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January 16th to 31st 2007

Marky Mark at 23:45:11 Wednesday January 31 2007
Frostie it will be too late when you get back from football so can you call me tomorrow about Yarmouth on Sat and our new residency.

Bernadette at 23:38:53 Wednesday January 31 2007
it's Ok I don't think he meant any harm Alfie I prefer to be called Bernadette

Brian Mac at 23:36:31 Wednesday January 31 2007
Grrrrrrrrr !!

__BMAC__ at 23:35:59 Wednesday January 31 2007
oops forgot .. Alfie you said the abbreviated B word .. tsk tsk .. could be hell to pay

Ginger Tony at 23:35:50 Wednesday January 31 2007
Wind me up Alfie! For the last 10 mins of normal time my little botty was going ten-to-the-dozen! But as that boxer from Lancashire used to say in his films... (oh,that was Foreman)!

Brian Mac at 23:35:10 Wednesday January 31 2007
well the beer was good in the pub .. GT NO more fish pie, it could be your new secret .. shame we couldn't put a full team out .. tell me how all these alledgedely super fit football players get illnesses .. damn, I get a cold but can still function .. not bad though, 2 wins for us in January against Cardiff and Southend .. woo hoo

alfie at 23:30:12 Wednesday January 31 2007
thanks for that bernie

Coppo at 23:29:22 Wednesday January 31 2007
watcha Debs 'ow are ya and the good Dr

alfie at 23:27:49 Wednesday January 31 2007
hello guys how are you all

anon at 23:27:12 Wednesday January 31 2007
Wenger has just said to tottenham next time they can play his u12s,YOUTH or even the ladies team.

alfie at 23:26:21 Wednesday January 31 2007
at least chelsea will be playing a decent team

Debs in GOONER HEAVEN at 23:26:8 Wednesday January 31 2007

alfie at 23:25:35 Wednesday January 31 2007
no problem mate

Coppo at 23:25:3 Wednesday January 31 2007
SORRY alfie

Bernadette at 23:24:29 Wednesday January 31 2007
Alfie it's Mick Farrer & Ed Stokes

alfie at 23:23:42 Wednesday January 31 2007
just trying to wind up the ginger one

alfie.p at 23:21:43 Wednesday January 31 2007
does any one know who is djing at henrys this friday

Coppo at 23:20:43 Wednesday January 31 2007
Sorry alfie.p wot feckin game woz u watching

alfie.p at 23:18:51 Wednesday January 31 2007
lucky gunners again

Bernadette at 23:16:3 Wednesday January 31 2007
never mind all this football malarky...a quality bit of Jeff Perry for your perusal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPHJdzbxQXs

PORK FOR ME DINNER at 23:15:2 Wednesday January 31 2007
Unlucky Yids we feel so sorry for that Judas wanker

Coppo at 23:11:19 Wednesday January 31 2007

Northern Mick in Holte End misery at 23:7:24 Wednesday January 31 2007
We are just going to have to scratch harder next time Theres always next week

Bernadette at 23:3:11 Wednesday January 31 2007
Yes 3-1 sorry Mick

Northern Mick at 22:57:48 Wednesday January 31 2007
No !! 3-1

Ginger Tony at 22:45:23 Wednesday January 31 2007

Coppo in Feckin' 'eck at 22:44:1 Wednesday January 31 2007

Abbo at 22:38:2 Wednesday January 31 2007
mido mightnot it's getting tense in here.mighty blues 3 0 winners

Ginger Tony in half-the-time. at 21:43:22 Wednesday January 31 2007
I've a feeling we need a goal...

Brian Mac at 21:28:57 Wednesday January 31 2007
.. wish you hadn't mentioned Fish Pie GT ... I feel like a Tottenham Cod - well battered, at least no goals .. gonna relax and breathe for 15 minutes then back over the road for more pain

G.A.H. at 21:20:9 Wednesday January 31 2007
Fck em survival of the fittest.. Watford London! That's North of England

Abbo at 21:18:47 Wednesday January 31 2007
Oi T keep it London

G.A.H. at 21:16:54 Wednesday January 31 2007
Can't belive i'm saying this.. Come on Manure, Come on Bolton

Bernadette at 21:4:42 Wednesday January 31 2007
How can you lot argue when there's an crucial mid-table game going on Haway The Lads

Bob Masters at 20:47:59 Wednesday January 31 2007
No Aaron Lennon, Gardner in defence. Robinsons gonna get net-rash. Still !! Ya never know............

Brian Mac at 20:38:24 Wednesday January 31 2007
I have just whacked the keyboard

__BMAC__ at 20:37:24 Wednesday January 31 2007
Working but off across the road to the pub (seated near toilet on Bob's advice) to hear the 6000 (should be 9000) give the Immigrants stadium an atmosphere .... COYS !!!!!

anon at 20:36:43 Wednesday January 31 2007
i am jade.

Brian Mac at 20:34:46 Wednesday January 31 2007
Of course, it's a free world. The same as Anony's can be despised. But the Anony hating reasons are probably more valid than anything you can come up with that's not based on pure ignorance. Now run a long little person and log in to your Jade/Jo and Danielle fan site

anon at 20:34:2 Wednesday January 31 2007
ohh and hers the other one.

Bob Masters in PMT mood.....again !! at 20:33:17 Wednesday January 31 2007

ANON at 20:21:12 Wednesday January 31 2007
you always seem to have a lot to say.Cant i hate Tottenham then.

Brian Mac at 20:15:54 Wednesday January 31 2007
Aha ! at least we have been elevated to "life" and not the scum on the pond .. I think more of the legitimate users of this forum (whoever they support) would readily agree that Anonymous posters are the true scum and pond life on here, or more simply just annoying sh1ts

anon at 20:3:51 Wednesday January 31 2007
i really dont care what tottenham fans think,as you are POND LIFE.

Neville in JazzFunkSoul at 20:1:45 Wednesday January 31 2007
JazzFunkSoul 5 YEARS OLD!!! Yes JazzFunkSoul is five years old! The celebration is on Saturday 10th Feb. And of course the event is on EVERY 2nd Saturday. JFS is the longest running Jazz Funk and Soul night in Central London. Adm is £5 b4 11 and £10 after. Doors 10pm to 3am. There will be many suprises and CD and good old Vinyl giveaways on the night. Please see www.jazzfunksoul.com for directions to the Epicurean Lounge NOW! @Epicurean Lounge, 10 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DP Nearest Tube: Farringdon. Playing JazzFunk Greats, Soul Anthems, and Club Classics.

Soulful Garage at 20:0:49 Wednesday January 31 2007
Soulful Garage starts monthly!! Sat 10th February with Andy Unique and Nick Adams After our last special night at the end of December, The best Soulful House and US Garage night will be downstairs at the Epicurean Lounge with JFS upstairs. Playing the very best upfront oh so Soulful Garage/House and classics from the past. @the Epicurean Lounge, 10 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DP. Just two minutes from Farringdon Tube Station, and very close to Turnmills nightclub. 10pm to 3am. DJ's Andy Unique and Nick Adams from Solar Radio. Tickets are £10:00 on the night, and only £5 before 11pm. The event like JazzFunkSoul will now be EVERY 2nd Saturday. Please see www.soulfulgarage.com for directions to the Epicurean Lounge!

Ginger Tony at 20:0:26 Wednesday January 31 2007
Hiya Coppo mate. Didn't want to mention it earlier in case one of the Totts read it, but I've got a bad feeling about tonight and it's got nuffink to do with me dinner!

Coppo in COME ON U ARSENAL at 19:51:38 Wednesday January 31 2007
Hi ya Tony fingers X (& me toes) for tonite, gonna be a toughen me finks

Ginger Tony at 19:30:29 Wednesday January 31 2007
They can't ban Heely's BGG, i'm just getting down with the kids on the street with my new I-pod and Arsenal baseball cap, Heely's were next on my list of must-have items. Followed a baby-blue towelling tracksuit and an unwanted pregnancy...you can never trust women! And I burn't my tongue, stupid fish pie!

BGG at 19:16:51 Wednesday January 31 2007
Now GT don't get me started on Heeleys @ Bluewater....have heard they are considering banning them as there have been a few bad incidents since Crimbo & Bluewater are concerned about being sued.I think they should ban those motorised wheelchairs....some stupid women nearly ran over my foot today..then parked it in the doorway & started walking round the shop

BGG at 19:13:14 Wednesday January 31 2007
Ding ding round 2....don't know if I can watch it COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!

Brian Mac at 19:12:47 Wednesday January 31 2007

Ginger Tony at 19:7:58 Wednesday January 31 2007
Actually Bernadette it's Wild Alaskan Pollock... Well that's obvious, the tame one's have no reason to get caught. It's the wild ones they need off the streets! Do they do asbo's for fish? Can't say i've seen many wearing Heelys and whizzing around Bluewater!

Bernadette in Universal Mind - Something Fishy Is Going On! at 19:2:22 Wednesday January 31 2007
How do you know it's cod GT could be Haddock, Mackeral NM I wouldn't like to predict a result just keeping me fingers crossed as is me Dad who works in an office full of Villa supporters & he will be crucified tomorrow if the results go against us

G.A.H. at 18:41:54 Wednesday January 31 2007
Pardew it's yur fault we're in this mess. You couldn't pick your nose.. Its a fact Curbs blames Green for the 6-0 drubbing at Reading but without him it would have been double figures. Carrol is a clown I'd rather have Shaka back.

Frostie at 18:31:35 Wednesday January 31 2007
Allo Maaates!Fanx Pedroni,I will check where Sharpie is staying...Im off to see the mighty Gooners do their job but just before I leave would just confirm another residency I got this afternoon.....Starting Friday February 16th on a monthly basis with my old maaate Marky Mark playing motwown,philly,soul and weekender anthems at Aurra in Ilford-9 till 4am-Over 30s nite.

Bev in scooting orf home soon ................ at 18:24:36 Wednesday January 31 2007
Hi Ellie - not wobbly 2day thank goodness - phew I did drop u a ickle mail earlier

Brian Mac at 18:17:10 Wednesday January 31 2007
And I hate Anonymous pricks on Forums .. but hey, we can't have a perfect world. .. really brave of you Anon, I'm impressed (barely)

i hate at 18:7:16 Wednesday January 31 2007
tottenham and their fans.

Ellie in sirrin the chicken soup...bettah than stirrin anyfink else at 18:0:15 Wednesday January 31 2007
Hiyer Bev .. hows the 33rd in the wobbly tower today ?

paul @ cw in leaving in 5 mins at 17:58:52 Wednesday January 31 2007
right there's a proper game tonite, yids meeting at Holborn 16:00 ciuple of beers for the trip up to gooonersville bring it on ( as long as we don't score to early) 1-0 will do

Ginger Tony in language!!! at 17:58:5 Wednesday January 31 2007
Afternoony all! Stevie J, I'm shocked and surprised and shocked! Actually mate, I forgot you were Totts supporter. I won't let that put me off you. Brian you're in luck, my lucky microwave curry allowance ran out last night!!! I've been instructed to have fish pie (I think it's on the turn), so tonight we have a little experiment...can The Arse win when I'm on the cod?! Ooh the tension!

Pedroni in Tourist Information!! at 17:56:40 Wednesday January 31 2007
Frostie - People booked into Comfort inn - Foy Boat - Royal and Cliff Tops so far as I know

Pedroni in Come on Down!!! at 17:54:43 Wednesday January 31 2007
SEASIDE STRUT No 3” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 10th February 2007 from 7.30pm—3am & Sun 11th afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Abbo & Steve Day -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007

Pedroni in Hotels for Seaside Strut at 17:53:25 Wednesday January 31 2007
Hi Guys & Gals--- Here are a list of both Hotels & B&B's in Ramsgate to suit any budget: The Oak Hotel [ next door 2 jazz rooms ] harbour parade 01843 583686 www.oakhotel.co.uk - Hotel De Ville 45, grange road 01843 592289 - Cliff Tops hotel 2, The Paragon 01843 591836 - Eastwood guest House 28, Augusta Rd 01843 591505 -Glendevon Guest House 8, Truro Rd 01843 570909 - The Comfort Inn Victoria Parade 01843 592345 www.comfortinnramsgate.co.uk - Foy Boat Hotel 8,Sion Hill above harbour [nice view] 01843 591198--The Royale 7,Royal Road 01843 594712 -The Crescent 19, Wellington Crescent 01843 591419

Pedroni at 17:41:45 Wednesday January 31 2007
Frostie got your message mate - I am booking our hotels this weekend - people are spread out across various places - Sharpie & Skatsey are in different hotels!! Do you want me to reserve a room for you and Kerry?

Bev at 17:39:22 Wednesday January 31 2007
Hello Ellie

Brian Mac in the White and Navy Blue part of London at 17:31:8 Wednesday January 31 2007
Stevie .. I can actually survive being called "scum" by a Gooner .. personally I think with their history of bribery and corruption coupled with the fact that their A-Z was obviously a misprinted issue we are morally on the higher ground. With a few exceptions they are generally a club with glory seeking supporters that don't sing, the Man U/Liverpool of the Sarf as most don't live remotely near to the club or even London .. lets hope the Immigrants Stadium rocks tonight, at least there will be an atmosphere with 6,000 yids .. hoping GT has run out of lucky microwave curry and avoids the coffee this week

Ellie in Sunny Putney makin chicken soup for the soul at 17:21:9 Wednesday January 31 2007
CONCERNED ....I spoke with Pete at length 2 nights ago ..he's just taking some time out

steviej77 at 17:13:49 Wednesday January 31 2007
no not all just gooners

now... at 17:10:28 Wednesday January 31 2007
...they are bastards?

steviej77 at 17:5:45 Wednesday January 31 2007
On your bike Jay E not from North London anyway Your Sarf mate come on you Spurs do them gooner bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why... at 17:2:47 Wednesday January 31 2007
...are footballers scum?

George Lucas in editing Star Wars episode 19 at 16:45:33 Wednesday January 31 2007
Hey Deano, British Hustle with Hilly and Greg Edwards doing half the film each gets played every caister on their TV channel. They must have a copy or ask on their website.

Jay.E at 16:42:14 Wednesday January 31 2007
Come on you gunners, finish the scum of Norf London.

dvla at 16:26:53 Wednesday January 31 2007
he is still getting his car fixed.

Pete's bank manager at 15:49:25 Wednesday January 31 2007
He's not coming out, now bugger off

Concerned... at 15:45:23 Wednesday January 31 2007
...has anyone heard from Pete Collins??

richard in soulville hq at 15:29:47 Wednesday January 31 2007
coppo we have given dan a dj name STAN!!!!!.northern mick a draw sounds about right.

Frostie at 13:25:47 Wednesday January 31 2007
Oh, how I sometimes miss those days of oblivian.

HAPPY FEET at 13:7:52 Wednesday January 31 2007
Out with GT, Gary D, Sweets ect yes well pissed Sat Nite that would be it then mate

Frostie at 12:46:27 Wednesday January 31 2007
Allo Happy Feet Maaaate!You must have sat on your fone or summit?The missed call deffo has your name to it-Sat night bout ten oclock?

HAPPY FEET at 12:26:16 Wednesday January 31 2007
Hi Frostie, as Shaggy once sung ( It Wasn't me )

it's freeeeeeeeee at 12:20:46 Wednesday January 31 2007
play time by the sea SEASIDE STRUT No 3” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 10th February 2007 from 7.30pm—3am & Sun 11th afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Abbo & Steve Day -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007

Neil A at 11:51:51 Wednesday January 31 2007
Hi Mike MC D was referring to the very same Benno last time I see him he was working at Heaths in Houndsditch as part of that organised crime called Insurance !! He was one of Taffs big mates many years ago ..Good to see you at henrys the other week ....

yes at 11:28:6 Wednesday January 31 2007
isnt she(BONNIE)doing a chessey pop DISCO number,dosent she realize its 2007.

YES at 11:16:6 Wednesday January 31 2007
i am not and never have been a armchair fan,been going to upton park all me life son.And PARDEWS team did over achieve last season.As the same players were shocking the year before in the championship and scraped into the prem.Pardews problem was he started to believe the hype.So to cap it all off the players at west ham are not GOOD ENUFF and are sitting in the league where they deserve to be.A WEST HAM FAN OF 45 YEARS MAN AND BOY

Frostie at 11:3:27 Wednesday January 31 2007
Ok Bev,let me know.Happy Feet,I had a missed call from you-Was it important maaaate?

Bev in dashin orf 2 a meeting at 10:53:52 Wednesday January 31 2007
Mornin Mr FROSTIE - I am goin 2 me mums on Saturday may swerve up to Yarmy 4 Caesars on Sat nite - will hav a think

HAPPY FEET at 10:29:47 Wednesday January 31 2007
Dont worry Pards, at least Bonnie Tyler showed up at half time pity she didnt sing its a bloody Heartache

MikeMcD in At Work at 10:27:46 Wednesday January 31 2007
Neil A , are you referring to a chap called Richard Bembrook AKA Benno ?? If so I work with him in the city in Lloyds of Londinium and can contact him easily for you .

Frostie at 10:24:44 Wednesday January 31 2007
I dont really wanna get too involved bur it seems to me that just when West Ham seem to get an half decent team together,key players are sold for profit.Of course,I know this happens for financial reasons but the likes of Reading have overcome this.

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 10:16:6 Wednesday January 31 2007
Allo Maaates!!!Marky did you read my posting??

Pardew at 10:15:40 Wednesday January 31 2007
G AH you must had been watching a diffrent game to everybody else or pissed (best way to be watching the Hammers)Spineless, awful, shocking. Whatever you want to say about last nights performance, the majority of those players can f­uck right off out of my club asap. Can't be arsed to trawl through all the threads but for me that was one of the worst West Ham sides I have ever seen. F­uck the names on the team sheet being similar to last year, in terms of performance it was dire, dreadful and not acceptable. For me, NRC actually had quite a good game, Yossi put himself about but his passing was absolutely shocking. Boa Morte looks like a player who doesn't care, Davenport was useless, but given it's his first game back for us it's not something I'll hold against him. Quashie isn't a Prem player but at least he tried, as did Dailly as usual and Zamora when he came on gave 110% as usual. But to sum it up, we had no imagination, no fight, no spirit. Why it took us 75 minutes to start playing I don't know, but one thing I do know, you can stand on the touchline shaking your head all you like Mr Curbishley, but pull your finger out of your bloody arse and sort it out you useless Toss pot

JOHN IN EAST LONDON at 10:9:27 Wednesday January 31 2007
ALAN IN SUTTON Mate you are two bob Tosser WEST HAM Till i Die Thank you

JOHN IN EAST LONDON at 10:9:24 Wednesday January 31 2007
ALAN IN SUTTON Mate you are two bob Tosser WEST HAM Till i Die Thank you

Selina in work already! at 8:57:26 Wednesday January 31 2007
Bernadette, not sure about Friday, if Netballs an early kick-off, it'll be a no, I'll keep ya posted. Morning All.

Marky Mark at 8:29:22 Wednesday January 31 2007
Kaya Anthony John Allsop or he says its afer the steely dan track aja ! I dont think he knows! Was it a sexual encounter?

Northern Mick at 8:19:36 Wednesday January 31 2007
Morning all..........prediction for tonight Bernadette and Richard(SV)?. I dont see our new signings making an impact for some time....so draw for me

G.A.H. at 2:29:58 Wednesday January 31 2007
You mugs Yossi was class. It s that twat Carrol who let's us down. I can see the armchair (mug) supporters piping up

yes at 1:41:4 Wednesday January 31 2007
at least bents scores in the premiership.11 this season and hardly playred,whats our top scorer got i will tell you.THRUSH

yes at 1:39:26 Wednesday January 31 2007
good job he didnt have the money i wouldnt trust Pardew with a tenner.

Booby Moore at 0:31:40 Wednesday January 31 2007
Pardew didnt have curbs money,and he wants Darren Bent "what the fuck has he ever done but get injured and play shit for England great lets sign him up"!. none of them are fit to wear the west ham shirt overpaid tossers

Alan in Sutton at 0:26:30 Wednesday January 31 2007
Nice to see Nelly earlier at Starpoint, although his DJ-ing style scares the crap out of me ! Two seconds left to go at the end of an ad break, and nothing's cued up. Less than one second left, a shiny black thing is on the deck, and away we go - totally seamless. West Ham supporting git !

YES at 23:30:38 Tuesday January 30 2007
and Yossi more like yossi the clown.And Phil Spector,the list goes on

yes at 22:58:10 Tuesday January 30 2007
lets get behind him.The real tosser is already in south london in Pardew look at the SHITE HE BOUGHT.Cole and harewood

Eggy at 22:47:47 Tuesday January 30 2007
Curbs will you now please fuck off back to the Sarf you aint got a clue

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 22:42:13 Tuesday January 30 2007
Allo Maaates!Right,Wierdy-Glad we sorted that out!!Will call you re collecting Southport dosh.Marky Mark,its a bit late to call you as I know the young maaates will be sleeping-Probably you are as well so when you read this give me a call re Ceasars at Yarmouth on Sat-I have spoken to Andy and Anna and fancy an early afternoon trip-Waddya say?

Bernadette at 22:40:54 Tuesday January 30 2007
Pull yourself together you big hairy ape

Northern Mick at 22:30:16 Tuesday January 30 2007
This Gorilla is a blubbering wreck, Donnell Pitman and Paris................

Bernadette at 22:14:33 Tuesday January 30 2007
Mick I loved the knee tremblers sesh...Paris - I Choose You...tears at me heartstrings that choon does

Northern Mick at 22:7:54 Tuesday January 30 2007
Bernadette.....its become something of a habit

KarenR at 22:2:56 Tuesday January 30 2007
Selina, birthday drinks on us , see you there honey

Bernadette at 22:1:54 Tuesday January 30 2007
We are fine...Vijay's watching the footie are you going to Henry's on Friday...been speaking to Mick Farrer today and thinking about a little trip up there

Selina at 21:57:30 Tuesday January 30 2007
Hello Barnadette, in a word knackered, as I'm sure you know this working for a living it not good. I miss my other life, the one where I didn't work. Long time no see love. Hope you and the old man are both well

Bernadette in listening to Northern Mick...sure i can hear some nad scratching noises in the background...dirty boy :-) at 21:47:11 Tuesday January 30 2007
evening Selina sweetie...how are you girl

Selina at 21:43:44 Tuesday January 30 2007
Karen, Just in from work, sssooo busy, will mostly be spending my overtime on your four birthday drinks. Right nice hot bath, or watch West Ham and the scousers. No contest really. Bilbao T-8.

KarenR at 21:39:38 Tuesday January 30 2007
NeilAd, hows my copy of that wonderful track coming along that I can never remember the name of ? Buy you a big drink at the Lacey Sat.

Karenr at 21:23:14 Tuesday January 30 2007
Hi Selina, yes its us the ChadH gang, 'fraid so its my birthday Saturday, Geoffs last Saturday, your're right, Paul and Mark have just had theirs too, all Aquarians, only the best . See you there Sat.

DR BOB at 19:55:5 Tuesday January 30 2007
Thanks Gavin, will speak soon ..... The Doc

Frostie in Listening to Labi Siffre-The Vulture at 19:28:27 Tuesday January 30 2007
Oh and Wierdy-Why you not return my calls-Need to talk to you-I bet if I said I was Caroline it would be different!!Fone me,you tart!

Frostie in Listening to Marlena Shaw-Go Away Little Boy at 19:17:13 Tuesday January 30 2007
That would be GR888888888T M88888888888T!

KAYA at 18:13:8 Tuesday January 30 2007
Straight Maaate! I'd love to but I'm in Cyprus from 2nd - 11th March, then back at work for 2 days before I'm off to Amsterdam for 5 days! Think they'd sack me if I took the piss much more...but I might test it out anyway!

Frostie at 18:11:31 Tuesday January 30 2007
I would guess A is for Anthony.

--FROSTIE-- at 18:9:45 Tuesday January 30 2007
Oi Gaymaaate!Cum to Hamburg!

Frostie in Life is good again at 18:8:31 Tuesday January 30 2007
Allo Maaates!!Neil,Taffy and Soulboat Paul-It was good to see you down The Sisters on Sat....Deano,go onto The Soulpranos site and Webbo will probably be able to help you due to the fact that he used to do the morning show on Kiss with him.Bev,dont care-Must go to Hamburg!!Spoke to Soldier Lol this morning and he booked up with Kim this morning.

Kaya at 18:4:44 Tuesday January 30 2007
Don't need to loom at pics, I remember Tony VERY well! ;o)) What does Aja mean?

Kaya at 18:4:15 Tuesday January 30 2007
Hamsterjam booked!

Bev in on the 33rd and lookin on ere at 16:20:40 Tuesday January 30 2007
On that note - wot about "choon boxes" that were dragged to every weekender - how big were they

HAPPY FEET at 16:14:47 Tuesday January 30 2007
You cant beat the first Ferguson Top Loader VHS remote (with a lead) weighed about two ton

Neil Adkins at 16:1:12 Tuesday January 30 2007
MR GEE will be gainfully grafting up till 7.pm so no Stanley for me this fine eve ...however am looking fwd to taking my seat next to you at the acadamy as per normal...Marky if get three points tonight..it will take divine intervention i fear ...Jesus was once asked if he could actually help WEST HAM ..he replied I can change water into wine and feed the 5 thousand with a few fishes and loaves but help Westham your taking the piss !! and mark of course I remember VHS ..in fact I still use it ...being the dinosaur that I am ..and i still play big black discs too!!

Bernadette at 15:3:2 Tuesday January 30 2007
ta Mark I had your old addy

Weirdy at 15:0:31 Tuesday January 30 2007
Boooooooooooooooooooooo Last minute VAT before football tonight and not even the Vodka variety Down the Stanley Neil

Gavin Page at 14:45:51 Tuesday January 30 2007
Bob - Will text you the number for Paul Sutton mate

Markthecabbie at 14:34:46 Tuesday January 30 2007
You obviously never fought in the great VHS/Betamax wars then Neil? Give over,I know how oooooooooooooooold you are, remember??? PS 3 points tonight pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!

NeilAdkins at 14:10:8 Tuesday January 30 2007
the very same marky spod and benno as i recall....and no spod has no hair now at all ... ...and benno what ever did happen to benno .....now mark vhs remind whats that ?......

Mark H at 14:7:33 Tuesday January 30 2007
Hi Bernadette, it`s markh.realsoul@blueyonder.co.uk

Markthecabbie in Joining the hunt at 14:7:12 Tuesday January 30 2007
Think I saw this program a couple of years ago on VHS round one of the FMG's houses.Neil,is it the one where Spod still has his wedge? Selina,it is the same Karen so no dmage done there Aaaah,2 rooms,thats settled then,see you Saturday.

Neil Adkins at 12:57:41 Tuesday January 30 2007
Deanno my old friend www.grahamgold.com..hope your well geezer ....

DR BOB in chillin on my day off at 12:53:48 Tuesday January 30 2007
Help needed good people, does anybody have any contact info for Paul Sutton? Thx Dr Bob Jones

Bernadette at 12:50:10 Tuesday January 30 2007
Morning gang Mark H (aka TGA) been trying to email you but been bouncing back just want a track listing from CD you gave me cos i've bloomin lost it - ANC 80's Special i think drop me an email when you've got time - ta

deano in in the shed at 12:42:30 Tuesday January 30 2007
right how do i get of graham gold where does he dj answers please

Northern Mick at 12:34:29 Tuesday January 30 2007
Morning all...........catch me tonight Tuesday 30 Jan 07 2000-2200 hrs GMT on www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk with 'ATTITUDES IN SOUL' the regular two hours of Soulful vibes and Jazzy rhythms. Tunes this week from: King Britt, Gaz, Inner Life, Heroes of the dancefloor, Alistair Johnson, Betty Wright and stacks more ........Have a Gorilla !! Further Info: Mick 07763411627

Bev at 12:5:52 Tuesday January 30 2007
Ur not wrong there Mr A

The Funkmaster Generals at 11:43:26 Tuesday January 30 2007
the danny baker show was called 20 century box not out of the box but knowing danny he probably was ...He went around and interveiwd a couple of the Funkmaster Generals and Not I or Taffy I may add and 2 of the Frontline...good show , same show did a show on the spandau gig at sadlers wells with all the pretty gals and guys shopping for the their outfits ...argh the good old days eh ?

HAPPY FEET at 10:48:15 Tuesday January 30 2007
GT sent you J.Peg flyers mate let me know if you recieve them ok

Bev in tired and a wee bit ratty 2day - grumble grumble grumble at 10:37:38 Tuesday January 30 2007
Mornin Mr FROSTIE - is that happenin now - peeps seem 2 b unable to go Just texted ya

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 1:0:34 Tuesday January 30 2007
Allo Maaaates!!What goes Ha,Ha ,Ha........bonk?Its a man laughing his head off!!!Kaya,book up Hamburg at the end of March instead-Its gonna be brill!

info for Deano at 0:26:12 Tuesday January 30 2007
That sort of videos footage of the south east soul arena in that era would be held by Graham Gold (dj). Raw unedit-ed and un-used footage is available from other people however what you can see and what you can use are very different things.... This scene unlike the Northern Soul lot are very protective of their visual awareness, lots like to talk about it but few are willing to get together and share, mostly because they may get shouted down. So dig deep Deano and Good Luck....

__MARK__ at 0:13:46 Tuesday January 30 2007
hes in a picture here on the left hand side ,,,, http://www.jazzsyndicate.zytrix.biz/e107/e107_plugins/custompages/history.php

Marky Mark at 0:11:29 Tuesday January 30 2007
Kaya it's Tony allsop (AJA) Had a blonde wedge then and had a little brother with ginger hair AKA ME!!!!!!!!!!

deano in IN THE SHED at 0:0:55 Tuesday January 30 2007
aja who has got it

Kaya at 22:18:45 Monday January 29 2007
I love it already!

