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June 16th to 30th 2007

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Ellie at 11:57:22 Friday June 22 2007
Mornig loverlies ....Hiyer Debs (((hugz))) is it Saturday yet ??? ooooo am gonna stay up all night doing a sun dance....it IS NOT going to rain tomorrow ...am tooo eggcitered I can't even eat !!!! lolol

kim (iPOD) at 11:21:39 Friday June 22 2007
BIG happy birthday Sharpy - have a good one...xxx

Bev in voicemail me up baby! at 9:53:4 Friday June 22 2007

Wayne at 9:29:51 Friday June 22 2007
Gilo Boy how do we order tickets the number on this forum goes straight to Voice mail each time I call?

Debs at 8:33:44 Friday June 22 2007
Morning all aw bless him eh Scouser give u a call tommorrow when on the way Gilo that big smile and the loud shirts priceless

scouser at 0:8:33 Friday June 22 2007
I shall be looking forward to toasting the big fella with good mates on Saturday. Bring it on!

Jester at 23:46:13 Thursday June 21 2007
How I miss that pint of Guinness ..love ya Andy!!!

Weekesie at 23:45:27 Thursday June 21 2007

Marky Mark at 23:45:10 Thursday June 21 2007
Chevvy not getting the picture bit of your email

chevvy in still working at 23:20:5 Thursday June 21 2007
Marky mark check your email please ...jester and happy feet please email me your email addys please need to send you something skiamiac@gmail.com thankyou

Giloboy in Barnet Baby at 23:14:9 Thursday June 21 2007
Would like to thank everybody for supporting Summer Soulstice , we only need a little bit of decent weather and we should be fine . It is a do that Andy would have loved to have been to himself ... No doubt he'll be around somewhere !!

goin to zzzzzzzzzz at 23:0:40 Thursday June 21 2007
29 th JUNE,SOTRC present an evening of Soul,Jazz,Funk and Soulful House in two rooms room 1 soul and anthems ,room 2 jazz and House in it's various guise's at the INN ON THE LAKE, Gravesend just off A2,SOTRC DJ'S plus Guests Pedroni,Scouserpaul and Ginger Tony

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 22:32:44 Thursday June 21 2007
For Thursday 21st June Rosko Peacemaker AZ Marsha Hunt Oh no not the Beast day Vertigo Norman Giscombe Jnr Get on up & Dance Pressure Columbus Circle If you read my mind (Tee Scott edit) Elektra TC Curtis You should have been better Hot melt MotherFox Fallen into love Shebang Patti Labelle What Can You Do For Me (Groove Assasin Re-rub)cdr Blaze It's a lovely day (Q Harris rmx)cdr Ananda project Into the sunrise (Ricanstruction rmx) Nite Grooves Teresa Jannee Remember (Kaytronic dub)cdr Freedom Soundz Take My Love Back (Franck Roger Remix)Visions Inc Bob Sinclair Tribute cdr Funk Dvoid Ft. Jay Leblone Lovin' (Your Body Mix)Soma Bongoloverz ft. Joyce Ouko Cheza Soulfuric Deep Juan Diaz & Jorge Montia Spirit Dicha Paper Mache Tranced Awakening Subwoofer S.I.Project What's the message Adelphoi Jay-J & Chris Lum pts Roots Moulton St Heavens to Betsey Surrender Mad Moses Music Podcast to follow ta all.

Ellie in eggcitered !!! at 22:14:7 Thursday June 21 2007
,,,,,,,......am eggcitered I am !!!!! see spe,llin in typing goes awol ! when i get tooo egggcitrered xxx

Marky Mark at 22:7:31 Thursday June 21 2007
Hello peeps, not long to go for the soulstice...........Bring it on !

Mark Randle in Soul Purpose HQ!! at 20:33:56 Thursday June 21 2007
SOUL PURPOSE..........Friday 22nd June, Sketchley Grange Hotel, Hinckley, Leics, LE10 3HU (1 mile M69 J1)..........The best in soulful music from the 70's to the present day and beyond Resident DJ's Mark Randle, Sam Evans and Mark (maB) Goddard with guest DJ ROGER WILLIAMS (Solar Radio)...........8pm-1am with late bar, door tax 5 (no admission after 11pm) Info on 07710 283281 or www.soul-purpose.net. Limited number of rooms available @ 20pp B&B - Hotel 01455 251133, www.bw-sketchleygrange.co.uk............be good

chevvy at 20:29:25 Thursday June 21 2007
Happy Birthday Sharpy happy birthday to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lynn and Geoff at 20:19:4 Thursday June 21 2007
Hello Richard, yes we are, beautiful day. Hope you have a good weekend at Ceasers. God Bless L and G XXXX

Richard in Soulville hq at 20:4:3 Thursday June 21 2007
Hi everyone,Lynn and geoff you sound a lot happier. boiling hot here today,N-Mick garden in full use!! I,m doing the back room in ceasers this weekend lots of cool jazz and the funkiest funk and other stuff

CLOISTER SOUL WEEKENDER at 19:59:55 Thursday June 21 2007
Brand new site! Check out : http://www.freewebs.com/cloistersoulweekender/index.htm This is foooookin quality

BAR 12 SOUL NIGHT INFO at 19:14:56 Thursday June 21 2007

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 18:12:35 Thursday June 21 2007
Tonights entertainment... Rick Priors Nationwide T.Hayzer's Bless This House Michael Blanco's The Holiday Programme iii thank you..

G.A.H. at 18:12:17 Thursday June 21 2007
Brendan.. There's a lot of me to say it.. Dawn babe same ole number just lost me phone book

Northern Mick at 18:0:8 Thursday June 21 2007
OOps how rude....nearly forgot...Hi Bev, Marcus et al.....sounds like NC was good again !!

Northern Mick at 17:58:51 Thursday June 21 2007
Ellie Calm down ?? Youve got to be kidding How are you doing , nice day by the sounds of it !!Hope you all enjoy your Summer Soulstice.... sounds like it will be a blast !Sharpy 40 ??? Whoaa Happy Birthday mate and havea HUGE Gorilla !!

Ellie at 16:57:18 Thursday June 21 2007
.......calm down he says .. PAH !! calm down !!! ..it's just not going to happen !!! am on the rollercoaster up to Satday !! canny help it am jsut an eggciterbale wee girly !!! course it helps that I been out shopin and lunching in West End today !!!....calm down my A*** lol (((((HUGZ)))) xxxxx c all you lovleries there ... no pushing in at the gate !!!! ..orderly queues as long as ya let me go first !!!

Pedroni at 16:30:22 Thursday June 21 2007
Happy 40th Sharpy - all the best mate

Bev at 15:49:17 Thursday June 21 2007
Marcus good 2 spk 2 u and Mr Frostie

At at 15:32:19 Thursday June 21 2007

Marcus at 14:33:4 Thursday June 21 2007
Yep phone off as been in/out of meetings.

Bev at 14:20:13 Thursday June 21 2007
Marcus - been trying 2 bell u but ur phone is mostly switched orf

Marcus at 14:13:23 Thursday June 21 2007
All set for Saturday for a great day out for some SOUL and tributes to the maaan Andy.W. ...Wendy R U the same Wendy Woo that came with us to Barbados in Chalky paarty?

Marcus at 14:12:0 Thursday June 21 2007
Afternoon peeps. Excellent choonage as usual down the 3Blind Mice aka A New Chapter last nightio. !Mick, Love that Herman Hitson track and Anita Easterling I cant see myself leaving you.

