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February 15th to 28th 2007

carl in north london at 23:59:36 Wednesday February 28 2007
thanx alot Alfie,does anyone know of anything else happening on a friday nite.open a bit later perhaps

alfie at 23:34:57 Wednesday February 28 2007
hi carl, it finishes around midnight

carl in north london at 23:32:2 Wednesday February 28 2007
anything happening this friday,around london area

Carl Gonzales in north london at 23:30:32 Wednesday February 28 2007
alfie wot time does it finish

Debs at 23:18:58 Wednesday February 28 2007
Good boy

G.A.H. at 23:11:43 Wednesday February 28 2007
SATURDAY 3rd March Soultogether @ The Lodge 226 Harlsden Hight St Dave & Greg from Soul Together Neil McClean From Emotive T.Hayzer & Mickey Blanco from www.radiogotsoul.com 10pm till 3am..

alfie p at 23:11:31 Wednesday February 28 2007

G.A.H. at 23:10:6 Wednesday February 28 2007
OOps good job you said mark need to ring you tmrrw

Kaya at 23:9:43 Wednesday February 28 2007
If only I could, Mark (sigh) but I'll be waiting for my plane after a day's shopping in Istanbul!

Marky Mark at 23:2:59 Wednesday February 28 2007
For those of you interested you can catch G.A.H on jazz syndicate radio friday at 8pm [url]http://www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk[/url]

Kaya at 23:2:42 Wednesday February 28 2007
Debs, you're on! I've learned to mix some wicked sours!

Debs at 22:58:0 Wednesday February 28 2007
Gilly welcome home and just think party xx Kaya i'm soooooooooooooooo jealous have a lovely time and bring me back some Keo Brandy and we could have a sour nite

Marky Mark at 22:55:44 Wednesday February 28 2007
I fancy a night out too but I'm not going to bloody Yarmouth

Marky Mark at 22:53:20 Wednesday February 28 2007
Mick I'm doing a PA at the burger bar at Whipps cross Hospital this Saturday 8pm! Blaaahh blahhh chortle blahhh blahh guffaw ferdumfff

Kaya at 22:52:57 Wednesday February 28 2007
Gilly, come to Cyprus with me on friday! ;o)

Kaya at 22:52:7 Wednesday February 28 2007
Evenin all. Re Bobby Story, I was only sayin'! Din't mean nuffink by it. ;o)

Evening all.. at 22:28:1 Wednesday February 28 2007
A Texan, a Russian, and a New Yorker go into a restaurant in London. ''Excuse me, but if you wanted the steak you might not get one as there is a shortage due to the mad cow disease,'' says the waiter. The Texan says, ''What's a shortage?'' The Russian says, ''What's a steak?'' The New Yorker says, ''What's excuse me?''

Gilly in feeling sad.....!! at 21:32:4 Wednesday February 28 2007
Hey Debs...back in Blighty and not too happy about it!!! Dragged myself to W'rose to keep awake , just wasn't the same in there without you Back to work tomorrow, will call you from there...xx

DR BOB in Waiting for the Weekend at 21:19:29 Wednesday February 28 2007
CHI-SOUL ALL-DAYER update. This coming Sat 3rd March @ Woodies in Chichester- Completely SOLD OUT ......nice

DR BOB in enjoying Starpoint on Sky at 21:16:14 Wednesday February 28 2007
Thanks for the info Dave, nice one mate. Thanks for the props Gav. Best... The Doc

Northern Mick at 21:15:30 Wednesday February 28 2007
Evening all....looked through the pages last few days but does not appear to be much going on this Friday in and around London or am I mistaken ? Anyone know of any do's this Friday please !! MM you aint busking on the embankment or anything are you

Marky Mark at 20:55:24 Wednesday February 28 2007
CJD CDJ IDJ Blaahh blaaahhh blahhh chortle chortle guffaw furdummff

Gavin Page at 20:13:14 Wednesday February 28 2007
Deb's, yeah I thought that. Nice to see me dad being written about Glad things are good

dave w in tuning up the sky box at 19:46:16 Wednesday February 28 2007
info on how to get Starpoint Radio on SKY the channel info you need is 11390 please follow Add Channel Facility You can add channels to your Sky box by following procedure below: 1. Using the Sky remote control, press the services button 2. Using the up/down arrow buttons highlight System Setup and press select 3. Highlight Add Channels and press select 4. Enter the Frequency in the top field = 11390 5. Highlight Find Channel and press the select button. - Arrow down and highlight STARPOINT RADIO, hit the yellow button put save channel. Then hit the select button on your remote to save VIEWING ADDED CHANNELS Added channels will not be displayed in the TV Guide itself, to view them use the following procedure: 1. Using the Sky remote control, press the services button. 2. Using the up/down arrow buttons highlight Other Channels ( Opt 8 )and press select 3. Highlight the channel you wish to view ( Starpoint Radio ) and press select.

Debs at 19:20:51 Wednesday February 28 2007
Evening nice artical in the new issue of D J magazine re Dr Bob's 40 years on the decks

inn on lake at 16:56:13 Wednesday February 28 2007
do you want me to go to INDIA.

Coppo at 16:24:51 Wednesday February 28 2007
Cheers Kaya & Mark...I should read the covers more often but hey still a dam good CD

neil adkins at 16:23:44 Wednesday February 28 2007
mark no rush mate got a pile of goodies for your perusel spk soon ..

Abbo at 16:23:35 Wednesday February 28 2007
MARCH 16th SOTRC presents the NEW Kent Soul Sessions @ Inn On The Lake,A2,Gravesend. 2 rooms playing the best in Soul,Jazz,Jazzfunk,Crossover & House. 9 til 2. All SOTRC DJ's plus Special Guest TBA. For further inf contact admin@southoftherivercrew.co.uk

neil adkins at 16:22:52 Wednesday February 28 2007
Howdy back at you pardner got a fistfull of $ for you so will get it too you soonest ...Thanks to you and the big fellas help at clives doo, great rig tel and you have there ..see you soon

neil adkins at 16:19:4 Wednesday February 28 2007

found at 16:11:33 Wednesday February 28 2007
in a sherbert dab

lost at 15:52:39 Wednesday February 28 2007
can anyone tell me how to get from marble arch to the natural history museum.xx

Neill at 15:10:3 Wednesday February 28 2007
ok, not much at all but anyway wtf, Scunthorpe away next year will take my English league ground count soaring into the sixties.....!!

Neill at 15:8:16 Wednesday February 28 2007
Howdy partner....Wake? Lasagne's on the menu for Sunday and the mighty Grays Ath won 2-1 last night to start their climb out of the relegation mire so things are looking up! well, a little but anyway.

Markthecabbie at 15:1:17 Wednesday February 28 2007
I won't be at the wake,Neil,its Pauls sons 21st,and fortunately the party is 3-7pm.Might watch on Sky+ from behind my fingers later Hope to make it over to see you soon,been working nights lately.Will ring you if I pass by Liverpool St in daylight

Frostie at 14:54:49 Wednesday February 28 2007
Allo Simon Maaate!Listen,I take it all in My Stride and I dont ask Questions!Im in Yarmouth Sat night -Fancy it?

Norwich Simon at 14:49:28 Wednesday February 28 2007
Frostie - to paraphrase Mr Ruffin, we've passed this Bobby Storey way before!

neil adkins at 14:44:56 Wednesday February 28 2007
aveley posh .....must be since chi bought henrys ...Only kidding Mark .... Give us a shout mate let me know when your comimg over ...and also are going to the West ham wake Sunday?

Frostie at 14:42:38 Wednesday February 28 2007
Well done Mark Maaate!

Markthecabbie at 14:31:35 Wednesday February 28 2007
"For the second Proud single and the album,Bobby changed his name to Bobby Story.He was now working as a record promoter for Malaco Records and the name change was to avoid 'conflict with record promotion and recording.I was trying to separate the two.To be honest,I shouldn't have done that because people didn't know who I was' Hope that clears things up Girth,the postie did still have some stuff in his bag,they must do the posh postcodes first

Frostie at 14:24:0 Wednesday February 28 2007
Actually that should have read "Lets do something different(Lets stay together)-Too much cider and Dusty!

Frostie at 14:17:54 Wednesday February 28 2007
Allo Maaates!Anybody that knows me will clarify that Lets Stay Together was one of my signature tunes.I always thought that it was done cos of the name of the album....Bobbys Story-The Storyteller-Probably completely wrong!

Girthdevon at 14:3:59 Wednesday February 28 2007
I ordered one myself Mark, as it has some previously unreleased stuff on there too....still waiting for mine. I always thought he changed it to Story for contractual reasons ??? Girf

Markthecabbie at 13:59:32 Wednesday February 28 2007
Coppo,after some help from Girth,the CD of Storyteller arrived this a.m.,was listening to it as I read your post The original was credited to Bobby Storey,but this CD (on Good Time Records out of Colchester)is definitely Bobby Patterson. Bit of blurb on the inside saying why he changed his name to Story,and adding he thought it was a mistake.

Frostie at 13:26:35 Wednesday February 28 2007
Allo GayeMaaaate!Now tell me if you are still lurkin-Im doing the dishes singing along to Dusty Springfield-Should I be concerned?

Neil A at 13:1:4 Wednesday February 28 2007
Lloydy you can always get the orig LP crazybeat... 60 of her majestys pounds ....

lloydy at 12:59:24 Wednesday February 28 2007
cheers for that ..i was offered the streetwave lp and wasnt sure of the quality ..so it looks like cd then damn ....

Brian Mac at 12:44:50 Wednesday February 28 2007
If you mean on Soul Togetherness Lloyd it is good - not like the old Streetwave/Morgan Khan efforts of years back

lloydy at 12:15:28 Wednesday February 28 2007
can anyone tell me the recording quality of the live band a chance for hope on the british comp album?please ?

Kaya at 12:11:59 Wednesday February 28 2007
Mornin'. Coppo, I believe that he called himself Bobby Story for that album....

Coppo in listening to Bobby Patterson...Storyteller...NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE at 11:13:48 Wednesday February 28 2007
Morning good soul people. Hope alll are well. Debs glad you gou sorted with ya wheelie (pink with added fridge)See you and Bob on sat, looking forward to the alldayer

Frostie at 10:59:54 Wednesday February 28 2007
Allo Maaates!First time since Sat that I have had a chance to use pooter and would just like to thank Richie C and all that made it down the Sisters of Sound Sat night.A spesh mention to Deb and Tone who got FrostandKellnapped(Not For the first time)and Tracey for the wonderful afterparty.Is that the mobile ringing?Oh no its a bloody ice cream van......It means summit yo someone!

Lisa-Jane at 9:18:0 Wednesday February 28 2007
CJD even Mark

Marky Mark in thingymajig at 8:27:5 Wednesday February 28 2007
CDJ's ? Mad cows? Plenty of them on here ! Morning! Chortle guffaww blah blah blah !

G.A.H. at 22:59:53 Tuesday February 27 2007
Patron Saint of CDJ's

Kaya at 22:2:27 Tuesday February 27 2007
Harlesden High? Is that a school? I've never heard of St Dave, is he a Catholic?

G.A.H. in Going here instead at 21:11:37 Tuesday February 27 2007
SATURDAY 3rd March Soultogether @ The Lodge 226 Harlsden Hight St Dave & Greg from Soul Together Neil McClean From Emotive T.Hayzer & Mickey Blanco from www.radiogotsoul.com 10pm till 3am..

G.A.H. at 21:10:43 Tuesday February 27 2007
But i won't go ohno.

Bob Masters at 21:6:19 Tuesday February 27 2007
If your stuck for an idea for flyers for your gig take a look at www.allposters.com or eu.movieposters.com and hit the soul/jazz or mowtown tag. There are some great shots of Marvin and Ali.

Kaya at 20:30:40 Tuesday February 27 2007
Evenin' all. Oi, Souldad, they tried to make me go to rehab...

Info@ www.Seetickets.com at 19:54:24 Tuesday February 27 2007
Easter Bank Holiday Monday April 9th @ DINGWALLS,Middle Yard,Camden Lock. The Paul 'Tubbs' Williams Benefit Concert. For one night only! Featuring Incognito,Founding Members Light of the World/Beggar and Co, Central Line, Orphy Robinson, Courtney Pine, Junior Giscombe, Leee John, Noel McKoy, Chris Hill, Dez Parkes and very special guests. DJ sets by Dez Parkes and Chris Hill with special guest DJs joining us on the evening. All proceeds will go to the Williams family and Liquid Spillers. Tickets:£20 in advance. For more information please visit www.beggarandco.co.uk, www.funkmanagementuk.com & www.incognito.org.uk

Sally at 18:25:59 Tuesday February 27 2007
Evening everyone,just quick message for Richard,(sorry for being a pain :!)but what time on the Monday,does soulville finish,Just trying to sorting out the travel arrangements & I missed the finale last time .Thx Lol Sally xx

HAPPY FEET at 17:45:0 Tuesday February 27 2007
Gav you been lurking on those West Ham Forums again

Syrup at 17:37:49 Tuesday February 27 2007
very good gavin, very true gavin.

Brian Mac at 17:4:0 Tuesday February 27 2007
ugh ugh .. tough day working as had no sleep yet .. was a good music and drinkie session Marcus .. afternoon all (the clock says afternoon, feels like sleep time)

Gavin Page in Sing in the tune of Yesterday by the beetles at 16:10:58 Tuesday February 27 2007
Yesterday. Relegation seemed so far away. Now it looks as though it's here to stay. Oh, I believe In yesterday Curbishley. You're not half the man you used to be. There's a shadow hanging over thee Oh, why have we Got Curbishley. Why Pards Had to go I don't know ? Egg wouldn't say. Pards did Something wrong. Now I long For yesterday. Yesterday. Upton Park was a great place to play. Now each week we give three points away. Oh, I believe In yesterday. Why Pards Had to go I don't know ? Egg wouldn't say. Pards did Something wrong now I long For yesterday. Yesterday The FA Cup was just 2 ticks away Now we're going down with Curbs and Day. Oh, I believe In yesterday. Yes I believe - In yesterday

souldad at 15:13:48 Tuesday February 27 2007
i think i will leave that 16th of march gig as i dont want to end up in REHAB.

INFO from FUNK MANAGEMENT U.K. at 14:37:11 Tuesday February 27 2007

Paul@SOTRC in just hopping off to my medical at 14:23:49 Tuesday February 27 2007
The next Kent Soul Sessions Friday 16th March Inn On the Lake A2 Gravesend tax £7 8 til 2.With guests Ronni O'Brien (Solar), Pedroni (seasidestrut), a welcome return to Uncle Pete Collins & finally having been up in the loft Mr acid jazz himself Terry Matthews will be dusting down some classics Look forward to seeing you there

Debs at 14:15:26 Tuesday February 27 2007

__debs__ at 14:15:3 Tuesday February 27 2007

Bernadette at 14:12:21 Tuesday February 27 2007
make sure he gets right into the corners Debs

Debs in WATCHING THE GOOD DOCTOR DO THE HOUSEWORK at 12:54:34 Tuesday February 27 2007
Mr C thanx i sent Sandra and your goodself an email this morning on myspace

mr c at 12:31:58 Tuesday February 27 2007
Hi,Debs just want to say from me and Sandra glad everything went well.bottle of pils on me when our paths next cross,ohh and yes two straws. ps so hello to the good DR from us please.

dave ogorman in st albans at 11:21:55 Tuesday February 27 2007
check out chris phillips ..www.unknownfm.net or 90.2 fm in the london area ..soul funk n jazz 10 till 12 midday on tue ...in fact hes on now

Debs in TAKING IT EASY at 11:2:30 Tuesday February 27 2007
Mike could have been worse u could have mentioned the footie

Debs at 10:57:17 Tuesday February 27 2007
Mike no worries mate

MikeMcD at 10:49:34 Tuesday February 27 2007
Debs,I know how do you think I feel.I made a very well intentioned statement fall flat and your well justified . Anyhow I hope you are recuperating well and as said yesterday all the best to you both

HAPPY FEET in CITY SOUL OFFICE at 10:39:11 Tuesday February 27 2007

Debs at 9:46:47 Tuesday February 27 2007
R T R and Sylv thanx xxxxxxxxx

Debs at 9:25:13 Tuesday February 27 2007
Morning hope your heads ok today Marcus thanx for the call xxx

tara in caister at 9:18:9 Tuesday February 27 2007
good morning

Marky Mark at 8:25:2 Tuesday February 27 2007
Cheers Gav ! Morning peeps Blahh blahh blaaah chortle chortle gaffaw guffaw hic

Gavin Page at 0:17:18 Tuesday February 27 2007
Marky, Link for the Weekender in Bamberg mate http://www.soul-shakers.de/ Also a Soul Night on 10th of March in Solihull.

Marcus in playing Solare at 23:1:53 Monday February 26 2007
Session around my house...Jester and Brian around in a mo.....hehe..Why Not??

Marcus at 22:43:1 Monday February 26 2007
I remember HOUSE...B4 Techo.... G.A.H. Love....Funky House session at lawn lane

Marcus at 22:31:0 Monday February 26 2007
Getting fooooking BLAZED UP....love it....anyone awake call me as lonely...07740 53 8482...maates??

Debs in MASTURBATION FOR THE NATION at 20:15:19 Monday February 26 2007

DR BOB in MASTICATION FOR THE NATION at 20:14:39 Monday February 26 2007
'Mastication for the nation......' Classic!

Debs at 19:49:18 Monday February 26 2007
Brian thanx see u there looking forward to it

Marcus at 19:45:52 Monday February 26 2007
oi oi oi....F*cking big enuff and brave enuff to keep stuff to myself...so there... ...Is that a song??? I DONT'KNOW why..???? California Executives

Marky Mark in in the championship next season at 19:13:20 Monday February 26 2007
Brian Quality ! Blahh blahh blaaah chortle chortle gaffaw guffaw hic !

Brian Mac at 19:7:51 Monday February 26 2007
Will probably be hated for this .. just trying to keep things light .. just for fun .........West Ham Sale .....West Ham TABLECLOTHS - Suitable for any occasion but tend to slip down the table after a short time - £4:99...........................West Ham VIDEOS - All the highlights from the last 20 years action. This 10 min video, including lots of re-runs, is a perfect gift for any fan £9:99..................West Ham BANNERS - Come complete with interchangeable slogans Eg:- "Roeder OUT", "Redkrapp OUT", "Pardew OUT" "LET ME OUT" etc.. £15:00................West Ham C0NDOMS - Come in sizes from "Little Hero" to "BIG Dowie". Ideal for the pric*s in the Bobby Moore Stand. - £0:75p for life-times supply................West Ham BRA - One for the ladies. This bra, in team colours, comes with good support but no cups- £14:99...............West Ham 'LADIES' TOWELS - The " Matthew Upson" sanitary towel, complete with instructions, "In for a week, Out for a month". - £1:00 each.................KEEPER'S GLOVE - A must for any fans at the back of the stand, or near the corner flags to catch any shots the lads may have at goal. £8:99.............LEAGUE DIRECTORY - An item for the more discerning fan. This quality publication gives detailed directions to every 'Nationwide' League Ground in the country. A snip at just £25:00.........West Ham LIPSTICK - Ideal for kissing goodbye. (To the Premier League, as worn by the players) £0:99p each

Brian Mac at 18:57:4 Monday February 26 2007
Evening all .. back on after a restful Sunday and work today. Debs, glad to see you back on .. excellent Monumental night, thanks to all that entertained .. that includes Marcus .. Debs/Dr Bob, have decided to bring the promised to Chi-Soul on Saturday, have lost faith in the post .. probably some posties criticising what they hear .. heathens .. at least handing over I know they are safe with you.

Debs at 18:46:19 Monday February 26 2007
B G G getting in and out of bed ouch xxx

Bev in pleeze don't start at 17:49:8 Monday February 26 2007
I refuse to have a conversation with a Pseudonym Anyway, it wasn't interesting enuf 2 tell the world and his mother

BGG at 17:48:41 Monday February 26 2007
Afternoon Hi ya Debs glad op went well.Bet its a bit sore though....bloody idiots make you get out of bed the next day & walk around....when all you want to do is lie there

Debs at 17:42:40 Monday February 26 2007
Richard thanx my luv will bell u in the week luv to Sylv xxx

I DONT KNOW at 17:23:15 Monday February 26 2007

MARKY,PUSH FM ... in LONDON at 14:46:50 Monday February 26 2007
MARKYMARK/DANCETRAX PUSH FM PLAYLIST, SUNDAY 25th FEB,2007. DJ MARKYMARK/DANCETRAX. PUSH FM PLAYLIST,107.7FM LONDON, LIVE STREAMING VIA WWW.PUSHFM.COM SUNDAY EVENINGS, 6-8PM, GMT. roland clarke-simple things [quentin harris] big brooklyn red-he moves ben watt-lonecat [dennis ferrer remix] isoul 8-on my heart [restless soul] richard earnshaw-people r people kt brooks-joy monday michuru-sunshine after the rain[maw] duke jones-practical fantasies ish-dont stop [tk disco] kid sublime-somethin about you [kindred spirits] ---adverts--- amp fiddler-faith [jazzanova] tracey thorn-true [escort remix] brenda taylor-you can have your cake and eat it too [westend] ripple-the beat goes on and on [salsoul] rahni harris- six million steps tata vasquez-suite guaracho [counterpoint] a hundred birds-free feliz [salsa version] candyapple ft anjou-power of music directions-busted trees [carl craig] ndambi-cant change [ron trent] mkdv ft john crockett-forever [tony recs] peven everett-put your back into it [quentin harris] incognito-this thing called love[ bootie remix ] broadcite records-bushman ep ft heidi vogel JOIN ME EACH AND EVERY SUNDAY FOR MORE OF THE SAME ON LONDONS WWW.PUSHFM.COM, _________________ deep/jazzy/soulful grooves....every sunday evening 6-8pm gmt live on push fm. for past playlists and to download archive go to- http://www.myspace.com/markymarkdancetrax

Richard the Roadie in nice to see you, to see you nice at 14:19:35 Monday February 26 2007
nice to have you back Debs, xx

Bev at 13:59:41 Monday February 26 2007
Wotcha MARCUS Wot did I tell u

Marcus at 13:33:43 Monday February 26 2007
Phew wot a weekend...where did it go....