G.A.H. at 22:18:18 Monday January 29 2007
Yep Bangin arse

Kaya at 22:17:11 Monday January 29 2007
It'll do till I get the original! Is it bangin'!?

G.A.H. at 22:10:55 Monday January 29 2007
MAW mix?

Kaya at 22:8:47 Monday January 29 2007
Does anyone have an MP3 of Claudio Roditi's Madalena? A copy would be much appreciated...cheers.

Kaya at 21:38:50 Monday January 29 2007
Do I know anyone called Aja? Hello anyway!

Aja in suffolk at 21:37:50 Monday January 29 2007
And Hello kaya it's your old mucca from walthamstow

Aja in suffolk at 21:34:0 Monday January 29 2007
Deano,i now some who has the video of the do at royalty,it was on one sunday dinner time on a program called "out of the box" and it was introduced by Danny Baker. and i was there as well

Northern Mick at 21:28:40 Monday January 29 2007
Evening all............still no cure for it

Kaya at 21:28:25 Monday January 29 2007
That's what I'd heard, Tone, but I didn't want to believe it!

G.A.H. at 21:11:51 Monday January 29 2007
Hmm I'm all ears

Kaya - Lov in ' easyjet.... big time! at 21:8:14 Monday January 29 2007
Evening all. Having missed out on a 40th Birthday Party last year and having missed out on Christmas and New Year because of a personal bereavement, I'll be heading out to Amsterdam for a bit of a birthday party in March...anyone care to join me?

Selina in thank fu*k that's over with at 21:0:54 Monday January 29 2007
Karen, is that the lovely Karen and Geoff from Chad.H. I'm gunna look stpid if it ain't. Oh well spread the love. I'm sure it's two rooms on Saturday Only just bought Mark T Cab a drink for his birthday now it's your's and I'm sure Mark said it was Paul's aswell. Great month to have a birthday let alone 3. See you's on Saturday.

Brian Mac at 20:43:55 Monday January 29 2007
Aaaaahhhhh .. better

Brian Mac at 20:43:11 Monday January 29 2007
Agreed .. oooooohh me cyber ears are throbbing

Karenr at 20:43:2 Monday January 29 2007
See , told you I was no good at it, sorry , better luck next time

Markthecabbie at 20:41:58 Monday January 29 2007
Hi Karen,definitely be there on Saturday but still not sure if both rooms are open.Hopefully some kind soul who is in the know will help us with the info. No need to shout by the way

G.A.H. at 20:38:49 Monday January 29 2007
We're not flippin deaf

KARENR at 20:37:14 Monday January 29 2007

KARENRANDGEOFF at 20:35:7 Monday January 29 2007

Bob Masters at 20:26:53 Monday January 29 2007
SOULFOOD : This Wednesday Evening 10pm - 12am. Join me straight after the mighty Spurs beat the gooners on SOLAR Radio for a bit of everything from Doo at the Zoo classic to Nicola Conte. Any gig's you'd like mentioned email me at bluntpromo@btopenworld.com

Marky Mark at 19:10:44 Monday January 29 2007
Deano was that the one filmed at the royalty and featured all the tribes , froggy was one of the jocks?

Weirdy at 19:7:59 Monday January 29 2007
For British Hustle details try http://ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/title/156170

D'Arcy at 18:54:25 Monday January 29 2007
And a couple of Gato Barbieri clips too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_40um6wnFwM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4FSwrQ750o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKlEULhlm2E Anyone remember his "Caliente" outing from 1976 which included the simply epic "Fiesta" ? A highlight of Robbie's ”Fusion Forty” sessions on his Radio London programmes from the late seventies and early eighties.

D'Arcy at 18:34:54 Monday January 29 2007
A few clips worth a peruse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayYQOwFA5_0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee0xXod51sA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oys_dwUXCcY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqashW66D7o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iem9ojbIur8

Brian Mac at 16:49:44 Monday January 29 2007
Already the date change Pedroni as Action Man may have told you, 24th March (or 27th I think).

RED HANKY BACK POCKET at 16:14:49 Monday January 29 2007
Greg edwards in his tight leather black trousers oh " COULD SQUASH A GRAPE"

Pedroni at 16:14:37 Monday January 29 2007
Brian sounde excellent matey - bring on mr Ronnie Laws - Lets hope he dosn't do a Donald!!

Brian Mac in hoping my icon works at the first attempt and not the second at 16:11:15 Monday January 29 2007
Coppo - Stan's the Dan or Danny's the Stan ? .. enjoyable weekend not involving liver exhaustion unlike some .. Jazz Cafe's Schema night was excellente and as I said last night, Hi-Hat was exhausting just to watch .. looks like a few had a restful day/night yesterday

Pedroni at 16:4:58 Monday January 29 2007
The film was called Young Soul rebels ????

Ed Stokes in My foots killing me. at 15:56:5 Monday January 29 2007
Deano.My recollection of that film is that it was about the London Gay club scene.It was shown one night on one of the film channels. I turned off after ten minutes.A very deceiving title. Someone correct if im wrong.

Bev at 15:44:40 Monday January 29 2007
Cool - will try and make it Any of our old crowd goin

Ed Stokes at 15:38:39 Monday January 29 2007
Bev we are at Henrys this Friday

MARKY,PUSH FM PLAYLIST in LONDON at 15:35:46 Monday January 29 2007

Bev at 15:33:50 Monday January 29 2007
Wotcha Ed - where r u manning the decks on Friday

Ed Stokes in still on the good foot. at 15:27:25 Monday January 29 2007
Yep,still not shoock off Morning.

e in on the good foot at 15:21:16 Monday January 29 2007
After two great nights at jazz cafe. Incognito were superb. Bluey giving moving tributes to recently departed heroes.Then, last night,Snowboys Hi-hat session with grupo x left me breathless,just watching the best dancers in the world! Looking fwd to friday.Capt Mick Farrer & Myself manning the decks,would love to see ya.

DEANO in IN THE SHED at 15:12:52 Monday January 29 2007

Bev at 14:54:42 Monday January 29 2007
Hey DEANO - if I think way back 2 me Goldmine days - I'm sure part of that was filmed down there - seem to remember camera, lights, action one week Hav u tried the obvious i.e. Amazon or googling for more info Google everything me Otherwise as Coppo suggests I'm sure one of the Caister Team could help

Coppo in working on me car at 14:25:28 Monday January 29 2007
G'day guys & gals Deano as with Jester (ello matey) have not heard of it, have you tried mailing the Caister HQ Brian Mac (ello to you too boyzie) I did tell Richard but me finks he's a little bit mutt & jeff Still Stan's the Dan

DEANO at 13:50:56 Monday January 29 2007

Jester at 13:34:12 Monday January 29 2007
We're not really ignoring you fella ..Never heard of it ..any good/who's in it/soundtrack etc.? Chester

DEANO in IN THE SHED at 13:17:0 Monday January 29 2007

now... at 13:9:38 Monday January 29 2007
...do you know Tina well HF?

Bev in chewin on crunchy peas mmmmmmmmmmm at 12:54:59 Monday January 29 2007
Hello Soulies Lorraine me ole mate if ur lurkin drop me a mail

SHREK at 12:48:24 Monday January 29 2007
Humus Kavurma with crispy diced lamb and crunchy pine nuts that moved by arse to feel like fire Sunday morning

Ginger Tony at 12:34:16 Monday January 29 2007
Great power is that, the ability to move fire!!! Yes, missed the party piece. Too busy looking for helicopter flavour crips.

HAPPY FEET at 12:31:3 Monday January 29 2007
Tony yes your right!! but I think they were blokes either that or nuns with stubble (Nuns on the Run) You missed Tits out Tina in the pub doing her party piece then , at least were kept nice and hot with all the burners curtiesy of Darren

Ginger Tony at 11:58:32 Monday January 29 2007
Morning all! Reminded me of that spider walk in The Exorcist, but thankfully without the pea soup. Tell me I didn't imagine it and that you all saw the nuns in the pub too! I think there was something in their beer as i'm sure some of them had 5 O'clock shadow...

Northern Mick at 11:40:36 Monday January 29 2007
Morning all..........Selina that sounds painful

Pedroni in Need something for a Monday morning!!! at 11:39:19 Monday January 29 2007
Two priests are in a Vatican bathroom using the urinals. One of them looks at the other one's penis and notices there's a Nicoderm patch on it. He looks at the other priest and says, "I believe you're supposed to put that patch on your arm or shoulder, not your penis." The other one replies, "It's working just fine. I'm down to two butts a day." IF YOU LAUGH...YOU'LL GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!

for later at 11:25:0 Monday January 29 2007
sotrc invites 16 Mar 2007 sotrc at inn on the lake ,new format 2 rooms SOTRC @ Inn On The Lake Gravesend ,just off the A2,new 2 room format,room 1 soul,rare grooves,two step and anthems,room 2 jazz/funk and soulfulhouse in all it's guises.8 til 2 £7 only

Pedroni in Morning all at 10:59:19 Monday January 29 2007
“SEASIDE STRUT No 3” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 10th February 2007 from 7.30pm—3am & Sun 11th afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Abbo & Steve Day -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007 - Please email me if your coming so you can be put on the guest list --

HAPPY FEET at 10:47:39 Monday January 29 2007
Sorry Jackie I think the T C Curtis track Pretty Lady was on a 12" B-Side, used to hear that a lot on Horizon

HAPPY FEET at 9:51:6 Monday January 29 2007
Selina you were trying to bend backwards between two benches in the pub garden, it looked rather painful but funny nevertheless

Jane at 9:34:4 Monday January 29 2007
Morning Ginger Tony & Selina, Pedroni, Richard (Soulville), Debs (R) and Bigger hope you are all well and that you had a good weekend? Hello Frostie that's me always on the stage at the Ditch Bar and always enjoying myself Bigger honey so glad to hear that you are on the mend, look forward to seeing you at the lacys on Saturday. Hope you all have a good week Selina I too can't believe its Monday already, where did the weekend go! Jane x

Selina at 9:6:8 Monday January 29 2007
It can't be Monday morning already. Dazed and confused. Why does evey inch of my body hurt. Still denying any handstands, although my head does hurt, and my hips and my thighs. I need coffee and I need it now. Oh Morning All

Lisa-Jane at 6:33:9 Monday January 29 2007
Howard, helllooooooo xxxxxxxxxx

Brian Mac at 1:47:57 Monday January 29 2007

__BMAC__ at 1:45:34 Monday January 29 2007
Coppo and Danny I think Richard/Chevvy ............. Jazz Cafe ok tonight .. but the dancers do make you tired just watching them

Howard Scoones in Norwich at 0:18:52 Monday January 29 2007
Great to talk to you today Richard at Soulville HQ. If we can get the babysitting sorted then me and Rachael will most definitely try and make at least the Saturday night of the Soulville Easter Weekender, hopefully see plenty of old faces I have not seen in a while. Hi to all from over here in Norwich

Markthecabbie in a helpful mode at 23:10:34 Sunday January 28 2007
Hello mate,what do you want help with? Bell me and I'll talk you through it

Marky Mark at 23:7:3 Sunday January 28 2007

paul evans at 21:49:33 Sunday January 28 2007

paul evans at 21:26:56 Sunday January 28 2007
any 1 out there know about this computer lark 1st time on here need help

SOULVILLE HQ at 21:23:6 Sunday January 28 2007

Stevie Cee at 21:14:5 Sunday January 28 2007
Bob - Pan's Labyrinth - top movie, that! A very dark fairy tale, amongst other things.. one of the best flicks I've seen this year.

Debs at 20:44:24 Sunday January 28 2007

Ginger Tony at 20:8:9 Sunday January 28 2007
I know Debs. It's just a shame we didn't seem to go at them till they scored. Oh well, look forward to wednesday instead!

Debs at 19:48:42 Sunday January 28 2007
Hello Sean Tony not happy about that

Ginger Tony in never give up, never surrender! at 19:17:37 Sunday January 28 2007
I know Debs. Have to do it at their place instead!

Bev in larfin at that monkee at 19:12:58 Sunday January 28 2007
NM hope the iching stops b4 ESSENCE coz u won't b able to concentrate down "anorak alley"

sean at 18:31:20 Sunday January 28 2007
ello deb...by grabthorres hammer you shall be avenged

Debs at 18:23:58 Sunday January 28 2007

Ginger Tony in uncomfortable viewing... at 17:57:32 Sunday January 28 2007
Don't talk to me about Milan & Sambuco's! I didn't give him too much of a ribbing!!! Evening Mick.

SS at 17:27:32 Sunday January 28 2007
SEASIDE STRUT No 3” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 10th February 2007 from 7.30pm—3am & Sun 11th afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Abbo & Steve Day -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007

HAPPY FEET at 17:2:44 Sunday January 28 2007
GT The mega tray of Sambuca's didnt help > I blame (Milan)

Northern Mick at 17:1:31 Sunday January 28 2007

Northern Monkey at 17:0:0 Sunday January 28 2007
As we were not featured this weekend I will remain imapartial...MUCH ...CMon the trotters Only joking GT ...best of luck ........

Ginger Tony in waiting for The Arse! at 16:53:21 Sunday January 28 2007
Afternoon all! Apparently it wasn't Selina HF, it was her evil twin! Donkey doesn't agree with me (yes, it does) so I went with the lamb! Phew! Sis, remember my advice about holding in botty burps... Kick-off in 5, i've got a bad feeling about this one. I hate playing Bolton!

sean at 16:46:49 Sunday January 28 2007
after noon.... glow sticks @ 4pm

Northern Mick at 16:45:49 Sunday January 28 2007
Saw the doctor,got the cream, applied liberally and still bl**** itches

Northern Mick at 16:42:33 Sunday January 28 2007
Happy Birthday Tony !! Have a whoppin Gorilla

Markthecabbie at 16:37:1 Sunday January 28 2007
Aah,Info,but which is which? No matter,we'll be there. Btw,when Gary D did his handstand,did loads of peoples "record dollars" come tumbling out??

Info at 16:24:33 Sunday January 28 2007
The Number one and Number 2 Kent soul DJs will be at Henrys on the 9th Feb

HAPPY FEET at 16:24:11 Sunday January 28 2007
GT if your out of your bed by now.my stomach feels as if I ate a donkey yesterday at Tas,wonder how Gary Dennis is feeling after doing a hand stand up against the wall in the pub along with Selina on top form you go girl... HAPPY BIRTHDAY again PATRICK. Thanks again to Dee for organising a great get together ,Brian cant make the Jazz Cafe tonight as my liver has left my body . Also happy birthday Tony

Markthecabbie in Yet more questions!! :lol: at 15:56:38 Sunday January 28 2007
Thanks for the IOTL info,peeps. Am I right in thinking that the cancelled one in Feb means that Tony M and Johnny Skates are now coming over the bridge to Henrys in Feb?If so,what date is it?

BGG at 15:42:28 Sunday January 28 2007
That would be 01474 823333

Paul again in err chelski 2 up already at 15:25:49 Sunday January 28 2007
ps happy buffday Maggot

Paul@sotrc in resting at home at 15:7:8 Sunday January 28 2007
Markthecabbie IOTL is 01474 82333 or emailreservations@innonthelake.co.uk mention us & you may get a bit of discount aftenoon all looking forward to a carry on of last night around at the house of Abbo

Ali at 14:44:15 Sunday January 28 2007
Happy Birthday Maggot! Hope you have a nice day. Big snog.... Mwwaarrr! Ta-da xx

Marky Mark at 14:31:26 Sunday January 28 2007
Afternoon peeps! Just sorting me set out for tonight! Loads of soul tonight ! 8pm www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk

Bev in chooned in2 Solar and don't Paul Stenning sound like Robbie Vincent at 13:43:35 Sunday January 28 2007
Hey Richard - mailed u on ur Soulville hotmail address with a link

Bev at 13:29:20 Sunday January 28 2007
Bugger 4got me icon didn't I

BEV in all chored out - phew! at 13:28:47 Sunday January 28 2007

Norwich Simon at 13:27:28 Sunday January 28 2007
Happy birthday, Big Andy...love to Sunbeam too

richard in soulville hq at 13:3:31 Sunday January 28 2007
gavin,does tht mean you have to get plastered an get that kaftan out,can,t wait!!!!hi n-mick,i think you must be thinkingof another richard.

Gavin Page at 11:58:59 Sunday January 28 2007
Richard - My 40th is the same time as Soulvillage

Northern Mick at 11:48:48 Sunday January 28 2007
Only because you are one Richard .... Morning mate !!

richard in soulville hq at 11:43:59 Sunday January 28 2007
morning all,great party last night for big andy,s 40th(sunbeams andy),it was at the two bears hotel gt yarmouth.it was great to see mark webster and mrs webster ,shep and his mrs,dog and his crowd,played the 11 till 12 spot and had a great time.I feel naked with no icon,hi debs hows you today.

Northern Mick at 11:25:7 Sunday January 28 2007
Good morning Darren,Gave,Debs,GT et al...........Darren scratch your own

Northern Mick at 11:24:8 Sunday January 28 2007
It should be noted that some one is using my Gorilla icon as cover when wishing to make derogatory remarks about others on here. Be assured, that I do not use the site as a vehicle to vent my spleen and therefore that if it used in this manner ...It aint me .....

Gavin Page at 10:11:41 Sunday January 28 2007
Steve. Yes mate did go and see the Tigers. There are two of them. They looked really well and happy which pleases me. Unlike the caged birds. Does my head in to see that.

darren in my boxers at 10:5:30 Sunday January 28 2007
morning all. gonna miss sandra ....ktf. darren

Debs in LISTENING TO SANDRA C'S LAST SHOW at 9:21:15 Sunday January 28 2007
Morning hope u all had a nice weekend

Brian Mac at 4:48:18 Sunday January 28 2007
No problem Mark, saw it and rang him (as you know) .. in from the Jazz Cafe, Matt Biondi was the dogs danglies .. good night had by all and back there tomorrow for Snowboy and Phil Levine - after a spot of food of course at Bar Gansa or Made In Brasil .. yummy

Markthecabbie at 4:40:30 Sunday January 28 2007
Right next question,are there 2 rooms at the Lacy next week? And who do I ring to book tix and rooms for the Inn On The Lake 16t March please? Thanking you....

Markthecabbie at 4:38:48 Sunday January 28 2007
Cheers Brian,just got in and saw your message.Tony rang me earlier.Thanks for passing the message on....

darren in my boxers at 22:44:7 Saturday January 27 2007
hey northern mick....can you come round and scratch my nadz,they itch like f**k ....ktf...darren

deano in IN THE SHED IN LEWISHAM at 21:57:15 Saturday January 27 2007
iv asked a couple of times today any one know where i can get a copy of british hustle the film

Spool Chacker at 21:42:37 Saturday January 27 2007
in recyl = recyl in

Mark G in recyl at 21:40:54 Saturday January 27 2007
My son, Jacob, has just downloaded to his PSP Hilly's 'Idi Amin' Weather Forecast skit from my original Caister tapes...

Bob Masters in just about to watch Blood Diamond at 21:3:42 Saturday January 27 2007
Two good films to see : The U.S. vs John Lennon (docu) and Pan's Labyrinth, brilliant !!(subtitled).

Frostie at 20:9:56 Saturday January 27 2007
Let me guess....Sounds like my fave Soul Sister-Anyway,got a gig to do-Im off-Taalaa Maaates!

At a computer at 20:3:54 Saturday January 27 2007
Frostie luv ya, but over ten postings in one day hun.....Slow down or you will back in hospital again.

Frostie at 19:52:0 Saturday January 27 2007
Marky-Yes I have!!!

Frostie in DEVOTION at 19:50:35 Saturday January 27 2007
Allo Maaates!!Right,I want that track on vinyl so bad but havent got the know how to google and find out where I can get it.Anybody help?

Frostie at 19:34:55 Saturday January 27 2007
Even Faith,Trust and Love=DEVOTION-Where the feck do I get HOPE from?

Frostie in Listening to the greatest record ever-Faith,Hope and Trust=DEVOTION by The Groove Junkies at 19:32:36 Saturday January 27 2007
Its Club Aurra in Ilford.

wheres the sisters gig at 19:23:38 Saturday January 27 2007

Marky Mark at 19:23:4 Saturday January 27 2007
You aint seen me naked!

Frostie at 19:14:31 Saturday January 27 2007
Big Alien Maaate!The Sisters Of Sound is only down the road from you tonight.

Jester at 18:53:29 Saturday January 27 2007
C'Mon you Horns ..YES!!

Frostie at 18:45:50 Saturday January 27 2007
Ere Marky,did you see my posting?I reckon your icon reminds me of Frog at closing time when its his round!

Frostie at 18:39:50 Saturday January 27 2007
GIVEAWAY!!!!I dont use icons and my grammer is normally spot on.

Marky Mark at 18:38:33 Saturday January 27 2007

Northern Mick at 18:37:22 Saturday January 27 2007
Eh up Smack him one Frostie is a skinny git anyway

Marky Mark at 18:35:26 Saturday January 27 2007
Frost,that aint me maaaate!

Frostie at 18:34:17 Saturday January 27 2007
Thats it Maaate, not wearing you t-shirts anymore

Marky Mark at 18:33:14 Saturday January 27 2007
It is me pissing around with the icons!

Frostie at 18:30:6 Saturday January 27 2007
Allo Maaates! Well it aint me posting up below some idiot is using my Icon! I'm off doing a gay wedding tonight not at some posh 3oth birthday bash!As if they would let me in to a posh doo!

Frostie at 18:29:52 Saturday January 27 2007
Allo Gavin Maaate!Did you visit the tigers?

Frostie at 18:29:49 Saturday January 27 2007
Allo Gavin Maaate!Did you visit the tigers?

Gavin Page at 18:27:34 Saturday January 27 2007
The Zoo was Grrrrreat

Frostie at 18:15:10 Saturday January 27 2007
Its Church Lane-One of Kerrys Posh Set are having a thirtieth-Marquee,champagne reception and all that.

Big Alien at 18:7:51 Saturday January 27 2007
Ere Frostie maaate - Where in Buckhurst Hill cos thats my manor now??

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 18:5:32 Saturday January 27 2007
Allo Maaates!This is the real Frostie....Not been around cos The Soul Cottage has experienced yet another power cut-We are prone to them as anyone that came to our party knows we are miles away from civilisation.Debs,your right,it is somebody messing with your icon and it aint Marky Mark cos hes a mate of mine and Ive already asked him.Right,thats cleared that up,Im getting ready for two different venues tonight and then who knows?Oh yeah,one more thing,we have our full allocation for Hamburg now,but if anybody else wants in,you must get a minimum of four to join us.

Debs at 17:45:36 Saturday January 27 2007
Thats ok thought someone was being funny

Northern Mick at 17:28:10 Saturday January 27 2007
I am flattered to think that someone wishes to see my Monkey, but would you kindly refrain from doing so........it f****** itches Use your own Icon ................Cheers

Brian Mac at 17:10:47 Saturday January 27 2007
ooooo eeeerrrrrr

__BMAC__ at 17:10:21 Saturday January 27 2007
Call me on 07831 159231 for Action Man's Mark

Frostie at 16:51:6 Saturday January 27 2007
Sorry debs

Markthecabbie at 16:14:58 Saturday January 27 2007
Anyone got an email or mobile number for Action Man Tony??Need to get a message to him... Cheers Mark

Debs at 15:1:16 Saturday January 27 2007
Hi ya Sean have a goodun VIKKI HAPPY 21ST ALSO HAPPY 21ST TO SUNBEAMS ANDY sorry i can't be there xxxx Sean tell Brownie i'm on the case it's very interesting stuff thanx x

sean at 14:33:56 Saturday January 27 2007
hello deb...backo from worko...... got to stockup with cava...the ol gruntmaster is on his way...so mucho drinko then vix party......

Debs at 14:33:10 Saturday January 27 2007
How odd that was me and i used caps whoevers using my icon and name can u not please

Debs at 14:31:3 Saturday January 27 2007
That was not me i always use caps

Debs at 13:54:54 Saturday January 27 2007

Frostie at 13:53:58 Saturday January 27 2007
PS:Thanks for the photo Mark I have on the bedside cabinet

Frostie at 13:53:7 Saturday January 27 2007
I love you Marky and if it was possible for me to have kids I would want you to be their father!

Marky Mark at 13:45:43 Saturday January 27 2007
And can I just say Frostie you are my hero.

Marky Mark at 13:44:51 Saturday January 27 2007
Try again

__MARKYMARK__ at 13:44:1 Saturday January 27 2007
And can I just say I luv you Frostie!

HMMM! at 13:33:45 Saturday January 27 2007
sorry nikki I'm bored

Northern Mick at 13:33:7 Saturday January 27 2007

__NORTHERN__ at 13:32:54 Saturday January 27 2007

Marky Mark at 13:32:10 Saturday January 27 2007
Great that works too!

Frostie at 13:31:9 Saturday January 27 2007
Can I just say that Marky Marky is a top bloke and I like him that mush if I found out he was dying I would give him both my kidneys! He is one nice bloke and a top DJ

Hmmm! at 13:29:23 Saturday January 27 2007
That didnt work!

__MARK__ at 13:28:41 Saturday January 27 2007
Quality it works

Frostie at 13:28:0 Saturday January 27 2007
Can I use frosties icon?

Debs at 12:56:5 Saturday January 27 2007

DEANO in in the shed at 12:28:13 Saturday January 27 2007
sorry frostie wrong deano but if you can get a copy will be very greatful mate

Northern Mick at 12:22:8 Saturday January 27 2007
Morning all........Selina, Marcus, Debs, frostie,Bev and Darren...... Hope y'all enjoying the weekend ..GT Sorry mate missed you today.......Chores to do Right formalities out of the way ,back to scratching ....have a Gorilla !!

Frostie at 12:16:3 Saturday January 27 2007
Oh and by the way,Froggy might have a copy.I have tried calling him but he is still asleep.

Frostie at 12:13:29 Saturday January 27 2007
Is that the Deano thats coming down The SOS tonight?If so,can you let me know what type of set you are bringing.

DEANO in IN THE SHED IN LEWISHAM at 12:0:21 Saturday January 27 2007

Marcus in Treacle Bumstead in the choone chair.! at 11:49:25 Saturday January 27 2007
N'Joyed the show Ginger One, and enjoying Ash's. Bigger, get better soon mate.,Marcus P.S. G.T. Lamb Kleftico is nice (loads of garlic though).Melts in the mouth....oooooooo P.P.S Gav - Only 77 Days to ESSENCE.

Ellie in deciding to return to the human race at 11:41:57 Saturday January 27 2007
yoo hoo Selina xx hope yer hangover goes soon ...think I've had one for last 3 weeks ..oops ... Healing HUGZ to Bigger ..hope you're feeling much better soon.. just been flippin through my copy of Soul Nation ...very inspiring reading....talking of inspiring the Ginger one's show was brill this morning .. xx Morning everyone xxxx

Selina at 11:30:28 Saturday January 27 2007
Yep, Frostie, He's much better, bless him. Had that nasty virus that was doing the rounds. One christmas present you don't wont. Hamburg sounds good, had a litle looksey yesterday. I can see my new Arsenal credit card getting a bashing soon.

Debs in LISTENING TO ASH NOW at 11:23:6 Saturday January 27 2007
Bigger get well soon from me and the Doc xxxx C B thanx for that very interesting indeedy Great show Tony

Frostie at 11:22:0 Saturday January 27 2007
Selina maaaaate!Did you speak to Spud?

Selina at 11:12:38 Saturday January 27 2007
Gavin, have a great day, good weather for a trip to the Zoo. I think this afternoon's lunch is going to be a bit like feeding time at the Zoo

---FROSTIE-- at 11:11:47 Saturday January 27 2007
Bev,contact Tracey as she is sorting it all out.

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 11:9:43 Saturday January 27 2007
Allo Maaaates!!!Colin,I am sorry to hear about your illness-It isnt a reoccurrence of that ailment we shared is it?Anyway maate,whatever it is,I am sure you will be bouncing back with some up front R n B as I and many others acknowledge you as the innovator and main man for what you specialise in.Gavin,Oh the Zoo-What memories!Looking forward to The Sisters tonight after my Buckhurst Hill set.

darren in my boxers at 11:2:24 Saturday January 27 2007
enjoyed the ginger...did you get my e-mail ??????...have a good one fella,and enjoy the greek grub.....ktf. darren

Bev in chooned in2 GT at 10:54:0 Saturday January 27 2007
Ere where's that scratchin monkee this morn FROSTIE - good news - looks like its a goer then Spk laters

Gavin Page in Getting ready for a day at London Zoo with the two little ones at 10:49:22 Saturday January 27 2007
Oi Colin get ya self better soon mate ! Take Care

Bigger at 10:41:6 Saturday January 27 2007
Hi All This is a quick note to say sorry for not being able to make Flips show today, I am gutted I love doing the show with Flip but sadly since before Christmas I really havent been feeling great. I have only managed two of my last six personal shows because of this I have had to repeat the shows several times, so my apologies for that to. It takes a lot for me not to make something that I have commited to. Besides my throat still not recovering properly I have been ill this week whilst at the Midem music festival and had to cut short my visit to the event. I know the show will be a great one anyone so make sure you tune in. Belated happy birthday to Flip. My lack of visits to the site have been due to illness to, hopefully i will catch up with everything soon. I hope you are all well and having a great start to 2007. Regards Bigger

Coppo at 10:32:20 Saturday January 27 2007
Mornin' one and all Wow Exceeeeeelent vibes or wot

Selina at 10:31:18 Saturday January 27 2007
Morning world it's a brand new day. My head hurts. Today I will mostly be eating my way out of a hangover. GDACL, come on.

