Friday April 13 2007
GT what ever happened to KYRANO the evil half brother with strange hypnotic power and influence,sure ive seen him at Henrys

Pedroni at 12:12:6 Friday April 13 2007
Brian Mac - can you give me a buzz please mister later tonight - 07770 820186 - Hi all hope were fine and dandy

Ginger Tony in he's got a big face!!! at 12:12:2 Friday April 13 2007
That's okay, as long as you don't look into his eyes... Did they call him The Hood cos of his unusually oversized swede?

HAPPY FEET at 12:1:59 Friday April 13 2007
Thats's ok GT The Hood from Thunderbirds bought the Irons

Richard Felstead in Work .........Where else !!! at 11:57:14 Friday April 13 2007
Nice one Jester. That was good to see. I think we all have a soft spot for LOTW. RIP Tubbs.

Ginger Tony in what goes around really does come around!!! at 11:46:52 Friday April 13 2007
I remember laughing my arse off when that funny little american gnome-a-gram wanted to buy Man utd "soccer" club. Well now it looks like Commander Koenig (from Moonbase Alpha) is after The Arse!!!

Jester in trying again!! at 10:56:23 Friday April 13 2007

Jester in it don't get much better than this! at 10:53:46 Friday April 13 2007

haaaaaahaaa at 10:19:5 Friday April 13 2007
tottenham and their rock fan fans are shite.Did you get any oranges you mugs.And April we will beat you AGAIN.

Ginger Tony in looking forward to my debut at 3BM! at 9:53:18 Friday April 13 2007
Morning all! Looking forward to seeing some of you at the bar at Essence tomorrow night! Maybe I can coax some of the revellers to join me bright and early for the "Jump Start" on Solar Radio from 8 till 10 am saturday morning...Sky Digital 0129 & www.solarradio.com

Debs at 9:51:24 Friday April 13 2007
Spud i was going to wait but iv'e had enough greif off u lot and not bitten once and i just couldn't help myself

Debs at 9:49:22 Friday April 13 2007
Ellie u have a goodun too xx we are in Liverpool Sat not sure what club but it's a day out

spud in going to a happening at 9:48:10 Friday April 13 2007
Debs you know what they say HE who laughs last laughs till the start of next season, april 21st is coming.......

Alan in Sutton at 9:27:25 Friday April 13 2007
Soul Essence here we come - HURRAH !!

Ellie in repacking suitcase for 3rd tme at 9:0:11 Friday April 13 2007
Mornig loverlies , Debs xxxx whatever you're doing this weekend have a good one everyone..am jumpin in my little purplie and scooting off up to ESSENCE xxxxxx

Richard in soulville hq at 8:52:26 Friday April 13 2007
Felt for spurs last night,shame it took 45 mins to get going!!Being a toon fan we get used to nearly!!!!!Every one going to essense have a great weekend,Ash he,s ALLLLLLLright.

Debs at 7:39:44 Friday April 13 2007
Morning everyone

Northern Mick in Essex Riviera at 6:58:53 Friday April 13 2007
Morning all......GT Will call you today ..am definately going Gavin please keep one for me I will be there Saturday ! Wendy try the link again : http://myspace.com/attitudesinsoul Pictures contained in the photo strip halfway down main page.............. Soul Essence ...AT LAST !!

Brian Mac at 2:51:7 Friday April 13 2007
I did not get pissed off with us Darren, was actually prouder that we showed passion and spirit. Just fed up with the tired old banter from others .. I agree it's better to do it face to face than on the puter .. glad we're not a top 4 team, full of tossers although the occasional exceptions do exist

darren in my slighty drunk boxers at 2:18:49 Friday April 13 2007
hey brain mac...calm down.so we lost.i didn't get pissed off,i just got pissed ...still having a beer now and listening to some david ruffin-in my stride.......ktf....darren

Brian Mac at 1:20:41 Friday April 13 2007
Ha fuckin' Ha !! the Gooner scum come creeping in to whine on and wind-up .. nothing different from normal then from their self appointed 'we have to win' position .. except you f'kin don't .. so we lost !! we'll live with it, at least we showed some pride and passion without the theatrics and whinging manager ploy .. glad I spend less time amongst here suffering kunt speak - anonymous Kevin kunt or otherwise

darren in my HE'S ALRIGHT boxers. at 0:36:25 Friday April 13 2007
he's alright,dumped us out of the cup. ..payback is a bitch what did he do for you marky ktf. darren think spurs better get there next striker from tesco's

Ellie in sqiffy but sensibbbble at 23:41:47 Thursday April 12 2007
....hiya AJA lovelry ..am listienig in to them too !!! he sounds a bit ok eh !!!

Ellie in sqiffy but sensibbbble at 23:41:43 Thursday April 12 2007
....hiya AJA lovelry ..am listienig in to them too !!! he sounds a bit ok eh !!!

ash selector at 23:7:41 Thursday April 12 2007
Hey Marky Mark, how ya doin' me ol' mate great to have a laugh with the JSR crew...he's alright!!

ash selector at 23:5:27 Thursday April 12 2007
Thanks to the djs & organisers for soulville last weekend nice to put faces to names, many respects to the punters i met from chelmsford,norwich, chelmsford & colchester thanks for your support & making us all feel welcome, we all had a great laugh with wind ups all weekend

ash selector at 23:2:15 Thursday April 12 2007
thanks tony for hooking me up with a ticket for monday at dingwalls, i owe you one mate, a fantastic event which reminded me why i got into this music in the first place

Marky Mark at 22:54:59 Thursday April 12 2007
Here ASH ! He's alright He's alright ( freddie Kanoute )

Aja in Suffolk at 22:52:45 Thursday April 12 2007
Chilling with Mr Collins and our smudger on J.s.r live from jolly old Colchester's "Silk Road " www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk

Stevie Cee at 22:46:37 Thursday April 12 2007
Apolgies for plugging this gig again - I am obviously a very bad person. I just hope some of you bods who are around the City pop into 3 Blind Mice tomorrow night for TCB with Alfie P and Ginger Tony. Music will be Soul, Funk, Bogie, Dischko, Jazz-Fook and of course Broken biscuits. I think GT will be getting his Jazzy Bits out too and swinging 'em around - it's that kind of gig. If you see my mate Marie there would you buy her a drink? It's her birthday - 21 again. TCB @ 3 Blind Mice, 5 Ravey Street, Lahndan, EC1. 7pm - after midnight. FREE ENTRY.

Soulbeard in SATURDAY NIGHT SOUL DISCO! at 22:37:25 Thursday April 12 2007
Classic soul-boogie-funk-disco grooves 8pm to 11.30pm FREE ENTRY. @ The Railway Tavern (formerly Blarney Stone & Salt Bar) 427 Hornsey Road, London N19 4EF. Soulbeards Saturday Night Soul Disco! heck it's a Saturday night in a rough London pub with good music, could be classic.

ash selector at 22:36:27 Thursday April 12 2007
Hi Darren remember you can't beat the indian

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 22:22:32 Thursday April 12 2007
Playlist for 120407 The Impression You want somebody else Curtom Willie Hutch I can sho give you love Motown Lamont Dozier Breaking out all over ABC Luther Vandross Don't wanna be a fool Cotillion Rose Royce Best Love Epic Linda Clifford King for a night RSO Jean Terrel No one like my baby A&M Sunshine Jones If you wouldn't mind King St Trentmoeller & Dj Tom An Evening With Bobi Bros cdr Hectore Levoe Mi Gente (EOL Dub)Vega Lefunken Ft. Stephanie Renee Knowing( Frankie Feliciano Vocal) Seasons Mitomi Tokoto That Piano Track (Sergio Flores Chant Mix)Purple Rasmir featuring K.T. Brooks Music Of My Life (Bass Mint Mix)Mantree DJ Spen & The MuthaFunkaz feat. Ann Nesby Its So Easy (4 The Love Mix)Code Red Dj Oji Sax You King St M.O.D.E ft Leroy Burgess Heaven (Frankie Valantine rmx) White The Path ft Marcel Praying Junior Zak Toms Never stop dancing Defender Ian Pooley 900% (Heller) V2 Podcast up over the weekend ta

darren in my losing spurs boxers. at 22:9:35 Thursday April 12 2007
talk about shoot yaself in the foot.i now know how roma felt. ,who gives a shit,the beers flowing & the music at silk rd is good. ...ktf...darren.

Wendy at 22:8:36 Thursday April 12 2007
No, think you'll find that was MICHELLE who Leo wanted to get into! I was as unlucky in love then as i am now!! still i have a lovely 8 year old daughter to show for it so havent done that bad. I will have to look out for you djing at Henrys and pop by to catch up on how all the old hounslow lot are now doing.

Debs in PAYBACK SORRY COULDN'T RESIST at 22:2:8 Thursday April 12 2007
Spud never mind eh

Bob Masters at 21:55:34 Thursday April 12 2007
WOW !!Wendy !! How the hell are ya ? Sorry you had to use the word "platonic" so soon. You could have made it sound a bit sordid for a couple of post's....ANYWAY ! Leo alway's wanted to get in your "Alans"

well at 21:45:38 Thursday April 12 2007
barry the yid.usual lillywhite performance,now i dont have to listen to yid fans telling me about how wonderful they are.

Wendy at 20:56:52 Thursday April 12 2007
Bob M, Caister!! that takes me back . Trying to remember if the last time i saw you was when Michelle L and myself shared a chalet with you and Leo around 17 years ago (on a stictly platonic basis i might add). Or if it was at the top floor of the Astoria at one of Nicky Holloways dos?

wendy in rayleigh at 20:6:3 Thursday April 12 2007
Northern Mick, please talk me through via idiot guide on how to view the pictures from the boat. I have put the http address in the browser bar and it comes up as unavailable?

Bob Masters at 19:57:32 Thursday April 12 2007
F#*K Me !! It's all over............Well it lasted a hole 15 min's.....ANYWAY !! Who's going to Caister ???

Bob Masters at 19:45:56 Thursday April 12 2007

Marcus in Listening to Tony Owens - When You're Wrong, You Got To Pay The Price at 19:23:57 Thursday April 12 2007
Evening gangaroonies...Rightio, records sorted and see ya all at Soul Essence as I can't wait...TA LA Marcus

steve day in HATFIELD FUNK SOUL NITE INFO at 19:8:15 Thursday April 12 2007
jazz funk soul at BAR 12, COMET WAY, HATFIELD, HERTS, (opps galleria shopping center) SAT 14TH APRIL, 8 TILL 1, £5 ON THE DOOR, DJS STEVE DAY, JIM JACKSON, PEDRONI, EVERY ONE WELCOME.

Debs at 19:4:19 Thursday April 12 2007
Bobity Bob

Marky Mark at 18:57:52 Thursday April 12 2007
Join Smudger and Pete Collins tonight live on JSR @ silk road.... www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk from 9pm including live chat in the JSR chatroom with the JSR groupies...................

DJLSB in the studio at 18:46:35 Thursday April 12 2007
Every Thursday, Join me Live!! from 7pm till 9pm U.K. Time for two hours of upfront soul, dance mixes & bustin all the beats on the streets, also on Friday evening from 11pm till 1am U.K. time, taking you down memory lane with classic rare groove trax. To log on to my show, go to my website http://www.djlsb.co.uk & the radio station plays live automatically........ If you find it skips on your pc press RADIO & then windowsmedia or real player on your right........ To request your favourite tune, email me on info@starpointradio.com...

Gilly at 18:36:7 Thursday April 12 2007
Forgot to say, met Bob on Sunday in Winchester, great to see him and catch up...

Gilly at 18:35:29 Thursday April 12 2007
Weekend in Luxembourg was interesting....Easter Weekend a wash out as was poorly! Went to Woodies on Friday night which was great although suffered on Saturday! Jamie and Paul on form and it was very busy....

Northern Mick at 18:28:3 Thursday April 12 2007
Conrad , glad you found them !!

Debs at 18:10:25 Thursday April 12 2007
Conrad bang bang Bool how the devil are ya are u on myspace ?

Debs at 18:9:23 Thursday April 12 2007
Hi Gilly yep been on M S N a while now it's my email addy just got over the weekend it was great thanx how did yours go

Conrad at 18:7:44 Thursday April 12 2007
Hi Mick...found the pics of the boat. Good stuff. As I said yesterday, thought your whole myspace is gr8.

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 18:6:33 Thursday April 12 2007
6 till 8 Impact with Rick Prior 8 till 10 Mr Hayzer 10 till 12 Mr Blanco (if hes aboot this week)

Gilly at 18:5:53 Thursday April 12 2007
Didn't need the extra apostrophe!!

__GILLY__` in mellow Midhurst!! at 18:5:18 Thursday April 12 2007
Hey Debs, I didn't know you were on MSN - I'm having trouble too...have you recovered from the weekend? Been having a laugh today as was going through some old photos - hysterical xx

Northern Mick at 17:39:21 Thursday April 12 2007
Ta Debs ....

dave ogorman in st albans at 17:37:16 Thursday April 12 2007
any more info on the jazz funk n soul night at bar 12 in smackfield..opps hatfield this sat night

Debs at 17:37:8 Thursday April 12 2007
Mick i can't get on M S N either

Northern Mick at 17:14:8 Thursday April 12 2007
Arrghh OK no problem !!So they are there then ? Anyone having problems with MSN tonight ?

Ellie at 17:12:55 Thursday April 12 2007
woopsie .. sorree MIck I just saw that you have inserted them in the slidey show !!!!!

Northern Mick at 17:12:27 Thursday April 12 2007
Thank goodness for that, thankyou Ellie !! thought I was going bonkers Not sure why they cant be viewed on the filmstrip though ?????

alfie.p at 17:9:16 Thursday April 12 2007

Ellie at 17:4:9 Thursday April 12 2007
MICK I can see them . they're in your "View my pics" section aren't they ??? maybe peoples were expectin them to be on a slidey show thingie i middle of profile but I automatically went to "mypics" ..looks like everyone had fun xx

Ellie in eggcitered bout Essence at 16:58:13 Thursday April 12 2007
thnaks for that Lynn xx hope you're well (((HUGZ))

Lynn at 16:53:0 Thursday April 12 2007
Geoff and myself stayed at the Raynscourt Hotel for Soulville and to any peeps that have not stayed at this hotel before can we say Donna and her Mum were absolutely marvellous. The staff are wonderful and they were very kind. We had a fab 4 course dinner for £8 pound a head and though we were the only guests not part of a coach party they included us in everything even the bingo (know thats not appropiate for Essence but we were happy bunnies as Geoff won 40 quid. ) Hope you all will enjoy the wonderful hospitality and warmth that we did Love Lynn XXX

Northern Mick at 16:48:4 Thursday April 12 2007
Would someone please check myspace for the boat trip pictures. I have inserted them in my film strip halfway down on the main page right hand side. link ..http://myspace.com/attitudesinsoul There a few pictures to scroll through initially before you will find them. Can someone let me know if you managed to see them..Thankyou ....

HAPPY FEET at 16:33:32 Thursday April 12 2007
Yes Spud, she used to tour with Los Lobos album came out last year.other tracks not to my liking but Warm Bath Eyes grt track

Ellie at 16:4:10 Thursday April 12 2007
and the spellin/typin didnae get any better on the 2nd one either !!

Ellie at 16:3:20 Thursday April 12 2007
sorreee don't know how I manged to do that twice ..the first one didn't appear whne I posted it ! LOL

Ellie in gettin ready for Essence at 16:2:31 Thursday April 12 2007
Bev is you are anythign like me you'll be packing 10/12 pairs ..am hopeles I take a huge gigantic suitcase (it's almost bigger than my car) to go away for 2 days !!!!! .mind you it then means I still have lots of space for the reocrds I'll undoubtedly be buyig !!!

Ellie in gettin ready for Essence at 15:44:19 Thursday April 12 2007
Bev if you're anyting like me you'll be packing 10 or 12 pairs !!!!! am hopeless ..I take a huge suitcase awasy with me for 2 days !!!!! mind you I leave enoughg apce for the records I'll undoubtedly be buying !!!

Debs (R) at 12:52:49 Thursday April 12 2007
Mr Farrer - your mailbox cant take my photos of the boat. Allegedly, you dont have enough space????? Will have to send sometime over the weekend. Busy busy ... spring cleaning! 'Appy days!

Bev in in CW 2day at 11:50:20 Thursday April 12 2007
2day I shall mostly b thinkin bout wot shoesys to pack 4 me most fav "ickle" weekender ESSENCE ME UP baby

Debs (R) at 11:28:56 Thursday April 12 2007
Mick Farrer - you have mail! Having probs with My Space today and loading slide show so have to hold fire on the boat pics for now. Perhaps Cap'n Farrer can load them somewhere for everyone to see a little sooner. Cheers.

spud at 10:59:13 Thursday April 12 2007
Happy Feet that stevie wonder sounda like aint even a bloke its a woman called jen kearney from Lowell in the uk.

spud at 10:46:56 Thursday April 12 2007
Happy Feet great cd best one yet that stevie wonder tune is great (even though it aint stevie wonder) i could see Hilly playing that,also a nice bit of mixing on there as well, well done and thank you mate.xxxxxxxxxxxx

Debs (R) at 10:7:54 Thursday April 12 2007
Yes Mr Farrer ... pics will be winging their way to you today as promised! D X

Mick Farrer at 9:53:47 Thursday April 12 2007
Firstly my apologies for not communicating back sooner and on that note I would like to Thank everyone that came on Sunday's Soul Cruise, you all make for such a truly great soulful day out! We even managed beautiful sunny weather (they say the sun shines on the righteous) and the only down side was the extortinate prices of drinks in the Yacht Club.I will have a word with the owner to see if he can review this for us should we decide to go there again? Let me know what you think and again THANK YOU! Stay soulful! Mick and Debs - any chance of sending me the pics? PS. Weirdy I echo your comments, it was hard.

