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January 1st to 15th 2007

Lynn at 23:55:14 Monday January 15 2007
Hi Frostie, Did you see Les at the weekend when you were in Sarfend, What is the pubs name he has he got in Leigh He gave me his no before he left Wheatsheaf, but I have filed it away too safely Cheers Lynn

Brian Mac in the office working all day and often miss lots at 23:48:23 Monday January 15 2007

Gavin Page at 23:48:17 Monday January 15 2007
Sorry, talking about Soul Essence 25. WWW.SOUL-ESSENCE.CO.UK

Gavin Page at 23:47:20 Monday January 15 2007
Okay folks All accomodation is now SOULED OUT ! Tee Hee For venue only passes and alternative Hotel info'. Please call 01525 375404 89 days to go !

Frostie at 23:46:21 Monday January 15 2007
Just read Bobs post and better add that my last post was meant tounge in cheek.Bollox!Im digging myself deeper and deeper here!Only jesting wiv ya-Im sure Brian sees the funny side.

G.A.H. at 23:44:11 Monday January 15 2007
Am i missing something

Brian Mac at 23:36:58 Monday January 15 2007
Us lot with names generally do , we would soon hear about misdeeds when out if not

G.A.H. at 23:35:59 Monday January 15 2007
Its on Farplane came out couple of years back.. Hammered it on soul24/7.. Nice to see people catching up.

MARKY MARK at 23:30:22 Monday January 15 2007
Right I'm off to bed so you lot behave!

Frostie at 23:30:2 Monday January 15 2007
Ere....It wasnt Brians arse was it?

Pedroni at 23:26:51 Monday January 15 2007
Info - Cheers got that CD the nuts - no wanted the vinyl - got it thanks to Happy Feet - another one i'm after on Vinyl Rasmus Faber - Ever After - anyone know??

MARKY MARK in bed with Pete collins at 23:21:39 Monday January 15 2007
Jesus Tony not before bed mate! I'll have nightmares now thinking of Pete shagging!

G.A.H. in http://www.soul-village.com/ at 23:15:44 Monday January 15 2007
He wasn't shaging was he.. He wants to wathc that at his age.. Put his back right out that will.

Sid Snot at 23:13:18 Monday January 15 2007
A man and his wife are dining at a table in a plush restaurant, and the wife kept staring at a drunken man swigging his drink as he sat alone at a nearby table. The husband ask, "Do you know him?" "Yes," sighs the wife, "He's my ex-boyfriend. I understand he took to drinking right after we split up seven years ago, and I hear he hasn't been sober since." "My God!" says the husband, "Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?"

MARKY MARK at 23:12:36 Monday January 15 2007
G.A.H and Bob well put!I know the real reason why Pete stayed in the car and it aint got nothing to do with money! So just get off the backs of the Caister dj's it's up to them where and when they want to play and for how much????? Just go along and pay your money and enjoy it if it's your thing! Yes Mr Rix I am avaliable for hire!

music info..... at 23:9:2 Monday January 15 2007
Donna Allen's 'He is the Joy' can also be found on Soulfuric in the House (Part 2) compo

Frostie at 23:7:21 Monday January 15 2007
Allo Maaates!!!Well if Spod really is Brian then I wont say I am suprised but rather dissapointed at all the stuff that he written about me on various sites.Ive got a crap record in the loft by Wigans Chosen Few-Well if they were chosen,I dread to think what the rest of the population sound like on a karaoke night after ten pints of mild and 20 Park Drive.

G.A.H. at 23:7:14 Monday January 15 2007
S'like a fck Kindergarden om here somtimes Si.

Norwich Simon at 23:5:24 Monday January 15 2007
Evening Tone

G.A.H. at 23:0:4 Monday January 15 2007
Give it a fckn rest NYE is over & done with & who gives a shit if 2 of em never got paid. Their big boys i'm sure they can sort themselves out.. As for Wigan the only supporter i know is Sean Livesly so step out the shadows Seany boy.. Wigan can't even get 16,000 at home to Chelski. Premiership your avin a laff... By the way Grahem Poll is a #=#t official. Bev 1st satday in th emonth.. In the Scum rooms.

Bob Masters at 22:59:43 Monday January 15 2007
LISTEN !! It great to have a bit if banter, leg pulling and takin the P on this site but the words used on here about other jock's is a bit harsh. People are just do'in their thang. This scene has many avenues, curves and corridors, some old, some new but we are all part of the same vibe.......SO!! If your one of those chap's that's sitting alone in his rented bedsit, bitter and twisted just because your living a shit life, your town is twinned with somewhere in the Gaza strip, maybe you haven't seen your pennis for many years and when you look in the mirror you feel you should say "I Want That One"...... Please Please remember.....It's not our fault and stop been nasty to people we really like..........O.K.

Brian Mac in p.s. mode at 22:58:1 Monday January 15 2007
The point of your next post was what Jackie

Brian Mac at 22:55:23 Monday January 15 2007
Sadly Jackie it's just a case of being our right to reply to provocative posts, now I would agree (if you think that) that it's best just to ignore Anonymous idiots from other forums or with no interest other than to stir things up, but there is only so much anti Tottenham crap most of us will take. Feel free to check back to see it's infrequent, on second thoughts don't as it solves nothing . Sure there can be some Gooner and Wet Spam stuff to replace our exchange with the NON Wigan supporter .. lol. Apart from that bad analogy all is well in Soul music land and even better if this was a moderated forum like others. Onwards and Upwards (hopefully in the division) .. lol

marky/push fm...link to archived show,deep/jazzy/soulful grooves in london at 22:54:24 Monday January 15 2007

Jackie in I didn't see any Spurs fans running around White Hart Lane with there willies hanging out ? :--O at 22:46:4 Monday January 15 2007

Jackie at 22:42:37 Monday January 15 2007
Whats all this Spurs and Wigan crap on here its wearing a bit thin bit like Steve Mcdonalds hair line, no doubt the bickering wont stop between you lot and if it does its about as likely as Grandad Jim on Eastenders (two of us )replacing James Brown as the Godfather Of Soul but then again stranger things have happened at sea

Who?IS SPOD at 22:37:13 Monday January 15 2007
The posting about Maggot and Pete Collins not getting paid and being suckers is by someone lampooning Brian Rix,The Tax Stuff is from the cunt himself.

Who?IS SPOD at 22:37:9 Monday January 15 2007
The posting about Maggot and Pete Collins not getting paid and being suckers is by someone lampooning Brian Rix,The Tax Stuff is from the cunt himself.

Brian Mac in or used to be in The Shelf before stoopid seating regulations at 22:27:45 Monday January 15 2007

Bob Masters in LOVE , PEACE, SNAKEBITE AND FOOTBALL at 21:59:33 Monday January 15 2007
WIGAN !! Yes we do sing "Tottenhams gonna do it again" because we have done it. Is the "eating a pie " joke all you've got. Please realise that you will be relagated this year and yes!! we did get beat yesterday but we played such great footie, the kind we played aginst you when we BEAT YOU. Question !! Name me three great Wigan players ...........eerr, I know .........tuff question, I don't mean dj's at the Casino either. You are right about Robinson and all the pie's. But YOU cheer on all your second team's...West Ham, who hate us but should hate Charlton or Orient, Chelsea (who we beat) who hate us (kos it's sexier) but should hate Fulham. In UEFA Cup, F.A Cup, Staying up and.........your crap, simple, just like you crowd.........all 17 of them, who are no strangers to a pie either,AND !! TALKING OF FAT NORTHERN PIE EATERS, please say hello to your missus for me and tell her theres a sale on at Even's ands Milletts. NEILL, Just discovered the Dennis Ferrer "How do I let go" , how long has it been around ?

MARKY MARK at 21:40:8 Monday January 15 2007
Spod are you going on med soul? because if you aint shut the fuck up and stop getting yourself all flustered over somthing that aint going to concern you, by the way your mrs says you cant go out in case theres one of them kangarilla pigs there with spaniels ears for tits who will do anything to get invited to the after parties!

Who are ya!! at 21:16:30 Monday January 15 2007
Spod whoever you are - what would you do?? - I suggest you ask mummy for some more pocket money

__DM__ at 21:9:8 Monday January 15 2007
And here's a track listing for Sister Funk 2;1. You're Doing it with Her (Rhetta Huhes) 2. Love Addict (Honey & Bees) 3. Sweet Sweet Baby (Dolly Gilmore) 4. What I did in the Street (Barbara King) 5. Follow the Wind (Coletta Woodson) 6. Watch the Dog (Sandy Gaye) 7. The Queen (Big Ella) 8. Baby You're a Jive Cat (Sheila Wilkerson) 9. A Woman was made for a Man (Richi Corbin Trio) 10. Heartbreak Hotel (Barbara Trent) 11. Take me Baby (Althea Spencer) 12. It's not too Late (Cheryl Johnson) 13. I Dont Want your Love (Barbara Howard) 14. Whatcha Need (Leon Mitchison) 15. If you Want your Man (Cheryl Dorsey) 16. Muddy Waters (Fabulettes) 17. The Dance Man (Keisa Brown) 18. You Better Stop It (Barbara Mason) 19. Since I was a Little Girl (Hard Drivers) 20. Love Came into my Life (Florence Trapp)

Spod at 20:55:24 Monday January 15 2007
Will the punter's who have paid for the Med Soul trip have to pay the increase in air fairs when the NEW TAX COMES STARTS ON AIR FAIRS IN MAY or will the promoter swallow the increase like he PROMISED!!!

D'Arcy at 20:54:44 Monday January 15 2007
Neill, thanks for the info on "Pleasure", I've got a seven of "Ghetto's" and my mate is trying his hardest to get me to part with it. No chance!! Does anyone know if it was issued on a 12". Seem to remember this track was nearly always included on Robbie's all winners shows. Marcus, you won't be disappointed with the Walter Bee, trust me. Great tune. Mark H, my spare copies are now priced at £45.00. Anyway, how much did you charge Keb for a small piece of plastic?? erm!!! Wayne and Bernadette, if you are thinking of going to the Soul Revolution gig, I'd advise getting advance tickets as this will sell out and tickets on the door will be unlikely. A fantastic line up of D.J.'s in all three rooms. There's gonna be some serious vinyl played this night. Ian's launching his Sister Funk 2 outing, and it is the mutts nuts, full stop. And hopefully a good few quid will be raised for a very good cause. Just get yourself down there and don't miss out. The buzz on this night is tremendous. Don't think I'll see breakfast in the hotel somehow

Brian Mac in agreement at 20:13:2 Monday January 15 2007
Guess some of the Anonymi clan have nothing better to do. Really should get into the habit of using the proper online forum because at least identity is registered there (to a degree). Then we can have sensible discussions and leave here to the idiots with nothing but written bile to contribute............................................................................. -----------> steps off of soapbox and lines up music to play

maggot at 19:56:34 Monday January 15 2007

Birthday Party Invite at 19:51:54 Monday January 15 2007
Having a Birthday Party for my hubby Flip, this coming sat 20th at Capones in Benfleet, 22-28 Benfleet Road SS7 1QB. Free on the door before 10.30 a fiver after, If you would like to be put on the party guest list email whodaresspins@aol.com DJ's on the night Ash Selector, Mick Jackson, Flip & guest DJ's. cheers Luv TC.

Spod at 19:27:51 Monday January 15 2007
Hello all its Spod here after a long absence just to set the record straight-Two jocks never got paid because they went on after Chris-by that time,with Chris happy,of course I was out of there-after all Maggot and Pete have always mantained that they DJ for the love of it and not the money and with no New Year Caister,as far as I see it,I did them a favour-They got what they wanted.Richard soulville,please dont jump to my defence again-Have you not got it yet?Most of your djs and attendance will know me for what I am-But as they say theres a sucker born every minute and neither of them will mind when I offer them ten early spots at Caister-Now got to spod off now to clean my loudspeaker,I must have it shining for May.

Norwich Simon at 19:22:34 Monday January 15 2007
So you've got a bike, had it forty years. You changed the tyres and then the wheels. After a while you had to fit new pedals. A year later you replaced the saddle and handlebars and brakes. Then a few years down the line you had to get a new frame.......Is is still the same bike?

Info at 18:47:30 Monday January 15 2007
Who said it was wanker

alex in northfleet at 18:33:36 Monday January 15 2007
The four tops! How old are they! Is there any original members left? Are they still alive? If not its like saying Elvis is playing wembley!!

DVLA in Ramsgate at 18:26:21 Monday January 15 2007
The reason the said Caister DJ stayed in his car was because there were more people in the car and the music was better!

Pedroni at 18:13:39 Monday January 15 2007
PS The Four Tops are at the Woodville Halls Gravesend this Friday for anyone interested.."Aint no woman but the one I got",,,,,,,

Pedroni at 18:11:49 Monday January 15 2007
Paul- it's on the official ramsgate website mate - Take it up with them!!!!!!!!- I reckon Ramsgate is a pretty smart place now loads of new restaurants and Bars open on the front and I think its rather nice - but I am from Gravesend!!!! It will be dark anyway and Bloomin cold Mid Feb!! Bob and I never share our Joints as spurs supporters we need all we can get!!! Hopefully see you there!! -

wigan fc at 18:2:23 Monday January 15 2007
yes bev HE is going to play CHAS N DAVES GREATEST HITS plus TOTTENHAM NO ONE CAN STOP THEM WE ARE GOING TO DO IT LIKE WE DID LAST YEAR.And walk around with a COCK on his chest all night.

Comparisons at 17:47:24 Monday January 15 2007
wigan fc = deluded neadanthal ---- full of faeces no doubt. very yawnworthy for a no name tosser

BEV at 17:46:53 Monday January 15 2007
Hey Tony F - u gonna play me choon on Saturdee

paul in Rainham at 17:45:23 Monday January 15 2007
Mmmmmmmm1 Firstly Pedroni,,, if you think ramsgates harbour is one of the prettiest in the uk!!!! Have you been smoking something that i would like to. You must of been sharing your joint with Bob who says spurs are the 11th best supported club in the world. Dont for christ sakes put it out cos im comming round to join you.!!!

Pedroni at 17:44:46 Monday January 15 2007
Happy Feet - Got it mate - cheers

Pedroni at 17:44:41 Monday January 15 2007
Happy Feet - Got it mate - cheers

wigan fc at 17:40:53 Monday January 15 2007
but dont the West Hams fans and team bash you,then sell you there old crap so you can supply the best team in North London with reserve players.Lasagne. tozzers

Neill at 17:39:3 Monday January 15 2007
Ok, ok it's the 3rd, it at least finishes on the 4th!

Markthecabbie in Just checking?? at 17:16:24 Monday January 15 2007
Neill,off out to work but will check back later.Feb 4th is a Sunday.Zat right???

TONY FERNANDEZ at 17:14:3 Monday January 15 2007

WIGAN FC at 17:11:30 Monday January 15 2007
.One of the most supported in north london behind Arsenal and West Ham bash the scum as well.

Neill at 17:5:37 Monday January 15 2007
Hi Mark, Neil has been given his orders and a play list should follow on here maybe tomorrow! Next Civic is Feb 4th, all the tickets have gone out to the various agents, you can get them from Thurrock DJ on 01375 399020 or the Thameside Theatre box office on 01375 383961. Although there should be a limited amount available on the door on the night.

Markthecabbie at 17:1:21 Monday January 15 2007
Interesting playlist Neill,looks like I missed a good night.Have a copy of that Rae & Christian 12" and I've never played the b-side,have to check that out When's Neil gonna post his contribution?Hopefully he was alongside you jotting down every single track :-) And finally,when is the next do at the Civic ahd are the tickets available at 'Enerys??

Markthecabbie in a quandary at 16:50:17 Monday January 15 2007
I know its a long time since the clocks went back and I should have noticed earlier but....... Are the message timings an hour fast??????? PS Fan violence at the Tennis?????WTF is that all about?

Brian Mac at 16:43:8 Monday January 15 2007
I don't deny the barren years Wigan FC, don't think I said that anywhere, nor anyone else. 15 years (nearly 16) since a trophy. But that doesn't mean past glories are forgotten, still one of the most supported clubs in this country and over the world. Only two clubs in the premiership can guarantee a sell-out on match days whatever the oppostion is, that's Man Utd and us and we don't have to try (and fail) to give away our tickets for home games or for £15. Anywhoo ----------> back to the Music

Mark H at 16:38:0 Monday January 15 2007
New Chapter - Update. After the refurbishment at The 3 Blind Mice (Smersh) A New Chapter will be back on Wed 21st February (and every 3rd Wed for the time being).

BEV in tis defo Mondee at 16:32:45 Monday January 15 2007
2day I shall mostly b havin a vry frustrating day

HAPPY FEET at 16:26:59 Monday January 15 2007
Sorry Bernadette, Here you go http://www.soulrevolution.co.uk/index.html Northern/ Soul/ Funk

HAPPY FEET at 16:23:50 Monday January 15 2007
Try this Pedro http://www.baserecords.com/products/Donna+Allen/15888.html £5.00

Bernadette at 16:21:20 Monday January 15 2007
yep HF was quite surpised - didn't expect to win us being such a small poorly supported club what's the Soul Revolution do then

wigan fc at 16:19:56 Monday January 15 2007
with SPURS its all about HISTORY.Becoming very distance now isnt it.You are shocking.

Pedroni in workio at 16:11:9 Monday January 15 2007
Afternoon all --- Has anyone got a copy of Donna Allen -- "He is the joy" on Vinyl they want to sell? if so please contact me on above mail--

Mark H at 16:4:36 Monday January 15 2007
Marcus, if you don`t get the Walter Bee there`s a couple in the buy it now section as well. It normally goes for about £15/20 (unless D`arcy has a spare to sell and then it`s £40 ! :bigsmile

Neill at 15:55:49 Monday January 15 2007
Had a great time @ Henry's on Friday, respect to me partner for really digging deep into his not inconsiderable vaults to locate some forgotten gems! Maybe we'll do it again soon. For those who wanted a playlist, I've tried to rack me brains and recall exactly what I played, so, in no particular order.... Jack McDuff / Kisses Patrice Rushen / Remind Me Alicia Keys / Rock Wit U Bobby Womack / Wake Up Everybody (Rae & Christian) Fela Kuti / Roforofo Fight Gene Dunlap / Before You Break My Heart Wayne Henderson / Mysterious Maiden Roy Haynes / Vistalite Chick Corea / Central Park Oddysey / Don't Tell Me Tell Her Roy Ayers / Running Away (2005 Remix) Judy Roberts / Never Was Love John Legend / Save Room Jon Cutler / It's Yours Stevie Wonder / Another Star (Knee Deep) Ron Carroll / Back Together David Lahm / Harold's House Of Jazz Lady Alma / Chances (DJ Spinna) Monique Bingham / Poor People Earl Grant / House Of Bamboo The Clash / The Magnificent Dance Junior Murvin / Police & Thieves The Trammps / Stop & Think Jackson Sisters / I Believe In Miracles Dee Edwards / I Can Deal With That Womack & Womack / Life Is A Ball Game (2006 Remix) John Pierce / These Are My Words D Train / Keep On Change / Glow Of Love Barbara Tucker / Deeper In Love (Bobby & Steve) Coke Escovedo / I Wouldn't Change A Thing

Brian Mac at 15:32:24 Monday January 15 2007
Sent you an Add request too Richard .. if ok ?

richard in soulville hq at 15:22:7 Monday January 15 2007
hi marcus, thanks for coming on my myspace

Brian Mac in work at 14:55:24 Monday January 15 2007
Afternoonie too .. good game yesterday bummer of a result, have always said Given is the best goalie/shot stopper in the Prem, proved it again. Wigan FC, stick to egg chasing as about football history/present you know nada .. looking forward to Easter already

info at 14:52:38 Monday January 15 2007
Ditch bar 20th

Marcus at 14:26:43 Monday January 15 2007
Afternoonie Soul Peeps.

Marcus at 14:26:16 Monday January 15 2007
D'Arcy...TCATTCAD ?? ....O, Yeah I've just clicked on as I'm typing. doh

HAPPY FEET at 14:20:51 Monday January 15 2007
Bernadette bet your were sinking a few beers yesterday after the toon result, that Soul Revolution party on FEB 24th looks good and Snowboy doing the Funk Room 6AM finish

Marcus at 14:19:39 Monday January 15 2007
Cheers D'Arcy for bringing the Walter Bee to my attention. I don't know the tune but I've now put in a bid . ;0) ...Long time no see either. Cheers,Marcus

MARKY,PUSH FM PLAYLIST in LONDON at 14:13:29 Monday January 15 2007

richard in soulville hq at 13:39:38 Monday January 15 2007
hi Jane my end is very good thanks

Mass at 13:24:33 Monday January 15 2007
Jane... weekend was great. Whats the date of the Ditch bar?

truth at 13:21:35 Monday January 15 2007
i am pleased it bombed.It was time they got a reality check.PS also not a good time for stag and hen parties as well.

Steve at 13:10:59 Monday January 15 2007
Perhaps that's why if it was in "Margite"

Jane at 13:6:43 Monday January 15 2007
Hello Richard (Soulville) how are you? Hope all is well at your end?

richard in soulville hq at 12:56:59 Monday January 15 2007
yes truth good point,but i do think nye is a hard one to do sometimes, a lot of people like to be near home at that time of year.

Jane at 12:51:38 Monday January 15 2007
Mass ~ ok How are you? Hope you had a good weekend?

Mass at 12:47:19 Monday January 15 2007
Jane... Window 16.15

TRUTH at 12:9:11 Monday January 15 2007
does hurt though,imagine having a gig in Margite new years eve.Them caisters people dont draw as big a crowd as they think do they.

richard in soulville hq at 12:5:18 Monday January 15 2007
rich pickings i think that sort of stuff is best left off here,chinese whispers and all thay!!!!

HAPPY FEET at 12:0:52 Monday January 15 2007
Neil its on Safe Soul VOL 2 "94" along with Shock's I Think I Love You (underplayed choon)

neil a at 11:44:20 Monday January 15 2007
D'arcy the origanal album is accept no substitutes bit hard to get at the mo ..but it is on a comp from late 70s compiled by robbie v FANTASY DANCIN...which is a great album in its own right ...thanks for the kind words ..

D'Arcy at 11:38:1 Monday January 15 2007
Marcus, if you're about lurking, you missed this on Mike's auction. Finishes today. Great price. Good luck with TCATTCAD. http://cgi.ebay.com/Walter-Bee-Angel-Man-Crossover-Soul-45-on-Robot_W0QQitemZ190070238745QQihZ009QQcategoryZ306QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem.

D'Arcy at 11:32:51 Monday January 15 2007
Watcha Mike, got to agree, Friday was fantastic just like the old days of the scene, every genre catered for. Sooperb atmosphere, just a shame that it can't be done again in a larger venue with a big dance floor. Me, I didn't have time to eat before I went out and complete tiredness caught up with me. (Nothing to do with eight pints of "Hobgoblin") Only woke up when I got dropped off at home. Slept with my socks and the light on Woke up at 9.00 with the cat on my beer filled belly. Thanks again the two Neil's, fantastic night out and great to hear those chooons again to appreciative ears. Was talking about the night and the old tunes to a mate at the weekend, and he would like some help in tracking down " Pleasure - Ghetto's Of The Mind" I've stuck it on CD for him, but he really would like a vinyl copy. Any help greatly appreciated.

neil a at 11:31:9 Monday January 15 2007
mike your too kind just send me your email and i will send a list of the tracks ...good to see you

wigan fc at 11:20:58 Monday January 15 2007
are you off your head 11th most supported in the world ,is that on mars.Your fan base is as big as west hams and you have one good season in the last 20 years and you are now world beaters,mind you do get all your boots and kits off our chairman CUT PRICE.Paul Robinsons also is always at our ground as we give out free pies and tea at halftime never any left.

MikeMcD at 11:14:33 Monday January 15 2007
The 2 Neils. I thought Friday at Henrys was superb.It reminded me of nights at the Swan & Sugerloaf/Hilltop/Royal Oak etc...Great music and great company . I would ask what certain records were but there are too many to mention . Maybe a playlist of sorts or even a CD!!!?? Currently working on a midweek evening Wine Tasting including some food and Music!!Can people let me know of their interest ( In the City )

Jackanory at 10:59:57 Monday January 15 2007

Jane at 10:58:48 Monday January 15 2007
Morning Selina Sorry, I had a very good shop at Bluewater on Saturday I came home with a pair of shoes and a couple of tops. But I am expert in shopping asked any of the girls, Bluewater is my second home. Hello everyone, hope you all had a good weekend?

Ritch Pickings at 10:49:19 Monday January 15 2007
Anyone heard on the grapevine about the promoter who arranged a night in Margate on New Years Eve which involved 3 or 4 Caister djs and then did a moonlight without sorting out at least 2 of the poor sods?To make matters worse,one of the jocks has been telling the sad tale that due to lack of funds he had no alternative but to spend the early hours of new years day trying to get his head down in the motor.Which raises the point,surely such a well liked bloke could have lent a score from somebody from the caister family?Or could it be that the real family are now going elsewhere and attending Soulville and Soul Village?

BEV in half asleep in CW - yawn yawn yawn at 10:34:17 Monday January 15 2007
Tis Mondee again Hey Neil A - real sorry I missed HENRY's on Fridee - sumfink came up Will drop u a jolly mail later GAH - when's that Northern Soul doo on in Sarfend next? Need 2 meet sum old muckers and that could work

richard in soulville hq at 9:51:6 Monday January 15 2007
great game bob,both teams going for it,plenty of YOUTH and honest managers and not even gordon banks could have saved that shot!!

Jay.E at 9:43:21 Monday January 15 2007
Didn't make Henry's in the end but soon cheered up after watching our lord God Thierry Henry score another quality goal on Saturday.