Marcus in Treacle Bumstead at 9:34:41 Saturday January 27 2007
Morning Y'all.Chooned in for another G.T. Early start....F.A. Cup weekend n all.

Merv in Colchester at 9:19:0 Saturday January 27 2007
Got up early to listen to ya Tony !

Debs at 9:9:19 Saturday January 27 2007
N Mick thanx

Debs in LISTENING TO THE GINGER ONE at 9:2:59 Saturday January 27 2007
Morning all morning Mr Lapola

darren in my boxers at 8:50:8 Saturday January 27 2007
morning all.....cup of rosey in hand waiting for the ginger one ....ktf...darren

sean at 8:31:26 Saturday January 27 2007
mornin all....mornin deb..@ work on me ol lapola....only till 12 i hope.....

deano in in the shed in lewisham at 0:50:19 Saturday January 27 2007
does any one know where i can get a dvd of the film british hustle

Brian Mac at 0:37:48 Saturday January 27 2007
Excellent .. if there was a clapping emoticon I would be using it

wow! at 0:11:51 Saturday January 27 2007
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJR6erZxsYY check it...

Gavin Page at 23:4:16 Friday January 26 2007
Brian, if you can make it Sunday night see you there mate

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 22:32:27 Friday January 26 2007
Allo Maaates!Just had a word with Sharpie,Chevvy and Lil Stevie-All coming to Hamburg......

Bev in at home chillin drinking a nice cup of char and scoffin rolo's at 22:8:20 Friday January 26 2007
Hey Richard - luv the flyer Me bruv had that same car and same colour - only just sold it How funny

KarenR and Geoff at 20:8:18 Friday January 26 2007

JAZZBOP.CO.UK in BRIGHTON at 19:35:16 Friday January 26 2007
AFTER DJING AT THE VERY SUCCESSFUL BEVERLEY KNIGHT AFTERPARTY - DJS IAN & ROB ARE BACK AT BRIGHTON JAZZ ROOMS - Saturday 3rd Feb @ The Jazz Place, 10 Ship Street, Brighton - £6/5 conc. 10PM - 3AM SELECTED BOTTLED BEER £1.50 ALL NIGHT! Regular live percussion from Dal Robertson

Frostie at 18:34:13 Friday January 26 2007
Ere Marky,I knew I knew that walk.....Its Frog leaving the Pub as its his round!!!!

Frostie at 18:11:31 Friday January 26 2007
Allo Lynda,Nick & Chop-Glad you like the icon-See you in Ramsgate on the 10th?Erm Marky,have you read my posting to you?

Lynda, Nick & Chop in freezzing Margate at 18:3:18 Friday January 26 2007
I love your icon Frostie mmmm I might get some when I go shopping may be Kellogg's will give you a cut Love peace and snake bites x

Bev in larfin in CW at 17:34:33 Friday January 26 2007
Marky Mark - pleeeeze demonstrate that walk the next time I sees ya

YES at 17:28:56 Friday January 26 2007
Mark,ORAL not ANAL.

Marky Mark at 17:27:4 Friday January 26 2007
Ah! it works I kno where I was going wrong

Marky Mark at 17:26:11 Friday January 26 2007
Test testing 1-2

OR at 17:26:2 Friday January 26 2007
Girls if you are a STUD.

NO at 17:25:10 Friday January 26 2007
its not the drugs,thats just down to the type of girl you are sleeping with.

Northern Mick at 17:23:45 Friday January 26 2007
Dont even go there Frostie, thats why Im scratching

Well at 17:23:1 Friday January 26 2007
it is quite easy,all these drugs are taken orally.

Frostie at 17:21:7 Friday January 26 2007
Now I just gotta get use to using it!!

Frostie at 17:19:26 Friday January 26 2007
Reminds me of the Lamont Dozier classic(No,not that one)but,YOU OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES.

Bev in larfin out loud on the 33rd - oops! at 17:15:14 Friday January 26 2007
It's all gone "icon" bonkers

The Love doctor at 17:15:9 Friday January 26 2007
Frostie if you cant get it up there are now various drugs you can use.There is the new style JELLY,Vigaria,Calis of good old fasioned beer and loads of iot.

Brian Mac in the office playing Carrie Lucas and The Whispers - Just A Memory ---- Chillin' nicely at 17:12:2 Friday January 26 2007
He He Mick .. go to the top of the class .. the end result is what counts as you say .. I see the nadger scratching is back with us (GT's lawyer keep an eye out )

Northern Mick at 17:9:40 Friday January 26 2007
Frostie, STOP showing off !!

Northern Mick in ICON School for technophobes at 17:9:0 Friday January 26 2007
Thankyou for that brian !! remember its not necessarily all about how fast you are !!(apparently)

Frostie at 17:8:33 Friday January 26 2007
Allo Maaates!Right,got it!!!!!!!!!!

Frostie at 17:7:19 Friday January 26 2007

Frostie at 17:6:6 Friday January 26 2007
Well,somebody aint telling me something-How do I get it up?

Frostie at 17:4:41 Friday January 26 2007
Allo Jane Maaate!Now that is the Jane that was at The Ditch last week enjoying it?

Frostie at 17:4:19 Friday January 26 2007
Here it is Frostie .. it was there all along

Brian Mac at 17:3:44 Friday January 26 2007
Aft' Gavin .. have a good one .. Schema night at the Jazz Cafe for me tomorrow and maybe on Sunday if I can get a £5 flyer (and tomorrow is not too heavy)

Jane at 17:3:27 Friday January 26 2007
Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well? Hello Frostie I like your icon very neat. I am just getting ready, going to see Incognito at the Jazz Cafe this evening

Frostie at 17:1:59 Friday January 26 2007
Now wheres it gone?

Gavin Page at 17:1:34 Friday January 26 2007
Afternoon all - Have a great weekend what ever you are up to

Frostie at 17:1:23 Friday January 26 2007
Allo Maaates!!Fanx for the help Bev-Dundelt!!!!!!!!

Brian Mac at 17:0:17 Friday January 26 2007
Well done Frostie .. far quicker than Northern Mick

Frostie at 16:58:7 Friday January 26 2007

Frostie at 16:52:52 Friday January 26 2007
Niki,already have darlin-Now what do I do to get it up(If you pardon the obvious inuendo)

Bev at 16:43:41 Friday January 26 2007

Niki at 16:42:15 Friday January 26 2007
Frostie, you can thank Brian Mac for sending me a frosties picture. The code is __FROSTIE__

Frostie at 16:40:40 Friday January 26 2007

Bev at 16:2:50 Friday January 26 2007
Bernadette sounds good

Bernadette in anyone doing this tonight? at 15:51:4 Friday January 26 2007
Keeping The Faith, The Big Chill House, 257 Pentonville Road, N1 9NL. Once again we have a couple of amazing guests. First up we have acid house legend Terry Farley. Terry has been an integral part of London clubland for 20 years but this is his first Northern Soul set but his impeccable taste is sure to shine through. Jo Wallace is one of the world’s finest female soul DJs and compiles albums for no lesser label than Motown! Northern Soul and Funk Friday 26th January 2006, and the last Friday of every month. 9pm till 4am (doors open all day). Seven hours soul from the world's finest DJs. Free before 9pm, £5 after. DJs: Special Guests: Terry Farley (Faith / Boys Own) Jo Wallace (These Old Shoes / 100 Club) Residents: Yann Vatiste (Va Va Voom, 100 Club) Dean Rudland (BGP, Acid Jazz) Si Fane (Hip Drop, Boogaloo #3)Will Nicol (Keeping The Faith, Mastercuts)

Frostie at 15:38:27 Friday January 26 2007
Allo Maaates!Fanx Richard and Brian for the call....Richard,I will see you Sat week.

Brian Mac at 15:30:8 Friday January 26 2007
will mail you a Frosties jpeg that I found Frostie and to Niki too .. hope it works

Bev at 15:29:48 Friday January 26 2007
Hey Richard - u r "iconless" bout time u got one me ole mucker

Brian Mac at 15:25:44 Friday January 26 2007
Only a naughty boy when allowed (rarely)

richard in soulville hq at 15:23:2 Friday January 26 2007
now i know why i deliver to the wronge houses DOH!!!!!!!

Lisa at 15:22:18 Friday January 26 2007
Thanks Niki thats better. Hiya Debs it's a sign of madness repeating yourself but hey we all have those days Still have my up and down days getting back to normal, Hope all is well with you my thoughts are with you

richard in soulville hq at 15:21:52 Friday January 26 2007
frostie,so sorry, we went over it a few times and thought we had covered every one(my fault).you are playing and i,ll get that fixed.

Lisa at 15:19:16 Friday January 26 2007

Debs at 15:13:45 Friday January 26 2007
Not too bad Richard thanx x

Frostie at 14:43:28 Friday January 26 2007
Allo Nicki Maaaaate!Mnnnnnnnnn!Now I would not mind an icon of say a packet of Frosties but no idea what to do-Can you sort it darlin?Bev-Ended up at a Techno Rave(Dont Ask)after The Ditch and was playing with it with all my new found Maaaates!Will buy another one tomorrow.....

Niki at 14:37:59 Friday January 26 2007
Afternoon all. I dunno what you lot find so difficult about reading an e-mail and copying and pasting a tiny bit of code.... donuts Lisa - is that OK? Everyone knows you've got a whistle now! Brian, you are not the Messiah you're a very naughty boy!

Lisa at 14:35:26 Friday January 26 2007

Brian Mac at 14:35:16 Friday January 26 2007

Bev in poppin back quickly at 14:34:55 Friday January 26 2007
Oi FROSTIE - don't 4get that new game u & MARKY MARK r gonna introduce on the show Gotta b done

Frostie at 14:26:57 Friday January 26 2007
Richard,I see Im not on it maaate!!

richard in soulville hq at 14:17:48 Friday January 26 2007
flyers now out for soulville at easter.morning ever one,debs how are you today?

Frostie at 14:10:26 Friday January 26 2007
Marky,Ive left a message on your new mobile but it cut out-If we dont speak,can you call me re coming up to Ceasers in Yarmouth next week if you still fancy it.

Ginger Tony at 14:9:4 Friday January 26 2007
Not your's Mick. Your monkey's! Afternoon all!

Debs at 13:59:24 Friday January 26 2007
Oops didn't think the first one sent

HAPPY FEET at 13:45:11 Friday January 26 2007
Frostie Starts 7pm till 2am contact Phil Levine for £5 flyer if you can make it down.

Debs at 13:33:38 Friday January 26 2007
Hi Lisa Whistle i'm not too bad considering ,i hope u are better now sweetie xx

Northern Mick at 13:30:13 Friday January 26 2007
Monkey Nuts ?

Debs at 13:29:47 Friday January 26 2007
Lisa not too bad considering hope u are better now sweetie xx

Northern Mick at 13:28:54 Friday January 26 2007
Why is it that my nadgers have become a discussion point GT ?

Frostie at 13:25:6 Friday January 26 2007
Happy Feet-What time is it?I gotta do the radio show at 8pm.

Frostie at 13:23:9 Friday January 26 2007
Doh!!!I meant midnite and one!

Frostie at 13:22:14 Friday January 26 2007
Allo Maaates!Mant fanx Selina and Happy Feet....Pebble Beach -Yeah myself and Kerry are having that....also Hamburg here we come,anyone wanna join us?Banno and Kell,I wont be down the Sisters till between noon and one-Ive got a gig at Buckhurst Hill first.

pebble beach at 13:14:54 Friday January 26 2007
play time by the sea SEASIDE STRUT No 3” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 10th February 2007 from 7.30pm—3am & Sun 11th afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Abbo & Steve Day -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007

Abbo at 13:13:23 Friday January 26 2007
GT thats ok but don't do it up a tree

lisawhistle at 13:10:28 Friday January 26 2007

Your Lawyer at 12:54:21 Friday January 26 2007
but tone are you using both hands.

Ginger Tony in nadger scratching! at 12:45:6 Friday January 26 2007

lisawhistle at 12:37:10 Friday January 26 2007
Debs how are you hun I have to say that I did have a chuckle myself but it was Northern Mick's that me chuckle more especially with GT comments

Ginger Tonys Lawyer at 12:31:49 Friday January 26 2007
My Client is offended and hurt but there is no case to answer.As the said avatar is a good likeness,so on behalf of my client he would to say sorry for any offence caused.As he actually can scratch his nadgers with both hands.

HAPPY FEET at 12:22:24 Friday January 26 2007
Tony check your work E.mail I sent you the design. Thanks.

Ginger Tony at 11:53:15 Friday January 26 2007
Morning all! Cheers for your company last night Mick, always a pleasure!!! So it's a ginger, hairy thing that can scratch it's nadgers with both hands...my lawyers will be in touch! See some of you at Henry's tonight, if not stay warm and it's Solar Radio saturday morning from 8 till 10am. www.solarradio.com & Sky Digital channel 0129.

sotrc at 11:42:21 Friday January 26 2007
SOTRC's booking for FRI 23rd Feb for 'Inn on the Lake' has been cancelled due to an administrative error,New date for the new two room format is Fri 16 March IOTL nr Gravesend just off A2 room 1 modern /crossover/rare grooves & the odd serving of anthems,Room 2,Everything Jazzy&Housey, 8 til 2 £7 only

HAPPY FEET at 11:32:22 Friday January 26 2007
Frostie try this for Pedro Peter.Abbott@mitie.co.uk. You fancy the Snowboy gig Sunday ??

Selina at 11:18:9 Friday January 26 2007
Morning all, Frost it's at home now, Doh. Someone on here must have his mobile number, me being not one of them.

Sisters Of Sound at 10:44:30 Friday January 26 2007
Saturday 27th January 2007 - 10pm till 4am - Come & Join The SoS at AURA UK - 333 High Rd, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1TE. For an evening of R'n'B, CLASSIC ANTHEMS, FUNKY GROOVES, JAZZFUNK & SOULFUL HOUSE. DJ's: FROSTIE / NICKY & KERI / DJ DOON'A / MR. OWEN DRINKS PROMOTIONS: Special January Offers Only - BOGOF on House Spirits, House White & Carlsberg Tax:£3 b4 11pm / £5 After CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS:- http://www.sistersofsound.com or call Tracy: 07956 855 794

Bev at 10:27:2 Friday January 26 2007
Allo FROSTIE Maaaaaaaaaaate

Frostie at 10:21:55 Friday January 26 2007
Allo Maaates!Selina,its 07835 911912-Can you txt it to me pls.

Bev in hopin it worked meself at 10:19:55 Friday January 26 2007
Brrrrrrrrrrr it's a bit "Ginger Monkeeees" out there this morn

Marky Mark at 9:29:21 Friday January 26 2007

Debs at 9:2:9 Friday January 26 2007
Morning all morning Sean

NO NAME at 8:29:49 Friday January 26 2007

_MARKYMARK_ at 8:29:17 Friday January 26 2007

_marky_ at 8:28:46 Friday January 26 2007

_MARKY_ at 8:28:17 Friday January 26 2007

_Marky_ in _MARKY_ at 8:24:37 Friday January 26 2007
morning! it aint worked

_MARKY_ at 8:21:52 Friday January 26 2007

sean at 8:14:35 Friday January 26 2007
mornin all...mornin deb..... now wheres me glow sticks.............

Northern Mick at 8:6:56 Friday January 26 2007
Morning all ...Snow ? wasnt expecting that THIS morning !!. Hope y'all good ...weekend at last, whatever youre doing ......NO MONKEY BUSINESS

darren in hehehehehe,still got those sweaty boxers on. at 0:49:0 Friday January 26 2007
listening to ginger mick & northern tony.(that should confuse selina). tell ginger i haven't forgotten about those tracks i promoised him. ktf. darren-the fat bastard from harlow.

Selina at 23:41:13 Thursday January 25 2007
Frost won't let me send e mails, whats ya number i'll text it to you flump-kin.

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 23:39:46 Thursday January 25 2007
From 250107 Ta Celetia Martin Let me show you my love Diverse Roberta Gilliam All i want is my Baby WEA Lalomie Washburn Try my Love 4th Broadway The S.O.S. Band Groovin (That's what we're doin) Tabu Chantay Savage Betcha'll never find id 4 Hero ft Face Stoke up the fire Canvas Harley & Muscle Ft. Gerideau Deeper Love (Karu Remix) Soulstar Martino My piece of Heaven (Harness & Spencer rmx)cdr Osunlade Casablanca Soul (Casamana rmx)cdr Vertente Chuva [Seiji's Oreja Rmx] Farout Janet Take care (Jersey Soul rmx)cdr Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautier Do You Even Know (Dom Navarra In The Mood Mix) Place Blanche Groove Assasin ft Pete Simpson I Like What U Do (Dom Navarra Latin Magic Mix)cdr Thee O & Steve Edwards Girls Like Robots (Richard Earnshaw Inst) Queep Organic Faze Action Keep It Coming (Special Disco Mix) FA Eddy G Soul MF (Groove Assasins jazz mix)Tony cdr Kentaro Takizawa New Wind (Agora Rhythm Remix) High Contrast Michael Proctor Fall Down Soulfuric RWJ Projekt New York Sunday Morning Ton-A-Recs Terry Hunter Off the Wall Vinyl Soul Black Rascals For the next time Smack Podcast available over the weekend ta

Frostie at 23:27:12 Thursday January 25 2007
Now has anyone got Pedros email address-he is expecting some info from me and I have taken it down incorrectly.If you have it,please forward it to-allomaaate@yahoo.co.uk......Fanx.

Selina at 23:19:3 Thursday January 25 2007
Not H.P. to hear that Frost, will call him tomorrow. Spent quialty time with him and Pat over Christmas. Such a warm BFG. Side tracking just been looking to see if we can cram a footie match in at Bilbio, got a snecking feeling they're away to Real that w/e. Shake God Dam. Aja my little friut bat, how are you. How's the young'em doing.

Aja at 23:11:26 Thursday January 25 2007
To even...............

Aja in Suffolk at 23:10:50 Thursday January 25 2007
In doors listening tp Ginger & northern on j.s.r superb tunes gents...............

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 23:8:54 Thursday January 25 2007
Selina darlin,good idea-Spud has been really ill but better now-Lolly-you can email Kerry on Gloomy@tiscali.co.uk.......Shes asleep at the moment.

Mark Randle in ready for the weekend! at 22:52:54 Thursday January 25 2007
Join me at WWW.STARPOINTRADIO.COM on Friday night, 9-11pm for a look back at some of the great music that 2006 had to offer..........two-step soul and ballads through to soulful house and a bit of deep jazzy stuff..........it's all in there

RAINHAM DAVE in no word from pete at 22:34:2 Thursday January 25 2007
Any body herd from or seen PETE COLLINS this week?, just need to know the old boy is ok.My MOB IS 07887534974 Let me or Alan Harding know cheers folks.

Selina at 22:25:18 Thursday January 25 2007
GAH, me you Frost & Spud should have a little Island reunion. I'm surprised I've not heard from my fav still living on the Island friend. Spud, how was that for ya yesterday, working with two Tot's fan, was slighty worried about going to work today, well until the second half. Hello flower, hope your well send Pat my love and baby Daisy.

Mr Ed. at 22:20:2 Thursday January 25 2007
Live as opposed to dead.

sotrc info at 22:18:0 Thursday January 25 2007
Friday 9th Feb Tony Matthews & Johnny Skates, Kent's finest DJs appearing live at Henrys with a selection of soulful grooves and funky moves, be there

Selina at 22:10:10 Thursday January 25 2007
Evening GM and NT, Mick is it me or is there abit of Ginger in that there Gorilla

Jackie at 22:5:33 Thursday January 25 2007
INFO HENRYS 24TH THATS A SAT isnt that the same as Monumental ?

Ginger Tony in Silk's Road... at 22:1:53 Thursday January 25 2007
Jester, they do look a tad delicate! Evening blondey!

Selina in looking forward to tomorrow, well it's Friday at 21:58:7 Thursday January 25 2007
Home in time for curry murrey and a bottle of 1664, tony's out, beers in. Listen to JSR, i'm sure that gezza's saying Netball, how strange

lolly in loughton at 20:50:42 Thursday January 25 2007
Kerry, whats ur email hunny??

Northern Mick in a lot of apeing going on here at 20:27:26 Thursday January 25 2007

Hello Info... at 20:27:3 Thursday January 25 2007
...the 24th is a Saturday? Is Henry's the Friday or Saturday please? Ta

Northern Mick at 20:19:53 Thursday January 25 2007
Should you not be on the move GT ?

Northern Mick at 20:19:4 Thursday January 25 2007
Likeness is uncanny I think

Jester at 20:14:21 Thursday January 25 2007
..& he must have caught them awkwardly, especially when he scratches his left set (check the eyes)

Ginger Tony in it's got me itching! at 20:9:57 Thursday January 25 2007
Your monkey looks like it's scratching it's knackers mate. First with the left, then with the right...

Northern Mick at 19:51:12 Thursday January 25 2007
God speed young Sir !!dont spare the horses

Northern Mick at 19:50:15 Thursday January 25 2007

Northern Monkey at 19:49:50 Thursday January 25 2007
Which one of us is the monkey now !!

Ginger Tony at 19:48:9 Thursday January 25 2007
Must be hard typing with sausages for fingers Mick! See you in a while matey.

Northern Mick at 19:27:16 Thursday January 25 2007
Maybe all of us except NM can do it

Northern Mick at 19:26:57 Thursday January 25 2007
Strewth...Got it in the end Thanks Niki ..now y'all can stop laughing

Northern Mick at 19:25:51 Thursday January 25 2007

G.A.H. at 19:24:46 Thursday January 25 2007
Been to a couple of em. They're an illegal rave but well organised.. Fckn great gig. Steve i know everything you know that

paul evans at 19:21:52 Thursday January 25 2007

Frostie at 19:21:33 Thursday January 25 2007
Yeah that was it Tone!...Had a brilliant time-How did you know that?

Frostie at 19:17:21 Thursday January 25 2007
Just booked up for Hamburg-6 of us....Here we come!!!!!

G.A.H. at 19:17:19 Thursday January 25 2007
Wasn't an OCB gig was it. They're awesome

Frostie at 19:13:6 Thursday January 25 2007
Sorry......Sunday morn

Frostie at 19:12:11 Thursday January 25 2007
Nah Tone...They actually called it Mineral music...Think about it....Anyway,I went to a rave Sat morning 6am till midday at Jewry St Ec 3.

G.A.H. at 19:3:41 Thursday January 25 2007
Where? Proper Detroit Techno's ok but if your on about the hands in the air white gloves & Glow sticks.. Strictly for the teenyboppers.

Frostie at 18:56:31 Thursday January 25 2007
Oh and another thing.....Can I have anyones thoughts thats ever been to a Techno Rave?

Frostie at 18:46:39 Thursday January 25 2007
Nah it aint her Tone,but funny enough Im DJing wiv her (Kerry Bell)and Nicki Banham on Sat night which is a bit of a coincidence....

Bernadette at 18:39:0 Thursday January 25 2007
like this __MICK__

Northern Mick at 18:38:14 Thursday January 25 2007
Double underscore each side

Coppo in You gotta read this, made me larf at 18:24:33 Thursday January 25 2007
Bush & the Devil George Bush has a heart attack and dies. He goes to hell where the devil is waiting for him. "I don't know what to do here," says the devil. "You're on my list but I have no room for you, but you definitely have to stay here, so I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I've got 3 people here who weren't quite as bad as you. I'll let one of them go, but you have to take their place. I'll even let YOU decide who leaves." George liked to make decisions so he thought that sounded pretty good. He agreed. The devil opened the first room. Inside was Richard Nixon and a large pool of water. He kept diving in and surfacing empty handed, over and over and over. Such was his fate in hell. "NO!" George said. "I don't think so. I'm not a good swimmer and don't think I could do that all day long. The devil led him to the next room. In it was Tony Blair with a sledge hammer and a room full of rocks. All he did was swing that hammer, time after time after time. "NO! I've got this problem with my shoulder. I would be in constant agony if all I could do was break rocks all day!" commented George. The devil opened a third door. In it, George saw Bill Clinton lying naked on the floor with his arms staked over his head and his legs staked in spread eagle pose. Bent over him was Monica Lewinsky, doing what she does best. George Bush looked at this in disbelief for a while and finally said, "Yeah, I can handle this." The devil smiled and said...."Monica, you're free to go!"

Northern Monkey at 18:19:24 Thursday January 25 2007
Doh !!

_MICK_ at 18:18:37 Thursday January 25 2007
Lets see !!

G.A.H. at 18:9:59 Thursday January 25 2007
Of course my little Islander

Info... at 18:6:38 Thursday January 25 2007
Friday 24th February @ Henry's. Romford Road, Aveley. A night of the finest Modern Soul featuring from Southport's Connoiseurs Corner: Terry Jones, Gary Dennis & Andy Davies. 9pm till late. and on Easter Sunday night April 8th a real treat, 2 rooms of Soulful Dance music from all eras, featuring Dr Bob Jones, Mark Webster, Gavin Page, Stevie Cee, Ginger Tony, QdOS residents and very special guest from the USA DJ KARIZMA. For more details and ticket info contact Henry's on 01708 864042

Selina at 17:54:11 Thursday January 25 2007
Bell from The Island GAH. Hi Lisa off to get me hair done, pretty girl.

Debs at 17:48:33 Thursday January 25 2007
N Mick are u having probs with M S N this week or is it just me?

Debs in chortle chortle at 17:45:27 Thursday January 25 2007
Northern Mick and Lisa whistle brilliant icons made me laff

G.A.H. at 17:43:9 Thursday January 25 2007
The old man Terry drank in the Barking (un)Liberal club with me mates The Brennans amongst others..Always handy from the train but it's shut now. Frost this Kerri you keep mentioning it aint Bell is it.

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com tonight at 17:40:59 Thursday January 25 2007
Me till 10pm not playing Urban,Deep,Soulful,Funky.. Just HOUSE music.. Then Mickey Blanco till midnight playing the Piano..

rub it "in" ????? at 17:30:7 Thursday January 25 2007

Bernadette at 17:26:43 Thursday January 25 2007
I'll ask him HF love your icon Mick even if it took Jester to do it for you

Jester at 17:20:35 Thursday January 25 2007
..it works and remember not to type Northern, Niki's already accounted for that.

Northern Mick at 17:19:6 Thursday January 25 2007
Jester test.

Jester at 17:18:40 Thursday January 25 2007
Mick ..you should type two underscores which will look like this __ either side of your name(not one like you are currently doing). Your name should also be typed in CAPS. To sum up it should look like this __MICK__ I will test it for ya ..hold on.

Lost Wife at 17:17:13 Thursday January 25 2007
A man approached a very beautiful woman in the store and said, "I've lost my wife here at the store. Can you talk to me for a couple of minutes?" The woman looked puzzled. "Why talk to me?" she asked. "Because every time I talk to a woman with tits like yours, my wife appears out of nowhere."

HAPPY FEET at 17:5:34 Thursday January 25 2007
Ask VJ to rub your chest in with Vic

Bernadette in wish i was coming to Bilbao :-( at 16:56:28 Thursday January 25 2007
afternoon one and all feel like i'm getting the lurgie

Northern_Mick_ at 16:53:8 Thursday January 25 2007

lisawhistle at 16:47:10 Thursday January 25 2007
I will try again

lisa at 16:46:9 Thursday January 25 2007

_LISA_ at 16:45:46 Thursday January 25 2007
Hello Selina how the devil are you just a quick hi b4 I go to the bar

Northern Mick at 16:35:47 Thursday January 25 2007
Soul Essence weekender.........the bastion of quality rare soul

Northern Mick at 16:30:24 Thursday January 25 2007
Tonight on www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk 2000-0100 hrs GMT , the JSR Big Soul Night Out live from Silk Road Cocktail bar and lounge, 4 St Botolphs St Colchester, Essex.DJ's on rotation from JSR, this week Ginger Mick and Northern Tony playing an eclectic mix of Soulful vibes and jazzy rhythms.......admission free ........Hope you can join us ..Have a Gorilla!!

Selina at 15:5:41 Thursday January 25 2007
Now I'm even more excited, Farmer get Helena called up, peeze. Two weeks till Bilbao. I'm such a lucky girl.

Debs at 14:42:55 Thursday January 25 2007
Selina Essence is brilliant i met Sam Dees there didn't i Gavin

Marcus at 14:34:23 Thursday January 25 2007
Alright Frostie. Selina, yep Essence you'll love it.Plenty of swiffing and drinking to be had by all. ..Yep I've gotta download a few more photos 2nite and I'll send em over. ...(Plus Gav's given me a spot at this Year's Essence ..even more to celebrate :bigsmile

Debs at 14:33:39 Thursday January 25 2007
Sean not too bad still awaiting date but should know tommorrow speak to u at the weekend

Frostie at 14:9:33 Thursday January 25 2007
Allo Maaates!Niki Mnnnnnnnn!Yeah.....Myself and Kerry are up for Soul Essence-Oh the memories of the old days there..Looking forward to it!

Selina at 14:2:15 Thursday January 25 2007
Hello Marcus, will be my first Essence, looking forward to sinking a few B.Days with ya that weekend, if I don't see you before. Next batch of photo's are awaited of you know who.

Marcus at 13:55:25 Thursday January 25 2007
Afternoonie Soul Peeps, Niki how are you doing? I've put 'Soul Essence 25' April 13-15th, Raynscourt Hotel,Gt.Yarmouth..in the event calender...Also happens to be w/end before my 40th !!heheh.