Debs at 13:19:12 Monday February 26 2007
Gilly have a safe flight xxxxx

Debs at 13:18:24 Monday February 26 2007
Gilly be good to see ya give us a bell when u get get be good to have a chinny Mike but thanx anyway

Gilly in Oz soaking up last few rays!!! at 12:43:42 Monday February 26 2007
hey Debs..how are your doing? Fly out tomorrow but am looking forward to catching up with you...pick 'Baby MINI' up on Wed am so will be mobile immediately should you need anything...will you be up to visitors any time soon? Sad about leaving here but will be back again in October Lots of love to you and Bob xx

marion in in at work in bedford at 12:27:51 Monday February 26 2007
Glad to hear we'll soon be graced with Gavin in May and Girths TBA presence in Peterborough at the City Club, Modern Soul Room. Expect to hear quality toons from the Residents S'Jay and Kevin, playing anything from 70's to 2007. Really love this Doo because its only 20-25 minutes door to door Result!!

marion in at work in bedford at 12:24:20 Monday February 26 2007
Good night at Monumental, feet still killing ha ha and I did not end up carrying Peggy back to the Hotel - which was a result! only joking Peggy, see ya soon. Heard Spot was poorly so couldn't make it - hope you're on the mend! And Dave Blow you are sooo cheeky

marion in at work in bedford at 12:24:19 Monday February 26 2007
Good night at Monumental, feet still killing ha ha and I did not end up carrying Peggy back to the Hotel - which was a result! only joking Peggy, see ya soon. Heard Spot was poorly so couldn't make it - hope you're on the mend! And Dave Blow you are sooo cheeky

Bev at 12:19:54 Monday February 26 2007
Hey Mike - BIG typo error mate - no worries BTW - did kinda wot u suggested and movin soon

MikeMcD at 12:17:43 Monday February 26 2007
Doh , whoops and every other appropriate expletive for being a complete numpty ... DEBS !!! Sorry

MikeMcD at 12:16:22 Monday February 26 2007
Bev glad all going well for you hope it continues to do so and at some stage in very near future hope to hook up with you.All the very best to you and Bob

Debs at 11:48:53 Monday February 26 2007
S O T R C cant get on your forum again so same message to u lot but will speak to u all at some stage this week xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debs in RECOVERING at 11:46:6 Monday February 26 2007
Morning everyone thankyou all for your kind wishes, flowers ,cards ,texts and call Niki thanx darlin great chatting to you Bob and i are still larfin KAYA will bell u back tonite as you will be at workio now sweetie xxxxxxx

Bev in is it MONDEE already - boo! at 11:17:17 Monday February 26 2007
Mornin What a PUKKA nite at MonuMENTAL on Saturdee - twas me 1st outing there and will it be me last - NOOOOOOO Looking 4ward to the next one already MARCUS - how much VODKA did we drink - me head still hurts BLOWY - thanks for asking me to join u on ur burfdee bash - it was GREAT and will be in touch with JULIE re the Hemel Northern Doo

BGG at 9:31:20 Monday February 26 2007
Sorry but couldn't resist this......Oxo have brought out a claret & blue cube in honour of West Ham.......It's a laughing stock

Big Alien in I was blind but now I can see! AAAAARRGH at 9:28:19 Monday February 26 2007
Apologies for the typo Geordette cant find me braille keyboard... or anything!!

BGG at 23:59:47 Sunday February 25 2007
Super Yids....get in there

Abbo at 23:58:47 Sunday February 25 2007
the Mighty blues 'move on up' to quote Curtis

Marky Mark at 23:39:24 Sunday February 25 2007
Now you know how us hammers feel! Gav BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Blahh bllaahh blaahhha chortle guffaw!

Gavin Page at 22:50:13 Sunday February 25 2007
Paul, Thank you

PaulT at 22:44:17 Sunday February 25 2007
I'll take this slowly Gavin, I got a 45 for you & a 45 for me. Ok, you can move on to the 3rd bottle now

Gavin Page at 22:25:55 Sunday February 25 2007
Sorry Paul it's late and a long night. Thank you sir !!!!! 2nd bottle of wine as well

Gavin Page at 22:24:21 Sunday February 25 2007
Paul, Did you get yourself the Album or the 45 ?

PaulT at 22:16:58 Sunday February 25 2007
. . . Bernadette a bad influence & unable to get her name right as well as Andy not able to see . . . well no change there then Sounds like another top nite missed then Just to let you know Gavin, found you a copy of the 4 Tops track that got played in Bilbao . . . chooon

Bernadette at 21:47:23 Sunday February 25 2007
I've just remembered crawling round the floor trying & find your glasses what a night

Bernadette at 21:44:0 Sunday February 25 2007
can't even get me name right

__BWD__ at 21:43:36 Sunday February 25 2007
would that be something to do with me pouring talc over your head sorry

Big Alien in detox mode just out of bed at 20:29:3 Sunday February 25 2007
Bernadette you're a bad influence!! glad you got home safely. not wrong either Soul Revolution was a perfect foil for Monumental. Both superb!! Just one question..... why is my scalp so much softer and smelling like a northern dancefloor!! Oh also why cant I SEE!!!

M rs Mourinho at 20:24:13 Sunday February 25 2007
Come on Jay E the best time won,one of four

Mrs Mourino in Cheslki at 20:22:33 Sunday February 25 2007

Ellie in being a gooner !!!!! at 19:51:22 Sunday February 25 2007
Marky mark .. they wa s robbed ( not really it was really goos d game but sad offensive ending) lolol but its only the micky mouse cup

Gavin Page at 19:45:4 Sunday February 25 2007
Make you right Carol. Thought you looked great Niki. Good little night. Good to catch up with some peeps again. Stevie C, you played a blinder IMVHO. Neil Mind And Matter still sounds great !

Marky Mark at 19:42:45 Sunday February 25 2007
Take it arse got done

Carol at 19:41:24 Sunday February 25 2007
Thanks Niki, Neil and co for another good night at Mental as usual - nice to see everyone. Also funny being the only sober person in there, and driving home all the way to Maldon with a pissed up mate and hubby chattering and giggling all the way home.. Niki - thought you looked really well - thoughts are with you over the next few weeks!

Jay.E at 19:28:16 Sunday February 25 2007
Drogba's first goal was way offside, nevermind its a shit cup anyway.

Stevie Cee listening to Dazzle "Reaching" Burgess Pressure!!! at 18:36:33 Sunday February 25 2007
Good going Bernadette! We did have intentions to head over fot the Nighter but it was a case of Mind Willing - Body Weak! Next time maybe - was there any Modern or Soulful House or anything like that being played in any of the rooms?

Bernadette at 18:9:19 Sunday February 25 2007
Great night at Mental as usual and yes Stevie what a great crowd - everyone was going for it from the off went to the allniter in Shoreditch after as it seemed like a good idea at the time but am suffering for it today spent most my time in the Northern room - was buzzin & Arthur Fenn played a blinder as usual

Marky Mark at 17:36:50 Sunday February 25 2007
Blahhh blaaahhh chortle

Jester at 16:54:37 Sunday February 25 2007
Fookin' Allnighter in Barnet ..I stopped playing @ 6.30am from 8pm the previous night

Stevie Cee at 16:44:18 Sunday February 25 2007
Thanks to Niki, Nelly, Girth and that man Mole for having me guest at MonuMental again - I had such a great time and the crowd were unbelievable. What a great night. I trust Henry's was top-notch too. Did anyone go on to the Allnighter in Shoreditch, if so how was it?

Alan Champ in the Starpoint studio at 15:13:17 Sunday February 25 2007
Get yourselves tuned into Starpoint Radio. Ian Dewhirst and myself are here til 4pm.

DR BOB in Debs update... at 15:13:13 Sunday February 25 2007
Hi good people, just an update on Debs. Op was very successful, came through it ok and is now recovering slowly but surely. Came home from hospital yesterday - not into phone calls - sorry, Debs needs some space - ok. Many thanks for the love, kind words, flowers etc from all our friends. We really appreciate it. Dr Bob & Debs

HAPPY FEET at 15:6:33 Sunday February 25 2007
Great nite at Henrys nice to see you again Spud and Pat,Hi Lynn hope the feet are not too sore today never seen you and Geoff dance so much,well done all the DJ's

Mrs at 13:48:46 Sunday February 25 2007

Marky Mark at 13:36:42 Sunday February 25 2007
I thought what was being posted up about shep was just just bullshit as usual and have just found out the real facts! I also appoligise to The Kennedy family for making comments afterwards! Shep I will call you

Marky Mark at 13:33:2 Sunday February 25 2007
Gav it was not me who posted up Gary in Hillys doctor .... Gavin if I have offended you with my comment about you bending over then I am sorry for any offence

G.A.H. at 13:30:50 Sunday February 25 2007
Glass Houses

Gavin Page at 13:24:21 Sunday February 25 2007
Tony, I am not getting in to all this with you. As I said I am just sickend.

G.A.H. at 13:18:33 Sunday February 25 2007
Gav it's no worse than what other people have had posted about them. & you've never said anything about that.. Before you start i never said it was right either. Who ever posted it obviously didn't know about Shep. If you read this Shep. Good luck fella.

Gavin Page at 12:44:39 Sunday February 25 2007
Marky, you see mate I am supprised at the depravity that some people will go to. I would just like to know what sort of animal would do what Gary in Hilly's Doctor did ? Unbelivable

Gavin Page at 12:32:34 Sunday February 25 2007
Marky, does that mean it was you then ? Or am I missing a joke here ?

Marky Mark at 12:9:33 Sunday February 25 2007
I dont know Gav but have you got a prob with your backside, if so bend over and I'll see what I can do for you! PS: Blaahh blaahh blahh chortle blahhh balh chortle chortle ..... morning peeps

richard in soulville hq at 12:7:59 Sunday February 25 2007
played this private 40th in haverhill last night,the guy had all his own gear in this large house,had a great night and all these well heeled people knew all the tunes but just don,t go out any more.it was great fun watching all these people done up to the nines letting their hair down.pete your sounding a bit happier.dr bob hows debs today.

Lynn and Geoff at 10:34:44 Sunday February 25 2007
What a cracker of a night at Henry's So good to see everyone as usual,Spud, Pat, GT, Nats, Maz, Gillie, Pete, LJ, Ali, HF and Miss Sweets, Roni, Maggot, Mark and Sarah, and to everyone else who knows us XXXXXXX BIG thanks to GT, Andy, Gary and Terry for top tunesXXXXXXX All Our Love Lynn XXXXXX and Geoff XXXXX

Gavin Page at 10:29:52 Sunday February 25 2007
I do not rise to all this crap on the whole. But would somebody please tell me who Gary in Hilly's Doctor is please ?

Ali at 5:1:31 Sunday February 25 2007
That's the one chick! Have a good night!! xx

Nats at 4:49:9 Sunday February 25 2007
....been Ginger Tony napped.....listening to masterbuilders...oh that one

Ali at 4:10:21 Sunday February 25 2007
Hic right back acha chick! Ooh, listening to the Masterbuilders, Brazil (oh to see GD do his bit to it!!), seeing as no-one else would play it for me! GT.... NEXT WEEK?!!! Box. In. Mortified? How old? I will be! Top night at Henrys. Pete - glad to see you popppet. Top geezer! Ta-da xx

Hillys Chiropodist in considering a brain transplant on Maggot at 3:47:45 Sunday February 25 2007
Hey Maggot, why you comming on here asking about Hilly, if you saw it on the Caister site why dont you f**ing ask them? Doh !

Hillys Chiropodist in considering a brain transplant on Maggot at 3:46:5 Sunday February 25 2007
Hey Maggot, why you comming on here asking about Hilly, if you saw it on the Caister site why dont you f**ing ask them? Doh !

Lisa-Jane at 3:34:10 Sunday February 25 2007
hic... oops... that was fab... ouch

marky,push fm in london at 1:17:56 Sunday February 25 2007
join me LIVE every sunday evening, 6-8 pm gmt, ONLINE via WWW.PUSHFM.COM, playing a mixture of deep/jazzy and soulful grooves, enjoy !!

marky,push fm in london at 1:16:17 Sunday February 25 2007
join me LIVE every sunday evening, 6-8 pm gmt, ONLINE via WWW.PUSHFM.COM, playing a mixture of deep/jazzy and soulful grooves, enjoy !!

sean at 0:41:15 Sunday February 25 2007
aud fight !!!!

sean at 0:28:16 Sunday February 25 2007
deb good to here all ok will call soonest.............. love

sean at 0:25:25 Sunday February 25 2007
pete back in the room......... mmmmm nice

Pete Collins at 22:0:10 Saturday February 24 2007
GAH that made me Blimey, I sympathise with you having a season ticket and all. Gave up mine years ago when I moved to the wilder parts of Essex and Roots Hall was easier to get to for the footy.

Marky Mark at 21:57:12 Saturday February 24 2007
Always has to get personal! Good luck with the gig Wayne

Aja at 21:35:13 Saturday February 24 2007
Pete collins a rare breed these days "A gentlman" with a big heart ! Respect matey

TIME OUT at 21:21:36 Saturday February 24 2007
Carl, why not check the Event Calendar at http://soulboys.co.uk/bb/cal_lite.php

HAPPY FEET at 21:10:40 Saturday February 24 2007
My Mum is a good singer as it goes and the old man can play the piano you want any tickets then ?

spud at 20:58:8 Saturday February 24 2007
Pete keep your chins up mate, me and the wife are at henrys tonight if you want to spend your pension money on us....

Marky Mark in we are tracing your IP at 20:56:41 Saturday February 24 2007
hmmmmmmmmmmm??? Taken you a week to pop up and slag an event off.......Sometimes as you know when working clubs one dj gets the floor and finds what the punters want and has a endless supply of that music whilst the other dj you are working with has not.... so here s the question............... does the dj who has what the punter wants stay on longer or does he come off because his mate wants all the credit We were paid to keep punters happy and at the end of the night the job was done! NEXT

G.A.H. at 20:52:5 Saturday February 24 2007
Frost don't bite Bruv it's only Kevin C.. Pete your supposed to be depressed your a Westham fan.. How the fck do you think i feel i'm a season tickt holder.

CURIOUS at 20:46:7 Saturday February 24 2007

Pete Collins at 20:42:21 Saturday February 24 2007
Thanks for your words of encouragement, friendship and wisdom everybody, they are sincerely appreciated. I count myself very lucky to be part of a scene where people understand how powerful emotions can be, I'm sure it's closely tied in to the music we all love. What a grand bunch of soulies you all are. Sorry about wearing my heart on my sleeve a bit with my earlier post but I have been genuinely moved by your caring attitudes.

Frostie at 20:7:17 Saturday February 24 2007
It did not stop you coming though did it HMMMMM.And as for the Shep rant-True we have not seen eye to eye-But that still dont mean that I cant respect his feelings at the moment.

carl in north london at 19:46:9 Saturday February 24 2007
please tell me wot is occuring 2nite in the london or essex area

HMMMMMM at 19:26:11 Saturday February 24 2007
whats the difference between frostie and west ham? West complete the game , unlike frostie who gets someone else to do all the work then try and take the credit for another dj's work ( refering to room at the top ) Since when have you had anytime for shep frostie? ... back stabber! You will not get another night at the room at the top. The dj who worked with you may if he stays away from you......end of transmission from an internet cafe

Diamond in my sparkly world at 19:5:4 Saturday February 24 2007
Thanks to Dickie and Karen For a fab party!!Hope you are not still partying in Room 104!Thanks for your hospitality Dickie Diamond Ivor and Berniexxxx Gary I am sure that is not your name you really need a slap and I know the person to do it!!!!

sean at 18:22:10 Saturday February 24 2007
dickies party was fabbo..nice to see friends old n new....frostie wecome to the mac club...NO blue screens of death etc etc etc best regards sean

Frostie at 18:15:15 Saturday February 24 2007
Ok...A joke is a joke but please no more at the moment...Shep is going through a very emotional time at the moment and I would suggest that everyone respects that.I am naturally asuming that Gary was unaware of this because if he was than he is an evil bastard.

Frostie at 18:5:29 Saturday February 24 2007
Allo Maaates!If the West Ham team took DJing lessons do you think they would assert control on the pitch.....They keep getting beat,beat beat!Im on a ham roll now!

Gary in Hilly's Doctor at 17:55:24 Saturday February 24 2007
Hilly's operation went very well. We managed to prize his wallet open and we removed a large obstruction from his lower bowel (Shep Kennedy's Head)

R D in NO MIRRORS IN YOIUR HOUSE 2 HA HA at 16:58:30 Saturday February 24 2007
Richard if Pete looks at a photo of me he will hang himself,but at least i am tall enough to be in a photo, you cheeky sod!.

Nelly at 16:57:34 Saturday February 24 2007
I'm watching the game on some moody Asian channel online. Words simply fail me at how bad we are. I bet there's a press announcement on Monday. If Pardew went after 4-0 to Bolton, then Curbs & Day haven't a got a chance of staying in charge. I think I might be drowning my sorrows later

IRON FOR LIFE at 16:50:17 Saturday February 24 2007
Curbs you are a fucking disgrace to West Ham worse that RAT FACE WANKER PLEASE PISS OFF PRONTO

Marky Mark in HAMMER NIGHTMARES at 16:50:17 Saturday February 24 2007
OH MY GOD! blah blaahh bllaahhh blahh blah

darren in my boxers. at 16:18:4 Saturday February 24 2007
first met pete-dad-collins a few years ago.what a true gentleman he is,and i'm glad he's getting back to his cheerful self again.just listened to the fella on starpoint,and played the quality music that we all know pete for.........THERE'S ONLY ONE PETE COLLINS.....ktf.darren

Solar Radio Info at 15:3:15 Saturday February 24 2007
James Anthony on Solar Radio with TURN THE MUSIC UP this evening 6pm - 8pm Classic & Current soulful gems...Sky 0129 & Solarradio.com hope you can join me.

maggot at 14:59:25 Saturday February 24 2007
There is aposting on the Caister forum saying Hilly was in hospital , is he ok

Markthecabbie at 14:47:19 Saturday February 24 2007
Thanks Brian,look forward to seeing what you've dug up. Lot of TLC going round here at the moment,thats much better!

Marcus in so now Frosties got me Playing some Heaven and Earth ...why not. at 14:38:52 Saturday February 24 2007
Yep must say I'm torn between both Artist's version's of W.C.W.B.Lovers.But not sure on J.Bristol one of ' I wouldn't change a thing'.? Hard one.... maybe the 'Man up in the Sky' might know as 'No-One to Depend on' ?? hehehhe

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 14:16:10 Saturday February 24 2007
Allo Maaates!Once again,many thanx for all your kind messages and blimey!Feb 07- and we are in soul and forum heaven.Marcus,your refering to the same track as me maaate but must say I prefer the Johnny Bristol version-Still,I was never enthused by Coke's Why Cant We Be lovers cover whereas a few of my maaates loved it so what do I know?Pete,one of my best maaates who you all know and love has suffered for years and many a time,the phone has rang and I have dropped everything to be there for him.May I suggest that at the slightest hint of a reoccurrance,get on the blower and talk or invite a maaate over-you wont be seen as a burden and I can assure you that you will feel better.Dave,virtually finalised my divorce this week-went away with the only thing that mattered-The record collection!!!Right,if I needed a cheering up last night,boy did I get it in the way of Dangerous Dickies 40th.What a bash it was and did the vets come out in force-The Webbos,Frenchies,Fayes,Jim The Syrup,Ozz,Brownie,Northern Jane,Hazel,Monkey,Diamond,Bernie,Ivor,Pete,Joanne,Sarah,Aud and his missus and of course Mr and Mrs Jones.Apologies to those I left out but could go on for ages!Sean,we have set the Mac up you have just made a lady very happy!Yep,Kerry logged on to the DJ1800 system and subject to her pooter whizz kid maaate clarifying a few small queries,its all systems go.Prefer to stay with the vinyl myself but must say,it is bloody impressive.Remember,Faith,Trust and Love=Devotion.

richard in soulville hq at 14:12:58 Saturday February 24 2007
hi pete,life does get better,believe me i,ve been down there,but as the old saying goes there is always some one worse off.There are daft rows on here,but when the chips are down I think people on here willrally round for you.otherwise you could always look at a photo of r- dave,that will cheer you up!!!!!!!!!!

Marcus in Home now listening to California Executives LP. at 13:58:15 Saturday February 24 2007
D'Arcy, nope didn't manage to get hold of a copy of Basic Black Pearl - (There'll Come A Time, There'll Come A Day).Went for around 30quid. On my searches now....How are ya?

Marcus at 13:29:51 Saturday February 24 2007
Lisa-Jane, Much thanks .Yep whenever you're free at Borough for a drinky poo we'll meet and I'll buy.?....

Alan Harding in Rainham (Essex) at 13:21:12 Saturday February 24 2007
Pete always good to see you mate. You know who your friends are and you have many of them. How was your head this morning?

D'Arcy at 13:6:54 Saturday February 24 2007
Watcha Marcus, did you get TWCATTWCAD? SOB @ Southport many moons ago. An Absolutly awe inspiring event.

D'Arcy at 13:5:0 Saturday February 24 2007
Morning all. Pete Collins, could you send me your e-mail addy please Sir, I have something to send you

Lisa-Jane at 13:4:57 Saturday February 24 2007
Marcus, I still have a bottle of that disgusting rum on my breakfast bar for you...

Marcus in Treacletown in County of Bumsteadian at 12:47:33 Saturday February 24 2007
Alright Guys and Girls....Yep S.O.B. gotta be one of the best live acts to see....massive goose bumps all over..... ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Ellie in luvin S O B at 12:43:36 Saturday February 24 2007
awww HUGZ Selina xx thanks good luck at netball xxxxxxx... Maggot I saw them there end of last year !! awesome !! I was a very brave girl and went on my jack jones.. didn't matter ..soon as they came on stage i was amongst a husge big lovlery soul family x

Maggot at 12:38:38 Saturday February 24 2007
Saw Sounds of Blackness at the Jazz Cafe on Thursday, they were awesome, and good grub there to

Maggot at 12:34:45 Saturday February 24 2007
Pete welcome back mate, have been worried about you . Call me when you get a break, and dont forget you are down for the next Kent Soul Sessions on MARCH 16th

Sekina in warming up for Netball. Hopefully without a hugh hangover I'll play a tad better, Last week, SHOCKING !!!!!! at 12:34:40 Saturday February 24 2007
I like it Marky, it's a mixture of Selina and Slinky, talking of which, While looking for Mark the Cabbie's thingy if anyone stummbles across a Slinky, please give me a shout, it's been a long time coming but I need one of those thingys. Ellie I'm yours. It's been tttooo long sweetie.