Neil A at 8:42:40 Monday January 15 2007
Thanks to everyone who came down to henrys Friday eve with myself and my old partner neil r happy birthday to Wendy and Jill ....had a great time and good to see so many old faces there ....no if only west ham could won ....a perfect weekend ..arghh well

Neil A at 7:19:8 Monday January 15 2007
steve lawrence eydie gorme bonfa and brazil on columbia from 1967 .. ..great record..All the best Neil Adkins glad you enjoyed it ..

Pedroni at 0:40:43 Monday January 15 2007
“SEASIDE STRUT No 3” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 10th February 2007 from 7.30pm—3am & Sun 11th afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Abbo & Steve Day -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007 - Please email me if your coming so you can be put on the guest list --

Norwich Simon at 0:37:30 Monday January 15 2007
Nice one Frostie.....it's the short term memory loss I have the problem with these days mate....

Bob Masters at 23:54:3 Sunday January 14 2007
Wigan f.c., It's easy !! By the amount of fan's you have. Tottenham have a worldwide following and are the 11th most supported team in the world. Wigan can't even sell all their tickets for games aginst the big three, plus team's like wigan, bolton, portsmouth and newcastle very rarely gain supporters from outside their town etc. ALSO !! 7000 spurs fans to a pre season friendly, sell out every home and every away allocation, you don't even have that many season ticket holders. Next year your season ticket will be a lot cheaper though. Cant wait for the Gooner semi's........

wigan fc at 22:52:29 Sunday January 14 2007
i think you SPURS FANS are off your heads.Can you tell how you are a BIG CLUB.ps YOUR GOALIE WAS EATING A northern pie AT THE TIME.Englands no 1 Gawd help us.

Bob Masters in at 20:33:5 Sunday January 14 2007
Richard !! Stop gloating !! ANYWAY ! Chimbonda should have been sent off...... for not hitting Nicky Butt a second time under the new Fifa ruling of "Slap a Northern Monkey" law that was brought in after Alan Shearer claimed the Newcastle were a bigger club than Tottenham. But I have to admit, I don't think any goalie in the world would have stopped Martins goal.

Roni at 20:18:39 Sunday January 14 2007
Thanks Neil & Scouser......What an Anorak been trying to buy it ebay it and tried to download it all day...then i found it on my harddrive!!!! shoulda looked there first place i had it all along. Thanks for your help guys.

Selina at 20:9:33 Sunday January 14 2007
Having some Freda Payne time. Ellie, babycake, Can't wait to see you again. We still need to pratice the steps. GT in front of telly with heads phones coz i've demanded some me time.

scouser at 20:4:21 Sunday January 14 2007
Info from Neill Rydings: Rio De Janeiro it indeed was. From the 1963 album titled, Steve Lawrence & Edye Gorme & Friends.

Ellie in being sad cos son bak to school tonite !! at 20:3:9 Sunday January 14 2007
...Pfuf Selina ..I don't lurk .. am more of a "loitering wiv intent" girlie ....was hpin to get to ol Henry's on Friday ...heard it was a blast .....glad you got to kiss the Pete man .. SLAP him next time !! LOL..have a good week spk soon xxxx HUGZ to the ginger one and luv to Nats xxx

richard in soulville hq at 19:24:15 Sunday January 14 2007
sorry all you yids spurs 2 TOON 3 !!!!!!!

Selina at 19:3:10 Sunday January 14 2007
Bernadette, had Fajita Majhitas last night. Sweet Moved onto a bit on Georgie Fame, just reading his sleve notes, I forgot he was born in the same as town me, Go on the Leigh (Lancashire, not on sea).

Rio De Janeiro at 18:58:8 Sunday January 14 2007

Bernadette at 18:56:49 Sunday January 14 2007
Steak fajitas Selina - my speciality

Anorak at 18:37:54 Sunday January 14 2007
Anyone know the name of the steve and eydie track played by Neil at Henrys friday?

Selina at 18:18:22 Sunday January 14 2007
Debs, I'm torn there, Ma and Pa live just outstand Donny, and I've seen the Doncaster Belles play. They play better than the men team most weeks. I think I must be drunk as i've just the ironing board out. Tony's going to formally introduce us again, it's been a while.

Debs in checking the footie results at 17:56:52 Sunday January 14 2007
Selina Asenal 9 Doncaster 0 (ladies that is)

Selina at 17:43:2 Sunday January 14 2007
Ops shall we try Mad Northern, Doh. Ellie if you're lurking I got to give Pete a kiss a last, only about three weeks late. I think he and Alan said I looked like a librarian Friday, they were close but i'm actully a Librain

Selina at 17:38:52 Sunday January 14 2007
Hello Bernaette, what rare treat Does he have in store?. Just having a made Northern half hour in the kithen. Go Garland.

Bernadette in making my lord and masters tea at 17:17:1 Sunday January 14 2007
mmmm Rioja you go girl

Selina at 16:52:36 Sunday January 14 2007
What a great weekend, Henry's Friday, suberb, Saturday, Netball, pulled a dram after going 13-5 down, managed to pick up a jury by kicking myself, Saturday friends and films. Sunday feed Horses and ducks spent quilty time with little people and just finished helping my neighbour with a bonfire. time for a sit down and finsih the Rioja I started Friday. Have a good week you'al.

G.A.H. at 16:34:55 Sunday January 14 2007
Me, Paul Stuart, Kev James, Fat Tel & Neil Rydings in the House room all weekend.

INFO at 16:9:56 Sunday January 14 2007
SOUL VILLAGE WEEKENDER-All new details for July 2007 are at WWW.SOUL-VILLAGE.COM

Ginger Tony at 15:57:49 Sunday January 14 2007
Afternoony all! Many thanks to Neil R. and Neil A. for the tunes at Thierry's on friday night, very, very nice! Also thanks for the Mary Wells' 7" Neil, much appreciated! One for the Jazz-heads, The Hi-Hat 12th Anniversary Party takes place at The Jazz Cafe, Sunday 28th January with tunes from Snowboy and Phil Levene and Grupo X performing the music of Tito Puente. All for £12.50!

richard in soulville hq at 15:34:12 Sunday January 14 2007
new beginnings GAH,well done 26 years fantastic,wheres the mobos with an award for an achievement like that ,take a boe you boys.

Bernadette at 15:29:26 Sunday January 14 2007
shame about the 100 Club new venue is good though...wonder if they'll use the 2nd room with its wonky dance floor as per Johnny T's do i've realised that you can't be the Grim Reaper Jester cos there's no way you'd strike down soul legends...they'd go on forever & ever

G.A.H. at 15:16:9 Sunday January 14 2007
It will never be as good. 26yrs of monthly all niters over.

Alan Champ in the Starpoint Studio at 14:59:19 Sunday January 14 2007
Check out Ian Dewhirst and myself on Starpoint Radio this arvo - 2pm til 4pm !

Debs at 14:55:30 Sunday January 14 2007
Blimey good luck with new venue i'm sure it will be as good

G.A.H. in 100 club Niter gone at 14:43:16 Sunday January 14 2007
It is with great sadness and a fair amount of shock that I must tell you that all future 6TS 100 Club all nighters are cancelled for the time being and that includes the forthcoming Saturday January 20th one. The reasons are mainly due to a change of promoter on Saturday nights at the club so that those functions go on until 3 am and there is not enough time for all nighters afterwards. However the 6TS Rhythm & Soul Society is nothing if not resilient and I know Randy Cozens and everyone involved in the club in its 27 year history wouldn’t want us to give up our legacy to London’s soul scene with this set back. I am therefore happy to announce that through the generosity of club owner Johnny Gammel we have acquired his excellent “Jack’s” club at London Bridge for the next scheduled nighter Saturday 10th March from 10pm-7am. This is the place that Johnny Timlin celebrated his 40th birthday in last summer and everyone agreed that it was ideal for our music. Since then Andy Brazil and Tony Smith II have run their successful R&B “Hard As Nails” all nighters there and they will continue to be on the first Fridays of each month. We will be aiming to fill in the rest of the year as close to the 100 Club 2007 dates as possible, though avoiding Andy and Tony’s weekends. The club is a short walk from London Bridge tube and mainline station which is on the Thameslink line and easily accessible from the north and south of London. In addition there should be more 6TS events at the 100 Club as some Saturday nights from 9pm-3am will probably be available to us later in the year; so we’ll still be dancing to Northern Soul on that hallowed minefield of a floor. There is even an outside chance we may get a nighter licence back but we’re not holding our breath. The new Jack’s nighter will feature warm up DJs up to midnight when we then kick off a new era of 6TS rare soul music with Butch, Mick Smith, myself and other top DJs to be confirmed; Keith Money will be on his rig and not available until the April 14th nighter. Also due to the cancellation of the January 100 Club nighter the warm up event earlier in the evening at the Sols Arms will also be cancelled. Of course the original 6TS club started in Covent Garden in 1979 and moved all over the capital until finally settling on the 100 Club for all nighters some two years later. We’re used to being itinerants from the early days and each time we have moved, the club went from strength to strength and I’m sure that will be the case again. I’ll do another mail out in a week or so, with more details of location, car parking etc, and will also put the new club address and directions and DJs up on www.6ts.info and the great Soul Source rare soul discussion group. Ady PS If you got the last Cleethorpes mail out this week, please note the correct address for bookings is 6TS Weekenders 93 Lathkill St Market Harborough Leics LE16 9EN UK

Jester in listening to Ruby Baker - Love Is Worth It All ..just right for a Sunday Mornin' at 14:30:56 Sunday January 14 2007
I know Bernadette ..wouldn't it be lovely to report the birth a new legend

sean at 12:16:29 Sunday January 14 2007
hello coppo..yep have 80g...its fabbo.....new high speed conection up n running brownie thinks im a techey...

Morning peeps at 12:9:12 Sunday January 14 2007
Marky Mark

Coppo at 12:7:7 Sunday January 14 2007
Sorry morning Jester & Bernadette

Coppo at 12:6:1 Sunday January 14 2007
Hi ya Sean no sympathy mate my heads fine Hows you & Deb have you got the 80g yet, I'm waiting for one to be delivered,can't wait

Bernadette at 11:34:32 Sunday January 14 2007
Morning Jester are you the Grim Reaper in disguise...you aways seem to know before anyone else

Jester at 10:58:7 Sunday January 14 2007
Morn' - Two more have left us The great Alice Coltrane & Michael Brecker http://undercover.com.au/News-Story.aspx?id=1288

Debs at 10:58:1 Sunday January 14 2007
Thanx Sandra Cxxx

Debs at 10:50:8 Sunday January 14 2007

sean at 10:30:2 Sunday January 14 2007
mornin all..mornin deb,coppo....still on low speed b/band...new system in but not setup yet..cant be ar****..will sort it out later... on the fizzy wonders due to too much vino....my head hurts.........

Coppo at 10:5:35 Sunday January 14 2007
Morning Debs 'ow is ya and? so fecking wot

Debs at 9:48:9 Sunday January 14 2007

Gilly in need of a drink! at 9:47:51 Sunday January 14 2007
Will be thinking of you on Tuesday..look after yourself I need you on top form on the 3rd... Off now for a glass of champers...speak soon xxxx P.S. love to Bob x

Debs at 9:41:42 Sunday January 14 2007
Hello my luv not bad thanx a bit sore but iv'e got my M R I scan Tuesday so lets hope we can get on with it after that must get better for your birthday doooooo it's a tad chilly this morning but the suns out

Gilly in sweltering Australia! at 9:19:14 Sunday January 14 2007
Morning Debs, how's you doing?..xx

Debs in LISTENING TO SANDRA C at 9:8:6 Sunday January 14 2007
Morning tired after staying up to watch the James Brown thingy last but it was worth it

MARKY MARK at 21:37:58 Saturday January 13 2007
Just to let you lot know that froggy will be back on mine and frosties show tommorow @ 8PM GMT www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk

and? at 20:20:42 Saturday January 13 2007
Spot the english player

Coppo in Up the ARSE at 20:8:11 Saturday January 13 2007

marky,push fm ... roll on easter weekender in london at 20:2:22 Saturday January 13 2007
soulville hq, easter line up looking good...... chat soon richard

marky,push fm online this sunday in london at 19:59:11 Saturday January 13 2007
happy new year one and all hope you've recovered from the last few weeks festivities..... iam back again this sunday evening for your musical pleasure, 6-8pm, playing the best in deep/jazzy and soulful grooves,myself dj markymark. make a note to join me if you're near a computer,listen online via http://www.pushfm.com

guy in maidstone at 19:38:55 Saturday January 13 2007
Hi John, if you want to e-mail me on info@ghpromotions.co.uk and i will give you directions, or mob 07939532808. Thanks

Jester in listening to the Jimmy Levine album - Share My Love ..nice! at 18:11:11 Saturday January 13 2007
Art' - If anyone is trying to get on the EMS Forum ..the .co.nr link is currently broken ..so use this for now: http://s2.excoboard.com/exco/index.php?boardid=13039

john steadman in ashford at 16:35:11 Saturday January 13 2007
Thanks ? Ill get me map out.

? answered at 16:28:59 Saturday January 13 2007
John - Spot Lane, Bearsted, Maidtone, Kent.

john steadman in ashford at 14:52:59 Saturday January 13 2007
Guy. Your bash at the orchard spot! Whereabouts in maidstone is it please? Cheers

DJ Birdy at 14:16:7 Saturday January 13 2007
This is my first post.....sorry to break anyones thread.... but just a short note to say I will be playing a 30 'mix' on Nick Adams show on Solar Radio 8-10 PM this Wed night (17th Jan). So anyone who likes a bit of vocal/soulful house might want to tune in, also to say I'm really looking froward to playing alongside some of my DJing heros at Soulville in April. Can't wait!!! Birdy

Selina at 12:50:17 Saturday January 13 2007
Frostie, havn't seen Glenn in ages since I left West LB, actually old man not seen you since the summer round debs BBQ. When you say naughty, I hope everythings OK with. Do miss bumping into him at lunchtimes and Fridays 5.01pm club. Please send him my love and tell him my new firm is moving over to Moorgate so I'll be looking for him in the D.B.H., (Doctor Bultlers Head). Are you ditching next week? if so see you there. Caio Bella

Soulville at 12:43:53 Saturday January 13 2007

Coppo at 12:39:9 Saturday January 13 2007
Mornin' all Soulville Hq you've forgotten..STAN

Soulville HQ at 12:39:7 Saturday January 13 2007

Soulville Hq at 12:33:8 Saturday January 13 2007

Frostie at 12:32:31 Saturday January 13 2007
Oh forgot to say....Blimey!Well done Richard and Chevvy-That is some line up you have there!

Frostie at 12:30:0 Saturday January 13 2007
Allo Maaates again!Marky-Well...I am doing a "Private" with him tonight that aint gonna end till the early morning hours so I might as well take him back to The Soul Cottage and bring him over tomorrow night-Yep wot the hell!!Froggy joins Marky and Frostie to continue the mayhem!For all the lovers of House out there try to tune in Sunday night 8 till 10 on JSR-You might be pleasently suprised-Frogg got his act together last Sunday and some of the mixes really hit the spot!Allo Darren Maate-Silk Rd beckons eh?Selina,met Glen the other week-Got all the Canvey gossip as usual-Did you hear what a naughty boy he has been?

Bernadette at 12:12:25 Saturday January 13 2007
Richard I had a very boring cosy night in and feel great this morning

Mornin all.. at 12:1:14 Saturday January 13 2007
Trading Standard Officers have ordered the urgent recall of a >defective product found to be faulty and dangerous. > > >Over the Christmas and New Year period, tests proved the components in the product called "Chelsea FC" would fall apart when placed under the smallest amount of pressure. > > Consumers first experienced problems last year, when it was noted the product failed to work properly in Europe. Complaints were made about it malfunctioning and then emitting a continuous whining noise - usually in Portuguese. > > At the time the complaints were ignored. But when the product started falling apart in Britain over Christmas, the Trading Standards Authority took action. > > A spokesman warned: "We particularly want to stress to parents that, with Chelsea FC, there is a genuine risk of choking that may end in tears come May." > > Despite assurances from the company behind the product that action was taken to correct the faulty parts, including abandoning the use of the highly unpredictable and sub-standard component "Robert Huth" > >Malfunctions have continued. Consumers have been urged to check the small print carefully for the words "this product may contain traces of Shevchenko". If that is the case buyers of the product are urged to put it back in its box and return immediately. > >"Shevchenko" has been known to cause a severe allergic reaction in many consumers, causing them to shout involuntarily "You useless Ukrainian t&*t and "For f*^* sake bring back Carlton Cole."

richard in soulville hq at 12:0:26 Saturday January 13 2007
scuse me whats going on?i,ve lost solar totally,can,t get back on at all

richard in soulville hq at 11:57:24 Saturday January 13 2007
bernadette drink not worn off yet?

Soulville Hq at 11:47:57 Saturday January 13 2007
Soulville Easter Break .....Fri 6th sat 7th sun 8th and mon 9th Apirl 2007. Venues Mission and Caesars . To book your PASS call 01493 651487 or 07940380030 or email Skiamiac@gmail.com. Price ONLY £35 ALL WEEKEND !!!! We can bbok accomodation for you if required and this is an additional cost prices start from £15 per night BB or call GT Yarmoth tourist board. DJS CONFIRMED ARE .....BIGGER..FITZ THE BUZZBOY...STRETCH TAYLOR...SHEP KENNEDY...GAVIN PAGE...JAMES ANTHONY...JIM D SYRUP...LIL STEVIE...MARKY MARK{JSR} MARKY MARK {PUSH FM}...SHARPY....FROSTIE...SCOUSER...MAX REES....BOB MASTERS...BIRDY...SPUD...COPPO...SCOTT JAMES...TONY FERNANDEZ...PHIL LEVINE...JESTER...RICHARD FELSTEAD...JESTER...MARCUS N BLOWEY...CHRIS CHARLI BROWN...MARK GODDARD AND MARK GOLDSMITH....MORE TO CONFIRM . MUSIC FLAVAS are Jazz funk soul breakbeat soulful house classics anthems and much much more .....something for everyone !!!!!! more details to follow ....get booking folks ....all venues all weekend with two rooms of quality music and Djs .

Bernadette at 11:45:26 Saturday January 13 2007
that was meant to be sorry

Bernadette at 11:44:47 Saturday January 13 2007
morning grooving to Ash....sorrt Gt you are just tooooo early for me

Stavros at 11:29:23 Saturday January 13 2007
No hun, will look forward to it. Or not as the case may be. We're both fine. Planing holidays & the like you know. Nat's 40th this year woz going to Tuscany with Andy & Carolyn, our friends from America for a long weekend but as soon as the costs went over £1000 she said "no way, we can go to Florida for 2 weeks on that" so its all up in the air as such.

Selina in washing up to Pat Longo at 11:20:35 Saturday January 13 2007
Stav, did Tony foward you that foto of you from Rosa's Party ?, if not i'll get him to do it today. Hope you and Natalie are both well friend.

Stavros at 11:17:31 Saturday January 13 2007
Hey Dickie, not bad matey still doing my radio show on Starpoint but no Djing out n about you know How bout thee!!!

Stavros at 11:15:34 Saturday January 13 2007
Not being around for a while, wot happened to "Tubs" then???

richard in soulville hq at 11:12:23 Saturday January 13 2007
hey hey debs and the good doc!!hows tracks stav?

MARKY MARK at 11:11:23 Saturday January 13 2007
Morning peeps! Confused is cock full stop! Frost maaate shall I be getting the lillypad ready again

richard in soulville hq at 11:10:21 Saturday January 13 2007
enjoyed the show GT,i,m all pot noodled out,just listening to ash playing my fav LOTW track,london town.Darren stop talking about bacon.

Debs at 11:9:18 Saturday January 13 2007
Stav oi oi

Debs at 11:8:11 Saturday January 13 2007
Thanx Ash luv this choooooooooooooon

darren in the kitchen getting the frying pan out at 11:3:18 Saturday January 13 2007
morning selina..earlier in GT's show he said " i had a sensible time in bed",hahahahahahahaha,never heard it called that before.morning frostie maaaate.how's the soul cottage ?...i can feel a bacon sarnie coming on.....ktf.darren

Stavros in contemplating shall I take the hound for a walk at 10:56:51 Saturday January 13 2007
Hello my sweet toothed, honey coated soul peeps. Don't come on here mucho these days. Too many fingers in other pies at the moment, however I thought I'd bring to your attention of some TV viewing that might tickle ones fancy!!!! Tonite @ 11.55pm Soul Deep: The story of Black Popular Music. A profile of the late JB & @ 12.55am Live from The Roundhouse in concert mode The Godfather of Soul Mr James Brown. Enjoy all. ps. Hi Dumpsy hope your well girl

Frostie at 10:51:40 Saturday January 13 2007
Allo Maaates!Hope you all had a wonderful night last night at Henrys and I am gutted myself and Kerry could not make it due to personal family reasons.Taffy,will call you to explain why. On another note-Well said Marky Mark,now if they wanna hear banter they should listen to me,yourself and Frog on a Sunday night!!!!Norwich Simon-Allo Maaate!!! Did you read my earlier posting bout the sisters?

Debs at 10:48:1 Saturday January 13 2007
Morning Darren

Debs at 10:47:4 Saturday January 13 2007

Selina in should have had more water with it at 10:45:18 Saturday January 13 2007
Morning Chick-A-Dees. Is it just me or is Tony aving it today. Deb's the Arsenal are trying to keep your spirts high as we all are, whilst on the subject of sport, first game of Netters Season today, am I up for it, Am I Bollox, got until 4pm to get me arse in gear. Alf thank you for the lift home, you star, next time defo Kebab

darren in the boogie box with light of the world. at 10:36:33 Saturday January 13 2007
morning marcus & debs...love this brit funk stuff.freeze,light of the world.....R.I.P tubbs,and thanx for the music......ktf.darren

Marcus at 10:33:6 Saturday January 13 2007
We're all routing for ya Debs ..Yep Cerys is trying to attack G.T On the Laptopla at the moment.!

Debs at 10:22:42 Saturday January 13 2007
Marcus not bad thanx still in recovering from last week next batch of tests next Tues, it's a bit dull but so far no rain i hope u both have a lovely time @ I O W love to Sammy and a big x to Cerys xx(if i spelt her name wrong sorry)

Marcus at 10:14:18 Saturday January 13 2007
Nu Colours Tony...Excellent CD.

Marcus at 10:3:23 Saturday January 13 2007
Lisa-Jane, Muchio Thanx again for taking the time to bring home 'A bottle of rum home' (said in best pirate voice). Yep been to same watering hole and woke up with bandana on my head in the morning...god knows why as I can only sing one note..different song,same bad note! Yep meet up nxt week over a couple of beers maybe? Cheers again, Marcus

Marcus at 10:2:8 Saturday January 13 2007
Thanx again for taking the time to bring home 'A bottle of rum home' (said in best pirate voice). Yep been to same watering hole and woke up with bandana on my head in the morning...god knows why as I can only sing one note..different song,same bad note! Yep meet up nxt week over a couple of beers maybe? Cheers again, Marcus

Marcus in listening to the Ginger Frostie Tiger! at 9:53:0 Saturday January 13 2007
Morning Debs and Darren. ...How's are you and how's the Sth Coast 2day Debs.? I'll be driving later to I.O.W. for a Wedding.

Debs at 9:52:51 Saturday January 13 2007

darren in the outer regions of your mind....... at 9:18:58 Saturday January 13 2007
morning all.listening to GT at the mo'.good stuff.waiting for news on a quality weekender that is soulville. ....ktf.darren

Debs in LISTENING TO THE GINGER ONE at 9:17:9 Saturday January 13 2007
Morning N Mick just got your message u should have one back thanx xx

Jester at 5:42:2 Saturday January 13 2007

from the boot room at 5:19:46 Saturday January 13 2007
news just in Michael Jackson is trying to get Rafael Benitez as his new manager. Jacko heard Rafa can get him spanked by eleven kids at home.

Postman Paulo at 5:10:31 Saturday January 13 2007
appparently nurse says brekkie will not be served till i have my drugs.

Paddy in waiting for brekkie at 4:59:2 Saturday January 13 2007
and now Nicole Conte - time for springtime.....

P at 4:48:56 Saturday January 13 2007
...now hughs confused ????.....

padraigh at 4:47:33 Saturday January 13 2007
...as recomended time for Camile Hinds - 'Sausalito Calling'.....

parick on night flight in ... at 4:39:19 Saturday January 13 2007
....out of incognito, 'everything your heart desires'...into stephanie cooke 'thank you'....

Neil Denoon at 3:21:17 Saturday January 13 2007
Doris! fancy a roll around the floor you sexy beast!!!!!

nat&neil&mickle at 3:17:45 Saturday January 13 2007
where the fuck is my phone !!!!! Good night had by all - I think

info at 1:34:30 Saturday January 13 2007
SOULTOGETHER @ The Lodge, 226 High St, Harlesden, NW10 4TD Dave n Greg (Soul Together) Neil Maclean & Stu Clark (www.emotivehouse.co.uk) Mickey Blanco (www.radiogotsoul.com) Saturday 20th January FREE before 10pm - £4 before midnight Come and join us at a very stylish and intimate basement venue hosting the truly soulful sounds that only 'SOULTOGETHER' nights can supply...going monthly in 2007, this night is getting props from all the right places...going back to the basics of a proper night out with residents and guest DJ's who know the score...come along and see for youselves... thelodgebar.co.uk _________________ www.radiogotsoul.com

Lynn at 1:25:26 Saturday January 13 2007
Oops!!! Brithday Geoff Must be the Merlot?Cabernet

Lynn at 1:22:48 Saturday January 13 2007

Geoff in Wanted to be in Henrys but needed to be in Sainsburys and now too Kn*ck*red at 1:17:52 Saturday January 13 2007
Thanks Marcus for belated brithday wishes (and anyone else who I've missed - first time I've had to catch up since the day).