Debs (R) in thumbnailing images at 9:29:58 Thursday April 12 2007
Couldn't find the boat pics either Nothern Mick!!!! Gis a clue??? I am posting mine today on my page ... http://www.myspace.com/soulsister134 so by this evening they should be all loaded. Got some good ones but the sun was so bright, some of them are misty! And if I havent said it before ...... GREAT DAY! Oh and Jester ..... wicked photos of the Tubbs nite at Dingwalls! Morning everyone - sun shining in Romford again.

Conrad at 9:10:53 Thursday April 12 2007
Marky,I try not to come on here too often these days. There's just too much bullshit spoken by poisonous people and it's lost its humour.

Coppo in back in sunny Enfield at 8:45:50 Thursday April 12 2007
G'day y'all

Northern Mick at 7:4:35 Thursday April 12 2007
Morning all !!

sean at 5:9:44 Thursday April 12 2007
mornin all..mornin deb.........laters

Weirdy at 23:36:47 Wednesday April 11 2007
Don't know what to say, but going to say goodbye to Denise Cordaroy today was the hardest thing . To everyone who came, Thanks Can't say anymore.............

Marky Mark at 20:57:11 Wednesday April 11 2007
Conrad where ya been ?

Pete Collins at 20:35:15 Wednesday April 11 2007
Alfie and Tony, aren't you supposed to be at Henry's this Friday? Looks like no Gav, no Tony, no Alfie, no Stevie C - I'll be all on my own you rotten lot!

Northern Mick at 20:13:42 Wednesday April 11 2007
Conrad, myspace main page on the photo strip Cheers !

Conrad at 20:4:21 Wednesday April 11 2007
Mick, where abouts on your blog have you posted your Boat pics. I couldnt find em, but then patience aint a virtue of mine. Great MySpace by the way.

Mark G at 20:1:37 Wednesday April 11 2007
Just to add to Mr Randle's posting - joining us behind the decks on the 20th will be 40th birthday (+2 days) boy Marcus 'I left my kidneys at Soul Essence' Bell. Go on ! You know you want to ????

Mark Randle in in Red Devil heaven!!! at 19:54:17 Wednesday April 11 2007
Just a reminder peeps that our next Soul Purpose takes place on Friday 20th April @ Sketchley Grange Hotel, Hinckley, Leics, LE10 3HU (1 mile M69 J1).............Hear the best in soulful music from the 70's to the present day and beyond with resident DJ's Mark Randle, Sam Evans and Mark (maB) Goddard joined this time by guest DJ Bob Hinsley.........8pm-1am with late bar, door tax £5 (no admission after 11pm).........Info on 07710 283281 or www.soul-purpose.net.........limited number of rooms available @ £20pp B&B from the hotel 01455 251133.........see www.bw-sketchleygrange.co.uk........Cheers, Mark R

Jester in listening to Praful - Remixed 2 album ..Niiiicee!!! at 19:10:45 Wednesday April 11 2007
Eve' - I've also posted some pics on www.myspace.com/jestergroove of the Tubbs Tribute Concert for now ..got more to do, phrowarr!

Norwich Simon in and hoping to get the kids to bed and open the wine... at 18:35:4 Wednesday April 11 2007
Marion - surely no time for that eating nonsense

Northern Mick in Essex Riviera at 18:1:14 Wednesday April 11 2007
I have posted a few pictures from the Easter Soul Cruise on myspace...http://myspace.com/attitudesinsoul

marion at 17:45:12 Wednesday April 11 2007
Richard~ if i'm not on the dance floor, i'll either be eating or sleeping..although weather is supposed to be good~ so may well be dipping the toes in the sea

Northern Mick at 17:16:4 Wednesday April 11 2007
Is anyone travelling from Colchester or passing through Colchester on the way to Yarmouth on Saturday morning ? Am looking for a lift if possible. PM me pse Could be the train !!

Northern Mick at 17:11:12 Wednesday April 11 2007
Only if you are going Richard !!

richard in soulville hq at 17:6:52 Wednesday April 11 2007
Marion,hope to see you there,Mick are you up this weekend?

marion in at work in hot bedford at 16:45:34 Wednesday April 11 2007

marion in slumming it at work in hot bedford at 16:45:4 Wednesday April 11 2007
looking forward to Soul Essence this weekend ~ peggy you don't know what you are missing girl

Northern Mick at 16:32:5 Wednesday April 11 2007
Richard, make sure you cover up glad you had a great weekend

alfie.p at 15:23:47 Wednesday April 11 2007

richard in soulville hq at 14:54:11 Wednesday April 11 2007

Z man at 13:0:43 Wednesday April 11 2007
They beat Roma 7-1 but could they beat the Irons No !

richard in soulville hq at 12:38:16 Wednesday April 11 2007
Afternoon to everyone on the purple page,n-mick the garden is boiling today.What a great match last night,even the we hate man u mob at work were full of praise.

Billy the fish at 10:47:14 Wednesday April 11 2007
Marky Mark > Zing! Went the Strings of My Carp

G.A.H. at 8:52:35 Wednesday April 11 2007
Nope Scouse its a new Vega tune.

Northern Mick at 8:8:53 Wednesday April 11 2007
Morning Mark

Marky Mark at 7:18:41 Wednesday April 11 2007
Morning fish lovers! Todays fish is Haddock

Northern Mick at 6:57:6 Wednesday April 11 2007
Morning all

Gavin Page at 0:26:28 Wednesday April 11 2007
Ellie, you will be doing plenty of healing prayers after Essence. Mind you I could do with one now still

Richard Felstead in At Home at 23:35:45 Tuesday April 10 2007
Sorry Neil, Ya couldn't match the excitement of the footie, so I watched that instead, with you on in the background. It kinda worked.........in parts

scouser at 23:21:44 Tuesday April 10 2007
Is this it, Tone?http://www.traxsource.com/index.php?act=show&fc=tpage&cr=titles&cv=6080

Lynn at 21:3:7 Tuesday April 10 2007
Ellie THANK YOU XXXXXX Will let you know how I get on Luv Lynn xxxxxxx

Ellie in being positive !!!!! at 20:54:13 Tuesday April 10 2007
Lynn hunnypie ...jsut remember whaat we've discussed !!!!!! POSITIVE !!! .. .. will say a wee healing prayer for ya anywasy huns xxx ring me afters if you feel up to it xxxxxxx ((((((((((HEALING HUGZ ))))))))))

Lynn at 20:38:14 Tuesday April 10 2007
Debs and Ellie off to hossie tomorrow, fingers crossed please. Early start for us .

Lynn at 20:35:5 Tuesday April 10 2007
Hello Debs, You are looking good in the photos too, Your hair really suits you and you are looking so well, so pleased for you XX. Glad everyone had a nice nite, great photos also Selina you look amazing love the hair Luv to you all Lynn XXXX

Debs at 20:16:33 Tuesday April 10 2007
Gail we just had a lookie Ellie if u have it flaunt it and ditto what Lynn has said , how nice to see everyone smiling and having a great time love the one of the lads together,on the whole a blinding night

Lynn at 20:8:29 Tuesday April 10 2007
Ellie you are lovely .You have great hair and eyes and a figure I would die for so less of the brown bags nonsense eh plus you are one of the sweetest and kindest ladies I know Luv Lynn XX

Ellie at 19:54:18 Tuesday April 10 2007
woopsie I put gail in me name bit instead of me ! seeeee am all confused now !!!!!!!

Gail in not meanting to get her bits out !!!! at 19:53:33 Tuesday April 10 2007
..and Gail you're sposed ot look after me !! why didn't you tel me to hoik up the sweater !!

Ellie in EEEEEEK at 19:52:29 Tuesday April 10 2007
....reminder to self ...take brown bag out with you ..infact two of them !!!!! gawd !!!! am so not photogenic ..neffah mind am a nice soul !!!!!!

G.A.H. at 19:28:54 Tuesday April 10 2007
Hector lavoe Mi Gente.. Makes me wanna eat Fajitas

steve day in jazz funk soul nite in hatfield this sat nite at 19:20:30 Tuesday April 10 2007
what a great weekend up soulville and the soul boat sunday nice to see everybody to many to mention. hope to see some of you this sat 14th april for our JAZZ FUNK SOUL NITE 8 TILL 1 AT BAR 12, COMMET WAY, HATFIELD, HERTS,( OPPS THE GALLERIA SHOPPING CENTER.)£5 ON THE DOOR, DJS,STEVE DAY, JIM JACKSON, PEDRONI,ALL WELCOME.

Northern Mick at 19:6:40 Tuesday April 10 2007
C'mon I'm a Villa fan.....what football ??

Starpoint Radio at 19:4:36 Tuesday April 10 2007
Neil Forbes will be back tonight on www.starpointradio.com & sky. Forget the football and join him between 9 and 11 tonight

Gail at 18:49:55 Tuesday April 10 2007
Whooops, maybe not...try this one http://uk.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/gail_austin66/album?.dir=9d8dre2&.src=ph&store=&prodid=&.done=http%3a//uk.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/gail_austin66/my_photos

Gail at 18:48:46 Tuesday April 10 2007
Nice to see everyone on sunday at Henry's, had a great night. Here's a link to some pics from the night http://s2.excoboard.com/exco/thread.php?forumid=83822&threadid=1589731&page=1#12461930

Northern Mick at 18:35:42 Tuesday April 10 2007

G.A.H. at 17:56:45 Tuesday April 10 2007
Nah that's crossover..

Stevie Cee at 17:44:58 Tuesday April 10 2007
Chuffin' 'eck I had to google Passaic as I had previously thought it was just after the Juraissic period.

Debs (R) in wondering how much is in my penny jar at 17:42:22 Tuesday April 10 2007
Hi everyone ... another beautiful sunny day in Romford. Brilliant Cruise with Captain Farrer and the gang on Sunday, just a shame about the Yacht Club's bar prices!!! Brassic for the rest of the week now ... roll on payday. Also, with lots of signs stating it was a private party, someone should have been keeping out the mob that decided to show up later in the evening. I heard a rumour that it all kicked off a while after we left (timing is everything)!!! Anyway, nice to see everyone and took lots and lots of pics (not to be outdone by Northern Mick :bigsmile Will also put up a link when I have the time to upload them to my pc. Glad Soulville went well .... well done Richard and Siobhan, as always. I wish I could have done everything this weekend. Dingwalls sounded fantastic .... but feeling very ropey on Monday and now poor Tony has been signed off for 3 weeks with his allergy!! Anyway, moving on! Thanks for the lift home Tracy, Lou, Darren, Mick and Doody, much appreciated. Hope your head don't hurt too much Lisa. You really were giving 'em hell at the bar honey! Wanted to go to Jazz Funk Soul on Saturday 14th but unfortunately have a prior engagement - sorry Nev. Promise we will make the next one. Love to all. Debs X

G.A.H. at 17:32:24 Tuesday April 10 2007

Stevie Cee at 17:29:39 Tuesday April 10 2007
Sorry Tony, I'm always getting mixed up, Karizma comes from Baltimore but has a Hansel & Gretel-style fairy tale cottage in New Jersey? Maybe not..

G.A.H. at 16:27:20 Tuesday April 10 2007
Don't wanna be pedantic but i will anyway.. Karizma's from Baltimore not NJ.

Bernadette at 15:50:37 Tuesday April 10 2007
I thought you did really well Ellie considering you'd been out all weekend and weren't able to drink much - good effort

Ellie in sorry to be a lightweight at 15:28:21 Tuesday April 10 2007
Hiyer Bernadette.... I got home in bout half hour in me ikkle purplie..... I really really didn't want to leave but was jsut too knackerd form the prvious two evenings... my legs were gving wasy...anywasy I had my highlight ! cuddling Mr Kenny Thomas !!! thans and HUGZ Jester xxx ... was a great evening all told.... c yer at Soul Essence ...yippee only 3 more sleeps !!!!!!! ..primise ah'll stop up late with ya xxxxxx

Brian Mac at 15:10:9 Tuesday April 10 2007
Aft' .. thanks Neville, I think your post perfectly sums up a great evening .. at least we more or less know now how many people Dingwalls stage can hold .. as I said last night, given the comments about the Soul Brittania series that missed the point, it would have been so nice if last night had been filmed as a true representation of where this scene came from and is now in peoples hearts. I never even thought I would get to the day when I was singing along to 'Body Talk' but it did happen, too many highlights to list in the 3 1/2 hours.

Northern Mick at 14:55:14 Tuesday April 10 2007
'Attitudes In Soul'@www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk 2000-2200 hrs GMT .........PS; Got some great pictures from Mick Farrars Soul cruise...awesome day !!! Will put up link later once uploaded

Northern Mick in Essex Riviera at 14:52:35 Tuesday April 10 2007
'Attitudes In Soul' tonight on JSR (www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk), back again with a tasty mix of new and old, across the board music policy. Artists featured this week include: 1 Luv ,DJ Jazzy Jeff,Geoffrey Williams,Darrell Banks,Chuck Jackson,Tim Dillinger,Tim Wood The Basement boys Ft Mudfoot Jones,Chuck Corby Lou Rawls and stacks more to boot...........Soulful vybes, Jazzy rhythms and funky beats.... Have a Gorilla !!!!!

Markthecabbie at 14:40:37 Tuesday April 10 2007
Been thinking about JJT's post about Mark supposedly "playing for himself".I enjoyed Marks set on Sunday and I'm sure he'd agree you're entitled to your opinion,but it would carry more weight if it wasnt anonymous.Apologies if JJT is not anon but from Bobs response I'm assuming it is.Seen the occasional anonymous post on here that was light hearted and made me laugh but anything that is both critical and anonymous just comes across as snidey imo. Rant over,off to work.....

Melanie in At work although I am too tired to do much at 14:19:59 Tuesday April 10 2007
A big thank you to all the promoters out there. Had a great time Fri and Sat night at soulville and a great day on Sunday on the soul boat. Met lots of lovely people again, had a good dance and a few to drink, maybe a few too many. Hope to see you again at Bar 12 Hatfield this Saturday.

Jester in AWESOME!!! at 13:59:44 Tuesday April 10 2007

Neville at 13:29:49 Tuesday April 10 2007
What a night!!! Last night will go down in history as the best ever British JazzFunk and Soul night. It was truly brilliant. The bands did not stop for over three and a half hours and it was pure entertainment from start to finish. We went from the heartfelt statements from Tubbs' wife and family and very closest friends, including hearing the very last track he worked on, which was very poignant and underlined the central feeling of sadness of the night, to a true celebration party in the way that Tubbs would have truly wanted it. Good to see Jester, Bernadette, Brian, Mandy Michael, Tony, Fran, Art, Dray, Ash, James, Mike, Perry, Nick, John, Matt, Christian, and so many other people from the scene over the last 28 years since Light of the World started. My personal highlights last night were; "Petes Crusade" the second track of the night, Incognitos first track of the night "Summers Ended" and that awesome Bass Trio, where three guys took it in turn to to play bass guitar in honour of Tubbs! I think Gary was first and Ernie was the third, all three were absolutely brilliant. Tubbs would have been proud of you guys! As a hardened clubber and seeing so many many concerts since the seventies, I will remember last night forever! Thanks to all involved in creating last night and I cannot wait for the next one, as Chris Hill mentioned there could be another similar event - as soon as next year!! Brit Funk Lives! Cheers Neville

Jester at 12:49:57 Tuesday April 10 2007
I'll need it Bernadette, with the bill (which I'm not looking forward to) for the car breakdown coming up Fookin' typical, one step forwards and two steps back ..but that's enough of my problems, glad you enjoyed last night

Markthecabbie at 12:38:4 Tuesday April 10 2007
Cheers Spud,I'll check that out.Good to meet you and Mrs.Spud Sunday

Stevie Cee at 12:36:36 Tuesday April 10 2007
Bit late maybe, but just want to thank Chi for putting on the Karizma/Bob/Terry/Gavin etc gig on Sunday - fantastic stuff and I don't care what the haters say - we're very lucky to have people prepared to put on events like that - NJ House DJ and UK DJ leading lights all under one roof in an intimate unique venue for a tenner? I'm sure you'd be paying at least double to see Karizma at The End or some other cavernous club and we got the chance to see him and the other DJs rock it close up. Nice one. P.S. Bob - you mean you've never met Neill Rydings before?

richard in soulville hq at 12:33:38 Tuesday April 10 2007
you might be right ps

Bernadette at 12:4:11 Tuesday April 10 2007
Jester I owe you ten squids

Bernadette at 12:2:57 Tuesday April 10 2007
what a cracking night at Dingwalls last night - really glad i made the effort - top class entertainment from the Britfunk brigade - thought the stage was going to collapse there was that many on it me legs are knackin from too much dancing nice to see Jester & the boys (Brian we always end up caning it on the Voddy & Redbulls!) and Ellie - hope you got home ok sweetie

spud at 11:24:7 Tuesday April 10 2007
Mark, actually you need all of this! http://www.soulclub.org/cgi-bin/search

spud at 11:21:18 Tuesday April 10 2007
markthecabbie that web site i was telling you about is www.the.soulclub.org

HAPPY FEET at 11:6:16 Tuesday April 10 2007
Niki you have mail

Niki in doors still writing thank you notes... at 10:45:24 Tuesday April 10 2007
Happy Feet, have you got an address for Michael please? Want to thank him for the West Ham kit )even though we'll probably be in the Ryman League by the time Rachel is big enough to wear it! ) And has anyone got an address for Dave and/or Julie Blow please? Ta muchly.

Bev at 9:47:51 Tuesday April 10 2007
Frostie drop me a mail maaaaaate

Bev in CW with creaky bones from DANCIN at 9:47:5 Tuesday April 10 2007
THE BOAT - Brill Grt 2 see me ole GOLDMINE muckers - Ed and Jo, Taffy and Neil Keep in touch mates xx

darren in my--he's alright boxers.... at 9:29:53 Tuesday April 10 2007
morning gang.sorry i couldn't make it to the "tubbs gig"...and jester,what was the name of that track ?....cheers fella....ktf....darren

Debs at 8:37:20 Tuesday April 10 2007

Marky Mark in He's Alright! at 7:24:46 Tuesday April 10 2007
Morning Strewth! I didnt say they were from frostie! These are a copy of a copy got from a security guard at Caister! No I'm not going to Caister but togetherness is a different story

Jester at 4:43:30 Tuesday April 10 2007
.make that Ananda ..doh!