GOT A BIT BORING ON HERE at 13:59:50 Thursday June 21 2007

Bev in scoffin agin at 13:41:2 Thursday June 21 2007
Hi Wendy - hope ur ok Drop me a mail if u get time for a catch-up HB Sharpy person

Wendy at 13:29:15 Thursday June 21 2007

Brendan at 11:31:42 Thursday June 21 2007
GAH. You have got alot to say for yourself.

Jester in waiting for choonage to arrive! at 10:26:23 Thursday June 21 2007
Morn' - Calm down Ellie
Any last minute peeps can still purchase tickets:
..or better still phone: 07843 668 310 to have your ticket reserved on the gate.
Like I mentioned before, this is the only way to get tickets as they will NOT be for sale on the day ..so please don't just turn up expecting to pay on the door. We don't want any dissapointments!!!
Can I ask peeps that are going to bring a camera (video/still), as we will be making a montage of snippetts for DVD/youtube etc. after the event.
Thanks soooo much ...am really up for this now

Stevie Cee at 10:19:35 Thursday June 21 2007
Thanks to all those who came down to A New Chapter at 3 Blind Mice last night - a cracking night out! Top selection from Mick O'Donnell - any chance of a playlist, Mick?

Bev in rice crispy me up baby!!! at 9:8:6 Thursday June 21 2007
Mornin punters Hi Gilly - how u both settling in me home town I'm in BENFLEET at the mo so not that far away from u - well handy 4 the ole cockle sheds I fawt YUM YUM

Gilly H at 8:46:49 Thursday June 21 2007
Ooos fat fingers ! hope to see you all on Saturday in hopefully sunny Barnet for the Summer Solstice bash, Andy would approve !

Ellie in dancin to a boogie/disco mix by Mark G at 8:45:14 Thursday June 21 2007
2 more sleeps ...only 2 more sleeps ..oooooooam sooo eggcitered

Gilly H at 8:44:17 Thursday June 21 2007
Derek tee hee, how right you are, no-one there for the music anymore !

Gilly at 8:43:28 Thursday June 21 2007

Gillu at 8:43:26 Thursday June 21 2007

Derek Jack at 8:34:16 Thursday June 21 2007

Giloboy in Barnet Baby at 8:32:1 Thursday June 21 2007
I'll have a dance with you Dawn , Shake your booty !!

Giloboy at 8:31:1 Thursday June 21 2007

Drumstix in with me surround sound all singing and dancing pc with speakers that sadly don't match at 0:43:42 Thursday June 21 2007
Ello everyone are they picking rows again with the soul boys nothing new there then yawn! G.A.H I'll text my number that is if you still have the same phone, you still up for the Saturday 30th? Right anyone fancy a dance?

Marky Mark at 21:58:39 Wednesday June 20 2007
We dont know kev,,, answers on a postacrd anyone

ssradiouk, info in london at 21:58:16 Wednesday June 20 2007
link below to my recent ssradiouk online mix, enjoy !! ***http://www.ssradiouk.com/index.php?id=3996*** Deep, Jazzy and Soulful Grooves With Marky Mark 16th Jun 2007 Listen again (for another 43 days) Subscribe to the podcast ..> ## Artist Title Mix Label 01 anthony nicholson ahh sabu n2s cdr Buy 02 alton miller possibilities zoetic r2 Buy 03 vic lavender ft carla prather respect our love cdr Buy 04 glenn underground soft cell Buy 05 markus enochson ft michael mcdonald day and night Buy 06 incognito this thing bootie Buy 07 cosmosis tell her white Buy 08 theo parrish the rink sound signature Buy 09 down to the bone space dust narada jazz Buy 10 wood,brass and steel always there Buy 11 the richie family frenesi dimitri bbe Buy 12 george duke i want you for myself tom moulton Buy 13 mr ali i feel you disco mix cdr Buy 14 frankie knuckles only the strong survive instrumental Buy 15 monday michiru the right time jepth guillaume king street Buy 16 anthony nicholson all over n2s cdr Buy 17 working underneath speak to me 280 west phuture sole Buy 18 tama waipara where i go nathan haines cdr Buy 19 shuya okino ft blaze love is the key phil asher especial Buy 20 peven everett puerto rico kindred Buy 21 ben westbeech hang around karizma Buy 22 patchworks celebration amp fiddler still music Buy 23 spinna we can change papa Buy 24 elements of life fever louie vega vega Buy 25 groove collective stargazer Buy ..> Posted by markymark on Sat 16th Jun 2007 @ 14:00 BST

Brian Mac at 21:40:0 Wednesday June 20 2007
Oh well .. the return of the anonymous questioner

G.A.H. at 21:25:46 Wednesday June 20 2007
Who the fck you think. Div

Marky Mark at 21:7:22 Wednesday June 20 2007
Tony ...lol

so who on CSW at 21:2:8 Wednesday June 20 2007
is souljihad then?

G.A.H. at 20:56:47 Wednesday June 20 2007
I'd rather be banned then post anything on there like the stepford users club.

Brian Mac at 20:52:52 Wednesday June 20 2007
Member number 4 is not much of a giveaway Marky

Marky Mark at 20:48:51 Wednesday June 20 2007
Tony as Brian says its pointless posting anything bad about Caister or its organisers as it is heavily censored, I have been posting on there for a month or so just to see if I got banned but so far they have not banned me or replied to anything I have posted... deleted last nights quote to the FSB from their archives when FSB slagged the frostie maate off when he was in hospital last year! That was removed in quick time .... maybe because it showed him for what Lynn stated " hipocrite " also some of my other post have been deited to suit the needs........ FSB is BR

Brian Mac at 20:37:37 Wednesday June 20 2007
I don't complain on too much (goes to look in mirror and have a word ) .. against anonymous slagging - yes and bullying - yes .. at least it can be done here and I agree with free speech, but not lies and slagging events. I choose to go or I don't, plenty of promoters/DJ's know where I go

. at 20:32:39 Wednesday June 20 2007

Brian Mac at 20:32:20 Wednesday June 20 2007
Did actually try to complain on CSW .. got deleted as do most criticisms on there (quickly or in short time) .. there are two threads their where I did say things that were not tampered with .. just got to look

G.A.H. at 20:27:30 Wednesday June 20 2007
Paranoia & Venom.. Do you have that with Vodka or Gin.. But your still quite happy to post your grievances on here & not csw.

p.s. again at 20:19:40 Wednesday June 20 2007
as for brave enough .. I think throwing stones from behind rocks is relevant .. thats what paranoia and venom does to some.

oops at 20:17:36 Wednesday June 20 2007
*editing his posts

Brian Mac at 20:17:0 Wednesday June 20 2007
No problem .. The CWS forum has some ok people but is hardly a big membership. Too much censorship and altering of posts and only freedom of speech if the moderators agree with it. Like Lynn and Geoff it's a forum to go because 2 or 3 dont post here or on EMS. Do I care if criticised there ? nope .. they can spin what I say if they want, don't make it true. Have not got any little mates but did have one keep edfited his and my posts, made the particular thread look confusing. All forums have their Anonymous idiots but here (thanks Marky) is better for their absence .. IMO there are multi ID posters on CSW that support themselves in a debate .. the named/known posters don't really care about them anyway. Any more questions happily answered honestly

BM p.s. at 20:11:21 Wednesday June 20 2007
111 posts in 2 1/2 years is not that regular .. 1000 + on EMS in 9 months (yeah, to talkative there.

G.A.H. at 20:11:18 Wednesday June 20 2007
Then why don't you post your veiws on the csw forum.. I have. Or get ya short mate to say something.. If he's brave enough.