Bev in BIG CLAPPING RD at 12:30:17 Saturday February 24 2007
Vry true

Ellie at 12:28:0 Saturday February 24 2007
well said Dave ... Pete am so glad you're getting out n about again .. I really know how hard it's been for you . You are so so lucky to have so many freinds who care about you and you can talk to..... make good use of their freindship ..oh and can you chcuck me a few ??? lossa luv n hugz xxxxxx

R D in money is everthing at 12:21:11 Saturday February 24 2007
PETE how are you today old mate?,.One important lesson i learnt in life is 'respect',i was a martial arts instructer for 10 years and i quickly learnt that you need to respect people, as the old saying goes,their is always someone bigger,and i don't know of many people on this sceene that are more respected than you mate,so that counts for more than you think.And b4 the children start on here I DO respect people,but only those who do me, and PETE is one of them,rember the Caister radio days mate ?,chin up geezer.

Marky Mark at 12:16:3 Saturday February 24 2007

Marky Mark at 12:11:55 Saturday February 24 2007
Sekina!blah blaahhh blaahh blaahhhhhh , ,,soulful house - silk road,,,,edwards bar high street - housey....blaahh blah blah

Lisa at 12:11:24 Saturday February 24 2007
Good morning all hope you are all well. Pete you are such a bless got to keep your spirits high I should know! Glad you had a lovely evening at Henry's probably needed it To everyone else have a blinding weekend Blowey get smashed tonight and enjoy your birthday my thoughts are with you but due to money funds I can't be there but Im sure you will have a good time regardless Frostie my thoughts are with you too hope you are ok Have a great weekend to you all and enjoy and lets hope bloody Westham wins today stay soulfulxxxxxxxx

Selina at 12:7:20 Saturday February 24 2007
Cheers, MM. Hope you're well fella. -x-

Marky Mark at 12:2:44 Saturday February 24 2007
Morning all , blahh blahh abaaaahhhh blaaaahhhh blaahh ! Selina I'll give ginger mick a call for you.

Gavin Page at 11:55:11 Saturday February 24 2007
Marcus, so long as they don't tell anybody about the Weekend it's a secret

ash selector in solar at 11:50:11 Saturday February 24 2007
morning all

INFO at 11:46:42 Saturday February 24 2007

Marcus at 11:44:51 Saturday February 24 2007

Bev in thinkin bout the "countdown" 2 ESSENCE at 11:43:0 Saturday February 24 2007
MARCUS - how many

Marcus at 11:37:10 Saturday February 24 2007
Pete (Just reading below) give me a shout anytime mate. Spoke to Alan Champs last night and I hear your also coming to Soul Essence along with Alan,Disco Dave and Raregroover.? Excellent....Gav, more recruitment.

Gavin Page at 11:30:22 Saturday February 24 2007
Oh Ginger T, I love you

Gavin Page at 11:29:42 Saturday February 24 2007
Mornig all Pete I meant all I said last night. You need anything just SHOUT ! You are a lovely man never forget that.

Marcus at 11:18:7 Saturday February 24 2007
C Ya 2nite at Mental then G.T.....Bev,in the words of Enchantment SUNSHINE. (At the mo anycase). ..Just Waved goodbye to Sam and Cerys for a week. ...but at least I'll get chooned up for a few days.

Bev at 11:4:30 Saturday February 24 2007
Wotcha MARCUS - how's the weather in the County of Bumpsteadion this mornin Should be there around 2ish Hey Selina - think Richard is doing a gig in Thetford 2nite - bit of a trek but not impossible from Colchester

Selina at 10:58:37 Saturday February 24 2007
Pat don't, you'll only upset me more, knowing you two are out and about and I won't be there. Friends from old have decided to have a night out. It's been booked for three months, 10 dizzy Essex Birds, most of em live in Grays, Stanford but the one that's organized it has moved to Colchester, beleive me I tried. Wife number two will be filling my boots, she's under orders to have double fun and stay out of all cupboards. Hope you and the 'ol man are both good, I may pop in tomorrow I'm Canvey bound to see family. I'll call ya if I get time for a cuppa.

Marcus in listening to G.T. then ASH at 10:56:9 Saturday February 24 2007
Morning y'all...Marcus

Bev in JAZZ ME UP BABY!! at 10:49:15 Saturday February 24 2007

Pat in waiting for the shopping to arrive at 10:49:0 Saturday February 24 2007
Selina honey, me and Spud were hoping to see you and GT at Henry's tonight! What are you going to Colchester for?

Bev in bless Mr PC at 10:48:17 Saturday February 24 2007
Pete - u hav sooooo many mates that care Know where ur at - been there and out of control Too honest me, wear me heart and thoughts on me sleeve - that's been the prob ONWARDS and UPWARDS mate tis the weekend and loads of doos on - get urself out 2nite amongst friends - the choons will always pick u up x

Selina in can't type for toffee at 10:26:22 Saturday February 24 2007
(from mr and Tony),. Doh, me and Tony. Mick Whitehead you about, need to know of anything, souly happening in Colcheser. HELP

Selina in my PJ's at 10:23:59 Saturday February 24 2007
Morning All, Pete, it was great to see you last night. Who's roll up's would I have nicked if you weren't there. I'd have to have smoked Gill and Gav's taylors. God forbid I might have had to buy some. Day four of Lent and no booze has passed my lips, only 44 to go. If there was ever a night I needed drink it would be tonight. With everything going on in the soul world, I'm out in Colchester, Edwards and Yates me up. It's all about timing, and mine is shite. Right tea and toast me thinks. Debs hope you're doing ok, it's not the same on here without seeing your name bright and early, Bob give her a squeeze from mr and Tony, and come on your Gooners for tomorrow.

Bev in chooned in2 a wicked choon from GT at 10:10:4 Saturday February 24 2007
Wot is this PUKKA

Lisa-Jane at 9:32:18 Saturday February 24 2007
Pete, there's always a cup of tea for you in Purfleet for those rainy days x

darren in my boxers at 9:11:39 Saturday February 24 2007
morning gang...just got in from work and listening to ginger tony :bigsmileff to bed soon,then up to listen to pete-dad-collins.then off to bed bfore going back to work at about 8 tonite,bummer or what....when it's my turn to pop my clogs,i want all my maaates there with a can of stella in one hand,a big fat smile on there faces and earth,wind & fire-fantasy played as loud as it can be......ktf...darren

Brian Mac at 7:36:14 Saturday February 24 2007
oh .. Good Morning all .. I'm leaving work now after a tough nights music listening and organising .. time to hit the sack for Mental tonight .. enjoy the GT and Ash shows that I will tape for later

Brian Mac at 7:34:40 Saturday February 24 2007
Have E-Mailed some Black cab pics to Niki for you Mark .. guess they can be forwarded on to you if you have a preference.

Brian Mac at 7:4:22 Saturday February 24 2007
Found a few Mark .. can e-mail them for you to decide then just send to Niki to check size

Markthecabbie in plea to the PC literati at 5:24:51 Saturday February 24 2007
PS Any kind soul sort me out a little London taxi avatar??

Markthecabbie in side of a bottle of Bud at last at 5:23:24 Saturday February 24 2007
Good to see you back out Pete.Couldnt make it tonight,had to put work first Still,should be down Henry's later tonight. Hope to catch you out and about soon. Play us a corker on Starpoint later,and don't take no old nonsense from John and Dave Cheers Mark

Brian Mac at 2:54:48 Saturday February 24 2007
"Measure wealth by friends and family that love you,not by whats in the bank mate." .............very nicely put Dave *applause. Have been in a downer before too Pete and took Dave's advice above (even though I didn't know him then .. wishing you the best Pete.

R D in COULD BE WORSE at 2:49:10 Saturday February 24 2007
Pete mate don't let life get on top of you,their are many people in the cemetary that would swop places with you .my 1st wife died at 28yrs old and i was 27,that was a big kick in the teeth.Then divorse with 2nd wife cost me £200000,the 3rd wife is tops though, at last got it right.Then went to Thailand with Brian Rix and the Caister crew and ended up in a lady boy bar,so technicaly fucked a ex guy,so come on man compared to me you are doing well.Measure wealth by friends and family that love you,not by whats in the bank mate.

Pete Collins at 2:17:11 Saturday February 24 2007
I'm delighted to report that I survived the night at Henry's. Really big thanks, and I do mean this 'cos I'm in bits right now with tears streaming down my face, to Tony. Gav, Alfie, Selina, Jilly, Smurf, Phil Levene, Stevie Cee, Alan H, Harve, Darren, Dave and Vicky for being there and understanding what it's all about. Depression and its associated downsides are the pits, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my mates. it was so difficult to be there without breaking down but you were all diamonds. Can we all please be a little nicer to each on here this week? Frostie, I'm feeling for you this week mate, I loved my Dad.

G.A.H. at 23:9:14 Friday February 23 2007
As long as you've been special needs C

s;eck at 22:27:39 Friday February 23 2007

s;eck at 22:27:38 Friday February 23 2007

s;eck at 22:27:38 Friday February 23 2007

mr c at 22:14:51 Friday February 23 2007
since when is gah a special guest.

R D at 22:3:34 Friday February 23 2007
I can see that

G.A.H. at 22:2:0 Friday February 23 2007
Understandable Dave i'm a loveable kinda Guy

Bernadette in having Cheese on Toast with lashings of Voddy at 21:59:31 Friday February 23 2007
Have a good one at Henrys

R D at 21:56:27 Friday February 23 2007
G A H I am missing you already

R D in OUTSIDE WHERE I BELONG at 21:55:26 Friday February 23 2007
Hi ya Jane, i will be outside in the *issing down of rain flyering as normal,you have a good one matey.

G.A.H. at 21:52:44 Friday February 23 2007
Live even

G.A.H at 21:52:29 Friday February 23 2007
Line on www.radiogotsoul.com now

Brian Mac at 21:52:15 Friday February 23 2007

Gavin Page at 21:20:59 Friday February 23 2007
Ellie. Me look after someone Your having a laugh love

Robbie Jackson in Well ard at 21:14:49 Friday February 23 2007
TONY HAYZER got to have a least a £50 on this MM

Marky Mark in Listening to ABBO on JSR at 21:12:24 Friday February 23 2007
For those stuck in doors tonight check ABBO out on JSR www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk on the air now !

Soul Together at 21:8:10 Friday February 23 2007
Our next party is Saturday 3rd March with very special guest TONY HAYZER, alongside residents Dave O'Neill, Greg Austin, Mickey Blanco & myself. Gonna be another belter, if you're out and about at one of the many do's in London that night, it'd be great to see you - or you could always stay with us all night! Party runs 9-3am, its free before 10pm, £4 before 12 and £6 after Cool For the full lowdown on Tone, check www.myspace.com/thayzer _________________

Ellie in wishing was going to Henry's ..hey ho another time xxxx at 21:3:5 Friday February 23 2007
have a great nite guys xxx look after him GAVIN !!! xxx

Gavin Page at 20:34:55 Friday February 23 2007
Pete get ya arse darn there, be great to see you my love x

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 20:25:3 Friday February 23 2007
Sorry didn't get a chance to do this last night.. flipping crashed Betty LaVette You made a believer out of me Epic Bobby Womack & The Brotherhood Home is where the heart is CBS Norman Conners Once i've been there Buddah Randy Brown I'm always in the mood Parachute Spinners I just want to fall in love Atlantic Robert Strauss Mr. Feelings EP 2 Music Is My Life feat. Richie Henessey Earth Corporation Robert Strauss Mr. Feelings EP 2 Hot Like An Oven feat. Leroy Burgess Earth Corporation Herbie Hancock Saturday night (Beat conductors rmx) cdr Franck Roger Salsa moves you Realtone Louis Benadetti Triggered Soulshyne Tamara Wellons Oh Well (BahSonik rmx) Ochre Apartment 52 All That I Know (Andreas Bender Deep House Mix)Frosty Funky Music Seven Hill Soul Sonic Love (Central Avenue's Soulful Jam)Barcoda Art & Plesure ft. Jessy Howe You (Steven Stone Playful Dub)soul-tonic Syren My First Love (Sole Channel Vocal Mix) Home Jovonn This track is Jammin Project X Records Mondo Grosso Star Suite King St Juliuss Papp Moonflower Neo Disco D Tanaglia ft Cevin Fischer Better Days Twisted House of Fire Show Me Podcast up over the weekend..

G.A.H. at 20:24:25 Friday February 23 2007
You've got more chance of getting the grease out from under ya finger nails Dave them me going to either of those.. .. I'll bump into ya some where don't worry.

Brian Mac in the office .. Unlimited Touch - Good Lovin' keeping the feet tapping at 19:17:13 Friday February 23 2007
I suppose a few harsh words on a forum is actually preferable to a kerb stone on the back

Bev in HB DICKIE at 18:9:44 Friday February 23 2007
Yes Jim that's it I remember now - near the station - how funny Defo remember sleeping on just mattresses on the floor

Syrup at 18:8:12 Friday February 23 2007
seems ok at the moment brian, but then it's only early

Syrup at 18:6:46 Friday February 23 2007
it's called the wetern bev, we all sat there one night after frisk (@ the bang bar)when some nutter threw a blody great kerb stone threw the window (it was closed) hit me on the back. how we larfed

Bob Masters at 17:57:9 Friday February 23 2007
DICKY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEEZ. I hope you all have a great night tonight.

HAPPY FEET at 17:57:1 Friday February 23 2007
Pete the computer says NO ! Good to see you back matey

Bob Masters at 17:49:17 Friday February 23 2007
WARNING : Just got my T-Mobile bill that had an extra £34.95 under the heading ; Services from other companies. I rang T-Mobile to find out what this was and after hanging on the line for over 40 minutes the lady came back and said " If your number has been chosen by a compnay/companies to receive promotional texts, then you will be charged everytime you open one, she went on to say that it is my responsibility what texts I choose to open.......WHAT!! AND, the only way to stop them is by texting back the word "stop" even though you can't text back until you've opened it. She understood why I was so unhappy but felt that there was nothing T-Mobile could do, even when I underlined the fact that T-Mobile collected the money on behalf of these "3rd parties" and obviously got their cut she said that if I have a complaint then I should write in.............AAAAAaaagggghhhhh !!!!!

Pete Collins at 17:44:34 Friday February 23 2007
Message to the 'residents' of Henry's. Any chance I can spin a few tonight seeing as I'm one too? Just a thought, haven't done a gig for ages. I won't be offended if you say no......

Where's the fookin key gone at 17:25:4 Friday February 23 2007
Will you be doing the PA Bernadette at Mental

HAPPY FEET at 17:23:22 Friday February 23 2007
Pedro can you get hold of them UK Soul Train vids from Dave by any chance ?

Bernadette at 17:14:59 Friday February 23 2007
afternoon didn't see the match Richard but as we did all the work in the first match away i think we can let them off having a quiet one tonight - well sort of - i'm staying in but there's a bottle of Absolut which will be waving to me no doubt - i hate it when that happens See some of ya at Mental tomorrow

richard in soulville hq at 16:18:3 Friday February 23 2007
aftermoon to you too,gone back to do the ironing and tooned in to solar

Bev in how cheesey is that reply at 16:9:3 Friday February 23 2007
Howdy Partner

yeah yeah I know at 16:8:24 Friday February 23 2007

Brian Mac at 16:7:52 Friday February 23 2007
Afternnon Richard, although you could by now we walking around again

richard in soulville hq at 16:1:41 Friday February 23 2007
just sat down for a mo ,howdy jim ,bev and brian

Brian Mac at 15:51:36 Friday February 23 2007
DOH !! *verbal war NOT in progress I meant

Bev at 15:51:10 Friday February 23 2007
Wotcha JTS Wot woz that hilarious hotel round the corner from the BANG BAR that we all stayed in that time So funny - mattresses on floors

Brian Mac at 15:51:8 Friday February 23 2007
Afternoon Jim on your brief visit .. one of the few times you have popped in when the verbal war is in progress .. guess it's just the odds .. lol

Brian Mac at 15:49:31 Friday February 23 2007
oops .. how rude .. afternoon all

Syrup at 15:48:58 Friday February 23 2007
rare apearance from me, hope all is ok with you , mr blow i understand you will be cellebrating over the weekend, have a big birthday and have a drink for me. looks like i shal be going to the bang bar tonight avin' it with dicky, that is if they let me in (the last time people from reading were there they had a bit of a gun fight) im not like that (cant get the amo)

Brian Mac at 15:48:36 Friday February 23 2007
It's easy Gavin .. work tonight .. sleep tomorrow to p.m. .. Monumental .. drinkiepoos .. sleep Sunday .. sorted

Gavin Page at 15:21:50 Friday February 23 2007
Afternoon all, good weekend ahead Sunday

Marcus in workio playing Nelly's show. at 15:8:31 Friday February 23 2007
Alright Bev...Yep thought we'd have mission code. ...Jester, say allo to big Dave The L'Lord for me....Why not start with music turned down low so he has to request 2 TURN THE MUSIC UP!!hehe

richard in soulville hq at 14:59:50 Friday February 23 2007
not the greatest game bernadette,but at least we are through!!!!!!!Martins starting to look a goal hero on tynside.

richard in soulville hq at 14:50:59 Friday February 23 2007
as my dad was from north of the border,we had a piper lead him in and believe me that was hard not to go through a large box of tissues (man size).

Bev at 13:29:47 Friday February 23 2007
MARCUS - mission HAT

Jester at 13:21:45 Friday February 23 2007
Art' - This Sat I will mostly be playing @ Dave The Landlord's leaving do ..I wonder if I'll have to turn the music down

try ringing them at 12:54:52 Friday February 23 2007

squeak at 12:53:51 Friday February 23 2007
thank you

Qdosinfo at 12:50:25 Friday February 23 2007
QdOS info :- A weekend of Soul @ Henrys Friday we welcome back Alfie P , Ginger ( orange juice and reb bull ???????) Tony , Gavin Page to man the decks brining you the best in modern soul , jazz and beyond. 8pm till late . Entrance is free !!!!!!! SATURDAY 24TH OF FEBRUARY #######MODERN SOUL SPECIAL####### Featuring the UK`S BEST MODERN SOUL DJ`S ..............TERRY JONES...........................ANDY DAVIS ...................GARY DENNIS...... DOOR PRICE JUST £5 .........................................9PM TILL 2 AM PLAYING SIMPLY THE BEST IN MODERN SOUL IN OUR NEWLY REFURBISHED MARQUEE. TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR SOULFUL SUNDAY @ £ 10 QdOS @ HENRYS , ROMFORD ROAD , AVELEY, ESSEX, RM154XB. TEL:- 01708 864 042

anonymous mouse at 12:50:5 Friday February 23 2007
dear Mr/s cat. Could you expand s'il vous plait my taxi driver's watch doesn't have 'late' o'clock on it

Deadly cat at 12:38:52 Friday February 23 2007

anonymous mouse at 12:34:44 Friday February 23 2007
can someone tell me what time Henrys finishes on Saturday pretty please?

Bev in phew FRIDEE at last at 11:5:41 Friday February 23 2007
Mornin This weekend I shall mostly be HEMELLING

Paul@SOTRC in its not tonight at 10:21:18 Friday February 23 2007
Mornin' Frostie, sent my old man down to Frank's My Way not a dry eye in the Crem! me Sausalito The next Kent Soul Sessions is the 16th Mar special guests Seaside Struts Peroni,he's moving, been up in the loft and dusted down his vinyl Terry (maggot)Matthews & on a re-run Ronni O'brien & Pete Collins. Look forward to seeing you there

Jane at 9:22:58 Friday February 23 2007
Good morning, Rainham Dave, Frostie, Pedroni hope you are keeping well? Glad it's Friday at last Have a good one whatever you are doing this weekend Jane

Marky Mark at 8:17:19 Friday February 23 2007
Happy birfday Dickie

Marky Mark at 8:16:51 Friday February 23 2007
Dave and G.A.H ! Blahh Blahhh blahh, blahhh waffle blahhh? Blah blahhhhh blah ,,,,, "smoke gets in your eyes" fIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sean at 7:15:29 Friday February 23 2007
mornin all...happy b,day dickie....../Users/seanfrench/Desktop/DSCF1260.JPG

R D in EL COCO at 0:38:13 Friday February 23 2007
GAH Thats more like it,i will be at SOS this sat or Ditch Bar mar 17th,look forward to meeting you.

Aja at 0:6:21 Friday February 23 2007
Been listening to Northern Mick & Ginger tony at silk Rd in Jolly ol Colchester on J.s.r superb listening Gents

alfie at 23:50:49 Thursday February 22 2007
just a reminder that tomorrow fiday 23rd ,gavin page ,ginger tony and myself will be spinning the tunes at henrys in avely. hope you can make it down there,and it's FREE to get in .8 till late

alfie p at 23:44:22 Thursday February 22 2007
hi mark. good night last night ,really enjoyed myself, sorry mate ,forgot to buy you a a drink,make it up to you at mental on sat

Next SAS Night Out... at 23:32:3 Thursday February 22 2007
Glad to say our next SAS night is at Capones Nightspot, in Benfleet, Essex with an St Patrick’s day Special, with guest GARY DENNIS from Crazy Beat Records. Saturday 17th of March Admission FREE before 10pm - £5.00 after "Oh I do love to be beside the seaside"

Nelly at 23:12:1 Thursday February 22 2007
My Starpoint show is now available to listen to or download on www.nellyonair.co.uk

Mark H at 22:33:10 Thursday February 22 2007
Thanks to everyone who made it down to A New Chapter last night.Great tunes,great turnout and plenty of drinks consumed by you lot.Roll on Mental Soul on saturday.

Paul Weller at 22:27:36 Thursday February 22 2007
"Going Underground"

Bernadette at 22:22:49 Thursday February 22 2007
As I'm being cremated Ty Karim - Lighten Up Baby or maybe The Trammps - Disco Inferno

Evening all.. at 22:21:9 Thursday February 22 2007
A man goes to the Doctor with a piece of lettuce hanging out of his ear. "That looks nasty," says the doctor. "Nasty?!?" replies the man, "this is just the tip of the iceberg."