Jester in chillin' to Anada Project - Into The Sunshine at 4:42:57 Tuesday April 10 2007
..because we needed the result Tone ...fookin' blinding night @ Dingwalls ..more picies to follow when I've had some sleep ...what a landmark!!!!!

G.A.H. at 23:33:52 Monday April 9 2007
How the fck did Watford beat Portsmouth

WHOAAAA! in MARGATE at 23:19:51 Monday April 9 2007
Less of the punter if you please

Strewth at 22:54:15 Monday April 9 2007
How many more of Frosties compilations will come to light! The truth is out there!! Marky Mark you going to to Togetherness and Caister?

Marky Mark at 22:44:51 Monday April 9 2007
Who gives a shit about a frosties comps , I have a copy and they are crap!! Not a decent track on there and the quality is pants..... copied from a bargain bin at a petrol station from Hackney! PS at 21:57:8 you are a cock me old china!

Mr Chipps at 22:29:51 Monday April 9 2007
Cant believe that we have someone "sarah" who is even more unintelligable than Pinhead Dave!

Slipper of the Yard at 22:26:56 Monday April 9 2007
Frostie at 15:58:0.... "I have never sold a CD compilation at a weekender" "I originally sold about 5 compilation sets I recieved from Rainham Dave" Which is it then Frostie me ole mucker cos you cant have it both ways! This accusation aint nothing new, it orignally appeared on the 'Pranos forum and later got repeated on the coister forum where it later got removed. Some punter from Margate was complaining he got ripped off by young Mr Frost having parted with his cash for a set of said Cds and being promised delivery they did not materialise. Ring any bells? careful with the denials as it could come back to haunt you.

ps at 21:57:8 Monday April 9 2007
the next soulville will be called the 4400.As the punters disappeared.

Lynn and Geoff at 21:57:5 Monday April 9 2007
How could we forget, great to meet you Blowey XX and hello to Wendy too X (looked like you were enjoying yourself )

Lynn and Geoff at 21:24:4 Monday April 9 2007
Just in from our Soulville Weekend and what a cracker of a time we had. Grateful thanks to Richard and Chevvy for such a fantastic time. Lovely to see you the other Richard, Little Stevie, Christine, Marky Mark,Darren, Ash(Ash was it your goodself that forgot the rock or was it Darren cos we picked up one for you at Southwold)Tara, Mandy, Rainham Dave and Viky, Julie, Frostie and Kerry,Neil, Jester Love the tunes and good to meet you, Nature Boy Lloyd, Sharpy and Mel and Steve and the guys at the Mission. Apologies to any one we have missed out.We enjoyed everyone's sets so much especially Jesters set Friday and LLoyds too WICKED and the amazing playing record was stunning and simply unbelieveable . Glad that everyone else had a great time too at their events BIG LOVE Lynn and Geoff XXXXXX

G.A.H. at 20:35:53 Monday April 9 2007
We wasn't on Saturday hahahahaha

richard in soulville hq at 20:21:51 Monday April 9 2007
hi Bernadette we were unlucky against the gooners today

RAREGROOVER,gutted by the sunderland !! in sOUTHAMPTON at 20:12:27 Monday April 9 2007
evening groovers,just got in from footie.saints blew it again,changing players,second half we should have won. never mind,it ain't over,believe it,we will fight on hello debs and dr bob, hope things are ok, looking forward to soul essence 25 on friday,sorry marcus, we did beat them at their place!!

G.A.H. at 19:51:14 Monday April 9 2007
Dj Oji Sax you King St.. Is it soul am i a soul fan.. Fck it who cares.

G.A.H. at 19:49:45 Monday April 9 2007

Bernadette in leaving the house shortly! at 19:36:27 Monday April 9 2007
yes i thought as i've been a good girl all weekend i'd deserve a nice dose of soul tonight so see you there Ellie

Ellie in smilin n happy at 17:4:29 Monday April 9 2007
Jester ...I'll ring you when i get anywhere close to Camden Lcok . although me n sat navs don't usually get on !!! I argue with them .. Gail reckons I shouldn't be alllowed out on me own due to complet lack of spacial awareness and the fact that thre are other people living on this planet ! ha ha .....great to hear Bernadette comin too !!!!! ...... Debs was sooo great t o see you and have a big hugz last night .... dunno where my energy comes form .. I jsut know it's GOT to be done !!! ...spk soon xxxxx

Doctor Bob Jones in chillin @home at 16:53:36 Monday April 9 2007
Good night @ Henry's last night & special thanks to Chi (good to meet up with your Dad after all these years) Also Neil and co for the help -THANK YOU enjoyed it very much.Also to the Webbo's for their great hospitality.Good to catch up with Karizma, Gilly H and Gavin and big up all of the DJ's who played a good selection of Black Music. As for the person who thought Mark Webster was playing to himself, he's entitled to play what he likes, that is Mark's style. He's an individual, a good friend with impeccable music taste, but he is not a jukebox. At the end of the day it's different strokes for different etc etc .... Dr Bob Jones

Richard Felstead in At Work, Recovering !!! at 16:50:42 Monday April 9 2007
Many thanks to all concerned regarding the Soulville Soul Weekender. Great to meet up with some faces I didn't know and of course some faces I did. Great sets from all concerned, coupled with a right laugh = A Great Weekend In My Book. We's Alright !!!!

Jester at 16:32:40 Monday April 9 2007
Good speaking to you Ellie & then straight afterwards, Bernadette ..so they'll be a few in tonight as well Don't forget you can get tickets on the door for the Tubbs Memorial concert at Dingwalls tonight ..cheers Debs & nice to meet Lynn & Geoff for the first time over the weekend too.

Debs at 16:1:35 Monday April 9 2007
Ellie where do u get your N R G u and jester have a goodun xx

Frostie at 15:58:0 Monday April 9 2007
Allo Maaates!To answer that previous posting,you are talking bollox -I have never sold a CD compilation at a weekender or for that matter changed a price if its knocked out free elsewhere- Five years ago,I originally sold about 5 compilation sets I recieved from Rainham Dave on the strict understanding that they were not to be burned and sold on.I was told who broke his promise and let the whole scene know of the culprit.I have never been approached for a set since and have never negotiated a cut price deal.I can ignore most forms of banter but I am not prepared to be accused of bootlegging tunes on a business scale.Now most people know me as a fairly happy go lucky type of bloke but blatent attempts to portray me for something I have not done means that the tables become turned-You rather back up your accusations or apologise admitting you got it wrong.I will assume that no answer is your form of cowardise and start by getting Niki to run a check to see if you are stupid enough to leave an IP address.Its a shame that this has been written by someone who knows myself and Rainham Dave well,hence the reference to the spelling and if I do find out who you are I wont fuck about with postings.

chevvy in dashing in and dashing out at 15:57:40 Monday April 9 2007
well well all up for debate again on here some things do not change ....I and richard would like to say a very huge thankyou to all that played and attended SOULVILLE and for all the support prior to the weekend ...thanks GT and Gavin for the calls ...MARKY MARK , RICHARD FELSTEAD,JESTER,ASH ,JAMES,FROSTIE,SHARPY,NATURE BOY , BLOWEY ,DARREN,BUZZBOY ,LIL STEVIE,LITTLE NEIL{HEADBANGER...OOOPS SPEAKERBANGER}...GUESS WHAT "HES ALRIGHT" , ABSOLUTELY BLINDING SETS ....I can honestly say a truly musically talented weekend and if i have missed anyone ...sorry ....huge thanks also to Andy , Anna, Rainham Dave and Vicky , Julie , Katrina Matty and ipod{KIM},Darren,mick,kevin and charles and the MIssion crew ....Mel and Steve and of course the one and only Helena and Ken at the Marine House. [HAVE I NAMED MORE THAN 10 YET?} Ooops take a slap siobhan ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....SOULVILLE IS ALIVE AND TRULY KICKING AND WILL BE BACK ....RICHARD LOVE YA LOADS AND HUGE THANKS TO CHRISTINE .....could go on and on but must dash duty calls and i am so pleased to everyone who had a good weekend and i agree Bigger it is great to hear .....its not the size of an event but the quality and peole /punters who make it

Debs at 15:56:30 Monday April 9 2007
Hi everyone glad u all had a goodun it was so lovely to see u all last night thanx for all your kindness to us both great to catch up with u all so many i havn't seen in a while ,and what a lovely atmosphere Stumpy so good to catch up with u if i see Rob or James i will send them your best thanx so much to the Webbos for being such good hosts as allways xx

Ellie in getting on the gladrags at 15:54:17 Monday April 9 2007
HIyer HappyFeet.... I agree was a nice eclectic mix .... ad Gail will post the pics am sooo naff at taking pics !!! ...great t see yo both again .. HUGZ to the lovlery Tracy .. we had a nice chat ..she's such a lovlery lady .. you're lucky man !!!! hope ya knows

Philly Soffical. at 15:41:49 Monday April 9 2007

HAPPY FEET at 15:38:12 Monday April 9 2007
Hi Pat ,yes nice to see you and Spud last night, tunes in the post Tues mate. Hi Gail and Ellie,glad you had a good time at Henrys let me know when your putting the photo's up JJT your comment about Mark Webbster set, I think he played a good diverse of music Soul and Jazz, must admit room took quite a while to get going maybe due to the fact many of the DJ's had been working all weekend at other gigs and no doubt a bit cream crackerd to say the least

Ellie in eggcitered bout Tubbs concert at 15:32:28 Monday April 9 2007
NIce pics from Soul Ville ..looks like a lot of people having a blast..and great to see ol Darren had more than his boxer's on .....will put it on my agneda for a visit next time !!!!

Answer to SOUL POLICE at 15:19:37 Monday April 9 2007
It is mainly based around the 20 cd set that Frostie knocks out at weekenders for around £75. Lots of nice tunes however some funny spelling of various artists..He's been selling the same CD-R set to punters for about 3 years. Although the price changes if someone offers to copy their own set for a mate for free.

richard in soulville hq at 15:17:0 Monday April 9 2007
Sarah, i,ve got a good sence of humour,you have to when you work for royal mail,if it is joke as you say why don,t just say who they are!!My wife gets very annoyed at me for biting and your right of course ,but these people make me mad for hiding behind stupid names.

sarah at 14:49:28 Monday April 9 2007
thanks jester.was meant 2 say sounds like people enjoyed themselves at Soulville.neways point of post being RD ignore the idiots.Tho I'm sure sum of the idiots u will find r people u know just on a wind up probs lol (learn 2 rise above it :c

HA HA HA at 14:47:6 Monday April 9 2007
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RD you've met your match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah at 14:28:55 Monday April 9 2007
RD looking bk,person who said 10 went was trying 2 get a reaction but did it ina jokyway,then u jump on your horse which probs got richard the hump2.i know u defending yourself but these peeps r just laughing at u.at the end of the day it doesnt matter if u r local travel down 4 a event as long as everyone has a goodtime whether mall event or big.there is nothing worse than goin 2 a evet and losing yer mate but at same time feeling ur the only1 there.Sounds like people themsleves at soulville neways. im sure others mite have come2 had been less happening over easter.hope all had gr8 time over easter whatever u did

Jester at 14:22:15 Monday April 9 2007
Sarah - Here's the direct link for the photos: http://soulboys.co.uk/bb/viewtopic.php?t=72 ..Ellie - I contact you in a moment, sweetie!

Mr.Charles Edward Chipping at 14:22:2 Monday April 9 2007
Fuck me GAH I hope you saw that ,he spelt "barred" correctly....it couldn't have been him typing it then. He's probably barred because he hasn't got a record collection.

OR at 14:15:21 Monday April 9 2007
Nonce hole man (geddit?)

SOUL POLICE at 14:14:8 Monday April 9 2007
So does that make you a non soul fan?

R D at 14:10:43 Monday April 9 2007
I haven't got one mate, i am no dj, got some good cds that i stole from my mate alan does that count???

Frank Bruno at 14:10:33 Monday April 9 2007
never seen an fights at caister meself, other than a domestic at the BBQ but if you were banned RD it was probably because you started those three fights!

SOUL POLICE at 14:2:52 Monday April 9 2007
Has anyone seen RDs record collection?

WHAT NO SPINE at 14:0:26 Monday April 9 2007
here we go again

R D at 13:56:44 Monday April 9 2007

here we go again at 13:53:33 Monday April 9 2007
RD you sound like a broken record

sarah at 13:46:53 Monday April 9 2007
what is the soulboys interactive site jester and how do u get on it.sorry if im being stupid

R D in GREAT WEEKEND KEEP IT UP at 13:45:45 Monday April 9 2007
Richard my good man, stop defending your self and your event, ‘why,’ because you don’t have to mate. All the little petty no names on here are not even worth replying to mate. Firstly they don’t even go to the events they slag off, they are other promoters or their arse lickers and they hate competition and are jealous of other events, the big difference is all the people that went, djs and punters alike had a great time, me included. Any one that knows me will verify I am not a bullshiter or a crawler so if I say it I mean it and its not a lie(all my no name fan club will now say different of course) but I get the same shit because of my club, I am barred from the LACY,CAISTER DJS are sacked from CAISTER if they play at my gig, ‘why’ because even the biggest and most successful events (numbers I talk about here) still don’t like competition, and I know as long as I have a hole in my arse I can never in my wildest dreams compete with these greatly attended events, but there is room for the smaller events to, on a good night I can get 450 to my event, but most have a good time and come back, SOULVILLE is a smaller event, not another CAISTER but a great weekend all the same ,with a different vibe ,more intimate and most people I know(true soul punters in my opinion) as these Faces have been on the scene as long as i can remember, but a punter can come to a gig for the first time and still be a soul fan, but the so called true soul punters are in my opinion the ‘die hards’ that you see at every event. We have locals at our event, every gig does ,but if its more locals than soulies it doesn’t have the same vibe, and normally ends up in trouble,( the last CAISTER I went to had 3 fights), So RICHARD and CHEVVY you carry on doing what you do, you have my love and respect always.

Ellie in reminding Jester !!!! at 13:39:34 Monday April 9 2007
Erm....I thought I was meeting up with you guys anywasy as am gonig on my own ... can you PM me on EMS to let me know where you'll be ah don't wanna hang around on me ikkle jack jones !!!!

Gavin Page at 13:37:35 Monday April 9 2007
Sorry Little Angel, long weekend

Gavin Page in Couple of bits at 13:25:53 Monday April 9 2007
Firstly, Neil and Niki your lottle angel is beautiful ! Second Richard and Chevvy great news on your event. Third I am having a lot of people asking me about one night paases for Soul Essence. We stopped this 4 years ago as it was stopping people comming for the whole weekend due to limited numbers. So One night will cost you £35.00 as it is a weekend pass only event.

Jester at 13:24:56 Monday April 9 2007
Ellie - Ash, Brian, Micky & I will be there ..REALLY loking forward to it. They'll be some tickets on the door too so if peeps are thinking about coming I advise you NOT to miss this one. 7pm 'til 2am @ Dingwalls. £20 admision

Lisa-Jane at 13:20:57 Monday April 9 2007
Gareth, GT and Lee I can remember Marvin Moore but not the other two - any memory gratefully rec'd? Bob I'm loving your church

marky,push fm playlist.... in london at 13:6:27 Monday April 9 2007

Ellie in hating sat navs- got lost at 12:59:29 Monday April 9 2007
.....very nice night at HEnry's ..enjoyed greatly ...TErry Jones plays some wunnerfool stuff....well you all did well done them DJ's .. good to see some old and very friendly faces... and nice to meet a few new ones too ..Lisa Jane nice to chat with you.. Mark the cabboie thanks for getting us a cab !!! sorry if we were bossy !!! lol .. smaks Tony for forgetting my cdr !!!!! ...roll on Soul Essence ..only 4 more sleeps ...yippee ....anyone else coming to the Tubbs Williams Benefit tongight ???

true soul fan at 12:38:57 Monday April 9 2007
opps,sorry bout that,as i said depends on your defenition,so tell me what is a true soul fan? one whos been around since reading,purley? one who started in the 90,s caisters,or one who likes luther benson ,philly,motown.crossover,broad church innt?

JJT at 12:34:14 Monday April 9 2007

true soul fan at 12:33:13 Monday April 9 2007

Bernadette at 12:32:6 Monday April 9 2007
Afternoon Bacon & Eggs for us too Selina thanks for the wishes - it was 8 years but we've been together 18 as we got married on our 10th anniversary of meeting which pleased Vijay cos he doesn't have to remember 2 anniversaries or buy 2 cards

richard in soulville hq at 12:26:24 Monday April 9 2007
Very true,and I fall for it.But when you work hard to do something and you get this type of person on here ,Iend up being defensive,I also think it,s an insult to all the guys who worked on the event.