Brian Mac at 20:7:14 Wednesday June 20 2007
Yes I use it, mostly in the music related threads. Could not defend Lynn and Geoff as the thread was locked by inconsistent moderators. True again that I stopped posting here as it was getting stupid, was (still am) mostly on EMS as you would know .. and if you also checked on CSW you will see that I took plenty of flak from wannabee's who to a degree are anonymous themselves (or the same couple of people) .. like you I do it all in my own name as not interested in others agenda's and politics.

G.A.H. at 19:38:44 Wednesday June 20 2007
But Brian your a regular CSW forum poster.. I didn't see you join in. Although your quite happy to voice an opinion on here. A forum you stopped using because of small minded anonymous posters who funnily enough may or may not run the CSW forum.. I thought it was only Doctors that took the Hippocratic oath.

Brian Mac at 18:49:45 Wednesday June 20 2007
Not a problem Marky .. I will hide behind my brolly (damn weather forecast)

Geoff at 18:49:10 Wednesday June 20 2007
...And thanks to you too, BGG

Geoff at 18:35:5 Wednesday June 20 2007
Thanks to all of you who have posted messages of support for Lynn and myself: Marky, Richard, Jane, Abraham, Anonymous, Brian, Ellie and of course Niki. It's good to know there are so many great people out there who respect us and our principles (and share them too).

Lynn at 18:25:39 Wednesday June 20 2007
Marky wish i could wear shorts

Marky Mark in shiter moderator at 18:12:29 Wednesday June 20 2007
Afternoon peeps????? " Cant wait for Saturday to begin " You lot bring sick buckets as I'm going to be in shorts.............................

Lynn at 18:9:11 Wednesday June 20 2007
Hello Richard Jane and Abraham. Anonymous glad to see there are pro-kindnees peeps about it is heartening. Jane sorry there has been a misunderstanding we are not going to SV0, always knew you were a sweetie, as your postings are always lovely you are so sweet and polite in them XX richard we think the world of you and Christine and you have been very kind to us and that is always appreciated. Abraham true hope you don't think i am silly but I believe what goes around comes around Lovee to you all Lynn XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Stevie Cee at 17:46:47 Wednesday June 20 2007
As Girf said, all roads lead to Ravey Street tonight...hope a few of you can make it. A New Chapter at The 3 Blind Mice (formerly Smersh Bar), 5 Ravey St (just off Great Eastern St)London EC2. Gareth Donovan, Steve Cole, Mark Houghton and Special Guest Mick O Donnell (Soul Discovery 209 radio.com) 7pm - 11.30ish. Free! Tubes: Old St/Liverpool St. Cold beer! Girth's sales box!

Bev at 17:11:10 Wednesday June 20 2007
Richard - I hav sent u an "ickle" mail

Richard in soulvilleh q at 16:45:12 Wednesday June 20 2007
Hi Jane, if you could ring the camp back and explain you didnt know about our reference number they should then put it on.Looking forward to seeing you and the girls there in July.Hey Bev.

Jane at 16:19:27 Wednesday June 20 2007
Mass, of course I can get you a Soul Village T-Shirt. Speak nearly the time re the T-Shirt. Hello Richard (Soulville) how are you? It will be good to say hello in person at Soul Village Apparently I was one of the first to book Soul Village up and at the time there was no reference to quote, are the girls and I able to come in your Marque? Jane

Bev at 15:49:31 Wednesday June 20 2007
Hello Richard - will bell u soon Bet u've missed me calls

Richard in Soulville hq at 15:26:59 Wednesday June 20 2007
Hi Lynn and Geoff,some small mindedpeople are about,to be honest thats what they are small!!there is some great people on this scene and this site(even if it does have its moments)I,ve been off here for a few days but i,m back to say SvO soon if your booking up or have booked please quote RR002 0r Soulville when booking we have a great marque line up for you.

Bev at 15:22:51 Wednesday June 20 2007
Girth - I may pop along Will try not 2 do a lap of honour gettin there

Mass at 15:22:10 Wednesday June 20 2007
Jane... Can you get me a Soul Village T Shirt?

Girthdevon at 15:14:30 Wednesday June 20 2007
Last call for this weeks Soul & Beer festival in Ravey St.......slowly but surely getting back to full strength, at the original home of ANC....... See ya later.... Girf

Bev in scoffing FRUIT SALADS - yum yum at 14:32:28 Wednesday June 20 2007
Good Afternoonie me ole chinas Anyone 4 ANC 2nite

Jane at 13:48:46 Wednesday June 20 2007
Lynn you said it hun, life is far to precious and short to be worrying about people like that. Looks like I will see you at Soul Village? Take care and hope you day is going well? Jane x x

Anonymous at 13:40:21 Wednesday June 20 2007
Lynn, for some strange reason this world seems to be full of people who get their kicks by causing problems for other persons. Anyway there are yet a large amount of us pro-kindness persons believing in positive and good things

Abraham at 13:16:11 Wednesday June 20 2007
Is it my imagination but it seems sooner or later everyone gets their share of being picked on if you are in the Soul scene. Any thoughts?

Lynn at 12:53:4 Wednesday June 20 2007
Dear Anonymous really touched by your kind and lovely words On behalf of myself and Geoff i thank you from the bottom of my heart. promise you I will stay strong and hope to meet you one day. Bless you and lots of Love Lynn XXXXXX

Anonymous at 12:46:24 Wednesday June 20 2007
Hello Lynn, we don't know each others but I'm so sorry for that hacking that you've undergone by some idiots. By reading your comments I think that you're truly a warm and a goodhearted person who wouldn't deserve this. Stay strong. Anonymous

Lynn at 12:12:38 Wednesday June 20 2007
BGG, Niki Brian and Ellie and Jane thank you all for your support. Brian, locked forums indeed, no one is entitled to answer back.Funny all the offended parties they have mentioned are C*****r dj's who do not want to lose their place in a weekender that a majority of youngsters do not care or not interested in going to. well not the people and their youngster I know. My hairdresser Carlas fella went there for his stag do. I asked him did he enjoy the music- reply was "what music was Pi88ed most of the time" nuff said. Saying that we have met some lovely people there and they will be sadly missed. For all the people that go there a handful in comparisan post on the forum. CSW is a small part of a very big world, did fine without it for twenty years, and will do fine without it in the future. I am not asking for sympathy but I hope you can understand where i am coming from from what i am about to type next, in the past few years my parents in law lost their house to a major fire which sadly Dad in law never recoverd from and consequently died . Geoffs redundancy, My dad having two massive blood clots on his aorta and being given a 50/50 chance of survival from the op and becoming partially sighted as a result plus my own health scares, that being ostracised by some idiot is way down my list of worries as there are more precious things in life than some weekender or people moaning about petty things in the scheme of life Lots of love to you all Lynn XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Niki at 12:0:28 Wednesday June 20 2007
Matt D, they would love it! Hi Helen, cheers luv x

BGG in Sunny SOTR at 11:41:33 Wednesday June 20 2007
Lynn...look at all the support you are getting from us backstabbers & shitstirrers Now honey NO more talk of you & Geoff going into hibernation after SVO....rise above it...that upsets them more

Niki at 11:38:43 Wednesday June 20 2007
Morning all.... Lynn don't worry hun, all us soulshitters think the depths Charlotte Rix has to sink to to 'get back at us' are most amusing (now how long I wonder before someone we've never heard of before comes on here calling me a stirrer and extoling the virtues of the Caister organisation???? ????)

