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March 16th to 31st 2007

Doctor Bob Jones in in F'in gooner hellllllll!! at 23:34:7 Saturday March 31 2007
Talk about gooner hell, gooner shite more like.....Yes Frostie it's not just me who's feeling it..... Debs is feeling the gooner crap as well....

Gavin Page in Reminder at 22:50:38 Saturday March 31 2007
Only One week away now, hope to see some of you there. Gonna be another cracking nite Soul Sam Ali & John Ady Pountain Dave Thorley Malayka Gavin Page Mark Randle Meg Wilshire Guests James Trouble, Roger Williams and a welcome return for Lars Bulnheim 2 rooms Killer 60's and 70's driving beats in one, cool contempary tunes in the other. 8pm-3am. Solihull fc, Damson Parkway, Solihull, Birmingham.

Soulful Garage at 22:31:37 Saturday March 31 2007

Frostie in Just about to leave to do the Sisters Of Sound at 21:11:28 Saturday March 31 2007
Allo Maaaates!Yeah after spending the morning in bed taking a well deserved rest(I can understand what you must be going through Bob)I gotta say that both GTs and Ashes shows excelled themselves this morning.Why did I switch on Sky Sports??

Bernadette at 19:16:46 Saturday March 31 2007
thanks Tony I know I will be properly represented

Ginger Tony at 18:6:32 Saturday March 31 2007
Evening all! Just woke up from me afternoon nap (preparation for tonight) had a very silly dream that The Arse got turned over by the 'pool! Silly I know!!! Leave that one with Selina, Bernadette. See some of you later...

Bernadette at 15:31:9 Saturday March 31 2007
Those Mentalling tonight have great time and can someone dance about like a lunatic as i can't be there

DEBS AND DR BOB in IN GOONER HELL at 14:48:52 Saturday March 31 2007

barry the yid at 14:21:44 Saturday March 31 2007
went to see sharon jones and the dap kings last night at the jazz cafe.the lead guitarist was a a bloke called binky griptite,you dont get names like that anymore!

Northern Mick at 14:21:31 Saturday March 31 2007
Kit done.!!...on my way soon .....MENTAL here I come Nelly mines a pint

scouser at 13:57:57 Saturday March 31 2007
Sadly, I can't go to Soulville due to work. Grrrr. I'm sure you'll all have a blast as always. Meantime, I'm looking forward to Soul Village where I'll be unleashing a fearsome array of weapons-grade tuneage. Tonight it's Mental where, after our beer-fuelled head wet/stag do tour of Soho, some astonishingly poor dancing will done. See you at the bar.

Marky Mark at 13:31:3 Saturday March 31 2007
Getting buzzed up for next weekend!

Richard in soulville hq at 13:12:2 Saturday March 31 2007
Looks like we are in for a nice weekend next week. we are smaller but much stronger ,we are very much alive and kicking,roll on next week please ring me on 01493651487 or01493651272 if any one needs help.Sup Bob Masters .

Debs at 13:9:36 Saturday March 31 2007

Jester at 13:2:10 Saturday March 31 2007
Soulville (updated) Easter Weekend Great Yarmouth Soul - Boogie - Rare Groove - Soulfulhouse - Jazz & Funk Modern - Y2k+ - 2Step - Latin - Rare Disco - Beer! Friday @ Kingshead pub Northagte Street GT Yarmouth Frostie Markymark JSR Jester Sharpy, Dave Blow Richard Felstead others Saturday @ Mission LUNCHTIME onwards Frostie Markymark JSR Jester Sharpy, Dave Blow Richard Felstead others NIGHT Ash Selector Fitzroy da Buzzboy James Anthony INFO 01493 651487 (Richard) b&bs from £15 per night

Bev at 12:39:34 Saturday March 31 2007
Hey BOGNOR BIRD - let's move on. Heard bout ur illness and don't wish that on anynone - hey we woz bestest buddy pals once and I miss that. B happy u and Bob and pleeze stop all this nonsense. In life we only ever know half the story wid everyone we meet - we can only hope that we is all HONEST Love and Peace AND I WILL BE HERE 4EVER AND ALWAYS COZ THE CHOONS R ME PASSION AND ME LIFE

Debs in ASH BEHAVE at 12:24:26 Saturday March 31 2007

Bev in House me up baby! at 12:20:54 Saturday March 31 2007
Ash tanks

info at 11:37:20 Saturday March 31 2007
whats the line up for soulville?

ash selector in solar at 11:29:20 Saturday March 31 2007
Thanks Bev

Debs in PISSING OURSELVES LARFIN IN SUNNY BOGNOR at 11:12:53 Saturday March 31 2007

Bev in oh yes oh yes at 11:10:22 Saturday March 31 2007
COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ash thanks 4 da choons

ash selector in solar at 11:9:18 Saturday March 31 2007
Thanks Dr bob, all good mate, GT'S hidden the saturday boy

Doctor Bob Jones in chillin' and stuff u know.. at 11:2:23 Saturday March 31 2007
Yes Ash, nice show mate, trust your good. Watch out for the Sat boy and you behave - Alright! The Dr.

Marcus at 10:18:32 Saturday March 31 2007
...OOOPS and last but not very least mr Ash Selector.

Bev in I is chooned in ASH at 10:18:10 Saturday March 31 2007

ash selector in solar at 10:15:40 Saturday March 31 2007
got me flask of coffee, ready for another 4 hr show

Bev at 10:1:18 Saturday March 31 2007
Marky u alrite mate

Marky Mark at 9:58:15 Saturday March 31 2007
OH what a day to talk to the plants!! "THE FUTURES BRIGHT - THE FUTURES ROSE CLEAR "

Debs in WAITING FOR ASH at 9:56:45 Saturday March 31 2007

Aja in Sunny Suffolk at 9:46:59 Saturday March 31 2007
Morning everybody i hope all is well in the wonderful world of soulfull people ! Just been having breakfast listening to Mr Farmer !

Bob Masters at 9:39:58 Saturday March 31 2007

Bev in chooned in2 early mornin sesh at 8:48:43 Saturday March 31 2007

Debs at 8:44:28 Saturday March 31 2007

Jester at 8:42:21 Saturday March 31 2007
Wsssup Bob Hi Marcus & Debs

Bob Masters at 8:39:27 Saturday March 31 2007
I'm not gay............but I am willing to learn.

Marcus in Listening to the Ginger One. at 8:36:55 Saturday March 31 2007
Morning Y'all.Another day entertaining Cerys whilst Sam at workio. Morning Debs and G.T.

Debs in WAITING FOR THE GINGER ONE at 7:56:18 Saturday March 31 2007

R D at 2:37:49 Saturday March 31 2007
hi at 21:22:3 Friday March 30 2007 RD are you gay-------------Gays like men, and you are not a man as you are to afraid to put your name up,and no i am not,BUT IF I WAS YOU WOULD BE SAFE.

Mark H at 0:22:10 Saturday March 31 2007
As i wont be at Mental Soul tomorrow (spinning at the Crown Inin Derby)i hope everyone has a cracking night there (as they normally do).