Lisa-Jane at 1:17:33 Saturday January 13 2007
I had a great time Marcus, can thoroughly recommend karaoke in the Watering Hole at the top of the Gap on a Thursday night... can't remember a thing about the karaoke but the white rum didn't hurt at all after the first bottle. Being Thursday and being a tourist Keith came to meet me and we left the Watering Hole for The Ship where it all gets very hazy although we did see Rhianna walking around playing VIP. The funny thing was that the locals totally ignored her and it was only the tourists that were trying to get close. That reminds me, I've got your rum here - do you want to meet up one lunchtime soon and I'll hand it over.

Marcus at 1:1:15 Saturday January 13 2007
Night Night. L-J, Hope you had great time in BIM...Guess what, We've booked up for april..hehe

G.A.H. in Fckwit city at 1:0:30 Saturday January 13 2007
Alan at work.. Your an idiot.

Marcus at 0:49:15 Saturday January 13 2007
Good evening Mr G. how art tho?

Mark G at 0:48:27 Saturday January 13 2007

Mark G at 0:46:11 Saturday January 13 2007
mmmhh David Sea!!

Marcus at 0:44:49 Saturday January 13 2007
Mark, yep still gotta purchase a few of dem CD's yet from your list.Forgot about Mr W. Bell too Gr8 track.

Marcus at 0:37:34 Saturday January 13 2007
Alrighty Richard.Yep things are good maate and soo is the Soul scene whatever the Knockers say.

Marcus in home playing Kenny Thomas at 0:35:37 Saturday January 13 2007
Cheers Stevie,Mark...And an excellent choice Mark H too.! ..yep Brown's Bag & David Sea plus Marva King,Unified Tribe,Conya Doss,Tom Dillinger,Gina Darby.Gwen McCrae -Singing TK is a nice CD too. Bring on the Independant's

richard in soulville hq at 0:22:15 Saturday January 13 2007
Wheres my manners,hows things Marcus , hi bernadette.

richard in soulville hq at 0:13:57 Saturday January 13 2007
Confused,what sort of event or night are you looking for?You slag my weekend off,but were you there?you are sort of right we were not the size of southport or caister but we weren,t trying to be and i,m sorry but we had the right people there,the sort of people who like and know their tunes but want to enjoy themselves at the same time,yes you have hit a nerve,because you have made it personal.I think it is time you came clean and show who you are or just shut up.

Lynn ( L & G ) at 23:50:22 Friday January 12 2007
Hope you enjoy the posting

Lynn at 23:48:45 Friday January 12 2007

Mark H at 23:36:46 Friday January 12 2007
Marcus/Steve/whoever`s interested. here`s my Top 10 of 2006 Indies which i posted for Soul Discovery. 1.Norman Hutchins - I Really Love You (JDI). 2.George Soule - Something Went Right (Zane). 3.Persuaders - A Woman Was Made To Be Loved (It`s Soul Time). 4.Bobby Warren - Time Has Come For Us To Be Free (Kon-Kord). 5.Roy Roberts - If you can`t put it out (Rock House). 6.Otis Jackson - Look What You Have Done To My Heart (CDP). 7.William Bell - Treat Her Right (like a lady) (Wilbe). 8.Omar Cunningham - Made My Move (End Zone). 9.Mic Gillette Feat Lenny Williams - I Like That (BKA). 10.Theodis Ealey -Please Let Me In (Ifgam). Bubbling under - Willie Walker, Brown`s Bag, Jon Pierre Gee, Cee J Jackson,Vince Montana feat Double Exposure,Bernard Mcgee,Jackie Payne,Rick Lawson,OB Buchana,Stage 3,Charlie Brown,Melissa Young,Exoutics,James Day,David Sea,Jesse James

MARKY MARK at 22:52:9 Friday January 12 2007
Oh yeah whilst I'm on me soap box! The pricks that moan aint allowed out anyway by their fat ugly wives who thinks their oldman might run off with some aging kangarilla pig with spaniels ears for tits !

MARKY MARK in solidarity at 22:48:40 Friday January 12 2007
Jackie is not a case of touchy dj's, just pisses me off the amount of knocking of dj's by twats who have a few tunes and think their dj's because they have done a warm up spot in a pub with 5 people in it !Dont matter who the jock is , there is someone out there ready to knock! If it aint hilly its froggy if it aint froggy its sharpy or frostie and so on and what also amases me is the amount of new names that come on here when theres are a bit of a rift going on!

Lisa-Jane at 22:38:15 Friday January 12 2007
Ali, I'm still laughing at you... been laughing all week - only one of my friends could measure ketchup in terms of champagne glassfulls

Jackie at 22:30:20 Friday January 12 2007
The thresd said what Maggot plays is Caister and jazz tunes which is fine, what maggot does best was he or she lying? it seems they wanted an idea of what tunes would be played at the party as the question was are you tired with the same old thing how is that having a go at him why are so many dj's so touchy on this site lets all support the soul scene please life's too short peace

maggot at 21:23:37 Friday January 12 2007
Marky i was merely going along to support the gig as an old acquaintance was playing, and i agreed to spin some tunes, but to be honest i wanted to support another soul gig in Kent good luck to Guy & Noss, i dont give a f*** if one person doesnt like what i play,lots of others seem to enjoy my tunes, but if they dont then i dont really mind at all

__DM__ at 21:18:45 Friday January 12 2007
Selina, you are a star. Shall buy you a drink if you are in attendance. Looking forward to tonight, will have been far too long since I have heard some of the music that will be played tonight. John Coltrane " Favourite things" maybe? , James Brown " Virginia Wolf", John Lucien " Who will buy", ah the distant memories.

Bernadette at 21:5:46 Friday January 12 2007
decided to have a night in watching Big Brother, ordered a pizza & got me jammies on as much as i fancied it just too much effort for Henrys - 2 hour journey on the public transport or £50 in a cab have a fab night those of you who go & have a drink for me

MARKY MARK at 21:3:25 Friday January 12 2007
F++k my old boots! A bloke comes on here to advertise his gig in Kent and gets slated because by what it appears is that he has Maggot playing! If you dont like the music one dj plays then dont go! Most wont travel past the end of their cocks anyway! As for the scene dying down here then thats a matter of opinion, maybe some gigs are quiete but thats the same all over, the pubs are dead quiete at the moment as most have spent all their money on xmas pressies! A night out is what you make of it !

Selina at 20:35:2 Friday January 12 2007
D'Arcy, Romford Road, Aveley, RM15 4XB. Hope this helps.

D'Arcy at 20:20:36 Friday January 12 2007
Gonna drag the fossils down to Henry's tonight, anyone got an address for it please? Ta muchly.

__DM __ at 20:19:20 Friday January 12 2007

Question at 20:19:9 Friday January 12 2007
Guy how will the music be diffrent give us some tunes we are likely to hear,if Maggot is playing its going to be a mixture of Caister and a few jazz tunes which is fine but not any diffrent

Pedroni in wishing I was going to Henry's at 20:5:27 Friday January 12 2007
“SEASIDE STRUT No 3” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 10th February 2007 from 7.30pm—3am & Sun 11th afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Abbo & Steve Day -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007 - Please email me if your coming so you can be put on the guest list --

Marcus at 19:45:26 Friday January 12 2007
UUUMMMM Mo-he-toes!!

Marcus at 19:44:33 Friday January 12 2007
I see that they have released the Bobby Hutton Choone - Twenty Years Later, on seven.(from CD twenty y.... in 2005).Triffic choone first heard from the good man Jester.

Bernadette at 19:40:22 Friday January 12 2007
Understandable Neill Marcus i will buy you some Mojitos at the next ANC to make up for it

Selina at 19:38:42 Friday January 12 2007
Eating my tea like a good girl with a nice Rioja, and making tony play me Nina Simone. Is that Neill R, if Yes did you get my transfer, if it's not, Hello to a.n.other Neill

Neill at 19:29:30 Friday January 12 2007
No mate, all shenanigans will be inside tonight, prob just as well with these winds!

Bernadette at 19:0:27 Friday January 12 2007
Neill will the tent bit be open or does that not happen on a Friday - only been to the alldayers

Brian Mac at 18:54:54 Friday January 12 2007
The "chords" you touch on here might not be as bangy and beaty as you like 'Confused' . My "chords" were definately untouched

Neill at 18:39:34 Friday January 12 2007
Looking forward to spinning with me old partner and dusting off 20 odd years of dust from me vinyl at Henry's tonight, I'd forgotten I even owned any! Those of you who were around last time we played together will be pleased to know that we've arranged extra parking for Zimmer frames. And a quick word of advice to Guy, the amount of people at your gig will NOT necessarily be in direct proportion to how many times you plug it on here ok?

Neville in JAZZFUNKSOUL at 18:31:40 Friday January 12 2007
JAZZFUNKSOUL, Is This Saturday 13th January, yes we are Back to the normal 2nd Saturdays in 2007! Please see www.jazzfunksoul.com for directions to the Epicurean Lounge NOW! JFS will be 5 in February, the longest running Central London, Jazz Funk and Soul night, Adm is FREE b4 11 and £10 after. Doors 10pm to 3am @Epicurean Lounge, 10 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DP Nearest Tube: Farringdon playing JazzFunk Greats, Soul Anthems, Club Classics and Soulful Garage/House.

guy in maidstone at 18:25:8 Friday January 12 2007
Hi, why are people on here slagging each other off and moaning about this and that. Come to my soul, funk and jazz gig at the revamped orchard spot in maidstone kent on friday 26th january with dj Noss ryan 8pm-2am. As far as venues go for this thing, the new spot is er, SPOT ON! If some of you are tired with the same old thing, as some of you on here claim to be! Try something new. info@ghpromotions.co.uk mob 07939532808

Stevie Cee at 18:25:7 Friday January 12 2007
Great selection of indie tunes, marcus. I'll have to get my thinking cap on about my faves. We'll have the dates for A New Chapter pretty soon for all those interested.

Marcus in work playing The Whispers LP from 05. at 18:14:34 Friday January 12 2007
..Might be up for a Soul Doo next Saturday tho..Need a fix of Soul

Marcus at 18:12:36 Friday January 12 2007
Oi Oi Bernadette..cheeky Monkey Run out of Booze whatever next ...Can't do 2nite as we're off early to Isle Of Wright 2morrow for a wedding.

Bernadette at 18:4:34 Friday January 12 2007
Hi Marcus I'm tucking into your Bacardi cos I've ran out of me own booze you fancy a trip to Henrys tonight

Marcus at 17:53:59 Friday January 12 2007
btw.. Mostly influenced by attended gigs such as A New Chapter !..where's my spoon!

Marcus in work playing Unified Tribe at 17:52:14 Friday January 12 2007
Meeeow.! ..The cat's after the fish!! Right as this IS a SoulBoys site I was gonna suggest posting peeps top choones of 2006.? Here's mine just including CD's for time being. CD's 1/Jesse James - It's Not so Bad after all.(Track: I'd rather Eat soup with you then steak with somebody else or You're All in My Dreams) 2/ Leon Beal - Romantic Groove (Track: Run to You) 3/ Marcel and the Truth - Hopes Too High CD (Track Breath Love) 4/ Oli Silk - So Many Ways (Track: Summer Fling) 5/ JAY PROCTOR: still got flow (Track: Baby I love You) Also re-release of Sy Hightower - I wonder why. Fooking superb. Cheers, Marcus

Paul at 17:40:13 Friday January 12 2007

? at 17:35:32 Friday January 12 2007
Thats 13 punters then

Jay.E at 17:21:57 Friday January 12 2007
Teri, you know it well then. Good news I have just found out that I am going to Henry's tonight.

Ellie in just bak from lunch at 17:20:38 Friday January 12 2007
Hiyer SELINA ..soz ya didnae find anything to wear ....that place is hernormus tho !!!!! would lov'ed to have seen ya at ol Henry's tonite !!! sadly not to be ..maybe nother time lots luv to you and the Ginger one and of course wifey no 2 ) xxxxxx

confused at 17:12:36 Friday January 12 2007
thats why i have a safety net incase i fall in by the way.You must abide by the health and safety rules whilst fishing.

confused at 17:10:10 Friday January 12 2007
hello Paul do you get that from experiance as you seem to know a lot about it.Me think i have touched some chords here and the truth does hurt does it not.I only wink to the southport cd bought at HMV.

Selina in back home at 17:2:2 Friday January 12 2007
Just back from Bluewater and not happy, five hours looking for stuff and all I came home with, DVD for Tony. Jane hope you have a better trip than me, if you don't buy anything Tony will give you a wants list. Henry's tonight, looking good, shame I'v got nothing new to wear, Dam

Lorraine in ymca at 16:55:54 Friday January 12 2007
At the risk of showing complete ignorance -what genre of music will be played at Henrys'tonight. Never been and don't know the DJ's. But willling to try!!!

Teri at 16:54:14 Friday January 12 2007
Jay E dont you mean Trouts

Paul at 16:51:30 Friday January 12 2007
cor,confused you still here? thought we'd moved on.Your like one of those people you see @ a bar/club/station/street nod hello then mumble wanker as you walk away

Jay.E at 16:51:17 Friday January 12 2007
I used to go fishing for crabs at the Ilford Palais

Teri at 16:48:17 Friday January 12 2007
Confused Soul Network how is that event diverse in music its mainly all R&B just because an event is packed like sardines as you seem to like it(no fishing pun intended)it has to be good its about the music and mainly the people who attend,apart from a few lovers of R&B on this site most do not go.please go fishing and while your at it hopefully you will fall in

BEV at 16:40:2 Friday January 12 2007
Richard - dropped u a mail

confused at 16:34:18 Friday January 12 2007
all come fishing it is far better.

maggot at 16:29:50 Friday January 12 2007
i will be joining my old mucker Noss Ryan in spinning some tunes down at the Orchard Spot, should be good to return to one my old stomping grounds, sponge remembers it so it does exist

confused at 16:25:10 Friday January 12 2007
well i am sorry to say you have no scene,you all compete against each other hence low turnouts.Soulville prime example loads of djs or ex djs where are the punters,Persona great nite no punters,the best gigs are the originals or soul network,dingwalls when they do it hope they do again,Soul Underground in Midlands.Even lacys is going downhill.

Alan in work at 16:12:12 Friday January 12 2007
Nobody is slagging off Southport your opinion was that event was all that matters and other parties was the same old faces ect,"well its the same old faces ect that keep the soul scene going and not just a load of kiddies coming out to play at Southport"! most of the people on this site have done Southport years ago got the tee shirt ect, Its a great event but not a patch on when it first started then what event is,look at the Southport classic weekender album its Caister tracks revamped nothing new .And no we all dont go to the ditch bar but some people like that sort of music played each to their own have you tried Soul Togetherness. We all try and support various events on this site as well, if you dont like a certain venue or type of music you have a choice of not going again.

richard in soulville hq at 16:10:27 Friday January 12 2007
give guy a look,he deserves it.thanks for call bev

BEV in phew!! at 16:10:11 Friday January 12 2007
Oi Richard - get with the lingo Bless ya x

Norwich Simon at 16:2:59 Friday January 12 2007
Richard - very well ta mate....but these two kids mean I'm very tired too....daytime napping's becoming a way of life....hope to make it to one of your Saturdays very soon and observe what young people do nowadays....

richard in soulville hq at 16:0:19 Friday January 12 2007
hi bev.confused no one is slagging off southport on here,it,s only you saying daft things.You won.t find any better any where,just see what the american djs say when thry come over here.Like i said beforedon,t go to i.o.t.l or ditch if you don,t like them,at least those guys are having a go and i think most people would say theyare happy with what they pay for.To be honest what is on their flyers is what you get,so you don,t read them by the looks of it.

guy in maidstone at 15:46:13 Friday January 12 2007
Afternoon everyone. Soul, funk and jazz at the revamped orchard spot in maidstone kent with dj Noss ryan on friday 26th january 8pm-2am. Come and support it if you can, as it should be a great night with some fantastic music. www.ghpromotions.co.uk or mob 07939532808

confused at 15:42:36 Friday January 12 2007
here stevie the reason they slag southport off,is because most of them go the DITCH BAR or INN ON THE LAKE.

Paul@CW at 15:39:25 Friday January 12 2007
A seven year old boy was at the centre of a courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with the child custody law and regulations requiring that family unity be maintained to the degree possible. The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried out that they also beat him. After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him. After two recesses to check legal references and confer with child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the English cricket team, whom the boy firmly believes are "not capable of beating anyone".

BEV at 15:9:5 Friday January 12 2007
Hey Richard - u got an email addy

Bernadette at 14:58:27 Friday January 12 2007
Might see ya down there Stevie

Stevie Cee at 14:26:32 Friday January 12 2007
Who's up for a bit of Henry's action tonight? Neil and Neill on the decks, let's go and find out exactly why they haven't DJed together for twenty-odd years! Nah, should be wicked. I can't believe Southport is getting a slagging, it's so diverse and full of quality on the music front, it just doesn't get better. The birds are pretty good too...

Neville at 14:17:40 Friday January 12 2007
There will be a tribute to Tubbs tommorow, on Solar Radio between 2PM and 2.30 Pm. The whole JazzFunkSoul show runs from 2PM to 4PM hope you can tune in. Solar Radio is available on SKY on Channel 0129, or at wwww.solarradio.com.

Neville at 14:14:58 Friday January 12 2007
RIP Tubbs. He will be sadly missed. Light of The World have appeared on stage 3 times in the last 5 years at JazzFunkSoul, as well as other venues such as the Jazz Cafe. Even though Tubbs was not in the latest line up he was always reffered to as a key member of the original line up and of course very responsible for one of the original "Brit Funk" bands, and their fantastic back catalogue. Thank you for the music, from London Town.

richard in soulville hq at 14:6:9 Friday January 12 2007
Simon, you say that to all the boys.how are you ?

Norwich Simon at 13:37:50 Friday January 12 2007
Blimey Pedroni, fancy a beer?!!! :loland a quick view of my sale list?)

Norwich Simon at 13:37:50 Friday January 12 2007
Blimey Pedroni, fancy a beer?!!! :loland a quick view of my sale list?)

Jane at 13:12:57 Friday January 12 2007
Hello Pedroni, good luck with the packing of the boxes Will see you at the Ditch next Saturday, take care

wormy worm in jack my body jack jack jack my body at 13:9:53 Friday January 12 2007
i do try tonight im going to henrys but i have to be careful on the way there as those pesky ducks always have a nibble on me

confused at 13:4:53 Friday January 12 2007
wormy worm you really need to go to these top GIGS mentioned on here.

wormy worm at 13:2:0 Friday January 12 2007
foung is what we have at weekends ie on saturday i played with my etch a sketch it was foung

confused at 13:0:16 Friday January 12 2007
a foung is a type of bait to catch fishy men.

Spell checker at 12:57:38 Friday January 12 2007
What is a foung? is it something your wear with your fish nets

confused at 12:54:21 Friday January 12 2007
i am a big fan of Salmon fishing me self.And i have just foung the JR Hartley book on ebay yes.

Fat trout at 12:51:57 Friday January 12 2007
"Wormy Worm you wont here that at SOUTHPORT"

wormy worm at 12:44:53 Friday January 12 2007
more of an ohio players fan myself

Pedroni in In Norwich today!!! at 12:26:25 Friday January 12 2007
Hi Jane, Tony will be tuning in tomorrow mate whilst packing all me boxes preparing to move, rosie & molly ask to hear your show now on a Saturday - your 2 youngest fans (Give them a shout they will love it!!!!!!! Cheers Richard - I very nearly made it with Sharpy last weekend - will def do the next one - Well the next night out for me is the Ditch Bar - for those who are going see you there sentiments agreed for "Tubbs" 1st saw them at the 100 club on Oxford Street one of their 1st gigs the original line up ""what a band they were in there time"" and all of them still playing in different guises big respect...

confused at 12:24:54 Friday January 12 2007
ohh yes and me lippy.

There's a guy works down our chip shop swears his (confused) not Elvis at 12:17:42 Friday January 12 2007
What your fish nets

confused at 12:13:18 Friday January 12 2007
sorry i was just getting me nets sorted out.Ohh and of couse listening to me southport cd from HMV.

Lamont Dozier at 12:7:15 Friday January 12 2007
The Fish Aint Biting

wormy worm at 11:57:8 Friday January 12 2007
surely no one jokes about fishing

BEV in 2day I shall mostly b looking 4ward 2 goin 2 HENRY's 2nite - yee ha!! at 11:56:6 Friday January 12 2007
Mornin Mr Flip - giz ur number (and CARPHONE WAREHOUSE don't start!) changed phones, lost urs and want 2 ask u sumfink

are you really taking the confused person seriously? surely we can all see its 'one of us' on a wind up at 11:48:28 Friday January 12 2007

richard in soulville hq at 11:12:45 Friday January 12 2007
morning gang,got hot on here yesterday,you know confused there is a lot of people who put a lot of time and effort into this scene with very little reward.i think there is plenty of veriety in the venues and the music,yes you may see some of the same people,if that is the case go further afield,you have two events now coming up,one in maidstone and one in ramsgate.blackpool and southport two big events with money to spend(great gigs by the way ),if you did not like them you want shooting!!!.Most promoters don,t have that money or sponsership,so they do what they can with what they have available,I respect your honesty,but perhaps it has come out in the wronge way.

Flip at 11:8:33 Friday January 12 2007
R.I.P. Paul "Tubbs" Williams, Light of the World

Jane at 10:48:4 Friday January 12 2007
Hello Ginger Tony, it was good to see you and Selina too Can you give Selina my love and I look forward to seeing you both at the Ditch Bar next Saturday Tony good win for the gunners in the week Hope you have a good time at Henry's tonight. Sorry Tony would love to listening to your show but I will be at Bluewaters.

Ginger Tony at 10:29:32 Friday January 12 2007
Morning all! Hi Jane, good to see you last week! Henry's later for fun and banter... Hope you can join me tomorrow morning from 8 till 10am on Solar Radio for breakfast tunes. Sky Digital channel 0129 & www.solraradio.com

Jane at 9:49:47 Friday January 12 2007
Hello Richard (soulville), Frostie, Pedroni, Debs (R), Selina & Ginger Tony and Bigger hope you are all keeping well? Have a good weekend whatever you are doing? Hope to see some of you soon, take care Jane x

Weirdy at 3:30:11 Friday January 12 2007
Dont even try

Weirdy at 3:29:19 Friday January 12 2007
This is the stuff I like./.... Random apogistese and scarardidy chat wankers

Jester at 1:43:2 Friday January 12 2007
The Jazz Rooms were featured on C4's 'Location Location' last night (..well, Wed) ..it does look pretty around that way

Pedroni in Anticipation of another great night at 0:55:41 Friday January 12 2007
“SEASIDE STRUT No 3” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 10th February 2007 from 7.30pm—3am & Sun 11th afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Abbo & Steve Day -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007 - Please email me if your coming so you can be put on the guest list --

G.A.H. at 0:35:59 Friday January 12 2007
I can spell.. Watch.. D.I.C.K.. & that's Mr to you chicken

tweet at 0:31:0 Friday January 12 2007
Gah..fuck off.. Come back when you know how to spell.

Neville in JazzFunkSoul at 0:16:44 Friday January 12 2007
JAZZFUNKSOUL, Is This Saturday 13th January, yes we are Back to the normal 2nd Saturdays in 2007! Please see www.jazzfunksoul.com for directions to the Epicurean Lounge NOW! JFS will be 5 in February, the longest running Central London, Jazz Funk and Soul night, Adm is FREE b4 11 and £10 after. Doors 10pm to 3am @Epicurean Lounge, 10 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DP Nearest Tube> Farringdon playing JazzFunk Greats, Soul Anthems, Club Classics and Soulful Garage/House.

G.A.H. at 0:11:43 Friday January 12 2007
Sparrow.. fuck off.. Come back when you know what your on about.

sparrow in in the nest at 0:9:18 Friday January 12 2007
G.A.H... apparently there's something going on at the spot later on in the month. But if you cant wait that long try strawberry moons,icon,jumpin jacks,chicago rock........if only i was twenty years younger......i'd still be to old!

Wondering at 0:3:30 Friday January 12 2007
Bit dear Guy (£8) for 1 DJ when other soul events have up to 6-7 top known DJ's on the soul scene DJ's for £5.00 all night plus some do free buffet iv'e noticed but good luck hope goes well for you.

G.A.H. at 23:50:33 Thursday January 11 2007
Southports been sold out since Monday..

G.A.H. at 23:49:58 Thursday January 11 2007
My playlist for 110107 ta Hanson & Davis I'll take you on (Levan) Fresh rec Karisma ft Jocelyn Brown Got you dancin Sound of the Universe Stone Girl i like the way you move Carrere Ruby Turner The Vibe is right Jive Ananda Prjct Breaking it down (Vega Unreleased mix) King St Stacey Mallory Uprising 4 Real Manoo Kadjo Deeply Rooted House Martini The One Koop feat. Yukumi Nagano I See A Different You (Marcus Enochsson Remix) Compost Foreal People ft Mistua Think Positive Z recs Britalics Ft Joy Malcolm Love what you feel Bacci Bros Nichols Denis Jackin a box Deeply Rooted House Dj Pierre ft Sabrina Pope Together Maxi Tracks Benji Candelario Hookers Love BC KooKoo Monster I Need it (Oscar G) Vibe Funktion ft Sir Charles Give it to me(Mentelinstrum) Soul Creation Taken ft Helen Brunner Over you Warlock Podcast Availble soon.. ta

umm did u know at 23:35:9 Thursday January 11 2007

G.A.H. at 23:16:33 Thursday January 11 2007
I'm working in Maidstone anything going on?

guy in maidstone at 23:15:15 Thursday January 11 2007
Not too sure about that one Brian!! And yes wondering if you go to www.ghpromotions.co.uk you can see the picture of the flyer thats being advertised everywhere and it tells you all the details you need to know. Cheers.