Paul@A at 12:24:50 Monday April 9 2007
Lacy 60% soul fans my arse

true soul fan at 12:22:32 Monday April 9 2007
or your spelling

ture soul fan at 12:21:52 Monday April 9 2007
soul fans at the lacy,mmm 60% i,d say,caister bout the same.depends on your defenition i suppose

Selina in sssoooo hungry at 12:11:14 Monday April 9 2007
What a laugh. M T C, what a waste of beer. I did that the other week with a bottle of wine. Right Bacon and egg me up. Bob M i'm loving your church name

Jester at 12:8:38 Monday April 9 2007
Art' - The right mix of peeps gathered together for a great Weekend. Yes it would have been lovely to see a few more established 'scene' regulars, but BWOY it was refreshing to see younger peeps with an open mind diggin' this vibe that, for some time, I have been worried that we might take to our grave ..not any more Thank you Richard & Siobhan for the opportunity & thank you to a whole great bunch of peeps to spend quality time with For those interested I've put up some pictures on the Soulboys Interactive site ...Wee's Alright!!!!!

hey at 12:5:5 Monday April 9 2007
the moral of the story Richard is............ you dont need to mention numbers it leaves you open to wind ups.

richard in soulville hq at 11:47:27 Monday April 9 2007
you have changed your name to ok now,tell you what mate go and ask hilly how many true soul fans trek to the lacey, or how many true soul people go to caister not on stag or hen do,s.yes we got locals into the mission because they come to my events any way.Most of the other locals went to the newly opened (that night)arena which holds 1500 and was packed.It was not supposed numbers and to be honest i,m getting fed up you,you are a nasty small minded person ,you,r brave on here ring me dare you.If you can,t try and grow up before coming back on here

Markthecabbie at 11:36:7 Monday April 9 2007
Anyone else put their carry out in the freezer last night?Woke up this morning with a nagging feeling.....checked the freezer and sure enough....exploded Budvar and Coronas all over me icepops

ok at 11:31:27 Monday April 9 2007
out of the supposed 400ish.How many were there for soulville and not locals who go to the mission anyway.

Marky Mark in He's alright at 11:8:15 Monday April 9 2007
Bloody good weekend up at yarmy loverly crowd! Nice to put some names to faces........... Jasper did it again and pulled off the set to wake you all up... I did my trade mark " IN THE GAP " Thanks to Ricky and chebby... Kevin grow up! Its getting boring now Oh yeah and the yarmy eye kandi was top form ,,, bye shrimp

G.A.H. at 10:0:41 Monday April 9 2007
Jermaine Pennant?? He looke more like the Chillerman from the old Smirnoff Ice adverts! I think you lurching about saying "I love House music" is enough to scare anyone.. Nothing to do with the ground Richard the Gooners have never had an atmosphere.

Pat at 9:13:35 Monday April 9 2007
Nice to see everyone last night at Henry's, especially the usual suspects, the lovely Selina and GT, Gavin and Gilly, Mrs Webbo, Happy Feet & Miss Sweets. Debs you looked brilliant, good to see you looking so well. Lisa-Jane, Spuds says to say Yes!!! We're looking forward to Essence next weekend.

Aja in Suffolk at 9:3:59 Monday April 9 2007
Although i only showed my face for a few hours at "Soulville" i loved the it ! nice to meet you RD and all the other nice people. superb sets from Richard Felstead,Marky (The Funk man) & Jester wicked set mate. And to Siobham & Richard massive respect

Pete Collins at 8:49:16 Monday April 9 2007
Morning all, seems like a good time was had by all at various locations. Thank you for the kind comment L-J, would love to have been at Henry's, but my mate Ian who organises the Ascot do is an old and dear friend so I couldn't let him down. I'm very pleased to hear that the young boys were left alone You pissed? No, I can't believe you were in that condition.....

Bob Masters at 8:43:51 Monday April 9 2007
What a great name for a church "Our Lady of Something Rings a Bell". We have one up the road from us called "That Saint Bloke That did a good Thing a Long Time Ago"

Lisa-Jane at 8:5:42 Monday April 9 2007
yes, very pissed, but I had a good time and no young boys were injured in the making of my night out. I could do without having to work today with a hangover but I suppose that's what sunglasses were made for. Selina, I'm still trying to remember the name of that church... Our Lady of something rings a bell - Spud it was lovely to meet you - will Cindy and Gary know you as 'Spud'?

darren in my recovery boxers at 7:45:43 Monday April 9 2007
morning gang.....what a blast soulville was thanks to richard & chevvy for putting on a true weekender,& to all the jocks for playing some classy music and to jester----HE'S ALL RIGHT,HE'S ALL RIGHT ...off to wash me liver out now ....ktf....darren

Richard in soulville hq at 7:30:56 Monday April 9 2007
answer to the person known as at.listen i,m not into lying on here about figures but we had apacked club on the sat night,why do you care ?.stop coming on here trying to wind everyone up.

Richard in soulville hq at 7:23:52 Monday April 9 2007
I agree gah,these new stadiums look fantastic,but they do take a lot of the atmosphere out for the hardcore fans

Neill at 4:27:9 Monday April 9 2007
It's official....LJ fancies Jermaine Pennant!

G.A.H. at 3:58:45 Monday April 9 2007
Karizma L-J.. Fck me you must have been pissed.

Markthecabbie at 3:37:25 Monday April 9 2007
Which boy was that then?

Selina in too late at 3:34:3 Monday April 9 2007
Bernadette and Vijay, sorry we're late. but Happy Ani, Remind me again how many years. !!!!!!!! Hope you had a good one. just been told that I can only put music quietly. so sush sush. We'll play for you, Why don't we love in love

Selina at 3:19:10 Monday April 9 2007
Tis was me. !!!!!!!!!!

Lisa-Jane at 1:51:44 Monday April 9 2007
Hey, Pete we missed you.... Henry's without Pete was like fish without.... errr...chips... vinegar can't stand house music myyself but boy o boy who was that boy?

Pete Collins at 1:38:14 Monday April 9 2007
Just back from Ascot, thanks to all who attended and supported, brilliant afternoon and evening as usual. that, you are an idiot, I offer you the following for Easter Monday: I don't wanna talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

R D in HERE WE GO AGAIN at 1:35:34 Monday April 9 2007
that at 0:23:42 Monday April 9 2007 means about 10 there,when you say 400ish.---------------- So if you put on a gig, how many would you have then?, 2 i guess,you and your girlfriend (your right hand)the wan**rs can't wait to slag things off on here,just like voltures,sad litle no names,A spine is not just for christmas.

that at 0:23:42 Monday April 9 2007
means about 10 there,when you say 400ish.

Bigger at 23:34:42 Sunday April 8 2007
Hi All Firstly thanks to everyone who come to the Lacy what a night and what a crowd. Richard, Chevvy n Co glad you had a good one. From the sound of things everyone had a good one at the weekend, I like it when that happens. Bigger

Bernadette at 22:27:44 Sunday April 8 2007
Richard really glad to hear the weekend went well sweetie - loved to have been there good result for us too - top half of the table & i'm getting a nose bleed

barry the yid at 21:50:43 Sunday April 8 2007
cutting edge wit as well

G.A.H. at 20:19:42 Sunday April 8 2007
I wouldn't swap Upton Park for the Emirates.. Atmosphere's like a Library.. Nice comfy chairs though & plenty of leg room.. Maybe thats why their all stretched out asleep... Barry a yid & a quant.. hahaha Come on you Irons.

Richard in soulville hq at 20:9:24 Sunday April 8 2007
Soulville is alive and kicking!!friday at the Kings arms was packed and we had some great setsbeing played by the boys.sat afternoon we had a sunny jazz-soul session and into a packed mission(400ish)for the night time,ash ,james and fitzroy burning up the floor.Thanks to the dedication of the djs and the paying public we ended up with a well attended and good weekend.Itis a differant type of weekend but one I think those who did not attend might have loved.As they say it,s not over till the fat lady sings.

barry the yid at 19:18:6 Sunday April 8 2007
a poet as well as a dj

Ginger Tony at 17:55:28 Sunday April 8 2007
That's cause they take it all far too seriously and try to win stuff...can you imagine that! See you laters.

Neill at 17:34:25 Sunday April 8 2007
Fair point Tony, shame they don't all give us 6 points like you! See ya later on mate.

anna in Finally finished work.. at 17:32:33 Sunday April 8 2007
WHAT A FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!!!! Thank you Richard and Chevvy for organizing a bootilicious line up at Mission. We had a top time. Thank you Sharpy,Fostie,Kerry,Neil (great table magic)on friday at the pub. Tara,Ash,Kim(are you OK?) Marky,Fitzroy,and not forgetting Steve. What can I say. Whens the next one

Ginger Tony at 16:51:44 Sunday April 8 2007
Afternoon all! Glad you enjoyed your 1st visit to the Emirates GAH. We like to do our bit to keep you boys up... See some of you at Thierry's later!

G.A.H. at 15:39:14 Sunday April 8 2007
Barry we'll be running roung Tottenham with our willys hanging out singing I've got a bigger cock that you hahahaha... Shitehart lane.

barry the yid at 15:23:18 Sunday April 8 2007
no he isnt gah

Gilly H at 14:26:43 Sunday April 8 2007
Just spoken to Chi, and it will be fine as long as we sit in the garden ! whilst they re-arrange the furniture and set up the sound systems in the bar !

Gilly H at 14:24:22 Sunday April 8 2007
Hi Gail, thanks very much for the info, calling Chi now to check !

Alan Champ in the Starpoint studio at 14:9:44 Sunday April 8 2007
I'm here 'til four - get tuned in !

Bernadette at 13:17:21 Sunday April 8 2007
having such a lovely anniversary day so far had a smoked salmon brekkie with of course Bucks Fizz - feeling pissed already have a fab time at the boat/Henrys/Ascots y'all

G.A.H. at 12:26:52 Sunday April 8 2007
Easter Mix now available to d/l or listen at http://trcmix.co.uk/spmb/

Selina at 12:5:1 Sunday April 8 2007
Or maybe not then. Gill what times our Gav due back, think we need to have a plan B !!!!!

Selina at 12:2:25 Sunday April 8 2007
Morning Gilly, in me bikini trying to catch a bit of colour. We've got Tom booked for 6pm, so we'll see you at 6.10pm. Really rather looking forward to it. Back to the garden.

Gail at 12:1:7 Sunday April 8 2007
Hi Gilly, When I rang Henry's yesterday they said that they're stopping food at 5 today and closing at 7 to re-open at 8. Thought I'd let you know, you'd better get there early.

Gilly H at 11:46:10 Sunday April 8 2007
Oops and great to finally meet the lovely Annie !

Gilly H at 11:44:41 Sunday April 8 2007
D'Arcy, ditto great wedding, great people, fab do, big thanks to Lee & Jane ! happy honeymooning ! Are there photo's, if so where can I find them ? will get Gav to give you a shout when he gets home from sunny Solihull. Selina will see everyone at Henry's for some nose bag at 5 ish, and what a lovely day for it !

G.A.H. in Just blownin from the TK Maxx stadium... at 11:26:33 Sunday April 8 2007
Zamora whooa Zamora Whooa. He came from Shite Hart Lane he's better than Jermaine.. Zamora whooa.... Dada da da dada da da dada da dada da dada da da da dada da daaaaa da da da da da da Tevez!!

Alan Champ in Sutton at 10:50:26 Sunday April 8 2007
I'm presenting today's Original Mastercuts show single-handedly this afternoon, as Ian is away doing things up north. I'll be going for something slightly different today - very mix-based, not too much banter, and comprising two hours of personal favourites from across the soulful genres. For those of you not out and about, it'd be good to have you along ! Starpoint Radio - 2pm 'til 4pm.

Northern Mick at 9:53:44 Sunday April 8 2007
Morning Debs, Ellie, et al..........All aboard !!Capt Farrars Soul cruise !! here we go, whatever your day has in store !! HAVE A GORILLA !!!!

Ellie in eggcitered at 9:36:17 Sunday April 8 2007
Mornin loverlies .....am eggcitered eggcitered eggcitered !!!!! .... see you laters Debs n Dr Bob ...Selina me n Gail eating there early as well so catch ya then xxxxxxxxxxx did I say I wiz eggcitered !!!!

Debs in GETTING SORTED FOR TODAY at 8:7:57 Sunday April 8 2007
Morning everyone morning Sean

sean at 5:57:2 Sunday April 8 2007
blimey deb up early...get him to come round n wipe it off after 2 or 3 hours he wont spray his fence again.... av a good un @ henrys today will bell later on in week.............

R D in WHAT NO SLEEP at 22:43:43 Saturday April 7 2007
Well what a great weekend SOULVILLE,well done Richard,Chevvy and co .Had to cut it short due to work, but great to meet up with all the guys and girls, RICHARD,CHRIS,CHEVVY,STEVIE,BLOWEY, SHARPY,ASH,JESTER,MARKY,FROSTIE,NEIL,DARREN, TARA, LLYN AND GEOFF plus the rest of the gang. Neil great speaker dodging set mate, the support you have is a credit to you Richard and chevvy. Cheers for the early morning pavement session Jester mate, and Darren for the chips, Marky Mark good to see a different side to you.

Ellie at 22:39:5 Saturday April 7 2007
.....lufffferly jubbbberly to see yo gusys xxxxx is the nats wifey2 comin too ??? a want more dancin lessons !!!!! fro you !!!!!

Debs in CREASOTE HELL at 22:37:5 Saturday April 7 2007
Sean u should see our wall and window frames down the side of the house

Selina at 22:30:40 Saturday April 7 2007
Ellie, we're popping over there early doors tomorrow for some nose bag. see you there petel.

D'Arcy at 21:41:24 Saturday April 7 2007
Thanks to Lee & Jane for yesterday, we had an absolutley top day. Lee mate, well done, you got a peach. Was just looking through the photo's, oh dear was I really that drunk Gavin, if you're lurking mate, can you send me your e mail addy as I'm not home and want to send you something. Enjoy your Easter all

sean at 21:35:45 Saturday April 7 2007
deb did the same to my opo next door ...did the fence and his house...nice did not like white any way ...bet he likes me....NOT still he lent me the spray gun...........

Ellie in nearly peeing pants !!!! at 20:58:31 Saturday April 7 2007
.....sory had to share tei with you .. form another forum..we wer e having a discussion bout christinaty........ot bit heated at times and then this !!!!! I think Easter should be a time to reflect that Jesus died to save us. Remember what Jesus said to his 12 apostles as he was nailed to the cross. "Don't touch my f*ckin easter eggs you fat bastards,I'll be back on Sunday"

Markthecabbie at 20:28:46 Saturday April 7 2007
Thats right Ellie,we met when Pete was following on from John and Daves show,and I will be there tomorrow.Looking forward to it,looks like a good line up

Ellie in phewwwww !! at 19:36:29 Saturday April 7 2007
thaks MARK I jsut honed them .. an d booked tow ticketws and we' gonna eat there now early .....a are you going tomroow a m sure we met in starpoint studio a long tome go .. ??? ..prillly met at Henry's as well .. please forgiv e my memory is seriouly cr*p

Markthecabbie at 19:20:20 Saturday April 7 2007
Ellie,tickets are a tenner each.This is from a Henrys post earlier this afternoon..... WE HAVE 60 TICKETS LEFT ON THE DOOR .....PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY OR CALL 01708 864 042 TO HOLD TICKETS......................................................QdOS @ HENRYS , AVELEY , ROMFORD ROAD, ESSEX. RM15 4XB .........

Ellie in in panicking at 19:14:42 Saturday April 7 2007
is it tickets tonorrow at henrys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Markthecabbie at 18:13:48 Saturday April 7 2007
Cheers Pete,good to see you out and about again.Not sure if Alan H reads this forum,if not can you pass on my thanks to him for the dog book. Enjoy Ascot,theres a lot on tomorrow,pity we cant be everywhere at once....

fat frank in sw6 at 18:10:18 Saturday April 7 2007
this is wengers way of saying thank you for last seasons doggy lasagne!!

Pete Collins at 18:10:14 Saturday April 7 2007
What a day! Been sidelined by a tummy bug today, hopefully be ok for fun and games over at Ascot tomorrow. Mark, when I spoke to Chi about the Henry's do he said the bar area is Room 1 (Karizma, Dr Bob and Co) so the marquee must be Room 2. (I worked that last bit out myself using my amazing powers of deduction) Enjoyed your company at Henry's last night BTW.

Selina in where's the after sun at 17:52:24 Saturday April 7 2007
Just drove home from Yorkshire with a car of West Ham. Anyway home safely with a little sun tan to boot. Could be worse me Dad's team (the mighty Barnsley lost 5-1). Early to bed need to resume energy levels for Henry's tomorrow.

Debs at 17:41:21 Saturday April 7 2007

Northern Mick at 17:40:22 Saturday April 7 2007
Phew thank goodness for Aggy !! cmon the villans ! Some interesting results there guys

HAPPY FEET at 17:29:45 Saturday April 7 2007
Thanks you Mr Wenger we know you love WEST HAM really

spud at 17:27:44 Saturday April 7 2007
Debs dont be downhearted it must be very hard for a side when their season is over and they have nothing to play for never mind eh [also for the farmers]

Debs at 17:27:26 Saturday April 7 2007
Mark it must be

fat frank in sw6 at 17:20:57 Saturday April 7 2007
wet spam beat the goons, just when you want a 0-0 draw the spammers find some form....i'm off to creosote me fence

Markthecabbie at 17:12:21 Saturday April 7 2007
Deb,is that the one off the advert?Load of weirdos looking ecstatic spraying fences with a big bottle of Creosote on their belts

Debs at 17:7:55 Saturday April 7 2007
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr now some prick next doors decided to creasote his fence with a spray gun and gone all over the washing

Markthecabbie at 17:4:17 Saturday April 7 2007
Anyone know which room is the marquee at Henrys,1 or 2?

Debs in IN GOONER HELL at 16:49:17 Saturday April 7 2007
Pile of pooh

Bernadette at 16:45:19 Saturday April 7 2007
I'd love to be spending my wedding anniversary at Henry's or on The Good Ship Farrer unfortunately my hubby wouldn't

Qdosinfo:- at 16:22:9 Saturday April 7 2007

fat frank in at the bridge at 16:18:39 Saturday April 7 2007
the zzzzzzz man

IRONS. at 15:55:7 Saturday April 7 2007

AlexMrly in XCity at 15:31:52 Saturday April 7 2007
Hello all Anybody here know about XRumer soft? Give me some info or link to description.... thanks. Also, do you know when XRumer 4.0 Platinum Edition will be released? P.S. Sorry for my post in this folder...

Bernadette at 14:1:57 Saturday April 7 2007

marky,push fm... in london at 13:58:13 Saturday April 7 2007

marky,push fm....easter sunday in london at 13:57:31 Saturday April 7 2007
6 hours of jazzfunksoulclassics online easter sunday.... Body: soul easter weekender on push fm...... http://www.radiocafe.co.uk/push/soul%20weekend.jpg 6 hours of QWALITY muzik, dont miss !!