MOTHER at 22:20:54 Friday March 30 2007
evr1 jus grow up n actt ur age n not ur shoe size this supposed to be all about soul peace and love not stupid skool boy error remarks now get wid it or get lost

hi at 21:22:3 Friday March 30 2007
RD are you gay

Pete Collins at 20:10:30 Friday March 30 2007
Steve what are you like? Fancy forgetting the date How you doing mate, haven't seen you for ages

STEVE DAY at 20:7:41 Friday March 30 2007

R D at 20:6:17 Friday March 30 2007

steve day in FUNK SOUL NITE at 20:5:33 Friday March 30 2007

my name at 19:54:1 Friday March 30 2007
is dave

R D at 19:39:23 Friday March 30 2007
I am not bored,and when are you going to grow a spine and put your name up.

how old are you RD? at 19:31:50 Friday March 30 2007

please give up you are getting sooooo boring at 19:30:29 Friday March 30 2007

R D at 19:17:34 Friday March 30 2007
MR no at 14:28:44 Friday March 30 2007---SHE ALSO HAS £3457.25 To share with you, as she had a busy night with all your uncles at 25p a time.

R D in picks and stones wont at 19:8:52 Friday March 30 2007
no at------ DID YOUR MUM TELL YOU TO SAY THAT.George keep off or i will tell the Mrs.

Marky Mark in Nice bizzie lizzes at 17:52:33 Friday March 30 2007
Afternoon plants

MonuMENTAL Soul - This Saturday at 16:58:4 Friday March 30 2007
Dearest groovy MENTAL Soul people,

London's premier Modern Soul & Crossover night returns this Saturday 31st March 2007 with a very special guest for the evening - top soul DJ and well respected original Caister DJ Chris Brown - digging deep into his soul vaults. Chris has been a stalwart of the Southern soul scene after moving down from Southport in the mid 60s and was the pioneer of the "Surrey" scene. With a soul resume as long as your arm, his biog is too long and illustrious to reproduce here but please take a moment to read more. We know the Surrey folks will all be out to support Chris on his MENTAL debut and we are really honoured that he is guesting for us.

The big event this Saturday is LEE ROTHMAN'S STAG PARTY!! Lee is tying the knot to the lovely Jane Donovan on Good Friday and a day-long drinking session marks the end of his bachelor days. All you stags are welcome - the itinerary for the day is: Meet 3 o'clock at Bar Chocolate, 27 D'Arblay Street W1 then on to Ice Bar, 29 Heddon Street W1 then on to MonuMENTAL for the main event. Not much sense out of Lee & Girth on Saturday night then....

We will also be celebrating the arrival of Niki & Nelly's baby daughter Rachel Daniella Forbes born on 22nd March at 2.40 p.m. weighing 6lb 9oz. Neil will be out wetting the baby's head with all the stags while Niki takes a little sabbatical. Not much sense out of Nelly on Saturday night then....

Your resident MENTAL DJs are Gareth "Girth Devon" Donovan, Mole and Neil "Nelly" Forbes standing in for me, Niki Golding. As always spinning a selection of funky floor-fillers, modern soul anthems, lesser known 60s & 70s, ultra rare crossover and a smattering of new SOUL releases.... something for EVERYONE! The very best in QUALITY SOUL old and new. A night of great soul music and great company at a great venue, with a big wooden floor made for dancing and our legendary pub priced beer and draught bitter.

See you on Saturday

Niki, Girth, Mole & Nelly


Monumental Soul
@ The Britannia
20 Monument Street
London EC3R 8AJ

London's premier Modern Soul & Crossover night

Doors: 8.30pm to 2am
Tax: seven quid

The Britannia is by The Monument - just a 30 second stroll down the hill from Monument Tube station (District & Circle Lines, and foot tunnel to Northern & Central Lines), walking distance to Fenchurch Street, Cannon Street, London Bridge (just over the river) and Liverpool Street Rail stations. If you're coming by car, Monument Street is just off King William St/London Bridge and Lower Thames Street. There is plenty of free street parking close to the venue - enter Monument Street via Eastcheap then down Pudding Lane or Botolph Lane. See http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=EC3R+8AJ&ie=UTF8&z=17&ll=51.510285,-0.086432&spn=0.002798,0.010729&om=1.

MonuMENTAL Dates for 2007:
March 31st - with guest Chris Brown
May 26th - with guest Sean Hampsey
June 30th - with guest Bob Cosby
August 25th - with guest Dave Thorley
September 29th - with guest Jordi Rippolles
October 27th - with guest Terry Jones
November 24th - with guest Bully & Tats Taylor
December 31st - SPECIAL EVENT Niki's 40th Birthday Party

Markthecabbie in Listening listening listening at 15:34:54 Friday March 30 2007
Bang goes my proofreading career.

Markthecabbie in lstening to Dr.Bob interview at 15:33:58 Friday March 30 2007
Apologies if its old news but came across this on another forum.Theres a download of an interview with Bob on this page... http://www.bluesandsoulmagazine.co.uk/feature/19/new_bands_podcasts_arrive/

Lisa at 15:10:25 Friday March 30 2007
Many thanks info...

Info for Lisa at 15:1:33 Friday March 30 2007
CD On Demand is an officially manufactured product; the re-released albums are exact copies of the music from the original recordings and have the same cover artwork. While it is a simplified version of the original pressing, it has passed all the record companies' quality checks for audio content and artwork reproduction. The music is digitised and manufactured to the CD without audio compression, i.e. "Red Book" standard. The CD's physical specifications, tracks, and sampling are as per the original masters. This ensures the listener is hearing the music in its full recording quality. The CDs are an audio-optimised CDR media with a true silver coloured surface. The CDRs we are using are fully compatible with any CD-Audio or CD-ROM player.

Lisa at 14:40:54 Friday March 30 2007
Hi, can anyone help? ive found a disc im after on ebay and the description is "CD On Demand format (CDO)" has anyone ever heard of this format before? would it be an original? Thanks

no at 14:28:44 Friday March 30 2007
RD you are just a pr..k,no size or adverts.

you just added to it at 14:24:22 Friday March 30 2007
andy in larkfield at 13:13:25 Friday March 30 2007 What a load of shit on this site! Get a life everyone.-----------------I take it you mean what you just posted then.

rod in teston at 13:50:34 Friday March 30 2007
Dont forget! Tonight at the orchard spot in maidstone kent. Soul funk and jazz-funk with Tony matthews. 8-30-1-00. Should be a good night!!

Markthecabbie in very fetching dressing gown and slippers combo at 13:48:33 Friday March 30 2007
Lisa,you have mail. probably about 4 hours after you needed it :-))

andy in larkfield at 13:13:25 Friday March 30 2007
What a load of shit on this site! Get a life everyone.

R D at 12:54:13 Friday March 30 2007
Got your Soulville email Richard, cheers mate it sounds good.

R D at 12:46:59 Friday March 30 2007

R D at 12:43:24 Friday March 30 2007
YES is that a big Pr..k or a litle Pr..K ?, as the Renault Clio advert says size does matter.

HAPPY FEET at 12:42:11 Friday March 30 2007
Big Allien, Hi Andy can you check your e - mail PDF file (Flyer) sent for you can you pass on to Shaggy cheers fella

R D in in flyering heaven at 12:39:19 Friday March 30 2007
Hi Richard mate, yes people can learn from me to keep their mouth shut , but I have never been any good at that, I think a lot on here could learn from you mate, because when you stick up for me, you put yourself in the firing line to, but I appreciate your support mate if Carling made promoters you would be the one. On a lighter note can you email me details of the new Soulville format on davesoulboy@yahoo.com cheers man and I hope it all goes well for you.

Selina in is it lunchtime yet !!!!!!!! at 11:14:30 Friday March 30 2007
I can't stop coo'ing over photo's of a certain little lady. Looking forward to Mental me thinks it's going to be really rather good. Oh and a bit of Alex tonight. Alex, alex Baby.

Lisa-Jane at 10:15:48 Friday March 30 2007
Mark the Cabbie, could you email me please I need your professional advice !