Wondering at 22:44:13 Thursday January 11 2007
Guy what DJ's have you got? how much? where's the flyer?

Brian Mac at 22:28:14 Thursday January 11 2007
aha .. but will you pass the 'confused' test of approval Guy

guy in maidstone at 22:24:50 Thursday January 11 2007
Will you all stop arguing and come to my soul, funk and jazz gig at the orchard spot in maidstone kent on friday 26th january.8pm-2am with dj Noss ryan,then you will have something to talk about! info@ghpromotions.co.uk mob 07939532808.

Linda at 22:14:0 Thursday January 11 2007
Having a wank over your Southport CD are we

confused at 22:4:29 Thursday January 11 2007
here linda what you know about music and life could fit on the back of a postage stamp.

G.A.H. at 21:29:45 Thursday January 11 2007
Live on www.radiogotsoul.com till 10pm tonight

Linda at 21:28:57 Thursday January 11 2007
Confused all these gigs same people,same music ? So what the fuck is Southport then,if your up on the music you would realise a lot of the stuff played there is still old and been available to hear at other various events prior to Southport now run along and listen to your Southport CD you bought in HMV ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

wormy worm at 20:26:1 Thursday January 11 2007
i went fishing a few times over the break and all i could see was the same old faces with the same old rods trying to catch the same old fish nobody was making any effort or being inspiring they all just sat there in fact i feel so deflated by the experience that i cant even be bothered to punctuate this posting

Northern Mick at 19:2:34 Thursday January 11 2007
Evening all...aint never known a night quite like it !!!!!!!!!Brrrrrrrrrrreeezzy

guy in maidstone at 19:0:44 Thursday January 11 2007
Oooops, info@ghpromotions.co.uk or mob 07939532808

guy in maidstone at 18:58:33 Thursday January 11 2007
Yep, me again. Just to remind everyone about my soul, funk and jazz night at the revamped orchard spot in maidstone, kent on friday 26th january 8pm-2am with dj Noss ryan. Try and pop down and have a great night of music.

Brian Mac at 18:53:15 Thursday January 11 2007
Good news about the fishing. You prefer Soul House, not a problem and the nights you are unhappy with are not aimed at that genre. Still a few more weekenders for you to try excluding Caister (Soul Village, Soulville, Soul Essence, Soul Camp plus others in various parts) although few cater exclusively for House (Boom, Boom, Shake My Ear Drums), I am fine with some Soul House but could not survive on it exclusively, horses for courses etc and 30+ years of varied music prior to that. Persona would have suited you when it was in Wardour Street but punters were not supporting it, night fishing maybe

confused at 18:43:8 Thursday January 11 2007
well the blackpool luxury weekend and southport are there any others by chance.LOL ohh and of course the trout fishing summer ball weekender.I am not having a go at punters but some of the djs at these nights werent fantastic in my opinion,ohh sorry cant have one of those as i am not in the gang.PS SOUTHPORT is the best music event in this genre of that there is no doubt.PPS my fishing is going well.

Me again in the office in debating mood at 18:41:12 Thursday January 11 2007
and .. what music do you like ? giving examples of fave tracks now or in the past. Just give readers an idea of what's liked - by some.

Brian Mac at 18:36:16 Thursday January 11 2007
Speaking from experience the last two City Soul nights have been different and varied, Ditch Bar the same as different DJ's play. "Same people" ? so now it's the punters that are under criticism .. looks like a 'no win' in your view, best you enjoy the fishing and play your music indoors. Which weekenders do you go to ? those that pass your critique of course

confused at 18:30:17 Thursday January 11 2007
and thats why there is little gain as there seems to be effort in the wrong areas.

confused at 18:22:21 Thursday January 11 2007
went to ditch bar god felt like i was in a ditch.Went to inn on lake wanted to find the lake so i could fish or drown myself.Henrys now thats not bad.City soul was ok but all these gigs same people,same music ,same outcome, bored by the end.

Brian Mac in remembrance of Tubbs playing early LOTW tracks at 18:16:11 Thursday January 11 2007
Just a question 'confused'. Name the gigs/events that you go to that you enjoy, or ones you did. Then the board can get an idea of what you believe in.

confused at 18:14:22 Thursday January 11 2007
we all have little mind because we dont like the gigs that are on offer lately.No wonder most people stay at home or go fishing.

Paul@CW at 18:8:51 Thursday January 11 2007
Brian,thanks, but we're dealing with little people with little minds JayE

Brian Mac in p.s. mode at 18:1:38 Thursday January 11 2007
better clarify that I have never been to the Inn On The Lake so am not commenting on that specific gig, but in the past I have been to SOTRC events which were ok. My comments are general as regards those that make the effort, very often for little or no gain, just the love of the music

Brian Mac at 17:58:35 Thursday January 11 2007
Kinda knew that 'confused'. Pedroni had it right, if you don't like, don't go . Just find gigs that suit you (Sir - oooh), but a variety of gigs are better than no gigs at all and at least these organisers are making an effort, without them our scene dies !! alternatively get into organising yourself and hope (as they did when they started) that people will support your efforts. Of course I have been to events that did not suit me, I don't go back but have never wanted to piss on others enjoying their nights out .

Debs in MAKING A FRUIT CAKE( late birthday cake ) at 17:47:5 Thursday January 11 2007
Not bad thanx Richard resting chilling and baking

confused at 17:46:18 Thursday January 11 2007
no i dont orangise gigs.Just fishing dos if you get my drift.But i will say i have been to a few of these gigs lately and they have been DROSS i can tell ya.

Brian Mac at 17:44:10 Thursday January 11 2007
Not a politician either and in West London so don't get to Kent much. What gigs do you organise 'confused' . Maybe something this side so we can see how your organised nights are, I assume you do organise nights as you seem aware of how easy it is . Anywhoo, Kudos to anybody trying to do something for our scene whether respected or not by the Anonymous clan

Paul@CW at 17:36:21 Thursday January 11 2007
well we could always be Beckham turn down all those loverly English clubs for £128m over 5 yrs!nt bad if you can get it ...me I got this an explanatory note regarding the new Age Discrimination Legislation and its effect on employment and pensions

confused at 17:35:8 Thursday January 11 2007
sorry am i Dreaming or is it just an illusion.Cant i play my selection of eightes caisters groovesssssssssssssss.

richard in soulville hq at 17:32:48 Thursday January 11 2007
hi debs ,hows it going today?

Debs at 17:27:0 Thursday January 11 2007
Hi Richard

richard in soulville hq at 17:25:20 Thursday January 11 2007
I must say I thought sotrc was good when we went,sorry confused no one is asking you to go if you don,t want to. hi bernadette,n- mick , jane,debs.

SOTRC at 17:21:49 Thursday January 11 2007
Confused,we are inviting guest DJ's along would you be prepared for a guest appearance in front of a measly 280 people,if so get in touch

SOTRC at 17:16:41 Thursday January 11 2007
Sorry Bev, should read modern ,new soul,rare groove and Anthems.There maybe the odd bit of northern thrown in but not what I would call SOTRC thing.

confused at 17:11:8 Thursday January 11 2007
will you be there at the classes as i would like that.Muppet thats a bit eighties talk isnt it and trying to sound chinese as well i am impressed.

Bernadette at 17:8:34 Thursday January 11 2007
OMG Ashford & Simpson at Birmingham Weekender end of May already there with bells on

Confused - Not at 16:55:4 Thursday January 11 2007
Why you no listen you muppet, it was in two halls not a large one, and the people on the door have a machine that counts people when they pay on the door, best you get yourself of for some adult education lessons

confused at 16:40:10 Thursday January 11 2007
280 in a big hall is not a lot is it.Did you personally count them.The green Cross Code man is doing the northern room.Ps is there 280 people in Kent

BEV in havin a large cup of char! at 16:35:36 Thursday January 11 2007
SOTRC - grt venue I thought Only been once must rectify that The Northern/Crossover Room sound interesting - who's playing that

Pedroni at 16:31:54 Thursday January 11 2007
Confused - there were 280 + people there - not bad for a Friday night in Kent -- anyway i dont get involved in politics mate - in my book you vote with your feet - if you like a gig go - if you dont - Dont! simple as that -

Debs at 16:28:42 Thursday January 11 2007
You little devil R T R

Richard the Roadie in Just what i've been waiting for at 16:25:19 Thursday January 11 2007
Still playing the Ol'JB cds and i'm gonna set the vcr/cdr/sky+ for this Saturday nite:- BBC2 11.55 Soul Deep: James Brown and then 12.55 The Electic Promes: JB LIVE should go down well with de glass or 2 of the mmmmmmm Jim Beam'n'coke, Edam on Ritz

confused at 16:22:49 Thursday January 11 2007
was they all seaside strutting.What is Packed in a small room.

Debs at 16:17:14 Thursday January 11 2007

Pedroni at 16:16:31 Thursday January 11 2007
Inn on the lake was packed out last time confused - a great night - well done SOTRC

Pedroni at 16:15:3 Thursday January 11 2007
HF - I'm going to six Dances on the 25th - I shall look forward to it ...

Richard the Roadie at 16:14:21 Thursday January 11 2007
Deb's This here "Roadie" has everything crossed for you xx

confused at 15:48:10 Thursday January 11 2007
inn on the lake two rooms you cant fill one.

DRBOB at 15:26:39 Thursday January 11 2007
For those interested......... John Davis Presents Body & Soul DJ's Danny Krivit. * Joaquin 'Joe' Clausell * Francois K. @ PACHA. 618 West 46th Street. NYC Nice........ Dr Bob Jones

Brian Mac at 15:19:38 Thursday January 11 2007
R.I.P Tubbs happy memories (that will live on) of his music but taken so young.

Jay.E at 15:4:52 Thursday January 11 2007
My mate does the door and says that the two room format is much better.

sotrc at 15:2:32 Thursday January 11 2007
SOTRC's booking for FRI 23rd Feb for 'Inn on the Lake' has been cancelled due to an administrative error,New date for the new two room format is Fri 16 March IOTL nr Gravesend just off A2 room 1 modern /crossover/rare grooves & the odd serving of anthems,Room 2,Everything Jazzy&Housey, 8 til 2 £7 only

??? at 15:1:17 Thursday January 11 2007
Guy why dont you put your gig on the events page ??

guy in maidstone at 14:55:12 Thursday January 11 2007
Hi again, Just to tell you about my soul, funk and jazz gig at the orchard spot in maidstone kent on friday 26th january with dj Noss ryan 8pm-2am. It should be a great night with some fantastic music. E-mail info@ghpromotions.co.uk or mob 07939532808

HAPPY FEET at 14:53:41 Thursday January 11 2007
Pedro also worth taking the parents to see is Six dances in six weeks Billy Zane Claire Bloom went to see it with Tracy a while back, very funny and sentimental story

DJLSB at 14:50:51 Thursday January 11 2007
Every Thursday, Join me Live!! from 5pm till 9pm U.K. Time for four hours of great soul, dance mixes & rare groove trax, & bustin your favourite soul beats on the streets, running down the Starpoint Soul & R&B top ten, & taking you down memory lane. To log on to my show, go to my website http://www.djlsb.co.uk & the radio station plays live automatically........ If you find it skips on your pc press RADIO & then windowsmedia or real player on your right........

Jay.E at 14:47:11 Thursday January 11 2007
R.I.P Tubbs, was playing 'London Town' in the car at the weekend.

Pedroni in critic mode!! at 14:24:23 Thursday January 11 2007
HI all - I took me Ma & Pa to see Porgy & Bess at the Savoy Theatre last night - If you want to take someone out for a brill night treat them - it's very soulful, funny, great acting, good story and brilliant dancing - well worth a visit - and the parents loved it tooo!!!!

Jester at 14:0:46 Thursday January 11 2007
Just got the sad news from Funk Management UK that co-fonunding member of LOTW/Incognito Paul 'Tubbs' Williams (Bass) passed away in the early hours of this morning ..I'll post any further news as & when I get it I at least had the privilage to see Tubbs play a few times over the years ..gutted!

BEV at 13:57:25 Thursday January 11 2007
Lorraine hi Mate - will check and will b in touch later

Debs at 13:0:56 Thursday January 11 2007
Thanx Niki and Nelly xx

Lol in YMCA at 12:28:15 Thursday January 11 2007
Bev, Frostie - whats happening Friday? henrys' it is but what time you going?

Neil Adkins at 12:6:50 Thursday January 11 2007
hello folks just a reminder that if you fancy a couple of old fellas playing a vast cross section of music from back in the day to now ..pls join myself and the Neil of the Rydings at Henrys Friday for whats been described as a sound clash but more likely to be a sound cuddle!! Celebrating Wendy and Jills Birthdaysto boot looking forward to seeing some old and new faces ...From Art blakey to alex reese see you there ...8 till late ...

BEV in the punctuation gives it away - hmmmmmmmmm at 12:5:51 Thursday January 11 2007
I refuse to have a conversation with some twat calling themselves "Carphone Warehouse" - have a lovely day

Frostie at 12:4:56 Thursday January 11 2007
Its 07835 911912

carphone warehouse at 11:58:37 Thursday January 11 2007
does he need a mobile BEV.

tara in caister at 11:44:36 Thursday January 11 2007
morning all!

BEV at 11:41:59 Thursday January 11 2007
Frostie - giz ur moby number maaaate - need 2 spk

Frostie at 11:33:52 Thursday January 11 2007
Sorry...That second line was meant to say-She used TO BE-Still half asleep this morn.

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 11:29:7 Thursday January 11 2007
Allo Simon Maaate!!Yep,thats her!I also went to a party in November where Nicky Holloway was the DJ and the host was a girl called Camilla who was well into the Rockabilly scene-She used the Club Reviewer for The Face and knew the two sisters.I took Nicky down The Ditch Bar after he could not believe how many of the old punters were still around-Tony Fernandes and him and a lot to catch up on!

Debs in IN A VERY WINDY HOUSE OF BAMBOO at 11:26:34 Thursday January 11 2007
Morning Gilly Bobbity Bob thanx my luv for the post just been catching up with it all didn't want to ruin your holiday didn't know you still bothered reading this anymore i am out of hospital for a couple of days recovering from some treatment and tests waiting for my M R I scan date then in for op or radiotherapy and chemo depending on what stage my cancer is so far its stage 1 which is good lets hope it stays that way lets hope its done with quickly as i aim to be at Chisoulalldayer which is doubling up as your special birthday i believe and i have to be at that hope you are having a lovely holiday say hi to mum and dad for me and Sally if she's there xxxxxxxxxxxxxthank you all for your positive and kind thoughts phone calls texts cards and most importantly your love and support and hope to see u all soon Mrs Webbo

BEV in SO THERE at 11:11:30 Thursday January 11 2007

guy in maidstone at 11:11:30 Thursday January 11 2007
Morning everyone! Just to tell you about my soul, funk and jazz gig at the orchard spot in maidstone kent on friday 26th january 8pm-2am. With dj noss ryan. It should be a great night with some fantastic music, and i hope you can pop down. www.ghpromotions.co.uk mob 07939532808

BEV in as I mentioned previously - I WILL NOT BE BULLIED FOR THIS SCENE SO PLEASE DO NOT START - many thanks at 11:10:50 Thursday January 11 2007
Carphone Warehouse - I have a new one thanks very much

Jester at 11:3:49 Thursday January 11 2007
Morn' - If you didn't get the chance to listen to the preview of 'A Soul Tale Of Two Cities' the other night on WFM 97.2 you can thankfully listen again at your conveinience; just copy/paste this: http://www.therighttrack.org.uk/past_shows.html and enjoy Incidentaly the Will Hart track, Just Ask The Lonely, I'm raving about is about 10mins in ...lurvally

carphone warehouse at 10:59:25 Thursday January 11 2007
i have been reading previous posts on here.Does this person called BEV need a new phone so she does not come on here as we have loads of special offers at the moment.

BEV in really really windy on the 33rd - I'm sure the building just wobbled - EEK!! at 10:37:42 Thursday January 11 2007
Hey Gavin - any chance of a bit of rockabilly/jump jive at Essence Can u imagine it Would be brill tho

Gilly in sunny Australia! at 10:15:40 Thursday January 11 2007
Hey Debs...I had a Christmas card from Bob (Banbury)..so good to hear from him, forgot to tell you that on previous post! xx

Norwich Simon in with the nipper at 10:4:59 Thursday January 11 2007
Frostie...of course Elaine...been a while...she used to knock around with the sister Celia and Stella, non?

Wayne at 9:36:24 Thursday January 11 2007
Moondogs (Rock N Roll shop) in Manor Park was always good for picking up the odd soul tune

darren at 4:32:37 Thursday January 11 2007
to the good dr bob jones.tell ya missus that the soul family from across the globe are praying for her.KEEP THE FAITH.darren

Gavin Page at 23:14:33 Wednesday January 10 2007
Chevvy, NO

chevvy at 22:7:41 Wednesday January 10 2007
Thanks to all of you that made Lil Stevies party and made his birthday special wow what a nite and day and thank you so much for the messages he is still in recovery mode ...Mr Page please please text me yours and gillys number love to all and hi xxxxxxxxx

chevvy at 22:5:27 Wednesday January 10 2007
I would not normally come on here and be so deep but please peeps the dreaded c effects us all in one way or another whether it be ourselves or family so when i fgot the news about debs i was gutted as i know many are so tonite say a pray for all we know and love and the aura of the positive soul vibes in our soul family will truly pass through to debs and bob .... our thoughts heart and love are with you at this difficult time lots of love chevvy and stevie xxxx

dave w at 21:13:17 Wednesday January 10 2007

dave w at 21:12:10 Wednesday January 10 2007
calling all Philadelphia international record fans Dexter Wansel, writer producer & artist is doing a 2 hours radio show for Starpoint radio ONLY! talking about his time at PIR and the people he had to best time working with & the worst time more info to follow soon Only on Starpoint Radio

dave w in DEXTER WANSEL ON STARPOINT RADIO at 21:11:39 Wednesday January 10 2007
calling all Philadelphia international record fans Dexter Wansel, writer producer & artist is doing a 2 hours radio show for Starpoint radio ONLY! talking about his time at PIR and the people he had to best time working with & the worst time more info to follow soon Only on Starpoint Radio

Bernadette at 20:31:22 Wednesday January 10 2007
i should aswell Mick but do i learn

Gavin Page at 20:22:58 Wednesday January 10 2007
Sad but true - Always get cheap Soul Records at the Rock N Roll Weekenders

Northern Mick at 20:20:9 Wednesday January 10 2007
Evening all.............Bernadette appreciated your comments on last night, glad you enjoyed !! I stay away from lino at my age

richard in soulville hq at 20:10:29 Wednesday January 10 2007
the rockabilly weekends are still big news in the yarmouth area holiday camps,twice a year you see the wonderful cars and all the people dressed in their 50s gear

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 19:49:39 Wednesday January 10 2007
Allo Maaates!!Anyone remember Elaine who went out with Our Price Paul?Well I went to a Rockabilly Weekender with her years ago at Hemsby nr Yarmouth....A bit rough there but "Ad a laff!"

BEV in still on the 33rd at 19:25:12 Wednesday January 10 2007
Carol B - text me ur numbers again - new phone lost urs again

guy in maidstone at 19:0:44 Wednesday January 10 2007
Hi everyone, just to tell you about my soul, funk and jazz gig at the orchard spot in maidstone kent on friday 26th january with dj noss ryan, 8pm-2am. It should be a great night with some fantastic music. www.ghpromotions.co.uk or mob 07939532808

Weirdy at 17:47:19 Wednesday January 10 2007
Deb's & Bob. Fingers crossed from my side and all the best.

Wayne at 17:23:47 Wednesday January 10 2007
Steve didn't you get a back up Reload CD with your PC? might be an option although if you cant save anything you might lose all your programs,and have to install your e mail settings with provider ect

Bernadette in listening to Ty Karim - what a voice at 17:21:54 Wednesday January 10 2007
Steve I learned the hard way - same thing happened to me & didn't have a back-up - lost everything afternoon all

Steve at 16:39:55 Wednesday January 10 2007
Thanks for that Pete...ive heard it's costly to replace the hard drive...dam thing is only a year old and i paid a grand for it.. Cheers mate

Pete at 16:26:4 Wednesday January 10 2007
Steve, sounds like either your hard disk driver software is corrupted or the disk itself has failed. You need to run a disk driver utility like Norton or summat similar to see if it can find and initialise your HD. Be prepared for tears if the disk has failed

St Albans Mix in TOGA SOUL 60'S PARTY at 16:16:23 Wednesday January 10 2007
Madam Jo Jo'S do a northern/ Ska/ R&B Rockabilly night. Love Shake a Tail Feather 5 Dutons SHAKE IT SHAKE SHAKE IT BABY "HERE WE GO LOUPY lOU HERE WE GO LOUPY LY!

BEV in is ur email up and running now? at 16:9:38 Wednesday January 10 2007
Hey - can someone pleeze play sum somewhere A couple of tracks will do - love it - I woz brought up on it init

HAPPY FEET in Hey Bartender hey man look a here draw 1-2-3-4 glasses of beer :-) at 16:3:16 Wednesday January 10 2007
Big Joe Turner Brill!! What happened to the days when Hilly and co used to do a 40's Swing set Love a bit of Rockabilly Ray Campi Mac Curtis Don Woody

BEV in larfing at 15:44:29 Wednesday January 10 2007
HF - ROCKABILLY Excellent "Flip, Flop and Fly" is only me fav - come on!

Maggot at 15:2:10 Wednesday January 10 2007
guy in maidstone at 11:58:43 Wednesday January 10 2007 Hi everyone, Just to let you know about my soul, funk and jazz night at the orchard spot in maidstone kent with dj noss ryan on friday 26th january 8pm-2am. It should be a great night with some fantastic music.www.ghpromotions.co.uk, or mob 07939532808 I WILL BE SPINNING SOME TUNES SO COME AND JOIN US FOR SOME KENT FUNKING Regards Tony Matthews

Maggot at 15:1:47 Wednesday January 10 2007
guy in maidstone at 11:58:43 Wednesday January 10 2007 Hi everyone, Just to let you know about my soul, funk and jazz night at the orchard spot in maidstone kent with dj noss ryan on friday 26th january 8pm-2am. It should be a great night with some fantastic music.www.ghpromotions.co.uk, or mob 07939532808 I WILL BE SPINNING SOME TUNES SO COE AND JOIN US FOR SOME KENT FUNKING Regards Tony Matthews

Steve at 14:37:44 Wednesday January 10 2007
black screen...drive 0 cant be found f1 to retry f2 to run boot utility...help...any of you pc guru's know what this means??? thanks

Ginger Tony at 14:25:13 Wednesday January 10 2007
Some of each N.M. See you tomorrow night matey!

Northern Monkey at 13:38:15 Wednesday January 10 2007
This Thursday 11 Jan 07,'JSR Big Soul Night Out' from Silk Road Cocktail Bar and lounge, St Botolphs Street, Colchester, Essex with DJ's Northern Mick & Ginger Tony playing an eclectic mix of Soulful vibes and jazzy rhythms. Music from 2000-0100 GMT hrs,free admission, live stream on www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk from 2100hrs GMT. More info contact Mick 07763411627. Have a Gorilla

BEV in how QUICK woz that! at 13:35:25 Wednesday January 10 2007
Hey Richard good 2 talk and I bought it - only one left on AMAZON

Northern Monkey at 13:30:49 Wednesday January 10 2007
GT..........Do you have big or little records Look forward to teaming up again tomorrow night at Silk Road

Donkey at 11:59:5 Wednesday January 10 2007
yes Shrekky-my-boy, twas a good result...totts next

guy in maidstone at 11:58:43 Wednesday January 10 2007
Hi everyone, Just to let you know about my soul, funk and jazz night at the orchard spot in maidstone kent with dj noss ryan on friday 26th january 8pm-2am. It should be a great night with some fantastic music.www.ghpromotions.co.uk, or mob 07939532808

richard in soulville hq at 11:49:13 Wednesday January 10 2007
Nice one paul!!!!

Ginger Tony at 11:24:15 Wednesday January 10 2007
Morning all!!! Hope you can join me tonight from 10pm till midnight for some records and CDs and then more records on Solar Radio. Sky Digital 0129 & www.solarradio.com

Paul@cw at 11:18:4 Wednesday January 10 2007
'spose you could refer to liverpool players as well... BILLY'S GAY DANCER DAD Billy was at school this morning and the teacher asked all the children what their fathers did for a living. All the typical answers Came fireman, policeman, salesman, chippy, captain of industry etc, but Billy was being uncharacteristically quiet and so the teacher asked him about his father. My father is an exotic dancer in a gay club and takes off all his clothes in front of other men. Sometimes if the offer is really good, he'll go out with a man, rent a cheap hotel room and let them sleep with him." The teacher quickly set the other children some work and took little Billy aside to ask him if that was really true. "No" said Billy, "He plays cricket for England but I was just too embarrassed to say !

MARKY,PUSH FM LONDON EVERY SUNDAY in LONDON at 9:53:20 Wednesday January 10 2007

richard in soulville hq at 9:52:30 Wednesday January 10 2007
hi bernadette, mixed results, but i do feel they are starting to get it together.