Bob Masters in morbid......But !! at 20:39:22 Thursday February 22 2007
I have left instructions for this already and I have 4 : Detroit Spinners " I'll be Around", Verdi "Chorus of Hebrew Slaves" (not a Tottenham song), Anita Baker "Angel" and No 4 is yet to be decided...........SAL !! PUT THAT KNIFE DOWN

guy in maidstone at 20:36:29 Thursday February 22 2007
Just to let you know about my next soul funk and jazz event at the orchard spot in maidstone kent with dj Tony Matthews on friday 30th march. www.ghpromotions.co.uk or mob 07939532808

Marcus at 20:15:3 Thursday February 22 2007
Coke Escovedo ' I wouldn't change a thing '

Lynn and Geoff at 20:7:6 Thursday February 22 2007
So sorry to read about your dad Frostie, Kindest wishes and regards to you both, L & G xx

Gavin Page at 20:2:22 Thursday February 22 2007
Erma Franklin's "Light My Fire" for me

Frostie at 20:0:8 Thursday February 22 2007
Allo Maaaates!Many thanx for all your considerate and kind wishes re my dad.Kinda made me laff when as the oldest son he gave me a CD of what he wants to go out to-Bloody Indian Tribal Dance Music!!!!Which made me think,any ideas what you lot wanna go to?Mine is Change A Thing(Johnny Bristol)and Keep The Fire Burning(Gwen Mcrae)......Well you gotta go with a laff havent you?

Brian Mac at 19:56:43 Thursday February 22 2007
It's the record covers, not the records themselves that drink Blowey's Marcus

Northern Mick at 19:51:39 Thursday February 22 2007
Tonight live from Silk Road cocktail bar and lounge,4 St Botolphs St Colchester,Essex, its the JSR 'Big Soul Night Out' with DJ's Northern Mick & Ginger Tony playing an eclectic mix of Soulful Vibes, Jazzy rhythms and funky beats. 2000-0100 hrs GMT on www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk. Free admission...Have a Gorilla PS: GAH, Thanks

G.A.H. at 19:43:58 Thursday February 22 2007
Charming.. Well we'll just have to have it out face to face.

Gavin Page at 19:41:53 Thursday February 22 2007
Like Father Like Records

R D at 19:41:48 Thursday February 22 2007
GAH don't hold your breath you will turn blue

Marcus at 19:31:7 Thursday February 22 2007
Alright Gav...yep mine drink Blowey's drink too!!

Gavin Page at 19:26:46 Thursday February 22 2007
Wayne, My 7s drink Whisky like there daddy. God I was really rough this morning Good little night !!!

Brian Mac at 19:7:38 Thursday February 22 2007
Evening .. how ironical I come in at a blah blah blah moment .. well put earlier Niki with bump

Marky Mark at 19:2:55 Thursday February 22 2007
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

G.A.H. at 18:38:10 Thursday February 22 2007
Wheres my apology then

R D in Man enough to admit it (well almost man enough) at 18:35:31 Thursday February 22 2007
Wise words Niki,and all true mate.I need to count to ten next time! problem is i am only a mechanic, so i can only count to four .Sorry for my remarks on your site i was out of order, but my opinion of certain people still stands,but i will just air my views face to face in future, as no one wants this crap on here, least of all you mate.Good luck with the bump by the way,and good wishes for you old man Frostie.Cheers Niki,Richard,Mark Mark,Jane etc, for your input i have taken it on board.

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 18:9:45 Thursday February 22 2007
6 till 8pm Rick Prior, Ian Blevins... 8pm till 10pm T.Hayzer.. 10pm till midnight Mickey Blanco..

G.A.H. at 18:7:55 Thursday February 22 2007
Eh? Was that Eh Tony aimed at me? The only other persons computer i've used to post on here is Lisa-Jane's

Marky Mark at 17:59:22 Thursday February 22 2007
Good afternoon bagpusses! Frostie good luck witht he old man thing mate!

Niki at 17:43:51 Thursday February 22 2007
I know Girth had already primed Mr. Patterson about his tunes that were popular over here. "Let's Do Something Different", "I Get My Groove From You" etc. so he had already practised the songs. It still must always be a surprise to have a room full of people singing your obscure 30 year old record back to you!

Markthecabbie at 17:21:36 Thursday February 22 2007
Heard Keb Darge tell a similar story on BBC6 regarding a very early Isaac Hayes track.Apparently it brought tears to Isaac Hayes eyes "Hey man,how the **** did you know that was me on that track??"

Niki at 17:15:41 Thursday February 22 2007
Mark, I have no idea what was the deal behind the Bobby Story thing. Bound to be some kind of record label or contractural problem as most of these things were. I handed him the Storyteller LP to sign when he did the PA at Mental and he jokingly made out to put it inside his jacket so I don't even think he has a copy himself Too many sausages I suppose.....

Markthecabbie at 17:9:53 Thursday February 22 2007
Is that why he changed his name,Niki?To get away from the sausage scandal

Girthdevon at 17:8:27 Thursday February 22 2007
While your at it Mark you should check his other CDs - the ones compiling his Jetstar & Paula stuff...and like Niki says - nice bloke....randy bastard....loves his sausages

Niki at 16:59:23 Thursday February 22 2007
There's a soundclip of Bobby Story on the Monumental Soul website at www.monumentalsoul.co.uk/sounds2.htm. Nice bloke but mad as a box of frogs... Ask Girth about the sausages!!

Markthecabbie at 16:58:34 Thursday February 22 2007
It's in the post,Girth.Thanks for the info about the different surname,wouldnt have found it without that.The track I want is "I got a suspicion".Look forward to hearing the whole CD now. Mark

HAPPY FEET at 16:48:53 Thursday February 22 2007
Girth you havent got Masters fo Funk feat Robbie Danzie - I Cant Wait by any chance

Markthecabbie at 16:47:58 Thursday February 22 2007

Girthdevon at 16:43:26 Thursday February 22 2007
'ere you go Mark - $12 on Ebay.....search this number 280080041309....4 copies available if anyone else wants it too......Girf

Markthecabbie at 16:41:37 Thursday February 22 2007
Thanks Gareth,I'll do a search later.If you see one on your cyber travels drop me a line? Cheers

Girthdevon at 16:40:44 Thursday February 22 2007
A quick check on Amazon shows a CD copy, under the name Patterson, @ forty quid......chancers

Girthdevon at 16:35:52 Thursday February 22 2007
Mark, I can guess, yes I think the CD reissue was issued under his real name Patterson...if you search Story it will only show up original albums..which as you can see are quite pricey. Altho' a little patience should get you a vinyl copy for a bit under 70 squids....sorry Gary

Bev in bring out ur memorabilla at 16:21:30 Thursday February 22 2007
Richard - has that MULE stopped kicking Hey my mate Linda just sorted out an old "See Bees - Jazz, Funk, Soul slip mat" - circa 1982. I have it in my possession at the mo - how funny

Gillie Dennis in lurking and admiring the different points of view! at 16:15:22 Thursday February 22 2007
Niki, I've seen much worse pictures of Mr Dennis than that one, albeit very cheesy. do they share the same dentist? Congrats by the way. Gx

Bernadette at 16:3:31 Thursday February 22 2007
There's a cassette (remember them!!!) on Gemm for $7 - the vinyls going for $139

Markthecabbie at 16:0:5 Thursday February 22 2007
Hello Gareth,can you guess my next question? CD preferably if the LP is 70 notes plus..... Not a sniff online....could be looking in the wrong places though.

richard in soulville hq at 16:0:1 Thursday February 22 2007
thanks dcml,point taken,mr masters tried to ring you last night but your moby was off .Talking off rehab any body remember the Betty ford clinic t- shirts,I think Mortz got his at caister many years ago.can anyone tell me their fave soul tees from back in the day? DR BOB how is debs getting on?

Bev at 15:58:11 Thursday February 22 2007
Wotcha Girth - missed last nite - BUM! Not long till ESSENCE - yippppeeeeee

Girthdevon at 15:56:23 Thursday February 22 2007
Allo Mark - Bobby Story is Bobby Patterson, Lets Do Something Different is on the Storyteller LP. Pretty sure it came out on CD too - or at least a CD containing all tracks plus more.....Girf

Bob Masters in .......What's rehab ? at 15:49:43 Thursday February 22 2007
Just think !! With all that money they spend on rehab, you could have a real good night out......

Britney.......... at 15:43:43 Thursday February 22 2007
What's the problem ???? I had my hair cut like Bob Masters, SO WHAT !!

Marcus in recovering at workio playing an old fav of mine 'Special Delivery - This kind of Love' at 15:41:20 Thursday February 22 2007
Afternoonie Peeps and yet another excellent nite at A New Chapter. Foooking brill I might add.

Markthecabbie at 15:40:11 Thursday February 22 2007
Frost,I've just realised your "Lets do something different" post yesterday was referring to Bobby Story.Don't know that track,is it on the Storyteller LP?

i am wondering at 15:13:7 Thursday February 22 2007
shall i do rehab,shave my hair off or just take loads of drugs and sing like AMY WINEHOUSE RIGHT NAME and profess to be A JAZZ SINGER.MR C aka kev who has always offended in a banter sort of way but never personal.

mr c at 15:8:40 Thursday February 22 2007
god i am a celebrity.

Bernadette at 14:42:45 Thursday February 22 2007
He He that's a great photo of me & Blowey - are you going to put the rest up on the Mental website and yes that is very very cheesy

Niki at 14:37:5 Thursday February 22 2007
Is this the cheesiest pic of Gary Dennis & Bob Cosby you have ever seen?

Niki at 14:27:44 Thursday February 22 2007
And on a much lighter note. This is VERY funny. Cheers Steve the Lodger....

Niki at 14:25:35 Thursday February 22 2007
Greetings groooooooovers. Just been reading over yesterdays events and want to say some things about the old "anonymous posting" debate. (I was just about to say this before the KEVIN thing happened last week and think it still needs to be said....) This site has been running in exactly the same format for SEVEN YEARS. People have come and gone and the wind ups, shit stirring, sarcastic comments, arguments etc. have raged on for pretty much all of that time.... apart from the six months that I got so fed up of all the crap that I closed it down.... and then loads of you (literally) begged me to bring it back again. Folks have gone on about "password protecting" the page for years and I have even gone so far as creating another forum alongside this one that you have to sign in on, but you haven't exactly moved over en masse to it - and in any case ANYONE can get a Hotmail address and sign up under a pseudonym if they really wanted to. Are "sign in" type forums crap free? Noooo....... The way I see it, 95% of the "anonymous" posts are by regular users and the remainder real nasty types who hide behind the anonymity WILL ALWAYS show their true colours and get found out as we have previously seen over the years with Brian Rix and/or his wife/Caister HQ, Shep, Conrad, Mr C/Kevin and the likes. Also the "anonymous" posts are often not as offensive, nasty or aggressive as ones made by the named regular posters. Last time I looked the people who use any of the Soul forums average around the age of 40 - that's a bunch of middle aged people. Those amongst us who act like pratts will always LOOK like pratts and lose respect on the scene. The clever sensible ones will always calm a situation and contribute a reasoned side to the debate. The dick heads are amongst us - have always been there and will always be there.... Don't get wound up. If someone directly has a pop at you or your event, know that it's coming from one of those jealous vindictive dick heads who don't want you to succeed. Respond with dignity and humour and I know who will win out. Just look at all us sad anoraks at Monumental Soul... we're celebrating our third anniversary at the same venue this weekend and still going from strength to strength with the respect of the UK modern soul scene. Just quietly getting on with it, two fingers up to the people who slagged us (and bye bye Vivos ). Who looks like fools now? I have found that developing a think skin and a super large sense of humour does also help on this scene. Always remember if something really offends or upsets you on this forum, send me an e-mail or call me and have a quiet word and I will discretely do some checking and IP banning and no one need ever know. And believe me it's a pig having to change your ISP or use a different dial-up or use your mates computer... eh Tony?

HAPPY FEET at 14:19:11 Thursday February 22 2007
CHASE AND DAVE Rabit Rabit Rabit

Bev in brill at 14:14:47 Thursday February 22 2007
"Blowy The Hat"

Niki at 14:13:34 Thursday February 22 2007
Hi Bernadette, luv this pic of you and Blowey at New Year....

MonuMENTAL Soul - This Saturday at 14:3:56 Thursday February 22 2007
Dearest groovy MENTAL Soul people,

London's premier Modern Soul & Crossover night is back for our 2007 spring sessions this Saturday 24th February and it's our 3rd ANNIVERSARY PARTY. Three whole years at the same venue is pretty good going for any London soul night let alone one as specialised as ours. A great big slap on the back all round to all the MENTAL regulars, all our past guest DJs and anyone who has ever supported us. Thank you.

This Saturday our special guest DJ is long time MENTAL and A NEW CHAPTER associate Mr. Steve "Stevie Cee" Cole. We think this is Stevie's 3rd guest appearance at MENTAL which currently ties with Terry Jones as our most asked back guest! Some of you will remember Stevie from the old days of the Sunday Soul Affair at the Blue Note in Hoxton Square and the now legendary "Friends & Strangers" events of the 90s. We expect to see some of that old skool ethic in operation this weekend - welcoming friends old and new. It will also be big Dave Blow's birthday on Saturday night and we have it on good authority that the Hemel Hempstead and South Herts crew will be out in full force for the occasion.

Oh, and the new flyers & POSTERS will be hot off the press. This time we feature one of Canada's more obscure soulsters Stan Martin of "Big Mouth Woman" fame. There's a soundclip on our website at www.monumentalsoul.co.uk/sounds2.htm. Try tracking down an album or a 7" and you might be in for a long and expensive search.

Now this is the usual bit of blurb you all know and love.... but spot the difference! Your resident MENTAL DJs are Gareth "Girth Devon" Donovan, Mole and Neil "Nelly" Forbes standing in for me, Niki Golding. As always spinning a selection of funky floor-fillers, modern soul anthems, lesser known 60s & 70s, ultra rare crossover and a smattering of new SOUL releases.... something for EVERYONE! The very best in QUALITY SOUL old and new. A night of great soul music and great company at a great venue, with a big wooden floor made for dancing and our legendary pub priced beer and draught bitter.

See you on Saturday

Niki, Girth, Mole & Nelly


Monumental Soul
@ The Britannia
20 Monument Street
London EC3R 8AJ

London's premier Modern Soul & Crossover night

Doors: 8.30pm to 2am
Tax: seven quid

The Britannia is by The Monument - just a 30 second stroll down the hill from Monument Tube station (District & Circle Lines, and foot tunnel to Northern & Central Lines), walking distance to Fenchurch Street, Cannon Street, London Bridge (just over the river) and Liverpool Street Rail stations. If you're coming by car, Monument Street is just off King William St/London Bridge and Lower Thames Street. There is plenty of free street parking close to the venue.

**PARKING UPDATE - the road immediately outside the Britannia, around the base of The Monument, has now been made into a pedestrian zone. Access into Monument Street via Lower Thames Street has also been blocked. To access parking in Monument Street you must now enter via Eastcheap then down Pudding Lane or Botolph Lane. See http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=EC3R+8AJ&ie=UTF8&z=17&ll=51.510285,-0.086432&spn=0.002798,0.010729&om=1. Parking in the area is free on Saturday nights on single yellow lines or in meter bays. Don't park on double yellow lines or red lines or your car might not be there when you go back!**

MonuMENTAL Dates for 2007:

February 24th - MonuMENTAL 3rd Anniversary with guest Steve Cole
March 31st - with guest Chris Brown
May 26th - with guest Sean Hampsey
June 30th - with guest Bob Cosby
August 25th - with guest Dave Thorley
September 29th - with guest Jordi Rippolles
October 27th - with guest Terry Jones
November 24th - with guest Bully & Tats Taylor
December 31st - SPECIAL EVENT Niki's 40th Birthday Party

DON'T FORGET FRIDAY 23RD IS CANCELLED at 13:54:44 Thursday February 22 2007
Friday 16th March, SOTRC @ Inn On The Lake Gravesend ,just off the A2,new 2 room format,room 1 soul,rare grooves,two step and anthems,room 2 jazz/funk and soulfulhouse in all it's guises.8 til 2 £7 only --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Special guests include Terry Matthews(acid jazz/avex)being dragged out of retirement and Pedroni in jazzy/housey/funky room and as the soul/rare groove anthem room got messed about Pete Collins and R o Brien are getting another chance

Bev in scoffin fish pie - mmmmmmmmmm at 13:42:5 Thursday February 22 2007
Hey - he is good at POLE DANCING - seen him in action in YARMY

Bernadette at 13:34:36 Thursday February 22 2007
I know - his technique is all wrong - he's quite good at pole dancing though

HAPPY FEET at 13:16:56 Thursday February 22 2007
Pete probs Monumental, Sorry Frost couldn't make Friday family buisness to sort out, hope it all went well for you and Mark sorry to hear about your poorly dad chin up mate. BERNADETTE YOUR BACKING SINGER THAT CRAZY PENQUIN WAS CRAP AT LAP DANCING

Jane at 13:11:56 Thursday February 22 2007
Thanks Pedroni I am looking forward to it Hope all is well with you? Jane x

Pedroni at 12:39:15 Thursday February 22 2007
Bernadette is it on Video?? Hi Jane - hope you enjoy Saturday it should be fun!! - Frostie hope your dads ok - I will be at home tonight or tomorrow the line yesterday was v bad!!! Wayne I need a favour sweetie will call you over the weekend - where are you on sat??? Selina Hi long time no meet hope you and the good man are well!!!

Jane at 12:24:57 Thursday February 22 2007
Allo Frostie Maate, good see you at the Ditch on Saturday Hope your Dad is ok its tough when parents get ill? The Girls and I are off to see Soul Sweet Music at the Orchard on Saturday so will not be able to make it Ilford for the Sisters of Sound So Sorry Tracey and Loppy Lou hope it goes well. Hope to see you soon Jane

Bernadette at 12:14:37 Thursday February 22 2007

Bernadette at 12:9:30 Thursday February 22 2007
thats gotta be one of the best nights at ANC (and there's been some strong competition) great choons & company second to non...nice to see Sean P on his first visit i actually got a smile out of the barman as i was dancing around when getting my round in - probably thought i was a nutter glad you got your tankard tweacle

Selina at 12:8:45 Thursday February 22 2007
Spud, I used to fall off all the time. Hope your and Pat are both well fella.

spud in playing do you remember ,coolio at 11:47:8 Thursday February 22 2007
Frost how you doing, shame we cant do dickies party this weekend could have been a monster,and do you remember how good those beers tasted on the Haystack wall, memories eh?.......

Frostie at 11:21:7 Thursday February 22 2007
Pedroni,sorry I never called last night but other things came up that I had to attend to.Right,Canvey here we come!

Bev in feelin bad - this should hav been me 1st postin at 10:36:9 Thursday February 22 2007
Bugger meant 2 say - sorry FROSTIE - enjoy ur visit 2day - hope it ain't too upsetting 4 u xx

Bev in is it the weekend yet???????? at 10:35:4 Thursday February 22 2007
Mornin Peepolas Allo Mr Lapola - strike a light, how the devil r u and urs - long time Looks like I missed a goodun at ANC - damn Next time defo coz I will be livin nearby - result

Frostie at 10:31:44 Thursday February 22 2007
Fanx for your kind words Selina but its beyond being able to recover.Still,might phone Spud and see if he is about.Allo Jane Maaate!

Jane at 10:29:21 Thursday February 22 2007
Sorry Selina hun how are you? Jane

Jane at 10:27:49 Thursday February 22 2007
Morning Pedroni, Frosite, Richard (soulville) hope you are all ok? Jane x

Selina at 10:16:25 Thursday February 22 2007
Hello Binsy, then there photo's of Bilbao, looked liked we had fun. Off to book Tuscany. Ship it in.

Selina at 10:14:51 Thursday February 22 2007
Morning Frostie, Sorry to hear your Dad's poorly. Fingers crossed he'll be on the mend sson. Frostie I walk round Canvey now and don't know anyone. I always cheer myself up by popping round Spuds.

Binsy at 10:9:57 Thursday February 22 2007
Great night at Smersh last night. Spot on HF that barman is a misery Shut the bar early Couldn't stop us dancing though Bernadette

Frostie at 9:26:0 Thursday February 22 2007
Allo Appy Feet Maaate!What appened to you on Friday night?

HAPPY FEET at 9:22:51 Thursday February 22 2007
Gavins sevens had there own bar stool at the bar! were they also on Bacardi and Coke as someone nicked mine Hi Sean P hope you got home ok.

Frostie at 9:0:54 Thursday February 22 2007
Very well thanx Sean.....Off to Canvey Island this morn to see my poorly dad-May even have one or two with my old maaates I grew up with.

sean at 8:32:4 Thursday February 22 2007
mornin frostie ow r u me ol mucker..yep dickies..... nice

Northern Mick at 8:28:27 Thursday February 22 2007
Morning ..Yaw............n !!!!

Marky Mark at 8:20:20 Thursday February 22 2007
HAPPY FEET LOL! Morning campers MR C if I was not seeing Gavin I might have met you in the toilets

Frostie at 8:16:3 Thursday February 22 2007
Allo Sean Maaate!I presume you are talking about Dickies party.Now that I realise that Daves bash is on the Sat I spose we could drive down to it.I spoke to Jim midweek who seemed up for it,so who knows?

sean at 7:53:18 Thursday February 22 2007
mornin all . mornin aud.... are you puting in cd decks as well ........ look forward to friday..............

Girthdevon at 2:48:50 Thursday February 22 2007
Here Wayne, one of the CD players wasn't working...stuck a CD in...pressed play...bugger all happened. Messed around with it a bit - realised the record playing was running out so I stuck another bit of vinyl on...played around with the CD player a bit more...still couldn't get it to work.....then realised the 'CD player' was a DVD player thanks all for a brilliant night

mr c at 2:35:27 Thursday February 22 2007
right just got back from seeing the sounds of blackness,FANASTIC IN FACT BRILLANT I EVEN SANG WITH THEM.Can anyone tell me how to get from LONDON BRIDGE TO ROMFORD.God I am a celebrity on here.

HAPPY FEET at 1:25:29 Thursday February 22 2007
Back from Smersh what fooking top tunes grt company thats what Soul is all about only one complaint the CD didnt work and BERNADETTE YOUR PA was bllody Pants Reggie Bod Marcus Carl Shaggy Binsy & Louise Alfie and Lee good to see you all only one complaint tell the bar tender to bloody cheer up bring back the old staff I say and the bogs weren't flooded

BGG at 0:25:54 Thursday February 22 2007
Ditto Yid army About time too

Marky Mark at 0:16:35 Thursday February 22 2007
RIGHT YOU LOT I'M ORF TO ME PIT NOW SO YOU LOT BEDDER BEHAVE OR ELSE ,,,,,,When Bagpuss goes to sleep all the little mice go to sleep ... night night

Ellie in feeli very mellow and stil loverly ... at 23:2:55 Wednesday February 21 2007
hiyer Bev loverly xx..... hope you are well .. be nice to catch up soon a t venue x

Yid Army at 23:0:52 Wednesday February 21 2007
"Get in there"

Bev at 22:42:39 Wednesday February 21 2007
4got that one - brilliant

Frostie at 22:34:12 Wednesday February 21 2007
You know I heard it down The Goldmine...