Debs at 9:37:29 Friday March 30 2007
Sean are u back today or tommorrow? hope u Deb and Callum had a great time xxxxxxx

yes at 9:35:29 Friday March 30 2007
but he is still a Pr..K.

sean at 9:33:59 Friday March 30 2007
hi from where its hot.......

richard in soulville hq at 8:35:57 Friday March 30 2007
morning pp people,hi Debs.dave I think your flyers are fine.I don,t know how many of you out there have ever been flying outside clubs,but the worst feeling is giving someone a flyer they don,t look at it and just throw it on the floor.I tell you something this is aimed at the no names on here,you can knock RD all you like but i,ve not seen anyone work so hard and fly (on his own) so hard to make his club night work.Yes he shouts out on here but he puts his butt on the firing line and gets in there and we can all learn from his work ethics.dave don,t give people ammunition.

Debs at 7:56:37 Friday March 30 2007

Marky Mark at 7:17:19 Friday March 30 2007

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 22:33:2 Thursday March 29 2007
Playlist for Thursady 29th March Jean Carne Make Love (Kenny B Steppin mix) Place One The Futures Aint no time for Nothing PIR Sounds of Blackness Spirit A&M Gwen McRae Funky Sensation (MAW Rmx) Atlantic Zhane Saturday night Motown L Vandross Can i take U (Sneaker pimps rmx) White Rich Medina Too much Kindred Spirits Jody Wately A Beautiful Life (Dub) Avitone Ralph Falcon I need someone (Armand Pena rmx)c90 Black Wire feat. Barbara Mendes Greatest day (Mattys tsop dub) Pata de perro George Duke Rhyme Or Reason (Dave Lalla's Jersey Soul Retouch) cdr Hillery Sargent Fanga SoWhat Carolyn Harding I Am What I Am (DJ Reg Demo Mix)King St Liquid People Pres. Danism Ft. Lisa Millet One Life (Vox)MN2S Norma Jean Love me in the rain(Moodyman) Panadamonium Photek ft Robert Owens Mine to give (Moralles) Science Nu-Solutions I Need you (Sanchez) White Loleatta Holloway Lifting me up Sunshine State Podcast up over the weekend Ta

Bob Masters in my p.c.'s better when I'm naked....... at 22:11:34 Thursday March 29 2007
I know I'm a bit late on this but for those of you that might not have tried it, click on U Tube and type in Northern Soul Dancing, there's some great footage. Also try Soul Train, brilliant stuff............

Lisa-Jane at 21:29:7 Thursday March 29 2007
Marcus, are you watching Mummy's War? I'm sure I saw a penguin with your name on it

Marky Mark at 21:23:26 Thursday March 29 2007
Not me or my plants!

barry the yid at 21:12:44 Thursday March 29 2007
that didnt take long did it

Inland Revenue at 21:11:37 Thursday March 29 2007
We are

Stag and Hen nerds at 21:10:47 Thursday March 29 2007
We are

barry the yid at 21:3:53 Thursday March 29 2007

Bob Masters at 20:50:8 Thursday March 29 2007
MMMmmmmm !! Donuts.

tara in caister at 20:13:25 Thursday March 29 2007
me and jo are!

Bob Masters at 19:58:12 Thursday March 29 2007
SO !! Who's going to Caister then ?

G.A.H. in www.radogotsoul.com at 19:11:54 Thursday March 29 2007
8pm till 10pm T.Hayzer 10pm till midnight back from Miami Mickey Blanco.. Only the best music there is.

paul at 19:0:33 Thursday March 29 2007
just 12 posts last 3months ain't been that great.!

Crystal Ball at 17:5:57 Thursday March 29 2007
12 posts of irrelevant drivel and not Mr C ? yeah right. and of course we all remember when Mr C said "its not me" until proved it was. as I said - schoolkids behaviour

R D at 15:56:29 Thursday March 29 2007

R D at 15:55:7 Thursday March 29 2007
hands up at 14:37:4 Thursday March 29 2007 who think RD actually typed that last message himself?---------'WHO THINK' thats English is it?,should't that be 'WHO THINKS' or 'WHO THOUGHT'.And i am thick you say.

Here at 15:43:51 Thursday March 29 2007
RD your typing has improved.

R D at 15:42:8 Thursday March 29 2007
Thanks for jumping in Richard mate, but let them say what they like now, its all got boring and over the top,and as you say why are they so bothered. Ps my flyers are works of art thankyou.

i wouldnt at 15:27:22 Thursday March 29 2007
mind if i was him.so you balls not working is it.

Crystal Ball at 15:19:34 Thursday March 29 2007
can see MR C having to prove if he is a hardman soon. but is he that hard ? all talk methinks and always anonymously. like a little schoolboy

but at 15:18:22 Thursday March 29 2007
are you a "family man"

billy paul at 15:12:36 Thursday March 29 2007
"havent you noticed,a brakedown in the family ties"

and at 15:6:8 Thursday March 29 2007
very abusive.so he gets all the stick he deserves.

because at 14:52:28 Thursday March 29 2007
he goes on about it so much Richard.

well at 14:51:31 Thursday March 29 2007
no chance as it looks to be typed in english.

hands up at 14:37:4 Thursday March 29 2007
who think RD actually typed that last message himself?

richard in soulville hq at 14:34:19 Thursday March 29 2007
SO,why are you bothered about RDS att figs,so what if his flyers are not works of art(as flyers go i,ve seen a lot worse)DOES IT MATTER!!!

so at 14:19:37 Thursday March 29 2007
RD is it your club.and what is your average attendance.and your flyers are rubbish.

R D at 13:0:54 Thursday March 29 2007
One last word on this sad subject, after Thailand I am technically a father f**ker then, but it was bloody funny at the time I think Sharpy spiked my drinks. What is having a argument with some one got to do with promoting, if some one puts a snotty comment I have to say yes sir, bo**ocks to that ,as for grubby flyers I think they are nice flyers myself. And what is the big deal about flyering the lacy ????.If my club had 5 people in it I guess nothing would be said, but, as it is doing well(and say what you like it is)some people don’t like it. The 5 on here with the crap posts won’t come to my club now because I dare stand up for myself ,but so be it, as there are so many spineless people on our scene that are nice to your face and stab you in the back, but that’s human nature I guess, As for GAH at least I can respect the fact that he posts his name up, and it seems I am the worst promoter on the planet but the news is I am not, I am not a promoter, I do this as a hobby, I have a successful company and if I wanted another real job I wouldn’t choose this profession ok bla - bla, enough I hear you say. All the wise people say nothing when they, or their event is slagged off, so I will gladly stay stupid then..

R D at 12:26:14 Thursday March 29 2007
Afternoon Richard,Marky Mark hows the plants today then

Frank Warren at 12:1:41 Thursday March 29 2007
sorry that was a spelling mistake RD is the DICK of promoters.

Pedroni at 12:1:6 Thursday March 29 2007
Morning all hope all is well - Dubbers was brilliant found some great bars with great atmosphere and tunes --- HF - Cheers for flyer mister excellent - a beer or two soon!! Let me know about June -

Frank Warren at 11:51:31 Thursday March 29 2007
here Terry you been to specsavers yet.Rainham Dave is the don of promoters.Is there an illegal betting scam to be had here.

Don King at 11:39:19 Thursday March 29 2007
Sorry Frank,but I'm doing it because Rainham Dave has taught me all I know about promoting....now where do I get them grubby little flyers made up?

Terry Marsh at 11:25:8 Thursday March 29 2007
Watch your back Frank

Frank Warren at 11:18:49 Thursday March 29 2007
here don i am promoting this fight.so go back to states.