Brian Mac at 11:19:56 Wednesday June 20 2007
Morning .. Soulstice approaches fast and gonna be a goodun .. Lynn, I would not worry too much about small minded people wherever they hang out. They tend to share the trait of anonymity so hardly worth bothering about. I notice that your critic has made 55 posts in 3 1/2 years and is member number 4 .. obviously affiliated and only vocal to attack people. But it's clear that CSW allowed the abuse, altered posts and locked the thread probably to avoid support for yourself .. they forego the right therefore to complain about anything IMO.

Ellie at 11:4:22 Wednesday June 20 2007
Morning loverlies ... Lynn ((((HUGZ))) I don't know what site you are gonig to ... I can barely master this one and EMS lol ...but yoiu don't deserve any nastiness and I jsut cant fathom why people are like this !!! as you say petty and jealous... you're so much more better than them so rise above and ignore loverly xxxx leave them to skulk in their own nasty world and rember how happy you are and how miserable they msut be ....rant ove r.. sorree but I can't stand this kind of bullying abuse that goes on.....it's very very rare on EMS and posts can't be altered or deleted other than by the person who posted it

Jane at 10:46:40 Wednesday June 20 2007
Hello Lynn they are all very silly people and need to grow up; like yourself I go from Forum to Forum talking to different people. Sorry we not going to Summer Soulstice on Saturday, it's a bit to far as we live in Kent, plus we got such a long going on in July we thought we would take it easy over the next couple of weekends. We are going to Soul Village. I hope I get to meet you soon. Jane x x I am well thanks, just really bored at work today

Lynn at 10:9:48 Wednesday June 20 2007
Hi Jane, I am fine thank you hun, yes the abuse came left right and centre, silly people who want me not to post on here and to take sides and who are miffed with myself cos we went to another weekender t. Petty rubbish Posts deleted posts altered, veiled threats People who do not like abuse but abuse me. Still there are lovely people around like the good people who came to my defence and like your goodself. Jane are you going to Summer Soulstice if so we will see you there Take care and have a good day at work Lots of love Lynn xxxx

Jane at 9:43:33 Wednesday June 20 2007
Mass....Good to see you this morning from the window...when are they going to let me out! Next week? Hello Lynn, how are you? I can't believe the abuse you got yesterday from the other website. Jane x

Lynn at 8:59:10 Wednesday June 20 2007
Marky . Hi Jester, looking forward to Saturday not long now Thank you for your Myspace advice, when I start up again will follow your tips. Tried to set up another site yesterday but hurried myself and made a few boo boos. Shall take some time out to do it properly Take care all of you Love Lynn xx

Mass in Work at 8:54:33 Wednesday June 20 2007
Jane... Good to see you at the Window again.Pizza Express?

BGG at 7:54:6 Wednesday June 20 2007
Morning all Yeah Niki I really would consider a new moderator as MM is definately NOT up to the job

Marky Mark in Crap moderator at 7:37:26 Wednesday June 20 2007
Lynn dont worry what the junta put up, their just as bad as posting on here lol ........ I'l say it for you !!!!!TWO FACED C**T !!!!!!

Marky Mark at 7:34:13 Wednesday June 20 2007
Jester ring me later 0n 07931 848058

2nd From Left at 3:58:21 Wednesday June 20 2007
.. I may go to bed or I may not

Jester in struting to Jeannie Tracy's I'm You Genie at 1:19:4 Wednesday June 20 2007
MOrn' - Lynn - sorry to hear of your 'Myspace' problems ...fookin' hackers!!!
All I have learnt on my time there is not to accept invitations from peeps that I can't access their account (or it looks 'un-connected' with Soul music)', and to always log on through www.myspace.com and not through a third party link, then I'm usually fine>
Marky - glad you got your digs sorted ..will they let you in @ 6am (coz you are not aware what's going down afterwards ...shhhhhh!!!). Put it this way, if I don't see that perculiarly large ruck-sack and you make use of the rather large area to be discreet then fook it ..I'll have one
One sleep to go (in Nightcruisin' lingo )

helen in Basildon... for my sins :-) at 1:7:21 Wednesday June 20 2007
Niki, just to say well done honey!! Loads of Congrats, even though somewhat belated - well, you know me.

Lynn at 23:28:4 Tuesday June 19 2007
Ref my postings on CSW website on a posting of mine some wording was changed from Soulboys to Soulshitters. I did not type the offensive term. I just want to put the record straight

Bob Masters at 21:49:17 Tuesday June 19 2007
I have to say Neill, I thought that stunk, stone last mmmmmmmmm !!

Neill at 21:18:20 Tuesday June 19 2007
BM, can you ask 'em for a home address for Bentley Biscuit, so i can go and give him a kick up the arse?

Bob Masters in Profit for day one at Ascot............. at 20:58:48 Tuesday June 19 2007
For those who may have had a flutter, The first one came in stone last, they had excuses and have give me one for Saturday, at Ascot in a race called the Wokingham it's called VIKING SPIRIT and is 16/1 at the moment and he said to have a good bet each way, but they expect it to win . The other one won at 8/1 which isnt bad.

Marlene at 20:53:11 Tuesday June 19 2007
G.A.H Drop me you email address and I'll send you my number again. Hope all is well. XX

SOUL NIGHT INFO at 19:37:14 Tuesday June 19 2007

__MARK__ at 19:29:55 Tuesday June 19 2007
Good evening my lovelies ! Rain soon just what the pansies ordered

G.A.H. at 19:3:2 Tuesday June 19 2007
Marlene or anyone really.. I've wrecked me moblie & lost all me numbers in case anyone thinks i'm ignoring em

Northern Mick at 18:46:10 Tuesday June 19 2007
SV will soon be here

Soulville Hq at 18:27:17 Tuesday June 19 2007
Roll Roll up all you luvvlies .....for all of you going to Soulvillge or thinking of booking please quote RR002 OR SOULVILLE ....FOR MORE INFO VISIT www.soul-village.com ... We know some have booked particularly to support the Soulville room present ....much appreciated if you could quote the above ref number thankyou soooo much

Chevvy at 18:24:26 Tuesday June 19 2007
Sqeaky got your text ....you do make us laugh and the pleasure is all our ours hunnie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dagenham town show at 17:26:12 Tuesday June 19 2007
Hi matt, if my memory is correct the lovley Bigger has done the Dagenham Town show the last few years as a P.A with a soul & RB tent with other DJs.

Neill at 15:54:1 Tuesday June 19 2007
Good call Bob.... sadly it's not the first time Aidan O'Brien has f*cked up a lovely June afternoon!

Good Jump.. at 14:1:16 Tuesday June 19 2007
2.30 Pencil Hill/Declaration Of War 3.05 Takeover Target 3.45 Dutch Art/Cockney Rebel/Duke of Marmalade 5.30 Archillies of Troy/Hatta Fort

Matt (Spirit) at 13:46:29 Tuesday June 19 2007
Iodine - you got mail

Markh at 13:44:4 Tuesday June 19 2007
Next month sees the Summer Edition of "Soul 4 Real" take place at the Kiosko del Arenal in Bilbao on the weekend of 27/28th July. Djs include IU Adell,Ismael Garcia,Jose Liedo ,Alex and Aitor plus Special Guests Mark Houghton and newly added to the roster Paul Thrower. Cheap flights are still available and the weekend comes highly recommended . I`ll be posting more details in the near future but feel free to contact me if more info is required

Markh at 13:42:46 Tuesday June 19 2007
Just a reminder that this Wed (20th June) A New Chapter returns at The 3 Blind Mice (formerly Smersh Bar), 5 Ravey St (just off Great Eastern St) London EC2. Joining regulars Gareth Donovan,Steve Cole and Mark Houghton will be Special Guest Mick O Donnell (Soul Discovery -209 radio.com). Come along and hear the best new independant Soul releases played alongside quality oldies and New Chapter anthems.