Northern Mick at 13:19:30 Thursday January 25 2007

Northern Mick at 13:18:43 Thursday January 25 2007
Thanks Niki...............Ugg

Bev at 13:15:11 Thursday January 25 2007

Bev at 13:14:44 Thursday January 25 2007

Niki at 13:13:49 Thursday January 25 2007
You were right at 12:34:9 that's me done now for another month. Email me if you have any problems. Don't forget to look up weekender dates for me. Cheers.

Frostie at 13:8:39 Thursday January 25 2007
Allo Maaates!Many fanx to all that made it last Sat and I gotta say I really enjoyed that funk sesh.....might even do another one on Sat at the Sisters!!!Not gonna be around much as Ive got a few family issues to sort out.....Play that funky music white boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

-bev- in bein blonde or just darn right DOZY!!! at 13:3:57 Thursday January 25 2007
looks like u will hav 2 spell it out for me - sorrrrrry x

Selina in eating me sarnie at 13:3:41 Thursday January 25 2007
Frost, me fall over, never, well maybe once or twice, last Wednesday had a nice trip down me stairs at home resulting in a huge bruise on my derriere. What with dancing, netball and booze I'm luncky to have all my limbs working. Icons looking good peps.

Niki at 13:3:26 Thursday January 25 2007
capital letters.....

_bev_ at 13:3:1 Thursday January 25 2007

__Bev__ at 13:2:43 Thursday January 25 2007

_Bev_ in tryin again at 13:2:25 Thursday January 25 2007
Thx Niki Hope ur ok - had a nice chat with Neil last week

Niki at 12:56:42 Thursday January 25 2007
Bev, same as always but I've only just uploaded the new code. It should work now. Had to use a different sax icon than the one you sent. The image was too big, couldn't even tell what it was wben reduced to icon size.

Bev at 12:55:11 Thursday January 25 2007

lisawhistle at 12:54:57 Thursday January 25 2007

Marky Mark at 12:54:47 Thursday January 25 2007

Deano at 12:54:35 Thursday January 25 2007

Northern Mick at 12:54:22 Thursday January 25 2007

BEV at 12:34:43 Thursday January 25 2007
Hi Niki - sorry please remind me how it works it's been a long time

__BEV__ at 12:34:9 Thursday January 25 2007

_BEV_ in excited at 12:34:0 Thursday January 25 2007

Niki at 12:31:38 Thursday January 25 2007

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 12:29:37 Thursday January 25 2007
Allo Maaates!Tone.who do you know over Thameview then cos I know everyone over there and in fact did John Terrys old mans(His name is Ted) 50 birthday party the year before last.GT has guested over there for me and Selina stacked it in true style over there.What a place!!!!In fact that party I did over in Leigh the week before last included half of that estate.PS-Im wiv the Gaymaaate and think your the bollox!!!!!

Shrek at 12:20:57 Thursday January 25 2007

HAPPY FEET in DISCO CHHESE AND CRACKERS MIX MIX at 12:20:9 Thursday January 25 2007
01. Dimitri From Paris - Not quite disco Cruising Attitude 02. Cosmic Force - Trinidad Pump Super Bro 03. Gayle Adams - Your love is a life saver Paul Raymond 04. Rufus & Chaka Khan - Any love Dimitri In The House 05. Stargard - Wear it out Paul Raymond 06. Carol Williams - Love is you Paul Raymond 07. Quincy Jones - Razzamatazz A&M 08. Carrie Lucas - Dance with you Paul Raymond 09. Originals - Down to love town A night at the Playboy mansion 10. T-Connection - At Midnight Paul Raymond 11. Larry Wood - Pumping Iron Kings of Disco 12. Machine - There but for the grace of God Unidisc 13. Bohannon - Let's start a dance Paul Raymond 14. Stevie Wonder - Another star Motown http://www.funkinblooboyz.com/mixes/DJ_Alexxx-Discomix.mp3

sean at 12:7:28 Thursday January 25 2007
mornin deb....how r u 2day...updating the ol ipod putting few films on it...on lates this week but only 2day..day off 2morrow..car in for a service... will call over w/end 4 a chat....gt hows the pod???

Jay.E at 12:3:41 Thursday January 25 2007
Nothing as classy as the Harvester, I'm hoping for KFC

HAPPY FEET at 11:48:4 Thursday January 25 2007
Happy Birthday to her indoors Off to the Harvester then? Jazz Cafe starts at 7pm mate

Jay.E at 11:35:10 Thursday January 25 2007
Wifes birthday sunday, have to take her out for lunch but must be back by 4pm for the gunners. Neil did my 40th, top bloke.

HAPPY FEET at 11:25:29 Thursday January 25 2007
Been there a few times Jay with Tracy, Fat Tel and Neil Dj in there from time to time, drinks a bit OTT but handy as nr to the station. Off to the Jazz Cafe Sunday with a few others if fancy going £5 with flyer.

Jay.E at 11:9:15 Thursday January 25 2007
Happy Feet, seeing as you are a chaffordodian, do you ever got to unit 4? Been in there a few times, not bad but a bit small.

HAPPY FEET at 11:3:9 Thursday January 25 2007
Keegan can you contact me via E.mail or text cheers Pete.

Niki at 10:59:51 Thursday January 25 2007
Also need Lisa Whistle's e-mail address please?

Niki at 10:58:0 Thursday January 25 2007
Morning all. Just quickly flyng through a few site updates... including new icons for those who have requested - a warning that some of your images will look really BAD reduced to icon size tho'. If anyone has a few minutes to spare can you please trawl round and post up the dates for this years weekenders on here? Thanks that will do me a big favour (and save me having to ride the poxy soultrain on the C*****r site!!!!

Coppo at 10:48:55 Thursday January 25 2007
Good morning folkens Next stop Bolton

Jay.E at 10:40:36 Thursday January 25 2007
Well done to the beast, now finish the job at the Emirates next week.

Ginger Tony in let's try that again! at 9:22:7 Thursday January 25 2007
forgot me good mornings...

Ginger Tony at 9:20:59 Thursday January 25 2007

Debs at 8:25:43 Thursday January 25 2007
Sean G M T V just now are doing a thing on hols in Africa guess what choon they used IT BEGAN IN AFRICACACACACACA

Debs at 8:19:32 Thursday January 25 2007
Morning u lot

Jester in YES ..nice choon Brian ..UK pressure!!! at 5:28:12 Thursday January 25 2007
'bout time I took the 15 steps turn left route ..nigh nigh!

Brian Mac at 0:39:19 Thursday January 25 2007
BGG - changing to 4-5-1 when playing great attacking footie still does my head in . Don't understand (read can't fookin well work out) what his thinking was, should've brought on Mido if he wanted his big man/little man combination. Clueless does spring to mind

BGG at 0:6:52 Thursday January 25 2007
Well MJ don't make many mistakes...but boy did he make one tonight Hopefully Berbatov will be back at the Emirates coz Keano done nothing

Brian Mac at 23:54:34 Wednesday January 24 2007
Ain't got a clue Coppo .. a bit shell shocked at the moment (but not suprised) .

Coppo at 23:47:45 Wednesday January 24 2007
It sure will Tony Wot woz the question Brian M

Brian Mac at 23:37:34 Wednesday January 24 2007
Night Night Mrs HowManyCakesIsThat

Brian Mac in the office playing Monday Michiru - You Make Me .. shite performance healing chooooon at 23:36:39 Wednesday January 24 2007
C'est La Vie - as they say at Highbury due to lack of English players .. now it's a one leg do or die game .. bring it on

Selina at 23:36:27 Wednesday January 24 2007
Night Night Baby MacCake

Brian Mac at 23:31:29 Wednesday January 24 2007
Altzheimers Coppo .. you know who we are .. anyway, so much better to win away (if we turn up this time) and hopefully MJ will learn management and NOT to change a teams formation when 2-0 up !! .. now for some music to cheer myself up

Bob Masters at 23:20:39 Wednesday January 24 2007
LISTEN!! It's not easy, AND takes many years of practise to learn to give the ball away that often.

Ginger Tony in that's better! at 23:12:39 Wednesday January 24 2007
That'll do for now, eh Coppo?!

Coppo in 'Appy Gooner at 23:10:48 Wednesday January 24 2007
Who r ya...Who r ya

Brian Mac at 22:54:10 Wednesday January 24 2007
"Maird" or whatever the French say .. double' in fact. What a great idea to go 4-5-1 thanks MJ ...... yes, being fickle

Royston Vasey at 22:25:1 Wednesday January 24 2007
Jade Goodys become a muslim to prove she's not Racist.. Her new name is... Yaffat Fucka

G.A.H. at 22:16:23 Wednesday January 24 2007
John Terry's a Pikey like his old man.. The old man drank in the Barking Lib club for years with a few of my mates. He's a Pikey from Thamesveiw.

Bob Masters in not counting chickens yet at 22:15:56 Wednesday January 24 2007
Been around to long to think this one is over yet, anyway !! with what they done to L'Pool we'll need a six goal lead. Talking of Liverpool, I bet the crime-rate has fallen through the floor up there over the last couple of day's as they've all gone down to Branscombe Beach......."Is that Gerrard on a B.M.W."

BMac at 22:15:24 Wednesday January 24 2007
And also Bak2Bak .. as a Cheat$ski fan can't you work out the irony of saying "The Race card" whilst throwing the Yid comment (that we don't care about) .. mind your knuckles don't get scuffed on the floor

BMac at 22:13:21 Wednesday January 24 2007
Not ITK .. the full version was around long before the Sun got hold of it. JT is a well known racist and as England Captain the FA haven't got the balls to act - good player though .. c'mon, after all he has spent most of his career at Cheat$ki, can't think where he got his opinions from

Ginger Tony in must try harder!!! at 22:9:9 Wednesday January 24 2007
Half-the-time! Not good, need a goal in the 2nd half or we could be holding the s****y end of a stick for the next leg... Sorry bout the mis-quote, too many BMs!!!

Bak2Bakchamps at 22:5:26 Wednesday January 24 2007
ITK don't think so , Typical yid bring out the Race card because the Sun said.

G.A.H. at 22:0:24 Wednesday January 24 2007
Fcked us over against Fulham the shiequant

B Mac at 21:33:28 Wednesday January 24 2007
Shall we repeat what the racist JT said before there was a cover up by the Ref and FA .. kinda good that Poll ocks didn't tell the truth

B Mac at 21:31:57 Wednesday January 24 2007
Bak2Bak Poll is a quant .. just depends which club he picks on - normally he is a Man U fave

Brian Mac at 21:30:42 Wednesday January 24 2007
*** Dancing around the office while watching Teletext (oh what a good night that is) .. "Get In There" - hopefully not the last time I post this

Bak2BakChamps at 21:26:42 Wednesday January 24 2007
Unlucky @rsenal, Spuds have got their 12th man on in Graham Poll ocks.

Brian Mac at 21:24:28 Wednesday January 24 2007
Was actually me GT and don't remind me - even though I do agree 100%. At least we got to the ground on time, in theory LOL.

Ginger Tony at 21:17:14 Wednesday January 24 2007
"Turning up late" Bob, you lot never turned up at all at The Emirates!

BM at 21:5:54 Wednesday January 24 2007
Always fun on here for us Yiddos - http://www.gg-chat.net/phpBB2/

BM at 21:4:22 Wednesday January 24 2007
I know BGG - "Oh how very Professional Gooners .. turning up late"

Brian Mac at 21:3:32 Wednesday January 24 2007
** considering a walk across the pub, only 30 seconds away, work boring** Kudos to your youngest BGG .. a good judge. Can't work out why MJ sold Davenport so quickly without knowing Ledders would be fit.

BGG at 20:54:26 Wednesday January 24 2007
Calm down guys KO been put back to 8.15...youngest not happy when he saw gardner in line up...but we have BERBY

Ginger Tony at 20:35:44 Wednesday January 24 2007
Bob you should do what I do what I resorted to last year against Barcelona...stood naked from the waist down in a bucket! Cos i looked up it's kilt Brian!

Brian Mac at 20:35:35 Wednesday January 24 2007
Oh how very Professional Gooners .. turning up late .. should get fined but DD would no doubt have a word with his FA mates and get it reduced .. gives us time for a bathroom break though

Brian Mac at 20:23:30 Wednesday January 24 2007
That somehow reminds me of an Audience With Billy Connolly Bob (Incontinence Pants)

Bob Masters in Why ?? at 20:18:43 Wednesday January 24 2007
I think I'm ready for this game now, 4 pack, sick bucket and a packet of nappy wipes........Why don't they make pantie linners for men ?

Brian Mac at 20:13:15 Wednesday January 24 2007
How do you know it's a male curry

Ginger Tony in sending the lucky curry off to do his work! at 20:8:43 Wednesday January 24 2007

Brian Mac at 20:4:1 Wednesday January 24 2007
Bob .. Gardner just scares me .. hoping that his 'when not if' is not of importance .. will be even worse following it on the GG forum, more knee jerkers there than in River Dance

Debs in UP THE GOONERS at 20:2:17 Wednesday January 24 2007
Ooops forgot

Occasionally cynical Brian Mac at 20:0:58 Wednesday January 24 2007
My comments are based more on the web link which maybe the advisors should have had a chance to comment on too. Maybe the good ol' Beeb should also sort out their programming to further highlight the immense amount of quality material our 'scene' has consistently produced .. all my opinion of course which is why I remain underground (musically of course)

Debs at 20:0:26 Wednesday January 24 2007
Bob just hide behind the pillow like i do

Bob Masters in i'll be doing my own washing at this rate. at 19:54:58 Wednesday January 24 2007
GT/BMc, It gets to the stage where I keep it on another channel hoping that when I flick back we've done somthing great or gone two nil up. GARDNER !! Is he shite ??? Does Jackie Kennedy have a black dress ???

Bernadette at 19:50:45 Wednesday January 24 2007
For all you cynical lot moaning before you've even watched the bloody thing, here's Ady Croasdells (he of 100 Club fame) comments from another forum......"I & Roger Armstrong, one of the directors of Ace, were interviewed for background info, on the recommendation of jerry dammers, and didn't hear any more until we were invited to the preview which involved free booze and grub: so I went. I wasn't expecting too much, though it was super to see Ian levine at the pre-film soiree, but it turned out to be a terrific documentary with some great appearances and apt reminiscences from Georgie Fame, Eric Burdon and a brilliant old mod whose name i've forgotten but compiles ska and reggae CDS now I think. There's some brilliant footage of Jimmy James and some incredible doo wop from the Chants, among others and Geno is very funny. Northern gets a quick mention though as the first doc was meant to be the 60s scene it's technically in the wrong show unless they put more in that as well. Mr Levine gets to contribute a few words too. Well worth watching but about the UK scene as it happened rather than the Northern end of it".

Brian Mac at 19:31:53 Wednesday January 24 2007
GT DON'T eat that curry or Bob's and my fragile constitutions might not hold up .. after all - it's bad enough already with Anthony Gardner in the defence .. gotta work so can't even watch it, will have to make do with the GG Forum only .. as for SoulBrittania it's the Beeb .. don't think I'll even bother

Ginger Tony at 19:29:50 Wednesday January 24 2007
Gonna be an interesting one tonight Bob. Our young 'uns were excellent up at Anfield but the scousers were awful that night. I don't think you lot will give us that much space to play.

Jay.E at 18:34:13 Wednesday January 24 2007
Happy Feet, I am next to park on Drake Road. Good luck to the gooners tonight.

Bob Masters in a PMT state (that's Pre Match Rention) at 18:30:28 Wednesday January 24 2007
I really hate the Gooners (as they do us) and I mean A LOT !! but I fear for tonight and need someone to tell me we're gonna be alright......."Yid Darmy"

Markthecabbie at 18:15:13 Wednesday January 24 2007
OK Tony,cheers,will try and make it....

cockney donkey at 18:13:23 Wednesday January 24 2007
the police have just arrested an irish looter on branscombe beach, he was trying to make off with 3 ton of sand and a bag of pebbles

Ginger Tony in from work. at 18:1:17 Wednesday January 24 2007
Buenos noches! (I think that's good evening...) Meeeow, that's the noise a cat makes when it flies solo Mark. I'll be on my Jack Jones this friday Mark, I'll be brave. Queen & Country, Queen & country. Brian Mac, your boys are in trouble tonight, I've got my lucky microwave curry ready!!!

Debs at 17:52:49 Wednesday January 24 2007

G.A.H. in Really! at 17:41:39 Wednesday January 24 2007
The Mecca Not Wigan was the place to be? In fact both we're the place to be. The Mecca ended at 1am so most would leave there & make the trip to Wigan which was an allniter. Both had influentual Dj's in Levine (Who sold his soul to Hi Energy) Curtis, Searling & Russ Winstanley. You couldn't have 2 venues that busy week in week out nowdays. But if you really want to be pedantic the place to be as Championed by Godin was Cleethorpes Pier.. ktf

Lynn and Geoff at 16:53:42 Wednesday January 24 2007
Hello Flip, Happy Birthday, Have a wonderful day and many thanks for a brilliant evening Saturday, Saturdays Midday and Sunday mornings just wont be the same without you two Many thanx for having us on the show, so pleased to have been a part of it Thank you and wishing all the best in ventures new. Luv to you and Mrs Flip Lynn xx and Geoff xx

Markthecabbie in side of the doors at 16:30:18 Wednesday January 24 2007
GT,not sure if I can make Henrys on friday,will try and make it.Is there anyone else on the bill or are you flying solo?

HAPPY FEET at 16:18:24 Wednesday January 24 2007
Know what you mean Jay. used to get a nose bleed travelling to Room at the Top in Ilford from East Ham now I cant even get in We not based far from you Jay Edmund Rd Chaff Hundred

Jay.E at 16:11:41 Wednesday January 24 2007
Cheers mate but us Essex boys get lost sarf of the water

HAPPY FEET at 15:58:56 Wednesday January 24 2007
Jay you can watch all the old soul train videos down at the Jazz room downstairs bar in Ramsgate showed loads last time I was there, next SEA SIDE STRUT party 10th-11th feb

Jay.E at 15:52:15 Wednesday January 24 2007
Used to love soul train, would have it on while getting ready to go out clubbing.

Ash Selector at 15:51:49 Wednesday January 24 2007
sounds good jester maaate!

Jester at 15:46:50 Wednesday January 24 2007
..starting March.

Jester at 15:45:47 Wednesday January 24 2007
..that was quick; apparently he's taking a show on the road up & down the country, called 'Riding On A Soul Train' with our very own Jackie Graham & Voices With Soul (X-factor) in the cast.

Jester at 15:39:16 Wednesday January 24 2007
Jeffrey Daniel (Shalamar) on Robert Elms' show now ..till 3 talking about a new Soul Train???? BBC London 94.9 VHF

Debs at 14:26:11 Wednesday January 24 2007
Congrats Frenchie hope your all ok xx

Frenchie in This Paternity Leave's alright innit at 14:2:50 Wednesday January 24 2007
Afternoon all. I am currently enjoying spending some quality time with Kerri, Leo and his brand new 1 week old sister Ruby Rose.

lisa at 13:46:45 Wednesday January 24 2007

lisa at 13:46:40 Wednesday January 24 2007

lisawhistle at 13:46:10 Wednesday January 24 2007
Forgot to say had a very good night at Capones may oyu have many more successful nights

lisawhistle at 13:45:7 Wednesday January 24 2007
Many happy returns FLIP for you birthday have a great day!

personally at 13:10:2 Wednesday January 24 2007
i like a bit of S and W on a Saturday.

Shrek at 13:5:33 Wednesday January 24 2007
You cant beat a bit of G&T on a Saturday

Debs at 12:48:43 Wednesday January 24 2007
Mr Flip i'm sure your show will still be good in the new format nice chatting to you the other day look forward to u coming down when im better

Debs in ALL THE SNOW IS MELTED YIPPEE at 12:44:59 Wednesday January 24 2007
Sandra C that is very sad news u are one of my faves ironing on a Sunday morning just wont be the same

BEV at 12:44:45 Wednesday January 24 2007
Oh no Mr Flip - wot am I gonna do now on a Saturdee lunchtime

Bernadette at 12:39:3 Wednesday January 24 2007
like Jester i'm reserving judgement till i see it...just pleased there might be some decent telly on...expect i'll be swearing at some stage during the programmes though

Flip at 12:36:50 Wednesday January 24 2007
Go Shortie it’s my Birthday........ On a slightly different note this weekend see’s the last ‘LIVE’ SAS radio show on Solar Radio It’s been great fun meeting so many people every Saturday morning and hearing what choice they want to play to everyone else. This Saturdays show my final guest is my main man BIGGER why? Because he understands what the SAS is about. Plus, I get to play the top 3 most influential tracks from the past shows, however one of which has never been played on any show I’ve been on….!!!? …..Alas we also say goodbye to Sandra C this weekend it will be her last show on Sunday 28th sad to see her go. She stands for all things good in Soul Music it has been a pleasure knowing you. P.s. I still have those demos. ……………. Must say appreciation and thanks to the following for Saturday at Capones, Simon D, Dave Longe & his two sexy girls, Deano & Gina, Debbie ’Sex me’ Emery & Tony, Lynn & Geoff (Thanks for the flowers ), Ash Selector, Mick Jackson, you two should play together more often. (Wicked.) Big John, Paul Collins (Soul Cellar on Solar Radio his show is by far the best) along with his good lady Debbie, Burt Reynolds and co, Crazy Tracy (Feed the World), Brian Hobson ( Amtrax Records) , Julie Wright & Co, Shelly Dave, Brian Mac, Donna & Gaye Hobson, Tracey R & Owen, Ziggy. Special thanks to Nick Adams for work beyond the call of duty …wink wink.. Jo I.T female queen, John ‘Stutter’ Williams, Junior Giscombe, Lisa ‘Blow’ Wimbourne, Paul Eve, Paul & Paul from Sidcup, Kenny Thomas & co, Richard & Christine ( Soulville) ( Figero)…Italian Reberto & Co, Roger Wilko, Ruppet, Scott Savil, Shirley & Tin, Zara & Yazimin, Simon D, Terry Comp Man, Will -Aston Martin, Chris who Never stops dancing from Colchester,, Eric from the Berwick and a whole lot more ….thanks for all the cards and presents.

Steve at 12:15:42 Wednesday January 24 2007
Agree with Jay.E , you choose a night because they play what you want to hear, not because it's "the" place to go

Sisters Of Sound at 12:2:15 Wednesday January 24 2007
Sisters Of Sound THIS SATURDAY - JAN 27TH 2007 - Come & Join The SoS at AURA UK - 333 High Rd, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1TE. For an evening of R'n'B, CLASSIC ANTHEMS, FUNKY GROOVES, JAZZFUNK & SOULFUL HOUSE. DJ's: FROSTIE / NICKY & KERI / DJ DOON'A / MR. OWEN DRINKS PROMOTIONS: Special January Offers Only - BOGOF on House Spirits, House White & Carlsberg Tax:£3 b4 11pm / £5 After CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS:- http://www.sistersofsound.com or call Tracy: 07956 855 794

site at 11:46:8 Wednesday January 24 2007
sorry that was helped.DOH

site at 11:45:19 Wednesday January 24 2007
i think you will find the show is charting the beginnings of soul music in its various different forms in the uk and i for one am pleased that these times are being highligthed and shown with afection for what they were GOOD TIMES.People like van morrision who am not a fan of by the way ad Georgie Fame appeared in the Late night drinkers in London which help start the scene we all love.

Jay.E at 11:20:39 Wednesday January 24 2007
Yeah HF I saw the review.

Jay.E at 11:18:40 Wednesday January 24 2007
Horses for courses, depends what type of soul you are into. I am not into Van Morrison. I am pleased that they included Loose Ends in their poll, who for me are one of the best british groups of the 80's.

HAPPY FEET at 11:16:18 Wednesday January 24 2007
Yes Jay.E did you read this (REVIEW) I will reserve comment until I have seen how well your researchers have done - though I'm afraid that past experience of programmes about the UK Soul scene prepares me for the worst! (Blackpool Mecca was THE place to go in the '70's. NOT Wigan Casino, NOT The Goldmine with Chris Hill etc...) Also, it is to be hoped that the late Dave Godin's immense contribution to the UK Soul scene is not overlooked this time.

Site at 11:13:46 Wednesday January 24 2007
i have looked at the site.And i must say looks very good to me.The concerts looks very good as well,Brand New Heavies etc etc.And a quality film being screened as well BABYLON on feb 3th.

Debs at 11:5:12 Wednesday January 24 2007
Gilly no your not

Jay.E at 10:50:59 Wednesday January 24 2007
Just had a look at the beebs soulbritannia website. Can't say that I'm impressed.

Ash Selector at 10:48:25 Wednesday January 24 2007
Hello Debs my little superstar

Gilly at 10:46:42 Wednesday January 24 2007

Gilly at 10:46:38 Wednesday January 24 2007

Debs at 10:44:29 Wednesday January 24 2007
Dr Ash hello my luv Gilly i'm not interested

Jay.E at 10:39:55 Wednesday January 24 2007
Oh the weather outside is frightful.......

Ash Selector at 10:32:29 Wednesday January 24 2007
Oi Tony, haven't stopped playing your cd since

BEV in slippin & slidin, I'm slippin & slidin ..................... at 10:29:50 Wednesday January 24 2007
.......... but I made it in2 CW MMMMMMMMMMM porridge

Ginger Tony at 10:23:51 Wednesday January 24 2007
Here Ash, did you pick up my CD from the pub on monday, I know you wanted to borrow it!

Ash Selector at 10:9:30 Wednesday January 24 2007
Morning all, deep snow in NW london, time to borrow my dads thermals me thinks!

Gilly at 10:2:27 Wednesday January 24 2007
Hi Debs...someone has just text to say it was snowing in Selsey!!! thought they were winding me up - obviously not! I haven't seen a cloud here all day and it's been 30 degrees!!!

Debs at 10:1:7 Wednesday January 24 2007
Morning Tony

Ginger Tony at 9:28:43 Wednesday January 24 2007
Not so bad in Essex as it was in Kent earlier. Fancied building a snowman but really should be at work with the grown-ups. Morning Mick, Jester & Debs!

Debs in IN A SNOWEY BOGGY REGIS at 9:13:38 Wednesday January 24 2007
Morning all first time wev'e had snow here in donkeys thought i'd woken up in Russia again Gilly wanna swap

Jester at 8:50:25 Wednesday January 24 2007
Yep ..whiter than white in NW London

Northern Mick at 8:44:5 Wednesday January 24 2007
Morning Nelly, GT hope y'all good ....Nelly SNOW ??? On the way here I presume

Ginger Tony in Is it Christmas??? at 8:35:57 Wednesday January 24 2007
Morning all! Only if we can drink huge quantities of Red Bull & orange juice first Neil! Anyway, hope some of you will be shouting "Mush mush" at your huskey's and joining me at Henry's this coming friday night. Some soul type stuff and some jazz type stuff...

Nelly in walking in a winter wonderland at 8:27:25 Wednesday January 24 2007
Morning all. Anyone fancy a snowball fight?

Drumstix in Chicken Gravy? at 0:46:11 Wednesday January 24 2007
Just thought I'd pop my head round the purple curtains to say Hi to you all! BTW Whitterer! Did you get the card I sent to last year?

Jester at 0:6:18 Wednesday January 24 2007
Eve' - Bernadette, I have a feeling that the 'plot' will be missed again; to quote: "M-People also brought soulfulness to the masses with tracks like "Moving On Up." (oh dear!) ..probably no reference to the UK Jazz/Funk; scene yet again but I'll leave my comments to that for now until it's aired ..you never know I might be plesently suprised?

Lynn at 23:43:15 Tuesday January 23 2007
Debs(R), I have sent you an e-mail as promised regarding Myspace Slideshows etc. Hope it is of help honey XXX Kaya XXX Love Lynn XX

Debs at 21:58:50 Tuesday January 23 2007

jim at 21:50:26 Tuesday January 23 2007
wittering is in west sussex, not kent!

Bernadette in playing Eon - We'll Go On - Chooooon! at 21:27:4 Tuesday January 23 2007
oo oo check a new soul programme coming up http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/soulbritannia/

Northern Monkey at 21:0:57 Tuesday January 23 2007
'Attitudes In Soul' with yours Truly 2000-2200 hrs on www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk....On now

bongo herbert in where? i duuno..i thought you knew at 20:23:38 Tuesday January 23 2007

G.A.H. at 18:36:4 Tuesday January 23 2007
The only person your making look like a twat is yourself.. Have you never heard the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

GAH'S MATE at 18:30:25 Tuesday January 23 2007
i must say i do like the names you call me.Very refreshing.

G.A.H. at 18:25:33 Tuesday January 23 2007
Well at least i'll put my self as one..I'm no shitquantcoward..

Ash Selector at 18:24:11 Tuesday January 23 2007
Hi Lynn & Geoof, thanks for you're kind words, it was great to see you both, thanks for your support to everyone that came to see me at SAS, a great friendly crowd.

ahh at 18:18:52 Tuesday January 23 2007
here he is the Best dj in his opinion,how are ya son.Got that new mixer yet.

G.A.H. at 18:10:32 Tuesday January 23 2007
My Jan mix is hosted http://www.trcmix.co.uk/spmb/index.php?cat=GeneralSPMBMixes If anyone wants to d/l it. ta

THE board at 17:13:53 Tuesday January 23 2007
is losing direction,what sort of jibberish is that.Kaya i have some friends who love twatting.