DON KING at 10:43:17 Thursday March 29 2007
Anybody wishing to meet RD face to face will have the chance on Easter Saturday as he will be outside the Lacey (with his grubby little flyers).It will be a 3 Round contest,2 falls,a knockout or submission to decide the winner.

spud at 9:59:5 Thursday March 29 2007
Marcus the last diane ducane i saw on E Bay went for £40

i think at 9:53:20 Thursday March 29 2007
they are a pair of PR>>CKS MESELF.

Debs at 9:21:34 Thursday March 29 2007
Hi Richard i'm ok thanx

richard in soulville hq at 9:11:26 Thursday March 29 2007
morning,GAH and RD I think you two should stop now,I know your both ok blokes so neither of you need to go as far as you with this row over something daft.hi debs you ok today?

Debs at 7:54:4 Thursday March 29 2007
Morning everyone

sticks and stones at 7:49:2 Thursday March 29 2007
AND SOMETIMES THINGS JUST COME BACK AND BITE YOU FIRMLY IN THE ASS! Topic over - GAH WINS................. R D in COULD BE WORSE at 2:49:10 Saturday February 24 2007 Then went to Thailand with Brian Rix and the Caister crew and ended up in a lady boy bar,so technicaly fucked a ex guy,

Marky Mark at 7:21:53 Thursday March 29 2007
Morning plants! ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh madam

Northern Mick at 7:15:23 Thursday March 29 2007
Morning all.....................

where did that w come from at 2:0:19 Thursday March 29 2007

R D at 1:59:27 Thursday March 29 2007
You can carry this own by yourself now as i am bored with it and i am sure every one else is to

R D at 1:49:17 Thursday March 29 2007
So you are GAY then GAH or should i say 'G'ot 'A'ny 'H'arse. NOW I HAVE INSULTED YOU ON 4 OCCASIONS,so lets make it 5 go f**k yourself you litle gay boy.I will give you a flyer when we meet but you will have to bend over.

Marcus in Spelling like my mate Blowey at 0:7:45 Thursday March 29 2007
S'pose...The Team...

Marcus at 0:6:9 Thursday March 29 2007
Night Night.Another enthrilling England match.zzzz Spose they team couldn't win with the media either way. A win's a win tho but come on Angola 'Ooops I mean And-or-ra (Sun Ra??)was this two teams combined....I'll get me coat

Marcus at 0:0:35 Thursday March 29 2007
Spud, btw that Diane Ducane seems to have disappeared of the planet web!O well just have to wait and plenty,plenty of other wants.

Marcus in home listening to James Brown - Release the pressure.(GUOTT- LP) at 23:54:5 Wednesday March 28 2007
Allo James me ole mucker. Yarmie will Soon be with us. ....SPUD,Yep one of me fav's ...foooking excellent price too.

Jamesy Boy at 23:30:3 Wednesday March 28 2007
Yarmuff soon! If that lager created a SOUL weekender then this would be it. I,d be at the bar chatting to Ty Karim who would be saying lighten up baby, go easy on me, consider my heart. As if. Look forward to seeing the usual suspects there!

spud at 22:40:2 Wednesday March 28 2007
Well done Marcus fair price for a fucking great record proud of yer

Ellie in beig a wee devil !!! at 21:33:48 Wednesday March 28 2007
Tony , did you use spell checker on that one ??? kiss kiss .sorree couldn't help HUGZ x

dont they make a lovely couple at 21:26:12 Wednesday March 28 2007

G.A.H. at 21:10:51 Wednesday March 28 2007
Right you fckn dumb shmuck i'm gonna tell you this once & once only.. A I've never slagged you or your fckn event off.. B. I've stuck up for you & your right to do such an event on here & in private. C. Because your a as thick as 2 very short ones you got it into your pea that serves as a Brain i've slagged you off.. Now read A & B again.. You've insulted me on more than 3 occasions on here & now i'm pissed off.. I had a little joke yes at your expense but if you wasn't so paranoid you may have even laughed. But no you came back as per fckn usual hollering & shouting & ya called me Gay.. Amongst other not so nice things. Now instead of standing outside clubs giving out flyers your time would be better off going to night school.. I'm not exactly Wordsworth but there are Peasants in Outer Mongolia with a better command of the English language. So you can FRO..

Marky Mark at 20:55:2 Wednesday March 28 2007
RD I love me plastic plants nearly as much as me plastic pants Bob when did you join Solar?

richard in soulville hq at 18:58:22 Wednesday March 28 2007
Brian if your lurking can you call me,Bernadette we can always do something,let us know how many and we can find somewhere.N-mick slightly tanned top of head.

Marcus at 18:19:7 Wednesday March 28 2007
Bernadette, Don't think so but maybe Richard,Goldie or Mortz can find oooot.

Bernadette at 18:17:33 Wednesday March 28 2007
Is there anything on in Yarmy on a Sun? Richard?

QdOSINFO at 18:10:11 Wednesday March 28 2007
QdOSINFO:-THIS FRIDAY WE WELCOME OLD FRIENDS AND NEW TO THE OFFICIAL SOUL ESSENCE WARM UP. YOUR HOSTS GAVIN PAGE AND BOB COSBY WILL PLAYING ALL THAT SOUL ESSENCE PROVIDES AND MORE!!!!!!!! .....................8PM TILL LATE........................ENTRANCE FREE!!!!!... ..........................................................................SATURDAY 1ST OF APRIL WE WELCOME THE SOUNDS HEAVENLY GANG DANNY MAYES, FAT TEL WITH LEGEND OF THE SOULFUL HOUSE SCENE PAUL"TROUBLE " ANDERSON . PLAYING THE BEST IN SOULFUL HOUSE .....................................................ENTRANCE £ 5 ......9PM TILL LATE ...............BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND FRIDAY 6TH WE HAVE NEILL RYDINGS , NEIL ADKINS AND BIG BOB MASTERS IN THE MARQUEE PLAYING QUALITY SOUL , JAZZ AND SOULFUL HOUSE......................................................9PM TILL LATE ...................................ENTRANCE FREE.................................................SUNDAY 8TH OF APRIL ..................................SOULFUL SUNDAY..................................ROOM 1 SOULFUL HOUSE .....DJ`S KARIZMA ( BASEMENT BOYS ), DR BOB JONES, FAT TEL , DANNY MAYES, NEILL RYDINGS................ROOM 2 MODERN SOUL , JAZZ..........DJ`S TERRY JONES , MARK WEBSTER, GAVIN PAGE, GINGER TONY, STEVIE C AND CHI .........................................................8PM TILL 2 AM .................TICKETS £ 10 IN ADVANCE FROM HENRYS, ROMFORD ROAD , AVELEY, ESSEX, RM15 4XB. TEL 01708 864 042

Marcus at 17:53:51 Wednesday March 28 2007
Bernadette, Nope deffo NOT. (Wasn't a good week but all over and done with) ...Looking forward to next few weeks tho as loads coming up thick and fast. .........How many numbers staying Sunday night after Soul Essence. ??Blowey and I,yourself,Alan C,possibly more.Continue the party.? yep I think so

Bernadette at 17:43:55 Wednesday March 28 2007
Marcus you don't want another all-dayer like last time or do you won't be joining the fun cos i'm going to Geordieland for my parents wedding anniversary - posh meal and all that all you Mentalists have a great time especially Lee - don't think i've ever seen you really pissed - damn someone get some photos

Marcus at 17:38:48 Wednesday March 28 2007
See y'all Saturday night @Mental for another Top Nite. and celebrations alround. Can't make the daytime sesh now as entertaining baby Cerys during day...TA LA,Marcus p.s. Spud, Got the choonaroonie Mate(if same one as you're after).Another one ticked off.