Norwich Simon at 13:41:3 Tuesday June 19 2007
Matt, don't be a stranger mate, drop me a line

Lynn at 13:21:57 Tuesday June 19 2007
Sorry about this have cancelled my new account. Have tried to rush things. Will be back with a new site sometime in the future

alfie.p at 12:47:19 Tuesday June 19 2007
what a great afternoon was had by all on the soul cruise on sunday.big thanks to mr pual.t and jamie for all the effort they put in.it was very appriciated by all.the many bottles of stella and magners helped a bit with the swaying.on board.got some great pictures too. hopefully we can do it all again at chi soul in august. cheers alfie

Lynn at 12:10:24 Tuesday June 19 2007
http://home.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user&MyToken=291dbcdd-f1f4-45aa-b573-fe30a99c05de. Have set up a basic page, please send friends requests to it. Thanks Lynn

Bob Masters in off to Ascot at 11:34:50 Tuesday June 19 2007
For those of you who like a flutter I've been given two tip's for Ascot this afternoon : LINDORO Each Wat 2.30pm and EXCELLENT ART 3.45PM. "Fill Ya Boots"

Lynn at 10:59:29 Tuesday June 19 2007
Thanks Debs, how very strange. Have never misused or abused or criticised the site . Was fine yesterday, now I have been removed from all friends profiles. All my messages and profile the lot gone. Had some really good friends on there. gutted

Matt (Spirit) at 10:55:49 Tuesday June 19 2007
Niki, Kaya and crew. Long time no hear. Hope everyone's doing fine and keeping the faith and all that. Got a question for the Essex massive on here. Has anyone been to the Dagenham Town Show? If so, in your opinion, do you think a DJ bus featuring good soulful sounds would go down well there? Or is it just jam and cakes and kids on bouncy castles and no one interested in that kind of affair? Any advice much appreciated.

Debs at 10:48:4 Tuesday June 19 2007
Oops sorry Sloen

Debs at 10:45:31 Tuesday June 19 2007
Ellie and Sloan are we there yet

Debs at 10:41:45 Tuesday June 19 2007
Morning everyone Lynn u have been wiped from mine as well

Lynn at 10:7:14 Tuesday June 19 2007
Morning Ellie have sent them a message as it does not come under their help section as you said I don't exist on any of my friends profiles anymore. Have done nothing wrong or ever misused the site to be deleted Love Lynn

Ellie at 10:1:35 Tuesday June 19 2007
Lynn i've jsut checked theere is a help section if youi log into myspace on very first page top right hand corner "HELP" if you clik on this is takes you through a series of FAQ's one of which is " I think someone has compromised my account, I can,t log in " ?.. give it a try Ells x x x

Ellie at 9:58:17 Tuesday June 19 2007

Morning loverlies ....only 4 more sleps till SUMMER SOULSTICE .... oooooo am eggcitered OH Lynn that's a bit strange !!! think someone must have hacked your account... I've tried to find you on my freinds page and you've disappeared .. even under the comments you sent me it says "this profile no longer exists " have you tried typing in your URL into your browser ? ...can't think what else to do ..is there a help line ?....

Lynn at 9:24:36 Tuesday June 19 2007
A message for my Myspace buddies, My page seems to no longer exist Comes up as invalid friendship. Message says either has been cancelled or deleted. Had a strange friend request the other week, someone asked to be my friend but nothing under friends requests section. Can anyone please enlighten me to what has happened as not a happy bunny Any help would be appreciated Thanks Lynn XXXX

Abbo at 7:49:16 Tuesday June 19 2007
29 th JUNE,SOTRC present an evening of Soul,Jazz,Funk and Soulful House in two rooms room 1 soul and anthems ,room 2 jazz and House in it's various guise's at the INN ON THE LAKE, Gravesend just off A2,SOTRC DJ'S plus Guests Pedroni,Scouserpaul and Ginger Tony

SQUEAKY at 22:53:19 Monday June 18 2007
Fantastic night at the Ditch Bar on Saturday. Great music from Little Stevie and Ash. Little Stevie and Siobhan thanks for having us all back at your afterparty. Really enjoyed the whole evening....XXX

Bernadette in back from Ibiza - if i hear another fooking rave choon...gggrrr! at 22:28:44 Monday June 18 2007
sounds like you all had a fab weekend glad to hear the party went well Nelly belated happy birthday to Stevie Cee...funny i always have that problem on the boats

Marky Mark at 22:20:2 Monday June 18 2007
Marky the website had to be moved and you will need to clear your cache memory to view the new site at www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk ....... the chatroom has not been installed yet

Ellie in saying hiyer to Stevie n Alfie at 22:17:35 Monday June 18 2007
,,herloooo petal .... was cracking day wasn't it ... thakfully .. no more scars !!!!!!! lol xxx c ya soon

Norwich Simon at 22:13:56 Monday June 18 2007
Did a lot for charriddy though Tone

G.A.H. at 21:37:45 Monday June 18 2007
Bernard Manning.. Rest in peace.. Nah hope the fat fcker suffers in eternal agony

Stevie Cee at 21:29:52 Monday June 18 2007
Fantastic day out on the Soul Cruise yesterday - hats off the Jamie McGreal and all the DJs who made it such a great day out on the Thames. Me and Alfie we're weaving about all over the place - hmmm, must have been trying to find our Sea Legs...

ActionManTone at 21:18:3 Monday June 18 2007
Yes Selina The Sound Stylistics were FUNKTASTIC & Dominic AKA Dj Deirdre was on fine form, bumped into him outside The Spread Eagle at 7PM having a few wet ones !!. Ya Funky Trumpeter was socially relaxed by the time they came on stage MacMan I'm onboard for the 30th August mate, see ya at Summersoulstice on Sat.

Ellie at 20:52:38 Monday June 18 2007
...erm that was me posted thatr .. am just getting soooo frustrated !!! cos thsi is 2nd time i've had to re register .....

Marky mark at 20:50:59 Monday June 18 2007
I've had to re register for JSR ??? wouldn't let me on .. and now i've reregistered it wont let me in the chat room .. and i cant se any of the menu options !!!! grrrrrrrrrr.. am listening to MarkG but canny gfet in to chat !!!

G.A.H. at 20:48:16 Monday June 18 2007
Or an even better idea. Let's get a well known US based Digital d/l site to do a show.. That way we can get a slice of their exorbitant charges & the discerning listeners can all play the same music when they Dj to each other. House music all night long

Northern Mick at 20:35:6 Monday June 18 2007

G.A.H. at 20:26:29 Monday June 18 2007
How about getting Danny Rampling & Sarah HB too.. Then Dean Savonne or Trouble would be even better.. Kick any one off playing Soul music & just play House.. Brilliant!! Get's my vote.

Northern Mick at 20:21:38 Monday June 18 2007
Hi Ellie, thanks , yes it was very successful back with you on JSR this Sunday with a new time of 2000 hrs !

Ellie at 20:19:40 Monday June 18 2007
welcome bak Mick ..hope trip was successful xx Lynn angelpie you know where to find me if you need ((((((HUGZ)))))))) We;re having a girly revolt over on EMS forum !!!!!! ..