Markthecabbie at 4:10:46 Wednesday January 10 2007
Thanks Selina,yep we definitely enjoyed NYE. Didn't recover till Tuesday though.Still felt rough when I walked me dog up to Henrys on NY Day about 5pm to pick me cab up. Alcohol...got a lot to answer for

Jester at 2:16:27 Wednesday January 10 2007
One to watch ..William Hart's (Delfonics) take on the Four Tops standard, Just Ask The Lonely, from the 'Philatroit' project ..with BVs to die for as well

Shrek in In a mellow mood at 0:14:18 Wednesday January 10 2007
kicking back to Howard Johnson Keeping Love New Well done Donkey 6-3 Brilliant

Gilly at 23:50:43 Tuesday January 9 2007
G'day Debs...what a shocker - you know where I am (albeiit 12,000 miles away), I am always there for you ...belated birthday wishes to Bob and lots of love to you xx

Geoff & Lynn at 22:37:15 Tuesday January 9 2007
Happy birthday Dr Bob from the both of us, have a good one! and love to Debs. xxx

Bernadette at 22:21:42 Tuesday January 9 2007
me swiffing about on the lino is hardly Stringfellows but hey whatever floats ya boat Richard how are you anyway - mixed results for the toon over the holidays eh

richard in soulville hq at 22:9:2 Tuesday January 9 2007
thanks h f,i must keep up!!!!! bernadette that sounds sexy!

Ellie in bored and v.sad cos sons have gone back to school tonight ..awww at 22:7:19 Tuesday January 9 2007
ha ha ha Carol in Maldon .. nice one.. reminded me of similar ..one day a fair maiden is sitting by a lvolery pond, lamenting the fact that all the "hot" young princes are either attached or just too stoopid ...suddenly up pops a a rather large frog onto a nearby lilly pad ..herlooooo fair maiden what are you doing here all alone...."oh I was just lamenting on how this land sucks cos there's no eligible "hot" young princes aroiund anymore"..oh well says the frog if you kiss me I shall turn into a handsome prince and you could be my princess !! .."oh really.. how wonderful " she says ....oh yes says the frog ..once you kiss me and am a prince you can come and live in my castle and cook and clean for me and do my every bidding and wait indoors for me whilst I pop down the local hostelry every Friday night... ..later that night as the fair maiden dined on frogs legs sauted in white wine and cream and sipped on a rather elegant chablis...she chuckled to herself and thought " not f***in likely " ..lol ...sorreeeeeeeeee am sure thre's a moral there somewhere !!!!

G.A.H. at 22:1:23 Tuesday January 9 2007
Last Thursdays 4hr show available now from www.radiogotsoul Archive.

Bernadette in dancing on the lino at 21:55:29 Tuesday January 9 2007
Listening to Northern Mick's Modern & Crossover special on JSR - ooooo yes it hits the spot

G.A.H. at 21:34:19 Tuesday January 9 2007
Southports sold out

Jester at 21:18:51 Tuesday January 9 2007
Some tracks from the long awaited Soulful Tale Of Two Cities going out live now ..till 9pm & interview with Phil Hurtt ..http://www.wfmradio.org/wfm.m3u

Selina in just about to join Tony in watching the Arse at 21:13:20 Tuesday January 9 2007
Happy Birthday to Mark The Cabbie and Dr.Bob Mark, Hope you and yours enjoyed Henry's N.Y.E. I'll buy you a pint next time we bumped into to ya.

Carol in Maldon at 20:47:3 Tuesday January 9 2007
This is our story and we are sticking to it!! One day, when a seamstress was sewing while sitting close to a river, her thimble fell into the river. When she cried out, the Lord appeared and asked, "My dear child, why are you crying?" The seamstress replied that her thimble had fallen into the water and that she needed it to help her husband in making a living for their family. >The Lord dipped His hand into the water and pulled up a golden thimble set with pearls. >"Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked >The seamstress replied, "No." >The Lord again dipped into the river. He held out a silver thimble ringed with sapphires. >"Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked. >Again, the seamstress replied, "No." >The Lord reached down again and came up with a leather thimble. "Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked. >The seamstress replied, "Yes." >The Lord was pleased with the woman's honesty and gave her all three thimbles to keep, and the seamstress went home happy. >Some years later, the seamstress was walking with her husband along the riverbank, and her husband fell into the river and disappeared under the water. >When she cried out, the Lord again appeared and asked her, "Why are you crying?" >"Oh Lord, my husband has fallen into the river!" >The Lord went down into the water and came up with George Clooney. >"Is this your husband?" the Lord asked. >"Yes," cried the seamstress. >The Lord was furious.. "You lied! That is an untruth!" >The seamstress replied, "Oh, forgive me, my Lord It is a misunderstanding. >You see, if I had said 'no' to George Clooney, you would have come up with Brad Pitt. Then if I said 'no' to him, you would have come up with my husband. Had I then said 'yes,' you would have given me all three. Lord, I'm not in the best of health and would not be able to take care of all three husbands, so THAT'S why I said 'yes' to George Clooney.And so the Lord let her keep him.The moral of this story is: Whenever a woman lies, it's for a good and honorable reason, and in the best interest of others. >That's our story, and we're sticking to it. >Signed, >All Us Women >

Brian Mac at 20:14:0 Tuesday January 9 2007
Indeed it was Frostie, Golden Caister as named with the films in Neptunes during the day ( think that was when films were first shown) .. quite funny as E.T. was 'premiered' then and the amount of blokes that had 'Something in their eyes' .. LOL Happy Days

Frostie at 20:5:5 Tuesday January 9 2007
Oh nearly forgot!Friday night looks good Taff!Looks as if all the real Old Skool are gonna be there and personally looking forward to it!!

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 20:1:45 Tuesday January 9 2007
Allo Maaates!Erm,No 10 was the first four dayer that ended on the footie pitch.The T shirt was red with gold writing and the chosen anthem was "Keep that same old feeling" by Side Effect-Had a few of them in the past as well!!Bev-I have two-allomaaate@yahoo.co.uk and djsdontdance@yahoo.co.uk-Pedroni-Myself and Kerry are 100 per cent coming-Would love to do an hour and promise not to double book myself!!!!

maggot & Roni at 19:47:15 Tuesday January 9 2007
Dr Bob our thoughts are with you and Deb , posistive vibes to you both

Neville at 19:44:55 Tuesday January 9 2007
Debs, I'm so sorry to hear the news. I think you were due to have an appointment today. I do hope it went well for you. All the VERY best, to you and Dr Bob. Here's hoping you recover very quickly. Neville

Brian Mac at 19:33:41 Tuesday January 9 2007
82' was number 10 .. that much I can remember .. as was National Soul Holiday in Port Grimaud (St Tropez) .. Sea Pyramids woo hoo

BEV in should be fun on Fridee methinks at 18:54:43 Tuesday January 9 2007
Caister 1982/83 - can't remember either

Brian Mac at 18:49:50 Tuesday January 9 2007
20 + years ago Bev .. I went to various but not sure which

BEV in a vry blowy tower in CW at 18:46:46 Tuesday January 9 2007
Hey Brian - the "Chuck Waggon" comment was for the Pre-Clone person Did you go to the FRONTLINE Ghandi party - gotta go down in history that one esp for poor ole Adrian

Brian Mac at 18:27:9 Tuesday January 9 2007
Definately at Caister 10 it was in the upstairs bar in Neptunes, races across the lounge to centrally placed floor pints . Those were the days, buy 4 pints and drink one .. lol. Also had some pyramid competitions which we were pretty good at

BEV in I remember and can picture the scene - ahhhhh at 18:3:14 Tuesday January 9 2007
Wot by the "Chuck Waggon"

Brian Mac at 17:56:58 Tuesday January 9 2007
Far too early Bernadette ... reminiscing on the tribe days Bev as a Harrow Breeder, had a few laughs with the original Frontline (some great Sunday morning beer fights - well, we were younger)

Pre-Clone in Standing in "Our" Corner at The Goldmine at 17:55:12 Tuesday January 9 2007
"Wear" not "where"

BEV at 17:55:3 Tuesday January 9 2007

Pre-Clone at 17:53:32 Tuesday January 9 2007
....and i might have to where my Pre-Clone T-Shirt and show you Funkmasters/Frontline and Saxmaniacs how to dance "Mind your feet, the Pre-Clones are in the House"

guy in maidstone at 17:50:47 Tuesday January 9 2007
Hi everyone, just to tell you about my soul funk and jazz night at the orchard spot, maidstone kent on friday 26th january 8pm-2am. It should be a good night with some great music. www.ghpromotions.co.uk mob 07939532808

HAPPY FEET in Getting my coat at 17:46:33 Tuesday January 9 2007
Abbo You could always try your hand at Bingo calling NUMBER 22 (SOTRC )

BEV at 17:44:14 Tuesday January 9 2007
Oi Ed - shall we go in FRONTLINE T-shirts Sshhhhhhh Me mum has only just thrown my original one away but I did get another one made up for the Caister Tribe theme a few years back - prob sad I know but THOSE WERE THE DAYS

Pat in at home at 17:38:29 Tuesday January 9 2007
Debs, only just seen all the postings - wishing you all the best. God Bless. Pat and Spud xxxx

Bernadette at 17:28:1 Tuesday January 9 2007
how rude Brian was up at 10.30...it's a hard life

Abbo at 17:23:58 Tuesday January 9 2007
Back at ya Wayne,raffle patter is on the up, getting rid of the rough edges

HAPPY FEET at 17:11:50 Tuesday January 9 2007
Cheers Abbo hope you and the family had a good christmas and new year sorry its a bit late, have you been practising your raffle patter on the yellow again)

Ed Stokes at 17:3:52 Tuesday January 9 2007
Bev.Yes, Jo & I will be at Henrys on Friday.Taffy says its a Generals v Saxmaniacs soundclash so I will have to appear as Frontline judge Dread.

Abbo at 16:57:30 Tuesday January 9 2007
Orrible big black stuff here, http://www.vinylsearcher.com/Dance-Music/Electro-Records/details/FH1827.aspx

Abbo at 16:55:42 Tuesday January 9 2007
Wayne,It's on a couple of good cd comps or you wanting that heavy black round stuff.Jazz in the House,slip & slide and beats and pieces vol 2 bbe

Brian Mac in p.s. mode at 16:37:57 Tuesday January 9 2007
Oops the sequel - the Crimbo/NY year away was for Happy Feet .. although I hope your Moscow New Year went well Bob even if it was actually the main Crimbo celebration in Russia ... better stop, lack of nicotine makes me ramble .. lol

Brian Mac in work going through withdrawl at 16:35:42 Tuesday January 9 2007
Oops .. stayed offline a couple of days as I am trying to quit the evil weed (done it once before but tougher this time)... goes without saying that Debs sorry to read that news, I can only echo what Jester said (as it was succinct) .. in my thoughts etc.. Dr Bob happy birthday today, try and enjoy the day... hope you had a good Crimbo and New Year away ? .. okies, gonna stick on some CD's at work - because I can and it's CD only (guess you might just be getting up Bernadette ? .. hehe)

HAPPY FEET at 16:9:19 Tuesday January 9 2007
Hi Richard hope you had a grt Christmas thanks for all your help in 2006 yes 52nd street Hot Pants been doing the rounds for a bit now grt track, anyone know where I can get the Jazzy track Got The Bug by Bougie Soliterre

raregroover in southampton at 16:7:45 Tuesday January 9 2007
happy birthday dr bob, sorry to hear about debs . i went to the luxury soulweekender @ blackpool last weekend, my thoughts and prayers are with you both, raregroover on the soggy south coast ..

Markthecabbie in Search for tune at 15:53:45 Tuesday January 9 2007
Gary D played a blast from the past at Caister last year..."Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?" Who was the artist?Been doing my brain in since....

Markthecabbie at 15:52:0 Tuesday January 9 2007
Hey Bob,its my birthday today as well!! Guess you're not in the mood to celebrate,hope you and Deb get some good news soon.

BEV in yep PAUL tis vry windy up ere on the 33rd - eek I'm sure the building just wobbled!!! at 15:45:10 Tuesday January 9 2007
Hey Ed - u and Jo going along to HENRY's on Fridee nite

richard in soulville hq at 15:44:44 Tuesday January 9 2007

guy in maidstone at 15:26:49 Tuesday January 9 2007
Hi everyone, just to let you know about my soul funk and jazz gig at the revamped orchard spot in maidstone kent, with dj noss ryan 8pm-2am. It should be a great night with some fantastic music. Friday 26th january. www.ghpromotions.co.uk or my mob 07939532808

Paul in up a windy tower at 15:25:25 Tuesday January 9 2007
Richard,he couldn't have looked as bad as he did at mine on new years morning/afternoon

richard in soulville hq at 15:9:56 Tuesday January 9 2007
very excited today,lote of goodies from mr dennis,both soul serchers(damm funky) ,karl frierson ,sleep walker and jazz juice 52nd street(track12 hotpants breakdown,blows your head off it,s so good ),and last of allrosie gaines.Sharpy you looked so ruff on SUNDAY AFTERNOON .

Neil A at 15:5:15 Tuesday January 9 2007
Mr Jones all the best to you on your birthday ..and more importantly good and get well very soon to your debs ...

Ed Stokes at 14:25:0 Tuesday January 9 2007
Many happy returns Bob.Yes,agreed with yourself & mr Masters,Dj Shadow excellant.Elmsy has been playing it regularly.Available yet?

steviej77 at 14:3:16 Tuesday January 9 2007
Frostie give us a call left txt for you this morning no response so call me asap

Pedroni at 13:42:42 Tuesday January 9 2007
Frost it's the 10th & 11th of Feb mate - I will post full details later this week

BEV in havin another frustrating day on the 33rd - grrrrrrrrrrrrrr at 13:29:44 Tuesday January 9 2007
Frostie - wot's ur email addy?

Frostie at 13:10:25 Tuesday January 9 2007
Allo Maaaaates!Pedroni-Whens this doo then?

Pedroni at 12:41:48 Tuesday January 9 2007
Cheers Wayne we've got some in Ramsgate for £22.00 PP PN where people stayed last time they said it was ok - decent breckie etc..

HAPPY FEET at 12:31:19 Tuesday January 9 2007
Pedro there are some cheap B&B rooms going in nearby Margate for £35 with breakfast on the web i'll send you the link

Bernadette at 12:22:46 Tuesday January 9 2007
Morning Happy Birthday Bob what time does Henry's finish usually

HAPPY FEET at 12:20:10 Tuesday January 9 2007
Pedro I dont want your noisy nutty mates staying in the same hotel as me there's my woman to be wooed dont you know Send you an e mail

Pedroni at 12:7:25 Tuesday January 9 2007
Happy Birthday Bob - Do something special today mate - Pete - Love to the missus xx

Pedroni at 12:5:38 Tuesday January 9 2007
HF -- Top boy it will be a fantastic weekend - the last one was rocking never seen so much dancing!!! - It's already building a good following - Let me have the details of the Hotel youv'e booked as we get loads of calls of people wanting to stay over so the more the merrier!!!

Jay.E in graftin at 11:44:11 Tuesday January 9 2007
Mike McD, can't make Henrys but will be getting down with my bad self at the civic hall next month. Even though I'm a newbie on here and don't know anyone except for Mr Rydings, reading the posts below I'd like to say all the best Debs and I hope everything turns out fine for ya my fellow gooner.

HAPPY FEET at 11:28:13 Tuesday January 9 2007
Pedro, Hotel booked up for Seaside Strut me and Tracy looking forward to it

muppets like who? at 11:25:42 Tuesday January 9 2007

Coppo at 10:54:46 Tuesday January 9 2007
'Appy Burfday Bob...Debs thinking of ya girl.

and at 10:29:51 Tuesday January 9 2007
Cause she is disabled thick and ugly thats why muppets like you vote for twats and make them rich

richard in soulville hq at 10:18:16 Tuesday January 9 2007
Happy Birthday Dr Bob

MikeMcD in At Work at 10:13:6 Tuesday January 9 2007
Different strokes etc....Not everyone can be like you and cope quietly some people need support of their Friends and Family and quite frankly people on this site are more Family than just Friends.I am glad to hear you beat the dreaded but as a fellow previous sufferer I am sure you understand the last thing you need is people criticising you in public when all you are looking for is support.all the very best to you Debs even though you are a Gooner !! Jay E ( Fellow Chafforder ) am at Henrys this Friday so if you around say Hi!! as we live around the corner to each other but don't know each other

because she's disabled you idiot at 9:13:8 Tuesday January 9 2007

MARKY MARK at 8:28:38 Tuesday January 9 2007
Morning peeps!

Mark H at 8:5:9 Tuesday January 9 2007
Happy Birthday Bob.Also my sincerest hopes and best wishes go out to Debs and yourself. As Marcus said we will all be keeping everything crossed in the weeks/months that lie ahead.

sean at 7:19:7 Tuesday January 9 2007
appy b/day dr bob...deb will call laters.......

Debs at 6:43:50 Tuesday January 9 2007

Jester at 1:14:18 Tuesday January 9 2007
Eve' - Looks like a breakial plexus injury from earlier in her life ..in lay mans terms, a shoulder injury that affects the nerves controlling muscle movement in her arm ..SHEEPA ..SHERRPA ..SHILDA; what ever your name is (in a gruff voice) ..classic!!

Have a word at 0:40:38 Tuesday January 9 2007
Why does Jade's mother keep her hand in her pocket on BB has she got her knob and bollies caught up in her/him knicker elastic she makes mingers look good

? at 22:8:45 Monday January 8 2007
David Panda This Time better

DRBOB at 21:48:17 Monday January 8 2007
Yes BM spot on with DJ Shadow, I heard this a couple of months ago- great song.Best Jonesy

Bob Masters at 21:34:58 Monday January 8 2007
DJ Shadow "This Time" What a great tune and it's all over Radio 2.

Yes I did Debs at 21:32:52 Monday January 8 2007
Best of luck anyway, sure you'll be fine..

guy in maidstone at 21:13:48 Monday January 8 2007
There will be a soul, funk and jazz night at the orchard spot in bearsted, maidstone kent with dj noss ryan on friday 26th january, so come along and enjoy the sounds! 8pm-2am. www.ghpromotions.co.uk or mob 07939532808

Coppo at 20:16:19 Monday January 8 2007
Hi ya Richard agree wid ya there matey...Bernadette the zimmer is on its wat to the paintshop "pink is the colour la de la la la"

Doctor Bob Jones in chillin at 20:16:13 Monday January 8 2007
Debs and myself are so overwhelmed by the love you have all given us- Thank you so much. Your positivity & love are keeping us strong in these troubled times.Will keep you updated later this week. Much love and respect to you all. Dr Bob Jones & Debs

richard in soulville hq at 19:45:25 Monday January 8 2007
Different strokes WE ARW FAMILY!! SOUL FAMILY that is (are is spelt with an E)

MARKY MARK at 19:45:14 Monday January 8 2007
Thanks to all of you that tuned in to me, froggy and frostie last night infact it was JSR's biggest audience and has cost me a small fortune in pay-per listener! We had a blinding time and getting the chance to mix alongside the frog was a lesson in itself! He will be back on JSR soon ! Watch this space

MARKY MARK in the gap at 19:41:53 Monday January 8 2007
Taff long time no see, will be up Henrys this friday, do you still have your own teeth and hair? Last time I saw you it was the trademark wedge

Debs at 19:35:10 Monday January 8 2007
Did u not read the post i put up

Different strokes for different folks I guess.. at 17:16:31 Monday January 8 2007
As a previous sufferer - and beater thankfully, of cancer - its beyond me why people like to broadcast such personal and private news on the internet for the whole world to see...its a devastating thing, and I only wanted very close friends and family to know...still we are all different - good luck

TONY FERNANDEZ at 16:58:25 Monday January 8 2007

guy hodge in maidstone at 16:55:43 Monday January 8 2007
Hi everyone, just to say that i am putting on a soul funk and jazz gig with dj noss ryan at the orchard spot in bearsted, maidstone kent on friday 26th january 8pm-2am.Email info@ghpromotions.co.uk or mob 07939532808

HAPPY FEET at 16:30:46 Monday January 8 2007
Primark? do I look like I come from Bosnia (DONT ANSWER THAT)

BEV at 16:19:56 Monday January 8 2007
HF or Primark Hey plenty of DJ's seem to wear jeans these days

Julie at 16:17:0 Monday January 8 2007
Keegan dont mock what you cant afford

HAPPY FEET at 15:59:6 Monday January 8 2007
I should had gone to George at Asda or worn my MC Hammer Zoots

keegan at 15:54:28 Monday January 8 2007
Happyfeet, I dont blame them for not letting you in... who wears blue timberlands anyway!!?

Ed &Jo Stokes at 15:25:5 Monday January 8 2007
Deb & Bob,just got crap news.Our thoughts & prayers are with you.Keep the faith. Deb & Bob,just got crap news.Our thoughts & prayers are with you.Keep the faith.

Paul in up the tower at 14:52:24 Monday January 8 2007
sarfend have to beat Barnsley 1st

Billy the fish at 14:38:59 Monday January 8 2007
West ham v watford Arsenal Bolton Chelsea V forrest spurs cardiff/ Southend Man utd / Pompey

marky,push fm in london at 14:33:13 Monday January 8 2007

Bernadette at 14:23:22 Monday January 8 2007
Hey Coppo instead of working on the funky banana you'll now need to 'pimp your zimmer' i suggest nice sparkly pink with girly accessories like mirror, make-up bag & somewhere for alcohol obviously hope all goes well today Debs thinking about ya girl

lisawhistle at 13:44:55 Monday January 8 2007
Debs and Bob hope all goes well this morning with your appointment! Debs I know you can beat this one you are a tough cookie lots of luv xxx

richard in soulville hq at 13:37:0 Monday January 8 2007
Gav,can,t find your number,please give me a call if your lurking.

Selina in counting blessings at 13:24:9 Monday January 8 2007
Deb's thinking of you and Bob this morning. Please keep us all posted. XxX

Bigger at 13:20:53 Monday January 8 2007
Soul, politics and all the shit that goes with it. Then there is the real world Debs and Bob my love, thoughts, heart, positiveness and best wishes are with you both. Regards Bigger

BEV at 13:19:37 Monday January 8 2007
Wotcha TAFFY and NEIL - I will be there (obviously) - EXCELLENT can't wait can I

Neil A at 12:58:28 Monday January 8 2007
Taff may have stolen and begged for records but never borrowed ..looking forward to blowing the dust of some old 78s ....

Taffy at 12:55:17 Monday January 8 2007
The Funkmaster generals V sax maniacs sound clash this Friday at Henrys my good buddies neil A and Neill of the rydings playing the best that their greedy mits have stolen, borrowed begged and even spent their hard earned £ on ...Everyone welcome to come along and help celebrate Wendy and Jills birthdays ...The last time these two stood the decks together records came in 78 s

Jay.E in work at 12:51:31 Monday January 8 2007
Getting back to the Alex O'Neal stuff, I dug his first album out this weekend and I'd forgotton just how good it is.

BEV at 12:32:10 Monday January 8 2007
Ok thx 4 that Gavin - will call Mr C tonite

Debs at 12:26:16 Monday January 8 2007

Gavin Page at 12:19:27 Monday January 8 2007
There are a few rooms left but I think they are doubles and a couple of twins. Ringing Bob is the best idea

BEV in trying to be a proper punter and booking up early at 11:53:41 Monday January 8 2007
Hey Gavin - do u know if there is "any room at the inn" (Raynscourt) for Essence or just weekend passes now Will try and call Bob later if not - thx

richard in soulville hq at 11:42:12 Monday January 8 2007
Hi Jane,happy new year!!!!

Coppo at 11:11:58 Monday January 8 2007
Deb's shall be thinkin' of ya... Chin up girl...Shall put some wheels on me zimmer for ya. Say hi to Bob.

Jane at 11:4:7 Monday January 8 2007
Hiya Pedroni, Lacy's was ok but not that busy but at least you had room to dance and didn't feel like you were on the tube The queue wasn't that bad to be honest I know what you mean about going to the pictures, the last film I saw was Happy Feet I took my nephews. Sorry I haven't seen the new Will Smith Film. Take care and hope to see you soon. Jane x

Pedroni at 10:52:2 Monday January 8 2007
Hi Jane - happy New year - How was Lacy's - Was gonna go but I guess I am too lazy to queue for bloomin ages!! Hope everyone else had a good weekend - Went to see Casino Royale - Really eanjoyed it - new years Reso must go to Flicks more often!!!!! -anyone seen Will SMith new one yet that blooks quite different from his normal stuff??

BEV in still with a fuzzy head on the 33rd at 10:38:39 Monday January 8 2007
Good Morning Hey MARCUS drop me a mail when u get time me ole china

Marcus at 10:27:27 Monday January 8 2007
Debs and Dr.Bob my thoughts and love are with you today .Fingers,toes crossed xxMarcus

Jane at 10:13:45 Monday January 8 2007
Hello Richard Soulville, how are you? Hope is well at your end? Jane x

Jane at 10:12:50 Monday January 8 2007
Happy New Year to everyone first posting of the year Good to see Selina, Ginger Tony, Nat, Debs (R) and Tony at Lacy's on Satuarday Happy Belated Birthday Stevie, hope you had a good day, love to Chevvy and hope to see you both soon Hello Pedroni, Sloen hope you are ok? Dr Bob and Debs don't think we have met but good luck for todays appointment, we will all be thinking of you, rememeber be strong. Jane x

richard in soulville hq at 10:3:11 Monday January 8 2007
Well done dr Bob for coming on here and telling us about debs,I think you will now find what the soul family is all about.Whether you are pro caister ,lacey soul- village soulville,southport,northern ,house, WE ALL will be thinking of you both and I know EVERYONE will be there for you in any way they can.good luck today.