Mark G at 13:54:35 Saturday April 7 2007
is that regular intervals all wekend...

Bernadette at 13:47:43 Saturday April 7 2007
oh would you Mark cos it won't be a decent wekend without you taking the piss...perhaps you could text me at regular intervals

Marcus at 13:18:42 Saturday April 7 2007
MaB,I'm sure Gouch will take the p~-s !! You'll miss Blowey trying to get off the couch again!

Mark G in 209 radio ...mmmh nice at 13:16:15 Saturday April 7 2007
Afternoonie Marcus (have a beer for me..) Bernadette, Unfortunately not this time. Have a fantastic weekend - I'll find some one who can take the p~~s in my absence

Bernadette at 13:10:51 Saturday April 7 2007
Afternoony Mark are you going to Essence

Marcus at 13:7:6 Saturday April 7 2007
Yep and Afternoonie MaB

Mark G in got some money on WHU to beat the Ars' at 13:3:25 Saturday April 7 2007
Marcus, you can continue the birthday celebrations on the 20th.... Art' Bernadette

Bernadette at 12:52:57 Saturday April 7 2007
i'm joining ya Marcus and dancing about pretending i'm at ANC really looking forward to next week

Marcus at 12:37:21 Saturday April 7 2007
Orthea Barnes.. fooking great.! Sod it I'm going to have a beer and tune the music up!

Marcus at 12:35:46 Saturday April 7 2007
oOops don't know where the puzzled look came from... probably the Bank Manager!

Marcus at 12:34:56 Saturday April 7 2007
Alright Bernadette. Yep looking forward to the weeks ahead and the big 4 0.!Yep. Golden Anorak is just Quality! More wants on the list

Bernadette at 12:32:24 Saturday April 7 2007
Yay Marcus I'm listening to the ANC special too -quality all the way see you are DJing at the new modern/crossover do in EC1 - looks brill and on a Friday night too

marcus at 12:27:6 Saturday April 7 2007
Soul 2 Soul...Jerry Brooks ...choone Mark

Marcus in home listening to 209radio at 12:17:35 Saturday April 7 2007
Morning, umm afternoon soul peeps.Great time at Lee and Jane's wedding yesterday. ...Hope all is well at Soulville .Phoned Blowey this a.m. and sounded like he enjoyed!! ... Chooned into 209radio for a New Chapter Special (albeit just Mark H) Love it already Mark...lovely.

Mick Farrer at 11:42:57 Saturday April 7 2007
Mobile no is 07718 757840

Mick Farrer at 11:42:5 Saturday April 7 2007
Due to Health And Safety Issues The Sundance has been put into dry dock and tomorrows cruise will now be aboard The Golden Jubilee. The down side to this is, as we were originally booked onto The Sundance boat, The Golden Jubilee was already booked to another party from 9pm onwards and therefore our party has been cut short by 2 hours meaning that the cruise will end at 8pm. But don't worry! From a very positive side we shall be getting of The golden Jubilee at 8pm and walking straight onto The El Bar Co Latino Club (located on Temple pier) where we can party til' the break of dawn. I sincerely hope that this does not inconvenience anyone and please do not hesitate to call me on my mobile should you require any further clarification. Stay Soulful! Mick PS. Almost forgot that we shall be meeting at The El Bar Co Latino Club from 12pm onwards and they will be serving food, should the mood take.

Richard the Roadie in shut down!!! at 10:17:29 Saturday April 7 2007
Good morning all,Thank you all for the "appy post-it's" Sean'n'Deb, Chris, Deb's {and nice bits in B&S/Dj mag} Dr Bob, and Frostie maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!!!. Martin thanks for the call. Thats it for now, must take pc out of this room and get on with the deco'ing. { like timeteam, i've only got 3 days to sort it}

Debs at 9:41:9 Saturday April 7 2007

G.A.H. at 9:32:0 Saturday April 7 2007
And the time before that oh and the time before that.. 3 on the spin for the Irons!! Not seen the new ground but sounds more like an Indian take away

Debs in UP THE GOONERS at 9:24:9 Saturday April 7 2007
Oi Tone i'm hoping i can pay u back for last time still whatever the outcome at least u can watch your team in a stylish place

Northern Mick at 9:19:27 Saturday April 7 2007
Tony, hope they do us all a favour !!would be nice

G.A.H. at 9:18:11 Saturday April 7 2007
Off to the Emirates.. Well ya never know do ya.

Debs at 9:17:52 Saturday April 7 2007
Missed out the is

Debs at 9:17:1 Saturday April 7 2007
Gilly it was u that got me hooked , hope u feel better soonest xxx what u need eggs the speckled variety of course,Jane remembered bless her she bought me a load to Prestatyn

Northern Mick at 9:13:26 Saturday April 7 2007
Thats the one !! ...right off for domestic duties As always enjoyed the show....have a gorilla !!and more chocolate of course

Ginger Tony at 9:7:3 Saturday April 7 2007
Is that from the album Matthew Corbett presents Sooty's batucada party?!

Northern Mick at 9:2:3 Saturday April 7 2007
LOL Sample is from 'Sweep goes latin' its a vybe thang

Ginger Tony in very good! at 8:58:46 Saturday April 7 2007
flipping e-mails Mick, not "flipping" e-mails...

Northern Mick at 8:52:4 Saturday April 7 2007
What!! you a juggler now as well as Gooner and DJ ?

Ginger Tony in flipping e-mails eh? at 8:49:52 Saturday April 7 2007
Will do Bird!

BIRD at 8:44:36 Saturday April 7 2007
Morning guys GT,Just tried emailing you at Solar but its returned failed as mailbox is full If you pick this up can you please play a choon around 9.10 for Kaz & Marc who are getting married at 4pm today...cheers hon xx

Gilly in lazy Midhurst...with a bad cold!! at 8:41:51 Saturday April 7 2007
Debs all this mention of speckled eggs...reminds of just how many we used to eat at Next!! Saw Julie Hill out last night in Woodies, she says to say Hi..well done on the walk - proud eyes!! Speak later xx

Northern Mick at 8:41:51 Saturday April 7 2007
GT, Those in the know use .....Tea Bags !!

Ginger Tony in warpaint (Well I smeared chocolate on my face) at 8:40:15 Saturday April 7 2007

Northern Mick at 8:31:52 Saturday April 7 2007
Beligerants R Us !!

Northern Mick at 8:31:17 Saturday April 7 2007
Obviously all those chemicals in the chocolate !

Ginger Tony at 8:27:7 Saturday April 7 2007
That's quite a term of abuse you've got there donkey kong features!

Northern Mick at 8:26:11 Saturday April 7 2007
Teeth too big for your head Tony !! UR now known as Mr Ed

Northern Mick at 8:24:15 Saturday April 7 2007
Equine head !!

Northern Mick at 8:23:40 Saturday April 7 2007
Chimes ? ....best mix mate exciteable me ???

Ginger Tony at 8:21:27 Saturday April 7 2007
Your very excitable this morning Mick! No more chocolate for you if that's what it does...

Northern Mick in My Souls not for Sale !!(DJ Jazzy Jeff) Ft Raheim DeVaughan) TUNE !! at 8:19:43 Saturday April 7 2007
Soul Cruisin tomorrow....whos aboard ? Yacht club first port of call methinks !!!!!!

Northern Mick at 8:11:9 Saturday April 7 2007
Hi Debs much prefer the S&M to Speckled hen for breakfast LOL....but hey thats all about preference isnt it Those canaries are soooooo cooool !!

Debs in I DON'T GET OUT MUCH LATELY at 8:7:45 Saturday April 7 2007
N Mick good job i didn't say speckled eggs S & M for brekkie hope your well i'm good thanx the walk along the beach knackered me but must start exercising now must say looking forward to Henry's tommorrow the cannaries are whistling away

Northern Mick at 8:6:53 Saturday April 7 2007
Morning Rachel and Marvin !!!........ Uncle Mick up early today playing records

Northern Mick at 8:2:49 Saturday April 7 2007
Hi mate...cant join you yet,been up a while doing a spot of recording at present !! will 'pop in' later.....have a Gorilla !!

Ginger Tony at 7:59:59 Saturday April 7 2007
Morning Mick! Still a bit early for speckled hen me thinks... Best part about being a grown up Mick, chocolate whenever you want it!!!

Northern Mick at 7:54:33 Saturday April 7 2007
Debs for a split second thought your post said 'Speckled hen' for breakfast....LOL

Northern Mick at 7:52:54 Saturday April 7 2007
GT......Yeugh !! chocolate ? had too much already !! Morning mate !!

Debs in SPECKLED EGGS M& S FOR BREKKIE at 7:52:29 Saturday April 7 2007

Northern Mick in Cloudy Colly at 7:51:51 Saturday April 7 2007
Hi Debs !!hope all is cool with you Morning all ........

Ginger Tony in chocolate for my breakfast! at 7:51:10 Saturday April 7 2007
Morning Debs!

Debs in SUNNY BOGGY WAITING FOR THE GINGER ONE at 7:44:42 Saturday April 7 2007
Morning everyone

I NFO at 18:43:13 Friday April 6 2007
Rochester - Soul Alldayer in Boogie all day & night at 16:56:5 Tuesday April 3 2007 Enigma Wine Bars (Holds 300) - High St - Rochester - Kent - 200yds from Train Station -- Mainline to Charing X - Bank Holiday Monday 9th of April - Jazz Funk - Soul - Jazz and a touch of S/House 2pm - 2am - Dj's TMIB,Johnny Skates, Maggot,Abbo,Sharpy & Pedroni - Fantastic Bars + Huge garden with BBQ - Free Entry - Drinks at reasonable prices

Markthecabbie at 16:39:26 Friday April 6 2007
Thanks to Abbo/Wendy for the Cunnie Williams info. Stevie,spoke to one of the 6ms guys last night and he doesnt think its been out on a 12" Lastly,hope to see some of you at Henry's tonight....

Pete Collins at 16:14:15 Friday April 6 2007
Now I shall p**s off everybody who hates to see events posted here. For those of you NOT on boats, NOT by the seaside or NOT at Henry's, my chum Ian Dee is having another of his 'Mad 4 Soul' alldayers at Madhatters Bar, Ascot this Sunday. Music all afternoon, goes on till 1am, free entry. Always rammed for the evening session, lovely local friendly crowd, lovely local dj's and a lot of fun.

Gail at 16:12:3 Friday April 6 2007
Ellie, you're perfectly welcome to dress up as a bunny - the fluffy type, not the half naked type -(well, choice is yours actually) and practice your rapping on sunday. You'll be doing it alone though, I'll just be laughing from the sidelines x

G.A.H. at 16:2:51 Friday April 6 2007
You wanna be careful what you type Ellie!!

Debs in TOTALLY KNACKERED NOW at 15:52:44 Friday April 6 2007
Congratulations Jane and Lee xx just had my first proper walk out down along the beach

Stevie Cee at 15:31:37 Friday April 6 2007
Thanks for the tips on Waitin' For The Rain. Talking of the weather, what a bee-ootiful day. Big Congrats to Jane & Lee.

Ellie in roasting in the garden ...phew at 15:25:30 Friday April 6 2007
ha ha ha Brilliant Gail .... shall we do that at Henry's ???

Gail at 14:50:24 Friday April 6 2007
Happy Easter....to get you in the spirit of things take a look at this http://easter-bunny-rap.funnypart.com/

Northern Mick at 13:6:57 Friday April 6 2007

Marky Mark at 10:59:27 Friday April 6 2007
Frostie! They are wife swapping parties mate, glad you enjoyed it?

Marky Mark at 10:57:57 Friday April 6 2007
Morning pansies, just loaded the car and emptied the ashtrays and " were on a way home " For those of you that celebrate Easter have a good one and Fatties stay away from the eggs ....lol

Frostie at 10:5:21 Friday April 6 2007
Morning Sean-Ere do you know anything about this Minimal Music thing thats hitting the clubs?Myself and Kerry have been to a few of em and quite enjoyed it!

Debs in HAVING A SPECKLED EGG MOMENT at 10:0:47 Friday April 6 2007

Gilly in sunny Midhurst! at 9:37:31 Friday April 6 2007
Morning Debs...bring on the chocolate!!

Northern Mick in Essex Riviera at 9:26:27 Friday April 6 2007
Happy Easter y'all whatever youre doing this weekend ...Have a Gorilla !!GT you were missed last night.... Happy Birthday R T R....

Ellie in wishin was gong to Soulville at 9:23:38 Friday April 6 2007
HAPPY EASTER BUUNIES to everyone... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUGZ Richard...wot another great day....wotever your doin and whereever your going ... make it peaceful happy and soulful ......with lots of chocolate ....xxxxxx

Debs (R) in Getting the sun loungers out of the shed! at 9:9:37 Friday April 6 2007
Zangy Comment Graphics

sean at 9:6:55 Friday April 6 2007
mornin all mornin deb mornin frostie.....appy b/day R.T.R ME OL MUCKER you are catchin up with me ...av a good un....p.s if you fancy a drink come over @ 1pm bring the the trouble n strife or pack her off to bingo......job done....cheers matey.....

Frostie at 8:52:38 Friday April 6 2007
Oh.......Appy birthday Richard The Roadie Maaaaaate!

Frostie at 8:41:46 Friday April 6 2007
Allo Maaates!Jester,can you call me on 07835 911912

Jester at 8:36:5 Friday April 6 2007
Ahh - didn't make it to bed tooo much to do ..but bwoy I've sorted some corkers for later C U @ the bar! Looks like Lee & Jane have got a good day for getting married ..luverly!!

richard in soulville hq at 8:34:19 Friday April 6 2007
Happy Easter!!!GT those spiders could always look for rental properties on the world wide WEB.happy birthday richard.

Brownie at 8:25:7 Friday April 6 2007
Happy Birthday Ricardo and thanks again for last weekend. Rancho Relaxo check your email!

Lynn at 8:10:18 Friday April 6 2007
Morning Debs Morning Darren, Tara See you two later Happy Easter Everyone XXXXX Lynn and Geoff XXXXX

Debs in OFF DOWN THE CEMETARY at 8:2:0 Friday April 6 2007
Morning everyone HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHARD THE ROADIE XXXXXX and hugzzzzzzzzz yours is the day before my mums HAPPY EASTER TO U ALL

darren in my soulville boxers listening to delegation-where is the love.... at 7:50:33 Friday April 6 2007
morning gang. see you at the bar richard. soulville here i come .......ktf....darren

Tara in Caister at 7:49:3 Friday April 6 2007
Happy Easter everyone! For those of you who are coming down to Yarmouth, the sun has got his hat on, and safe jouney. x

Jester in sortin' choonage at 5:39:42 Friday April 6 2007
Must be bedtime soon

sean at 22:49:4 Thursday April 5 2007
richard the roadie.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY.............and yes i know its tomorrow...but i like to be first....... wot a guy...

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 22:38:59 Thursday April 5 2007
Playlist for Thursday 5 April 07 G Nation ft Rosie Ania Feel the need Cooltempo C-nario Body Fusion Cafe de Soul Juicy After loving you CBS Loose Ends Hanging on a string Virgin The Detroit Spinners I'll be around Atlantic Sara Devine Wishing on a star Lonesome Echo The Jazz Defektors Bounce back Factory Wumni Talk Talk Talk (D Krivit edit)Documented Zero 7 Waiting line (Osunlade) Diaspora Haldo My Brazil (Maurice Joshua Remix) Tony Recs Latin bash 2 ft Dame Meu piano (Born to funk remix)Ospina Digital Dj Circle Sundance Tricircle Gabriele Dandrea Morning light (jump mix)cdr The Craftsmen Estrella (R Earnshaw)Guess Scott Wozniac ft Durty Turk My Light (Groove Assasin remx) cdr Carolyn Harding Be with you Deep Haven Simple Logic ft Charlie Bishop Moving on 80% Proof Kathy Sledge Heart Epic Cassio Ware pts The New Hope Baptist Choir New Hope Funky Soul Ja'Shay Shout (T Musto) Flatline recs Podcast up after the weekend ta

Ginger Tony in I could have guessed that! at 22:30:28 Thursday April 5 2007
Batucada: A substyle of samba and refers to an African influenced Brazilian percussive style, usually performed by an ensemble. Considered by some to be the epitome of the percussive ensemble. Batucada is characterized by its repetitive style and fast pace.

Ginger Tony in what does "Batucada" mean? at 22:26:58 Thursday April 5 2007
Eh up Brian. Away goals should put a smile on your face fella... The evening could go 1 of 2 ways. Open another bottle or go to bed?!?!

Brian Mac at 21:54:15 Thursday April 5 2007
Evening all (albeit late evening) .. feeling like crap with another cold nee throat infection (don't think nee sounds right) .. hopefully feeling better in the morning. Thankfully I do not have dandruff (or hair come to that)

Ginger Tony at 20:51:11 Thursday April 5 2007
Sounds about right to me Hyphen! Did you know that if you hold in your farts it causes dandruff...

Ellie in all booked up at 20:30:11 Thursday April 5 2007
..thanks Tony (GAH ) .. all booked up for the one in Rainham.....oo looking forward to it .. catch you in a mnit on "gotsoul" Ells xxxx

Lisa-Jane at 20:28:20 Thursday April 5 2007
once had me convinced

Lisa-Jane at 20:27:54 Thursday April 5 2007
you're beginning to sound like Natalie now... she ones had me convinced that Jelly Babies have feelings and her and Alison have an ongoing thing about towels that have sex and produce face flannels... my friends are a worry

Ginger Tony at 20:24:13 Thursday April 5 2007
I offered but they refused. They said if they came over on thier little spider motorbikes it's free! Result!! Tell Olly cat to watch out...Teenage spiders on motorcycles!!!