Kaya at 16:59:19 Tuesday January 23 2007
HERE, I hardly ever get twatted! Not since I turned 40 all those years ago! Lynn, love you too, chick! XX

Brian Mac at 16:39:54 Tuesday January 23 2007
Thanks for the Luther link HF .. easy choice of what to play in the office this afternoon. Finally recovered from the weekends exursions and lack of sleep .. nice to meet you Debs R, Tony, Lynn + Geoff and Tracey at the afterparty .. made a change but getting home at 3.30pm tests the resolve. Apart from that keeping a low profile on here, the Anonymi tribe are killing the joy and the board is losing direction, just glad that HF actually posted something to do with Music for a change .. laters

HERE at 15:17:25 Tuesday January 23 2007
Kaya dont you get twatted on a regular basis.

Lynn at 14:33:14 Tuesday January 23 2007
Hello Ash, Thank you for a brilliant set Saturday at Capones, Geoff and myself throughly enjoyed it.Fantastic evening. We so enjoyed it Hello Kaya Luv to you both. Lynn xx and Geoff xx

Ash Selector at 14:4:41 Tuesday January 23 2007
Hi all, thanks to all the great soulful peeps i met at the weekend for making me feel welcome,spread the love, spread the soul.

Kaya at 13:47:45 Tuesday January 23 2007
I agree, Simon...let's get twatted soon!

Jay.E at 13:43:24 Tuesday January 23 2007
Love a bit of Luther.

Norwich Simon at 13:13:44 Tuesday January 23 2007
...Marion, well, never say never Tone and Kaya....it's been too long since we last had a shandy....

Debs at 13:2:9 Tuesday January 23 2007

HAPPY FEET in Luther Vandross love mix. at 12:44:4 Tuesday January 23 2007
Enjoy http://mojavimix.com/downloads/classicsoul/lutherlove.mp3

GAH'S MATE at 12:32:12 Tuesday January 23 2007
Where is the man, the mixer,the best dj ever in his opinion as i am in need of a laugh.

Kaya at 12:27:38 Tuesday January 23 2007
Yeah! And I'll refuse to turn tricks!

Debs at 12:10:19 Tuesday January 23 2007

Gilly at 12:8:20 Tuesday January 23 2007
Hey Debs..you have to be there or I refuse to turn 40!!! xx

Can I just go back to music for a minute at 11:46:8 Tuesday January 23 2007
Zion Lockwood 'Solitaire'original mix tune

HAPPY FEET at 11:41:0 Tuesday January 23 2007
Pedro you or Tony doing the Snowboy and Phil Levene jazz gig at the Jazz Cafe tribute to Tito Puente £5 with flyer

Debs at 11:35:21 Tuesday January 23 2007
Hi Gilly in sunny oz it's sunny here too but 'kin cold still havn't got my date will let u know as soon as xxx i need to be well for yours and Dickies big 40 his is the week before yours it sounds like i will make it all be in a wheelchair still i don't care as long as i get better hi Kaya

Dixeys diner at 11:29:0 Tuesday January 23 2007
yes he mixed a fanastic omlette.

MikeMcD in At Work at 11:14:46 Tuesday January 23 2007
Noss Ryan!!! I used to go to his gigs at Dixeys Diner in Maidstone about 20 years ago !!! Glad to see he's still doing his stuff

paul@CW at 11:8:37 Tuesday January 23 2007
Pedro,very according to the empty bubbly bottles in my dining room & cans of uri geller of the bus, although you missed one ! had it on the way home cheers i i Wittering (sic) couldn't be further away from the glorious Kent coast....A1 just past Peterboro'

Gilly at 11:6:40 Tuesday January 23 2007
Hey Kaya, this is only a 3 month hit of wall to wall sunshine etc...the other 9 months I have to endure the cold weather and the traffic jams...love 'em..

Kaya - Not in Australia at 10:46:13 Tuesday January 23 2007
Well, we like cold weather and traffic jams! So there! ;oP

Gilly at 10:20:54 Tuesday January 23 2007

__GILY__ in Australia at 10:20:37 Tuesday January 23 2007
G'day Debs

Kaya at 10:17:48 Tuesday January 23 2007
Mornin' Sean. How you doing? say 'allo' to Deb for me! x

Debs at 10:17:3 Tuesday January 23 2007
Morning Sean

Pedroni at 10:14:19 Tuesday January 23 2007
Jane - cant remember a thing - How pissed was I naughty!!!!

sean at 10:7:22 Tuesday January 23 2007
mornin deb.kaya n all.... school run...... bbbbrrrrr cold...

Kaya at 9:51:56 Tuesday January 23 2007
Coffe and toast at this time of the day? Shouldn't you have done that three hours ago at breakfast time, Selina?

Selina at 9:45:40 Tuesday January 23 2007
Morning All, Bbbbrrrrr. Coffee n Toast needed and needed NOW.

Jane at 9:43:34 Tuesday January 23 2007
Hello Ginger Tony & Selina, Pedroni, Tony Fernandez, Richard (Soulville), Little Stevie & Chevvy and Debs (Romford) hope you are all keeping well? An other top night at the Ditch Bar on Saturday Well done Dave and to all the DJ's that have played on Saturday am looking forward to next one. Am sure I will see some of you at Lacy's on 3 Feb Take care Jane x

Debs at 9:12:15 Tuesday January 23 2007

Kaya at 9:3:55 Tuesday January 23 2007
Guten Morgen.

__Pedroni__ at 8:51:46 Tuesday January 23 2007
Hey Mark, Hi all

MARKY MARK at 8:33:27 Tuesday January 23 2007
Morning peeps!

shiplas dad at 8:26:21 Tuesday January 23 2007
good morning my old fruiteeees.

MARKY MARK at 22:45:16 Monday January 22 2007
I like watering my plants! All gone quiet?

G.A.H. at 22:40:38 Monday January 22 2007
I don't like Whittering.. I don't like any Kent Sea Side resorts

Kaya at 22:19:19 Monday January 22 2007
Well, it's been lovely chatting with me. Goodnight. Have enjoyed myself so much, I may come back tomorrow! xx

Kaya at 22:9:24 Monday January 22 2007
What's a Fckwit? Is it a mod thing?

Kaya at 22:8:41 Monday January 22 2007
This reminds me of the old days! Look at the archives if you don't believe me! I used to sit here, whittering away to myself! Aaaaah! Some of the best conversations I've ever had! ;o)

Kaya at 22:7:11 Monday January 22 2007
Salami, mushroom, cheese and tomato omlette for me dinner, got to work at 6.45, got home about 16.30, watched Malcolm in the Middle and the Simpsons. If you need any more info, let me know at the above e-mail addresssss

Kaya in a mood to whitter cos it seems to be de rigeur at the moment and nobody likes a whitter quite as much as... at 22:5:18 Monday January 22 2007
I mean, I like a whitter as well as the next man but sometimes it goes too far. I mean whittering has a time and a place and I'm not sure at all that this is either the time or the place. Well, I don't want to whitter on but I just thought I'd add my two penne'th, the way I like to do sometimes when I'm in the mood for a bit of a whitter, besides, I think that a good whitter every now and then must be rather good for the soul, in some respects at least....(whitter on, ad nauseam)

Kaya in Islington Heights at 22:1:13 Monday January 22 2007
Was there always this much whittering?

G.A.H. at 21:59:59 Monday January 22 2007
Me cos i'm great so there.

who at 21:53:53 Monday January 22 2007
determines that you are not a fckwit,your family.

Soul survivor in up to their necks at 21:51:47 Monday January 22 2007
5 men in a boat

G.A.H. at 21:51:22 Monday January 22 2007
er Your a fck wit & i'm not'll do for a start

Fat midget in the mirror at 21:49:49 Monday January 22 2007
Hi Brian

G.A.H. at 21:48:40 Monday January 22 2007
They've bought the flat upstairs so a new system is going in.. Just in time for me on the 3rd

Jealous at 21:48:0 Monday January 22 2007
I have heard it all now.Jealous of GAH in what way,pray do tell.

Dr Bob at 21:41:36 Monday January 22 2007
You know that...... Glad you enjoyed The Lodge- I love spinning there - great room.....

Football team at 21:40:43 Monday January 22 2007
Hi Charlie

G.A.H. at 21:38:7 Monday January 22 2007
I only come on here for the Banter Bob. Ya can't educate swine mate.

Kim... at 21:37:47 Monday January 22 2007
...hi Dave

Head master at 21:35:42 Monday January 22 2007
GAH fan club at 21:23:13 Monday January 22 2007 the terrible grammar givs it away rainham div .So no capital T at the start of a sentance,no capital R for Rainham (name ),Oh dear thats grammar is it ?,never mind you can learm a lot in jail thease days.

DR BOB at 21:31:52 Monday January 22 2007
Tell me about it T, so many tossers on this site now.Trust ur good

Another fan club at 21:31:25 Monday January 22 2007
Was it private school GAH fan club????, or were you lectured at home, like you are now.

info in maidstone at 21:30:42 Monday January 22 2007
Just a reminder that there is a soul, funk and jazz gig with Noss ryan at the new orchard spot in maidstone, kent this friday 26th. Should be a great night! E-mail info@ghpromotions.co.uk or mob 07939532808 cheers.

GAH fan club at 21:23:13 Monday January 22 2007
the terrible grammar givs it away rainham div

Hilly at 21:19:29 Monday January 22 2007
When Brian brushes his teeth he has to put the tooth brush up my arse

TAX MAN in CLEANING OUT YOUR CELL at 21:15:48 Monday January 22 2007
I never paid by Rixy either

G.A.H. at 21:8:16 Monday January 22 2007
They don't like it up em Corporal Jones It's all jealousy Bob.

we are not worthy at 21:5:2 Monday January 22 2007

MARKY at 21:1:10 Monday January 22 2007

chris hill at 20:47:41 Monday January 22 2007
Do you know who i am.I am the soul scene you LOSERS

???? at 20:46:34 Monday January 22 2007
it is because GAH likes to dish it out,but does not like to take it.

Info at 20:45:23 Monday January 22 2007
i think G A H livens things up

Debs at 20:41:52 Monday January 22 2007
Tony F when we have that drink please wear that George Best shirt xxx

Laughing boy at 20:40:2 Monday January 22 2007
Why we are on the subject of arse holes, Brian Rixs and Chris Hill had a Soul Heaven reunion in a phone box,no one got paid of course.

Marky at 20:39:45 Monday January 22 2007
Bob they are to spineless to put their name to it! Their wives have breath like decaying camel dung!

Dr Bob at 20:36:25 Monday January 22 2007
doh that should read 'bunch'.........

DR BOB at 20:35:21 Monday January 22 2007
Why are u nomarks knocking GAH what the fook has he done to you nameless butch of idiots?

score board at 20:34:35 Monday January 22 2007
2 nil

MARKY MARK in MONKY MICK LAND at 20:33:6 Monday January 22 2007
Was Vivos on ?

INFO at 20:25:45 Monday January 22 2007
G A H 2 mates,he is still loking in the mirror then.

Laughing boy in Crying in the toilet at 20:24:6 Monday January 22 2007
Crying now as I can’t find my dick, my gut is in the way

INFO at 20:15:25 Monday January 22 2007
Laughing GIRL (CROWD)even, so CAPONES,SOUL HEAVEN,MINISTRY OF SOUND,SCHOOL DISCO,FRANKIES etc wern't on then?.what a total wanker you are must be the mirror in the bathroom making you laugh.

other side of your face at 20:10:25 Monday January 22 2007
Apart from these: Fleet, Hants. Northern - Across The Board HORNCASTLE GOLF CLUB The Desborough Ritz Soul night station road. Stolen Hours, NEW VENUE. Soul in Skipton ~~~* PILSLEY SOUL WITH MR JOHN POOLE*~~~ SIX HILLS HOTEL A46 Leicestershire SOUL@SALWICK WITH SOULSEARCHER RECORDS+DEREK SMITH *** BROUGHTON WINGS CLUB *** ***THE GREATSTONE SOUL CLUB*** NORTHERN SOUL AND MOTOWN NIGHT and of course Capone's and Frankies

G.A.H. at 20:7:46 Monday January 22 2007
Talk of the Devil... Thought there were loads of things on the Weekend. Still if your not happy put your own gig on so you n ya 2 mates can have as much fun as you want.

Laughing boy at 19:53:19 Monday January 22 2007
Only because there was no f- ing other event on last sat wise up ? whats a croud?

INFO in Packing mey flyer bag. at 19:42:39 Monday January 22 2007
(G A H) Not so many as i would have liked,but i've met a lot of arseholes in the past.This scene seems to have a lot.But we seem to get a good croud at the DITCH,hopefuly that will continue.

marion in at work listening to Starpoint Radio at 18:11:53 Monday January 22 2007
Norwich Simon - are joining us at the next monumental sat 24th february - dave blows birthday ....you have been warned !!

GIRL IN TOILET at 17:31:24 Monday January 22 2007
yes have you a decent size.

Shiplas dad at 17:30:5 Monday January 22 2007
Any of you girlies fancy some jiggy jiggy? My vife is getting too fat and hairy.

G.A.H. at 17:22:4 Monday January 22 2007
Certainly.. Lemonade? Soda Water? Lime? Any others?

gah at 17:16:34 Monday January 22 2007
have you a mixer

G.A.H. at 17:10:44 Monday January 22 2007
I have a bodyguard!

Jack at 17:8:35 Monday January 22 2007
GAH what the fook you talking about.

Kaya at 17:5:49 Monday January 22 2007
Right! I'm off 'ome! Anyone picks on me mate Tony and I'll scratch your eyes out!

G.A.H. at 17:4:55 Monday January 22 2007
Doubt it Bev i'm out at SoulCity.. Here's a tip if ya gonna insult me without using ya name don't sign in on a another forum.. It's not rocket science is it.

Jack 24 Bauer at 17:3:47 Monday January 22 2007
has tony got any house that is safe.

George Dubbya at 17:3:13 Monday January 22 2007
"Natural gas is hemispheric... because it is a product that we can find in our neighborhoods."

George Dubbya at 17:0:58 Monday January 22 2007
We cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile."

gah at 17:0:31 Monday January 22 2007
who the hell is soulman.Sounds you have issues with a lot of people.

the girls in the toilet at 16:59:29 Monday January 22 2007
GAH is the reason i went lezza.

BEV in scoffin pineapple on the 33rd at 16:59:14 Monday January 22 2007
Count me in Kaya Oi GAH - u doin SAKS at beginnin of next month

G.A.H. at 16:58:59 Monday January 22 2007
Malapropisms.. What's that Is it me or does cowrds post make no sense what so ever.. Listen soulman i've told ya anytime you want to meet me face to face your welcome.. S'not my fault your a snivverling little shit with no backbone is it.

Kaya at 16:58:36 Monday January 22 2007
Those pesky gays!

the fan club at 16:58:10 Monday January 22 2007
can i have a naked pic of tone as i need to shut out the usa.

coward at 16:55:32 Monday January 22 2007
but good looking and lovelyyyyyyyy.shame you are not.Here ton i have heard even gays fook u off.

Kaya in de Navy! (yes you can sail the seven seas) at 16:55:0 Monday January 22 2007
I'm starting the GAH fan club, anyone who wishes to join, drop me an e-mail! You get a special badge, T-Shirt and Bumper Book of Malapropisms!

G.A.H. at 16:53:53 Monday January 22 2007
Maybe so.. But i'm not a coward.

AND GAH at 16:50:18 Monday January 22 2007
you are fookin ugly as well.

G.A.H. at 16:49:54 Monday January 22 2007
Ya didn't make down to the Lodge Saturday then

G.A.H. at 16:49:19 Monday January 22 2007
I'm deeply wounded by that remark.. Am i fck..

YES at 16:43:12 Monday January 22 2007
and you cant dance either

Dance Teacher at 16:42:45 Monday January 22 2007
GAH i have seen you and you DANCE to the record after the one thats on.You cant dance and yes i know who you are gah you are a tosser.SORRY TO OFFEND TOSSERS

Kaya at 16:41:32 Monday January 22 2007
I'm light brown (coffee-coloured) trash!

G.A.H. at 16:38:25 Monday January 22 2007
White Trash me!! I'll let you know i'm not a bad dancer for me age.. AS for my money! Pay.. Me! Do yu know who i am. I loke em slim & not hairy Bruv.

Kaya at 16:31:2 Monday January 22 2007
You know me, GAH, I prefer 'em bigger and hairy!

Shrek at 16:30:19 Monday January 22 2007
Do we need a greek phrase book for sat Donkey chilli sauce peeps

and HERMAN at 16:28:22 Monday January 22 2007
you need to fook off.

and at 16:25:57 Monday January 22 2007
GAH is a prime example.

JERMAINE at 16:24:39 Monday January 22 2007
you are all white TRASH who love our music,and you cant even dance to it.But we all love you and take your money.

G.A.H. at 16:11:49 Monday January 22 2007
We like em young don't we Kaya..

Kaya at 16:8:36 Monday January 22 2007
I don't care what anyone else says, i reckon GAH is a top geezah!

G.A.H. at 16:1:59 Monday January 22 2007
Lets just say i'd rather spend my time with some nice friendly youngsters. Than some cynical old quant like you mush.

Ginger Tony at 15:48:11 Monday January 22 2007
Cor Tony F. Block capitals - you really mean't that didn't you! Look forward to that beer matey. Cheers for your company saturday night, had an excellent time.

Shilpas dad at 15:44:13 Monday January 22 2007
Don't you be shitting me and don't be such a clever dickie.

Jade at 15:30:54 Monday January 22 2007
I had a shilpaload of xxx bolloywood DVDs delivered the other day

MARKYS PUSH FM PLAYLIST in LONDON at 15:11:55 Monday January 22 2007

Major general Stiffy at 15:8:11 Monday January 22 2007
I remember when we were in Indjah, we had shilpas to help carry our kit....good old days of the raj!

Shilpas dad at 14:50:21 Monday January 22 2007
Don't be kicking my dog and calling me f*ck off.

Ann robinson (lezza) at 14:34:31 Monday January 22 2007
Question= Jade what is Hitlers first name. Er thats easy its Heil

Herman at 14:32:54 Monday January 22 2007
Eva, Jade, Adolf...I'm proud of you all!

Eva at 14:22:22 Monday January 22 2007
Oi, Adolf! NOOOOO!

Adolf at 14:7:57 Monday January 22 2007
Anyone seen Jade Braun? Erm, I mean Goody!?

Kaya at 14:5:40 Monday January 22 2007
Deutschland uber alles...as they say!

Jermaine at 13:53:55 Monday January 22 2007
What's good for the gander is good for the goody

Kaya at 13:51:42 Monday January 22 2007
Bloody yids!

Jades auntie in O! o! lEZZA Chant my body your body at 13:51:9 Monday January 22 2007
Jade goody your not a hoody or a puddy cat you got it wrong with miss popadum and should of given her a slap

TONY FERNANDEZ at 13:41:52 Monday January 22 2007

Jermaine... at 13:40:5 Monday January 22 2007
...was actually heard calling one of the girls "white trash"

Jades mum at 13:35:50 Monday January 22 2007
you dont mean lezza Tarbuck

TONY FERNANDEZ at 13:33:17 Monday January 22 2007

Jade Goody at 13:11:28 Monday January 22 2007
i have just been reading this Forum.Only just got to reply as i cant read and my agent is helping me write this as he will have a lot of time on his hands now.I will come clean i am a RACIST and I hate POOFS as well as my long lost dad is KAYA.Ps whats a lezza i like the sound of that.

Drug Dealer at 13:7:24 Monday January 22 2007
i will vouch for Kaya he always buys my drugs.Still a fookin poof though.

Kaya at 13:4:18 Monday January 22 2007
Now you KNOW that's a lie!! I don't EVER take legal drugs!

Roni at 13:3:57 Monday January 22 2007

The girls in the toilet at 13:3:11 Monday January 22 2007
Roni i understand,it is wise to be my girlfriend.I will look after you.

kayas ex fella at 13:1:56 Monday January 22 2007
no i did not,i said he takes poppers all over the place.

Roni at 13:1:28 Monday January 22 2007
The girls in the toilet...they were giving me some words of wisdom.......porky pies i'm a veggie! Thank you to the lovely Action man and Nick Aravis for joining me on my show last night.

jez at 12:58:27 Monday January 22 2007

yes at 12:56:5 Monday January 22 2007
funny that as one of your ex fellas says you pop all over the place.

Kaya at 12:52:25 Monday January 22 2007
Yes, I only body pop if I drink too much milk....

question at 12:46:11 Monday January 22 2007
how do you tango with a maggot.

one of the girls in the toilet at 12:45:20 Monday January 22 2007
i will say it is good to come out in toilets.

YES at 12:43:56 Monday January 22 2007
kaya do you body pop

Kaya at 12:42:8 Monday January 22 2007
OK then! But she's younger than me! (and prettier!)

HAPPY FEET at 12:42:0 Monday January 22 2007
I saw you Ronni doing the Tango with Maggot and Action Man body popping dont tell porky pies

Kaya at 12:41:31 Monday January 22 2007
Yes! One Of The Girls! That's a good start!

yes at 12:41:17 Monday January 22 2007
right lets go.Kaya you are JADE GOODYS LOVECHILD.

one of the girls in the toilet at 12:40:6 Monday January 22 2007
thats no problem Roni.But i will tell you i fancy you i need to come out and tell you i am a lezza.

Roni at 12:38:59 Monday January 22 2007
No dancing licence...but no room to dance sat anyway!

Roni at 12:38:9 Monday January 22 2007
Believe that Frankies has a soul gig once a month Paul Evans & Mark the Cabbie(the DJs) will be able to tell you more. Great night guys....thank you to the girls in the toilets for the chat!;~))

Hornchurch Bird at 12:38:9 Monday January 22 2007
Frankies in Hornchurch - Do they have a dance licence now - as we got told off for dancing in there once due to them not having a dance licence?

Kaya at 12:31:34 Monday January 22 2007
I'd quite like some offensive shit...like that Jade BAF (Busted Arsehold Face) or Shilpa poppadum! What you got?

yes at 12:29:45 Monday January 22 2007
what form of trouble do you want.

A-K League at 12:26:30 Monday January 22 2007
Wouldn't know, only poofs are into all that golden shower business!

Kaya at 12:23:27 Monday January 22 2007
Better than being P155ed on, I suppose....

Kaya at 12:17:13 Monday January 22 2007
Bring it on, Yes!

Anti-Kaya league at 12:15:16 Monday January 22 2007
No! P155 0ff you poof!

yes at 12:11:26 Monday January 22 2007
i do always love a bit of trouble.

Kaya at 12:9:42 Monday January 22 2007
Mornin' all...anyone fancy causing trouble today?

just a thought at 11:53:17 Monday January 22 2007
if there was nice young people at the lodge what was you doing there GAH.

Debs (R) at 11:12:48 Monday January 22 2007
Great nite at Flip Flops birthday at Capones and thanks to Tracy for a brilliant after party ... just shame the guest of honour didnt show up!!!!! Apparently he was promised something a lot more inviting at home by wifey .... say no more!!! Big thanks to Ash Selector for dropping Tony and I back to Romford (bless him - took another 3 hours for him to get back to West London due to traffic) and good to meet you, Brian Mac. Always good to put a face to a name. Lynn .... I will email you Myspace details soon honey. Need to know how to fo a slide show. Anyway, son sick and daughter dueat the orthodontist in an hour so ta ta for now.

HAPPY FEET at 10:55:45 Monday January 22 2007
Hi Jez yes Frankies in Hornchurch,not sure how often maybe Roni or Maggot have more info

Jester in listening to Victor Brooks - Samba Soul ..now that's how to do an acoustic album! at 10:42:23 Monday January 22 2007
Morn' - Could I just ask a favour for peeps to utilse the 'Events' page a little more and post up gigs; local or national, otherwise we just don't know what's going on comprehensively ..funnily enough I look at it rather a lot, I'm sure others do & it's annoying when one gets to hear about a gig after the event ...It's FREE to use after all and just a click away!

jez at 10:33:14 Monday January 22 2007
Was that Frankies in Hornchurch?? if so how often do they have a soul gig??ta Jez

Ginger Tony at 10:30:2 Monday January 22 2007
Hiya HF. Looking forward to saturday but with a busy week to get through first it all seems a bit far away...I could well be asleep after me grub!!!

HAPPY FEET at 10:14:13 Monday January 22 2007
Thanks for the invite Roni,nice to see Tony, Action Man, Jazzbod,Paul ect down at Frankies Saturday, lovely bar nice soul tunes, Tracy and I had a good time GT you must be pleased today well done for yesterday,looking forward to the lunch time party next week could get rather messey

Norwich Simon at 10:0:12 Monday January 22 2007
Sean...remember CB & the Soul Searchers well... "Benny and Sean were known to party til dawn"...oh yeah.....

Jay.E at 9:47:32 Monday January 22 2007
Thank the lord for Thiery Henry

Ginger Tony at 8:23:12 Monday January 22 2007
Morning all! Sorry N.M. ddidn't mean to blank you last night, just a bit "caught up in the moment". I'll be seeing you thursday my friend!

G.A.H. at 2:58:32 Monday January 22 2007
Info bet you've licked a few Arseholes though.. Soultogether at The Lodge was great. Loads of nice youngsters having a great time, KOKO was cack

Weirdy at 2:14:36 Monday January 22 2007
HELLO silly peoples

Weirdy at 2:13:27 Monday January 22 2007
PS The rest I said after, "OK I've......... " should be ignored

Weirdy at 2:7:43 Monday January 22 2007
Sorry....didn't hava speel chicker

Weirdy at 1:55:4 Monday January 22 2007
To the best of you, who are still out there, but the people/persons who cant talk with their own mouth. Dont bother replying. AGAING........ COWARDS....I thought I grew up around people who loved the music and met friends next to each other. OK I've got a bit wiser and more of some off your peck- a- wotsitsssss, but love to hear GOOD.....

MARKY MARK at 23:20:15 Sunday January 21 2007

Selina in giving Tony one more beer than bed. at 22:59:36 Sunday January 21 2007
Sean, he's created a monster, the house has never been so clean. I've been cleaning the house like a mad women, must say the Bose head phones do help. Right, one more mad burst then beans "n" toast then bed. Hello to Deb's and Callum.

Ginger Tony in playing catch-up... at 22:54:21 Sunday January 21 2007
Eh-up Sean. Finally bought an I-pod, spent the day putting my Madness and Paul Weller albums on it! Oh and there was a little kick-about to watch in North London too!

Northern Mick at 22:54:18 Sunday January 21 2007
Evening all, just getting my kit ready for tomorow ..back to work blues !Good to catch up with the guys last night Nelly,MM,Darren,Marcus,Blowey,Sharpy,Abbo, Frostie and of course me old mucker GT !! See you Thursday mate !!

sean at 22:34:1 Sunday January 21 2007
back in the room ..........weekend players.......

Ginger Tony in waiting for Fernandes... at 22:14:47 Sunday January 21 2007
Gaw'd that phone's quiet...

brian at 21:10:41 Sunday January 21 2007
saw barbara-ann so i thought i'd take a chance

barbara ann in great lyric that at 21:5:54 Sunday January 21 2007
went to a dance looking for romance

on the beach at 20:57:32 Sunday January 21 2007
with the beach boys

texas ranger at 20:51:41 Sunday January 21 2007
shut up or im gonna come at you like a spider monkey

ronaldo in lollipop lollipop substitute at 20:49:36 Sunday January 21 2007

matt busby at 20:46:52 Sunday January 21 2007

matt busby at 20:46:42 Sunday January 21 2007

Fergie at 20:45:45 Sunday January 21 2007

Wenger at 20:42:31 Sunday January 21 2007
6 Points of Man u this season.......and that's the difference.....

sean at 20:36:15 Sunday January 21 2007
ello deb ....... moved on to the cuban.....gold frank n gggrrr 4 men

Fergie at 20:34:27 Sunday January 21 2007
At least that arrogant twat Van Percil has broke his foot happy days,look at the table where are Arsenal

Debs at 20:31:16 Sunday January 21 2007
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR for men never give up never surrender

cuban rules at 20:21:38 Sunday January 21 2007
mmmmmm nice

Arnold Schwarzagooner in where's all the cockney reds? at 20:5:4 Sunday January 21 2007

Arnold schwarzagooner in where's all the cockney reds? at 20:4:55 Sunday January 21 2007

mine at 19:58:54 Sunday January 21 2007
sorry mine..........

fossell radio at 19:58:8 Sunday January 21 2007
make mind a melody

sean at 19:55:49 Sunday January 21 2007
f""k me i love me mac

sean at 19:54:22 Sunday January 21 2007
lets move on....CHUCK BROWN...... n the soul searchers

sean at 19:49:10 Sunday January 21 2007
deb tell bob ......mmmmm nice on the eight ball tunea @ pres.....

Debs at 19:44:11 Sunday January 21 2007
Sean he's on his mac at the mo he's like u a mac fan

PH in Ipswich at 19:43:38 Sunday January 21 2007
A CHEEKY AND UNASHAMED PLUG FOR MY RADIO SHOW - THE SOUL EXPLOSION on www.icrfm.co.uk, which is a local community radio station in sunny Ipswich (yes yes we're not all serial killers). Sunday mornings, 10am to 12pm. “The Soul Explosion” is all about sharing the tunes and the music that I love with a wider audience. The aim is to cover a wide range of musical genres, from soul, modern soul, northern soul, rare groove, jazz, funk, soulful garage, gospel, jazz-funk, salsoul, philly, motown, disco and everything in between. Whatever you hear on “The Soul Explosion” has one thing in common – every single track is a CHOOON (no fillers) !! Yes, we do have soul in the countryside !! Have a listen and see what you think

sean at 19:40:14 Sunday January 21 2007
deb ...tell bob to get shot of the ol pc n reinstall the mac.......... NO NASTYS

Ginger Tony in still masterbating.. at 19:25:30 Sunday January 21 2007

Debs at 19:21:5 Sunday January 21 2007
How brilliant was that i switched it over when they scored i copped big time, missed the equalizer switched it back on for the comeback THIERRY HENRY CLASS ALL THE WAY

Selina at 19:12:40 Sunday January 21 2007
Debs, Dr. Bob, Mates, what a game, still trying to peel tony of the ceiling. Sweet.