Debs at 9:23:1 Monday January 8 2007
I aim even heads all over the shot today

Debs at 9:6:22 Monday January 8 2007
Morning gangeroony cannot say thankyou enuf for all the kind messages the phone hasn't stopped since Friday couldn't figure out why i got more phone calls last night i didn't realise Bob had put this up on all the forums he has taken this quite badly but he thought all my friends should know and as i'm lucky enuf to have alot of friends in different corners of the soul scene this is what he did and this is the best way to keep u all updated on my progress once again thankyou from the bottom of my heart and my aim is now to be better for Dickies party and Chisoulalldayer even if i have to be wheelbound or maybe i could borrow your zimmer frame Coppo i iam to be there Sheppy a big hug for my luv i will do my bestest xxxxx

MARKY MARK at 8:30:49 Monday January 8 2007
Morning peeps! Bob and Debs my thoughts are with you!

G.A.H. at 6:20:17 Monday January 8 2007
Kill Bill Misunderstood

Ellie at 1:32:40 Monday January 8 2007
I am so sorrry my keuboar d neeeds a nnesw baattery.... so pleeeeese xcussoose

Ellie at 1:30:17 Monday January 8 2007
...well i now that choon butt am sccaared to ell ya incasse iit aint kill bill 2 !!!!!!!!!!!! wwwwhiiiich is bes saar movie effha made !!! IMOH .....greeeeted eyes oou t !!!

scouser at 0:51:47 Monday January 8 2007
Hi, chums. Can anyone tell me the name of the track in Kill Bill which is played during the ultimate swordfight of the film? I think it's the last but one tune before the end; a sort of clappy start to it which then goes a bit techno-folk. Ta.

Gavin Page at 23:42:40 Sunday January 7 2007
Bob, As I said to Deb on Friday our thoughts and love are with you ! If you need a friend you know where we are Dad x

Gavin Page at 23:41:57 Sunday January 7 2007
Bob, As I said to Deb on Friday our thoughts and love are with you ! If you need a friend you know where we are Dad x

Sisters Of Sound in Essex at 22:9:23 Sunday January 7 2007
Our Thoughts are with you Debs & Dr Bob xx

MARION in at home at 21:35:23 Sunday January 7 2007
Dear Dr Bob & Debs, what can we say...as Jester said wait till the appointment, she'll be in safe hands. Take care to you both, love Marion & Jim

Jester at 20:34:24 Sunday January 7 2007
Debs & Bob ..needless to say hang on in there tonight, with such an initial shock it's probably making your heads spin with all different scenarios. I'm sure things will be a little clearer after the appointment tomorrow ..I pray that things work out ok for you both. We're all behind you xx

Ellie at 20:2:16 Sunday January 7 2007
Dr Bob.... I've only met you and Debs couple times and I'm so sorry to hear such devastating news .....I've been there myself and all i will say is jsut keep positive ....it's sooo important and take advantage of all your freinds around you ..they will want to help and comfort you !!! ((((HUGZ)))) and prayers ...a litle REIKI healing for you ...HON SHA ZEY SHO NEN xxxxxxxxx

G.A.H. at 19:47:2 Sunday January 7 2007
Some class http://www.fullbozman.com/

Neill at 19:38:52 Sunday January 7 2007
BOB!! As already stated on here, Friends & Strangers was indeed the Grusin track Robbie used to use on BBC London back in the day. Sorry to insult you with the Taxi track, tell me, have you & Cindi Lauper ever shared the same taxi? Just Curious..... Btw, Me & me old partner in crime, Mr Neil Adkins are reforming @ Henry's this Friday to try and piece together what the f*ck we've been up to for the last 25 years, 8 till late, all welcome! Finally, big love to Debs, I think it's fair to say we're all routing for ya mate.....xx

Sadie at 19:14:10 Sunday January 7 2007
Happy Feet you didnt miss anything they done you a favour

Bernadette at 18:34:39 Sunday January 7 2007
i'm really sorry to hear that Dr Bob...please pass on my regards and best wishes to Debs...I am thinking of you both at this difficult time

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 17:51:19 Sunday January 7 2007
Tone-U do make me laff!Its a private party at a Pub-But also word on the street is that Les who used to have The Windmill now has a Pub in Leigh.Im probably seeing him Sat and will keep in touch.

whatsup with the policy? at 17:29:25 Sunday January 7 2007

Doctor Bob Jones in the Crap News Dept. at 17:14:8 Sunday January 7 2007
Just heard my good lady and love of my life Debs has be diagnosed with the dreaded 'C' and has a hospital appointment tomorrow Mon Jan 8th. I don't mind admitting this news has hit us both hard. Don't know how to handle this......thanks Stevie Blackwax for the call. Will know more tomorrow. All u peeps take it easy out there. Peace and 1 love Dr Bob Jones

G.A.H. at 17:11:5 Sunday January 7 2007
Where Frost? No problem just highlighting the demise of Southend as an underground music area.. Scamps used to hold regular rythm & Soul nights then changed to Club Art (Or Artex as we called it cos of the crap decor)Playing commercial 80's pretty much like Tots.. Then to Adlib where it played commercial House now who cares what it's called cos no one local is interested in decent music. They have over 30's nights.. Great Towns full of miserable Goth students cos of the new Uni.. If their that fckn miserable now what they gonna be like when they have a mortgage to pay the boring little fckers.

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 16:52:3 Sunday January 7 2007
Allo Maaaates!Seems like Southend is getting on the map-Im playing with Frog in Leigh On Sea next Sat....And as for tonight,dont forget on jazzsyndicate.co.uk 8 till 10 its myself and him playing a mix of soulful house and old skool classics

HAPPY FEET in Playing Patches at 14:21:40 Sunday January 7 2007
Thanks for a very nice evening Chevvy and little Stevie at your flat music and food was fab hope you had a great time PS Stick lacy Lady door policy where the sun dont shine

Jo at 13:44:37 Sunday January 7 2007
GAH why the comment about Adlib? what's the problem?

Gavin Page at 13:24:33 Sunday January 7 2007
Worth going to Tony ?

G.A.H. in ow at 12:46:51 Sunday January 7 2007
1st Saturday in the month Gav.. Rob Messer playing all my old records

Alan Champ in Sutton at 12:36:5 Sunday January 7 2007
Join Ian & Alan on Starpoint Radio this afternoon from 2pm til 4pm for two hours of contemplative mood music and reasoned analytical debate. This week we'll be covering the final part of Deuteronomy. The concluding third discourse (27-30) is hortatory, relating almost wholly to the solemn sanctions of the law, the blessings to the obedient, and the curse that would fall on the rebellious, so don't miss out !

Ellie in just back from bracing run at 12:6:24 Sunday January 7 2007
..well it was more a quick walk !!! ha ha Bev it's worse thing you can do is staying in on own thinking and drinking it works jsut as well with the ol vino colapso !!! I was listening to the oppositon tho ol Seanie P on Starpoint .. don't think I stayed up as late as you but I daren't tell you how many empty bottles are sitting by my puter !!!!!

BEV in 2day I shall mostly b havin a "vodka head" at 11:47:7 Sunday January 7 2007
Never stay in on ur own drinking and thinking Oh well - hey Frostie and Froggy good luck with the show 2nite Spk soon

MARKY MARK at 11:16:20 Sunday January 7 2007
Morning you lot and happy birfday stevie!Less that 12 hours til Frostie and Froggy get me closed down by OFCOM ! so join Frostie and Froggy 8pm tonight live @ www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk

MARKY MARK at 11:16:19 Sunday January 7 2007
Morning you lot and happy birfday stevie!Less that 12 hours til Frostie and Froggy get me closed down by OFCOM ! so join Frostie and Froggy 8pm tonight live @ www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk

Gavin Page at 10:11:44 Sunday January 7 2007
Should be fun ! www.soul-shakers.de

Debs at 10:11:19 Sunday January 7 2007
Brilliant how are ya Romford

Gavin Page at 9:59:39 Sunday January 7 2007
Oi Romford, The etiquette of anonomous posting, means don't use your real Email address !

Debs at 9:47:47 Sunday January 7 2007
Morning Sean and thanx x

Gavin Page at 9:39:33 Sunday January 7 2007
Tony,Is the Southend Gig a regulat thing ? Morning all

sean at 9:34:30 Sunday January 7 2007
mornin deb

Debs at 9:30:50 Sunday January 7 2007
Ah thanx Sandra xx

Debs in LISTENING TO SANDRA C at 9:0:24 Sunday January 7 2007

G.A.H at 4:20:29 Sunday January 7 2007
Adlib even

G.A.H. in Listening to Daybreak I nned love P Adams finest at 4:20:5 Sunday January 7 2007
You mean Adlib. Club Art. Now who cares.. Used to be Scamps the first place i heard Northern Soul curtesy of Chad N Dell.. But cha wouldn't know stuff like that..

Brian Mac at 3:45:48 Sunday January 7 2007
The same as you Bev, chillin indoors having looked at the unattractive weather .. lol. Was tempted by the Donald Byrd replacement (the house band) but settled for warmth here

MARION in at home, off to the land of nod at 3:1:45 Sunday January 7 2007
Anybody used a USB deck and tape facilty yet, we have one at home but not used it yet (too busy playing with childrens christmas presents)...i've gots loadsa tapes going back 20 years and just wondered what the quality would be like

BEV in still up - it's SOLAR RADIO's fault - eek at 2:36:2 Sunday January 7 2007
Hello Brian - where u been 2nite

MARION in at home listening to Starpoint Radio and bloody working on a claim for work at 2:27:10 Sunday January 7 2007
Hello Jo - I live in St Neots and have only worked in Construction, so definately not this Marion

Brian Mac in playing Friends And Strangers - Dave Grusin at 2:17:7 Sunday January 7 2007
Glad to see somebody agrees with me Aja .. said similar at 17:26 today (16:26 actually but clock still wrong .. lol) .. but maybe not that if Bob is still looking .. do remember it as one tune though

Jo at 1:27:14 Sunday January 7 2007
Hi Marion, did you ever work in "adlib" or "mr.b's" club in southend??

MARION in at home listening to some Spanky Wilson at 1:5:19 Sunday January 7 2007
Anybody able to confirm guests at next Monumental 24.02.07 ?

BEV in pukka choons and looking like the "lone punter" on ere - oops never stay in on ur own! at 23:22:29 Saturday January 6 2007
Ellie - u chooned in2 Solar Excellent

Aja in Suffolk at 22:46:35 Saturday January 6 2007
Message for Bob Masters,the track you was after was friends & strangers mate ! if didnt have any luck

BEV in dhillin at 22:9:45 Saturday January 6 2007
Just wondered if there was any old Southend punters I mite hav known Hav fun and don't ask "Got any House" on a swiffing nite

BEV at 21:55:58 Saturday January 6 2007
Who u going with

BEV at 21:42:25 Saturday January 6 2007
I know - u should have said

G.A.H. at 21:40:59 Saturday January 6 2007
Saks.. No good tmorra tho!

BEV in Northern in me Home Town? at 21:39:49 Saturday January 6 2007
And it's a rite long drive! GAH - excellent, where? I'm in Sarfend 2morra

G.A.H. in Who needs to go to Blackpool at 21:34:37 Saturday January 6 2007
I'm going swiffing in Southend in a bit. To hear Rob Messer play alll my old Northern 7's

Frostick at 20:49:50 Saturday January 6 2007
Lisa Whistleblower - How did you get on with your CV last night ? Any news on the coat ?

Bob Masters at 20:44:44 Saturday January 6 2007
Hi Frost, could'nt make the shindig last week geez. NEILL, with respect, I think I know the Taxi track mate. I wish I could remember the Grusin track.............search engine.

BEV in u can't beat a drop of V&T I reckon at 20:35:25 Saturday January 6 2007
Ellie - yep I thought that 2 - as u say another time Selina hav fun 2nite and I hope u find room 4 sum swiffing

Selina in ready but no bloody cab yet. Aaaarrrhhh at 20:23:1 Saturday January 6 2007
Evening Ladies, Will do Ellie

Ellie in still bored of Putney at 20:22:43 Saturday January 6 2007
Bev am opening a bottle wine and getting the jammies on ...we should have arranged to meet out somewhere ....next time eh ..its flippin peeing down ere anywasy so am staying in cosy now . but that don't mean am happy bout it

BEV in bored where I am too at 20:18:41 Saturday January 6 2007
Yep me 2 Ellie and not sure I can be asked now

Ellie in wishin i was somewhere else instead of boring Putney at 19:54:54 Saturday January 6 2007
Hiyer Selina ..if yousee ol Pete give him big slobbeery kisses ad HUGZ from me x xx have a good nite xx

Selina in thinking about starting to get ready. at 18:41:20 Saturday January 6 2007
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVIE. xXx See you tonight, Me, Nats and Tony Two Wives

Pedroni in In peace - getting ready to go to the Flicks!!! at 18:23:51 Saturday January 6 2007
Frost me old maaate you all pootered up now then mate!! God help us!! Might come down to Leigh on Sea next sat where you playing??? Say Hi to Kerry - Hi Sloen the girls were talking about you today we went swimming - god the've got good memories!!

Neill at 18:18:19 Saturday January 6 2007
Sloen, drop us your details to events@qdosinfo.com and I'll give you a buzz.

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 18:2:41 Saturday January 6 2007
Allo Maaates!Erm...Guess Wot-Yep!Froggy now has an email addy at mixerfroggy@yahoo.co.uk-whilst on,Im still at allomaaate@yahoo.co.uk

Brian Mac in p.s. mode at 17:35:31 Saturday January 6 2007
Time to dig out some old Robbie V show tapes methinks before listening to GT and Ash from this morning. Could be a close one at Cardiff tomorrow, never relaxed when Ledders is out of the side and BMJ will probably rest a couple too . Show faith though 2-1 win

Brian Mac at 17:26:33 Saturday January 6 2007
Up at last and getting into the night work habit again *phew*. Hippy Buffday Lil Stevie and all others .. getting real confused with the Robbie V old tunes, remember him using Dave Grusin "Friends and Strangers" too I think on Radio London. Shame about City Sounds as I was another who contributed there 'hard earned' on a weekly basis when Jeff Young was on the Jap Jazz buying frenzy .. happy memories of Dodgy Dave and Nigel Wilton, those were the days *nostalgia moment* . Ave' a good un wherever you land tonight

BEV in wishing I was at BLACKERS!! at 17:23:19 Saturday January 6 2007
Frostie - I spoke to Tracy earlier and asked her if she'd been in the Northern Room, she said "yeah they're all old" Of course, most of them choons they were swiffing to the first time round. Anyways, told her to get herself back in there this afternoon for a bit of Soul Sam and Steve Plumb - PUKKA!

Sloen at 17:2:46 Saturday January 6 2007
Allo Frostie maaaaaaaaaaaaate, thanx again to you and Kerry for the great time at yours last week Laidback weekenders are deffo not 4 me hun

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 16:57:40 Saturday January 6 2007
Thanx Abbo Maaate!! Yeah,thats the one-Allo Sloen Maaate!Just received an update from Blackpool-erm....Very laidback at the moment.Sounds like your kind of weekender eh?

Sloen at 16:28:38 Saturday January 6 2007
Neill, do you have a contact number/e-mail ref Alex please? Ta

Abbo at 16:13:47 Saturday January 6 2007
http://www.juno.co.uk/search/?page=2&q=devotion&precision=all&column=all&x=14&y=11 part II here also

Abbo at 16:9:41 Saturday January 6 2007
don't know if that's the mix???

Abbo at 16:7:0 Saturday January 6 2007
http://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/mailorder-soulfulhouse.html Frostie go number 721 it's for £7

Frostie in Soul Cottage at 15:52:14 Saturday January 6 2007
Vinyl oh naturelle Neil!!!

Neill at 15:41:6 Saturday January 6 2007
Hiya mate.... MP3 or large black round thing? Cos Traxsource, as usual, have just about all the mixes you want!

Frostie at 15:27:43 Saturday January 6 2007
Neil,whilst your there,Im after that Groove Junkies thing called Devotion-Any ideas whos holding a copy?

Neill at 15:16:18 Saturday January 6 2007
Angela!!! Right, that's me spent. Only 57 tickets left for Alexander O'Neal btw so anyone who still wants to come, get back top me asap! I know I won't be offering him the use of me brolly no matter how much it's pissing down.

Neill at 15:13:19 Saturday January 6 2007
And I've never been able to listen to Bob James' Westchester Lady without thinking of the film Debbie Does Dallas, or is that the other way around...?

Neill at 15:11:31 Saturday January 6 2007

Neill at 15:10:42 Saturday January 6 2007
ahem... and the Bob James thing with the girls name for a title was the theme for Taxi.... Taxi!!!

Neill at 15:9:14 Saturday January 6 2007
Bob, I think the Grusin thing was Morning Dance but that was for the theme for his BBC London phone in not Radio 1 show! I know he also used a Chocolate Milk thing and a Ray Parker Jr thing on (You Can't Change That)for jingles on his london show too! I'll get me coat

BEV in is it time for a beer yet?? at 14:35:9 Saturday January 6 2007
Hey Frostie maaaate - still not sure wot I'm doing 2nite - will bell u laters

Frostie at 14:27:43 Saturday January 6 2007
Allo Bob Maaate!

Frostie in The Soul cottage at 14:26:21 Saturday January 6 2007
Allo Maaates!Or even Winchester Lady eh Pedroni?Happy birthday Stevie and fanx for the invite last night......Also a very appy birthday to Hutch and many many fanx for all his assistance at the party and in the pooter room-Not long now before the Jazz Syndicate show goes out live from Thorley!Which brings me onto Sunday night,where my guest is Froggy who is gonna be putting together a soulful house set-Should be interesting!Chevvy,Im due to play in Yarmouth tonight-so busy nowadays,I nearly forgot!So,have a wonderful night Stevie and myself and Kerry will see you all soon-Well next Sat if you are going to the Leigh On Sea party that myself and Froggy are playing at.

Bob Masters at 14:23:19 Saturday January 6 2007
Spot on Ped, I'll take a draw now mate.

Pedroni in there's no 1 in the year!!! at 13:41:41 Saturday January 6 2007
It will be a toughie Bob - but the boys will do it 3-1 i reckon 0.0 at 1/2 time -- The Robbie intro track was Hot Pants Road by JB's He also used Wenchester Lady by Bob James - he changed it over the years?? memories...

Bob Masters in don't fancy the Cardiff game ! at 13:27:4 Saturday January 6 2007
Girthdevon, It's a Dave Grusin track, I've been looking but no-joy as yet. I seem to remember it was a girls name something like "Solina" ....that kind of thing...........Or!! A Bob James track mmmmmm, I'll let you know how I get on. ALSO, on the bad news front, I was very sorry to hear that City Sounds had to closed the other day. God knows how long that shop had been there but It served many of us well for many years. Obviously a victim of the times we live in but I would like to pay tribute to all the lad's that worked there over the years but mainly "Dodgy Dave" He was the best salesman in the world and would leave you totally skint every time.......a legend.

lisawhistle at 12:58:22 Saturday January 6 2007
Hello squeaky thanks for reply but unfortunately i didn't receive any email pls call me on mob no. 07850 418600 and leave msg or you could phone pam direct on her mob 07960 943342 many thanks

PeteG in at work but soon to be at home at 12:9:19 Saturday January 6 2007
Cor been out of circualtion for a couple of days but seems like weeks...stinking cold so probably gonna chill out tonight with my lady, a few Stella's and some geat tunes... Hope everyone's weekends is going great and those attending Hilly's Birthday gig 2 nite hasa fab time... stay safe

Pedroni in leaving to take the girls swimming at 12:3:21 Saturday January 6 2007
Bloomin Hell what happened 9 months ago!! Miners Stike - Well Birthday wishes to Sponge have a good un mate - and to Stevie boy - I hope chevvy gives ya a great big snog mate!!! we got hilly, Maggott, and Skatsey this month as well - wonder if they were all on the same milk round!!!- To anyone I've forgotten Happy Birthday - Have a great weekend everyone whoever your doing!!!!!

Marcus in Treacle Bumstead Listening to Ash at 11:58:27 Saturday January 6 2007
Okey Dokey...Happy Burfday's to Sponge,Geoff and Chris H. ..and Jazzie B.

Lynn at 11:15:24 Saturday January 6 2007
Selina, what a sweetheart you are XX Your posting was so sweet, thank you for the lovely words you wrote about little Christopher and Jennifer, they are little loves. . God bless you and GT too XXXXXX Lisawhistle, glad you found your coat hun, was lovely to see you on NYE . Have a good weekend everyone, My Birthday Boy is off for his surprise tonite Love to you all Lynn xxxx and of course Geoff xxxx

BEV in crikey it's all Burfdees 2day and let's not 4get HILLY at 11:15:3 Saturday January 6 2007
HB 2 Sponge 2

Abbo at 11:10:58 Saturday January 6 2007
Appy burpday's to me ole' mate Sponge and Lil Steve

Lynn and Geoff at 11:5:16 Saturday January 6 2007
Happy Birthday LIL STEVIE, Have a wonderful day,Much Love to you and Chevvy Lynn XXXXXX and Geoff XXXXXX

Sloen at 10:38:35 Saturday January 6 2007
Stevie Happy Birthday darlin from me and the kids. Morgan sends a big sloppy kiss. Have a great night tonight and see you soon. Love to you and Chevvy. XXXXX

Sloen in hangover hell at 10:36:28 Saturday January 6 2007
Selina, my dear jelly friend, only you would think of a post for the little people!!! Both Jayden and Morgan (and myself of course) wish you and Tony a very happy and healthy new year, my kids think the world of you both and you are very special, as you know. Let me know when you are next at Henrys, i will supply the bread XXXXX

Gilly H at 10:33:15 Saturday January 6 2007
Wishing you a Fabulous Buffday Lil Stevie, Hope you have a wonderful day sweetie

BEV in wot a moody looking day out there! at 10:31:6 Saturday January 6 2007
HB Lil Stevie U remembered when it was then

Marcus at 10:23:33 Saturday January 6 2007
G.T. Ooooh Cerys loves this What's Missing (Great taste already) Alex one ...The baby chair is rocking ...Turned up a few notches.

Oliver a slippin and sliding... gonna go and see and Muffin fancies a boogie at 10:19:40 Saturday January 6 2007

Debs at 10:11:40 Saturday January 6 2007

richard in soulville hq at 10:1:39 Saturday January 6 2007
Good one Bob(what a mess)!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL STEVIE !! have a good one.

Debs in LISTENING TO THE GINGER ONE at 10:1:3 Saturday January 6 2007

Marcus at 9:48:13 Saturday January 6 2007
Good Morning G.T and cheers for the Leroy H.!

Marcus in Home listening to G.T. on Solar (minus the port) at 9:45:23 Saturday January 6 2007
Morning Soul Peeps and a Happy Burfday to Lil Stevie.

SQUEAKY at 1:10:34 Saturday January 6 2007

CHEVVY at 1:10:8 Saturday January 6 2007
For all those that know us oyr house is an open party house fronm 8pm pre party drinks the lacy please feel free to join us please bring a bottle or 2 loads of djs come party!!!!!!!!!1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chevvy at 1:7:42 Saturday January 6 2007

SQUEAKY at 1:5:21 Saturday January 6 2007
Lisa whistle..... you've got mail.

Marcus at 0:51:53 Saturday January 6 2007
Nice One SLinks. .

Marcus at 0:49:45 Saturday January 6 2007
Now reverting to good ole Northern, Locations - Mr.Diamond Man...Alright P.J. Ellie?

marky,push fm in london at 0:49:13 Saturday January 6 2007
happy new year one and all hope you've recovered from the last few weeks festivities..... iam back again this sunday evening for your musical pleasure, 6-8pm, playing the best in deep/jazzy and soulful grooves,myself dj markymark. make a note to join me if you're near a computer,listen online via http://www.pushfm.com see below for link to the pre xmas show on push fm- http://download.yousendit.com/4F33A9D205B41D2B regards, and best wishes for 2007.....dj markymark/dancetrax

Selina in taking down the xmas deco, is it really all over at 0:48:52 Saturday January 6 2007
Has much as I love you big ones out there, I'd just like to say "Thank You" to all little people I've had the pleasure of dancing with last year. Love to Tamla, Morgan x 2 (Mrs's C little one and Sloen's Ickle one), Dean and Brett, you guys killed me at Henry's in the summer, my Jayden, more of a footie and boxing partner than dancing. Baby Daniel (little Stuart). Baby Daisy only 9 weeks old and dancing with her while she chuck up over me shoulder, (there again Milan 42 and chucking). Looking forward to this year and more of the same. Yet to have my first dance with Baby Cole and Cerys. Goeff and Lynn the two kids at your birthday were little loves. If I ever give up banking me thinks a Soul Kindergarden could be a calling. God bless them All.

marky,push fm in london at 0:46:51 Saturday January 6 2007
happy new year one and all hope you've recovered from the last few weeks festivities..... iam back again this sunday evening for your musical pleasure, 6-8pm, playing the best in deep/jazzy and soulful grooves,myself dj markymark. make a note to join me if you're near a computer,listen online via http://www.pushfm.com see below for link to the pre xmas show on push fm- http://download.yousendit.com/4F33A9D205B41D2B regards, and best wishes for 2007.....dj markymark/dancetrax

Ellie in iin jammiies and hopin ol Ging Toone listenin at 0:43:32 Saturday January 6 2007
..teell hiim i stil luuv hiiim .. even is e is a berk and plooonkie stoopiiid wallynoddle xd

Marcus at 0:32:31 Saturday January 6 2007
G.T.,Selina. you're have to come over soon for a curry,beer and chonne fest...O and see Cerys

Marcus in still on the Calif.Executives- 2/Baby I love you at 0:30:32 Saturday January 6 2007
Alright G.T... Hopefully ,no actually possible,well deffo I know!!, I'll be up early for you show as Cerys entertainment 2morrow. ..Play me a choone maaate?...Nice choone by Leroy btw.