Lisa-Jane at 20:13:4 Thursday April 5 2007
give them a quid and send them over here Tony - I love spiders - watching Oliver running away from a spider is hilarious

Ginger Tony in Nu Soul Orchestra's "Ol Skool Vibe" at 19:59:11 Thursday April 5 2007
Or maybe they didn't understand english. Unfortunately I don't speak spiderish...

Ginger Tony in who's shed? Tony's shed! at 19:55:29 Thursday April 5 2007
Hiya Richard. Won't hide much in my shed matey! Far too small!!! There was a little knock at my back door (Oo-er missus) the other day, the bloody spiders were complaining abou the cramped conditions! Wanted a rent reduction, they did! I did tell them that if they didn't like it to go elsewhere but I don't think they could hear me. Spider's don't have ears.

Richard in soulville hq at 19:33:43 Thursday April 5 2007
GT,, the shed is mans best friend,the hihey hole of heaven

Info at 19:24:13 Thursday April 5 2007
Rochester - Soul Alldayer in Boogie all day & night at 16:56:5 Tuesday April 3 2007 Enigma Wine Bars (Holds 300) - High St - Rochester - Kent - 200yds from Train Station -- Mainline to Charing X - Bank Holiday Monday 9th of April - Jazz Funk - Soul - Jazz and a touch of S/House 2pm - 2am - Dj's TMIB,Johnny Skates, Maggot,Abbo,Sharpy & Pedroni - Fantastic Bars + Huge garden with BBQ - Free Entry - Drinks at reasonable prices

Mark G in tracks for a sunny day.. The look in your eyes - Maze, 20 Years later - Bobby Hutton at 19:21:1 Thursday April 5 2007
Stevie Cee - Fantastic Johnny C is on Togetherness 2005 if its a vinyl copy your after

Ginger Tony in drunken plumbing.. at 19:10:57 Thursday April 5 2007
Nothing better than a nice hot bath and a few beers only to hear a not-so-nice plip-plop as the bath's draining... Bollox! the under-carriage / workings have all come apart and my bath now empties straight onto the floor!!! After a quick trip to the shed (now I know why we put those clocks forward, so I can see) I think all's better! How ,much is bank holiday weekend call-out? (Just so I know what to charge myself) Ooh look a bottle of beaujolais...

G.A.H. at 19:3:49 Thursday April 5 2007

G.A.H. at 19:3:26 Thursday April 5 2007
Have you tried the Travel Lodge on the A13 may be a prmier Lodge..

Ellie in askin for help to all Essex dwellers at 18:58:6 Thursday April 5 2007
Gail and I are planning to come to Henry's for Easter Sunday ....really looking forward to it .. but we don't really wana drive back to London/Oxford after....Ive been looking on internet for nearby accommmodation but so far come up with nowt .. either fully booked or rediculously expensive .. anyone know of some fairly reasonable B n B within taxi distance of Aveley ?????

Abbo at 18:56:58 Thursday April 5 2007
Mark as the delightful Wendy suggests 'What is black music'is the track you are looking for.

R D in Early start maybe at 18:43:39 Thursday April 5 2007
Hi Richard is their anything going on earlier than 5pm at the pub, as we will be coming down before that matey.

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 18:36:46 Thursday April 5 2007
Tonight from 8pm till 10pm T.Hayzer Then sitting in fro Mr Blanco Basildons finest CJ Cooper.. Only the best Music there is.

Wendy at 17:59:32 Thursday April 5 2007
is it "What is Black Music" thats one Cunnie Williams track I love

Markthecabbie in Archive hell at 17:48:18 Thursday April 5 2007
Asked a while ago about a sample Bob used to use on Kiss.Someone replied saying it was Cunnie Williams which Bob later confirmed.Cant remember the name of the track now.Just spent 20 earth minutes scrolling thru Feb and March archives to no avail.Can anyone remember what the track was? Or is it possible to search the archives?Please........ Cheers.

Ginger Tony in Frank Popp Ensemble's "Love Is On Our Side" at 17:32:34 Thursday April 5 2007
Afternoon all! Home from the grind stone... 1st beer of the weekend is, quite nice! Love those hand claps!!!

Northern Mick at 16:44:10 Thursday April 5 2007
MOT ..Failed Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! 2 tyres....brakes pulling !!phew !! what ? can have it Tuesday !! ....good job Im at Silk Road tonight and on the Boat at Weekend ..No requirement for wheels then !! Glad it aint next weekend that would be dramatic !! Essence !!

DJLSB in www.starpointradio.com at 16:22:12 Thursday April 5 2007
Every Thursday, Join me Live!! from 7pm till 9pm U.K. Time for two hours of upfront soul, dance mixes & bustin all the beats on the streets, also on Friday evening from 11pm till 1am U.K. time, taking you down memory lane with classic rare groove trax. To log on to my show, go to my website http://www.djlsb.co.uk & the radio station plays live automatically........ If you find it skips on your pc press RADIO & then windowsmedia or real player on your right........ To request your favourite tune, email me on info@starpointradio.com...

Bernadette at 16:19:31 Thursday April 5 2007
sorry Stevie what I meant to say was I hate everyone and the all the dos are crap

Markthecabbie in shameless plug at 15:44:19 Thursday April 5 2007
Stevie,I'll ask the Six Million Steps guys for you,they might know.Have you heard their Moulton special mixes?I regularly blast them out in the cab on the way home......have a look on this link http://sixmillionsteps.com/drupal/node/20 and you'll see them on the menu on the left,parts 1 & 2. Tom has got a big old gay voice I must say

Stevie Cee at 15:34:5 Thursday April 5 2007
folks talking about music? What's going on?! As we're on the subject - can anyone help me - Does anyone know if the Tom Moulton mix of Fantastic Johnny C's "Waitin' For The Rain" ever came out as (bootleg?) 12" vinyl? I thought one may have been going around at the same time as it appeared on CD but I could be oh so wrong, as usual..

Marcus in playing Chaz Lp at 15:31:33 Thursday April 5 2007
N.M. Cheers mate, Yep otherwise I'd be 'Grounded'

Northern Mick in Essex Riviera awaiting outcome of M.O.T !!! at 15:6:14 Thursday April 5 2007
Excitement building Marcus..... ?? Im sure it is !! whatever you play youll love it and so will we mate Ill be in my magic corner

Marcus at 14:53:26 Thursday April 5 2007
1 out of 2(J.W deffo).Still gotta sort out the rest but pretty much know wot ....and them some more.Whaddaever goes on the day and the Guys set/floor beforehand/after. looking forward is an understatement.

Bernadette at 14:44:1 Thursday April 5 2007
and let me guess Jerry Warren & Belita Woods

Marcus at 13:54:36 Thursday April 5 2007
Bernadette, I'll be taking that one by M.P. in me box 2 Essence me tinks.(M.P.no not you Mick :lol

Bernadette in playing Mighty Pope - If you want a Love affair - choooon! at 13:48:47 Thursday April 5 2007
will still manage some choons though eh Marcus

Richard in soulville hq at 13:47:15 Thursday April 5 2007
Thanks folkes, we,ll miss you as well .thanks n-mick too late I think

Marcus at 13:29:25 Thursday April 5 2007
Hello H.F. I missed the postman this morning so I don't know but I'll be seeing you and Sweets 2morrow. ..Bernadette, yep family too this weekend with the relatives down from Welsh,Wales. Hello N.M. was indeedy a,lovely drive to work with roof down this A.M.....T*TS OOOOTTTT as they say

Bernadette at 13:23:2 Thursday April 5 2007
afternoon yep all those going to Soulville or the many other dos this weekend have a blast i'm having a quietish family & hubby weekend & saving myself for Soul Essence

HAPPY FEET at 13:13:18 Thursday April 5 2007
Hi Marcus did you get that Filthy Soul pic see you at Lee's wedding if your going.

Marcus in work playing Jane Wolfe - indy soul from Memphis,tenna-see! at 13:9:27 Thursday April 5 2007
Afternoonie Peeps. I often talk to myself playing choones on ere !! Sometimes two people -the penguin and Marcus show- Richard and All those going to Soulville 2morrow (or today ehh Blowey), have a great time and I'll miss ya all. Otherwise everyone else have a great time wadeverya doin ...8 more sleeps to Soul Essence 4 me.

Northern Mick at 13:9:20 Thursday April 5 2007
Amazing how everyone is so happy when the sun comes out !! Richard cover your head mate ....

richard in soulville hq at 12:59:46 Thursday April 5 2007
Good on you Ellie,perhaps we should all try that once in a while!!

Debs at 12:6:32 Thursday April 5 2007

Ellie in being a happy bunny at 10:53:3 Thursday April 5 2007
ha ha...Debs maybe it hasn't worn off yet !.... axtually am jsut high on life at moment ..sometimes it's cr*p but I had a good long talk to myself ( well someones got to) and decided am not such a bad person and I have some loverly freinds so am thankful and happy ..and now am jsut waffling !! >>>ah'll get me coat !!!

Debs at 10:29:55 Thursday April 5 2007
Richard she must still be on the Sauvignon

richard in soulville hq at 9:50:13 Thursday April 5 2007
Ellie i,ll have what your on!!!! MorningDebs a d Dr Bob,hey n-mick very sunny in the old garden this morning.

Ellie in singing like a linty .... at 9:43:22 Thursday April 5 2007
Gooood mornig .. good morning .. we've danced the whole night through .. good morning good morning to you ..and you and you !!!! ...oh wot a lovlery day !!!... Morning Debs .....see you Sunday !!! ....aww Marky mark wassup ((hugz))

Northern Mick at 9:32:19 Thursday April 5 2007
GT, Good to talk....have a great easter weekend catch up next week........

richard in soulville hq at 9:20:48 Thursday April 5 2007
Hi Jane,theres so much on this weekend, a lot of people are being split all over the place.You also have to remember a lot of people who go out don,t come on here,but we are doing OK.hope you have a good easter.

Ginger Tony at 8:49:1 Thursday April 5 2007
Morning all! Hope you can join me for the "chocolate for my breakfast show" on Solar Radio this saturday morning from 8am till 10am. Sky Digital 0129 & www.solarradio.com

Lisa-Jane at 7:43:51 Thursday April 5 2007
why you pissed off young Marky Mark,get yourself some bio-feed that should perk you up keep smiling hunny its almost the weekend x

Marky Mark at 7:35:38 Thursday April 5 2007
Morning Peeps! F++K the plants today I'm pissed off

Northern Mick in Essex Riviera at 7:25:23 Thursday April 5 2007
Morning all...sunshine and Bank holidays ..what more can one ask for..If youre on the boat Sunday , see ya there ...Reminder for the 'JSR BIG Soul Night out' at Silk Road cocktail bar and lounge ,St Botolphs St ,Colchester,Essex tonight.Tunes from 2000 - 0200 hrs ..with yours truly and guest DJ Stretch Taylor.. Admission free Have a Gorilla

Debs in SUNNY BOGNOR at 7:21:57 Thursday April 5 2007
Morning all morning Sean Ellie xx

sean at 6:58:31 Thursday April 5 2007
mornin deb mornin all ...deb sorry didnot call yesterday as work load very high @ present will give you a bell @ aprox 10am...roll on 10pm ish then off for the w/end ...R.T.R / brownie will call friday......... av a nice w/end.......

R D at 2:15:28 Thursday April 5 2007
Soulville here we come,see you there Richard mate.Hi Jane and all the gang on here,Marky are you going on your own, or are you taking the plants.Steve would go to your St Albans gig mate but off to Thailand with the wifey to visit the Dutch Man (long story).Busy weekend i see so have a good one all.

Ellie in PFIF >>>N''d |TUT at 22:33:6 Wednesday April 4 2007
.......PISSSHEADS ! am sorree my dear but you dont realise we are connie sewwers ! .. we odnt jsut drik any ol bollox ....am enlisting yer son as yer treatment ovewr !!!!!!!!! ((((HUGZ)))))

Jane at 22:30:12 Wednesday April 4 2007
Mark at 16:16:7 Monday April 2 2007 Whos going to Soulville then? Judging by the response, not many?

Alan Champ in Sutton at 22:24:41 Wednesday April 4 2007
Sunday's 'Original Mastercuts' show is now available for download from the Six Million Steps website at http://www.sixmillionsteps.com Tracks played were SOS Band - Take Your Time Do It Right, Nick Straker Band - A Little Bit of Jazz, Wish - Nice and Soft, Sharon Brown - I Specialise In Love, Black Ivory - Mainline, LAX - All My Love, Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle, DC Larue - Cathedrals, Skipworth & Turner - Thinking About Your Love, Bruni Pagan - You Turn Me On, Jill Jones - Mia Bocca, Rick James - Glow, Mary Jane Girls - In My House, Full Force - Alice, I Want You Just For Me, Kool Moe Dee - How Ya Like Me Now, Jamie Principle - Baby Wants To Ride, Frankie Knuckles (feat Robert Owens) - Tears, The Whatnauts - Soul Walking, The Philly Sound - Waiting For The Rain, Linda Clifford - Don't Give Up, The Impressions - Come To My Party, The Ritchie Family - Quiet Village, Moment of Truth - Helplessly, Aquarian Dream - Phoenix

Gavin Page at 22:16:0 Wednesday April 4 2007
9 Sleeps, if I get any at the weekend !

Debs at 22:5:57 Wednesday April 4 2007
Evening Gilly and Ellie (pissheads) Gilly hope your weekend was good and yes must sort out the bubbles xxxx

Ellie in hi to Gilly at 21:30:58 Wednesday April 4 2007
..am suppina wee glas of sauvignon too xxx cheers

Ellie in ......sah asah sha sham xxxx at 21:28:31 Wednesday April 4 2007
Mark Randle .. .. i take yer point hunnee .. but it would make sense ya think ???? xx Marky Mark yer just a norty boy xx but i luvs ya

Marky Mark at 21:20:12 Wednesday April 4 2007
I love doing things I should not ellie!

Gilly in with a glass of sauvignon!! at 20:46:1 Wednesday April 4 2007
Hey Debs, how are you? Still got the bubbles - will get them to you!!

Mark Randle in Ellie....I have!!!! at 20:36:41 Wednesday April 4 2007
But what if people don't use the events calendar much

Ellie in hopin am not beeing too contravershul !!! at 20:27:44 Wednesday April 4 2007
...can someone tell me why people don't use the nice space set out for them to promote their events ... the event calendar.. surely if someons taken teh time to make that space availble .. .. would be polite to use it .. i luv this firum i luve this whole site i think it;s very cleverly and uniquely set out ... but looking round it .. no one seems to use for how it was designed ! . it's a shame !!!!!!! ... not being critical ( yes i am ) but i think it's shame that the people who designed , managend and built it up .. don't see it used for wot it could be ........ sorry i had champagen at lunchtime xxxxx

Mark Randle in feeling that Bank Holiday feeling!!! at 19:4:44 Wednesday April 4 2007
WITHOUT BOUNDARIES..........now into our 7th year - as ever we strive to offer you a varied selection of some of the top DJ's available on the 'Modern' scene, playing simply the best music out there in their particular genre on a sound system and setting that we think does the music justice - we hope you agree !!............'WITHOUT BOUNDARIES' - THE COORS VISITOR CENTRE / BASS MUSEUM. HORNINGLOW STREET, BURTON UPON TRENT, STAFFORDSHIRE, DE14 1YQ............Quality 70's Soul, Classic 80's & 90's, through to the latest new and advance releases..........EASTER SUNDAY APRIL 8th - TWO ROOMS - 5.00pm - 12.30am LIVE - Mobo Gospel Award Winners - NU LIFE DJ's - BUTCH, COLIN CURTIS, JAMIE TAYLOR, ANDY 'TATS' TAYLOR, STEVE GUARNORI, RICK SCOTT, COLIN BROWN, FISH & MARK RANDLE..........£10 door / £8 advance..........Cheers!!

steve day at 18:51:17 Wednesday April 4 2007

JSR INFO at 18:21:32 Wednesday April 4 2007
Dont forget silk road this Thursday from 9pm , DJ'S Northern Mick , Ginger Tony and Guest Stretch Taylor ! For more info go to : www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk

Marky Mark at 18:20:24 Wednesday April 4 2007
Debs I had a rash but yo couldnt see mine This weekend is going to be a ball !!!

Debs (R) in C onsulting a solicitor re. claims that Clearasil works!!!! at 17:3:41 Wednesday April 4 2007
Dont think we gonna get to Lacy - Tony got a bad rash and me looking a bit like Cyclops (spare eye on the top of my nose) .... PRETTY!!!! Hopefully both be better for the boat on Sunday. If not, I will wear eye patch on one of my real eyes to avoid confusion and Tony will be the one in the balaclava!

Jane at 16:4:25 Wednesday April 4 2007
Hello Richard, don't worry there will be on chance of that happening, plus I wouldn't want to clear the place Ginger Tony I am so glad that the Maltesers will be able to keep you company on Saturday ! I wouldn't want you to get lonley. Selina hope you have a safe journey to your parents. Happy Easter everyone, I am on leave afer today for a week Jane x

INFO@ THE LACY LADY at 16:2:9 Wednesday April 4 2007
The LACY LADY ALL-NIGHTER TIMES 10pm till 6 am (or later)

Debs at 15:55:10 Wednesday April 4 2007
Hi ya xx

Richard the Roadie at 15:49:22 Wednesday April 4 2007
Afternoon Debs. xx hugs

Richard the Roadie at 15:46:47 Wednesday April 4 2007
Selina, you told me you were gonna stick it on the BUTT!! of your white jeans?? then we could do the ASDA ad'

richard in soulville hq at 14:40:15 Wednesday April 4 2007
hi jester postcode is nr30 2dj (spooky) Marine house,marine parade on the side of hollywood cinema opp brittania pier.Jane hope you won,t be lifting your top up like the advert!!!!!!!GT down boy eyes on the decks.

Selina at 14:35:9 Wednesday April 4 2007
Look forward to seeing ya Debs. Tony you leave the smallgeezer alone.