DR BOB & DEBS in In GOONER heaven at 18:59:33 Sunday January 21 2007
Who are ya?,who are ya?..........Oh yes, yes YES!!!

Ginger Tony in can we play every wek??? at 18:58:2 Sunday January 21 2007
Hiya Tony F. 6 Points of you this season...

Richard the Roadie in recovering from Sunday lunch at 17:19:57 Sunday January 21 2007
eyes bigger than the belly {only just, ed} belated morning Sean, hwlototm, Jts {got any JD left}. Catch up with you all laters in the week,got to unload the car now, then catch up on me kip

Jackie at 16:57:17 Sunday January 21 2007
Had a grt time at Frankies last nite in Hornchurch it was rammed, some really nice soulful tunes played, did I see a few familiar Caister faces and soul peeps there? bit of a blur today

Bob Masters at 16:45:17 Sunday January 21 2007
Richard in SV, Could you please reply to my email mate.

marky,push fm live today 6-8pm in london at 15:58:16 Sunday January 21 2007
online via www.pushfm.com, for all types of deep/jazzy and soulful muzik.

BEV at 15:23:31 Sunday January 21 2007
4got 2 say - weren't that trumpet player good

MARKY MARK at 14:54:1 Sunday January 21 2007
Just got out me pit! I fancied an early night so I pissed in the mixer! was good to see some faces I aint seen for a while! Frostie and sharpy kicked arse downstairs! Maceo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the bird who lost her purse that was a small love toy

Lynn and Geoff at 14:0:20 Sunday January 21 2007
Morning Richard, glad you got home ok. xxx Great posting ps Lisa sorry to miss you off our posting not intentional hun as always good to see you Lynn xx

richard in soulville hq at 13:53:12 Sunday January 21 2007
i think refs are great,sorry you irons,some you win some you lose(or draw in your case)

richard in soulville hq at 13:43:47 Sunday January 21 2007
we have just got home after going to flips party last night.big thankyou to flip,very good crowd with a lot of old and met lots of new playmates.ash great set(had the place buzzing)and it was good to meetkenny thomas laugh with junior and be in a place with no issues and see peoplr really enjoying themselves.hi to lynn and geoff,tony andr-debs,lisa,brian and good afterparty ar traceys.

BEV in me bones ache at 13:25:3 Sunday January 21 2007
The DITCH Bar - good weren't it Good 2 c me ole mates Marcus and Blowy The Hat - can't wait 4 ESSENCE now Marky Mark - thanx everso 4 drivin and droppin me off home xx GT and Tony F thx 4 playin me choons

Alan Champ at 13:21:22 Sunday January 21 2007
Join Ian and myself on Starpoint this afternoon from 2pm til 4pm. Expect the usual mixture of soulful grooves covering the entire spectrum of the genre (or something like that). Alan

Lynn at 13:18:27 Sunday January 21 2007
Hello Chevvy, Great flyer,Great line up- can't wait.xx Love the cool custom car too, will be taking some of your flyers in Feb to the Chelmer. Love to you and Stevie Lynnxx

INFO in OUT OR THE DITCH AND JUST OUT OF MY PIT at 13:16:34 Sunday January 21 2007
Thanks to all the guys and girls who made it to the DITCH BAR last night,another good night,The jocks were great,well done lads.I was guted ELVIS never came with a curry as i was starving, and mr G A H i have never put my tongue on a battery.

chevvy at 13:4:19 Sunday January 21 2007
see i cant spell again sorry...DEBs / Bob xxxx

Chevvy at 13:3:5 Sunday January 21 2007
Morning all glad to hear both events went well sulking as could not go but hey loads more coming up ...pedroni looking to coming yours hunnie look after me as you always do you i go nutty ha ha ha ha kim might be coming have to get her a kitchen pass....also Frostie i am looking into the baltic weekender its my birthday just before what a way to celebrate !!!! SOULVILLE flyers are out lets us know what you think guys and gals and oh of course get booking you it makes sense!!!!!! over and out for now all have a great day ...anyone wanting to go to the baltice weekender let me know and help me celebrate my birhday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debs at 12:41:30 Sunday January 21 2007
Thanx B G G i'll try again in a mo Bobs just devirused the pooter if i cant Morning to all of u lot over S O T R C Gilly u norty girl do u mean ZO BO awaiting date to go in but will let u know xxxxxx Lynn thanx

BGG at 12:22:18 Sunday January 21 2007
Morning guys Feel a bit too many bubbles last night.Ditch Bar was great,all DJ's done good....Marky Mark...what did you do to the upstairs equipment Debs,hope all is well...just sent you a message

Lynn at 12:16:35 Sunday January 21 2007
S/be Lynn and Geoff at end

Lynn and Geoff in Sunny Essex at 11:47:53 Sunday January 21 2007
Good Morning Everyone, Hope that you had a great time at the Ditch Bar last night. We would like to thank TC, Flip, Mick and Ash for a wonderful evening We are still buzzing from last night. Went to Capone's and what a time we had. I beg you to check out this wonderful venue. A great club with great peeps, a real Family vibe. The atmosphere was electric and this gal was and still is flying. Venue is classy, ice bar topped with platters of cherries strawberries and pineapple yum Such a great crowd of peeps true we know lots of you but the atmosphere was electric, very very friendly TC Flip Mick and Ash thanxs so so much for the music and everything.This gal was well behaved where the sweeties were concerned ,Ash adored your set xxxx Kenny Thomas , What a lovely man, a priviledge to have met such a nice nice man. It was so good to see again Debs(R) and Tony xx Send me your Myspace details and I will be e-mailing you details of how to get started. Banno and Kell hope I got your names right, so very good to see you after such a long time xx Richard, Christine, Tara, The White Hart guys, the Cambridge Contingent, OurTracy and Friends, The Funkateers and lovely to meet you Brian and everyone else we know God Bless you all. xxxxxx Please take this as genuine thanks as this gal and guy sometimes have to pinch ourselves as we feel we are so priviledged and lucky to have such very dear friends,on this page, on other forums and who we meet socially on the scene. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.. All our love to each and everyone of you Lynn and Geoff genuinxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gilly in sipping champagne at 10:55:57 Sunday January 21 2007
Morning Debs, thanks for text - keep us posted. Been on the beach today (don't suppose you want to hear that!) and off to Adelaide to see Zoe (worked at Next) on Thursday and going to see the cricket....

Debs in LISTENING TO MR AND MRS C at 10:41:48 Sunday January 21 2007
Morning all Morning Sean

sean at 9:52:0 Sunday January 21 2007
mornin all...mornin deb,r.t.r,martin hows your w/end...

Jester at 2:40:23 Sunday January 21 2007
..awesome, me thinks

Jester at 2:39:48 Sunday January 21 2007
Eve - yep nice album lads ..Another worth checking is the 2cd Harley & Muscle pres. Luxury Grooves by Marcofullone; fookin' aesome ...#Do You Like Jazz?# ...mmmmm, YES YES YES I DO!!!

Ginger Tony at 20:4:52 Saturday January 20 2007
Yes mate. First one wasn't so hot, they must have saved the best till last... Anyway, hope all's good with you.

__GAH__ at 19:55:24 Saturday January 20 2007
The whole ep is good

G.A.H. at 19:54:48 Saturday January 20 2007
What does a 9volt battery & a Womens arse hole have in common... You know it's wrong but sooner or later your gonna touch it with your tongue

Ginger Tony at 19:47:58 Saturday January 20 2007
Yes Tone - Excellent tune and at over 12 minutes gives me time to go to the lav! Played "Shine" this morning. Very, very nice!

G.A.H. at 19:22:5 Saturday January 20 2007
Shuya Okino Love Is The Key feat. Josh Milan for Blaze (Phil Asher)

Frostie at 18:29:23 Saturday January 20 2007
Allo Maaates!Now that was funny Wierdy!Are you at Ditch Bar?I will bring your camera......Pedroni,Allo Maaate-Were you talking to me when you adressed somebody as Steve?Erm..Up to you,will do a set if you want-Dont mind.Yeah,corse I am off to Southport.Marky Mark coming round for me st 7 30 so early doors it is!!

Weirdy at 18:19:37 Saturday January 20 2007
Jade Goody attacked by intruder wielding a sword.......Shilpa's mother, Ma Shetty, arrested

Marcus at 17:27:39 Saturday January 20 2007
Alright ABBO, Terrible result 2day...we do narf miss J.T...Come on you Gooons 2morrow!

Abbo at 17:22:19 Saturday January 20 2007
Marcus,how r u, bad result today mate

IRON FOR LIFE at 16:55:9 Saturday January 20 2007
Is that stupid ref wearing a fucking geordie shirt cheating wanker

Marcus at 16:50:40 Saturday January 20 2007
Frostie, I was Talking to Dave earlier, It was indeedy the aforementioned 'RUMOURS' cocktail bar. 10/10 Ellie. Right back to Cerys Watch and Ebay beckons b4 the missus gets home. ..C YA Laters

Marcus in Back on listening to at 16:48:41 Saturday January 20 2007
Frostie Talking to Dave earlier, It was indeedy the aforementioned 'RUMOURS' cocktail bar. 10/10 Ellie. Right back to Cerys Watch and Ebay beckons b4 the missus gets home. ..C YA Laters

info at 16:32:41 Saturday January 20 2007
Southport sold out a month ago

Paul@Portland villas in packing toonage at 16:20:50 Saturday January 20 2007
Covent Garden/ soho don't get me started still paying the bill off after 25 years. T next time you see BofthedoubleG ask her about Polokaville (sic) jazz & champers

Pedroni at 15:53:26 Saturday January 20 2007
Frostie - Bernadette - I am well up for that looks good -- Steve see you at the Ditch later mate - Are you going to Southport??? PS have you seen the posting with the B&B's for Seaside Strut - poss get you on Sunday PM if you want a spin but very full at the moment might get two floors for June then we can really mix it up!!!

Bernadette at 15:49:42 Saturday January 20 2007
sour! was that a freudian slip

Bernadette at 15:48:58 Saturday January 20 2007
sorry meant to say union flag...don't want ot upset sour celtic brethren

Bernadette at 15:44:37 Saturday January 20 2007
Frostie here's the link - click the english flag & a pdf pops up http://www.baltic-soul.de/

Frostie at 14:24:43 Saturday January 20 2007
Just spoken to Mick Farrer-Sounds a good weekender-And cheap!!!!

Frostie at 14:3:28 Saturday January 20 2007
Bernadette darlin,just tried to find out some more info and the email addy given does not accept Yahoo e mails.Any idea how I can find out more?Anyone know?

Bernadette at 13:55:5 Saturday January 20 2007
Me & Big Alien have talked about going Frostie but we haven't got round to booking yet

Frostie at 13:47:35 Saturday January 20 2007
Ive just seen that Hamburg weekender and me and Kerry are gonna have it...Anyone else interested?

Frostie at 13:44:23 Saturday January 20 2007
Allo Marky Maaate!Now listen bruv,you aint got time to sort out records-Its your missus birthday.....Tell her to put her feet up and you will do the housework!!!!!!!!!!

sophie in hamburg at 13:41:34 Saturday January 20 2007
The Baltic Soul Weekender 23 - 25 March 2007 Weissenhaeuser Strand 5 Dance Floors, Accommodation & Specials included from 109,- Euros Live Acts: Roy Ayers, NY, USA (Everybody loves the sunshine) Leroy Hutson, FL, USA (Lucky Fellow, Ella Weez) Ann Sexton, NY, USA (You've been gone too long) Marva Whitney, KS, USA (Unwind yourself) The Rebirth, CA, USA (Evil Vibrations) Jeff Hendrick, Kanada (Celebrate) DJs: Andreas Hellingh (Soul of Amsterdam) Boris Dlugosch (Neidklub) Brother M. (Tokyo) Cuebism (Stockholm) Dan D. (Baltic Soul) Disco Boys (Hamburg) Eddie Piller (Acid Jazz Records) Hans Nieswandt ( + / - 8 ) Haruhiko Ikeda (Tokyo) Henry Storch (Unique Records) Joerg Recordshack (Vienna, Austria) Jo Wallace (Universal Music) Keb Darge (Legendary Deep Funk) Lloyd Attrill (Soul Weekender Special) Michael Fuchs (Dublin) Mick Farrer (London) Mike Thompson (House of Choonz, London) Mirko Lütkemeyer (Baltic Soul) Mojo Club Crew (Hamburg) Mousse T. (Peppermint Jam Records) Pari (Soul Power) Ralph Tee (Expansion Records) Rob Wigley (Prestatyn Weekender) Sinan Mercenk (Hamburg) Smudo (Fantastische Vier) Stefano Oggiano (Irma Records, Milan) Steve Hobbs (Blues & Soul Magazine) Supergid (Hamburg) The Buttbrothers (Summer of Soul) The Soulciety (Emu & Goetz, Hamburg) Tom Kaiser (Cologne) Radio Hosts Bernd Niedergesaess (Radio 42) Junior Giscombe (Solar Radio) www.baltic-soul.de

MARKY MARK at 13:35:10 Saturday January 20 2007
Hey Frost you dig down deep maaate! I'm taking a box full of " chooooooons" soulful house and funk for upstairs and a few modern/crossover and jazz funky beats for a downstairs set! Dug out my 12 of " hands up baby hands up"

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 13:10:4 Saturday January 20 2007
Allo Maaates!Going through the bag for tonight-Erm,New Jersey Connection,Jupiter Beyond,Direct Drive,Tony Rallo,Terry Callier,Double Exposure,Gwen Guthrie,Donald Byrd....Hows that for starters?

Debs at 12:42:35 Saturday January 20 2007
Marcus xx

Bernadette in having a cheesy Northern Soul sesh! at 12:40:29 Saturday January 20 2007
Yay Nelly do you want to meet up with us earlier

Marcus at 12:39:59 Saturday January 20 2007
Alright Nelly,Abbo,Bernadette,Bev et all ...See y'all there then .....Debs, rooting for you babe ...Right off to entertain the troops...i.e. Cerys

Nelly in doors with the hump 'cos the soundcard's gone on the computer at 12:33:37 Saturday January 20 2007
....so I'm off to the Ditch Bar tonight to catch up on some tuneage

Abbo at 12:32:8 Saturday January 20 2007
Northern Mick,Me ,Sponge and Sharpy will be in town little earlier than 2100 due to Ditch opening at 2100.

Debs at 12:31:24 Saturday January 20 2007
Thanx Ash xxxx

BEV in just choonin in2 ASH at 12:29:19 Saturday January 20 2007
Come on Is it time 4 a beer yet

SOUL HEAVEN at 11:59:15 Saturday January 20 2007
NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE DEFUNKT POOR QUALITY VIVOS EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Saturday 20th January Soul Heaven & Notion present New York's Finest DJ SPINNA & JELLYBEAN BENITEZ alongside UK Residents PHIL ASHER + AARON ROSS + ANDY WARD * RUDE BOY RUPERT In Association with Corono Extra & www.askmodels.net After 6 fantastic years at the Ministry Of Sound, SOULHEAVEN team up with NOTION magazine to CELEBRATE their joint birthdays. presenting NEW YORK'S FINEST DJ SPINNA & JELLYBEAN BENITEZ at London¹s freshest venue, the all new KOKO in Camden High Street on Saturday January 20th 2007. Joining us for this very special occasion, are two of the Soulful House scenes most influential players, DJ SPINNA and JELLYBEAN BENITEZ All supported as usual by the SOULHEAVEN residents PHIL ASHER, AARON ROSS, ANDY WARD and RUDE BOY RUPERT spinning an all night celebration of souful party sounds new and classics. The SOULHEAVEN and NOTION anniversary event is supported by the world renowned Corona Extra & www.askmodels.net Saturday 20th January Main Room: DJ SPINNA + JELLYBEAN BENITEZ +PHIL ASHER +AARON ROSS Bar: ANDY WARD and RUDE BOY RUPERT venue: KOKO 1a Camden High Street, Camden London NW1 Times: 10pm - 6am Tickets:£10 in advance from www.koko.uk.com or 0870 145 1115 or ticketweb.co.uk Further info: 0870 432 5527 www.soulheaven.com or www.planetnotion.com Guestlist & all Press Enquires: Nicky Trax 020 8203 3968 or 07951 128001 nicky@phuturetrax.co.uk Jo Phuture: 020 7209 1236 jo@phuturetrax.co.uk

Bernadette at 11:52:31 Saturday January 20 2007
Hi Mick can get in pretty much anytime cos its a tube journey for me are you meeting up with Marcus & Blowey

Marcus at 11:44:3 Saturday January 20 2007
Nice touch ASH for Debs

BEV in back from chasin the escapee Elsie up the street - got her PHEW! at 11:32:16 Saturday January 20 2007
MARKY MARK - Harlow Services

Northern Monkey at 11:24:17 Saturday January 20 2007
Morning Bernadette, what time are you playing out ?

Northern Monkey at 11:21:42 Saturday January 20 2007
MM, Ive still got sand in my boots ....You ??

Marcus in reminising... at 11:21:8 Saturday January 20 2007
Okey Cokey, Over and Out.

Northern Monkey at 11:21:4 Saturday January 20 2007
Marcus you have e-mail !!

Northern Monkey at 11:20:34 Saturday January 20 2007
MM Youre a F*****' Wag, morning mate !!See ya later at SITC. Im off early to check out tunes and things !!

Marcus at 11:20:15 Saturday January 20 2007
Oi.Oi...I'll have you know ...9 sqn. None of that sitting miles away firing dem shells over a brew!!

MARKY MARK in morning peeps at 11:18:25 Saturday January 20 2007
Marcus and Mick are crap hats

Bernadette at 11:18:1 Saturday January 20 2007
oops sorry Morning all

Bernadette at 11:17:38 Saturday January 20 2007
Marcus i'll speak to you later about meeting up with you & Blowey

Northern Mick at 11:16:11 Saturday January 20 2007
Roger, out.

Marcus at 11:4:42 Saturday January 20 2007
Nice one G.T. & see thee later.....Morning ASH. Phew Cerys off to sleep for a wee while. Mick I tried to IM but PC not having it so I'll send you my moby.

Marcus in need Arnie for some home help. at 10:50:54 Saturday January 20 2007
Army Banter?? Trying to juggle hands at moment listening to G.T,Typing and Feeding Cerys...

marcus at 10:48:40 Saturday January 20 2007
N.M.Yep..although fades away sometimes AB?

Northern Mick at 10:29:10 Saturday January 20 2007
Marcus !! Still got the AB head on then

Northern Mick at 10:27:44 Saturday January 20 2007
Youre right GT that was darker than a pint of guiness !!!

Marcus in at treacle coy hq at 10:27:16 Saturday January 20 2007
Morning N.Mick...shandy?..how very dare you! none of that REMF stuff

Northern Monkey at 10:26:36 Saturday January 20 2007
Looking to meet up with Paul and Abbo 2100 hrs LPool St ...for a swift one !!

BEV in thinkin bout ironing - only thinkin tho he hee at 10:26:24 Saturday January 20 2007
Hello FROSTIE - just tried to call u as ur up with the sparras

Northern Mick at 10:25:31 Saturday January 20 2007
Marcus, where you headed for pre Ditch ? I will be in town early

Marcus at 10:24:7 Saturday January 20 2007
Alright Frostie...yep probably leave Treacle B at 1/2 6 or 7.london around 8pm

Northern Mick at 10:24:2 Saturday January 20 2007
Morning all,Marcus,Frostie !!!!GT,Selina, enjoyed the link did we !!thought you might. Remember its VIBE thang !! regards, Sweep Listening intently to GT ...See ya tonight .....no shandy for this bloke

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 10:20:6 Saturday January 20 2007
Allo Maaates!Marcus,Im probably coming up with Marky Mark and fancied a pre Ditch beer.However,just found out that its his missus birthday today sonot sure of plans.What time you getting into London?Knowing Blowey,its bound to be early!!!

Marcus at 10:11:27 Saturday January 20 2007
My Choice of choice is SOUL

Marcus at 10:11:0 Saturday January 20 2007
Mark 'T-BONE' H, Yep I love that B.Lynn Choone but overpriced a wee bit. To Mr. Dynamic Superiors ' wot the fook ya on??Anycase my choice of choice ain't blinkered...heheheh

Marcus in TREACLE BUMSTEAD. at 9:59:45 Saturday January 20 2007
Morning Ya'll and G.T on Solar....Tuned in for some morning ESP. ...o Yes and gotta pass for tonight.

Selina at 9:32:18 Saturday January 20 2007
Me too Debs. Just looked outside, looks cold, wet and horrid. Turning volume up loud so to be heard when I go back to bed in 30 seconds. Mark H, you star, not long now. I feel all grown up going to a weekender aboard.

Debs in LISTENING TO THE GINGER ONE at 9:16:32 Saturday January 20 2007

CAISTER SLAG WEEKENDER at 5:20:55 Saturday January 20 2007

Mark H at 4:17:13 Saturday January 20 2007
All sorted Selina.Last years meal was top notch (especially when i kept getting offered the spare Steaks ! )

YOU CAN TALK in SORRY I MEANT STALE WEEKENDER at 0:28:55 Saturday January 20 2007

YOU CAN TALK in CAISTER STAG WEEKENDER at 0:28:2 Saturday January 20 2007

Ellie at 0:18:6 Saturday January 20 2007
Frostie maaaaate he he he ...cos i knewed the owner Tony wotisname well .. was a neeighbour of mine in Maidavale ....bloodyy briliant place in its time !! ...many a long slow screw against the wall i've had in there !!!! ....erm that's the name of cocktail !!!!... am a good girl I am !!! (ssmiles)

Frostie at 0:8:26 Saturday January 20 2007
Ellie.....Go to the top of the class darlin-Spot on girl,yep it was Rumours.How did you manage that?

ditch bar at 23:35:31 Friday January 19 2007
ditch the same old djs thats what i say.

Selina at 23:4:7 Friday January 19 2007
Northern M, loving your new link. Mark H are we all booked in for dinny winny wins wins.

BEV in well it woz cherry ale - YUM at 23:3:15 Friday January 19 2007
Hey Simon - yes u got it the BELGIAN MONK - oops havin a blonde moment earlier Me mate called me and me mum woz only swigging me ale when me back woz turned - bless her

Mark H at 22:57:29 Friday January 19 2007
You actually put in a bid for the Barbara Lynn "Mellow feeling " !!!!

Charlies got her cloths off now in toilet being sick at 22:38:34 Friday January 19 2007

I'm in Kim now at 22:37:22 Friday January 19 2007

Everybody else in Charlie at 22:34:37 Friday January 19 2007

Charlie in Brian at 22:33:59 Friday January 19 2007

Dave would like to see Kim...a lot of Kim... at 22:32:28 Friday January 19 2007

Ellie at 22:16:34 Friday January 19 2007
Marquis of Anglesey ! now you can't tell me that wiznae touristy !!!!!!! ..canny remember seeing a coahc n horses tho ... but it's prolly cos I was in the wicked cocktail bar !!!! loll xx

G.A.H. at 22:12:3 Friday January 19 2007
Tmrrw night KoKo Soul Heaven.. I'm going.Afer Soultogether in Harlsden Used to be Camden Palace.

MARKY MARK at 22:7:15 Friday January 19 2007
I agree with the other bloke that yes he is a cock with loads of doh!Baker he aint! Yes I'm up the Ditch tommorow for a undisclosed fee playing Boney M ( browngirl remix )guns and roses, renee and renalta remix, runaway train , two little boys ( spod remix ) Oh yeah seen some massive fliers posted up about soul heaven ( no not that one ) featuring spinna, anyone got any info as I was doing 60 at the time and didnt quite get to see what was on it !

Kim in Anyone seen Dave lately? at 22:5:38 Friday January 19 2007

Rainham Dave ...seen Kim lately??? at 22:0:3 Friday January 19 2007

Norwich Simon at 21:54:34 Friday January 19 2007
I would love to go out and socialise more, in various venues indeed...and my days will come again but it took me ages to get my kids from social services and they're never going back .....I was reading Mr Bernard's biography when the Canary Wharf bomb went off just a few hundred yards away - my trick cyclist says I've never been the same since .....Bev - was that the Belgian (not German!) Monk...you should have let me know...I'd have stood yer Mum an ale

G.A.H. at 21:53:7 Friday January 19 2007
Opp the Maquis of Angelsy

Just a thought at 21:53:7 Friday January 19 2007
I saw Elvis at SOUL HEAVEN in VIVOS they are all dead now.

Ellie in flittin twwen puter and telly wot a cop out !!!!! they not having audience for evictions !!!!!!! at 21:50:55 Friday January 19 2007
FROSTIE .. bet it was "RUMOURS" !!!! wicked cocktail bar butI dont think it's called that anymore don;t know the Coach n Horses Tony ...well i prolly do but jsut dont realise it ! lol xx

Pedroni in Home with the girls at 21:46:33 Friday January 19 2007
“SEASIDE STRUT No 3” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 10th February 2007 from 7.30pm—3am & Sun 11th afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Abbo & Steve Day -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007 - Please email me if your coming so you can be put on the guest list –As promised here are a list of both Hotels & B&B's in Ramsgate to suit any budget: The Oak Hotel [ next door 2 jazz rooms ] harbour parade 01843 583686 www.oakhotel.co.uk - Hotel De Ville 45, grange road 01843 592289 - Cliff Tops hotel 2, The Paragon 01843 591836 - Eastwood guest House 28, Augusta Rd 01843 591505 -Glendevon Guest House 8, Truro Rd 01843 570909 - The Comfort Inn Victoria Parade 01843 592345 www.comfortinnramsgate.co.uk - Foy Boat Hotel 8,Sion Hill above harbour [nice view] 01843 591198--The Royale 7,Royal Road 01843 594712 -The Crescent 19, Wellington Crescent 01843 591419

G.A.H. at 21:41:57 Friday January 19 2007
Jocelyn Brown I love you of the Unreleased prjct.. Hmm... Always prefered The Coach & Horses Covent Garden.. Less touristy.

Brian Mac at 21:32:32 Friday January 19 2007
Quote - The Dynamic Superiors at 21:10:16 Friday January 19 2007 MARCUS, BLOWEY, NORTERN MICK, COPPO at the Ditch? you do realise fella's you have more chance of Elvis serving you a curry down Brick lane than hearing any Soul/Modern music ...............................................Have you ever considered that some people actually like to go out and socialise in various venues instead of sitting posting CRAP on a forum ? .. you must be the quant that stands or sits lonely in a corner living out your bitter sad life .. WINKER (yes G.A.H. with an 'A' also on this forum .. lol)

INFO at 21:31:46 Friday January 19 2007
The Dynamic Superiors (CUNT FOR SHORT) so you are saying FROSTIE,TONY FERNANDEZ, ABBO, SPONGE, MARKY MARK, SHARPY, and GINGER TONY are not capable of playing SOUL as they are all playing tomorow night.You sound like a total COCK,any one agree ?????????????

Frostie at 21:31:2 Friday January 19 2007
Yeah I know what your saying Ellie,Now The George in Soho was a fave of mine...Also got in a right state with Blowey a few years back at a cocktail bar nearby......Must ask him tomorrow night if he remembers the name of it.........

dry bread at 21:29:17 Friday January 19 2007

Ellie in decidered to stay indoors at 21:15:17 Friday January 19 2007
....thanks Frostie i was racking brains to think of the actors .. the other one was Peter Bowles who was in that To the Manor born and Only when I laugh ..anywasy that's the one who was in it when I saw it ..and on an aside . so many brilliant pubs gone down the pan in west end and soho ... i stil like the Nags Head in cov Garden ...

not as superior at 21:12:19 Friday January 19 2007
don't you mean .. more chance of Jade Goody serving you a curry down Brick Lane

The Dynamic Superiors at 21:10:16 Friday January 19 2007
MARCUS, BLOWEY, NORTERN MICK, COPPO at the Ditch? you do realise fella's you have more chance of Elvis serving you a curry down Brick lane than hearing any Soul/Modern music

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 21:3:45 Friday January 19 2007
Allo Maaates!Yeah,Mr Barnard is dead now but he was a major player in the Soho scene and frequented places such as The French House and Garrick.Actors that have portrayed him include Peter O'tool,Tom Conti and Rodney Bewes.a As for Let It Go-I thought we had!!!Ps Nice one Tone....Made me laff!

Another? at 21:3:10 Friday January 19 2007

Let it go now in COUNTING MY WAGES at 20:56:12 Friday January 19 2007
I see a lot of talk on here about Pete Collins.I know Maggot and Pete never got paid when they played for Rixy,but can't blame the guys,only the promoter, but Hilly got paid.He needs the money bless him

INFO at 20:46:46 Friday January 19 2007

G.A.H. at 20:46:27 Friday January 19 2007
Will he be blowing his own or some one elses.

INFO in OFF TO LONDON at 20:43:25 Friday January 19 2007
Glad to see some of you will be up the DITCH BAR tomorow MARCUS, BLOWEY, NORTERN MICK, COPPO, ABBO, SPONGE, FROSTIE, MARKY MARK etc, well done lads, it should be a good one.We have a trumpet player coming to play as well, so that will mix it up a bit.

G.A.H. at 20:28:33 Friday January 19 2007
Dunno what your getting arsey for it was question hence the queston mark.. Anyway its Pete Collins..