Bev in so pleased I'm an old bird coz I woz there at 22:26:53 Wednesday February 21 2007
U know that Mr FROSTIE "there'll always be a GOLDMINE, a GOLDMINE there will be ................ la la la

Frostie at 22:19:7 Wednesday February 21 2007
Allo Bev Maaate......Ah yes The Mine eh?If we have to explain,they would not understand.

Frostie at 22:17:8 Wednesday February 21 2007
Allo Tara Maaate!Now that was funny-Hooray!!!! Humour!Now slap me bitch!

Frostie at 22:12:0 Wednesday February 21 2007
Marky....Most call me an In Bred.

Frostie at 22:9:41 Wednesday February 21 2007
Faith,Trust and Love=Devotion......

Bev in ohhhhhhh grt flyer at 21:56:8 Wednesday February 21 2007
Ello Ellie

Events at 21:51:43 Wednesday February 21 2007

Ellie in in still laffin abd being ded nicey,, at 21:49:28 Wednesday February 21 2007
actualy most people Iknow are being freighteneed atr being typed at in the corredt spellin !! that's ascary one

Ellie in just being pleasant and laffin at 21:45:57 Wednesday February 21 2007
...why would anyone be frightened of being typed at in capital leters ??? or am I not living in the real world ere ??

Lisa-Jane at 21:40:17 Wednesday February 21 2007
I am well thanks NM - in desperate need of a good night out after having spent all my pennies on two holidays in the same pay month but other than that I'm super ! You?

Marky Mark at 21:40:4 Wednesday February 21 2007
Sorry for scaring peeps with my answers! I am pink and fluffy deep down! Peace and love ! Frostie is a Island ape

Bev in jumpin in da bath with bubbles of course at 21:35:13 Wednesday February 21 2007
Oi NM - "itching" is the new peace and harmony

Northern Mick in Detention at 21:34:36 Wednesday February 21 2007
Good evening Lisa-Jane Long time no see or speak !! hope you are well

Northern Mick in I must spell peace correctly at 21:33:28 Wednesday February 21 2007
(Peace) Incorrectly spelt ...fat fingers, what do you expect with all this scratching ...?

DCML at 21:33:22 Wednesday February 21 2007
and I'll have £30 on Tony too

Northern Mick at 21:31:35 Wednesday February 21 2007
Paece and harmony

DCML at 21:29:43 Wednesday February 21 2007
Richard I agree with you about attacking people behind anonymous names but that's not what started this at all. What started it was Keegan using his own name and Dave jumping on him for doing so and then jumping on Tony for having an opinion. What I'm saying is that I can see how people would post anonymously or use false names if they wanted to give their opinion but were frighted of being typed at in capital letters... like I said the other day I have never tried the Ditch Bar and am not likely to do so - and that opinion, whether right or wrong, is solely based on Dave's behaviour on this forum. I know of other friends that won't try it for the same reason. I think that's a shame. Marky Mark 'not aggressive just a warning'... same thing to me hunny even your response reads scarily...

Bev in I will always be a GOLDMINER at 21:8:56 Wednesday February 21 2007
FROSTIE - "it's a long way to Canvey Island, it's a long way to go, it's a long way to Canvey Island to the sweetest club I know ............... la la la

tara in caister at 21:6:59 Wednesday February 21 2007
frosticles, re 20;19. i'll bitch slap u if u want, he he!

Frostie at 20:45:9 Wednesday February 21 2007
Spud,Selina,are you lurking?I need an "Allo Maaate"from fellow Islanders!

Mick Farrer at 20:38:16 Wednesday February 21 2007
I am very pleased to confirm that ''Those Three Amigos'' from yesteryear - Ed Stokes, Neil A and Bob Smith will be guesting on the lower deck aboard The Sundance this coming Easter Sunday, April 8th, 3pm - 10pm for The Soul Cruisin' Easter 2007 session with very special guest DJ's in the upper deck - Bobby and Steve, along with your regular DJ's Gary Dennis, Mick Farrer, Steve Hobbs and Pete Smedley. Please be advised that the tickets are selling very quickly therefore reserve yours real soon! Great news Bob and look forward to seeing you both at Prestatyn. Stay Soulful! *****Please be aware that now down to the last 50 tickets*****

Frostie at 20:27:21 Wednesday February 21 2007
Fanx Tone....Any evening,any day,you come down to Canvey way,you'll find us all,sitting on the Haystack wall........PISSED!

richard in soulville hq at 20:26:6 Wednesday February 21 2007
sorry that should read by cowards who will not put their names ect ect.

richard in soulville hq at 20:24:43 Wednesday February 21 2007
hi lisa-jane,your dead right no one should be bullied on here,but it has happened on here before and by cowards who will put their names to the comments they write.I don,t think it is fair people can attack a person and do it behind a silly posting name.Dave in the past has had some very nasty things put on here about himself and his events and he kicks out (not always in the best way , as I have told him a few times).Dave is not a bad person and i,m sure keegan is a nice chap,perhaps if they had a chat over a cup of tea this could all be sorted.

G.A.H. at 20:24:32 Wednesday February 21 2007
I ended up doing a classic show on Radio Gotsoul last Friday night.. I've uploaded it if any one wants it. Jusr paste http://download.yousendit.com/6F67DEE711D1DFF5

Frostie at 20:23:22 Wednesday February 21 2007
Brian Maaate.....As I said in an earlier posting,I am meeting up and djing with my maaate Richie C on Sat and not due on till 1am-Wish I could come earlier but really wanna hear Richie play cos hes so good!

G.A.H. at 20:22:13 Wednesday February 21 2007
Frostie your a no good Island (ex) dweller hahaha

Frostie at 20:19:0 Wednesday February 21 2007
Oh somebody have a go at me-Im feeling all left out!

__MARKY___ at 20:11:39 Wednesday February 21 2007
FIGHT £ 30 quid on Tony

G.A.H. in I'm fcking fuming at 19:54:30 Wednesday February 21 2007
Rainhem Dave WTF!! Who the fuck are you to say i can't have an opinion.. Firstly if you read my post earlier the day before i said calm down & stop being so paranoid about things. Secondly i said you can't please all the people all the time & Thirdly i answered Jane.. People like Girthy (Who i notice you never swore at him Why ya chicken shit)Were getting at ya cos you over stepped the mark.. Next i suggest you speak to Ruth Fischer (1 of your Djs & a Very Very good friend of mine) & ask her about a conversation we had about your gigs the other week. If you had a beef with Keegan (Incidently i'm not aquainted with) why didn't you just not book him for the next one.. Simple as.. Instead of coming on here ranting & makeing more enemies.. Fck me it aint Rocket science.. & if your wondering why i've never been to your gig it's because it has always clashed with other things, no politics or malice involved by me.. Not that i'll ever go now.. I expect an apology from you on here. Or i'll be shoving somthing where the Sun don't shine alright.

Margate Mark at 19:41:59 Wednesday February 21 2007
Frostie - Can't get you on the phone mate - Let me know what you need and i'll get it booked. All The Best.

Brian Mac at 19:24:44 Wednesday February 21 2007
Get to SOS early ---> ply Tracy with drink ---> let settle for a while ---> maybe see you at Mental

Brian Mac at 19:23:32 Wednesday February 21 2007
Don't know if he has anything else arranged Frostie .. but definately Mental Saturday

Frostie at 19:17:5 Wednesday February 21 2007
Oh shit!!I have made the mother of muck ups!!Brian,is Bloweys party on Sat night then?I am at The Sisters that night.....I thought the party was on Friday night!!

Frostie at 19:12:52 Wednesday February 21 2007
Mark-Lets Do Something Different(Lets Stay Together).

Brian Mac at 19:10:37 Wednesday February 21 2007
Just Monumental on Saturday Frostie .. make sure he has some energy left for that too .. don't know about Friday but working that night

Northern Mick at 19:10:8 Wednesday February 21 2007
R.E.M.F Eh Marcus that will get Marky going

Markthecabbie in plea for help at 19:9:34 Wednesday February 21 2007
Been after an LP for a while...Bobby Storey-The Storyteller.Saw one at Gary's but it was 70 quid which was more than I wanted to pay.....saw a couple of listings on the net a while ago but now?Nada.All the usual search engines draw a blank.Anyone know anything that might help me track this down?Label,producer etc. Thanks in advance Mark

Brian Mac at 19:7:55 Wednesday February 21 2007
Bit confused here Marky when you refer to you being slagged off earlier the only one I can recently remember was the "wind up merchant" Kevin, I would have to read back at the other no name posts .. being a forum I think it fair that there is a range of views on a subject that nobody on here started but mostly had to suffer, surely that's one of the points of a Forum ? so I don't think it's "crap" as far as Jo, Lisa-Jane or my reply to them was concerned or am I missing something ? .. anywhoo, no problem with your music or mic talents this side of London we agree that Lansanna's Princess is a top chooon and that we prefer harmony on the scene as opposed to conflict

Frostie at 19:6:57 Wednesday February 21 2007
Anybody coming to Bloweys birthday bash on Friday?Im looking forward to seeing my Old Maaate!

Gavin Page at 19:4:29 Wednesday February 21 2007
Marky, I love you toooooooo This weekend I shall be mostly be laying face down at a Bar again

Frostie at 19:0:12 Wednesday February 21 2007
Allo Maaaates!Erm,"Just A Thought" may I suggest you keep them to yourself because your way off the mark son.The reason I have not put in "My Two pennysworth" is because I dont give two monkeys anymore what people say about my djing abilities or the clubs I CHOOSE to play at. All I know is that I have more bookings than I can accomodate nowadays,so I am doing summit right.As far as the Rainham Dave rant goes-It aint being rude-Its called PASSION.

Marcus at 19:0:0 Wednesday February 21 2007
Right closing down...Marky Mark...alright you R.E.M.F.!!! HEHEH. ..see's ya later aligator.

Marky Mark at 18:54:34 Wednesday February 21 2007
See this crap is still going on! Lisa -Jayne my comment was not aggressive just a warning to those 2 or 3 on here who come up and shake my hand and say good set mark then for reasons unknown to me come back on here using annon and slag me off or stab me in the back! The point I was making was I can see who you are so dont bother because I WILL OUT YOU !I will have more respect for someone who names himself /herself with a critism about me! Dont pretend you like me one minute because you want a gig advertised then slate me! I listened to most of keegans set and spoke to him down stairs and he came across ok to me .... what ever problem he has with Dave or visa versa aint got nothing to with me! I just think Dave has had it with this site, my advice is dont read it and dont answer!Kevin/MR C is a wind up merchant not a devil and was very entertaining last week! GAVIN I LOVE YOU ! and if I had fellopian tubes you could make me a soul baby!

carl in north london at 18:50:46 Wednesday February 21 2007
evening everyone,does anyone know of anywhere decent to rave this fridamusic we like is old skool,hip hop r+b ,anywhere that has the sae sort of atmosphere as room at the top

carl in north london at 18:50:41 Wednesday February 21 2007
evening everyone,does anyone know of anywhere decent to rave this fridamusic we like is old skool,hip hop r+b ,anywhere that has the sae sort of atmosphere as room at the top

Marcus in WORK Playing Joey Gilmore - Give me your love at 18:48:8 Wednesday February 21 2007
Alright Mick Ambidextrous handyman and loved by women!

Marcus at 18:46:8 Wednesday February 21 2007
Alright Mick Ambidextrous handyman.

Marcus in work scratching away cause I can....but playing John Gilliam - Thank You, For Loving Me at 18:43:38 Wednesday February 21 2007
Afternoonie Soup peeps and the like..hehe. 1/2 hr and packing up workio and off to A.N.C. yep Kwality all the way.

Northern Mick at 18:38:10 Wednesday February 21 2007
Ambidextrous Apes are us !!!

Pedroni at 18:34:54 Wednesday February 21 2007
That should read Friday the 16th of March sorry!!!!! SOTRC!!

Pedroni at 18:33:57 Wednesday February 21 2007
HI all hope everybody is ok ----For all you jazz / Jazzy House heads out there check out the new Mitchell & Dewbury album (it's the nuts released by Mr Bongo studios @ Brighton) not a duff tune in sight See you all at the next Kent Soul Sessions on the 18th of March @ the "Inn on the Lake" where I will certainly spin one or two tracks from this pearl - Love to all -Pedro

Bernadette at 18:33:41 Wednesday February 21 2007
Evening Mick - yep the only dilemma is which hand to use

Northern Mick at 18:30:9 Wednesday February 21 2007
Its almost natural for blokes isnt it ??

Northern Mick at 18:29:36 Wednesday February 21 2007
Evening Bernadette !! and I thought nobody noticed

Northern Mick at 18:28:51 Wednesday February 21 2007
Brian, selection will be a doddle

Bernadette at 18:28:45 Wednesday February 21 2007
Him and a million other blokes

Brian Mac at 18:27:31 Wednesday February 21 2007
If they have Rhythmic Ball Bag Scratching in the 2012 Olympics Mick my moneys on you for a medal

Northern Mick at 18:17:11 Wednesday February 21 2007
Evening all !! The Itch is back ...DOH !!

Bev in still pondering about ANC at 18:15:9 Wednesday February 21 2007
2morrow is another day

Brian Mac at 17:49:22 Wednesday February 21 2007
As you mentioned it Lisa-Jane I will quickly climb of the fence on the Keegan issue. Personally I did not find his original post offensive, critical or insulting, in fact I think it was clear he enjoyed his night apart from the PA not being to his taste. That was on the evidence of his post and what was said or occured away from this forum I do not know as I was not there. Hopefully my opinion like others will be accepted as not critical in any way, just my view of his intent in the post here.

Brian Mac at 17:42:34 Wednesday February 21 2007
There is no rule Lisa-Jane except the generally accepted majority view on here that most anonymous posts (not all) are of an attacking/detrimental nature. I take your point about the worry of being bullied for having an alternate view, but once again the majority on here would be more likely to defend a situation like that than stay silent, I know I would (and have). I tend to spend more time on another forum moreoften because it does not have the occasional 'fear factor' that exists on here periodically, but then again I am for the music and the people and not the BS politics that increasingly appears. Thanks for your views Lisa-Jane which I hope get taken into account by readers/posters

Lisa-Jane at 17:38:57 Wednesday February 21 2007
just a thought... but Keegan used his own name and his own views and his own opinions and he got totally abused by Rainham Dave...

Lisa-Jane at 17:20:58 Wednesday February 21 2007
I just think that the people have different opinons and who makes the rule that some people think its ok to be anonymous and some people don't? I often read things that I'd like to reply to but then look at the name of the person and think if I said anything about that they'd scream and shout and swear and type at me in capital letters... so I can understand why some people would prefer to remain anonymous. For example Marky Mark's comments earlier I found quite aggressive - I'm not knocking you Mark but after your comments about IP addresses being traced etc.. if I really had a view about anything you said I'd be unlikely to type it for fear of being bullied... I don't know you and I'm not calling you a bully I'm just saying that postings like that can be quite intimidating

Jo at 17:16:38 Wednesday February 21 2007
Agreed Brian, all the "Kevin" stuff (i don't know who the bloke is!) was out of order and the "annon" tag should not have been used, i was just meaning funny stuff or non-offensive posts.

Brian Mac at 17:7:49 Wednesday February 21 2007
*anonymous even

Brian Mac at 17:7:3 Wednesday February 21 2007
Personally I am split on the Name/Anonynmous comments as put by Lisa-Jane and Jo. I agree that some anonymous remarks are funny and are probably made by regulars here that select a pseudonym for the occasion. However, a lot of the anonymous posts are personal insults about DJ's/organisers or events made by people that either want to stir things up without being found out *example Kevin/Mr C last week. In those instances it does matter IMO that they resort to anonmyous 'tags', after all the majority of people here use their own names, are known by others or socialise at various events on the scene. In that respect I don't believe the "it doesn't matter what name you use" applies .. just my opinion about cowardly/shy posters.

Wayne at 17:1:56 Wednesday February 21 2007
Brian I know

Brian Mac at 16:59:47 Wednesday February 21 2007
Wayne .. Mo being a barman is cleaning the glass .. as the note underneath says "nothing else is being polished"

HAPPY FEET at 16:57:12 Wednesday February 21 2007
Friday 20th April from 6.30pm till 3.30am CITY SOUL PARTY 4 .. CITY TAVERN 29-30 LAWRENCE LANE LONDON EC2 nr Tubes St Pauls Bank Mansion House A night of quality Soulful grooves. SOUL /JAZZ/ FUNK/ LATIN/ BEATS/ SWING R&B /SOULFUL HOUSE/ RARE GROOVE MODERN VIBES. 70'S 80'S 90'S. DJ's Shep Kennedy Lacy Lady > http://www.soulpranos.co.uk (view flyer on forum) James Anthony Solar Radio/ Stomp Ginger Tony Solar Radio/ Lacy Lady/Soulville weekender/ Gavin Page Soul Essence/Soulville Weekender Lill Stevie/ Soulville/Soul In The City Smurf City Soul Sleepless Ram Nite club /Faces. £6 advance ticket tel City Tavern 02076062373 or Ginger Tony 07980920811 0r Wayne on 0796811287 £8.on door all night. Flyer link www.soulpranos.co.uk (Forum page.) KEEP IT SOULFUL SMURF & HAPPY FEET !!!

Jo at 16:45:40 Wednesday February 21 2007
Here here Lisa-Jane, i can understand people getting peed off with nasty personal comments, but when an opinion is put across in the right manner, or a comment made (some of which are hilarious) then who cares what name is in the box?...at the end of the day anyone can type any name, doesn't mean that it is their real name does it?

HAPPY FEET at 16:40:54 Wednesday February 21 2007
Brian why is Mo polishing the glass ? See you on the other side with Jester

Lisa-Jane at 16:36:42 Wednesday February 21 2007
surely people have as much right to remain anonymous as they do to put their names up. If someone wants to remain anyonymous isn't that their prerogative? just a(non-anonymous) thought...

richard in soulville hq at 16:33:0 Wednesday February 21 2007
mr observation,why don,t you respect people on this site and put your name up.

Brian Mac in the office having had the splinters removed from fence sitting whilst avoiding the heat in this musical kitchen at 16:23:29 Wednesday February 21 2007
oops .. put my 'Where Are You" in the E-Mail box

Brian Mac at 16:21:45 Wednesday February 21 2007
Afternoon all, got my Tony Blair reply too .. in the style of the Fast Show - "It's a load of ol' bollox" .. gonna play some choonage for an hour or 7 as so much to get through

Paul@CW in lighten the mood,wheres this? at 15:51:22 Wednesday February 21 2007
cort a panda - A rather large hamburger dan in the maff - Unhappy ("Wossmatta, Trace, ya look a bit dan in the maff") eye-eels - Women's shoes Furrock - The location of Lakeside Shopping Centre garrij - A building where a car is kept or repaired (Trace: "Oi, Darren, I fink the motah needs ta go in the garrij cos it aint working proper") Ibeefa - Balaeric holiday island lafarjik - Lacking in energy ("I feel all lafarjik") oi oi! - Traditional greeting. Often heard from the doorway of pubs or during banging dance tunes at clubs paipa - The Sun, The Mirror or The Sport reband - The period of recovery and emotional turmoil after rejection by a lover ("I couldn't elp it, I wuz on the reband from Craig") Saffend - Essex coastal resort boasting the longest pleasure pier in the world. The place where the characters from TV's, popular soap opera, Eastenders go on holiday tan - The city of London, the big smoke webbats - Querying the location something or someone is. ("Webbats is me dole card Trace? I've gotta sign on in arf hour") wonnid - 1. Desired, needed. 2. Wanted by the police fazzand - To suggest that something is bigger or better than it actually is. ("I told ya a fazzand times already

NO BUT I AM at 15:47:58 Wednesday February 21 2007
S AND M if you interested.

Info@THE LACY LADY at 15:47:44 Wednesday February 21 2007

Bev in beautiful sunny CW at 15:45:52 Wednesday February 21 2007
Hey - I'm havin the day from hell Let's hav sum fun on ere Anyone doing ANC 2nite - i'm pondering

post at 15:9:38 Wednesday February 21 2007
they all just love a rowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

observation at 15:0:39 Wednesday February 21 2007
Richard if you read keegans original post he said he enjoyed the night at thanked sharpy for the use of his tunes cos the cd was broke and that P.A was not to his liking. There was nothing in the original posting that i could see that was disrespectful.By all accounts the night was enjoyed by all,so i dont know why dave got so heated about it in the first place.

richard in soulville hq at 14:46:33 Wednesday February 21 2007
omg,your opinion does not count with out a name,yes hfyou maybe right,but I just think some people know how to push daves buttons to get a reaction.Believe me there are one or two other big promoters about who treat djs and punters very badly but don,t bite like dave so know one hears about it.At least dave puts his name up and will stand up forhimself whether he is right or wronge,not like a lot of the no names like omg who has just been on.good luck with city soul and i,m sure we will see you soon.

Mick Farrer at 14:44:0 Wednesday February 21 2007
I am very pleased to confirm that ''Those Three Amigos'' from yesteryear - Ed Stokes, Neil A and Bob Smith will be guesting on the lower deck aboard The Sundance this coming Easter Sunday, April 8th, 3pm - 10pm for The Soul Cruisin' Easter 2007 session with very special guest DJ's in the upper deck - Bobby and Steve, along with your regular DJ's Gary Dennis, Mick Farrer, Steve Hobbs and Pete smedley. Please be advised that the tickets are selling very quickly therefore reserve yours real soon! Great news Bob and look forward to seeing you both at Prestatyn. Stay Soulful!