Northern Mick at 16:16:57 Wednesday March 28 2007
Lee !! so I heard Gavin thankyou I will be there !!off duty confirmed Looks like its going to be a very long day/night this Saturday !!

HAPPY FEET at 16:13:30 Wednesday March 28 2007
Lee Ive just seen Girth's comments on EMS and he reckons somebody should film the event could become a cult comedy classic

Lee at 15:50:47 Wednesday March 28 2007
Afternoon HF - Well after the xmas boat performance we'll have to wait an see I think

Gavin Page at 15:33:13 Wednesday March 28 2007
Mick. Yes mate

Mark H at 13:58:56 Wednesday March 28 2007
SOUL 4 REAL WEEKENDER BILBAO (SPAIN). 27th & 28th July 2007, @ kiosko del Arenal (Bilbao). Price: 10 Eur/night . From 23:30 - 6:00. DJ's - MARK HOUGHTON (UK). Plus the regular Spanish S4R DJ Line Up. How to get to Bilbao: Come flying to the following airports - Bilbao - www.easyjet.com (Stansted). www.iberia.com (Heathrow). Vitoria - www.ryanair.com (Stansted, Dublin). Vitoria is 45 minutes by bus from Bilbao. Santander - www.ryanair.com (Stansted). Santander is 1 hour by bus from Bilbao (cheap flights available at present). For hotels/info etc then just let me know and i`ll send on the information (the rates are normally between 50-75 euros a night per Room ).

Lucky Mrs Lee! at 13:46:49 Wednesday March 28 2007

HAPPY FEET at 13:42:10 Wednesday March 28 2007
Hi Lee is Girth spinning the tunes on your big day

Lee at 13:29:42 Wednesday March 28 2007
NM - Good man, mines a large one!

Northern Mick at 12:24:40 Wednesday March 28 2007
Richard get in the garden quickly, before the weather changes

but at 12:24:19 Wednesday March 28 2007
rd you are a daffodil arent you.

Bob Masters in how to really piss yourself off in two easy lessons at 12:24:12 Wednesday March 28 2007
Firstly !! Watch the England Vs Pandora match, which will probably be 1 - 0. Then round of a really bad night by joining me for 2 hours of what I call Soul and Jazz on Solar Radio 10pm till Midnight........OR !! eat lot's of cheese !

Northern Mick at 12:23:13 Wednesday March 28 2007
Lee, I will be there at some stage throughout the proceeedings, would not miss either

R D at 12:8:19 Wednesday March 28 2007
Afternoon mark marky,you have been talking to your plants to long man and they are plastic you know

Lee at 11:47:9 Wednesday March 28 2007
Well as some of you may or may not already know this Saturday there is a double celebration. And in true soulboys style I recon the more the messier!!! We will be helping Nelly wet the baby's head and I'm having my stag do. It all starts off from Bar Cholocate (http://www.barchoc.co.uk/) from 2pm and ending up at MonuMENTAL at some point. What goes on in between.... well join us to find out. It's an open invite (well as long as we like you )

Abbo at 11:46:4 Wednesday March 28 2007
Richard give us a ring

who? at 11:44:29 Wednesday March 28 2007

tara in caister at 11:27:8 Wednesday March 28 2007
happy birthday mand! x mwah!

Gilly in sunny and quite warm Chichester!! at 11:15:8 Wednesday March 28 2007
Weekend in Luxembourg for me....are you going? Will tell Sal & Rache though...xx

Debs in SUNNY BOGGY at 11:11:12 Wednesday March 28 2007
Hi Gilly not bad thanx going to the hospital this afternnon for the planning of my radiotherapy sessions are u going to the Mud club Sat as Terry Jones is on ?

Gilly in sunny Chichester!! at 9:55:40 Wednesday March 28 2007
Morning Debs, how are you?xx

richard in soulville hq at 8:57:7 Wednesday March 28 2007
Frostie can you give me a bell please,your number not working ,thanks.

richard in soulville hq at 8:54:8 Wednesday March 28 2007
warm sunny and I have two weeks away from work,good morning world!!!!

Marky Mark at 7:31:30 Wednesday March 28 2007
Morning Mick, morning G.R.H, morning DR, morning SLA, morning transposer, morning PLANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debs at 7:29:1 Wednesday March 28 2007
Morning everyone

Northern Mick at 6:52:45 Wednesday March 28 2007
Morning all...

R D at 1:25:52 Wednesday March 28 2007

Transposer at 0:12:35 Wednesday March 28 2007
*it's spelt 'barred' not 'bared' is maybe what was meant. parallel universe perhaps ?

ffs at 22:53:39 Tuesday March 27 2007
Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source bare1 /bɛər/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[bair] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation adjective, bar·er, bar·est, verb (used with object), bared, bar·ing. –adjective 1. without covering or clothing; naked; nude: bare legs. 2. without the usual furnishings, contents, etc.: bare walls. 3. open to view; unconcealed; undisguised: his bare dislike of neckties. 4. unadorned; bald; plain: the bare facts. 5. (of cloth) napless or threadbare. 6. scarcely or just sufficient; mere: the bare necessities of life. 7. Obsolete. with the head uncovered; bareheaded. –verb (used with object) 8. to open to view; reveal or divulge: to bare one's arms; to bare damaging new facts.

G.A.H. at 22:16:51 Tuesday March 27 2007
Cos it spells Bared you dumb fck not barred.. Get a grip you fckin humourless fckwit!

R D at 21:49:11 Tuesday March 27 2007
I leave a letter 'r' out and you feel ill !!! get a grip, i will leave a whole word out and see what happens then you sad litle twat.

Northern Mick in Eseex Riviera at 21:43:48 Tuesday March 27 2007
Gavin, any passes left for Essence

Gavin Page in Little Reminder at 21:40:9 Tuesday March 27 2007
Friday 30th March, Henry's Bar & Restaurant are holding a special Soul Essence Warm Up event. DJ's Bob Cosby And Gavin Page. Doors open 8pm till late, Admisssion is FREE ! Henry's 01708 864042. Romford Road. Aveley. Essex. RM15 4XB WWW.HENRYS-RESTAURANT.NET

DR at 21:32:34 Tuesday March 27 2007
May 18th SOTRC presents the NEW Kent Soul Sessions @ Inn On The Lake,A2,Gravesend. 2 rooms playing the best in Soul,Jazz,Jazzfunk,Crossover & House. 9 til 2. All SOTRC DJ's plus Special Guest TBA. For further inf contact admin@southoftherivercrew.co.uk

Northern Mick at 20:15:52 Tuesday March 27 2007
Glad you got it OK Debs

G.A.H. at 20:13:20 Tuesday March 27 2007
Dave if i was Gay you would be the last person i'd be thinking about.. It's just when you type Bared.. Instead of barred. It makes me feel rather ill. Is that a trick question there's only 1 F.. but there's 2 C's in Connerly..