Ginger Tony in Leroy Hutson's "I think i'm falling in love" at 0:26:35 Saturday January 6 2007
Evening Marcus. All the family well. Just waiting for the wife to get off the phone then bed!!!

Marcus in home listening to Lp of California Executives - side 2- Laid back Soul at 0:24:5 Saturday January 6 2007
Eveningaroonie....All curried up and relaxing wid a glass of extra matured port.(gout tablets at the ready !!!!).

Ginger Tony in sorting some tunes for the morning... at 0:17:41 Saturday January 6 2007
Evening all! Hiya Bernadette, hope you and Vijay are well!

Jo at 23:56:34 Friday January 5 2007
aaaah, thanks Bernadette! didn't realise there was a website, well, didn't think to look! Cheers!

its behind you ! at 23:50:30 Friday January 5 2007

Bernadette at 23:47:55 Friday January 5 2007
try this Jo www.jazzfunksoul.com i've been in my jammies all night too

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 23:43:18 Friday January 5 2007
Last Thursdays 4hr session Right here we go 4hrs worth .... pt1...... Nina Simone Baltimore CTI Barbara Lynn You make me so hot Ichiban McGhee Now that i have you American Dream Universal Love It's you girl TK Disco Arnies Love i'm out of your life Radar Bridge Baby don't hold your love back Atlantic The Isley Bros Take me to the next phase Epic Joyce Sims All & all Sleeping Bag Breakwater Say you love me girl Arista Love Unlimited Orch Lift your voice & say (United we live in peace today Unlimited Gold Rose Royce It makes you feel like Dancin Whitfield James Simpson Band On the money Penco Marta Acuna Dance Dance Dance (P Adams) P&P Linda Jones Body Fever Spirit Chaz Jankel Without you A&M Gino Soccio Try it out Atlantic Sinnamon Thanks to you Becket One on One Body Music Bonus Paul Randolph What it is Still Music Manoo Kodjo Deeply Rooted House 1 Luv Black Daylight (Slope Mix) Yarouba Autumn Sunshine You You rec Darrell Martin feat. Ramona I got me U Phonic Tony L & Greg Gauthier Bamoun Kwele Kif ......pt2...... Lorie Caval He broke my heart Liberate Ten City All That (Ian Friday Mix)cdr Urban Mystic I refuse (Dj Spinna) Sobe Martino The One cdr Peven Everett Put your back (Q Harris)cdr Jovonn Can't hold back Deeply Rooted House Mina Jackson Just Believe Stingily Music John Daly Do it Wave Music Mark Grant ft Russoul Girl without you Blackstone Viola He is Lord Silk Entertainmant AudioWhores ft Asia House Music (Unreleased Audiowhores Sax Dub)Celebrity Barbara Tucker Loves on Time (Terry Hunter Unreleased mix) cdr Red No5 Happiness Togetherness Subliminal Soul Dj Romaine Justified (L Fontanna mix) Raise the roof Sixth Sense Don't you feel it(Simonelli) Suburban D Ferrer Unconditional Love Large Rachid Pride (mood11Swing) Universal Naked NYC It's Love om J D Braithwaite Love me tonight (Sanchez) One podcast available soon ta

Jo at 23:2:13 Friday January 5 2007
Hi, can anyone tell me the club where JazzFunkSoul is now on? Thanks

Ellie in incontinent !! at 23:1:8 Friday January 5 2007
BEV ...wont be fist time i don.ssssumat daft wot ya reckon ??? up n at em I say whey ou live ? !!!

Paul in in waiting to pick up newly 14 yr old from the chlakpit at 22:57:45 Friday January 5 2007
Criticize...Jellybean production ...Ben Liebrand remix

BEV in 07712 932570 at 22:33:25 Friday January 5 2007
Hey Marky Mark - they will do you proud coz "Froggy mixes better than a Kenwood" and that's a fact Elle - bell me 2morra - I feel a long drive 2 BLACKERS comin on - or maybe that's a silly idea May hav 2 do the LACY afterall - nowt wrong in that but will miss me Jazz Room

Wayne at 22:32:27 Friday January 5 2007
Pete. Alexander O Neil You Were Meant To be My Lady 88 Keith Cohen Extended Remix from the All Mixed Up Album > best mix on there What Can I Say To Make You Love Me (Hateful Club Mix) Still got his 1988 VHS compilation Vid The Voice On Video Sad I know Talking of those 80's vids do you remember Will Downing Come Together As One > tracks with A Love Supreme and In My Dreams and his version of Free .

Ellie in still i jammies at 22:22:58 Friday January 5 2007
SELINA tune in to realloveradio.. nie sounds !!!!!

ellie in still i jammies but wishin wasn't !! at 22:20:55 Friday January 5 2007
Selina darliin...nooobody cares bout spollin on ere !!!!! i hoope .. did you know that mosst peeple who are dyslexic can spel the conditshun and afflicton from which they sufer !! ... i wanna come bak to HENRYS !!!!!

Selina in loving her physics at 22:20:53 Friday January 5 2007
Is anyone play tunes as I'm home alone. Otherwise I'm going to sit here with my book of Birds of Britian & Europe.

Selina in detox, well that never work, !!!!!!!!!! at 22:10:49 Friday January 5 2007
:. = Therefore,

Selina in I've just receiced i'm sure there should be a v inthere somewhere tickets for Alex Baby at 22:6:2 Friday January 5 2007
Neill, lovin the Postal Address, I'm sure at Metal Soul someone played Alex and said Quote Unquote, it's twentny years old, :. It's Modern.

Girthdevon at 22:0:20 Friday January 5 2007
Anyone here likely to be able to clock a track that Robbie V used on one of his Radio 1 jingles....can anyone remember that far back ......been asked by a customer... drop me a mail and I can send you a soundclip. Cheers Girth

MARKY MARK in In me sick bed at 21:59:40 Friday January 5 2007
I have been very poorly for the last couple of weeks and aint been able to do shows, so this week with Frostie the side kick is Caister or ex-caister ( cant keep up with it ) DJ froggy! So let the chaos resume! _________________ MARKY MARK AND FROSTIE Sunday 8pm - 10pm Jazz - Funk - with a soulful groove just after the one with wobbly bits Live @ www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk

G.A.H. at 21:57:46 Friday January 5 2007
I've been called worse Ellie. I really don't think they get much about most things.

Ellie in replying to Mr Hayzer at 21:44:53 Friday January 5 2007
..lol .. you don't have crak me up .. loads people tell me they find you distastful ! LOL . I just dont think they get it !!! lOL xx great show last night .. enjoyed !!

ELLIE in still in jammies but 3 glasses wie later at 21:42:36 Friday January 5 2007
BEV .. aww OK so wot shall we do to cheer selfs up termoorw !!!!

Gilly H at 21:41:17 Friday January 5 2007
Lisawhistle, I heard a little story about Pam going home with the wrong coat on, but I thought you were with them ??

Gavin Page in Jackanory with uncle Bob at 21:39:26 Friday January 5 2007
I like the Cindy Laupa story bestest !

G.A.H. in Who'll be remembered Alex or Bob at 21:22:16 Friday January 5 2007
Cheers for that Bob. Any other bubbles you wanna burst. You'll be telling me Whitneys a crack whore next.

Bob Masters in Alex should wear a Nappy at 21:2:4 Friday January 5 2007
I used to love Alexandre O'Neal, "If you were here tonight" was the track me and Sal danced to at our wedding (winner of the worst video ever comp). Then!!! I changed my mind. I was working at A&M records at the time and we used to put out all the Jam and Lewis stuff.........anyway !! Alex had to fly into London to do lot's of t.v. and radio interviews. Four day's on the trot he refused to come out of his bedroom he was so smashed, I know ! rock n'roll and all that ! but whan he was due to do Top of the Pop's he went shopping, my boss was going round the u-bend as was the MD at the time, me and my side kick were just thinking "top bloke" he just ddnt give a toss. SO!! two weeks came and went, 3 changes of hotels and Limo bill that could arm a small revolution. Everyone wiped there brow and thought thank God he's gone. I came into work about a week later and my boss called me into his office, "I want you to hear this" he said opening a letter he was holding, and what turned out to be one of several that arrived that week. This one was written by the MD of the Park Lane Hilton, he was very distressed to have had 3 long serving members of staff walk out that week including 2 house-keepers who said they had never witness anything like it in all their time in the job AND THIS HAPPENED IN EACH HOTEL, Alex covered, which had to have been done over a period of day's, the hole room in what I will discribe as "Mess" the chairs, the sheets, the curtains, pillows. The 3 umbrella's that were in the stand in the hall had been "messed" at both ends as was the broken umbrella handle that was in one of the bed's..........double yuk !! SO !! When I see him on "Just the two of Us" I thought "who's gonna clean his dressing room" I'm sure it's not called the Green Room anymore and When I hear "Whats Missing" I think "Yeah !! the Umbrella" ....."If you were here Tonight" NO THANKS"

Big Alien at 20:56:25 Friday January 5 2007
5th Dimensions Vers of California Soul ... Check out the Dancin!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-g6Rj6PPUY

Big Alien Buzzin at 20:53:23 Friday January 5 2007
Or for Honey Cone fans!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2cQ47VVzU0

Big Alien Grazing in the Grass at 20:50:58 Friday January 5 2007
To all my Friends of Distinction! Check this classic Vid out ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpfX10IjOU0

BEV in havin a glass of red - yum yum at 20:42:58 Friday January 5 2007
Yep Ellie know exactly wot ur saying - I'm well fed up too Oi Jay - don't forget the baggy jeams and yachting shoes

Jay.E in Cafford 100 at 19:31:12 Friday January 5 2007
Right, I've found me copy of Alex's first album, I also brought down from the loft, Dayton - Hot Fun and Gerald Alston's album and some of me Mastercuts Classic Funk, Jazz Funk and Salsoul, looks like I am set up for the night, now where's me white socks.

Ellie in jammies early on a friday night !!! at 19:10:16 Friday January 5 2007
am sooooooop'd off . I had Blackpool all booked up since brummie luxury weekend ...stoopid me cancelled for all sorts of reasons ...and now am wishing I was there !!! boo hoo .. wot to do termorrow ????

marcus at 18:36:54 Friday January 5 2007
That should read My gift TO you...

Marcus in Workio Playing - David Simmons - Love Tonight at 18:35:34 Friday January 5 2007
Afternoonie Folks...re . A'O'Neal... 1st Lp Deffo his best with tracks already mentioned: A Broken Heart Can Mend and What's Missing.Last one used to be a fav of mine getting ready to go out. Also like the tracks- What Is This Thing Called Love, Love makes no sense and Lord.....Also worth getting the xmas LP My Gift for you just for stepper 'Thank You For A Good Year'...choone IMO....Marcus

BEV in pondering wot to do this weekend now - need to go somewhere methinks at 18:9:19 Friday January 5 2007
Hey Richard - am tempted to come up to the cold east coast. Shame I'm due up at me mum's next weekend - timing

Mark G at 17:53:19 Friday January 5 2007
Damn - missed a copy of MJ Wade for £156 !!!

Jay.E in Chafford 100 at 17:48:38 Friday January 5 2007
Going up in me loft to find Alex's 1st album on CD.

HAPPY FEET at 17:48:35 Friday January 5 2007
Nice one Girth Get well message to Shaggy (Wayne A) hope you get over the virus soon mate, Iv'e got details of the digs for you and Sally speak soon.

Girthdevon at 17:37:53 Friday January 5 2007
Gave 'Help Yourself To My Love' a spin on NYE @ Mental Wayne....sounded brill.....

richard in soulville hq at 17:28:16 Friday January 5 2007
Sorry Arty,I think all these people can,t be wronge.Pedroni we have Frostie and Sharpy in the back room at Ceaseres this sat.

Pete Collins at 16:43:50 Friday January 5 2007
Nowt wrong with Alex, regular spin 'You Were Meant To Be My Lady' does it for me, a fine soul track beautifully produced. He made a nice Christmas Album too (Sounds Of Blackness on BV's no less). Furthermore in 1990 he went on a world tour and is still to this day the only black singer to ever sell out 6 straight nights at London's Wembley Arena. So there!!

lisawhistle at 16:41:32 Friday January 5 2007
missing coat was at henry's new year

lisawhistle at 16:39:52 Friday January 5 2007
Happy New year to you all finally recovered from the weekend well I actually did 2 days ago A great night at Henrys good music and nice company. Happy belated b'day greetings to Nikki hope you had a great day and night!!! Missing coat well swapped coat by a rather pissed person if anyone has lost a short black coat with scarf pls let me know on lisa_wimborne@hotmail.com doing a favour for me mate got picked up by mistake too much booze

HAPPY FEET at 16:28:26 Friday January 5 2007
Help Yourself to my love and Rumours stood out for me and then of course early Lillo Thomas stuff (Downtown everybody will be congregating!! ) ect are we having a reminiscing half hour Girth!!

Girthdevon at 16:15:2 Friday January 5 2007
Just been playing it now Jay, Jam-Lewis-tastic...spot on with Sherrick, Wayne....how's about Kashif's 1st LP...a master class on how great the 80s sound could be....with Mantronix being at the other end of the spectrum. Can't be doing with Joyce Sims etc ...

MONSTER MUNCH at 16:13:31 Friday January 5 2007

Pedroni at 15:51:59 Friday January 5 2007
Dont think it is Maria...

Pedroni at 15:51:1 Friday January 5 2007
Cheers Louise - The Brick Lane gig looks interesting might try that...I have had some good nights in Pasha though!! getting a bit old for it now though!!!

Maria in Wickford (but at work in the City!) at 15:48:22 Friday January 5 2007
Afternoon all! Does anyone know if the other room is going to be open tomorrow night at the Lacy? The main room gets really crammed! I can't wait, it's been 3 months since I've been to a soul 'do' so I'm itching to get out!

JohnnyBoy in The big tower at 15:6:3 Friday January 5 2007
Stevie, I'd like to add Carl Carlton's self titled album on 20th century into the 80's soul mix, played "sexy Lady" on NYE also like to say how much we enjoyed "mental" great music from all dj's. Gary was on top form!

Louise at 14:43:53 Friday January 5 2007
Pedroni Pasha have there 5th birthday party on Sat night if thats your thang ! or check out the lane bar brick lane for House, Electro, Techno, Funk Soul and Jazz-Funk vibes

Jay.E at 14:38:39 Friday January 5 2007
I remember buying his single 'Just Call'. Don't have it anymore as I sold all of me records to Gary Dennis, robbed me blind he did and all

HAPPY FEET at 14:32:23 Friday January 5 2007
Girth Sherrick album was top notch as well and tracks under- played

Jay.E at 14:31:41 Friday January 5 2007
Girthdevon, I'm gonna have to dig that album out now and give it a spin this weekend.

Jane at 14:28:32 Friday January 5 2007
There's no Blue Note jazz Room at Lacy funny how nobody has said anything oh well Happy Birthday Hilly and have a grt time to all that are going

Jay.E at 14:28:1 Friday January 5 2007
I thought he had developed a lisp or something but now I realise why, thanks for the info flip.

Girthdevon at 14:23:35 Friday January 5 2007
Like yer action Stevie....i'd go for What's Missing myself. Been spinning this 1st album recently...loved it on release and then shelved it for the best part of 20 years. IMO one of the last truly great albums of the 80s and head and shoulders over anything else he's done....garage wise i'd go for 'Let's Get Together' from 96/97....Lord ??? well, if I wanted to dance to Cheryl Lynn......

BEV at 14:17:16 Friday January 5 2007
Loads of "Northern" gigs - check out Soul Source, otherwise BLACKERS! Wish I was going now

Flip at 14:13:55 Friday January 5 2007
Happy New Year to one and all! I see the old or new debate is back....poor old Alexander O'Neal I got to interview the nice man last year, he has put in a lot of work over the years and is no spring chicken anymore. Apart from flirting with substances it is worth pointing out that he has had a stroke which has slightly effected one side of his body. Hence the sometime slur, the lean and limp.However, Still Well worth going to see.

Pedroni at 13:52:23 Friday January 5 2007
Apart from the Lacey - anyone know of any other Gigs this Saturday?

Jay.E in work at 13:33:12 Friday January 5 2007
His best choon in my opinion was 'If you were here tonight'. Reminds me of Essex girls and being single

Stevie Cee at 12:49:20 Friday January 5 2007
A Broken Heart Can Mend, that's a quality tune imho. I'm not Alex Baby's biggest fan, but he's a quality singer, no doubt and was paying his dues when the competition consisted of real singers, not rent-a-divas or lightweight crooners. I love new music too before I get stick!

MONSTER MUNCH at 11:18:25 Friday January 5 2007

Selina at 10:26:22 Friday January 5 2007
Weirdy, looking back over recent posting's, you'd do for me cocker. See you next Friday, and don't forgot which one is me and which one is Nats, as N.Y.E. you thought we were one of the same.

2nd from Left at 4:54:1 Friday January 5 2007
..Jester, go to bed ..please!

Weirdy at 0:39:47 Friday January 5 2007
I see the cowards still come out on here Tony Hope you had a good new year Keep it off here you dicks....Cant you block their IP's Niki Hello Selina/Tony/Nat's/Bern et all

Agent K in Put up all your hands everyman but ladies ladies first at 0:14:8 Friday January 5 2007

Northern Monkey at 23:38:39 Thursday January 4 2007
Richard, what are you doing up at this time of night? you have got to be up early !!

The Birthday boy at 22:54:1 Thursday January 4 2007
Hi all. Big Thanks to everybody who posted their good wishes: Sloen & family, Pedroni, Bev, Richard, Debs and Tee, Bernadette, Selina, hope I have got everyone. Methinks Lyndy's planning something for the weekend . Already have new printer and new keyboard - she's spoiling me. Luv Geoff xxxx

richard in soulville hq at 22:17:54 Thursday January 4 2007
Anyway,talking of good singers,I got a couple of gospel comps (two for a fiver) at my local rainbow ,i,m trying to get rid of the goose bumps,wonderful stuff!!!

Coppo at 22:13:56 Thursday January 4 2007
Opps RICHARD even

Coppo at 22:13:7 Thursday January 4 2007
Richaed....You know it's good to talk

Selina in cheese and cracker supper at 22:9:47 Thursday January 4 2007
Hiya Ellie, he sure does, and a fine job he does to. I'll send your regards to our Nats. Hope to see ya soon CupCake.

richard in soulville hq at 22:8:56 Thursday January 4 2007
Arty,nothing wrong playing o,neil records,Coppo great to catch up with you today.

Bernadette at 20:47:7 Thursday January 4 2007
Ray Gaskins played keyboards and sax AT THE SAME TIME phenominal

G.A.H. at 20:27:21 Thursday January 4 2007
Just ben sorting me tunes.. Covering for Mickey Blanco tonight so there's a 4 hr session.. Some people are just plain arseholes.

Bernadette in ouch me heed at 20:24:51 Thursday January 4 2007
Happy birthday Geoff you mere youngster yep top night and we got in for free so i'm sending me ticket back. Getting full refund for Friday too I got an email saying its complimentary to see the backing band though Brian I remember bossing you around and not letting you play any of your new CD's...ITS VINYL ONLY

Ellie in had dinner by self !! at 20:14:33 Thursday January 4 2007
Selina erm youmean to say taht man cooks yer diner as well as attending to yer every needs and wants LOL x hopefully se you two soon luv to NAT xx

G A D T at 20:1:5 Thursday January 4 2007
O neil at Southport they must be hard up for an act was the Dagenham town show not on then? or had Brian harvey recoverd from running himself over whilst trying to eat a kebab

Selina in waiting for my dinner at 19:58:34 Thursday January 4 2007
Happy Birthday Geoff, hope you good lady wife is treating you well on this your birthday.

Ellie in in smilin at 19:23:32 Thursday January 4 2007
am good Tony .. will choon in laters if I can remember me username n password x

G.A.H. at 19:16:0 Thursday January 4 2007
The very same. How do's Ellie. x

ellie in limbo at 19:11:37 Thursday January 4 2007
that wouldn't be Mr Hayzer would it ?? GAH

G.A.H. at 18:55:45 Thursday January 4 2007

yawn gAh give it a rest at 18:47:14 Thursday January 4 2007

hmmm at 18:28:21 Thursday January 4 2007

G.A.H. at 18:26:41 Thursday January 4 2007
Alright Bev.. See it's still full of fck wits on here.

Rich at 18:2:33 Thursday January 4 2007
Wow you are so "with-it" dear

BEV in is it time to go yet?? at 17:51:42 Thursday January 4 2007
Wotcha GAH - how the devil r ya Last saw u wobbling at Martin's bash

G.A.H. at 17:51:32 Thursday January 4 2007
We only do Coke dear.

Rich at 17:36:11 Thursday January 4 2007
He probably got his speed there!!!

G.A.H. at 17:32:32 Thursday January 4 2007
Live on www.radiogotsoul.com tonight 8pm till 10pm.. A O'Neil did last Mays Southport. He sang Lord.. Very good he was too.

BEV in havin the day from hell BUT at least I got a new phone - yee ha!! at 17:16:43 Thursday January 4 2007
PUNTERING - that's Will have to remember to use that

Arty at 16:54:49 Thursday January 4 2007
Why not book up at Pontins or wait for a town show or at the Mecca bingo and see all these has been 80's acts for free when was the last time any DJ on this site played a Alexander O' Neil song at their gig and no not the bah samba tune, he wont be singing that one,Fake Critizise. zzzzzzzzzzz move on people

Paul@CB at 16:43:56 Thursday January 4 2007
Pete, playing,then puntering

Pedroni at 15:44:17 Thursday January 4 2007
Looks like it will be busy at the Lacey then??? Paul I saw roy at Ronnie Scotts about 8 years ago played for 5 hours a master.....You playin the Ditch or Puntering??

Pedroni in Mourning!!!! at 15:41:39 Thursday January 4 2007
Its official - Donald Byrd - Jazz Cafe have cancelled all future dates - Go get your money back folks -- Bloody Blackbyrds did the same last year at the Forum - Shame was so looking forward to it .....

Paul@CW in back from'spoons at 15:36:13 Thursday January 4 2007
Coppo, best you do me'n'Abbo are there for the Jan bash sotrc girly's in attendance. Brian, seen him with Roy a couple of times & with Tom Browne with Jessica Laurens on keys ...bizzo

Jay.E at 15:16:26 Thursday January 4 2007
Debs(R), I think you are right there about the speed and he sounded terrible. But then he was never a patch on the great Mr Vandross, may he rest in peace. Neill, I think you should try and get the original Loose Ends to reform and get them at the civic

Jay.E in at work at 14:49:44 Thursday January 4 2007
MikeMcD, I'm on Drake Road....spooky. Neill, I'll be there on 3rd Feb, last one was superb mate.........good move having another bar open.

Selina at 14:38:3 Thursday January 4 2007
Neill, funds transfered last night, let us know if you don't see them in 4 working days, and we'll be seeing you on the 12th at Hanrys. Cheers for sorting us out.

Cherrelle at 13:24:15 Thursday January 4 2007
will he be getting some very big fat bird onto his on stage bed at the Civic Hall

Neill in Come & See For Yourself..... at 12:59:14 Thursday January 4 2007
If you wanna see at close hand exactly whether Mr Alexander O'Neal has still got it, (and I believe that the '2 of us' prog was recorded some months ago), We've still got a handful of priority seats (Front 9 rows) for the concert @ The Thurrock Civic Hall on Friday the 30th of March. They're going fast though so if you want to grab one, get back to me asap! GT, yours are on their way! Tickets for the next QdOS @ the Civic on Feb 3rd will be on sale from usual sources from Monday!

Coppo at 12:56:25 Thursday January 4 2007
Hi ya all Brian Mac wot a bunch of numbnuts we were looking for The Ditch Bar we were so close, we passed it 4 times DOH we'll get there next time matey

Brian Mac in work with a growing headache at 12:4:5 Thursday January 4 2007
Thanks Paul, nice to know, Multi tasker and a half (although he signed his autograph over Roy's) .. awake yet Bernadette ?

MikeMcD at 11:56:14 Thursday January 4 2007
Jay.E . I live on Chafford @ Daniel Close , strange we don't know each other .

Debs (R) at 11:18:41 Thursday January 4 2007
Happy Birthday Geoff Parsell .... have a good 'un .... Debs and Tee XXXXXX

Debs (R) at 11:18:1 Thursday January 4 2007
I watched Just the two of us ..... Alexander O'Neill is on speed mate!!!! OMG!!!!! I found it very difficult to watch .... the man is a shadow of his former self ..... what a bloody shame.

richard in soulville hq at 11:11:10 Thursday January 4 2007
Happy birthday young Geoff!!morning all ,sorry I missed your call gavin if you are lurking today,i,ll try and get you today.

Paul@CW in I'll get me plastic mac at 10:50:27 Thursday January 4 2007
Brian,that would be the ever wonderful Ray Gaskins (don't you just hate people who can multi task!! :wink cousin of Jocelyn Brown...so that close's the "Just the 2 of us" loop

BEV in getting really really frustrated - me phone has gone BONG again!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr at 10:42:55 Thursday January 4 2007
Firstly HB GEOFF - hope u hav a vry special day x Secondly HAPPY FEET mail me please I need Reggie's number again or alternatively Reggie if ur lurking mail me above re Saturday - thanks Hey good job this website exists really - it's a bit like a lifeline especially when u lose all ur numbers c/o bloody 02

Pedroni at 10:3:4 Thursday January 4 2007
All the best young Geoff - Party on down!!

Jay .E in Chafford 100 at 9:53:4 Thursday January 4 2007
Anyone been watching Alexander O'Neal on BBC1's Just the two of us? Is he on crack or what?