HAPPY FEET at 14:25:58 Wednesday February 21 2007
Richard Peter is a friend of mine, he has his own successful DJ buisness which he has been running for quite a few years, the comments he made about the PA and CD not working maybe he should of spoken to Dave at the venue but his posting was not meant in a malicious way or being disrespectful he is new to this forum and as you know words can be said out of context if the person is not known ect, and im sure communication is the key issue to this misunderstanding ,equipment not working or Pa not being up to everyone's standard happens from time the time you cant please everybody, all Dave wants is to please everyone and have a good event and he works very hard to achieve this so top marks to him,All Djs that play for me and Michael at CITY SOUL are always very much appreciated for all there time and efforts. Hope to see you soon Richard

Coppo at 14:23:0 Wednesday February 21 2007
Great news Bob, will bell ya later. Yep Lynn got mine 9:30 in me spam bin, bet Tony didn't sit and write that all by his lonesome Hi Everyone.....

omg? at 14:16:46 Wednesday February 21 2007
show him "respect" ? RD told him to eff off for having an opinion? he didn't sl8g the night off...

richard in soulville hq at 14:9:12 Wednesday February 21 2007
chevvy if you are lurking can you call me please,tried you last night

Mick in Car park at 14:8:56 Wednesday February 21 2007
Can any one tell me how late at Henrey`s on Sat

sotrc at 14:0:27 Wednesday February 21 2007
Friday 16th March, SOTRC @ Inn On The Lake Gravesend ,just off the A2,new 2 room format,room 1 soul,rare grooves,two step and anthems,room 2 jazz/funk and soulfulhouse in all it's guises.8 til 2 £7 only --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

richard in soulville hqkeega at 13:58:1 Wednesday February 21 2007
keegan ,if I were you i would treat any promoter with a bit more respect if you want to get more work.dave is a person who if you treat him ok he will do the same for you,we can,t all be calm and cool on here(my wifes always telling me off for biting on here).If you keep poking dave he will bite you,and somtimes I can,t blame him.The fact is he runs a well attended event a lot of people are jealous off,so just let him get on with it.i,m so pleased dr bob for you and debs hope shes back on her feet soon.

Mark Randle in Starpoint HQ! at 13:54:59 Wednesday February 21 2007
Technology permitting, my next Starpoint show goes out this Friday, 23rd February, between 9-11pm @ www.starpointradio.com. This will be my first look in 2007 at some of the new releases from late 2006/early 2007, following last months 2006 review show.............expect new material from Gerald Levert, Stan Mosley, Jill Scott, Melvin Williams, N'Dambi, Jihad Muhammad, 4hero etc!!! Cheers, Mark R

Gilly H at 13:25:25 Wednesday February 21 2007
Lynn, I also recieved my e-mail from Tony Blair this morning, and I found it in my Junk Mail folder courtesy of Hotmail ! tee hee

hyphen at 12:36:44 Wednesday February 21 2007
derrr Starbucks of course... will be replacing it/him with plenty of booze :O)

Slinky at 12:33:55 Wednesday February 21 2007
Hyphen, is that "me too", to booze or StarBucks.

Lynn at 12:32:48 Wednesday February 21 2007
D'Arcy, Coppo, Marcus did you receive your e-mail from Tony Blair this morning. mine hit my e-mail box 02.27 this morning Will he listen to us peeps nah don't think so. Lynn x

carl in north london at 12:17:7 Wednesday February 21 2007
thanx for the info about henrys bar,wot time does it shut,is there anywhere else on a friday nite that plays old skool,plus modern r+b

Lisa-Jane at 12:2:21 Wednesday February 21 2007
me too....

Jane at 12:1:9 Wednesday February 21 2007
Morning all, Selina hun not doing bad then I'm giving up Starbucks

Selina in detox at 11:51:19 Wednesday February 21 2007
Morning All, I'm giving up booze for Lent, 10.50am on day one all is well.

Neil at 11:36:1 Wednesday February 21 2007
cheers for the info Mr Frost gary is alive and well ...praise the lord. Lots of love on here this week ....Prehaps everyone should give up the hate for lent just a thought ....

HOT DOG MAN at 11:32:12 Wednesday February 21 2007
Get back in your wardrobe shower and bevhave BEV

Bev in throwing some wise words about ...... at 10:37:6 Wednesday February 21 2007
Mornin Hey - let's all hav a "jolly day 2day" Reading all these nasties doesn't exactly put "one" in a good mood for the day! As I used to say when it was happening to me "keep it off here" - u know it makes sense TTFN

Info @ Henry's at 10:28:40 Wednesday February 21 2007
This friday 23rd February Gavin Page, Alfie P. & Ginger Tony will be spinning the tunes at Henry's Bar & Restaurant, Romford Road, Aveley, Essex. Entry is FREE!!!

Carl Gonzales at 10:10:46 Wednesday February 21 2007
morning soulheads.is there anything going on this friday in london or the essex area

just a thought at 10:9:29 Wednesday February 21 2007
How come frosty has not put his twopennys worth on here?Is it because you left him upstairs to play to no-one or the fact that by all accounts he had a good night on the friday and could not give a flying feck about your night RD?

Marky Mark at 8:26:35 Wednesday February 21 2007
Morning peeps! I'm a DJ very happy at working at various locations for different promoters and have worked the ditch since the start and can honestly say that I have never had bad words with Dave and he treated me and the others with respect and best of all being paid on the dot! Not once has he rang me to say "you aint doing that gig " even on a day before his! Personaly this whole sorry affair could have been avoided if a simple telephone conversation had taken taken place ! " It's good to talk "..... Even if you dont like Dave that is not a reason too blank the staff, the music suits all taste...'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' No ANNONS will be answered and IP's are veiwable! If you have somthing to say about me then the use your real name!

sean at 8:11:54 Wednesday February 21 2007
bob.. hope debs ok ...will call this eve on land line as dont have your moby number... sean

eu contrare at 5:6:16 Wednesday February 21 2007
and Keegan didn't - "Good night at the ditch bar on sat, shame there was only one CD player working upstairs though! All my tunes were on CD! Big shout of thanks to Sharpy for saving my bacon with a loan of the vinyl, good to meet Marky Mark, Dave and a few of the lads that regulary post on here.....ps didn't think the live PA was any good but just my opinion."**********He had a good night, thanked Sharpy who helped and was happy to meet the Thug General, oh what a crime !! in his opinion he did not enjoy the PA. as a mere punter on this scene who will remain anonymous due to Dave's threats these last two days I will avoid his event like the plague. threatening to do jail time for his cause (what ever that delusion is) seriously makes me doubt his suitability as an *event host* I pity the DJ's that work with him as by his statements it would concern me if I was another organiser about using them. I hope he spares us any self pitying response as they would be hollow words, Rainham Dave you are just an intimidating bully with a thugish outlook - and that ain't Soul or anything remotely connected to it. you can stick all your events where the sun don't shine.

REPLAY at 1:59:31 Wednesday February 21 2007
TAKE YOUR OPINION G A H AND SHOVE IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE.How many djs come on here and slag of a club they were paid to dj at after sending a email asking to play for free just to get a chance to play ????????????????????????/

RD at 1:57:11 Wednesday February 21 2007
TAKE YOUR OPINION G A H AND SHOVE IT HWERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE.How many djs come on here and slag of a club they were paid too dj at after sending a email asking to play for free just to get a chance to play

Lee at 0:7:28 Wednesday February 21 2007
Ooopps try this address instead. Gavin, I need your address too please.

Lee at 0:5:43 Wednesday February 21 2007
Doris can you email me your postal address please I've got an invite for you here!!! Scouser & Kaya, still no replies from you. Get your fingers out

Gavin Page at 0:1:18 Wednesday February 21 2007
Sung in a squeeky voice

G.A.H. at 20:13:7 Tuesday February 20 2007
Kaya did you get the other track you was after. I have here if you want it.

Bernadette at 20:11:12 Tuesday February 20 2007
I always go to ANC Bev...infact I think it's fair to say I am part of the furniture now as is Marcus

Kaya at 20:9:32 Tuesday February 20 2007
Evening peeps! How are we all? Another Jazz MP3 Request if anyone's interested... ;o)

Girthdevon at 20:6:14 Tuesday February 20 2007
Jane, its simple....no other promoter I know of, on here or elsewhere, conducts him or herself in quite the same way as Dave does. The slightest provocation or criticism brings on a huge reaction, and nearly always saying much the same thing. What you need to consider Dave, is that the majority on here (myself included) all wish you the best for your gig. Take heed of Richard's advice. Girf

G.A.H. at 20:2:27 Tuesday February 20 2007
Yeah Steve a shock indeed hahaha.. She's cool though. Glad he's done well there.. Maybe cos other promotors don't come on here & tell their Djs to fuck off i guess.

Jane at 19:38:49 Tuesday February 20 2007
Don't come on here often, but what i don't understand is why don't other promoters get the same treatment as Rainham Dave then?

Frostie at 19:27:7 Tuesday February 20 2007
Oh dear...Meeting you last Sat and me this Sat Tone-What a win double for her!

G.A.H. at 19:18:45 Tuesday February 20 2007
Yeah cute little thing.. Can't remember her nmae though i was bollxed

G.A.H. in No PA & with Def 2 working cdj's :o) at 19:17:53 Tuesday February 20 2007
Saturday 3rd March Soultogether @ The Lodge 226 Harlesden High St Dave & Greg from Soul Together Neil McClean From Emotive T.Hayzer & Mickey Blanco from www.radiogotsoul.com 10pm till 3am.. True House Music

Frostie at 19:14:59 Tuesday February 20 2007
His new girlfriend Tone?He never had ONE in all the time he was in Ilford.Still......He was partying with me in those days!

G.A.H. at 19:10:32 Tuesday February 20 2007
Bumped into Richie on Saturday at Canvas for Reggisford,, His new GF is lovely.

Frostie at 18:59:58 Tuesday February 20 2007
Oh and my old maaate Richie C will be joining me.

Frostie at 18:55:27 Tuesday February 20 2007
Neil call me on 07835 911912 and I will give you Wierdys new number.

Frostie at 18:53:43 Tuesday February 20 2007
Allo Maaates!Can I just add I am at The Sisters Of Sound on Sat night?Thank You.

Neil at 18:53:35 Tuesday February 20 2007
apologies that should read esquire ....not esuire i did attend school ...

neil adkins at 18:51:29 Tuesday February 20 2007
Wierdy alert ...Please Gary Goodfellow Esuire please call your old mate Neil on 02075687619 please you seem to have fallen off the radar ....Are you well or keeping your head down ..whichever the case may be please give me a bell on the work no or my mobile ..cheers ..sorry for interupting back to the in fighting ...peace ..

Rainham bloody Dave in bla bla bla at 18:29:37 Tuesday February 20 2007
Cheers Richard, wise words indeed mate, but I have had enough now. When we started this gig I had threats of a bullet in the head ,my wife insulted, djs threatened to be sacked from other gigs if they worked for me, we are bared from gigs we flyer, people slaging the gig with no names and now the icing on the cake djs send in emails that they want to play, then after they moan they had as shit set time, god there are so many twats out there. You are a better person than me mate as you get more shit than me at times ,and you take it, but not me mate I will give up the club or go to jail for twat slaughter (not man as they are twats) sooner than pander to the cocks that thrive on slaging of events that they don’t have the balls to put on them selves, any way I am out of here now you will be pleased to know. I made a mistake of thinking the more gigs there are the more choice the punters have, but on here as soon as a good word is said about a gig the slime balls come out their holes to put it down, so here you go guys carry on.

Northern Mick in Murky Colly at 18:7:41 Tuesday February 20 2007
Bedroom DJ ALERT : 'ATTITUDES IN SOUL' @ www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk radio Tuesday 20 Feb 07 2000-2200 hrs GMT, yours truly delivers a feast of quality music. Soulful vibes, jazzy rhythms and funky beats this week from: Apartment 52, Gregory Del Piero, Ty Black, Marcus Enochson, Bugz in the Attic, Combo Moderna, Victor Davies, The Juju Orchestra, Flint, Beatfanatic, Noel McKoy, Leroy Hutson, Arnold Blair, Kahuun featuring Myrna Braza, BRS and more..................................... So make date with 'ATTITUDES IN SOUL' Have a Gorilla

Marky Mark at 17:36:33 Tuesday February 20 2007
Debs get well soon !Bob chin up

yoko ono at 17:28:27 Tuesday February 20 2007
here Dave your gig is shite.

here at 17:26:3 Tuesday February 20 2007
Imagine if you had been offensive on a personal nature.I mean if you have met him then the list could be endless.

Gavin Page at 17:24:41 Tuesday February 20 2007
Alfie. Did mate, as with you date came from him. Confused.com See ya there

Keegan at 17:21:55 Tuesday February 20 2007
Dave, your command of the english language is a joy. Any more insults you want to throw? You haven't mentioned the barrage of abusive and threatening texts you sent me up until 1am last night, telling me what you will do to me when you see me face to face..... all because i said the cd was broke and the PA wasn't the best?? If thats the kind of bloke you are then I am glad I wont be djing there again. Like I said I will get over it.

GOD at 17:7:12 Tuesday February 20 2007

HAPPY DEREK FAYE at 17:2:44 Tuesday February 20 2007
BUT " Who, dear? Me, dear? Gay, dear? No, dear." How very dare of you that's Leonard dear.

alfie at 16:52:22 Tuesday February 20 2007
hi gavin . chi told me last friday it was me and tony,but by all means mate give him a call ,your welcome to play along with us

BUT what do i get at 16:41:30 Tuesday February 20 2007

HAPPY FEET at 16:37:21 Tuesday February 20 2007
You can fight me all day (chase me )

BROOKING at 16:35:43 Tuesday February 20 2007
NEVER HEARD OF HIM.PS thats sounds like fighting talk.xx

HAPPY FEET at 16:28:2 Tuesday February 20 2007
Peter Keegan what of it ?

Bev in dashin orf 2 an interview soon - eek! at 16:23:3 Tuesday February 20 2007
Bernadette - u going 2 ANC 2morrow

hi at 16:11:0 Tuesday February 20 2007
but who is KEEGAN.

darren in my boxers...... at 16:5:0 Tuesday February 20 2007
hallo folks..i've been to the ditch and had a great time.good DJ's,good music,good bunch on punters,keep on doing what ya doing dave....to the good dr bob & debs,hope you're past the worse of it...bunny sigler..keep smilin'....ktf...darren

Gavin Page at 16:0:7 Tuesday February 20 2007
Dad, thats great news, Loads of love to Deb's ! Talk very soon xxx

Richard the Roadie at 15:40:53 Tuesday February 20 2007
Good news Dr Bob, BIG hug for Deb xx

is he a better at 15:38:50 Tuesday February 20 2007
dj than MARKY MARK.

Bernadette in just a bunch of Chutney Ferret s on this site! at 15:31:42 Tuesday February 20 2007
Glad things are going well for Debs - give her my love Bob Afternoon Kaya

so who is at 15:28:51 Tuesday February 20 2007

DR BOB & DEBS in off to the hospital at 15:10:42 Tuesday February 20 2007
Update on Debs, she had the op yesterday , all went very well, Debs is in good form and feeling ok. Last night she was fed up being there , but has to stay in hospital for at least 5days. Thank you everyone for you kind words and thoughts we both really appreciate it. Luv Bob

Kaya at 14:57:13 Tuesday February 20 2007
Are you sure I said 'I Love you' and not, 'I love that'?

Gavin Page at 14:54:16 Tuesday February 20 2007
You see I can't even type I am so upset

Gavin Page at 14:53:23 Tuesday February 20 2007
Kaya - So last time I went down on you and you tod me you loved me. Ir was just a four letter word was it

richard in soulville hq at 14:25:17 Tuesday February 20 2007
Plenty Kaya,how are you?hi bernadette,debs you ok?

Crap man... at 14:22:7 Tuesday February 20 2007
I know of a Korean nite club that sells meat balls its the dogs bollocks

Kaya at 14:10:9 Tuesday February 20 2007
Anyone know any crap clubs with crap DJ and crap promoters? I fancy a crap...night out.

Kaya at 14:2:55 Tuesday February 20 2007
Pah! LOVE is a four letter word!

Bernadette at 13:51:13 Tuesday February 20 2007
it's like one big love-in afternoon Carol, Richard & Gav

richard in soulville hq at 13:33:1 Tuesday February 20 2007
you see peace and harmony restored.

Gavin Page at 13:21:37 Tuesday February 20 2007
Richard, I love you to xx

richard in soulville hq at 13:10:51 Tuesday February 20 2007
love you gav !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

richard in soulville hq at 13:8:53 Tuesday February 20 2007
dave my friend you must calm down,you are doing a great job with a night a lot of people would like to have.Not every one will like it for whatever reason,but most do(remember that ).you will never please every one ,so just do the best you can for the masses.It is difficult when you work very hard to make anevent work without the added advantage of a crowd that is already going out .but remember punters and djs are allowed opinions even if it hurts a bit,try and learn from them and it will make you a much better promoter,on the other hand if a dj has been working for you i would have expected him or her to talk to you about the event if they were,nt happy.you can,t win,just carry on.

Gavin Page at 13:6:42 Tuesday February 20 2007
Alfie Unless you know somthing I do not. In saying that I do not know alot. I understood it was the 3 of us ?????? On Friday

Carol at 12:47:47 Tuesday February 20 2007
Too true lots of soul punters will be at Monumental party for Blowey pity Henrys didnt have the same djs the following Sat

Bernadette at 12:39:19 Tuesday February 20 2007
that's a shame about Henry's on Saturday cos most the Modern Soul crowd will be a Mental for Blowey's burfday good luck with it anyway...top DJ's

because at 12:33:24 Tuesday February 20 2007
its free Good Friday and pay you Bastards Saturday thats why.

Alan at 12:17:14 Tuesday February 20 2007
Why is Henrys free Friday and a £5 Sat

alfie. at 11:59:17 Tuesday February 20 2007
hi everyone. just a quick reminder that this coming friday ginger tony and myself will be spinning the tunes at henry's in avely. soul jazz rare grooves etc,starts around 8pm till late.and its free to get in. hope to see you all there. cheers alfie

Info@ Henry's at 11:57:11 Tuesday February 20 2007
This saturday 24th February, Henry's are proud to present Terry Jones, Andy Davies and Gary Dennis. Entry is £5 and doors are open till late!!!

Sisters Of Sound at 11:37:9 Tuesday February 20 2007
Saturday 24th FEBRUARY 2007 - 10pm till 4am Come & Join The SoS at AURA UK - 333 High Rd, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1TE. For an evening of R'n'B, CLASSIC ANTHEMS, FUNKY GROOVES, ACID JAZZ, FUNK & SOULFUL HOUSE. DJ's: FROSTIE / DEANO / RICHIE C & WIZARD B DRINKS PROMOTIONS: BOGOF on House Spirits, House White & Carlsberg Tax:£5 b4 11pm / £8 After CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS:- http://www.sistersofsound.com or call Tracy: 07956 855 794

ace face at 10:50:49 Tuesday February 20 2007
no thats me.

It seems... at 10:35:28 Tuesday February 20 2007
...to me that "little people" = sad, very rude, middle aged man having a mid life crisis, and trying too hard to be a "face" on this scene

Bev in Mornin Soulies from the 33rd at 10:34:22 Tuesday February 20 2007
Hey - putting on a gig is hardwork but someone has to do it or we would all be dancin round our BEDROOMIES YES everyone is entitled to an opinion BUT if u don't like the gig then JUST DON'T GO BACK - makes sense! Crikey hello TENERIFE DAVE - how the devil r u U heard from ur mates in KETTERING - sorry crap at names me Richard - will bell u later me ole mucker

SOTRC at 10:14:50 Tuesday February 20 2007
Friday 16th March, SOTRC @ Inn On The Lake Gravesend ,just off the A2,new 2 room format,room 1 soul,rare grooves,two step and anthems,room 2 jazz/funk and soulfulhouse in all it's guises.8 til 2 £7 only

DCML at 9:22:6 Tuesday February 20 2007
perhaps I could do with the GSCE English you're of course not your !

DCML at 9:21:3 Tuesday February 20 2007
To be honest Dave the fighting that has gone on here about your do is the reason some of us haven't even tried it. You jumped on people before when they wanted to know who the DJs were and now your jumping on people for having their own opinions. It really doesn't make for a warm and friendly invite which is a shame.

Mr Chipps at 8:14:40 Tuesday February 20 2007
No chance!He'll get G.C.S.E IN ENGLISH before that happens.

Girthdevon in Sick & Tired of the same old...... at 3:4:37 Tuesday February 20 2007
Looks to me Dave, like a few folks on here were having a perfectly amicable conversation about your event before you leapt in...plus sides and a little constructive criticism. Now I know you've had a rough deal on here in the past but, and forgive me if i'm wrong, but wasn't that from people who don't even attend your gigs. This was from one of YOUR punters and one of YOUR DJs...both with valid opinions - their right to this earned by actually being there. And you laid into both with a barrage of abuse. Totally unprofessional Dave, and to be honest I think there's a few on here who would prefer it if you were the one who F**KED OFF.......

Rainham Dave at 1:26:20 Tuesday February 20 2007
Yes Richard we had a great night thanks,hence all the crap on here,they don't like it that litle people can put a gig on as well as the super star promoters, and yes i am litle people!but not in the mirror sadly.Iam good mate,hows you ?.

RAINHAM DAVE at 1:9:14 Tuesday February 20 2007
Keegan to use your words (I never slagged anyone off)then you go on to say (PA was pants....)so you just did again.In my opinion you are a up your own arse WANKER, so every one can have a opinion eh ! their is just no need to air in public like we are now, which is why i text you INSTEAD OF PUTING IT ON HERE LIKE I AM NOW.I think every one needs a chance which is why i let a unknown pa come on, the poor sod is just tring to make a name for himself and you are no super star yourself mate, i put you on to play when i have a list of jocks i can use and big deal the one of the cd players didn't work i thought djs could play records, silly me, now i say again FUCK OFF.

Brian Mac at 23:35:4 Monday February 19 2007
Looks like it's been a happy day ..... Keegan, the refered to poster was Mark at 16:19 today, you were not the target of the displeasure ... chill

Keegan at 23:13:21 Monday February 19 2007
As for my earlier post. I never slagged anyone off. The CD player was broke, couldn't play my tunes but never blamed anyone. PA was pants.... personal opinion but backed up by most punters there.... no blame at all on anyone involved in the night as everyone needs a break in life and he might sell a million records next year. I know there is a lot of hardwork that goes into promoting the nights and we all appreciate that but whats the world coming to if you cant have your opinions. In future I wont bother posting as it obviously causes more hassle than its worth.

Mark H at 22:47:51 Monday February 19 2007
Just a reminder that this Wed (21st Feb) A New Chapter returns at The 3 Blind Mice (formerly Smersh Bar), 5 Ravey St (just off Great Eastern St) London EC2. Joining regulars Gareth Donovan,Steve Cole and Mark Houghton will be Special Guest Steve Guarnori .Come along and hear Steve`s current plays spun alongside his exclusives and some of his personal favourites. The night runs from 630 till 1130 with admission Free.