Bob Masters at 20:24:40 Friday January 19 2007
oooooooooOOOOOOOO!!! Sorry !

Ellie in arguing with self wether to go to local pub for jazz nite and curry or stop in all cosy in jammies at 20:15:29 Friday January 19 2007
he was a journalist weren't he ?? and a very heavy drinker .... there was a play not so long ago in West End called Jerrey Barnard is unwell ....several well known actors took the lead role but bugger me if I can remeber one of them lol

G.A.H. at 20:5:41 Friday January 19 2007

INFO at 20:4:16 Friday January 19 2007
HENRYS TONIGHT !! Masters at Work, Giles Peterson, Chris Bangs, Kevin Youst, p.a.'s from Anne Nesby, Rasmus Fabre and Leroy Hutson and Nicole Conte.

B.M. at 19:57:29 Friday January 19 2007
Yeah Frost, Used to get in there now and then when I worked in that neck of the woods. I know Jeff Barnard was a Writer and drank in there, that all thought.

interested at 19:32:14 Friday January 19 2007
Who is playing at Henrys tonight ?

Marcus at 18:55:57 Friday January 19 2007
Hello Bernadette.Good stuff.

Bernadette at 18:52:36 Friday January 19 2007
Looks like Vijays ok about tomorrow Marcus so might be seeing you & Blowey

Marcus in workio listening Chandra Currelly at 18:50:48 Friday January 19 2007
If I get a pass for 2morrow then both Blowey and I will be up the Ditch (or more like ...in the Ditch!) ...Bollox just got i/c email saying been outbid on Barbara Lynn - Mellow Feeling.!

Marcus at 18:42:21 Friday January 19 2007
Afternoonie Soulpeeps ...Spoke to Blowey earlier and the silly sod lost his wallet in the week.! Pissed again and probbaly hid it but now can't find it...o dear

Frostie at 18:2:34 Friday January 19 2007
Allo Maaates!Bob,talking of pubs,Kerry said she used to see you from timt to time in The Coach and Horses in Soho.Now that was a spit and sawdust pub-Does the name Jeffrey Barnard mean anything to you?

BGG at 17:11:36 Friday January 19 2007
Cheers Feynord.....out the EUFA Cup & The Spurs go marching on Afternoon all....see some of you tomorrow at The Ditch

BEV at 17:6:12 Friday January 19 2007
Hello Simon Woz in Norwich last Saturdee with me ole mum Went in that German pub that sells cherry ale - YUM!!

Norwich Simon at 17:2:36 Friday January 19 2007
Pookie RIP....

G.A.H. at 16:53:19 Friday January 19 2007
oops.. Firefox rmx

G.A.H. at 16:50:46 Friday January 19 2007
Gotsoul merchandise now available http://www.cafepress.com/radiogotsoul

G.A.H. at 16:50:0 Friday January 19 2007
Gotsoul merchandise now available http://www.cafepress.com/radiogotsoul

G.A.H. at 16:49:24 Friday January 19 2007
Gotsoul merchandise now available http://www.cafepress.com/radiogotsoul

G.A.H. in http://www.soul-village.com/ at 16:41:54 Friday January 19 2007
Never mind all that BB Bollox.. Pookie Hudsons died.

richard in soulville hq at 16:21:46 Friday January 19 2007
hi bob ,is this another ch 4 stich up?

richard in soulville hq at 16:20:24 Friday January 19 2007
hi nurse doris,your sister still got her bike she won at soul-village a couple of years ago?

Bob Masters at 16:18:32 Friday January 19 2007
The Cauliflower must have changed, it was a real "spit n'sawdust" place when I was growing up. Tonights BB will just paper over the cracks me thinks, Jade has the same agent as Davina, Dermot O'Leary and Russell Brand and there's No crowd............Gawd Dam, I had me banner mad an everything.

Nurse Doris at 16:17:24 Friday January 19 2007
Debs - Love and positive thoughts!

richard at 16:11:51 Friday January 19 2007
?????,where is your sense of humour,it was meant as a joke as in black and white(give me strength!)any way are,nt you being horrible to rats,yo rattist.

snowy at 16:7:12 Friday January 19 2007
but shilpa didnt need the abuse that she recieved after that.pc bridage you really dont know what you are talking about,ignorance is a virtue.ps if our country is giving things away who is not going to take it.

Neill at 15:30:32 Friday January 19 2007
Doh! Well as I said earlier, at least it FINISHES on the 4th of Feb!

Bernadette at 14:50:40 Friday January 19 2007
or Black & Shite even after the last performance Richard i'm fine Niki...just got my ticket through for Birmingham this morning - can't wait to see A&S suppose you'll be a little bit preoccupied with a certin young miss

Dave D at 14:36:16 Friday January 19 2007
I thought The Cauliflour had closed to live music two years ago? I dj'd in there supporting a mod band called Grasp it was apparantly the last gig there. Great venue. I'm pleased it's back on again.

Neil Adkins at 14:26:57 Friday January 19 2007
Neill your dementias kicking in again there is no Sat 4th of Feb this year ..that will be sat 3rd of Feb ...

?? at 13:58:36 Friday January 19 2007
No I think your find one of your players has been saying racist remarks and Rat Face has been trying to cover it up

richard in soulville hq at 13:42:36 Friday January 19 2007
bernadette at least we follow the most pc team in the country(it,s all black and white)

Frostie at 13:32:20 Friday January 19 2007
Allo Maaates!My point was nothing to do with racism,just that Shilpa got it wrong over whaty she ordered.As for you Ironic....another with no bollox.

Neill at 13:22:46 Friday January 19 2007
Last few advance tickets @ £8 for QdOS @ The Thurrock Civic Hall on Sat Feb 4th are avaliable from Thurrock DJ Supplies on 01375 399020. Limited tickets @ £10 will be available on the door on the night. I'd like to say we're trying to arrange a special PA from Shilpa Shetty but I think I probably just dreamt it.....

Ironic at 13:22:13 Friday January 19 2007
Frostie talking about someone telling the truth or a lie, now thats irony

PC BRIGADE at 13:10:19 Friday January 19 2007
Long sentence my arse ,the hook told to pay 1 mil in costs how the f*** did he get his properties in the first place,who paid for his legal bills in the first place muggins us How many people watched Dispatches? funny how a Indian tycoon has promised a 2 mil donation to the labour party and so Gordon brown is now looking into BB what bloody hypocrites

Niki at 13:8:48 Friday January 19 2007
Hi Bernadette. Big! And very wiggly today. How are you?

Bernadette at 13:6:24 Friday January 19 2007
Hi Niki - how is bump

Niki at 13:6:7 Friday January 19 2007
.... and you've got nothing better to do than watch Big Brother. Tell you what tho' if I was in that house I'd be a bigot too - towards that thick, pig-faced Bermondsey chav! Viva la difference? Not a fooking chance

Niki in poking my head in for a rare visit.... at 12:57:49 Friday January 19 2007
Allo. See you lot are still here then.... ?

shilpa at 12:54:40 Friday January 19 2007
Thats why there are programmes like dispatches to high light these facts.And in fact you are wrong about that as people are serving long sentences already for such offences of inciting racial hatred ie THE HOOK etc etc.I think most british people are more civilised and are embrassed by the actions of both a television programme and few idiots coming down to the level of the extremists and therefore fuelling the anger more from these people.Ps when the first twat leaves tonight who will pick up the bill for her staying in a safe house.Hope its in the middle of BRICK LANE.

Ni at 12:51:39 Friday January 19 2007

Northern Mick at 12:48:25 Friday January 19 2007
Now then guys...are we all ready for the weekend ? Marcus get your pass mate and Ill see you at the Ditch !! Paul,Abbo will see you at Liverpool St 2100 hrs for a swift one Got me talcum powder ready !!MM need to speak urgently about tomnorrow night will call you later. Morniing Richard (SV) better now and back to work Monday unless of course I pull something Saturday night !!

Ellie in laffin !!!! at 12:15:54 Friday January 19 2007
Hiyer Darren ya daft buggha !!!!! and change them bliddy boxer's xx

PC BRIGADE? at 12:15:28 Friday January 19 2007
Why arent all the politicians up in arms about the dispatches program then??? double standards this country we moan about a uneducated Chav who cannot have a debate without swearing and bullying because of class ect 10 Downing ST shit scared that there be a backlash,funny how there wasn't a massive outcry by all the counrty when extremists can stand on the streets demanding that people should be killed and beheaded.

BEV at 12:9:33 Friday January 19 2007
FROSTIE - switch yer phone on maaaaaaate

Bernadette at 11:44:2 Friday January 19 2007
Morning I'm trying to get a pass too Marcus I know it's crap but i'm addicted to it the saddo that i am can't wait to see that chavs face tonight

Coppo at 11:39:47 Friday January 19 2007
Morn all Good luck for today Debs....Gotta agree wid ya there Marcus total waste of air time Shall be trying meself to get to the Ditch...Of to Taffy's 49th tonite in Letchworth should be a cracker

Marcus in Chilling at home before heading for the smoke ...to Faye Marshall - Broken Promises at 11:32:48 Friday January 19 2007
Morning Ya'll...Trying to get a pass for 2morrow night for the Ditch, so hopefully get to see some of ya. .. B.Brother. wot a load of crap btw.

Marcus in Chilling at home before heading for the smoke ...to Faye Marshall - Broken Promises at 11:31:24 Friday January 19 2007
Morning Ya'll...Trying to get a pass for 2morrow night for the Ditch, so hopefully get to see some of ya. .. B.Brother. wot a load of crap btw.

HAPPY FEET at 11:23:18 Friday January 19 2007
(Pre Ditch drink up?) Live SOUL/JAZZ/BAND FREE ENTRY)(The Soul Jazz Collective ) The Hare Pub, Latin, Swing, Funk and Blues, Jazz@ the Hare, 505 Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green 8.30 till late

Frostie at 10:57:33 Friday January 19 2007
Oh, East End Spiv,the burger place you relate to is called Jakes.

Frostie at 10:53:37 Friday January 19 2007
Allo Maaates!Actually,The Joker is shut at the moment for refurbishment.

BEV in with a spring in me step coz I'm all BAH SAMBA'd up from me journey in - excellent at 10:51:13 Friday January 19 2007
Thank god it's CRUNCHIE DAY!!!! Mr FROSTIE put ur phone on will bell u later re tomorra me ole mucker

East End Spiv. at 10:39:19 Friday January 19 2007
Girth The joker is now full of pikeys who spill over to the Shanon club good place for a punch up on a Fri-Sat night followed by another punch in the burger /is it dog or cat kebab house next to the bank,Cauliflower good for the rock bands but not as mean as the old Cock Tavern in East Ham and the Denmark Arms back in the day.

Ginger Tony at 10:0:54 Friday January 19 2007
Morning all! Bollox! Key holders turned up, gotta do some work!

Selina at 9:44:29 Friday January 19 2007
Morning All. Well that was that then, we'll see what today brings. x

darren in have a guess,yes that's right.in them same old boxers.hahahahahahahahahahahahhaa at 3:15:28 Friday January 19 2007
hi ellie.best we get this sorted.you have to use your imagination.pretend i'm selina(i'm 18st a fat bastard from harlow you could say)but i do love GT.ok,ready for it ?.......HHHHAAAALLLLLOOOO BBAAAABBBYYYYYCCCAAAAAAKKKKKEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS. ...SAY HALLO TO PETE FOR ME,and we'll speak this saturday 1300-1500....ktf.darren

Ellie in lisssstened and luv''ed ol TOny's show the HAYzer one !!! at 1:5:7 Friday January 19 2007
.........good stuff mate xx .... upset cos SELINA caled someone else babycakes and it weren't ikkle me !!!!!! (((((HUGZ))))))) glad ya home sssae from wobbnbly tower thigies xx

Girthdevon at 0:8:31 Friday January 19 2007
Ain't been in The Cauliflower for a while now but used to pop in there after swimming in the pool opposite, when I was in Seven Kings....and a mate's been DJing in there recently...got a little residency I think....top pub altho' not as good as The Joker round the corner, which was my local

Coppo at 0:5:35 Friday January 19 2007
Is it ready for print yet Richard, coz his name is DAN........EEK

G.A.H. at 23:37:40 Thursday January 18 2007
Course i know the Cauli.. Its not a pub its a Gin palace.. Was in there couple of weeks back me mates band played it.. Sons of Luka Bratzy

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 23:36:17 Thursday January 18 2007
Playlist from Thursday 18th Jan 07 Rochelle Fleming Love itch Prelude France Joli Gonna get over you Prelude L.A.X All my love Prelude Weeks & Co Go with the flow Prelude Jeanette 'Lady' Day Come let me love you Tyrone Ellis Music in the air Home Groove Assisin ft Pete Simpson I Like What U Do (Dom Navarra Latin Magic Mix)cdr Kentaro Takizawa Release Of Nature (Studio Apartment Rmx) High Contrast Groove Tracey Thorn It's all true(Martin Buttrich Vocal Mix) Buzzin Fly Grand High Priest Mary Mary (Dajae vocal rmx) LWK Hipp-E People Slip n Slide Mark Grant ft Russoul Guessin again Blackstone Stevie Wonder I love you (D James) Fall out The Foundation ft Jay Williams Rejoice One recs Blue Six Pure Naked Music 95North pts Heather Rose Unbelievable (Feliciano) K2 recs 95North Elevation Large Marshal Jefferson vs Noosa Heads Mushroom Airtight podcast available over the weekend ta all

richard in soulville hq at 23:6:23 Thursday January 18 2007
coppo what you saw was not the finished one,all done and you are both on it

Selina in upsetting Tony by drinking his wine. at 22:58:40 Thursday January 18 2007
B.M, G.A.H, I've supped in the Cauliflower. Finally home. What a day, Skills found work pep's before I got near to you, anyway me and you are never going out again. Love ya Mrs Babycakes.

Ginger Tony at 22:39:25 Thursday January 18 2007
La Chasse Du Pappe. Cheap and makes my molars hurt! Shit! No.1 wife's home...

Bob Masters at 22:0:21 Thursday January 18 2007
G.A..H. ! I never thought anyone else had ever been in the Cauliflower, I used to play darts in there in me teen's.

Pedroni in HOTELS B&BS RAMSGATE at 21:32:35 Thursday January 18 2007
As promised here are a list of both Hotels & B&B's in Ramsgate to suit any budget: The Oak Hotel [ next door 2 jazz rooms ] harbour parade 01843 583686 www.oakhotel.co.uk - Hotel De Ville 45, grange road 01843 592289 - Cliff Tops hotel 2, The Paragon 01843 591836 - Eastwood guest House 28, Augusta Rd 01843 591505 -Glendevon Guest House 8, Truro Rd 01843 570909 - The Comfort Inn Victoria Parade 01843 592345 www.comfortinnramsgate.co.uk - Foy Boat Hotel 8,Sion Hill above harbour [nice view] 01843 591198--The Royale 7,Royal Road 01843 594712 -The Crescent 19, Wellington Crescent 01843 591419

Pedroni in Blown Away!!! at 21:15:9 Thursday January 18 2007
“SEASIDE STRUT No 3” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 10th February 2007 from 7.30pm—3am & Sun 11th afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Abbo & Steve Day -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007 - Please email me if your coming so you can be put on the guest list --

Carol at 20:59:29 Thursday January 18 2007
Just home after 3 hours on the bloody M11 - lorries all over the shop..

Ginger Tony in ooh the suffering... at 20:58:44 Thursday January 18 2007
Well, I've been stuck in a bottle of Beaujolais for 3 hours (slow I know, diverted by a Thai green curry and sticky rice)! Off to see what the wine rack has to offer next...

MARKY MARK at 20:11:25 Thursday January 18 2007
The A12 is shut at Chelmsford and the M11 is closed at M25 northbound! Smudger has been stuck in it for 3 hours now! LOL

Coppo at 20:5:24 Thursday January 18 2007
Opps sorry Bernadette

Bernadette at 20:2:2 Thursday January 18 2007
thats better

__BWG_ at 20:1:36 Thursday January 18 2007
yeh they were coming towards me Coppo but i ducked just in time

Jay.E at 19:46:47 Thursday January 18 2007
C2C is running trains from Fenchurch to Grays at 20 min intervals.

Coppo at 19:39:25 Thursday January 18 2007
It's Mork & Mindy alright, has anyone seen 4 fence panels gliding through the air in norf london, mind you they could be in the norf sea by now Richard the Easter Flyer

BEV in leavin the creaky building soon at 18:11:10 Thursday January 18 2007
Lots of tubes have been suspended 7 people have have been killed up and down the country Safe journey home peeps

Jane at 17:56:18 Thursday January 18 2007
Hi does anyone know if fenchurch st is shut??? Cheers

Ginger Tony in in from work... at 17:54:47 Thursday January 18 2007
Afternoon all! Flipping bridge is shut and M25 has stopped functioning, all because of a little bit of weather! Night in I think with me beaujolais and the new Juju Orchestra album. First got to pick up all the plants in the garden...

Paul@CW in leaving a windy 35th at 17:47:10 Thursday January 18 2007
Frostie, yes we are coming up a bit earlier (The fun bus is following on later)s/b around Liverpool St. 8ish Anyway fence panels back & front ain't as bad as garage roof gone in Southend, complete gable & qtr roof gone in Romford 6 lorries over on the 25 & A13 closed in parts, all of a sudden the office emptying out

shilpa at 17:35:7 Thursday January 18 2007
exactly but then you all read it dont you.But then again all the same things are being said in the broadsheets.

?? at 17:31:39 Thursday January 18 2007
And you believe everything that is printed in that comic

shilpa at 17:27:21 Thursday January 18 2007
my last comment on this.But when a paper like the sun SAYS what is says on page eight have a read.I think that just about sums it up.

G.A.H. at 17:13:21 Thursday January 18 2007
SOULTOGETHER @ The Lodge, 226 High St, Harlesden, NW10 4TD Dave n Greg (Soul Together) Neil Maclean & Stu Clark (www.emotivehouse.co.uk) Mickey Blanco (www.radiogotsoul.com) Saturday 20th January FREE before 10pm - £4 before midnight Come and join us at a very stylish and intimate basement venue hosting the truly soulful sounds that only 'SOULTOGETHER' nights can supply...going monthly in 2007, this night is getting props from all the right places...going back to the basics of a proper night out with residents and guest DJ's who know the score...come along and see for youselves... www.thelodgebar.co.uk I'm guesting 3rd Of March

G.A.H. at 17:10:35 Thursday January 18 2007
Nice one. Not been in there for years. Some nice little Bars in Leigh nowdays.

Frostie at 17:6:38 Thursday January 18 2007
Allo Tone maaaate!Yeah,remember Les that used to have The Windmill in Hanningfield?He has got it and I am going to be running a Soul and House night in there.

Lynn at 17:3:55 Thursday January 18 2007
Many thanx Frostie, Nice bloke Les, Known him for over 20 years. Looking forward to supporting you and him once he gets up and running. Thanks for your help Lynn

Frostie at 17:3:15 Thursday January 18 2007
Bev-It has 20 stop over rooms.

G.A.H. at 17:2:27 Thursday January 18 2007
The Grand is huge.. Massive old Victorian pub. Not many about now they seem to be shutting every week.. Reminds me a bit of The Cauliflower in Ilford. Such a fuss over a couple of tarts.. Can't believe you al watch the crap when theres music to listen to.

Frostie at 16:59:26 Thursday January 18 2007
Anyway,back to the music-Abbo,did I read earlier that you are going for a pre Ditch beer?

anyway at 16:57:44 Thursday January 18 2007
i would expect that comment from you anyway.regards SNOWY

Frostie at 16:57:34 Thursday January 18 2007
You are spot on Dont blame Jade.

i will at 16:53:44 Thursday January 18 2007
put me name it is SNOWY.

OHH at 16:52:52 Thursday January 18 2007
and jade hasnt lied then.She hasnt bullied or beaten anyone up in the last few weeks as thats what she said.If you condone her behaviour then god help us all.

dont blame jade at 16:51:55 Thursday January 18 2007
jade aint racist,jo and danielle r the making comments,jade just dont like her.

dont blame jade at 16:51:54 Thursday January 18 2007
jade aint racist,jo and danielle r the making comments,jade just dont like her.

Brian Mac at 16:51:29 Thursday January 18 2007
Afternoon all .. goddam, thought I could escape BB here . Tried 'whackyourboss.com' and can only get 15 out of 16 (anybody know the 16th ) .. time for music, Helen & Terry - Superstar album *tasty* and still Curt Jones - 360 Degrees (if you haven't got it try to, it's the dogs danglies)

Frostie at 16:51:15 Thursday January 18 2007
I Really-Why dont you have the bollox to put your name up eh?And as for the racist angle,oh do SHUT UP!

BEV in reappearing but should be getting on with these FLOOR PLANS at 16:51:10 Thursday January 18 2007
Hey The Grand is a grt old place - always thought that would be a grt venue for a gig Loads of rooms - which is handy

BEV in still creaking at 16:49:38 Thursday January 18 2007
FROSTIE - oh dear Drop me a mail thx

Frostie at 16:48:14 Thursday January 18 2007
Allo Maaates!Lyn,yes I went and visited Les on Sunday and it is correct,he now has The Grand at Leigh On Sea and I am going to be doing something with him,once the place has been done up a bit.Shilpa,you lied girl,you ordered more thab chicken stock!

I really at 16:45:23 Thursday January 18 2007
want to hear how you think a bullying racist moron who is performing for the cameras is right then.Seems to me mr frostie you might be the same then as that behaviour she is portraying is unacceptable.

G.A.H. at 16:43:8 Thursday January 18 2007
Live tonight www.radiogotsoul.com 8pm till 10pm ta

Lynn at 16:40:12 Thursday January 18 2007
Frostie,Put posting on earlier this week any news about Les's new place at Leigh. many Thanx Lynn

shilpa at 16:39:27 Thursday January 18 2007

Frostie at 16:36:12 Thursday January 18 2007
Bev.....Its worse.

Frostie in The Soul Cottage. at 16:35:18 Thursday January 18 2007
Allo Maates!You gotta admit it though,Jade was bang on right last night.....

Jade at 16:31:14 Thursday January 18 2007
My perfume smells of minging kebab sauce so there

BEV in vry creaky on the 33rd - eek! at 16:30:30 Thursday January 18 2007
I'm organising Floor Plans - think I'll put meself on the Ground Floor Hey Mr FROSTIE how is ur voice - is it safe 2 call u yet

Shilpa at 16:24:7 Thursday January 18 2007
my melons can be sorted.Your face and body is beyond repair.Doctors are human not GODS.MORON

Jade at 16:15:24 Thursday January 18 2007
Shilpa you have no melons your's are flat as a witches tit

paul@basementsafe at 16:2:31 Thursday January 18 2007
Tasteless" websites are blocked\filtered miserable IT police can't whack my boss

Shilpa at 15:59:54 Thursday January 18 2007
Jade you wish you was as good looking as me dont ya.

Jade at 15:54:0 Thursday January 18 2007
Shilpa you mate lego land hair jackson calls my mum white trash but us in pikey bermondsey dont call him racist as we know its true get over it

jade at 15:45:32 Thursday January 18 2007
jay.e thats a bit cockney rhyming slang.Can you come round my ouse in ongar and we could make a dicktonary

Jay.E at 15:40:55 Thursday January 18 2007
Tis a bit Mork & Mindy out there people.

Shilpa at 15:39:44 Thursday January 18 2007
Jade thats what i put in the curry.YOU UGLY MORON.

Lynn at 15:27:50 Thursday January 18 2007
Have a lady with a Great voice as one of my Myspace buddies Patti Labelle, love her voice.also another singer I like with a great voice is Altrina Grayson. Ellie know the feeling, have trees at the back of the flats on railway embankment and it is very disconcerting. If they did fall they would crash through the back of the flats . Bev at Freeport they have opened recently an outlet shop for KM. Hopesecurity guard is ok, poor guy Luv Lynn x

BEV in strapping on me parachute at 15:6:30 Thursday January 18 2007
Hey Paul - just been out at lunchtime (got sum bargains in Karen Millen - YES!!!) - oops wandered there Apparently a Security Guard got blown off his feet into a building and broke the window

Jade in Neverland princess on ya bike at 14:16:39 Thursday January 18 2007
My arse is windy just had a curry

Paul in still up the tower at 14:15:43 Thursday January 18 2007
having a bad day see if you can find this "whackyourboss.com"

Ellie in cosy indoors at 14:10:3 Thursday January 18 2007
...cripes BEv n Paul don't fancy that at all .. am scardey and am on the ground floor !!!..got a lot of trees in my garden that are looking a bit dodgy at moment !!!!

Paul@CW in view from 35 at 14:6:35 Thursday January 18 2007
Bev, yep,but only 2 feet either way but not as much as those white cranes below us!! its a bit loud & they've closed the doors the the station not much happening at city airport

Jay.E at 13:49:53 Thursday January 18 2007
The mrs was on the 35th at HSBC yesterday, she's glad she's not there today, its a little bit Mork & Mindy.

BEV in well scary on the 33rd - I feel dizzy at 13:45:47 Thursday January 18 2007
Hey Paul up the Tower - is ur building wobbling

richard in soulville hq at 13:43:48 Thursday January 18 2007
poor bloke,it,s a tough life

Bernadette at 13:21:55 Thursday January 18 2007
Richard me poor Dad works in Birmingham don't think he's enjoying himself too much today

HAPPY FEET at 13:1:5 Thursday January 18 2007
Shouldnt that be drink

BEV in gagging 4 the weekend at 12:44:42 Thursday January 18 2007
Hi Richard - will bell u soon

richard in soulville hq at 12:32:39 Thursday January 18 2007
bernadette stay where you are,pretend it didn,t happen!!! bermingham deserved it by a mile,we looked third rate,never mind theres always next year or the year after that or the year after that!! Morning N-Mickglad to here you were feeling stiff this morning ,told you those tablets would work.

richard in soulville hq at 12:28:36 Thursday January 18 2007
he,s on the flyer,i had it done yesterday,which flyer are you on about?

Bernadette at 12:24:6 Thursday January 18 2007
Morning Coppo & Richard I forgot we were playing last night & woke up to the radio alarm announcing the depressing news this morning...pulled duvet over head and went back to sleep

Northern Mick in Rehab at 12:22:15 Thursday January 18 2007
Morning all, Darren,Coppo,Richard thank you Im feeling a little better today not as sore or stiff

Coppo at 11:16:57 Thursday January 18 2007
Really Richard I hate to see grown men cry can you put hin on to keep him happy, cheers matey...shall bell ya later

Coppo in Up the Arse at 11:13:59 Thursday January 18 2007
Jay.E agree wid ya there, bring it on

richard in soulville hq at 11:13:21 Thursday January 18 2007
coppo you nearly had me then!!!!

Coppo at 11:7:35 Thursday January 18 2007
Mornin' all Eh Richard I've had Danny crying on the phone you'v e left him out on the flyer

Jay.E at 10:37:57 Thursday January 18 2007
4 lucky goals for the yids last night, can't wait for the gunners to knock them out of the carling cup.

Hammy at 9:52:54 Thursday January 18 2007
Hope you play that crap against the Hammers Rat Face strikes again

richard in soulville hq at 9:44:6 Thursday January 18 2007
it was a dream(nightmare)wasn,t it,roll on watford

the s/s at 9:22:38 Thursday January 18 2007
play time by the sea SEASIDE STRUT No 3” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 10th February 2007 from 7.30pm—3am & Sun 11th afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Abbo & Steve Day -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007

G.A.H. at 6:12:57 Thursday January 18 2007
I'm pissed & your all quants.. Cept the poof of course.. oh & Frost & Ellie n well er Darce & thats about it.. Sorry if i missed ya out an all that.

darren in the same boxers as the nite before. at 1:24:34 Thursday January 18 2007
hi gang. this is what went down on JSR wed 17 jan 2200-2359............1/ light of the world-time. 2/ light of the world-famous faces. 3/ central line-walking into sunshine. 4/ shakatak-easier said than done. 5/ level 42-love games. 6/ johnny bristol-i wouldn't change a thing. 7/ david ruffin-i can't stop the rain. 8/ brainstorm-we're on our way home. 9/ gateway-i can't accept the fact. 10/ the bar kays-open your heart. 11/ sonny charles-put it in a magazine. 12/ micheal henderson-take me i'm yours. 13/ valentine brothers-this kind of love. 14/ keni burke-never stop lovin' me. 15/ jimmy levine-all i want to do. 16/ frank mccomb-only in my dreams. 17/ donald byrd-design a nation. 18/ pete & sheila escovedo-bolinas. 19/ the perri sisters-someone like you. 20/ JR bailey-just me'n'you. 21/ tower of power-you took the "L" out of love. 22/ leon hayward-keep it in the family. 23/ william devaughn-figures can't calculate. 24/ incognito-still a friend of mine. ......www.jazzsyndicate .co.uk....ktf.darren

Marcus in chooned into Vice Admiral Farrer ! at 0:31:11 Thursday January 18 2007
Sir Farrer...Could listen all night at this rate....Ace Spectrum chooone was extremely nice.

Marcus in home chooned in for last hour for Capt. Farrer.on Solar at 0:13:44 Thursday January 18 2007
Evening all, alright Scouse...Just dropping in to say hello.Lovely choones Mick.

scouser at 0:10:24 Thursday January 18 2007
3,2,1 your'e back in the room.