Debs at 19:4:23 Tuesday March 27 2007
Thanx Flip Flop and take care xx

Cillit Bang at 18:50:53 Tuesday March 27 2007
Oooops,this shit just will not come off!!!Maybe it needs hard scrubbing.....anyone know any scrubbers??? oooooh Matron

R D at 18:46:49 Tuesday March 27 2007
Soulboys Forum Liberation Army in wanting to be liberated from hearing about IOTL etc at ------------------We don't have a forum and our site is fairly new so we post on many soul forums,if Niki calls me and tells me she don't want our gig on here i will gladly take it of and i post it up once a month, sorry if you don't like it.FORUMS are good (in my view) to inform punters whats on,a lot of gigs i have been to i have found out about from SOULBOYS

CLA at 18:43:29 Tuesday March 27 2007
Soulboys Liberation Army .... yer that's original

LOOK SEE at 18:41:19 Tuesday March 27 2007

INFO at 18:40:53 Tuesday March 27 2007
has at 15:28:13 Tuesday March 27 2007 this med soul got a website i could look at as it sounds good.But like to check the standard of the accomdation etc etc,and is it going to be child friendly.-----------THE SITE IS ON POSTING www.soulinthecityonly.com.It will be a 4* beach hotel, children can come, but it is a adult soul week and kids won't be allowed in night club,so not a suitable trip for young kids.

Lisa-Jane at 18:13:45 Tuesday March 27 2007
No Flip, Thank You ! I have no idea what we would have done without you it was a ...'last night a DJ saved my life' moment

Lynn at 17:55:23 Tuesday March 27 2007
Hello Flip, hope your goodself and goodlady are keeping well, thank you for your kind good luck wishes, they are appreciated very much Lynn xxxx

Flip at 17:51:9 Tuesday March 27 2007
Thanx Lisa-Jane, well done Niki, good luck Lyn, keep it strong Debs...

Soulboys Forum Liberation Army in wanting to be liberated from hearing about IOTL etc at 17:34:2 Tuesday March 27 2007
Why oh why do Rainham Dave and SOTR keep posting their own gig information on this forum and others when they both have their own websites?? Can anyone post their gig info on their websites? If they didnt keep posting those endless gig plugs on this forum then much of the stupidness would stop. There is a gig guide for that information. Its boring boys, give it a rest and stick to your own websites.

Northern Mick at 17:13:47 Tuesday March 27 2007
Evening all.......Catch me tonight Tuesday 27 Mar 07 with 'ATTITUDES IN SOUL'@ www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk 2000-2200 hrs GMT with an eclectic mix of Soulful vibes,jazzy rhythms and funky beats..... Hope to see some of you guys at MonuMENTAL on Saturday 31 Mar 07 @ The Brittania.........Will be having a Gorilla !!!!

Debs (R) in Trying to find something constructive to do .......... mmmmmmm? at 17:3:34 Tuesday March 27 2007
Zangy Comment Graphics

Debs (R) at 16:56:34 Tuesday March 27 2007
HI EVERYONE .... BEAUTIFUL WEATHER OUT THERE!!! I would be really grateful if you could all follow this link and sign the petition to stop this madness and cruelty. http://getactive.peta.org/campaign/seal_hunt_uk07/forward Thanks so much everyone!!!!

not at 16:31:38 Tuesday March 27 2007
Barry from eastenders,how is the old bastard.

Cillit Bang at 16:17:16 Tuesday March 27 2007
Nah thats Barry

Does at 16:9:40 Tuesday March 27 2007
Cillit Bang work.And are you the bloke who SHOUTS whilst advertising it.

C.B. at 16:0:20 Tuesday March 27 2007
Or off even

CILLIT BANG at 15:56:48 Tuesday March 27 2007
Do you need me to clear all the scum of this site?

rds ex bird at 15:38:38 Tuesday March 27 2007
I know why is does not boast about his manhood.He constanly looks like he has been in water.I had to get him to grow pubic hair so i could find it.

has at 15:28:13 Tuesday March 27 2007
this med soul got a website i could look at as it sounds good.But like to check the standard of the accomdation etc etc,and is it going to be child friendly.

R D at 15:21:10 Tuesday March 27 2007

i will say this for at 15:18:27 Tuesday March 27 2007
you.you are one of the most stupid people i have never met.

R D in COME AND CUT MY GRASS THEN at 15:9:5 Tuesday March 27 2007
Thats why i don't boast about the size of my manhood YOU NEED TO GET OUT MORE MATE.Who cares what people have, or don't have.Most people with loads of money are total arses.

rd at 14:58:31 Tuesday March 27 2007
yea yea in your dream world.half an acre is there that much room in Rainham or is it South Hornchurch.ps those who boast tend to have very little maybe you should bear that in mind.

R D at 14:55:11 Tuesday March 27 2007
Ps Ellie, My spelling is still worse than yours mate

R D at 14:50:46 Tuesday March 27 2007
Ellie,you can be ref any time darling but i can only do 4 letter words, as most of the no names here arn't worth any more.As for tosser, i have a young wife so i don't need to do that, i will leave that to you,or are you another mother f**ker .And my detached shed has 5 bedrooms and half an acre,hows your council flat you share with your mum then

Ellie in panicking at 14:47:0 Tuesday March 27 2007
Lynn .. i sent you an email reply at 2 o clcok .. jsut checked and it's beeen sent .. OMG hope sent to right address ??? can you check yer mailbox ..

Lynn at 14:44:58 Tuesday March 27 2007
Ellie can you send the plasterers our way hun at some point please Seriously please reply in your own time as do appreciate you are busy Love Lynn xx

so at 14:37:57 Tuesday March 27 2007
Carla are you related to anything human.

Carla at 14:36:49 Tuesday March 27 2007

HERE at 14:32:57 Tuesday March 27 2007
Carla are you related to Carleen,she ios one of my fav singers.

Debs at 14:26:42 Tuesday March 27 2007

Carla Anderson at 14:24:17 Tuesday March 27 2007
See Iv'e heard it all before

and at 14:18:29 Tuesday March 27 2007
hows your detached shed.

here at 14:14:2 Tuesday March 27 2007
rd,why are you such a tosser.

Ellie at 14:4:24 Tuesday March 27 2007
can i bee the ref ???? Hiyer Debs xxx am havin girly giggles ere

R D at 13:57:19 Tuesday March 27 2007
He will win as i can't spell and can't be arsed with spell check,plus i am not sitting next to him he is GAY,he thinks about me naked,thats a worry.

fun and games at 13:40:6 Tuesday March 27 2007
what about GAH v Rainham Dave head to head in a game of scrabble

Alan Champ & Ian Dewhirst at 13:34:27 Tuesday March 27 2007
Sunday's Original Mastercuts show is now available for download from www.sixmillionsteps.com Tracks played were ... Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly (Reborn Club Vox Mix), Double Exposure - Ten Percent, GQ - Disco Nights, Ashford & Simpson - High Rise, The Originals - Down To Love Town, Cerrone - Give Me Love, Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely, A Touch Of Class - I Love You Pretty Baby, Deniece Williams - Baby Baby My Love's All For You, Glenn Jones - Meet Me Halfway There, Gwen Presley - Running, Rene & Angela - Save Your Love, Karyn White - Secret Rendezvous, The Supremes - Up The Ladder To The Roof, Street People - Just Makin' Love, Mandrill - My Kind of Girl (My Girl), Mel Britt - She'll Come Running Back, The Brothers - Are You Ready For This, Skull Snaps - My Hang Up Is You, Clarence Jackson - It It Don't Fit, Don't Force It, Luther - It's Good For The Soul, Trammps - Hooked For Life, The Strangers - Step Out Of My Dream, Gladys Knight - Save The Overtime For Me, Ten City - One Kiss Will Make It Better

Bev in that's coz I ain't been on ere looking hav I - that will learn me!!! at 13:26:25 Tuesday March 27 2007
No worries - just scrolled down and found ur email addy

Bev at 13:25:4 Tuesday March 27 2007
Northern Mick - drop me a mail Thx

Debs at 13:19:49 Tuesday March 27 2007
Lynn thanx

Debs at 13:16:9 Tuesday March 27 2007
Ellie and u do make me chuckle

Spell check at 13:6:42 Tuesday March 27 2007
G A H How many F's in FAT TWAT WITH BIG MOUTH,you will know this one,ask your mirror.