Mark H at 22:47:15 Monday February 19 2007
Marcus, just to let you know thst "I`m just nobody" came out on a Polydor 7, but another version (or possibly song as i haven`t played it for ages) came out by Al on Columbia. This is nothing like the Polydor track so be warned !

Tenerife Dave in Ibiza at 22:39:16 Monday February 19 2007
Ha Ha, glad to see you're all still sloggin' it out on here, can't beat a good scrap! Hello to all, how's it goin' frostie u nutter, Special hello to Nikki mi darlin' hope u ok. xxxxx

richard in soulville hq at 22:36:16 Monday February 19 2007
hi dave,how are you ? sounds like you had another good night.bev hows things,and debs hope it went ok today.

RAINHAM DAVE in Albert Hall at 22:7:34 Monday February 19 2007
Richard if me and marky were the pa we could do the club in a phone box and still not fill it.

RAINHAM DAVE in DITCH BAR at 21:56:6 Monday February 19 2007
Mark!, is your opinion so important that you have to come on a web site to slag off DJs and expect me to sack them no dought,i don't think so.I will wait until the other 270 people that were there say the same.Tell me where you dj and i will come and form an opinion of you.In my opinion only WANKERS slag people off in public forums,i've been to lots of crap clubs of late,with djs i would't travel to the end of my garden to see, but i don't slag them off,i just don't go back there.So i will try and survive with out you ok ,As for the live pa i thoght he was ok, in my opinion,and yes he is unknown,but if no one gives him a chance thats how he will stay,and if the Ditch Bar is crap then no one will go, so it won't be a problem will it!.I have always have a great time there so those of you who want to slag it of in my opinion you can all FUCK OFF.

G.A.H. at 20:45:18 Monday February 19 2007
Oh well you can please some of the people some of the time.. Marcus try useing this.. Never lose on ebay again.. www.auctionsniper.com

Marky Mark at 20:37:8 Monday February 19 2007
Wanted MC for my next gig! Must be able to talk all over the tracks i'm playing and must have the ability to stop talking whilst I'm doing a interview with a punter mid way through my set! Tony they are all cocks mate!

G.A.H. at 20:25:21 Monday February 19 2007
Oioi Marky.. Had it sent to me over the weekend via Gotsoul.. Some one must be listening.. Fck me calm dowm one person said they didn't totally like it stop being so Para.. Sight saved me to. Without it i'd have walked into all sorts of solid objects..

Marcus in workio listening to 209radio repeat at 20:9:22 Monday February 19 2007
Hope all went as well as possible today Debs, thinking of ya x ...Mark H. Sorry 4 late posting The AL Downing track I'm after is 'I'm Just Nobody '.

mr c at 19:55:28 Monday February 19 2007
and to think "it wasnt me" HURRAH

observation at 19:25:20 Monday February 19 2007
How comes one person early this morning praises the Ditch Bar then some one who never post on here before comes on to slate it's dj's then followed by happy feet saying come to my gig, Wayne why dont you just post up your gig mate ? MM

MikeMcD at 19:12:9 Monday February 19 2007
I cannot dictate the future but all i can personally say is the sight has been a saviour for me and I know others!! I have been part of this scene for 30 years and suffer all of th fools in silence. What I find most dissapointing as an ex Jazz Man is the fact that people say this is beter / this is bigger / yours was crap !! I have growe up and realised within the soul scene there are so many facwes that all of should embrace and that no one is better thn anyone else so why dont we " S T F U " !! and get on collectively with what we ALL love best the music

Marky Mark at 18:54:9 Monday February 19 2007
Mark! Like I give a fuck what one person thinks of my dj'ing skills

Jester at 18:4:46 Monday February 19 2007
Art' - Tubbs Memorial Gig, Easter Monday ..see events

HAPPY FEET at 16:57:31 Monday February 19 2007
Mark why not check out (CITY SOUL 4) party coming soon in April details on www.soulpranos.co.uk

MARKY,PUSH FM in LONDON at 16:47:11 Monday February 19 2007

Jane at 16:42:8 Monday February 19 2007
Hello Mark, sorry to hear that you wasn't impressed with the Ditch Bar on Saturday Whilst DJ Birdy was upstairs, downstairs was Marky Marky followed by Sharpie then Tony played the last set I must say that I've been to everyone and I haven't been disppointed and we travel up from Kent so its not really on our doorstep either Please don't be put off why don't you give it any other try! Each month they have a different DJ's Jane

Mark at 16:19:57 Monday February 19 2007
First time @ The Ditch & could be the last. DJ Birdy was appealing, played some nice pieces upstairs & Tony Hernandez worked the crowd downstairs but what happened to the other "DJ's" Is it a pre requisite to not use a microphone anymore? I'm afraid I wasn't entertained other than the DJ's previously mentioned. Marks out of ten, 3. Shame really drove a fookin' long way too. Only my opinion of course.

Martin Peters in Nice one Cyril, Ossies dream. at 16:4:41 Monday February 19 2007
We beat you once this year already so don't count your roubles just yet my friend. Chelski are not as invincible as 1 or 2 yrs ago.

Jane at 15:50:58 Monday February 19 2007
Hello Richard (soulville) I am sorry to say that it wasn't Dave and Marky, it was an R&B singer

Bev in scoffin strawberries on the 33rd - where's me cream at 15:48:42 Monday February 19 2007
Hello Richard - bout time I called u again

Aja in Suffolk at 15:33:53 Monday February 19 2007
Richard are you going to enlighten me on marky as a PA Jane? And who was the artist anyway ?

Roy at 15:2:57 Monday February 19 2007
Why have a live PA nobody has ever heard of, was he free or hard up for work?

richard in soulville hq at 14:59:46 Monday February 19 2007
giggling to my self,was it dave and marky(jsr) singing as the PA jane

richard in soulville hq at 14:58:18 Monday February 19 2007
As my brother lives in croxley green i,m going for watford too bernadette,they were also my first ever subbutio team in the late 60s.

Jane at 14:58:11 Monday February 19 2007
Hello Keegan, I am a regulary at the Ditch Bar and I agree with you didn't think much of the live PA either Jane

Bernadette at 14:53:13 Monday February 19 2007
booooo what a fix nice for Watford though missing the big guns they shall be my FA Cup team in the absence of Newcastle

Paul@CW at 14:48:57 Monday February 19 2007
glad the ditch went well , but still not fixed that cd player they did promise it

Paul@CW in up the tower at 14:45:43 Monday February 19 2007
bollox!! play for the a draw then get them back at the lane. How hot were those balls top 3 avoid each other

Trevor Brooking at 14:35:22 Monday February 19 2007
Chelsae v Spurs ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah goodbye yids

Keegan at 14:2:6 Monday February 19 2007
Good night at the ditch bar on sat, shame there was only one CD player working upstairs though! All my tunes were on CD! Big shout of thanks to Sharpy for saving my bacon with a loan of the vinyl, good to meet Marky Mark, Dave and a few of the lads that regulary post on here.....ps didn't think the live PA was any good but just my opinion.

richard in soulville hq at 13:8:11 Monday February 19 2007
morning tara

marky, push fm. in london at 12:19:58 Monday February 19 2007
G.A.H. at 15:50:25 Saturday February 17 2007 Robert Strauss - Mr. Feelings EP 2 Hot Like An Oven feat. Leroy Burgess.. You heard it here first A FRIM FAVE ON MY SHOWS SINCE BEFORE XMAS TONY, WICKED EP, MIAMI JAMMIN TOP TUNE ON THAT EP TOO !! SEE YOU FEW WEEKS TIME AT THE LODGE I HOPE.....

Jane at 10:9:54 Monday February 19 2007
Morning BGG we all had a lovely day thanks Hello everyone hope you all had a good weekend? What a top night at the Ditch Bar on Saturday well done Dave and to all the DJ's that played. Looking forward to the next Ditch Bar Jane x

tara in caister at 9:22:8 Monday February 19 2007
morning mick, morning mark. xx

Marky Mark at 8:24:34 Monday February 19 2007
Morning Mick

Northern Mick at 7:54:38 Monday February 19 2007
Morning all

rAREGROOVER in sOUTHAMPTON at 23:17:49 Sunday February 18 2007
evening groovy people, debs good luck tomorrow,our prayers are with you, dr.bob, popped into the apple store in west quay,soton. very busy ,but, good selection of computers to try out. staff are also very helpful too. see you guys soon,best wishes,raregroover,ps saints are going up to the premiership!!!!

Mark H at 21:52:4 Sunday February 18 2007
Marcus, what Al Downing record were you after ?

G.A.H. at 21:18:48 Sunday February 18 2007
Saturday 3rd March Soultogether @ The Lodge 226 Harlesden High St Dave & Greg from Soul Together Neil McClean From Emotive T.Hayzer & Mickey Blanco from www.radiogotsoul.com 10pm till 3am.. True House Music

Marcus in home playing Mighty Pope - If you want a love affair at 21:6:59 Sunday February 18 2007
Evening Soulpeeps how's everyone?. Spud cheers mate.. I bid with 4 mins to go and then outbid at last secomondo. Never Mind nxt time (add to my seaches).

marion in slumming it at home at 21:6:12 Sunday February 18 2007
Peggy - soo glad you have checked into the same Hotel for Monumental....remember its 5 star so we must be good girls on our bestest behaviour.....

Margate Mark in I'm not going to Craven Cottage anymore at 20:33:12 Sunday February 18 2007

Northern Mick at 20:1:3 Sunday February 18 2007
My love is hot,hot,hot like an oven, I can feel you burning me down !!! .....Tony spot on Great tune

darren in my y-fronts & sting vest at 19:2:38 Sunday February 18 2007
it did BGG,4 times ......ktf. darren

BGG at 18:56:49 Sunday February 18 2007
Get in there

spud at 15:29:59 Sunday February 18 2007
Marcus that Al Downing record you was after is on Ebay under a fiver five hours to go

Alan Champ in Elmers End Road, Beckenham at 14:52:10 Sunday February 18 2007
Six Million Steps Original Mastercuts - Sunday 18th February - Join Ian Dewhirst and myself this afternoon from 2pm til 4pm on Starpoint Radio for two hours of quality soulful grooves. Check out archived shows and downloadable mixes at our newly revamped site - www.sixmillionsteps.com

Marky Mark at 13:45:46 Sunday February 18 2007
Afternoon peeps, had a quality night up at the ditch

tara in caister at 12:8:57 Sunday February 18 2007

Bev in still in Sarfend ain't I at 12:6:4 Sunday February 18 2007
Hello FROSTIE maate Soz 4 the pissed call yesterdee - how funny

Frostie at 11:43:51 Sunday February 18 2007
Allo Maaaates!Dickie,wish I could attend but already promised to meet up with Dave Blow for his bash on the same night.....Have a great night Maaate!

Northern Mick at 11:0:54 Sunday February 18 2007
Morning all

Thanx at 6:13:6 Sunday February 18 2007
Thanks to Mick Jackson and Rob James for your help and thank you everyone for the amazing response to the show, apart from the UK who showed great respect, I must thank also the listeners from as far away as Tony Dixon from 104FM Dublin to (I think) by far the furthest Barry Reilly in Perth Australia who also tuned in. Here is a sort of play list of the show, however it is in no way the way the order the tunes were played:- Jimmy Messina – Love is Here, Jean Carne – I’m in Love Once Again, Matti Roots – See You Again, Junior – Too Late (Refix Demo), Jazzy Jeff – My Soul Ain’t for Sale, Stevie Wonder & the Temptations – Dream Come True, Kenny Thomas – Keep The Fires Burning (Studio Mix), Kenny Thomas – Act like You Know (Demo), Nu Life – Now that I found Love (5am mix), ILLUSIVE – Pleasure, Unkle Jam – Love Ya, Incognito – That’s the way of the World Remix, Lenny Williams – Shoo Doo Fu Fu, Lenny Williams – You’ve Got Me Running, Lenny Williams – Tuesday, Lenny Williams – Amen, Lenny Williams – Tuesday, Lenny Williams – Can’t Nobody Do Me Like You Do, Lenny Williams – Torn Between Two Lovers, Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston, Dionne Warwick & Family- Family First, Morrissey Mullen – Dragonfly, Anthony David – Something about You, Chaka Khan – Some Love, Earth Wind & Fire – Fantasy ( Shelter Re-edit). Check this link for more info about Lenny Williams top man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5X8I3YQsTQ&mode=related&search= Plus the other parts on youtube. On the The Gigi Iam Show. P.S. Kenny Thomas – ‘Keep The Fires Burning’ will be available soon with many mixes.

kevin in names hell! at 3:21:9 Sunday February 18 2007
Kevin is such a boring name like colin and Gary or if you are from Essex, Dave

Lynda, Nick & Chop at 18:51:49 Saturday February 17 2007
BGG she is on south east news on GMTV and some times at the weekends on Sunday afternoon

Jester at 18:44:47 Saturday February 17 2007
Yes Tone, track 4; nice 80s mid-tempo boogie vibe with good harmonies ..very authentic sound I must say ..really enjoying this EP

G.A.H. at 18:38:25 Saturday February 17 2007
Did you get this too. Very nice.. Music Is My Life feat. Richie Henessey Perhaps we should call any anonamous posters Kevins.. Works on all level. Noun, Verb

Caister Liberation Army at 18:9:33 Saturday February 17 2007
The end is nigh!

Jester at 17:33:43 Saturday February 17 2007
Yeah Tony ..with references to David Joseph's You Can't Hide Your Love; but yet a Boooooogie Monster in it's own right, I can't stop playing this myself, over & over & over again during the past few days! Straight outa 1982/3

Debs at 17:11:45 Saturday February 17 2007

Marky Mark at 17:7:39 Saturday February 17 2007
I'm playing there tonight with frostie, sharpy Tony Fernandez downstairs Upstairs is : Ruth fisher , Birdy , Peter Keegan And a R and B PA

BGG at 16:59:22 Saturday February 17 2007
Debs....do you not watch Jeremy Kyle....classic.Lynda...we only get south east news....will keep a look out via digital

dj info at 16:45:21 Saturday February 17 2007

Norwich Simon at 16:14:51 Saturday February 17 2007
Trapped gay man in a straight man's body...guilty pleasures indeed Debs... Loose Women indeed .....

who are the djs please? at 16:9:9 Saturday February 17 2007

G.A.H. at 15:50:25 Saturday February 17 2007
Robert Strauss - Mr. Feelings EP 2 Hot Like An Oven feat. Leroy Burgess.. You heard it here first

JUST IN CASE at 15:26:37 Saturday February 17 2007
SOUL IN THE CITY 2NITE 6DJS 2FLOORS 9--4am info see event calendar.Hope some of you can make it

Debs at 15:19:20 Saturday February 17 2007
G M T V ,This Morning and Loose Women are my new daytime friends

Lynn & Geoff at 15:4:18 Saturday February 17 2007
Debs,your welcome, Darren hope you are ok and not hurt and not in too much trouble with the missus. Love L & G xx

Lynda, Nick & Chop at 14:59:48 Saturday February 17 2007
Yes Amanda is my sisters daughter. Nick is always phoning her when she is on air, trying to catch her out

Debs at 14:47:30 Saturday February 17 2007
L & G thanx for the ecard Lynda Nick and Chop thankyou xxx i watch G M T V saw the wedding thing and i know who you mean Lynda it's on Merridian news

Lynda, Nick & Chop in sunny warm Margate at 14:32:48 Saturday February 17 2007
Good wishes to you Debbie for the task ahead... BGG If you watch GMTV in the morrnings look out for my neice Amanda Piper she reads the local news.

Debs at 14:10:39 Saturday February 17 2007

darren in a bloody mess. at 13:59:11 Saturday February 17 2007
oh dear,,,,how to make an arse of ya self,step 1/wake up,step 2/refuse to go with wife shopping,step 3, try and get in wife's good books. step 4, get new mattress(one of those space jobbies),remove old mattress.step 5/ trip over in bedroom,destroying ironing board,and that metal thing that goes with it. step 6/ fall arse over tit down the stairs with the said mattress. step 7/ swear alot as i've just broke a picture on the stairs of the wife's mum & dad. step 8/get ready to listen to pete collins.......ket.....darren

BGG at 13:54:50 Saturday February 17 2007
Cheers honey certainly do xx

Debs at 13:10:50 Saturday February 17 2007
BGG thanx for your email u should have one back xxxx

sotrc at 13:8:54 Saturday February 17 2007
sotrc at inn on the lake ,new format March 16th SOTRC @ Inn On The Lake Gravesend ,just off the A2,new 2 room format,room 1 soul,rare grooves,two step and anthems,room 2 jazz/funk and soulfulhouse in all it's guises.8 til 2 £7 only

Bernadette at 12:53:15 Saturday February 17 2007
yep top night courtesy of Stevie & Curly CJ hope Cerys isn't playing up too much this morning if your heads anything like mine Marcus

Northern Mick at 12:51:52 Saturday February 17 2007
Like a summers day ...wonderful Now then Dad you well ? Hello Selina, hope you enjoyed your trip away...Ah Mr Penguin hows tricks with you, Debs thinkin of you Whatever your weekend has in store guys ....enjoy !!

Marky Mark at 12:30:5 Saturday February 17 2007
Morning peeps , well kev I survived the magnums brigade , but as you said it was "Hard work" Bon Jovi , arrowsmith , beyonce----------------

Selina at 12:15:54 Saturday February 17 2007
Niki, you star. Your such a clever girl. Right Bath and Netball, come on you Crashers, at least I get to ran my hangover off. Nice

Marcus at 12:4:9 Saturday February 17 2007
Staying on the Harold Melvin Note with Ash, we're be all 'Prayin' for ya Debs x

Marcus at 11:58:31 Saturday February 17 2007
Debs. I'll keep everything crossed on Monday then.xxx

Debs at 11:52:20 Saturday February 17 2007
Marcus were ok thanx my luv i go in on monday hope u and the family are well xx

Marcus at 11:49:58 Saturday February 17 2007
Big shout to Stevie Cee,C.J. and Kev for last nights soiree at 3 Blind Mice. Nice choones and company..How's the head Bernadette.?

Marcus in Singing to little Cerys (not amused and no zzzzzz)...'stoned in love with you' at 11:38:45 Saturday February 17 2007
Morning Debs how's u and the good Dr this Morning? ...Ummm Ash Nice choones this AM.

Bev in fleeing out the door - laters at 11:35:58 Saturday February 17 2007
Marcus that has cracked me up

Debs in LISTENING TO ASH at 11:33:8 Saturday February 17 2007
Gilly thanx for the beautiful card u are a clever girlie WELL SAID ASH ABOUT THE ARSE THAT IS Thanx Ginger Tony

Marcus in County of Bumsteadion... at 11:28:15 Saturday February 17 2007
Morning Bev..Yep no worries.

Bev in about 2 head orf to me home town SARFEND at 11:14:53 Saturday February 17 2007
Wotcha Marcus - me ole Treacle Bumsteader Will bell u in the week re MONUMENTAL Meeting up with JACKIE T-SHIRTS as sum stage in the afternoonie - which is nice

Marcus in listening to Ash at 11:10:57 Saturday February 17 2007
Well said Ash selector...(not the Arse bit) but Vinyl.!!

Marcus at 10:58:55 Saturday February 17 2007
Simon, what's chances u got taking on the Chelski 2day??Only been a couple of times since givin up me season ticket to the prawn sandwich brigade 3years ago...R U at Monumental nxt Saturday? Will see you there if so....Marcus

Marcus in Listening to G.T. at 10:55:52 Saturday February 17 2007
Morning peeps and hello 2 the Ginger One... G.A.H. Nice venue down at the Lodge, Harlesden.I've been a couple of times b4 to the lodge & SWAT played there b4. Fraid Can't pop over 2nite as takin the missus out (for late V'times night :bigsmile.

Bev in swiggin tea and listenin 2 Mr GT at 10:23:13 Saturday February 17 2007
Mornin 2 Ur all up early on the East Coast

Norwich Simon at 9:54:3 Saturday February 17 2007
Morning Tara, you and Summer are well, I trust?

tara in caister at 9:47:45 Saturday February 17 2007
morning all

Northern Mick at 7:41:30 Saturday February 17 2007
Morning all.... Hope y'all good this morning

INFO in DITCH BAR at 4:23:41 Saturday February 17 2007
SOUL IN THE CITY 2NITE 6DJS 2FLOORS 9--4am info see event calendar.Hope some of you can make it

Norwich Simon at 22:54:52 Friday February 16 2007
Niki, belated congrats....are you still at number 8?....xxxx(that's from all four of us.... )

Sloen at 22:28:51 Friday February 16 2007
Hiya People, not been around much but just want to say hello to the peoplemI care for and see you all soon. XXXX

G.A.H. at 21:49:43 Friday February 16 2007
MrC i think your under the misconception i want you to go.. I'm quite happy with you coming on here & making a twat of ya self. Now the truths out you do sound rediculous.

Bob Masters at 20:46:11 Friday February 16 2007
Hey Dicky !! Got the money for those tiles yet mate ??

careful nikki he'll be round with a stair gate for you :O) at 20:33:30 Friday February 16 2007

Marky Mark at 20:21:21 Friday February 16 2007
Evening Peeps and kids!

G.A.H. at 20:11:7 Friday February 16 2007
Saturday 3rd March Soultogether @ The Lodge 226 Harlesden High St Dave & Greg from Soul Together Neil McClean From Emotive T.Hayzer & Mickey Blanco from www.radiogotsoul.com 10pm till 3am.. True House Music

Glen Roeder at 20:5:45 Friday February 16 2007

gah at 19:58:44 Friday February 16 2007
stop name calling and it might go away.Mr H

G.A.H. at 19:48:10 Friday February 16 2007
With respect Niki.. You don't know what this div has been up to in the past.. For example making threatening emails to a certain well respected Dj & his wife. It got so bad the Dj had to get MrCs email barred. He feins it's only banter whilst he is a nasty little fool.. So please don't try to make me look foolish. He's vermin.

BGG at 19:13:43 Friday February 16 2007
Evening Jane have been watching the wedding thing on GMTV & sooooooo wanted them to win...unfortunately I had to go to work early on Wednesday so missed it....hope you all had a fab day

Margate Mark in Taking Night Nurse and going to Bed at 18:23:46 Friday February 16 2007
LINDA,NICK&CHOP - Hello - well we get older hunny,who would have thought 30 years later still love the same music - love to come to Elaines (at the Hussar i suppose?) Hope you can all make my "bash"shane,stan the man and quite a few others coming out of retirement for this one

Niki at 18:13:57 Friday February 16 2007

Northern Mick at 17:50:33 Friday February 16 2007
Evening all TGIF....................