Ginger Tony at 13:5:4 Wednesday April 4 2007
Afternoony all! Hi Jane, glad i've got the malteser geezer for company saturday night, at least I won't be lonely...

Debs at 12:23:15 Wednesday April 4 2007
Selina indeedy i need some fun

Selina at 11:34:44 Wednesday April 4 2007
Off to Yorkshire to see Ma and Pa for a couple of days, but looking forward to Henry's Sunday on my return. Debs will you be in attendance

Debs in SUNNY BOGGY at 9:47:33 Wednesday April 4 2007

Ellie in forgot at 9:41:32 Wednesday April 4 2007
Morning Debs ...hope you're ok loverly ... you might jsut see me Sunday

Ellie in full of beanz n bubblin at 9:37:59 Wednesday April 4 2007
MOrning loverly peoples ... Gavin .. think I would fully agree with everythign you said bout Mr Collins ( could add a few more things , but that woueld jsut be norty ( wicked grin) .......mornign Richard .. thanks for request on myspace ... nice page youhave there and of course I've added you ....rite off to gym .. have to get my dancin legs fit for Soul Essence xxxxx

Northern doo's do it longer at 9:32:49 Wednesday April 4 2007
How can the Lacy be an Allnighter 6hrs? an Allnighter normally carries on until around 6am?

Selina in drinking coffee and rubbing my eyes at 9:9:28 Wednesday April 4 2007
Jane, go careful, he'll be tempted to eat it. Morning all.

Jester in listening to some Valerie Horton Brown from '81 at 9:7:12 Wednesday April 4 2007
Morn' - Richard, what's the name/postcode of the hotel we're staying in; just for the Sat Nav. Thanks

richard in soulville hq at 8:55:30 Wednesday April 4 2007
Morning all,thanks Jane

Debs at 8:47:18 Wednesday April 4 2007

Jane at 8:23:3 Wednesday April 4 2007
Morning, Ginger Tony & Selina, Sloen, Pedroni, Frostie, Richard Soulville, Debs (R) and Rainham Dave Hope you are all keeping well? I look forward to seeing some of you at the Lacy's on Saturday and the Boat on Sunday. Ginger Tony you will be pleased to know that my Maltesers will be putting in a guest appreance on Saturday night Richard Soulville and Chevvy good luck for Soulville this weekend Jane

Marky Mark at 7:25:9 Wednesday April 4 2007

Gavin Page at 0:24:16 Wednesday April 4 2007
Pete Collins, What can I say - Top Bloke, Great taste. Good Dj. Simple as that. Tony (GAH), sorry I am reacting again but enough is enough ! Pete you are one of my fav' Djs nuff said !!!! Dave if that is your name ? back off !

Sloen at 20:38:39 Tuesday April 3 2007
Evening All See you Sunday at the Boat. Any ideas on best/cheapest place to park appreciated. Cheers

the anonymous Dave is....... at 20:34:45 Tuesday April 3 2007
........ that bloke that normally posts as Carl looking for Old Skool or R&B events on a Friday, until he threw a hissy fit earlier this month. Us "redneck" Mental goers that know little about Soul (excuse me LMAO at that) hardly worry about his type.

Northern Mick at 20:26:22 Tuesday April 3 2007
Ellie, if you cant get through cut and paste my link into your PC browser , it could work

Northern Mick at 20:23:52 Tuesday April 3 2007
Try www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk I got in with that as the main site is down, but the show is up and running.

Ellie in getting frustrated wiv puter !!!! at 20:22:16 Tuesday April 3 2007
Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@jazzsyndicate.zytrix.biz and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. ...this is error message I get whenI try to log into you MICK .. am getting smialr thing from the link you sent on EMS forum ??????? is it ME ? or YOUR internal server ??? v

Debs (R) at 20:9:11 Tuesday April 3 2007
Who is this Dave geezer???? Is this what care in the community has come to?? Dipsticks indeed, innit !!!

Northern Mick at 19:43:29 Tuesday April 3 2007
'Attitudes In Soul' @www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk this evening 2000-2200hrs GMT. Yours truly with an eclectic mix of Soulful vibes,jazzy rhythms and funky beats..................

G.A.H. at 18:34:39 Tuesday April 3 2007
Sitting in for Matt Hughes on www.radiogotsoul.com tonight 8pm till 10pm... Me.


Info@THE LACY LADY at 18:3:3 Tuesday April 3 2007

Lisa-Jane at 17:17:52 Tuesday April 3 2007
Stevie C if you had a spare second could you email me please... many ta's

In the know at 17:15:46 Tuesday April 3 2007
Didnt know Maggot was on the flyer and where's the slug of dance jazz ?

Rochester - Soul Alldayer in Boogie all day & night at 16:56:5 Tuesday April 3 2007
Enigma Wine Bars (Holds 300) - High St - Rochester - Kent - 200yds from Train Station -- Mainline to Charing X - Bank Holiday Monday 9th of April - Jazz Funk - Soul - Jazz and a touch of S/House 2pm - 2am - Dj's TMIB,Johnny Skates, Maggot,Abbo,Sharpy & Pedroni - Fantastic Bars + Huge garden with BBQ - Free Entry - Drinks at reasonable prices

Markthecabbie at 16:49:50 Tuesday April 3 2007
Cheers Pete,at our age its just all change aint it Dont know how I cope sometimes...

INFO at 16:46:38 Tuesday April 3 2007

Pedroni in RE The HMS Farrer at 16:44:57 Tuesday April 3 2007
To all the gang on our/my booking we are meeting at 12 noon at the Walkabout on The Embankment for some lunch then we are off to the Yacht Club straight after -- To all the others see you there

Pedroni in RE The HMS Farrer at 16:44:55 Tuesday April 3 2007
To all the gang on our/my booking we are meeting at 12 noon at the Walkabout on The Embankment for some lunch then we are off to the Yacht Club straight after -- To all the others see you there

Pete Collins at 16:42:0 Tuesday April 3 2007
Mark, I can confirm that Temple station is open on Sundays, we alighted there for the last Boating Club do. Should have gone to my school Selina, they made us do macrame and needlepoint How are you hun? I'm pleased to hear that the Boot is safe and well

Markthecabbie in Late update.... at 16:36:11 Tuesday April 3 2007
Breaking news,just on the phone to a pal of mine and he seems to think Temple is open on a Sunday now.

Selina in handy work was never my thing at 16:35:56 Tuesday April 3 2007
RtR, Thank you for my little gift, I'm trying to work out a) how to sew (I was hoping it was a iron on thinging. and b) where to sew it onto. Any ideas ma friend.

Markthecabbie in Helpful mood!! at 16:31:54 Tuesday April 3 2007
Anyone going to Micks boat do be aware that Temple station is closed on a Sunday.Temple pier is almost exactly halfway between Blackfriars station and Embankment station,about a 4 or 5 min walk from both.Its bang opposite The Walkabout bar (formerly Shoeless Joes). Enjoy yourself,its later than you think

Ray at 16:31:6 Tuesday April 3 2007
Is the yacht club free or payable on the door after the boat party or only to people who attended the cruise ?

Pete Collins at 16:17:50 Tuesday April 3 2007
Dave you came back!! My word you're a cheerful happy little ray of sunshine aren't you?

a at 15:53:3 Tuesday April 3 2007

changes Mick Farrer's bot do this sunday at 15:52:43 Tuesday April 3 2007
Mick Farrers Boat Do this Sunday - slight change to the day! The boat we were due to go on has been taken into dry dock for Maintenance. (Health and Safety) The Golden Jubilee (the new Boat) departs from Temple Pier at 3pm. NOT Blackfriars Pier as previous. The boat then stops at 8pm Not 10pm. (2 hours less). THE GOOD NEWS!! Because of the mess up, the Company have given Mick the Yacht Club, before from 12 am – 3pm (onwards) and after the boat do, which is the boat next to Temple Pier from 8pm until late (4am if he wants it). That means that the party could potentially continue until 4am. (O dear, it could get very, very messy) The best place to meet up is NOT the Dogget Coat and Badge, but the Yacht Club, Temple Pier. The party can start from the Yacht Club and finish in the Yacht Club, Music all the way!!!! PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!!!! You can meet somewhere else first other than the Yacht Club. Nearest train station is Temple Station, which is on the Circle and District Line, which runs a normal Sunday service. Mick email address is soulman1707@yahoo.co.uk . Please can you let him know direct if you wish to start at the Yacht Club from 1pm

Richard the Roadie in at the foot of me stairs at 15:43:14 Tuesday April 3 2007
Good day Sean, hope all went well on your hol's { post-card must still be in post } will give you abell @ home 2morrow morning { on me tacho break } 10:30 ish, love to all @ "relaxo"

Brian Mac at 15:41:42 Tuesday April 3 2007
'Dave' aka Carl (where are the old school doo's) and occasionally Alex - are you that immature and insecure that you have to slag off places you don't go to ? your e-mail address is probably bogus (quel suprise) but your computer is not that safe when your IP address is known (which it is ) .. go away little child

BM at 15:7:50 Tuesday April 3 2007
oops .. *too

Brian Mac at 15:7:29 Tuesday April 3 2007
Aft' all - Soulville line-up was posted on Saturday at 13:02 by Jester for those to lazy to read and 'dave' a prat - nuff said

Carrie Lucas in gotta keep dancing. at 14:48:19 Tuesday April 3 2007
Whats the Soulville line up.Whos in Whos Out?

marion at 14:13:58 Tuesday April 3 2007
Gavin - looking to hearing Glynn Thornhill on the saturday at Soul Essence. I've seen the friday and saturday timetables...looking good...if only I could source a crate of corona cherryade i'd be in heaven

BUBBA BLAIR in Mama Get The Hammer (There's A Fly On Papa's Head at 11:18:14 Tuesday April 3 2007

dave at 10:47:49 Tuesday April 3 2007
Pete Collins,who are you,who are you to say anything to me,do you actually have a talent.oh yes you have chatting crap

Gavin Page at 10:47:24 Tuesday April 3 2007
Ahhh there it is !

Gavin Page at 10:46:50 Tuesday April 3 2007
Where is me bear ?

___GAV__ at 10:45:36 Tuesday April 3 2007
GT, Bloody great film !

Ginger Tony at 10:29:53 Tuesday April 3 2007
Morning all! And Southern Comfort Gav. Excellent film and it doesn't have any troublesome "Squeal Piggy!" scenes...

Gavin Page in More Yarmuff at 9:6:20 Tuesday April 3 2007
Brian Goucher to advise the Down Beat Lounge Folks, before I get onto whats occurring in the lounge, friends of mine who were attending this doo have pulled out at the last minute, so there is one double room vacant in the hotel itself,£120 to me and its yours, Contact me on 07971104541 to arrange payment and I will sort the room out for you.But be quick all the rooms went ages ago. Now on to the lounge, Friday night between 4-8 see's Binsy bringing his legendary George Jackson soul nights to Yarmouth....Saturday is set up to be a top day, bet 11-8, you have 8 jocks, Mick Barker, Ged Lunt, Trev Cox, Blake Helliwell, Pat Biggerstaff, Glynn Thornhill, Frazer Dunne and yours truly. Some top collectors in there and a great day is expected. As usual you wil find me in beer mode, come and have a chat.......... cheers Gouch

Gavin Page at 8:52:17 Tuesday April 3 2007
Tony,Like that ! Dave if that is your name nothing wrong with being a red neck. I like Blue Grass and the film Deliverence.

Debs at 8:18:32 Tuesday April 3 2007
Southports second week into my treatment but i will be there

sean at 7:45:35 Tuesday April 3 2007
mornin deb.....both up at the same time then..not sure on time off yet..... not to long i hope...still told ok for caister/southport etc.....

Debs at 7:38:45 Tuesday April 3 2007
Morning all Morning Sean just read your posts good to have u back in the room your dates the day after my nuke up starts speak to u laters xx

Marky Mark at 7:23:47 Tuesday April 3 2007
Good morning Dont forget silk road this Thursday from 9pm , DJ'S Northern Mick , Ginger Tony and Guest Stretch Taylor ! For more info go to : www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk " THE FUTURES BRIGHT - THE FUTURES JOHN INNES NUMBER 7 COMPOST "

Northern Mick at 6:50:20 Tuesday April 3 2007
Good Morning all

sean at 6:49:58 Tuesday April 3 2007
mornin all..mornin deb...back in the room...still with jet lag..workio for me today,still bank hols this weekend mmmm nice...

Pete Collins at 6:7:7 Tuesday April 3 2007
Dave I suggest that you are the dipstick on here. Go away and get some English grammar and spelling lessons and then come back here and tell us why you're such an expert on soul music and rednecks. On second thoughts, don't come back at all

Jester in the future's bright, the future's registration? at 4:0:52 Tuesday April 3 2007
...oh & I forgot Fatback's Sunshine Lady & The Manhattans' Girl Of My Dreams for some unknown cross burning reason

Jester in listening to Nils Gessinger - Holiday Me, followed by Elaine Stepter - Good To Me & Halo - Let Me Do It with a bit of Todd Rasean - Real Love and finishing off with Norwood ft. Jennifer Holliday - Easier Said Than Done ...NIce ..night night!! at 3:48:31 Tuesday April 3 2007
#The Camp Town Ladies Sing That Song ..Do Dah, Do Dah#

dave at 23:44:14 Monday April 2 2007
u lot on here are a bunch of dipsticks,u know nothing about soul music,u r all a bunch of wannabee,y i dont know,brittania at monument is a pure redneck haunt

shrek at 22:43:23 Monday April 2 2007

G.A.H. at 22:27:55 Monday April 2 2007
Did you hear about the Essex girl who crashed her car. When the Paramedic got to the scene he asked where she was bleeding from... "Romford init".

Debs (R) at 21:57:43 Monday April 2 2007
Happy Monday everyone. Check out my new slideshows on My Space. http://www.myspace.com/soulsister134 Have a good week and Happy Easter to everyone, wherever you decide to spend it! Hope to see some of you in the Algarve with Soul Network on 19th April ..... I cant wait. Then gotta find the cash for Mediterranean Soul with Rainham Dave and crew. It's a hard knock life!!!

Gavin Page at 20:32:43 Monday April 2 2007
Tony, yes he does mate, it is one of the highlights of the weekend for me ! All Divisions as well, including all the bloody scottish lot !

G.A.H. at 20:24:48 Monday April 2 2007
Is Ganouri goona read the results out in a BBC stylee hahaha Say hi to the old Codger for me Gav.

Gavin Page in Soul Essence 25. The Line Up at 19:47:34 Monday April 2 2007
The 25 th Weekend Line Up The Main Room Friday Evening 6.00-7.0 Brian Goucher 7.00-8.0 Bob Cosby 8.00-9.0 Gavin Page 9.00-10.0 Steve Guarnori 10.00-11.0 Gareth Donovan 11.00-12.0 Steve Plumb 12.00-01.0 Mike Charlton 01.00-02.0 Gavin Page 02.00-03.0 Bob Cosby 03.00-05.0 Soul Sams Late Session Saturday Lunchtime /Afternoon 12.00-1.0 The Etheridge Brothers 01.00-2.0 Marcus 02.00-3.0 Alison & John Nightingale 03.00-4.0 Flanny 04.00-5.30 Steve Guarnori (inc Footie Results) 05.30-7.0 Shaun Evans bridges the gap with his Dinner Soul Saturday Night 7.00-8.0 Brian Goucher 8.00-9.0 Steve Plumb 9.00-10.0 Mike Charlton 10.00-11.0 Gavin Page 11.00-12.0 Gareth Donovan 12.00-01.0 Sean Hampsey 01.00-02.0 Bob Cosby 02.00-03.0 Soul Sam 03.00-05.0 Steve Guarnoris Late Session Sunday Lunchtime 12.00-1.00 Paul Thrower 1.00-2.0 Sean Hampsey 2.00-2.30 Goodbye songs and close Brian Goucher to advise the Down Beat Lounge

sean at 19:16:39 Monday April 2 2007
evenin all...... back from hot land 104f...jet laged et all....will do the catchups laetrs...deb trust all ok @ present..... im back in on the 26th......

marky,push fm in london at 19:7:5 Monday April 2 2007

marky,push fm in london at 18:27:3 Monday April 2 2007
this easter weekend on londons pushfm.com, log on to hear 6 hours of quality jazz/funk/soul and classics, see link below for more info, happy easter !! http://www.radiocafe.co.uk/push/soul%20weekend.jpg

Me too at 18:11:28 Monday April 2 2007
Simon and Mel had only been married for two weeks. Simon, although very much in love, couldn't wait to go out on the town and party with his old buddies. So, he said to Mel, "Honey, I'll be right back." "Where are you going, coochycoo?" asked Mel. "I'm going to the bar, pretty face. I'm going to have a beer." Mel said, "You want a beer, my love?" She opened the door to the refrigerator and showed him 25 different kinds of beer, brands from 12 different countries: Germany, Holland, Japan, India, etc. Simon didn't know what to do, and the only thing that he could think of saying was, "Yes, lolly pop...but at the bar...you know...they have frozen glasses..." He didn't get to finish the sentence, because Mel interrupted him by saying, "You want a frozen glass, puppy face?" She took a huge beer mug out of the freezer, so frozen that she was getting chills just holding it. Simon, looking a bit pale, said, "Yes, tootsie roll, but at the bar they have those hors d'oeuvres that are really delicious... I won't be long, I'll be right back. I promise. OK?" "You want hors d'oeuvres, poochi pooh?" She opened the oven and took out 5 dishes of different hors d'oeuvres: chicken wings, pigs in blankets, mushroom caps, pork strips, etc. "But my sweet honey... at the bar... you know... there's swearing, dirty words and all that..." "You want dirty words, Dickhead? Drink your f*cking beer in your goddamn frozen mug and eat your motherf*cking snacks, because you are married now, and you aren't going anywhere! Got it, Asshole?"