Ellie at 12:52:33 Tuesday March 27 2007
Lynn hiyer lovelry .. got your email and am absolutely horrified !!! will reply at length in a wee while .. got plasterers and painters driving me nutz ere .... spk soon xxxxxxxxx keep smilin !!!!! HUGZ xxx

Lynn at 12:48:2 Tuesday March 27 2007
Ellie have sent you as message as promised XXXXX and Debs have replied to your Myspace message XXXXX Thank you Marky Mark and Chevvy, thank you for your lovely words and looking forward to seeing you two lovlies at Soulville XXXX. Off in a min to enjoy some of this lovely sunshine Lots of Love to you all Lynn xxxx

Ellie at 12:42:17 Tuesday March 27 2007
yoo hoo Marcus xx will I be seein you at Mopnumental ??? ooo ooo ooo now he's playing Glenn Jones .. on e of my favorites .. was sorry to miss him on Saturday in concert at Elephant (Mark G, I mena)

Ellie at 12:42:14 Tuesday March 27 2007
yoo hoo Marcus xx will I be seein you at Mopnumental ??? ooo ooo ooo now he's playing Glenn Jones .. on e of my favorites .. was sorry to miss him on Saturday in concert at Elephant (Mark G, I mena)

Ellie in laffin at 12:40:8 Tuesday March 27 2007
ha ha see now am affectin yor spellin !!!!! xx

G.A.H at 12:37:49 Tuesday March 27 2007
Image & around even

G.A.H. at 12:37:25 Tuesday March 27 2007
I think that was directed at Dave Ellie.. I normally don't care too much but i kept getting an imige of Dave running aroung naked.

Ellie at 12:30:15 Tuesday March 27 2007
soz .. if that's dirceted at me you'll have to excuse .. apart form benig slightly potty am also silghtly dyslixic ..i've got my own languange am sure you'll get used to iit ..i brought out me oown dikshenharry not bein offensive to anyone I dont thnik xx

Marcus in work playing Jesse James - I'd Rather eat soup with you baby then steak with somebody else....great chhone and title!! at 12:26:16 Tuesday March 27 2007
Alright Spud. Yep, cheers Mate got some really excellent gems recently. ...Thanks for not bidding and see ya soon sometime.

jazz cafe at 12:25:55 Tuesday March 27 2007
we do not give out flyers for any event other than ours.Thank You.

grrrrah at 12:12:27 Tuesday March 27 2007
giving spelling lessons now that's what I call music

Ellie in listening to Mark G on JSR at 11:29:8 Tuesday March 27 2007
....listeneing to a download of Mark G's show form 18th March ... WOW he's playin g some fabalous/wunnerfool choons !!! .. and he's making me spend my hard earned pennies ! jsut rushed off to cdbaby for the Ruby Baker album and Jimmy Levine album ... I've never tuned in before .. will make sure it's a sunday night date in future !!! thanks Mark for the great sounds

spud at 9:19:48 Tuesday March 27 2007
Marcus hope you win that record, i was tempted but when i saw it was you i stepped back, dont lose it.......

Debs at 8:40:8 Tuesday March 27 2007
Lynn u have mail on myspace xx

Debs at 8:18:18 Tuesday March 27 2007
Thanx N Mick

Abbo at 8:12:27 Tuesday March 27 2007
Did'nt see T's similar explanation doh!!!

Abbo at 8:9:34 Tuesday March 27 2007
morning all,Doris obtain correct additional memory for your PC take cover off and slot into motherboard you will see spare slot next to current memory(unplug from mains first,some don't)

Debs in SUNNY BOGGY at 7:51:45 Tuesday March 27 2007

G.A.H. in Some ones got to tell him at 7:36:37 Tuesday March 27 2007
There's 2 RR's in Barred ffs.. Did you ask Ruth David

Marky Mark at 7:31:37 Tuesday March 27 2007
Morning Mick , morning plants , morning CLA and the SLA, morning RD , morning Kevin , morning anyone I have missed out

Northern Mick at 6:55:51 Tuesday March 27 2007
Morning all.....

R D at 2:29:34 Tuesday March 27 2007
Ok Bob thanks for the explanation,but i don't class my wife as a litle monster,and if thats the reason i am bared freom the Lacy why arn't the others that flyer it bared to then,and thats a poor reason,i had Shep flyer inside my club with a gig on the same night as us,but so what people choose where they go.The Jazz Cafe give out my flyers when i can't make it there,a beter atitude than the Lacy then, if thats the reason,but simon gave me a very different reason,but its all water under the brigde now as i can't say i miss it much,and i still flyer it so what difference baring me makes i don't know,because they can i guess

Ellie in just laffin at 23:52:53 Monday March 26 2007
Tony ya such a norty lad ..but me luvs ya . yer daft as brush and a good lad xxxxx sleeep sweeet xx Ellz

G.A.H. at 23:8:31 Monday March 26 2007
Its quite easy it just clips in. You have to force it quite hard though.. Make sure you get the same one as is already there. & keep your bare arm on the case to kill any static.

Nurse Doris at 23:3:39 Monday March 26 2007
Alien - sorry for delay, PC problems! Yes we were, but I think we're now looking more towards Epping Anyway, anyone know how to stick extra memory in your PC?

Northern Mick at 22:28:15 Monday March 26 2007
Hello Ginger one........

Ginger Tony at 22:21:1 Monday March 26 2007
Evening all! Typical eh, Chevvy? Next time!!!

CLA in a balaclava being a non i mouse at 22:11:2 Monday March 26 2007

Marky Mark at 22:8:42 Monday March 26 2007
Lynn you will be fine love and hope to see you and geoff up at Soulville !.................Bob CLA and SLA are not the same peeps mate! as nikki can confirm .......... SLA are a bunch of idiots , could not organise a Funk in a Funking good place !

Northern Mick at 21:52:15 Monday March 26 2007
Debs.....Gorilla gram on the way Shhhh !!

Chevvy at 21:42:34 Monday March 26 2007
A VERY BIG CONGRATS TO NIKI AND NEIL AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS GIFT RACHEL ....so when will she be at monumental ...be happy and what fantastic news in 2007 ...have not been on here for a while ...hi to debs hope you are on the mend and lynn chion up sweetie have faith and you have a very good nman beside you geoff keep lynn smiling hi to all and gingers thanks and guess what i got blown out not happy !!!!! peace to all and please stop ranting !!!!

Lynn at 21:38:47 Monday March 26 2007
Ellie ,Will e-mail you tomorrow as promised , You are an angel too,such a lovely kind lady. Thank you so much XXXXX . Will you let me know if you have received it ok as I am totally hopeless with the computer Lynn xxxxx

Northern Mick at 21:31:27 Monday March 26 2007
Evening all.......Catch me tomorrow night Tuesday 27 Mar 07 with 'ATTITUDES IN SOUL'@ www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk 2000-2200 hrs GMT with an eclectic mix of Soulful vibes,jazzy rhythms and funky beats..... Hope to see some of you guys at MonuMENTAL on Saturday 31 Mar 07 @ The Brittania.........Will be having a Gorilla !!!!