Norwich Simon at 20:7:53 Monday June 18 2007

G.A.H. at 20:3:38 Monday June 18 2007
Amazed.. OO i'm so excited.. Same as i was 15yrs ago when they played on Kiss..

Northern Mick at 20:2:28 Monday June 18 2007
Evening all...sounds like everybody had a top weekend !!Chuffed that your birthday bash went well Neil !!Frankfurt was HOT !!!arrived at Stansted this afternoon to rain !what a surprise !

Brian Mac at 17:12:41 Monday June 18 2007
Selina .. missed a good night at Jazz Cafe last week for the Sound Stylistics .. but worry not .. they are back on the 30th August replacing the now cancelled Marlena Shaw concerts .. Dominic was asking after you last week as he missed your support and attentiveness

Amazed in fort brandon at 16:53:46 Monday June 18 2007

HAPPY FEET at 15:12:6 Monday June 18 2007
Carol you have mail

ssradiouk, new mix online.... in london at 14:12:35 Monday June 18 2007
link below to my recent ssradiouk online mix, enjoy !! ***http://www.ssradiouk.com/index.php?id=3996*** Deep, Jazzy and Soulful Grooves With Marky Mark 16th Jun 2007 Listen again (for another 43 days) Subscribe to the podcast ## Artist Title Mix Label 01 anthony nicholson ahh sabu n2s cdr Buy 02 alton miller possibilities zoetic r2 Buy 03 vic lavender ft carla prather respect our love cdr Buy 04 glenn underground soft cell Buy 05 markus enochson ft michael mcdonald day and night Buy 06 incognito this thing bootie Buy 07 cosmosis tell her white Buy 08 theo parrish the rink sound signature Buy 09 down to the bone space dust narada jazz Buy 10 wood,brass and steel always there Buy 11 the richie family frenesi dimitri bbe Buy 12 george duke i want you for myself tom moulton Buy 13 mr ali i feel you disco mix cdr Buy 14 frankie knuckles only the strong survive instrumental Buy 15 monday michiru the right time jepth guillaume king street Buy 16 anthony nicholson all over n2s cdr Buy 17 working underneath speak to me 280 west phuture sole Buy 18 tama waipara where i go nathan haines cdr Buy 19 shuya okino ft blaze love is the key phil asher especial Buy 20 peven everett puerto rico kindred Buy 21 ben westbeech hang around karizma Buy 22 patchworks celebration amp fiddler still music Buy 23 spinna we can change papa Buy 24 elements of life fever louie vega vega Buy 25 groove collective stargazer Buy Posted by markymark on Sat 16th Jun 2007 @ 14:00 BST

Carol at 14:12:32 Monday June 18 2007
Hi HF - yes please! Will have a look x

Lynn at 14:1:21 Monday June 18 2007
Thank you ever so much Nurse Doris and Jane XX Sorry to hear what happened to your brother Jane but it is brilliant he is doing so well, long may it continue. Glad they are looking sfter him XXX Nurse Doris, you ladies are angels at the hospital.I am sure they would have had me in before now if they were really worried and I am not losing weight so even though I have had no diagnosis confirmed I try and take heart from that Love to you both Lynn XXX

Nurse Doris at 13:39:23 Monday June 18 2007
Lynn - all the best for next week - I'm sure it'll be OK.

Jane at 12:51:22 Monday June 18 2007
Lynn good luck for next Tuesday, will be thinking of you. It's an horrible wait and I know how you feel. My brother was diagnosed with a brain tumour two years ago, he had 95% of the tumour removed, he goes to the hospital every 3 months for scan and a check up and so far its been good news. So all the best for next Tuesday and take care. Jane xx

Lynn at 11:18:50 Monday June 18 2007
s/be love Lynn

Lynn at 11:18:4 Monday June 18 2007
Hi Jane, please don't apologise for bringing up hospital, We are off to London next Tuesday. As I have a white patch at the mo I reckon They will biopsy if it has not gone this time. Was told last time will have to attend for three monthly and six monthly checkups. Hoping for a definative diagnosis this time Wish it was all over . Lo9ve lynn xxxxxx

HAPPY FEET at 10:33:49 Monday June 18 2007
Carol if you and Andy are interested in the Brussels weekender I will forward you details.

Carol at 10:27:41 Monday June 18 2007

Jane at 10:16:20 Monday June 18 2007
Hello Tony, I make you right it wouldn't have made a great fashion statement couldn't see it taking off in vogue could you so glad its gone, am Malteser free X Hello Lynn, yes such a shame we missed one and other last Saturday Am sure our paths will cross soon? Hope all is well with yourself, sorry to bring it up but any news from the hospital yet? xx Hi ya Mass, me and girls are good thanks Hope you are ok? Sounds like you had a blast on Friday at Joshy Football presentation? When are you coming out to play? the girls and I haven't seen you for ages and we are missing that smile of yours Jane x x

Mass in Work at 9:36:59 Monday June 18 2007
Morning Jane..... Sorry couldnt make Ditch Bar, Football commitments. Hope you and the girls are ok.

Lynn at 9:32:11 Monday June 18 2007
Morning Jane, Glad you had a great weekend, so sorry to have missed you the other week at the Chelmer as so hoped to meet you. Hope to see you soon Glad everyone had a great time at the Ditch bar on Saturday. Lots of Love Lynn xxxx

Ginger Tony at 8:53:33 Monday June 18 2007
Morning Jane! Glad to see the Malteser is on his merry way. As fashions go, I don't think it was ever going to take off! X

Ginger Tony at 8:51:4 Monday June 18 2007
Morning all! Cheers Chevvy and Stevie for being the hosties with the mosties! Thanks Nats for the Thai green curry and the sunday morning baking powder dance-off was fun too! Shame I didn't stay for the rug-race. Kim (ipod), I don't mind if you blame me if it makes you feel better...

Jane at 8:47:24 Monday June 18 2007
Morning gang, what a top night at the Ditch Bar on Saturday, well done Dave for putting it on each month Stevie you played a wicked sets my friend Good to see so many faces, can't list you all but you know who you are Hello Ginger Tony and Selina, Nat (let me know when you are running and I will come and support you), Lynn, Chevvy and Stevie, Sharpy, Ash, Mass, Richard Soulville and Bigger hope you are all keeping well? Am looking forward to next months Ditch Bar although before that we are at Lacys and then Soul Village how busy are we! Jane x

Wayne A at 5:56:46 Monday June 18 2007
Great night at Nelly`s 40th Sat.hope you enjoyed it has much has i did fella. .Neil,best hangover cure is having me son challange me to a light sabre fight Sun morning Just what i needed on fathers dayStevie cee,sorry never wished ya happy birthday Sat,i didn`t know mate.Belated happy birthday mate

Sharpy in going to bed at 23:9:11 Sunday June 17 2007
what a good night at the ditch had great fun. thanks Chev and stevie for the after party hit was hamazing

Wayne at 21:34:54 Sunday June 17 2007
Carol you mean HF your still drunk girl hic hic

Marky Mark at 20:38:33 Sunday June 17 2007
managed to get booked in to the premier lodge at South mimms..........BUT cant book in till 2pm Question for Gilo or jester? Can we take our own booze or does it have to be bought on site?

Carol at 20:18:36 Sunday June 17 2007
HP - apologise to your lovely lady for me...I was rabbiting on to her for ages last night - I think we were swapping scuba tales! I was in fact very very drunk..