Selina at 17:49:6 Friday February 16 2007
I love my soul buddy's, just slipped outside for a checky fag and bump into my Patrick. Be safe be happy, remember it's easy to hate someone it's much harder to love someone. Tune at the moment in my mind, "Your still apart of me."

Bev in mmmmmmmmm MALTESERS at 16:44:9 Friday February 16 2007
Is it time 2 go home yet

Mr G at 16:6:50 Friday February 16 2007
i have left out F just in case FLIP is impilcated.BrIAn did you mean the track with the words "GO AWAY LITTLE BOY".

Brian Mac at 15:46:14 Friday February 16 2007
Better get out a Marlena Shaw track, sure you know the one .. beats reading the no name shite

Brian Mac at 15:40:58 Friday February 16 2007
Just like buses .. another Prat has to try and look superior .. I despair

Norwich Simon at 15:38:53 Friday February 16 2007
Dicky, or indeed anyone else...can you pass my email address on to Basingstoke Sarah please. Since my phone was dropped in the loo, I've lost a few numbers....Ta

Mr E at 15:38:2 Friday February 16 2007
tell you what my lunch of bangers and mash and 13 pints of Lager were FANASTIC

Girthdevon at 15:31:56 Friday February 16 2007
Just to check if anyones taking any notice Bev

Jane at 15:30:6 Friday February 16 2007
Hello Richard (soulville) did you see me being interviewed ?

MR D at 15:28:45 Friday February 16 2007
god he is doing it again.Brian chill out as nicki said it is closed,by the way i have never been on the scene.it was A BIT OF BANTER.IF YOU NOT CAREFUL I WILL MAKE YOU LISTEN TO peaches and cream all night.I am wearing me pampers is there any better.

Brian Mac at 15:9:4 Friday February 16 2007
Afternoon all .. now I would not normally respond but Mr C as you chose to name me I will .. unfortunately I did not bite, but I did choose to respond to a faceless Prat who could not use their real name. The same Prat that exchanged pleasantries with Marky Mark pleading his innocence on the morning of his demise (that's you Mr C in case you are not keeping up) until he was named and shamed. Not to involve GAH but in the past we have shared a 'bit of banter' and at least we did it using our names and not a variety of no name disguises like a child. So if you really think you are scoring points or making me bite this time then you're sadly mistaken, but I will generally take the opportunity to defend our scene or peoples events (whether I attend them or not)when it's attacked my spineless no name Prat's on this forum who do NOTHING for the scene except whinge and criticise................*Disclaimer - No biting was experienced during the typing of this response but I felt it right to give an opinion (as I normally do)

richard in soulville hq at 14:30:3 Friday February 16 2007
hi jane saw that on gmtv.Bernadette,I might get drunk if they keep on winning,just shows if you sack a manager too quickly and don,t give him a chance to turn things around.My hat goes off t roeder for getting on with the job.The mighty mags on the glory road at last!!!!!!Just finished supermacs book(great read by the way).

DICKY JONES 40th BIRTHDAY PARTY at 14:9:11 Friday February 16 2007
STOP PRESS: For all those who may be be interested - that haven't been notified - I'm celebrating my birthday next Friday (23rd FEB) 9-2am @ the Bang Bar in Basingstoke. It's rumoured that DJs Chris Brown, Mark Webster, Sean French and Basingstoke's very own Sarah are all in attendance, along with some heavy choonage - and you are invited too - BUT BE WARNED: You are advised to arrive early as it's a FREE one-off gig (costing a fortune) that will be packed! ADDRESS: Bang Bar, Basing View, Basingstoke (01256 357757). I hope to see you there. Regards - (A very excited) Dicky

Niki at 13:50:38 Friday February 16 2007
#closing theme tune#

Niki at 13:48:51 Friday February 16 2007
GAH, mr c #chuckle# thanks for giving us all a good laff now run along you're late for lunch at the kindergarden. Alphabetti spaghetti on toast today and if you are very well behaved there might be peaches & evaporated milk for afters

Jane at 13:37:47 Friday February 16 2007
Hello Richard (soulville), Ginger Tony, Selina, Chevvy, Little Steve, Pedroni, Frostie, Mass and Bigger. I haven't been on here all week I've been in Gretna Green. My brother won a competition on GMTV to have his wedding vows renewed and it went out live on GMTV on Wednesday Am looking forward to seeing a few of you at the Ditch Bar on Saturday For those not there hope you all have a good weekend, see you soon and take care, Jane x

Bernadette in bernsdette at 13:26:58 Friday February 16 2007
Richard are you drunk at this time of day...good boy

marky, push fm in london, innit !! at 13:24:50 Friday February 16 2007

marky,push fm... in london. at 13:23:13 Friday February 16 2007

Jane at 13:9:31 Friday February 16 2007
Hello Mass of course you can anytime How are you?

Bev in would that be chickens at 13:3:26 Friday February 16 2007
Girth - FOUL - bless ya "Ain't nobody here but us chickens ................ la la la

mr c at 13:3:19 Friday February 16 2007
i was just reading last night goings on after i left it.And this is my final posting GAH,Brian Mac you really cant take a bit of banter,thats why when you bite the hook goes deeper.The threats are funny GAH but honestly i am big enuff and ugly enuff and dealt with a lot of them in me life to just laugh.Marky Mark you must have 30 quid to throw away and wasnt the saying From some comedian in a show playing a bouncer saying"I WILL OPEN YOU UP LIKE A CAN OF BEANS".

richard in soulville hq at 12:57:12 Friday February 16 2007
bernsdette,another win,I could get used to this.

Lynda, Nick & Chop in Grey Margate at 12:44:31 Friday February 16 2007
Margate Mark, thought I'd better get in contact, perhaps you could email me.I have already this year been to 3 50ths of our school friends. but Elaine (Dury) is having a party for us all in July at her pub. so watch out in the local press Sorry 'soulboys' for posting irrelevant crap to you it must be me age

Bernadette in wishing Henry's wasn't such a mare to get to!!! at 12:37:31 Friday February 16 2007
morning all

Girthdevon at 12:32:45 Friday February 16 2007
Just a quickie reminder that this evening, Gary D & Girth Devon will be doing another Crazy Beat Reunion session @ Henry's....8.30 til late....playing some of our foul, sazz & junk faves from five decades love to see you there

Mass in London Bridge at 12:27:44 Friday February 16 2007
Jane m... Can i have your autograph

richard in soulville hq at 10:50:56 Friday February 16 2007
morning folkes,how are you today debs?nice sunny day so farso big shouts to jane ,n- mick ,brian,both marky marks , bev. i hope its a peaceful day on here!!!!!

Geography Teacher at 10:41:21 Friday February 16 2007
Why doesn't Margate Mark - Have his doo in Margate??

SAS Radio Show Info at 10:26:49 Friday February 16 2007
This Saturday from midday It’s the “Lenny and Kenny Show” previewing 5 tracks from the new LENNY WILLIAMS album and a World exclusive of the brand new track from KENNY THOMAS never before played on radio (not from the Crazyworld album), straight from the studio to your ears, it’s absolutely “Stinging”. Solar Radio Sky Digital 0129

Bev in CW up on the 33rd and feeling fine & dandy at 10:20:8 Friday February 16 2007
Well I'm well happy 2day coz it's FRIDEEEEEE

Rab at 1:16:21 Friday February 16 2007
A Fig for those by law protected! Liberty's a glorious feast, Courts for cowards were erected, Churches built to please the priests...

Caister Liberation Army at 0:20:8 Friday February 16 2007
EARLY PHOTO OF THE ONE CALLED BRIAN COLLECTING MONEY AT CAISTER:: http://www.fridaynightdance.org/gallery/2000/03/03/mr_money_bags_sm.jpg

Caister Liberation Army at 0:7:10 Friday February 16 2007
FIRST SIGN OF SURRENDER FROM THE ONE KNOWN AS BRIAN http://www.malcolmclark.plus.com/ym/pud/pud19/lh3.jpg

Caister Liberation Army in planning a " masive attack " at 0:2:27 Friday February 16 2007

G.A.H. at 23:36:26 Thursday February 15 2007
Harder than you I use me own name you fckwit

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 23:35:50 Thursday February 15 2007
Dillinger Cokaine in my Brain Black Swan Joya Landis Angel in the Morning Trojan Linval Thompson Natty Dread Girl Pluto Shervington Ram Goat Liver Trojan Little Beaver Let the good times roll President Dee Dee Sharp Gamble Easy Money PIR Jimmy Bo Horne Gimme Some RCA Democustico Grito (Seiji's East-Mental Vocal Mix) Far Out Finger in the Socket The way we talk Goya Music Tiger Stripes - The Vulture (Kevin Graves Swooping Dub) RocIt Patrick Green feat. Will Barnes Shades (Rocco Arena Mix) Sofritone John Juliuss Knight The Cut Soulfuric Big Brooklyn Red He moves (Man x rmx) Deep Haven Sara Devine Life aint what it seems (Q Harris rmx) Vega Karizma ft Donnie Twyst this White D Ramirez & D Bobrov Pleasure Me Slave DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Present Shrine cdr 4 to the floor ft Alex P Suter Slam me baby Going all out Mental Instrum ft Butch Quick Always Emotive David Anthony ft Fay Victor Wake up Ton-A-Recs Savoir ft Joyce Yuille Gimme your love Thumpin Mood 11 Swing Do it your way Groove on The Bleechers Ram you hard Trojan Podcast availible after the weekend ta.

grow up at 23:33:39 Thursday February 15 2007
ooooh your hard my tin openers BIGGER than yours mr tough guy

Caister Liberation Army in planning a " masive attack " at 23:24:18 Thursday February 15 2007
In the light of recent hostilities the C.L.A will end it's ceasfire as of 1am Friday........ dooby do run run run

Marky Mark at 23:18:42 Thursday February 15 2007
I'll have £30 on the hayzer posse

G.A.H. at 23:8:38 Thursday February 15 2007
Grow up fuck off & grow up

Lynn at 22:44:18 Thursday February 15 2007
Saw this advertised. Saw the Four tops before Christmas sadly we were disappointed A cheesey Saturday Nite out. Ingatestone Hall, Ingatestone Saturday July 14th Viscount Oliver's Four Tops....Richard Street's Temptations, Earth Wind and Fire....Boney M ....Alexander O'Neal...Heatwave.... and Rose Royce featuring Gwen Dickey..... Booking 0870 240 9049 or Ticketsouth 02380 711825 or online atwww.ticketsouth.co.uk Lynn xxx

grow up children... aren't you a bit old for threats at 22:34:55 Thursday February 15 2007

G.A.H. at 22:33:26 Thursday February 15 2007
They'll open you up like a tin of Peaches.

mr c at 22:23:53 Thursday February 15 2007
but is my crew BIGGER than yours.

MR C at 22:16:21 Thursday February 15 2007
i think i will move to oz Mr Hayzer and his crew are after me.zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Margate Mark in Er Mainly in Margit at 21:24:49 Thursday February 15 2007
Like i say all welcome,especially if you rhytmn buds need refreshing.

SATURDAY NIGHT at 21:21:18 Thursday February 15 2007
Club : AREA Location : The Parade WATFORD ROOM 1 : HED KANDI ROOM 2 : BOB MASTERS 10 TILL 4

where's Aud when we need him at 21:18:50 Thursday February 15 2007

SATURDAY NIGHT at 21:18:7 Thursday February 15 2007

Brian Mac at 21:0:0 Thursday February 15 2007
....or event

Marky Mark at 20:58:1 Thursday February 15 2007
My frostie comment was a piss take and does not need a explanation on anyone elses part! If gigs are already planned and another crops up down the road then surley its a good thing for the punters ,,, get bored with one place then go down the road to the other ,,, a bit like Caister, when you get fed up with one room you go to the other Everyones a winner, could even have a stall half way selling beer and kebabs

Brian Mac at 20:56:22 Thursday February 15 2007
also to Margate Mark .. was just pointing out that that event has a few ex punters here that were treated badly by 'da management' .. let's call the invitees the Weekender Vets

Brian Mac at 20:54:6 Thursday February 15 2007
Have thought again .. saw the EMS exchange too .. good point made and you use a regular I.D. .. no problem - not that we exchange banter too often

G.A.H. at 20:46:45 Thursday February 15 2007
Tonight on www.radiogotsoul.com T.Hayzer from 8pm Mickey Blanco from 10pm till midnight ta.

G.A.H. at 20:45:35 Thursday February 15 2007
Sorry to rake all this up again but i've been working away... Kevin aka MrC aka Soulman aka div in my eye's. You've been goading me on here & EMS for months i knew damn well it was you but i've kept it close to my chest. I think it's fairly evident that i do know people you know but i'm too much of a Gentleman to bring them into it. Unlike you. To all those people who think i've been a mouthy quant on here over time think again. I've been replying to that twat for months & he's been trying to wind me up. Unsuccesfully i might add.. I told you on EMS your a mug son & if you ever show your face to me i'll be down with my boys from the Gate.

Margate mark in ER Margate at 20:18:44 Thursday February 15 2007
Methinks on reflection not the best choice of words "Caister regulars" no stags no hens. Good people this has been planned for sometime(first asked Frostie last May),due to the "sods law" factor theres another one 100 yards down the seafront,and they don't do birthday parties. So a one off event,my 50th,little brothers 40th,many soul people coming,but most importantly - all are welcome.

Gavin Page at 19:18:15 Thursday February 15 2007
Binsy - Thanks for posting up the details. Seems I escaped

Room at the bottom this Friday at 18:37:9 Thursday February 15 2007
Oh it's already on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marky Mark at 18:5:7 Thursday February 15 2007
Lou I already have breast just waiting to have the fully mensturating vagina fitted! OH DEAR here we go again!!! WHERE? Niki what are you doing for DJ's for the wedding as their aint many to choose from? Frostie will do it for you but only if theres another gig up the road!!!LOL

Binsy at 17:41:51 Thursday February 15 2007
Sorry and paul Thrower

Binsy at 17:40:37 Thursday February 15 2007
Tony,Selina, Girth,Mark H,TJ, John & Noreen check these out. Photos from Bilbao. http://www.flickr.com/photos/69375862@N00

Pedroni at 17:40:15 Thursday February 15 2007
SEASIDE STRUT No 4” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 9th June 2007 from 7.30pm—3-30am & Beachwear party Sun 10th June afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 100 people who attend both days - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007 ------------------------------------------------------------------------Here are a list of both Hotels & B&B's in Ramsgate to suit any budget: The Oak Hotel [ next door 2 jazz rooms ] harbour parade 01843 583686 www.oakhotel.co.uk - Hotel De Ville 45, grange road 01843 592289 - Cliff Tops hotel 2, The Paragon 01843 591836 - Eastwood guest House 28, Augusta Rd 01843 591505 -Glendevon Guest House 8, Truro Rd 01843 570909 - The Comfort Inn Victoria Parade 01843 592345 www.comfortinnramsgate.co.uk - Foy Boat Hotel 8,Sion Hill above harbour [nice view] 01843 591198--The Royale 7,Royal Road 01843 594712 -The Crescent 19, Wellington Crescent 01843 591419

Brian Mac in the office NOT going anywhere again Anon (again) at 17:18:16 Thursday February 15 2007
just a statement of fact not made to argue.

Bev at 17:16:52 Thursday February 15 2007
Wotcha FROSTIE - hope it all goes well Me - I'm in Southend this weekend staying with me ole mucker LINDA

Frostie at 16:52:20 Thursday February 15 2007
Allo Maaates!Looking forward to this weekend,Room At The Top on Friday night and The Ditch Bar Sat night...Then on Sunday its 8pm till 10pm with Marky Mark on JSR.

Freinds reunited at 16:49:7 Thursday February 15 2007
Lets hope not.......................

Lisa at 16:40:43 Thursday February 15 2007
Congratulations Nikki & Neil all the best for the future

richard in soulville hq at 16:35:56 Thursday February 15 2007
I was so excited I said it twice.

richard in soulville hq at 16:35:53 Thursday February 15 2007
I was so excited I said it twice.

richard in soulville hq at 16:34:23 Thursday February 15 2007
nice one Bernadette,that gave me a giggle today.well done niki and neil,fantastic news.

richard in soulville hq at 16:31:42 Thursday February 15 2007
very funny bernadette,i,m nearly thin and have nearly got a six pack, still the boys are doing ok.much congrats niki and neil,some good news on here at last.

Oh dear... at 16:19:7 Thursday February 15 2007
...here we go again

Loopylou in Angel Hunting at 16:11:47 Thursday February 15 2007
MarkyMark... I need a female Angel, lol but if you wanna apply you will have to wear a wig and grow some breasts?

Brian Mac at 16:3:18 Thursday February 15 2007
"Caister regulars" might not get much response from here

Bev in swiggin orange & carrot juice - YUM! at 15:40:46 Thursday February 15 2007
Lots to do by the Seaside that weekend then Tis actually me burfdee on the Fridee I must get on with sum work - I'm feeling de-mob happy

Pedroni at 15:33:48 Thursday February 15 2007
Yes it is Carol

Carol in work at 15:6:59 Thursday February 15 2007
Isn't that the same date as the Seaside Strut party weekend

Pedroni at 14:56:6 Thursday February 15 2007
Good luck!

Margate Mark at 14:52:30 Thursday February 15 2007
Just to let you all know,I have booked The Miles Lounge,Harbour Parade,Ramsgate for my 50TH birthday party on Sat June 9th.All Caister regulars welcome,its an all day affair with going on till 3am.All the Old Skool are coming together for it with Frostie and mates playing all night.

Bev at 14:48:16 Thursday February 15 2007
Oi Pedroni - wot about the frock

Pedroni at 14:44:58 Thursday February 15 2007
Bought me hat bernadette!!

Bernadette in Cupid Stunt at 14:39:38 Thursday February 15 2007
I agree heartily

marion in slumming it at home at 14:34:34 Thursday February 15 2007
Hotel finally sorted for monumental on 24th yipee

cupid at 14:33:18 Thursday February 15 2007
Bout time you popped the question HF!!!

Gail at 14:31:7 Thursday February 15 2007
Hi Niki & Nelly, Just wanted to add my congratulations and best wishes to the all the others, a lovely piece of news.

HAPPY FEET at 14:18:32 Thursday February 15 2007
Fantastic news NIKI & NELLY couldnt happen to a nicer couple, best wishes & good luck to you both love Happy Feet and Sweets x x

Bernadette in tonight on C4 at 11.25pm at 14:18:7 Thursday February 15 2007
Let the Music Play: The Barry White Story. Documentary profile of the life and career of legendary soul singer Barry White, from his early days as a writer and producer to worldwide musical fame. Featuring classic concert footage and archive interviews with family, friends and colleagues including Smokey Robinson, Ray Parker Jr and Nathan East.

Pedroni at 13:4:33 Thursday February 15 2007
Chevvy - If your lurkin can you e-mail me please

Binsy at 13:1:46 Thursday February 15 2007
great news Niki & Nelly

Niki at 12:29:27 Thursday February 15 2007
Thanks again everyone for all your best wishes. Maid of honour, page boys?? Whatever next... D'Arcy as flower girl??? Mark H, this is how it is now. I get jewellery and Nelly gets The Topics

Chevvy and Lil Stevie in chillin and catching up at 12:3:18 Thursday February 15 2007
Congratulations niki to all three of you now thats what life is about great news about great peeps ....enjoy and long life happiness 2007 is your year xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bernadette at 11:57:42 Thursday February 15 2007
Morning Paul aaawww pooor Fat Freddie - he's such a sensitive little soul see ya at ANC next week

Pedroni at 11:53:32 Thursday February 15 2007
Wayne, that's 1st class - With real machine gun fire!!!!!!!!! - havbe you sent it too him?!!

marky, push fm...current faves... in LONDON at 11:41:33 Thursday February 15 2007

marky, push fm in LONDON at 11:27:19 Thursday February 15 2007

Bev in feeling well jolly 2day - which is nice! at 11:25:37 Thursday February 15 2007
HF - mailed u but it keeps bouncing back Send Pedro that "Happy Hot Dogs" flyer Wotcha Lynda - good chattin 2 u at the weekend, will bell u soon re comin down 4 an ickle visit

Lynda, Nick & Chop in Sunny Margate at 11:12:54 Thursday February 15 2007
congratulation's Niki and Neil So glad to hear some nice and cheesey news. Chop sends a woof!!!

HAPPY FEET at 11:11:47 Thursday February 15 2007
Pedro Tony is here www.vintageactionman.com/flashpage.html Whats the password >seaside strut

Brian Mac at 11:7:55 Thursday February 15 2007
Not forgetting the jars .. oh what a typist

Brian Mac at 11:5:57 Thursday February 15 2007
Food and Grub ? it would be rude not to

Pedroni at 11:0:6 Thursday February 15 2007
Brian - Mike --- Thanx Great -I am on Hols that week I will book a few days away from the wednesday then. Shall we all meet early for a few jars and some grub??

Brian Mac at 10:54:28 Thursday February 15 2007
Morning all .. Pedro the Ronnie Laws has been rescheduled to the 27th March from it's original February date .. tickets that I have are good for the new date.

MikeMcD in At work at 10:53:44 Thursday February 15 2007
Pedroni , Ronnie is rescheduled for March the 27th a Tuesday night !!

Pedroni at 10:48:30 Thursday February 15 2007
Brian - whats the latest on Roni Laws is he still coming? --- Bev I think he's done a Reggie Perrin?????!!! Anyone got his Caister Coat!!!

Bev in Mornin peepolas from the 33rd at 10:9:40 Thursday February 15 2007
Pedroni - Action Man is prob selling "Happy Hot Dogs" on RAMSGATE beach Marky Mark - u just made me roar with larfter - bless ur wifey

Pedroni in Frigging work.......... at 9:29:57 Thursday February 15 2007
Morning Campers!! Congtrats NIcky & Nelly great news - Maggot I will have the choc's mate - Flowers give me hayfever!!! Anyone heard from Action Man? He's been undercover since Sunday? Tone if your about old boy phone me.

Marky Mark at 8:35:50 Thursday February 15 2007
MOrning ! Dazza you sure?

darren in my y-fronts and string vest......... at 0:43:5 Thursday February 15 2007
marky mark....i think lou is female .....ktf...darren