Sloen at 8:11:46 Thursday January 4 2007
Happy Birthday Geoff, have a good one and see you soon. Love Sloen Jayden and Morgan. XXX

Lynn at 8:3:55 Thursday January 4 2007
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEOFF PARSELL, To my gorgeous Husband, who is 43 years young today, Have a wonderful day. 831 Lynn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Brian Mac in somewhere tune playing at 2:27:0 Thursday January 4 2007
Well, actually a top night at the Jazz Cafe as Roy Ayers is the consumate entertainer .. "Shopping at Tesco's" classic . Will plead ignorance on the Keyboard players nane, or was that Tenor and Alto sax or vocals .. TOP GUY . Also thanks to the DJ Perry Louis who played a perfect set for the mood .. still no Donald in the country (bummer) and a total irony is that Hutch was sending a text to a friend and was using predictive texting, no word of a lie he typed in Roy Ayers and it corrected to Roy Byrd - Freaky or what !! .. anywhoo .. great night, great company and sadly looks like Donald is a no go ... The Jazz Cafe let us in keeping our tickets, so officially we never went so should we get the refund too .. dilemma

Lynn at 23:31:56 Wednesday January 3 2007
How rude of me, Happy new year to you Chevvy and Stevie also to Seline and her man. Good to see you both at Henry's after meeting you at F & K party. Finally so lovely to see you Maz, hope it's not over a year till we see you again. Say hello to your friend for us Lots of Love Lynn xx and Geoff xx

Lynn and Geoff in Rainy Essex at 23:26:51 Wednesday January 3 2007
Chevvy,So good to see you and meet you at Kerry's and Frosties party. We had a great great time. Stevie and Sharpy's tunes were absolutely fantastic. Thought you and Stevie were lovely too. . It is so nice to put faces to names and we look forward to seeing you at Soulville . Niki and Nellie please bear with me regarding Myspace, as absolutely a complete novice and technophobe at adding things and editing etc, and working by trial and error Poor Geoff tells me what to do, but doing it when he is not around is another matter . Doris good to see you the other night, do hope your top is ok and was not ruined.Tony thought your Roy Ayers videos were brilliant. So clear Lots of Love to you all Lynn xxxxxxxxx and Geoff xxxxxxxxx

Tracy at 23:5:21 Wednesday January 3 2007

marky,push fm in london at 22:44:24 Wednesday January 3 2007
happy new year one and all hope you've recovered from the last few weeks festivities..... iam back again this sunday evening for your musical pleasure, 6-8pm, playing the best in deep/jazzy and soulful grooves,myself dj markymark. make a note to join me if you're near a computer,listen online via http://www.pushfm.com see below for link to the pre xmas show on push fm- http://download.yousendit.com/4F33A9D205B41D2B regards, and best wishes for 2007.....dj markymark/dancetrax

Der at 20:19:47 Wednesday January 3 2007
Why don't cha stich it in

Neville in in the Laundry at 20:11:55 Wednesday January 3 2007
On Monday, I Wore a Roy Ayers T-shirt I had not worn since I bought it in 1988. Had a good dance later and it now needs a wash. So what you say? It had a huge Roy Ayers Signature on the back, so I'll have to go back to see him soon, and ask for another! - with a waterproof pen! Cheers Neville

Neville at 20:7:51 Wednesday January 3 2007
Yes, hi Everyone, like Debs(R) I'd like to wish everyone a Happy, Funky, Prosperous and above all Healthy, 2007. Let’s hope it’s a good one! Also much enjoyed New Year's Eve at Prodigal with the Soul Network. Brilliant. and Debs ( I was not following you - honest really enjoyed Roy Ayers on Monday Night. Tracey, Debs (R), Tony, great to see you all at Soulful Garage last Wednesday. A fab night. Finally Niki great to hear you had a good one for your birthday/NYE. Thanks for for all the help over the years. Byeeee for now Neville.

Debs (R) at 19:41:35 Wednesday January 3 2007
Hi everyone and a belated Happy New Year to one and all from me and Tony B. Had a fantastic New Year's Eve at Prodigal with the Soul Network crowd - my god, it was rammed!!!! Vivy, you are spesh. Just to also say a huge thanks to Mr Hocking for the fantastic nite at the Jazz Cafe and Mr Roy Ayers for allowing me to take pictures with him and for the kind message and autograph on the DVD for our friend Shakesi ...... Oh, and everyone to the Lacy on Saturday (6th) for Hilly's birthday, and Dancin' Debs and Little Stevie and Mary too ..... lots of celebrating to be done!!!!! Also, belated birthday wishes to dear Niki. See ya all soon.

Carol in Maldon at 18:52:7 Wednesday January 3 2007
Big Alien - I know the couple you mean...for some reason my cards werent taken thankfully - just my phone (which is annoying enough) and a few quid. Will keep a better eye on it in future! Didnt spoil a great night though..

BEV in scoffing strawberries - YUM YUM at 15:29:13 Wednesday January 3 2007
Hi Simon - I'm up in NORWICH next weekend visiting me ole mum Went to see Peggy last nite Oi Pedroni - LUCH

Pedroni in In New Year Healthy Mode - Boring Luch ;..... at 14:42:20 Wednesday January 3 2007
MIKE, We had this problem when BAR SAMBA cancelled their gig at the Jazz Cafe - they eventually paid up on the booking fee as well - so they will pay it but will try to swerve it if you let em - buggers!!! Bernadette - only 361 days to go!!!! PS Dates for Seaside Strut will be out end of this week - The party goes on.......and on...

Norwich Simon at 14:28:30 Wednesday January 3 2007
Happy New Year all...as I too take down the Holly and the Ivy, I'm putting a few items, vinyl-wise on the market for the New Year, anyone interested in finding out exactly what please drop me a line.

Bernadette in taking down the decs - how depressing at 13:46:12 Wednesday January 3 2007
Lets keep our fingers crossed Mike

BEV in thinking I am MISS LASTMINUTE.COM at 13:14:52 Wednesday January 3 2007
Ok - thx 4 that Mike Think I'll swerve it Am now thinking of going to Hilton Blackpool Weekender

MikeMcD at 12:31:42 Wednesday January 3 2007
Have just phoned Jazz Cafe box office Donald Byrd is still not in the UK and they do not know if he is coming they are still trying to arrange something for these dates but cannot confirm . I would advise people not to book on line as you will not get your £5 booking fee back . I would suggest we all keep checking daily but as of now it doesn't look good .

BEV in someone has lost it in the office - hey ranting ain't wot life is all about! I best tell him 8-) at 11:47:23 Wednesday January 3 2007
Sarah - I enjoyed it. Had a rite larf with Frostie & Froggy. Not too many punters about but then there were so many gigs on Cracking venue I reckon Oh and Mr Fernandez played me fav choon again - which is always nice!

Sarah at 11:15:34 Wednesday January 3 2007
Was the ditch bar any good on NYE?

Big Alien at 10:57:13 Wednesday January 3 2007
Nik I can quite confidently say ur thief was wearing a grey baseball cap who came in briefly to 'Use' the loo! With his blonde Girlfriend standing guard outside the gents. Cos I was in the gents when he came in. he was most annoyed at the cubicle's not having locks on. Sorry I didn't put 2&2 together till Nelly came in saying that Carol was missing her bag.

richard in soulville hq at 10:19:13 Wednesday January 3 2007
Now getting over nye,we had a great night at the kings arms,sold out and bursting to the seams.we playrd some great music and loved doing a ska set ,it was wonderful to see all those 50 somethings jumping up and down.we finally finished at 5am.many thanks to kenny ,mark goldsmith, and andi for their help on the night.

Markthecabbie in the front behind the steering wheel at 2:11:15 Wednesday January 3 2007
Niki,I hope you're right about it not being one of "us" that is thieving,but just remembered being on a boat last year or poss year before when Gary's missus had her bag nicked.Looks like there could be a wrong 'un on the loose unfortunately.

DR BOB in Warming up in the UK at 1:44:14 Wednesday January 3 2007
Mr Masters, just sent you mail.Sorry re late reply, just got back from NYE in Moscow. Cheers Dr Bob Jones.

Nurse Doris at 0:40:51 Wednesday January 3 2007
Late as ever...Happy New Year one and all! A|pologoes for anyone who got my drunken ramblings NYE but I blame Milan for that (how many shot.....!?!) And I'm not playing with N&N anymore - they are bad for my health

chevvy at 0:35:31 Wednesday January 3 2007
oops missed the b off bob sorry mr masters xxxx

Chevvy in having a moment at 0:34:47 Wednesday January 3 2007
bit late i know but the feet and brain has only just recovered from the new year celebrations !!!!! Hope yopu all have a great 2007 like you ob i feel its going to be a good un ....lynn and geoff it too was great to meet you lovely people and thanks to frostie and kerry for a great party ....big thanks to tony fernandez and james anthony for looking after me the other evening they made sure i got home safe and sound big kisses .....niki happy birthday sorry its a bit late x Too many peeps to mention but i will try ....selina,tony ,gavin,richard,jester,debs, debs r ,geoff ,lynn,tony f,stevie 77 , niki and nelly,coppo and boys ,brian mac , jim d syrup , oops hubby all have a fantastic happy new year and everyone else i did not mention love you all over and out have rambled n too long ps no i am not still drunk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PaulT at 23:15:58 Tuesday January 2 2007
Having read Stevie's post about MonuMental's wonderful New Year's bash it's that time again to remind you that the 4th year of the ChiSoul Alldayers kick off on Saturday 3rd March, from 2pm to 12.30am. Situated at Woodies Bar, St Pancras, Chichester, West Sussex, the venue will have 2 rooms of the best in Soul, jazz & dance, we can promise you plenty of 'sounds to quench your musical thirst'. Dj's include: Bob Jones & Mark Webster, along with Curley CJ & Stevie Cee, Darrell S, Teee & Clive Porteous as well as Jamie & Paul. Entry is ticket only, £10. For more info call Jamie: 01243 528589, Paul: 01243 779970 or chisoul@aol.com Hope that some of you who made the last August one such fun will be able to make it again ! PaulT

Stevie Cee at 22:47:59 Tuesday January 2 2007
Is it too late to say this? What a great night at MonuMental. I was really impressed with Johnny Pearson's warm-up set - he did the right thing on the selection front and of course Mark Houghton's usual touch of class. Other than that Mole, Girth, Niki were firin' and who would do a better '06 into '07 set better than Gary Dennis? Oh yeah, no-one! Great company and ended up at Girth's watching the Mighty Boosh!

Bob Masters at 21:43:27 Tuesday January 2 2007
Dr Bob Jones, Happy New Year geez, I need your email address please. And to everyone of you, A Very Happy New Year. Dorris ( The Vicar of Averly ) great to see you the other night.

Bernadette in playing Dayton - Eyes On You - Chooooon!!! at 19:40:15 Tuesday January 2 2007
yay Brian see ya tomorrow in the restaurant my moby is 07760 270848

Info @ THE LACY LADY at 19:23:11 Tuesday January 2 2007

Brian Mac at 18:57:21 Tuesday January 2 2007
Well Bernadette, Action Mac Tony, Hutch and myself are still going and you know we don't bite . So if you fancy the night see you at the Restaurant

Bernadette at 18:38:53 Tuesday January 2 2007
No worries Pedroni see ya Friday looks like i'll be cancelling too - don't know anyone else who's going

Niki at 18:13:6 Tuesday January 2 2007
Hi Gilly, thanks hun. Happy new year to you x

Niki at 18:10:22 Tuesday January 2 2007
Hi Lynda, happy new year to you Nick & Chop too. Glad you like the show - we had a brill time doing it! Carol B, what a pity something horrible like that had to happen on a good party night. I can't believe one of 'us' would do anything like that, so I sincerely hope that it was one of the handful of non-soulies there and something nasty happened to whoever it was on the way home Hope it didn't put too much of a downer on your night. Members ONLY next year....

Gilly H at 17:58:47 Tuesday January 2 2007
Oh dear ! We were looking forward to seeing DB on thursday night ! can't make the other dates so just got a refund, Niki glad you had a great night, happy belated birthday

Niki in recovery.... this non drinking lark is very tiring.... at 17:50:41 Tuesday January 2 2007
Evening everyone. Got to say thanks to all the MENTAL Soul people for a fabulous New Year party. We were really happy to get such a good turn out on the night of 1001 soul doos!!! Thanks for the support throughout 2006. Massive thanks to our guest DJs Gary Dennis, John Pearson & Mark Houghton for absolutely brilliant sets... everything from Herbie Brown and Chuck Cockerham to Al Green and Lou Rawls - £1000 records happily sitting alongside £2 records. Not a bad tune to be heard all night long and a dancefloor grooving until the very end. Great friends, great music, great atmosphere and a great way to see out the old year. Have a MonuMENTAL 2007 one and all.

Lynda, Nick & Chop in cold wet Margate at 17:45:50 Tuesday January 2 2007
Maybe he went to say good bye to Mr Brown Happy New year! mates. Niki hope you had a great birthday I love the philly show the best download of 2006! xx

Pedroni in Come on donald where's your trousers!! at 17:29:26 Tuesday January 2 2007
Well "the places and spaces Ive been" - It makes me Wanna Hustle" - Must have got his "Flight time" wrong or has he been playing "Dominoes" well, "Onward til morning" we might all get to see the "wind Parade"

Pedroni in Confused you will be....!!!! at 17:21:30 Tuesday January 2 2007
Right - We are getting a refund on our tickets for tomorow night and are purchasing new tickets for Friday (Sorry Bernadette but my lift has backed out of tomorow so I won't be going up to see R A !!) Mr Hocking has spoken to the Jazz Cafe and apparantly D B spoke to the manager of the Jazz Cafe yesterday after they had sent a car to collect him from the airport and he wasn't there??) - as far as the Jazz Cafe are concerned he will be there..........Watch this space!!!

BEV in rite I must get on - REALLY BUSY NOW at 16:54:31 Tuesday January 2 2007
Hey RTR - looks like we've all got FAT FINGERS this PM How's the wifey Do say hello

Richard the Roadie at 16:51:57 Tuesday January 2 2007
Mmmmmmmmm LOST the "ing" in playing i'll have aquick look round for it, sorry for the 'ing'

Jester at 16:49:1 Tuesday January 2 2007
Just passing this on from Bluey: "Namaste dear friends, With our limited resources we have made a new video and we need all the help we can get with it! If you have the time and would like to help us, please go here - http://www.mtv.co.uk/channel/mtvbase/the_base_chart And vote for Incognito - "That's The Way Of The World". And please pass it on to your friends. Thanking you in advance. Hope 2007 will be all that you want it to be! Peace Bluey" ..would make a pleasant change to see them on the box

Richard the Roadie in still play JB's cds at 16:48:49 Tuesday January 2 2007
All back to work HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all Stay safe R"tr"

Bernadette at 16:35:10 Tuesday January 2 2007
yes thats why i said twice in one week have responded to your email Vijays away in the states on business this week so may aswell make the most of it - haven't seen Roy or Donald before so why not

Pedroni at 16:32:46 Tuesday January 2 2007
Bernadette even - A level english my arse!!!

Pedroni in Confused or what? at 16:31:57 Tuesday January 2 2007
Benadette - You going tomorow hunny - just sent you an e-mail????

Bernadette in Jazz Cafe twice in one week!!! at 16:10:7 Tuesday January 2 2007
just booked a ticket for Friday...see ya there Mike & whoever else is going let me know if you are meeting up for drinks before

BEV at 16:3:45 Tuesday January 2 2007
"went" even - I give up

BEV at 16:3:20 Tuesday January 2 2007
me copying and paste-ing sent bong

Bernadette at 15:57:50 Tuesday January 2 2007
it looks like he is Jester

BEV in I got email - yee haa at 15:57:23 Tuesday January 2 2007
DONALD BYRD Jazz Cafe Parkway London FRI 05/01/2007 19:00 buy tickets Hey Jester - ur rite mate - LOOK: DONALD BYRD Jazz Cafe Parkway London SAT 06/01/2007 19:00 buy tickets DONALD BYRD Jazz Cafe Parkway London SUN 07/01/2007 19:00 buy tickets Looks like ur ok Mr McD

G.A.H. in Wiredy, here's a few tips mate. Is it really worth the bother! at 15:40:9 Tuesday January 2 2007
It's not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be: 1. a friend 2. a companion 3. a lover 4. a brother 5. a father 6. a master 7. a chef 8. an electrician 9. a carpenter 10. a plumber 11. a mechanic 12. a decorator 13. a stylist 14. a sexologist 15. a gynecologist 16. a psychologist 17. a pest exterminator 18. a psychiatrist 19. a healer 20. a good listener 21. an organizer 22. a good father 23. very clean 24. sympathetic 25. athletic 26. warm 27. attentive 28. gallant 29. intelligent 30. funny 31. creative 32. tender 33. strong 34. understanding 35. tolerant 36. prudent 37. ambitious 38. capable 39. courageous 40. determined 41. true 42. dependable 43. passionate 44. compassionate WITHOUT FORGETTING TO: 45. give her compliments regularly 46. love shopping 47. be honest 48. be very rich 49. not stress her out 50. not look at other girls AND AT THE SAME TIME, YOU MUST ALSO: 51. give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself 52. give her lots of time, especially time for herself 53. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes IT IS VERY IMPORTANT: 54. Never to forget: * birthdays * anniversaries * arrangements she makes HOW TO MAKE A MAN HAPPY 1. Show up naked 2. Bring food ______________

Jester at 15:31:54 Tuesday January 2 2007
Morn - So is Donald still doing Fri/Sat/Sun? ..I see that Roy is filling in for Tues/Wed/Thurs www.jazzcafe.co.uk

Bernadette at 15:12:16 Tuesday January 2 2007
whoops its spelt Ayers

Bernadette at 14:50:6 Tuesday January 2 2007
shame still as you say Pedroni Roy Ayres is a pretty damn fine replacement

BEV in still no email - wot a boring day at 14:32:46 Tuesday January 2 2007
No worries matey

Mark at 14:32:40 Tuesday January 2 2007
does anyone know if Roy Ayres is playing on thursday night instead??? thanks

jay at 14:27:24 Tuesday January 2 2007
just seen it, soz bev

BEV in not saying I TOLD YA SO coz I don't do that me ole china at 14:18:23 Tuesday January 2 2007
Hi Jay - Yep does mate. Go into Booking Info - there you go: DONALD BYRD Jazz Cafe Parkway London WED 03/01/2007 19:00 event cancelled DONALD BYRD Jazz Cafe Parkway London THU 04/01/2007 19:00 event cancelled DONALD BYRD Jazz Cafe Parkway London THU 04/01/2007 19:00 event cancelled DONALD BYRD Jazz Cafe Parkway London FRI 05/01/2007 19:00 event cancelled DONALD BYRD Jazz Cafe Parkway London SAT 06/01/2007 19:00 event cancelled DONALD BYRD Jazz Cafe Parkway London SUN 07/01/2007 19:00 event cancelled

Pete Collins at 14:9:28 Tuesday January 2 2007
Lloydy I think it's called the 'Tangotiere' remix or something like that. Thanks go out to all the lovely folks who made it to Margate for the Caister NYE do, great spending a bit of time with some old mates and finding some new ones too! Good night it was too.

jay at 13:55:53 Tuesday January 2 2007
it doesnt say it's cancelled on the website bev???

PEDRONI in Back at work Booooo at 13:54:41 Tuesday January 2 2007
Balls was so looking forward to Donald Byrd shame - hope he is ok - well Roy is a pretty damm fine replacement - will be seeing him tomorow instead then.... For all those coming Mr Hocking is sending an e-mail of where we will be meeting for supper if you wish to still meet up - well see you tomorow if your coming Peds

lloydy d at 13:48:3 Tuesday January 2 2007
whats the version of i cant help it c hill plays at lacy thanks

BEV in confirming GT's news at 12:58:57 Tuesday January 2 2007
Yep ur rite - I just checked the website

Ginger Tony in Breaking News from our reporter in the field... at 12:54:57 Tuesday January 2 2007
Donald Byrd has cancelled ALL dates at the Jazz Cafe, apparently Roy Ayres is doing a couple of extra nights but after that who knows?! Contact the Jazz Cafe for more info... Cheers to Mike outside the Jazz Cafe for the info!!!

BEV in Mornin from sunny CW at 11:18:33 Tuesday January 2 2007
mmmmm Donald Byrd - oi Mike I mite wanna come 07712 932570 coz I hav no email at the mo - I only work in IT don't I

MikeMcD at 10:23:6 Tuesday January 2 2007
Selina /Tony heard about one of your B&B houseguests mishap!!! Hows the carpet ?? Happy 2007 to one and all.Donald Byrd on Friday .

Carol at 9:11:18 Tuesday January 2 2007
Weirdy I think you're very sensible indeed..but too slow on the uptake!!

Northern Mick at 7:47:28 Tuesday January 2 2007
Morning all !! Hope y'all had a good one..now to start saving for next christmas

Neil adkins in grafting again .. at 7:38:28 Tuesday January 2 2007
gary bestest mate i think youll find that it was you that started the wierdy nickname !!! Happy new year to everyone ..Come on you claret and blues ..never a dull moment on the ride that is whufc ...

Weirdy at 1:7:43 Tuesday January 2 2007
PS Why do I get blown out so much. I only want good sex with non lunatic females I will have to kill the person who started the Weirdy nickname I'm sensible...............Your all mad Night Night

Weirdy at 0:58:30 Tuesday January 2 2007
As regard's to the low life that wont put their name to West Ham's problems, Im sure someone can give you my phone numbers so ring me you coward(s) As for everyone else, a great night at Henry's (apart from hearing Rick Astley by Ed ) hope I didn't upset to manty people. Fantastic Hope yo had a great birthday Nik Happy New Year one and all.

max at 23:13:27 Monday January 1 2007
happy new year to all the soul lovers out there, looking forward to another great yer of spining tunes, some new talent is coming through guys better up the performance when spinning them tunes

Gavin Page at 19:39:10 Monday January 1 2007
Morning or good evening ? Happy New Year one and all.

Markthecabbie in Bits after last night and then todays result at 19:11:15 Monday January 1 2007
Great night at Henry's last night,can't wait till next year GT,you have mail.

MORINO at 19:0:33 Monday January 1 2007
well done west ham you're just like chelski now, you can turn a £8m player into a £1m player in one season (shaun wright phillips, dean ashton come to mind)

I'm not saying a word about it i'm just going to sit on the fence as usual, at least the fans were good at doing at the conga

Kray brothers at 18:30:13 Monday January 1 2007
Dont you mean gangster

EGGY EGGBERT at 18:29:25 Monday January 1 2007
I had a grand on 6 nil thank you Curbs West Ham players are a utter disgrace to the fans hurry up coker and fuck off with all your wanna b ganger shit defenders

Tahar at 18:23:58 Monday January 1 2007
All of you soullers a Fantastic 2007!!!!

CURBS at 17:37:28 Monday January 1 2007
i will have when i get rid of all the OLD CRAP you bought

PARDEW at 16:48:31 Monday January 1 2007

Bernadette in the recovery position at 13:54:7 Monday January 1 2007
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL what a great night at Mental...didn't stop dancing as usual sorry to hear about you bag Carol

BEV in chillin at 12:6:34 Monday January 1 2007
Appy NEW ONE x

Northern Monkey in Sunny Essex at 11:45:35 Monday January 1 2007
Dont forget this coming Tuesday 02 Jan 07 2000-2200hrs GMT yours truly will be playing some of the tunes that featured heavily on 'ATTITUDES IN SOUL' and at Silk Road during 2006. Some of the artists featured include: Heroes of the Dance floor Danny Clark Ft Nina Marie Busy People Angela Johnson Cosmo Star Re: Jazz Bakura Freddie & Lin Wookie ft Lain Liz Fields Verna Francis Macademia DJ Genesis ft Alveria Teresa Griffin Raul Midon If you wish to contact me during the show e-mail me at : northern-mick@hotmail.co.uk or call on 07763411627. The following week (10 Jan 07) I will be dusting off some of my favourite 70's Modern & Crossover soul 7" singles and digging out some of those elusive album tracks Tuesday 2000-2200 hrs 'ATTITUDES IN SOUL' www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk

Lynn and Geoff in Essex at 11:0:16 Monday January 1 2007
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL XXXX We had a fantastic time at Henry's last nite. Lovely as always to see everyone, a real pleasure to see you all as always. Grateful, grateful thanks to all the Dj's for such top tunes . Off to see Mum in Law for some more christmas pressies . Whatever you did last nite hope you had a wonderful time. All Our Love Lynn xxxxxxxxxx and Geoff xxxxxxxxxxx

Carol in up early at 10:44:58 Monday January 1 2007
Thanks to Niki, Neil and co for a good night at mental last night - marred only by the lowlife who stole my handbag..thanks for finding it in the loos Neil, albeit sans mobile phone and some cash - could have been worse, could have nicked my lippy! Otherwise a top night - sorry we arrived too late for your debut set John - will do better next time! Love to Noreen and hope she recovers soon. Nice to see you Blowey, Spot etc. Have a good 2007

Nelly at 5:22:14 Monday January 1 2007
ps. If anyone finds my shirt button can you give it back to me as Big Andy appears to have wrestled it from me

Nelly at 5:8:21 Monday January 1 2007
Happy New year. Another top night at Mental with everyone playing a great set. Jackie Ross sounded good didn't it? Sleep well & please don't ring us before 3pm.

PEDRONI in In deepest Walthamstow at 3:12:20 Monday January 1 2007
Had a top night at a real old mate wew went to the very first caister together -- That's what its all about -- Happy New Year

Northern Mick at 2:29:47 Monday January 1 2007
Happy New Year wherever you are ...Have a Gorilla in 07 !!

sean at 1:15:15 Monday January 1 2007
appy new year....