Ellie in bored at 17:56:30 Monday April 2 2007
One day a father gets out of work and on his way home he suddenly remembers that it's his daughter's birthday. He pulls over to a toy shop and asks the salesperson, "How much for one of those Barbies in the display window?" The salesperson answers, "Which one do you mean, sir? We have: Work Out Barbie for $19.95, Shopping Barbie for $19.95, Beach Barbie for $19.95, Disco Barbie for $19.95, Ballerina Barbie for $19.95, Astronaut Barbie for $19.95, Skater Barbie for $19.95, and Divorced Barbie for $265.95" The amazed father asks: "It's what?! Why is the Divorced Barbie $265.95 and the others only $19.95?" The annoyed salesperson rolls her eyes, sighs, and answers: "Sir..., "Divorced Barbie comes with: Ken's Car, Ken's House, Ken's Boat, Ken's Furniture, Ken's Computer , and one of Ken's freinds ha ha .. sorree am bored !!!!!!

Pedroni at 17:53:31 Monday April 2 2007
SEASIDE STRUT No 4” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 9th June 2007 from 7.30pm—3-30am & Sun 10th June afternoon session - THE BEACH PARTY 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Sponge & others-- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Date - Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007 -----------------------------------This will be absolutely rammed as the weather will be hopefully excellent so let us know early if you are coming as numbers will be limited -------------------------------------Here are a list of both Hotels & B&B's in Ramsgate to suit any budget: The Oak Hotel [ next door 2 jazz rooms ] harbour parade 01843 583686 www.oakhotel.co.uk - Hotel De Ville 45, grange road 01843 592289 - Cliff Tops hotel 2, The Paragon 01843 591836 - Eastwood guest House 28, Augusta Rd 01843 591505 -Glendevon Guest House 8, Truro Rd 01843 570909 - The Comfort Inn Victoria Parade 01843 592345 www.comfortinnramsgate.co.uk - Foy Boat Hotel 8,Sion Hill above harbour [nice view] 01843 591198--The Royale 7,Royal Road 01843 594712 -The Crescent 19, Wellington Crescent 01843 591419

Pedroni at 17:52:34 Monday April 2 2007
SEASIDE STRUT No 4” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 9th June 2007 from 7.30pm—3-30am & Sun 10th June afternoon session - THE BEACH PARTY 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Sponge & others-- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Date - Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007 -----------------------------------This will be absolutely rammed as the weather will be hopefully excellent so let us know early if you are coming as numbers will be limited -------------------------------------Here are a list of both Hotels & B&B's in Ramsgate to suit any budget: The Oak Hotel [ next door 2 jazz rooms ] harbour parade 01843 583686 www.oakhotel.co.uk - Hotel De Ville 45, grange road 01843 592289 - Cliff Tops hotel 2, The Paragon 01843 591836 - Eastwood guest House 28, Augusta Rd 01843 591505 -Glendevon Guest House 8, Truro Rd 01843 570909 - The Comfort Inn Victoria Parade 01843 592345 www.comfortinnramsgate.co.uk - Foy Boat Hotel 8,Sion Hill above harbour [nice view] 01843 591198--The Royale 7,Royal Road 01843 594712 -The Crescent 19, Wellington Crescent 01843 591419

Mark at 16:16:7 Monday April 2 2007
Whos going to Soulville then?

DJ LA at 16:6:7 Monday April 2 2007
"?????" how do you know that DJs for Soulville have not been confirmd or contacted??

Rescue Centre at 15:44:46 Monday April 2 2007
We are pleased to say that Bob has been adopted and will be going to his new family shortly. Having already vetted Chez Farmer, we are happy with his new home and are sure he'll get up to all sorts of mischief.

Markthecabbie at 14:53:9 Monday April 2 2007
You all look very sober so the photos must have been taken in the first 30 mins Good to put some names to familiar faces.....

Gail at 14:25:43 Monday April 2 2007
Strumpet!! Smiles El :-) I've named them now.

Ellie at 14:17:12 Monday April 2 2007
the one with the squinty smile (face dosn't work properly ) who keeps cuddlin everybody !!!!

which one is at 14:10:6 Monday April 2 2007
you ellie?

Ellie in hiding at 14:5:9 Monday April 2 2007
OH MY GAWD !!!! was I really THAT squiffy !!!!!! must have had more to drink than I tought !! lol no wonder I couldn't stay vertical for very long !!!!

???? at 14:2:46 Monday April 2 2007
Djs for Soulvile have not been confirmed or contacted???

Gail at 13:56:12 Monday April 2 2007
Lovely to see everyone on saturday at Monumental, here's a link to some photo's for anyone that's interested http://uk.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/gail_austin66/album?.dir=/6085scd

Doctor Bob Jones at 12:0:2 Monday April 2 2007
Hi Gav trust u are well yes mate that's fine must catch up soon

Gavin Page at 11:5:12 Monday April 2 2007
Bob J. Dave Thorley would like to talk to you about joing us at Soulshakers, as you did at Stafford all those years ago. Can I give him your number ? Only One week away now, hope to see some of you there. Gonna be another cracking nite Soul Sam Ali & John Ady Pountain Dave Thorley Malayka Gavin Page Mark Randle Meg Wilshire Guests James Trouble, Roger Williams and a welcome return for Lars Bulnheim 2 rooms Killer 60's and 70's driving beats in one, cool contempary tunes in the other. 8pm-3am. Solihull fc, Damson Parkway, Solihull, Birmingham.

Ginger Tony at 11:1:48 Monday April 2 2007
Dear rescue centre, I do feel that I am responsible for Bob's demise. If only I hadn't fed him so many Maltesers (white ones) he might still had been able to move as gracefully on the dancefloor! But he did so love chasing those tasty spherical sweeties across the carpet!

Rescue Centre.. in Herts at 10:42:31 Monday April 2 2007
Dear Tony, thank you for your interest in Bob. At the moment he is happily playing with our resident cats. A monthly donation would be very much appreciated, however, we are looking to rehome Bob. Richard, Bob certainly does have lots of Soul (despite this being where he had his minor surgery), but after his rejection for the more agile boots at the weekend, is feeling a little flat. We are sure he'll be fine in time.

Ginger Tony in something's a foot... at 10:41:8 Monday April 2 2007
So that's where my Headache came from HF! I've just thought, in the ad, we need a final close up of Bob the boot sitting, smiling at camera with his tongue out!

HAPPY FEET at 10:33:43 Monday April 2 2007
GT did you have an attack of the barcadi blues on Sunday,were those drinks doubles or trebles Sat night

Selina in tip top and chipper to BOOT. at 10:32:32 Monday April 2 2007
Pick me, Pick me.

Richard in soulville hq at 10:23:49 Monday April 2 2007
GT has that boot no SOUL

Ginger Tony in I can imagine the advert now... at 10:16:46 Monday April 2 2007
A shadowy figure looms ominously over Bob the boot and we cut away as this threatening character takes a swipe at our hero...Cut to exterior shot of beautifully maintained garden on a sunny day and Bob is now running free in the warmth of the sunshine in his new home! Thank you Hertfordshire Rescue Centre for saving Bob the boot. I'd like to donate £3 a month by Direct Debit. In fact can I sponsor Bob? Would I receive a monthly letter from him?

Rescue Centre.... in Hertfordshire at 9:21:42 Monday April 2 2007
One lonely Boot looking for a good home.... we have nick named him Bob. Bob is a very well behaved slightly worn black boot (we cannot confirm Bob’s age) who gets on well with strangers. Unfortunately Bob does not get on very well with shoes or other breed of boot, but seems fine with children and cats. Bob has had minor surgery due to being a very active boot, especially at weekends, but is still a good sturdy boot. He is a little quiet at the moment, due to recently losing his brother and being rejected in favour of a smaller more agile breed of boot, but we are sure he will perk up with the right care and attention. Bob would suit a lively lady, with lots of love to give who may already have a boot of the same breed to keep him company. For more details about Bob, please contact the Rescue Centre...

Info @ Lacy Lady at 9:20:36 Monday April 2 2007
This coming Saturday 7th April, Lacy Lady presents a special Easter All-Nighter at The Room At The Top, High Rd, Ilford, Essex. Main room DJs: Chris Hill, Bigger & Tom Holland and in The Blue Note Lounge: Gary Dennis, Ginger Tony & Shep Kennedy. Doors open 10pm!

richard in soulville hq at 8:44:8 Monday April 2 2007
Morning debs,feeling groovy

Debs at 7:49:36 Monday April 2 2007
Morning Groovy Gang

Marky Mark at 7:23:45 Monday April 2 2007
Morning peeps ,, morning plants! " THE FUTURES BRIGHT - THE FUTURES MIRACLE GROW "

Northern Mick at 7:21:24 Monday April 2 2007
Morning all..

Ellie at 0:8:29 Monday April 2 2007
am getin nerus .. boot sniffer sounds like BArry CLIIT BANG !!!!

Selina at 22:32:2 Sunday April 1 2007
The Boot has been sighted in the St.Albans area. Just need to do my Cinderella bit and reclaim in exchange for a bottle of wine.

BOOT SNIFFER at 22:19:49 Sunday April 1 2007
Selina I have you boot and it smells OHHHHHHHHHHH lovely! It can join my collection of other boots!! " THE FUTURES BRIGHT - THE FUTURES WIPE CLEAN LEATHER BOOTS "

ash selector in home at 20:23:23 Sunday April 1 2007
Thanks to everyone i met last night at the funksoul brother doo in denham & monumental, ta to the boogie bus driver Jester & thanks for the tea ellie, Darren from Harlow you're a top laugh mate.

Richard the Roadie at 19:32:56 Sunday April 1 2007
Sorry should say "when we left at"

steve day in JAZZ FUNK SOUL NITE 14TH APRIL at 19:32:32 Sunday April 1 2007
join us for a nite of jazz funk & soul at bar 12, comet way hatfield, herts, sat 14th april , 8 till 1, djs steve day,jim jackson,pedroni, caister warm up, hi to PETE COLLINS how are you mate hope to see you very soon.

Richard the Roadie in LOOKING AT A BOOT!! at 19:29:13 Sunday April 1 2007
Selina, your boot was under a table when we {CB/R"tr"} at 2:30. oh and just like you it was legless

Aja in tired and knackered in suffolk at 19:5:21 Sunday April 1 2007
Great night nelly,we enjoyed ourselfs

Nelly at 17:38:23 Sunday April 1 2007
Oooh me flipping 'ead. I was that far gone, I had to look in the record box to see what I'd played!! A great night and a BIG thank you to everyone that made it.

Ellie at 16:40:59 Sunday April 1 2007
.. I thought I was P****d when i saw ou dancin aroudn with one boot on !!!! ...wellll I haven't got it in my pockit .. I haven't got it at alll !! sooo loverly to see you again angelpie xxxxx

Selina in oooppssss at 16:34:3 Sunday April 1 2007
What a great night at Mental, even left semi-sober, well I thought I was until this morning when tony realized I only brought home one boot. So leading question did anyone pick up a black boot.

Ellie in jsut fiishing being domestic godess and mom for the day at 15:55:29 Sunday April 1 2007
ah alwasy miss out on the kebabs ! and their one of my favorite thangs !!!!

Richard in soulville hq at 15:13:14 Sunday April 1 2007
Jester do you have time to breath?

Jester at 14:39:41 Sunday April 1 2007
Art' - Busy night last night fitting in 2 gigs. Firstly The Horse & Barge over in Denham; a new event featuring the great guys of the Marlow Crew. A lovely location for a Soul do with a massive beer garden as well, so could be an alldayer coming up when the weather gets better. Good to see my maate Sean Daly, Hass, Big Steve, even Bigger Colin, Hutch and loads of faces one sees about (& new ones too). Then onto Monumental (had to go coz Lee & Nelly were a' celebrating and wanted to share in that ..great guys). It was also lovely to see so many Soulboys/Girls there all having a great time. I won't do a list as I'll probably leave so many names out but it was a sea of happy faces sharing in this music we love Quality! Thanks for the tea Ellie (that was worth dropping you & Gail back on it's own ..lovely!)and the kebab shop that was open at 5am in Acton Town Hope to see some @ Soulville next Fri/Sat before Mick's Boat or Henry's on Sun & then Tubb's Memorial Concert @ Dingwalls on Monday ...Go on make a weekend of it ..you know you want to

Alan & Ian in the Starpoint studio at 14:29:44 Sunday April 1 2007
We're on 'til four, so get tuned in ! Played so far ... SOS Band, Nick Straker Band, Wish, Sharon Brown, Black Ivory, and LAX.

www.radiogotsoul in Weeks schedule at 14:19:23 Sunday April 1 2007
Monday 2000 till 2200 - Soulful Selections with Stu Ashton & Chris Foster 2200 till 0000 - Guests on rotation Tuesday 2000 till 2200 - Matt Hughes presents souldeep 2200 till 0000 - Love Is The Message with Jaysoul Wednesday 2000 till 2200 - The Emotive Sessions 2200 till 0000 - Future World DJ's Thursday 1800 till 2000 - Impact with Rick Prior 2000 till 0000 - Tony Hayzer- 4 hour special (covering for Mickey Blanco) Friday 2000 till 2200 - Release The Pressure with Colin Cooper 2200 till 0000 - Kwame presents The Soul Inside Of Me (Every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month) Saturday 1400 till 1600 - Stranger Than Friction with The StrangeOne 1600 till 1800 - Double Promo 1800 till 2000 - Just House with Lee Tristram Sunday 1400 till 1600 - The Sour Mash Collective present Soul Damn Phisticated- no show this week 1800 till 2000 - RAW 2000 till 2200 - Soulful Sound with Lanny & Wriggerz 2200 till 0000 - New show coming soon

Debs at 13:58:22 Sunday April 1 2007

Marky Mark at 13:57:31 Sunday April 1 2007
Hello Debs my telly adds are ,,Tenna lady, bodyform with with wings and cd player as standard and ladu with the trots imodium one!! Nice last night up the MENTAL to see some old and new faces. Kaya I still have no pain in that elbow , thanks!! Gary Dennis kissed all the boys last He has a quality tongue

Debs at 13:35:38 Sunday April 1 2007
Barry Scott

Ellie in still a bit squiffy from last night I think at 13:33:9 Sunday April 1 2007
I hate the bloke that does the Cillit Bang advert wot a voice !!! yeuch!!! and I hagte all the flippin car insurance ads.....I don't watch a lot of telly really but I like Loose Women and Paul o grady of a day time if am skivin off

Debs in Checking the dictionary at 13:21:9 Sunday April 1 2007

Debs in ADVERTS THAT DRIVE US MAD at 13:17:30 Sunday April 1 2007
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that bloody advert on telly picture loans "Josh dads found ya scootah" drives us insane are there any adverts that drive u up the wall? (think iv'e been watching too mucch t v recently me and my new daytime friends)

Ellie at 13:8:25 Sunday April 1 2007
ha ha .... ya daftie !!!! get yourself on that forum it's really quite good fun and very very interesting.... the peeps on there are jsut soo soo knowledgeable and all share their music with some fabby downloads being posted it's been an absolute godsend in my learing all about this wunnerfool music....be nice to see you're name on there ....spk soon xxxxxxx

__debs__ at 12:53:3 Sunday April 1 2007
Apparantly even

Debs in BEING A DOZY MARE at 12:52:23 Sunday April 1 2007
Ellie just asked Bob to help me with signing up on E M S and apprantly i signed up in 2005 can't remember doin that te he

Debs at 12:49:47 Sunday April 1 2007
Morning Ellie sounds like u had a blast will do in a mo got up late today first time in yonks that ive slept through !! Bob cooked me a lovely brekkie(why does it taste sooooooooo much nicer when someone else does it for you) i'll finish pottering about get dressed and mail u later xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alan Champ & Ian Dewhirst in Sutton at 12:27:32 Sunday April 1 2007
Join Ian & Alan for two hours of glorious sunny soulful grooves and tawdry banter on Starpoint Radio this afternoon - 2pm til 4pm UK time. Listen in super CD quality on Sky Digital, or via the web at http://www.starpointradio.com Get those doors and windows open, crack open a soothing cold one, and crank the volume up ! ps. For shout-outs, etc, simply email the studio at info@starpointradio.com - we'll pick them up (and read them out) when we get there.

Ellie at 11:36:36 Sunday April 1 2007
morning DEBS . how are you my lovely ??? send me a wee myspace message bout your treatmet programm !!!!! HUGZ xxxxx

Ellie in woke up lookin g like Patsy form ab fab !!! at 11:34:16 Sunday April 1 2007
,,is it relaly morning .... wot a top top nite .. Darren you are my hero for keeping me from fallin off stool !!!!!! Bernadette ..I danced like a loon for you !! ... absolutely class nite great to finally meet all you guys .... top marks to that man Jester who drove us all the wasy hom to deepest darkesat Putney...you are officiallly my hero !! we're getting the " Jester official fan club" t-shirts made up later... thanks Nelly and every one for a trully fabby night ! ..Gail and I are sitting here with big smiley faces xxxxxxx

Debs at 10:47:59 Sunday April 1 2007

Richard in soulville hq at 10:32:58 Sunday April 1 2007
Morning Debs.very bright and sunny which means top down on the fig and off for a drive!

Debs at 9:32:51 Sunday April 1 2007
Morning everyone

Richard in soulville hq at 9:25:28 Sunday April 1 2007
Darren,please put your trousers back on ,your scaring the mice and putting me off my brekkie.

darren in my soulful boxers....nice. at 3:43:43 Sunday April 1 2007
hi gang...just got back from mental ,ellie,gayle,marcus,blowey,ash,kaya,jester,happy feet,the original JSR crew ,aja & dean,that scrawney git( marky mark)thanks for the ride home,northern mick & gary dennis(thanks for the kiss),ginger tony & and number 1 wife selina.and ,what's his name,ahh yes,nelly.hanks for a terrific nite.only thing missing was niki and the soul princess,rachel.but it was late and the little one had to be in bed early.top nite.....ktf...darren

Nelly at 3:36:43 Sunday April 1 2007
hic back. Good to see you there LJ

Lisa-Jane at 3:1:35 Sunday April 1 2007