G.A.H. at 19:45:29 Sunday June 17 2007

HAPPY FEET at 18:42:17 Sunday June 17 2007
Hi Carol nice to see you again no im not 43 but feeling like 73 today Thanks for all the grt tunes at Nellys 40th party Neil I did like your version of Where are all my friends classic Nice to see you Marcus Brian and Everton ,lovely bagels Niki

Carol in bit delicate.. at 17:57:46 Sunday June 17 2007
Thanks Neil and Niki - really enjoyed last night..I think! remember staggering across Tower Bridge in bare feet singing at 2am, then it all goes blank! Mr Carol also had a v nice time! See you soon xx

Abbo at 17:19:1 Sunday June 17 2007
29 th JUNE,SOTRC present an evening of Soul,Jazz,Funk and Soulful House in two rooms room 1 soul and anthems ,room 2 jazz and House in it's various guise's at the INN ON THE LAKE, Gravesend just off A2,SOTRC DJ'S plus Guests Pedroni,Scouserpaul and Ginger Tony

Kim (iPOD) at 16:43:10 Sunday June 17 2007
Well, what a fantastic night - Chevvy big thanks for looking after me Stevie as always luv you... Ginger - i blame you!!! xxx RD thanks for the birthday pressie xxx big thanks to everyone else xx have a good chill out sunday xxxx

Kim (iPOD) at 16:43:1 Sunday June 17 2007
Well, what a fantastic night - Chevvy big thanks for looking after me Stevie as always luv you... Ginger - i blame you!!! xxx RD thanks for the birthday pressie xxx big thanks to everyone else xx have a good chill out sunday xxxx

litle stevie in S AND S CRIB at 16:17:25 Sunday June 17 2007
Big thanx S to every one who came to the ditch last night great night pumping music big time just like the old days .Johnny baby u r a star christie like wise;sqeeky love u ;caron and anthony dogs bollocks man madgella and lou thank u.I pod u r my sister luv; u GT u r the man nice up the dance with nats;Tracy still cracking jokes BRITIAN'S GOT TALENT. RD BIG THANX BRUV Sharpy can't wait 4 our project to kick of bruv u know we r gonna kick some ass.Last but not least my wifey u r every thing to me siobhan TI AMO MOLTO. CIAO ARRIVADECI A PROSSIMA TORNEO.

R D at 13:37:48 Sunday June 17 2007
Thanks to all that came down and made it a good night at the Ditch Bar last night, good turn out,a big thanks to Chevvy and STEVIE, well done you bought half a club full .Great music from djs,litle Stevie, Ash Selector, Marky Mark, Ruth Fisher, Leroy Waren.Next event SATURDAY JULY 21st DJ line up is BIGGER, JAMES ANTHONY, GINGER TONY, SHARPY, DJ BIRDY.5 4 members b4 11pm free membership 9pm--4am see event page for full details.

Stevie Cee at 11:29:48 Sunday June 17 2007
Just popped on here - thanks for all the birthday wishes - I was really surprised and chuffed . You're right Dawn, how can it be six years since the F&S at the Light Bar? Amazing. Scary. Great night last night at Nelly's bash at the River Bar!

Mark G in Jerry Warren on Solar radio at 11:2:11 Sunday June 17 2007
Have a Great Day everyone... Don't forget Soul Purpose 9 - Friday 22nd - See www.soul-purpose.net for details - nice warm-up session for Summer Soulstice

Ellie in donning water wings n flippers at 8:58:49 Sunday June 17 2007

Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Have a great day all you daddies...speshully Nellyh whose our newest daddie ..aww bless x

Nat & gt at 7:43:42 Sunday June 17 2007
still doing northern & baking powder Is it tomorrow yet ?

Lynn at 7:20:56 Sunday June 17 2007
Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there. Hope you are all spoiled rotten. Congrats Nelly and to all other new Dads to your first Fathers Day Even tho Geoff is not a dad he still gets treated and we are of to Birmingham for the BBC Good Food Show where there will be all manner of alchoholic beverages to try and goodies to eat. Have a goodun Love Lynn XXXX

Brian Mac at 4:46:7 Sunday June 17 2007
Thoroughly enjoyable birthday 'soiree' (as described below) .. thanks to all and the Brick Lane bagel supplier in their absence.......*** next links not for Nelly's eyes and ears.....for Niki and Marcus here is the link to Connie on Britains Got Talent .. 6 years old and qualideeee .....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En0A8KGMgq8 .... she sang Ben tonight although with a few wavers (don't care as at her age its understandable) and is in the final tomorrow .. given the normal line up at the Royal Variety (not watched for years) I think most of the finalists should appear .. better than most of the stars IMO......g'night

Nelly in doors drinking all me birfdee booze!! at 2:34:23 Sunday June 17 2007
Firstly, thank you to everyone that came tonight to my little birthday soiree. Particularly to Wayne, Binsy & some bird called Niki for spinning some top drawer tuneage & to Mole for supplying the equipment. So much for me cutting back on the drinking........only 23 bottles of JD & stuff to consume over the next few (3) days!! Please don't ring us early as I may have to kill you. Thanks Norven Mick for the Transantlantic phone call. Belated birthday wishes to Stevie C & happy hols to Bernadette & Drumstix. ......ooh me bleedin' 'ead 'urts.... Toodle pip.

Niki at 18:20:50 Saturday June 16 2007
Details for Nelly (& Stevie cee) birthday bash tonight for those asking.... The Cellar Bar, Downstairs @ The River Bar, 208 Tower Bridge Road London SE1 2UP. The River Bar is on Tower Bridge Road on the South Side approach to Tower Bridge Please note: ENTRANCE TO CELLAR BAR IS TO REAR OF RIVER BAR IN HORSELYDOWN LANE. All welcome. See you there.

Niki at 18:17:26 Saturday June 16 2007
Hi Ellie, no worries see ya soon

Ellie in at 17:50:48 Saturday June 16 2007
Drumstix .. you must have been dancin over here cos it's brilliant blue sky and sunshine in Putney now .. so thanks ....Nelly and Nikki have a fabby time tonight .. don't thin am gonna make it cos am soooo knackered after last ngihts shenanigans ..had best tiem at Light of the World concert .. and I got the Chi Soul river cruise tomorrow .... catch up soon hopefully at next Mental x have a blast tonight xxxxxxxxx

Drumstix in Doing a Sundance...which works for a bit then it rains at 17:1:41 Saturday June 16 2007
Hello all, and Happy BUFF day Stevie, I remember the Friends and Strangers do that you Cj and Alfie did about Six years ago (oh mi god was it really that long ago?) at that lovely bar in Bishopsgate, I had a bloody good boogie I did....have a great birthday weekend - Chick D x

Brian Mac at 15:59:11 Saturday June 16 2007
Ring A Ding Ding

Mark G at 14:57:25 Saturday June 16 2007
Ding Dong....

Jester at 14:55:3 Saturday June 16 2007
Cheers MaB ..see ya there with bells on

Mark G at 14:52:30 Saturday June 16 2007
Hi Ellie - No im not the same one - but thanks anyway. Hi Niki - give my belated birthday wishes to Nelly

Jester in listening to CA Tastrophunk - Don't Stop Baby at 14:50:34 Saturday June 16 2007
Thanks Niki ..07843 668310 for 'beg steal borrow last minute' tickets now
Just shows what the big fella really meant to us all!!!

Niki at 14:28:50 Saturday June 16 2007
See those of you who can make it at Nelly's party tonight....

Niki at 14:27:37 Saturday June 16 2007
Afternoon Jester & Gilo, well done on making the total. Brilliant. Are all the tickets sold out for Soulstice now?