Shay Given at 23:19:42 Wednesday January 17 2007
Hey Richard !! Got any cream mate, I've got "Net Rash"

Nelly at 22:42:5 Wednesday January 17 2007
Try this instead_________http://s5.quicksharing.com/v/5104439/starpoint_show_16_01_07.mp3.html

Nelly at 22:40:25 Wednesday January 17 2007
Starpoint Playlist: - Main Ingredient - Have you Ever Tried It - RCA LP 1974, Eric Benet - Why You Follow Me - Warner Bros CD 1999, Tom Brock - Naked as the day I was born - 20th Century LP 1974, Natalie Williams - Does I feel good - Eatside CD 2006, JD Hall - I wanna get into you - Essar 12", TS Monk - I can't keep my hands to myself - Mirage 1980 12", PIR Allstars - Lets clean up the ghetto - Dallas Edit PIR 1977 7", Impact - I thought you might like to know - Fantasy LP 1977, Lou Rawls - Groovy People - PIR 1976 7", Jackie Moore - Do ya got what it takes - Colombia LP 1979, Jermaine Jackson - Good for the gander - White 7", Persuaders - Hold on just a little bit longer - Atco LP 1974, Sister Sledge - Pain Reliever - Atlantic LP 1975, Clyde Brown - You call me back - Atlantic 1974 7", Cal Brandon - I kept on smiling - Hit Man 7", Big Jims Border Crossing - Love built on a strong foundation - Zanzee 7", Jerry Hilton - Complete Opposites - Sonic 7", Freddie Hughes - I gotta keep my bluff in - Wand 7", Righteous Brothers - Hold On - Haven 1976 7", Bonnie Blanchard & Andy Aaron - You're the only one - C.R.S 7", Wales Wallace - We're not happy - Bashie 7", Enchanted Five - Try a little love - CVS 7" _____________________________________________________ Download to listen at: http://s5.quicksharing.com/v/510443..._01_07.mp3.html

villified in Markys bed at 22:16:52 Wednesday January 17 2007
Why are you harrasing monky mick!He not a bad dude yo! So he make de mistake and hit on the wrong Knob! He like de knob!

richard in soulville hq at 22:4:15 Wednesday January 17 2007
hi kaya,you better n-mick?

Northern Mick at 21:48:1 Wednesday January 17 2007
Paul, Will keep an eye out for you

Ellie in still smilin at 21:45:1 Wednesday January 17 2007
"SPAMALOT" i recently saw that movie !! wiz frikcing brilliant and very funee..but i guess that isn't wot you referring to !!!!

Frostie at 21:38:51 Wednesday January 17 2007

MARKY MARK in hospital having a stomach pump at 21:35:45 Wednesday January 17 2007
Frostie maaate why do ask? Mick will do

Gavin Page at 21:15:6 Wednesday January 17 2007
David F. Yes he does now and again mate. Great taste as well ! Kaya, thanks for last night xxxx

David F at 21:4:19 Wednesday January 17 2007
does Chris Brown (ex belvedere/caister etc) still dj

Paul@Home in looking forward to the Ditch. at 20:22:5 Wednesday January 17 2007
NM, Abbo & I should have an ETA Liverpool St. approx 20:00 hours look out for 2 dodgy blokes with record boxes looking for a drink

Frostie at 19:54:49 Wednesday January 17 2007
Allo Maaates!Marky-R u a fan of Monty Python?

?????????????? at 19:25:45 Wednesday January 17 2007
Anyone got Phoney Matthews phone number

Northern Mick at 18:8:5 Wednesday January 17 2007
MM PM me (did you survive ?)

MARKY MARK in grovelling on my knees with wide open mouth at 18:4:31 Wednesday January 17 2007
Afternoon peeps! Kaya I'm sorry you got spammed by me on your works email but I was just replying " cheers mate "to the flier I was sent and hit reply all by accident! I put my hands up to that and I'm sorry! It aint even my gig and i'm not on the gig !

Northern Mick at 17:53:14 Wednesday January 17 2007
Never ever been accused of being NICE.....

BEV at 17:52:16 Wednesday January 17 2007
Back at ya FROSTIE Will bell ya on Fridee

i will say at 17:24:57 Wednesday January 17 2007
its got a bit to nice on here this afternoon,with all this nice talk can we get back to the slagging so much more FUN.

Northern Mick at 17:18:6 Wednesday January 17 2007

Frostie at 17:9:41 Wednesday January 17 2007
Bev-Check your mail.

Frostie at 17:4:4 Wednesday January 17 2007
Allo Selina maaate!Glengot caught by Jan playing away-thats what I meant by naughty.

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 17:0:42 Wednesday January 17 2007
But Kaya,shes a player Maaate!In fact you met her at my Bournemouth hotel New Years Eve bash many moons ago.Anyway back to the plot,so you love a bit of four play do you dear?

Kaya at 16:59:17 Wednesday January 17 2007
Done now. Going home. Have fun! X

Kaya at 16:58:47 Wednesday January 17 2007
O Selina! I'm not sure if I was hoping that everything that happened on the boat was a dream...but you are CERTAINLY a dream! XXXX

Selina at 16:48:26 Wednesday January 17 2007
My beloved Kaya, I heart you so much it hurt's. Did we or did we not mush it up on the boat. Are you Bilboa'ing Petal.

Kaya at 16:47:45 Wednesday January 17 2007
...but enough about that, I know I'm efficient, now tell me I'm beautiful!

Kaya at 16:47:12 Wednesday January 17 2007
Only one Doris? What about your mid-life crisis? I'm compensating by having four boyfriends and a few fuck buddies! Gawd I need sex!

Frostie at 16:45:3 Wednesday January 17 2007
Thats what we need!Quality Street one liners!Yeah,Im fine,got a new Doris in tow and living in Thorley nr Bishops Stortford in the Soul Cottage.

Kaya at 16:39:7 Wednesday January 17 2007
I'm not a poof, I'm a supplier of swollen goods!

Kaya at 16:38:40 Wednesday January 17 2007
Allo straight Maaaate! Been a while! How the devis am ya?

bloody poof at 16:37:32 Wednesday January 17 2007
do you have the right Gay.is there other gays on this scene if so can i have names and address as i am the only gay on this dancefloor.

BEV at 16:34:57 Wednesday January 17 2007
Frostie - mailed u

Frostie at 16:29:47 Wednesday January 17 2007
Allo GayMaaate!Its StraightMaaaate here,How the devil are you?

bloody poof at 16:23:22 Wednesday January 17 2007
i was busy dating my new fella.I was scared but now i have come out.

Kaya at 16:6:26 Wednesday January 17 2007
'cept you, Mick...we all know that it's only us Southerners who are soft, shandy-drinking poofs!

dvla at 16:5:59 Wednesday January 17 2007
i dont even know the bloke,just love a bit of banter.But i do hate the new style caister as i think it has lost its SOUL.

Northern Mick at 16:4:4 Wednesday January 17 2007

Kaya at 16:3:36 Wednesday January 17 2007
It's all gone quiet...did you all get a bit scared? Bloody poofs!

BEV at 15:30:29 Wednesday January 17 2007
Oi Mr Northern Mick - I shall b goin Sat - let's hav a beer Drop me a mail if u get time

Kaya at 15:24:52 Wednesday January 17 2007
You're welcome, Bev. I can't be arsed to read back to what's been said about Pete Collins but i have never found him to be anything but a good bloke and good DJ. He always stand his round too...what else would anyone want? Pete, me old chum, just tell them (as Frostie says) to FROYC! Peace and Love or (to use a popular racial stereotype) I'll pop a cap in yo ass!

Northern Mick at 15:17:23 Wednesday January 17 2007
Afternoon D'Arcy, Bev et al.................

BEV in at least we were HONEST with one another at 15:17:6 Wednesday January 17 2007
Hello Kaya Man - yes I know thx

Northern Mick in Rehab at 15:15:34 Wednesday January 17 2007
Tony F , dont think my face is new(in fact it is quite old !!) but It will be my first visit to 'The Ditch' on Saturday just to see you guys I believe it is a good 10 min walk from Liverpool St. Anyone meeting up early evening anywhere near Liverpool St Stn for a swift one ? ?

Kaya in de middle of a BIG strop! at 15:15:3 Wednesday January 17 2007
TO ALL SPAMMERS, TWATS & OTHERS: Replying 'to all' won't make me go to your doos, if I receive ANY more spam on my work e-mail address I WILL report it as spam to my ISP and yours! I'm a vindictive arseh0le and I will do my best to get your e-mail addresses suspended if not stopped completely! P.S. Bev, what I said to you in our telephone conversation still stands, you know what I mean! Peace. (except to the spammers!)

BEV in dirty washing springs to mind at 15:9:10 Wednesday January 17 2007
Hey GAH - prob referring to me and I really don't want all this dragged up again Old news best left OLD - esp as no one really knew my version - lot's of Chinese Whispers! ALSO BEMUSED - hav the decency to get in touch with me direct or BOG OFF or maybe even hav the guts to identify urself properly! Hey let's move on swiftly and keep all this nonsense off of here eh NIKI - I'm sure ur too busy 2 realise wot is goin on here but maybe some policing is required if u have time

DJ postcard at 15:0:42 Wednesday January 17 2007
Diverse no just friendly souls having a good night out with some quality music across the board

HAPPY FEET in Listening to Kid Massive & Krizz Present Morten Luco rework of Mystic Merlins Mr Magician at 14:56:43 Wednesday January 17 2007
Weirdy can you contact me or Tracy please got some work for you if interested Nr Chadwell Heath thanks

phil j in sevenoaks at 14:53:42 Wednesday January 17 2007
Hi everyone, I lost touch with soul music about 15 years ago, from 15-25 years old all i knew was soul, funk and jazz-funk. My first caister was 1980 and my last was 2002 but a big gap in between. Im into all types of music now as i play guitar and learn all different songs. Some of my mates want to go back this year, but can someone tell me why caister and some of the djs get some stick? Is it snobbery concerning the music etc? I used to be like that so i know! Or what? Can anyone tell me please?

Mick Farrer at 14:44:1 Wednesday January 17 2007
Good news D'Arce and let's arrange that promised few beers soon!

D'Arcy at 14:32:29 Wednesday January 17 2007
Afternoon Mick, saw Ed on Friday Camera sorted. Cheers mate. Catch up soon.

Ellie in smilin again at 14:31:40 Wednesday January 17 2007
ha ha ha ha Tony .. I hope you're gonna wear em at Soul Village !!!! ..hee hee you do make me laugh !!! x

D'Arcy at 14:30:22 Wednesday January 17 2007
Hillton Chrisp in cloud nine at 3:30:53 Tuesday January 16 2007 Just woke from a dream.. I was at Caister and Randy Brown/Lenny williams/Leroy Hutson/Terry Callier were on doing blisterring sets.there was great music from Bob Cosby/Martin Collins/Chris Bangs/Max Rees/Andy Davies/Simon Dunmoore/Dave Morrison.????But thats Silly..That Could Never Have Happened...Could it? Indeed it did, albeit 20 odd years ago under Jonny Morris's stewardship with no small input from Tommy Wilkinson. 1987 to 1990 the very best halcyon years of Caister, in MVHO of course. Waking up on a Saturday morning and hearing Jonesy playing Mel Davis " You made me over" on the radio and Bob Cosby's sets including The Constellations, Imperial Wonders, Veda and Ernie Johnson alongside Ray Barreto. I had hair and and a 34" waist too Can just smell the Black & White wax now.

Mick Farrer at 14:29:24 Wednesday January 17 2007
You can catch me tonight on Solar between 10pm - 12pm where I shall be playing pure 70's/80's.I fancy hearing some perhaps forgotten gems!

Fish for jobs at 14:20:38 Wednesday January 17 2007
Didnt Pete have the opportunity to play at the ditch bar but turned it down as for upsetting Rixy,that would had gave him a few pennies in his pockets,do the djs who play there do so as they regard it as a quality diverse soul event something diffrent for other gigs as once was posted up or for the money answers on a post card please

G.A.H. at 14:19:14 Wednesday January 17 2007

ALSO BEMUSED at 14:16:11 Wednesday January 17 2007
Not to mention all the horrible vile things she has doneto people in the last few years

PauL at 14:13:56 Wednesday January 17 2007
I'm wearing the wifes

Bernadette at 14:8:33 Wednesday January 17 2007
Afternoon same old shite i see

G.A.H. at 13:59:30 Wednesday January 17 2007
I'm wearing slingbacks

Bemused at 13:49:7 Wednesday January 17 2007
Why not? Everyone else seems to think the rest of us are interested in what they do everyday. What they have to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner! And what they are wearing.

Pete C at 13:33:52 Wednesday January 17 2007
Thanks for you kind words of support everybody. Just to shut the nosey fecker up who seems to be worried about me driving illegally, the clutch went wrong on the way home and car's been off the road since as I haven't got a pot to piss in as I'm out of work and can't afford to get it fixeed. Now, is there anything else you need to know about my day to day personal affairs? What I ate for breakfast? What time I had a crap? I'm sure nobody on here is interested so why don't you give it a rest eh?

and at 13:17:39 Wednesday January 17 2007
Someone should tax your gob

so at 13:0:36 Wednesday January 17 2007
what was the final outcome,did the car get mot and taxed i do hope so as it is wrong to be driving on british roads without either.

darren in the smae boxers as the other day at 12:54:41 Wednesday January 17 2007
well said frostie maaate.ktf darren

me at 12:50:26 Wednesday January 17 2007
i think some of my comments are funny as well.

HAPPY FEET at 12:23:33 Wednesday January 17 2007
Andy if your lurking mate can you contact Wayne (Shaggy): All the accommodation has now been arranged need to book train times ect cheers

BEV in can't u see I'm trying 2 organise me Social Life at 12:12:44 Wednesday January 17 2007
Oi GAH - wotcha R u gonna do that Northern Soul doo in Southend next time

G.A.H. at 12:10:38 Wednesday January 17 2007
Only 9 Steve

BEV in that's kind - bless ya Mr FROSTIE at 11:56:44 Wednesday January 17 2007
Mornin soulies Hey Frostie me ole mucker - put ur phone on tryin to bell ya ain't I

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 11:43:30 Wednesday January 17 2007
Allo Maaates!As someone that has been subjected to them myself,I can only agree with all the comments made in support of Pete.Now,all we have to do is show solidarity for Bev and we have a proper soul site again.....Accept perhaps for the banter from GAH,but thats ok cos in my book nine out of ten times he is right and bloody funny too!

Frostie in The Soul Cottage at 11:43:28 Wednesday January 17 2007
Allo Maaates!As someone that has been subjected to them myself,I can only agree with all the comments made in support of Pete.Now,all we have to do is show solidarity for Bev and we have a proper soul site again.....Accept perhaps for the banter from GAH,but thats ok cos in my book nine out of ten times he is right and bloody funny too!

Jay.E at 11:0:40 Wednesday January 17 2007
Well said Ellie, I thought this forum was supposed to be about the music too.

Jester at 4:18:59 Wednesday January 17 2007
Is it bedtime ..just been playing The Four Tops' Main Street People LP through from start to finish ..Isn't Levi truly WONDERFUL!!!! ..cheers for the beer earlier Bri

Flip at 3:16:57 Wednesday January 17 2007
oops, I forgot to say, everyone who has a 'LOVE' of a night out is welcome.

Flip at 3:2:31 Wednesday January 17 2007
By know means a big EVENT.... If you want to come along it's my birthday party this Sat 20th at Capones nightclub in Benfleet,Essex SS7 1QB. 9pm till 2amish. FREE for all that email..... flip@urbanessentials.co.uk -- Join Caister DJ Mick Jackson and Ash Selector and others for a party.

MORE INFO at 1:15:25 Wednesday January 17 2007
Thats what the event calender is for surely.

INFO at 1:13:17 Wednesday January 17 2007
Yes mr Face its £10 ok

Girthdevon at 23:44:2 Tuesday January 16 2007
Pleasure LP finishing on Ebay tomorrow....item no. 290070456760......and a buy it now @ $50 item no. 170069870010.....

G.A.H. at 23:1:32 Tuesday January 16 2007
SOULTOGETHER @ The Lodge, 226 High St, Harlesden, NW10 4TD Dave n Greg (Soul Together) Neil Maclean & Stu Clark (www.emotivehouse.co.uk) Mickey Blanco (www.radiogotsoul.com) Saturday 20th January FREE before 10pm - £4 before midnight Come and join us at a very stylish and intimate basement venue hosting the truly soulful sounds that only 'SOULTOGETHER' nights can supply...going monthly in 2007, this night is getting props from all the right places...going back to the basics of a proper night out with residents and guest DJ's who know the score...come along and see for youselves... thelodgebar.co.uk _________________

G.A.H. at 22:49:34 Tuesday January 16 2007
I can spell ok just can't type.. As Gorthcoming instead of Forthcoming.. Can you wipe your own arse.

Paul@sotr in portland villas at 22:41:8 Tuesday January 16 2007
who was looking for Ghettos of the Mind? could try B& G Party on BGP records/Fantasy inc, aslo saw Do it Fluid the other day when 2nd hand searching

Roni at 22:4:0 Tuesday January 16 2007
Ellie..well said you're cool

Mark H at 22:3:31 Tuesday January 16 2007
SOUL 4 REAL WEEKENDER BILBAO (SPAIN), Dates: 9th & 10th February 2007. @ kiosko del Arenal (Bilbao), Price: 10 Eur/night, From 23:30 - 6:00. DJ's - TERRY JONES (UK), MARK HOUGHTON (UK). Plus the regular Spanish S4R DJ Line Up. Cheap flights (leave Fri 9th/return Sun 11th) available via www.easyjet.com (Stanstead).For accomodation/more info contact -soulnolimits@yahoo.com

Selina at 22:1:57 Tuesday January 16 2007
Tapas me up with a lovely bottle of me fav, Rioja. 24 sleeps to go.

Curious at 21:52:24 Tuesday January 16 2007
OOOhhh Bilbao sounds nice?? when and where are the details for that!! ??

richard in soulville hq at 21:52:1 Tuesday January 16 2007
Hi gav,been trying to get hold of you,please could you ring me on 01493-651487 or 01493-651272,cheers!!

Girthdevon at 21:48:3 Tuesday January 16 2007
But I don't drink stakes

Gavin Page at 21:45:40 Tuesday January 16 2007

Mark H at 21:39:6 Tuesday January 16 2007
Gavin , btw i`ve got you and Girth as 11-10 joint favourites for the drinking stakes.

Mark H at 21:33:25 Tuesday January 16 2007
Hi Gilly, thanks for that. Gav, there`s a few more going as well ,plus there`s some who said they were going but haven`t heard anything from since.

Bob Masters at 21:31:8 Tuesday January 16 2007
Neill, No geez, not got it. copy would be great, thanks.

Gavin Page at 20:50:6 Tuesday January 16 2007
Mark. I have already told Aitor this info'??

MARKY MARK at 20:41:37 Tuesday January 16 2007
Allways takes a woman to sort it out!

Gilly H at 20:38:37 Tuesday January 16 2007
Mark H Re the Bilbao Weekend, Me, Gavin, Ginger Tony, Selina, Graham, Gillie Dennis and Rosa, also I know Gareth et al are going too !

Tony Clark in Saffron Walden Essex at 20:37:37 Tuesday January 16 2007
A tribute to the seminal sixties soul club THE TWISTED WHEEL will be held at The Sailsbury Club.Mill rd Cambridge on24 feb.The Wheel availableplaylists will be lovingly rrecreated.full details from www.soulmotion.co.uk essential night for 60s fans....thanks

wankpot? at 19:44:51 Tuesday January 16 2007

darren in my boxers. at 19:36:16 Tuesday January 16 2007
hi ellie.i'm with you on this one.pete is a perfect gentleman.....ktf darren

richard in soulville hq at 19:35:55 Tuesday January 16 2007
well put that women!!!!

darren in thunderbird 1. at 19:32:25 Tuesday January 16 2007
richard soulville you have mail....ktf. darren

Bernadette at 19:21:0 Tuesday January 16 2007
well said Ellie - Pete is a lovely man

Pedroni at 19:17:17 Tuesday January 16 2007
“SEASIDE STRUT No 3” @THE JAZZROOMS 88 Harbour Parade—Ramsgate Sat 10th February 2007 from 7.30pm—3am & Sun 11th afternoon session 12 - 6pm -Luxury Bars at very reasonable prices - DJ’s, Johnny Skates, TMIB, Sharpie, Pedroni, + Special Guests Abbo & Steve Day -- With FREE ADMISSION for both sessions We promise a 1st class Weekend of Soul- Jazz Funk-Hip Swivelling Funk, Dance Jazz & Soulful House - Free DJ compilation CD on entry for 1st 75 people - Make it a weekend away — loads of local B&B’s at very reasonable prices enjoy one of the prettiest harbours in the UK. For further info - Pedro 07770 820186 – Steve 07960 106905 Next Dates Sat / Sun 9th & 10th June 2007 Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Aug 2007 - Please email me if your coming so you can be put on the guest list --

Ellie in fuming at these wankers !!!! at 19:10:59 Tuesday January 16 2007
Oh .. this is getting to fricking stoopid !!! I've bit my tongue until now but am not gonna stand back and watch a very good and decent man get slated !!! .. I know Pete very well ( prolly more than most of you) and the one thing he is NOT is a liar !!!!! ..and who the frick cares if he slept in his car for wot ever reason !!!! he's not gonna like me posting this cos he's big enough to fight his own battles but fer F*k sake .... move on your idiots !!! if you can't say anyting constructive in your OWN names then shut the frick up !!!!! ..Frankly am very sad cos I thought this scene was all about THE MUSIC !!!!! and good vibes .. but sadly am being proved wrong gradually with each stoopid wankpot postin.....get over it you cowardly hiders !!!!!!! and get a life !!!!!! .....perhjaps we can get on with talking bout the events and good music !!!!!!! NUFF SAID !!!!!!!

MARKY MARK at 18:58:42 Tuesday January 16 2007

MARKY MARK at 18:58:41 Tuesday January 16 2007

Neill at 18:47:33 Tuesday January 16 2007
Hi Bob, It's on his album, the one with Church Lady & Son Of Raw, You got? Will drop you a copy if not....?

BEV at 18:28:23 Tuesday January 16 2007
Hey Tony F - only if u play me choonie

Dont really want to get involved at 18:22:51 Tuesday January 16 2007
I heard the story as well Mr C but it came from a fellow dj that was with you that night.Perhaps you should speak to him.

TONY FERNANDEZ at 18:10:44 Tuesday January 16 2007

TONY FERNANDEZ at 18:9:16 Tuesday January 16 2007

spool checker at 17:37:39 Tuesday January 16 2007
we know how to spell it its GAH that thinks its friendly garden in here

Just A Thought at 17:34:43 Tuesday January 16 2007
pete,rainham dave is an mot mechanic isnt he?

Face at 17:34:28 Tuesday January 16 2007
Is it a £10 to get into the Ditch Bar if your not a member

Event Calendar at 17:30:11 Tuesday January 16 2007
I am happy to have your new gig in my section, it's what i'm here for

tim in strood at 17:24:19 Tuesday January 16 2007
I was going to tell you about my new gig. But i dont think i will bother now!!!

Brian Mac in work playing some nice mixes at 17:15:20 Tuesday January 16 2007
Good afternoon .. Easter sounds good Richard. Actually the spelling is Kindergarten, only providing it as assistance, no offence or sarcasm intended. Pete C, I know it's upsetting but the majority of comments were in your support, just the Anonymous fools that plague us were out of order. You're the Daddy so hope to see you soon

oooh we're back to kindergardens (sic) at 16:55:16 Tuesday January 16 2007

richard in soulville hq at 16:50:41 Tuesday January 16 2007
hi pete,at least thats cleared up,sorry spod i promise not to defend you any more who ever you are(can,t win can you!!!).

info at 16:46:44 Tuesday January 16 2007
Ditch Bar Sat 20th Jan, 2 rooms,you know it makes sense

I am Me at 16:43:21 Tuesday January 16 2007
Mr T "you came to lighten things up" ? how is racial stereotyping funny ?. throw all the insults you want but find a mirror to see who has a problem.......p.s. I don't read papers, full of crap written by a'holes like you. I know right from wrong so fail to see how I am up my own, try doing your little act in a club full soul fans of various ethnicity and see how funny they find you.

Face at 16:33:13 Tuesday January 16 2007
Mr T wouldn't say dis and dat r you from the Tower Hamlets wanna be gangster pants down by the ankles argus gold chain chav bridgade

Mark H at 16:30:30 Tuesday January 16 2007
For those people going or planning to go to the Soul 4 Real Weekender in Bilbao on the 9/10 Feb can you contact me and let me know as the organisers will be booking a restaurant on the saturday evening (prior to the music) for the traditional "Soul Dinner"(all Soulies UK/Spanish etc invited) and would like to know how many people to cater for.

Mr T at 16:10:29 Tuesday January 16 2007
I'm not anonymous, I am Mr T, its you that is anonymous. I came on here to lighten things up but you are so far up your own arsehole that you can't see it. Now get back to the Guardian readers forum.

to Mr T at 16:0:19 Tuesday January 16 2007
the kind of childish response I expected really. no suprise that you need to be anonymous, it's probably all your intellect is up to.

Mr T at 15:30:16 Tuesday January 16 2007
Like yo mama fool. Get a life.

to Mr T at 15:2:19 Tuesday January 16 2007
yes it's about music (and other things creep in) but the phrasing of your post is very patronising in it's use of language. Mr T could certainly speak very clearly, so your stereotypical slang is cheap and unfunny.

Mr T at 14:28:14 Tuesday January 16 2007
Thought this forum was about soul music.....crazy fools. Now quit yo jibber jabber about dis an dat yo jive talkin fools and start talkin about da music. You ain't gettin me on no plane

dvla at 11:36:33 Tuesday January 16 2007
had you had a drink,that would have been a better story as you till had to drive the car home with no mot or tax does not matter what time you do it you are still breaking the law.

PC at 11:32:52 Tuesday January 16 2007
And not Intimidated, you heard wrong. I didn't say that at all. Fed up justifying myself to all you nameless cowards anyway so bye bye.

Pet Collins at 11:30:20 Tuesday January 16 2007
Not an excuse DVLA you div, it's a statement of fact. Don't really give a toss what you think anyway.

NOT INTIMINATED at 11:27:42 Tuesday January 16 2007
Pete i thought you were a nice bloke once and never put you down as a liar.I catergorically heard you telling the story on the same lines as what was said that started this all off.

What the fck at 11:17:30 Tuesday January 16 2007

BEV in bloody public transport - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr at 10:59:42 Tuesday January 16 2007
Now when I get the blues I get me a rocking chair, when I get the blues I get me a rocking chair ..........when the blues overtake me gonna rock right away from here ........ Flip, Flop and Fly ............ OH MY!!! Sorry morning All ur fault HF 4 whacking it on that recent CD

Paul@sotr in up the tower at 10:42:13 Tuesday January 16 2007
Pedro, got them both,have a chat Sat @ the Ditch ,Abbo & I are going up ealier though, and just to say I have the 80/81 81/82 cup final songs on 7 inch (thanks Mr. Skates)

DVLA at 10:41:0 Tuesday January 16 2007
That is the worst excuse i have ever heard.

Frostie in Walkers dont need tax and MOT at 10:2:49 Tuesday January 16 2007
Actually Pete,you made a wise decision.I know of somebody driving home from Daves gig who forgot to tax vehicle and got pulled over for routine drink drive test.

spool checker at 9:30:46 Tuesday January 16 2007
is a kindergarden somewhere where chocolate eggs go to play?

MARKY MARK CRISP in GOLDEN WONDERLAND at 8:26:29 Tuesday January 16 2007
Good morning! Hilton and Potato! you get what you get at any gig if you dont like who's on then dont go! You aint allowed to go anyway because your wife thinks your going to go down on your knees for a warm up spot Well done Peter for setting that one straight! Aint you seen the adverts on telly! WE KNOW! WERE WATCHING YOU!

G.A.H. at 6:11:14 Tuesday January 16 2007
Simon Dunmore! Gorthcoming on Defected hahahaha

Potato Crisp at 4:34:29 Tuesday January 16 2007
About as likely a dream as it would be dreaming about the same lineup at any of the other East Coast weekenders.

Hillton Chrisp in cloud nine at 3:30:53 Tuesday January 16 2007
Just woke from a dream.. I was at Caister and Randy Brown/Lenny williams/Leroy Hutson/Terry Callier were on doing blisterring sets.there was great music from Bob Cosby/Martin Collins/Chris Bangs/Max Rees/Andy Davies/Simon Dunmoore/Dave Morrison.????But thats Silly..That Could Never Have Happened...Could it?

Pete Collins at 1:38:53 Tuesday January 16 2007
Right, I've seen the Chinese whispers and as usual they're full of half truths and speculation. Firstly, it was a bloody good do, well supported by people from as far away as Hereford/Worcester, Berkshire, Yorkshire and Sussex plus many from closer to home. Those who were there enjoyed it, so b****x to all the Caister detractors. Secondly, yes, I did kip in the car for a couple of hours. This was nowt to do with lack of funds, but due to my stupidity in overlooking the fact that I hadn't m.o.t'd the car the previous week and couldn't get me car taxed for 1st January, also had a lot to do New years Day so hadn't intended staying over anyway. I didn't fancy taking the chance of driving home in the middle of the night with the risk of being pulled up by the boys in blue for no tax or mot. So now you know. Nothing sinister or underhand about it at all.

Brian Mac at 0:52:32 Tuesday January 16 2007
Very true .. cut from finer cloth.

G.A.H. at 0:48:1 Tuesday January 16 2007
I got a really nice pm from Alex & Dave after i pot the Soulvillage limk on the board (I posted if they don't mind) Saing good luck to me n Paul for the weekend & how much they had enjoyed the one they went to a few years back.. You wouldn't get fck all like that of Mr Rix.