Ellie in ...recovering slowly listenign to some nice choons from Mr Collins on Starpoint at 13:37:16 Saturday June 16 2007
Hiyer MarkG .. are the MarkG i chat to on JSR ??? if sooo big (((hugz))) and are you going to summer soulstice next week ? enjoyed show on Monday night immensely

_sharpy_ at 12:20:59 Saturday June 16 2007

Mark G at 12:3:39 Saturday June 16 2007
Aftrnoon Jester - Congratualtions on the sterling work carried out by Mr & Mrs Pratt and yourself

Jester at 12:0:7 Saturday June 16 2007
Almost there Giles ..just put your name in caps between the two underscores either side
..so it should look like this

Mark G at 12:0:4 Saturday June 16 2007
Gilo - Try upper case...

Giloboy at 11:59:30 Saturday June 16 2007

Sharpy at 11:56:7 Saturday June 16 2007
Mr bob masters can you email me your number need to pick your knowledgeable mind thanks

Sharpy in listening to ash at 11:54:14 Saturday June 16 2007
good choons for an ex brummy

Gilo in Barnet Baby at 11:44:44 Saturday June 16 2007
Jester refresh my memory , is it __Gilo__ ?? Debs , you'll be fine next week just like the weather !!

Debs at 11:39:31 Saturday June 16 2007
Hi Gilo not bad thanx hoping to be fit for next Saturday can't wait

Ellie in examing bruise n cut on forehead !!!!!!! at 11:6:54 Saturday June 16 2007
.....ha ha Jester .. all lessons welcome am still a newbie at this all night soulin thingie !!!! next itme I'll have more water with the MOHITAS

Giloboy at 11:1:10 Saturday June 16 2007
You forgotten how to use this fella?? Jest.

Gilo in listening to the selector at 10:57:6 Saturday June 16 2007
Mornin all , weather lookin good !! I feel some umbrellas comin on !! Jester - Nightcrusin ' lessons - oooooooh Matroooonn !! Debs ,how 's it goin ??

ash selector in solar at 10:33:33 Saturday June 16 2007
morning all

Debs in LISTENING TO ASH at 10:17:17 Saturday June 16 2007

SOUL11SOUL@HERBAL SATURDAY.16TH JUNE at 10:4:49 Saturday June 16 2007
SATURDAY.16TH JUNE & EVERY THIRD SATURDAY OF THE MONTH.! SOUL II SOUL Sound System @ Herbal,Shoreditch~~~~~~~ 16th JUNE 2007 SOUL II SOUL The Sound System @ Herbal, 10-14 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London E2. Time: 9pm 5am Every third Saturday of the month, its all about expression with the original SOUL II SOUL sound system DJs. JAZZIE B, AITCH, JAZZ E.Q & DADDAE Dip into their musical baskets and pull out those musical gems, to generate a good vibe sensation and raise the dance-floor pressure. A HAPPY FACE, A THUMPING BASS FOR A LOVING RACE SOUL II SOUL The Sound System @ Herbal, 10-14 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London E2.

Jester at 9:59:50 Saturday June 16 2007
Morn' all - Ellie I'll have to give you some lessons of a Nightcruisin' variety Happy Birthday Stevie!!

GARAGE CITY -SATURDAY 16TH JUNE at 9:56:44 Saturday June 16 2007

Marky Mark at 9:37:3 Saturday June 16 2007
Morning peeps !...Good luck chevvy and sharpie with this venturetongue Morning peeps!I will be up the 2 Soul in the city " tonight doing a lecture on raspberries and Black currents as requested by RD...... God knows what the bros will make of this ! ............ As for getting Charlie out! Yer dont mind if you do but hope it aint cut with Baking powder

Ellie in .....sssshhhhhhh at 9:29:36 Saturday June 16 2007
mornign loverlies .....wispers only today please..i've just discovered I'm too old to go partying all night !!!!!

Ellie in HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVIE CEE at 9:26:59 Saturday June 16 2007

COOL MySpace Comments have a great day sweetie xxxxxx

darren in my bacon boxers at 8:26:6 Saturday June 16 2007
evening nice soulie folks.listening to the ginger one before i jump into the land of nod...first things first though....bacon buttie time .....ktf.....darren

Ginger Tony in ...lucozade please. at 8:7:55 Saturday June 16 2007
Morning all! Happy Birthday to ya Stevie C.!!! Happy Birthday to my mate Bob! X Hi Debs, congrats to yourself and Bob.

Debs in WAITING FOR THE GINGER ONE AND ASH at 7:41:21 Saturday June 16 2007

Sharpy at 1:6:50 Saturday June 16 2007
http://www.parkermcmillan.co.uk/.one for your diarys. Saturday 4th August at Parker Mcmillan 47 Chiswell Street, london nr liverpool street (opposite the brewery) the launch night for Southport Choices C. London. Dj's on the night Bobby and Steve (the legends), Steve Butler (southport) Seth Sanchez (soul heaven, the manor) and little stevie and Sharpy. your support will be appretiated.

Sharpy at 1:2:43 Saturday June 16 2007
http://www.parkermcmillan.co.uk/.one for your diarys. Saturday 4th August at Parker Mcmillan 47 Chiswell Street, london nr liverpool street (opposite the brewery) the launch night for Southport Choices. Dj's on the night Bobby and Steve (the legends), Steve Butler (southport) Seth Sanchez (soul heaven, the manor) and little stevie and Sharpy. your support will be appretiated.

Sharpy in lost more money at poker i want my cards back at 1:0:49 Saturday June 16 2007
I bet jay hated it.. in the comedy of borat NOT!!! i'm sure you will become enlightened. ask her also about google that one will get a reaction

Selina in doing stuff with flowers !!!! at 0:57:4 Saturday June 16 2007
Yeah Right, Atfer stopping her jumping around being tttooo citied about being out, I'm going in with that one liner about the shower. More likey talk about the last time I saw her, dancing on stage a A. O'Neil Jay being theonlt fella and 17 Girls.

Sharpy at 0:53:5 Saturday June 16 2007
tiz a ponderer. she's high maintanance. though ask her tommorow about the bespoke shower door. Jay loves talking about it.

Selina at 0:45:20 Saturday June 16 2007
Yeez, the v same. Remind me agin how she got 36" leg 26" waist and don't love herself. Too be that nice ain't right.

Sharpy in playing poker...badly at 0:39:15 Saturday June 16 2007
do you mean tigger with purple lips t'ara who's marrying my friend Jay purchance. if so will she not smile like coco the clown after many a snakebite and black

Selina at 0:34:36 Saturday June 16 2007
Ah Mr. Harpy, I'll be in Colchester with the lovely T'ara and 9 other ladies. What ya listening to. Mr P. Couser, will be seeing you v soon BabyCakes.

Sharpy at 0:31:46 Saturday June 16 2007
i will selina don't worry

Selina in not having to play netball tomorrow at 0:30:34 Saturday June 16 2007
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVIE C. Listening to I Pod, trying to be quite not to wake up The Ginger One. All those going out with him tomorrow please look after him.

Sharpy in listening to kev hill at 0:13:55 Saturday June 16 2007
one for your diarys. Saturday 4th August at Parker Mcmillan 47 Chiswell Street, london nr liverpool street (opposite the brewery) the launch night for Southport Choices. Dj's on the night Bobby and Steve (the legends), Steve Butler (southport) Seth Sanchez (soul heaven, the manor) and little stevie and Sharpy. your support will be appretiated.