Ellie in staying positive at 21:23:30 Monday March 26 2007
Lynne ... drop me a line tomorrow ....I know exacterly how you are feelin.. we can have a chat ..but main thing is to stay positive ..alwasy positive ..as i said f they were at all suspicious bout it being anyting sisniters you wouldn't be typing on here tonite !!..go have a sleep and dream witih the angels xx sleep sweet spk to you tomorreo xxxxxxx

richard at 21:3:26 Monday March 26 2007
thanks bob,no they were,nt having a dig at us,as I said in my other post the guy is right these northern do,s are very well done and we can learn from them.

Bob at 20:30:52 Monday March 26 2007
Richard I dont think they were taking a dig at you, just questioning why a previous post said Prestatyn was professional and implying others were not. I would imagine Soulville Liberation Army and Caister Liberation Army are the same poster as they both sound the same. RD, the bit about Viki looking older was because you said "my litle monster is nearly 14 now,i can't believe where the time goes." I imagine the reason they barred you from Lacys was because you kept on flyering their punters.

Lynn at 20:22:0 Monday March 26 2007
Aja and Ellie Bless you both XXXXXX Ellie I will send you an e-mail tomorrow if you dont mind. Am very scared as dont know how long the ulcer has been there all sorts of demons are going through my mind day and night. Lots of Love to you both Lynn xxx

Ellie in being very positive at 20:12:47 Monday March 26 2007
HIya Lynn . you mist be very worrid I know ... bleeve me I know ....if you would like to email e I'l tell you my experience of exacxtly this kind of cancer ... ( I've fought it and won twice!! ) the thing to be positive about is if they thought it was anything sinister you'd be in hospital and having the biopsy the very next day !!!!!!!! mine was detected on routine bisit to dentist ..i'd been complaing of sore mouth ulcer for weeks before but stupidly did nuthin bout it .... my email is Lainz154829473@aol.com....

Aja in Suffolk at 20:0:47 Monday March 26 2007
Lynn i wish you all best darling,and i bet it's nothing as well ! Bl;ess you................

Lynn and Geoff at 19:34:49 Monday March 26 2007
Thanks Brian for your kind wishes from the both of us. Your sentiments are so much appreciated Lots of Love Lynn xx and Geoff xx

HAPPY FEET at 19:29:35 Monday March 26 2007
Pedro when you get back tommorow check with TIMB New Flyer beckons

Brian Mac at 19:13:42 Monday March 26 2007
Ooops .. Lynn, sorry to read of your worries .. chin up and let the Doctors do their stuff .. don't worry unduly as it's clear any problem was spotted early and the Dentist is being precautionary .. take care @-}-}-

Brian Mac at 19:10:58 Monday March 26 2007
So it seems Dave .. my irritation levels with no names have been lower though .. settled on working and playing music mostly today as preparing some bits for the Jazz Cafe night out tomorrow

R D at 18:37:20 Monday March 26 2007
Brian you have been missing all the fun matey.

R D at 18:33:9 Monday March 26 2007
Cheers marky,we will be there.Can't find me d**k without the old sat nav (but it is very small:lol

INFO in MED SOUL IN THE SUN at 18:26:8 Monday March 26 2007
Any more DJs and PROMOTERS want to come on board with MED SOUL,let us know ok,we have nearly 30 djs now but the more the merrier,that includes you NIKI and NELLY.DJs that want to play bring 10 for a free place and £200 so bring 50 and get a free place and £1000,PROMOTERS £200 for every 10 people you send and if you are bussy you don't even have to go.Idiots are tring to knock this event but the HOTEL alone would cost £48 A NIGHT ,so look at the deal we have put together for the punters.A 4*BEACH HOTEL,FLIGHT,TRANSFER A WEEK holiday in the sun (16th--23rd sept) POOL PARTYS,BEACH PARTYS and SOUL NIGHTS IN A NIGHT CLUB ALL FOR £250.After 1st may it will be £175 and book your own flight(£63 with easey jet at the moment)then 4euros for train from BARCELONA to LLORET DE MAR, SPAIN.Mid week break (17th--21stsept) for £155 ex flight and WEEKENDER (21st--23rd sept)£99 ex flight.--------No remarks from the spineless litle people on here will be replyed to, but genuine interested partys can contact us through web site soulinthecityonly.com.---------I know this will open the flood gates for abuse from the dick head brigade, but this event is going on regaurdless,and they say no publicity is bad publicity so here we go.

Lynn (Lynn and Geoff) at 18:9:47 Monday March 26 2007
Last week on a routine appointment to my GP they found an ulcer on my tongue and I was ordered to see my dentist immediately. Though the dentist did not think the ulcer was cancerous I am being sent to the Royal London Hospital as he was concerned about my swollen throat and pain in my neck. I shall have to see how the ulcer goes in the next 2 weeks and if it has not disappeared I will have to have a biopsy for possible cancer. Please could you send us some positive vibes that this ulcer will disappear as you can appreciate that I am very worried at the mo Love Lynn xxxx

Marky Mark in POST CODE FOR RD at 18:5:0 Monday March 26 2007

Brian Mac in in the office, Norwood album playing and Fuzion next at 18:3:16 Monday March 26 2007
Good memory Lisa-Jane .. that was weeks ago, I will read a little later .. evening all by the way

Lisa-Jane at 17:53:53 Monday March 26 2007
Brian, NICE in the news today... I know its not the most interesting topic on here right now but it amuses me.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6496247.stm

When I grow up.. at 16:44:19 Monday March 26 2007
.. I want to be as immature as Mr C. On second thoughts who wants to be much of a bitter coward ?

MARKY, PUSH FM in LONDON at 15:59:0 Monday March 26 2007

richard in soulville hq at 15:58:39 Monday March 26 2007
Is safe to come out now,hey n- mick great in the garden this afternoon! Jane you ok?

well at 15:58:17 Monday March 26 2007
or caravans when unattached from there 4x4s.

well at 15:56:17 Monday March 26 2007
mind you most sheds are detached.

welll at 15:52:55 Monday March 26 2007
i doubt that very much.

R D in JUST 1 MORE at 15:50:4 Monday March 26 2007

R D at 15:47:21 Monday March 26 2007
Sorry about abusing your web site like this Niki,so i will let it go now out of respect for you, so off you go now litle girls have fun.

welll at 15:28:18 Monday March 26 2007
people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

R D at 15:24:24 Monday March 26 2007
YOU HAVE MATES I FIND THAT UNLIKELY I bet you have 3 in your bedroom drawer though unused of course as your mum was steralised after you

welll at 15:20:1 Monday March 26 2007
you are boring me now.Go and sort out me mates clutch.

R D at 15:17:32 Monday March 26 2007

welll at 15:6:47 Monday March 26 2007
god you are so funny,my sides are splitting.ps and me mum did say it was adopt a minger week so you had your chance.

dave w at 15:2:20 Monday March 26 2007
Just a quick note to let you guys know that the DEXTER WANSEL show is running on SATURDAY 14th APRIL 8pm - 10pm , recorded by Dexter Wansel & talking about his time at PIR . NOT TO BE MISSED!

R D at 15:1:53 Monday March 26 2007

WELL at 14:57:58 Monday March 26 2007
sorry i meant BIB,and here if you want to get personally offensive then think of something better as she already told me you ranked VERY VERY LOW IN THE SEX RANKS.

R D at 14:54:24 Monday March 26 2007

R D at 14:51:54 Monday March 26 2007

YES at 14:51:40 Monday March 26 2007
you are talking dribble.Do you want a BIP.

R D at 14:49:25 Monday March 26 2007
P S--------B4 my fan club starts,i am not slaging off the big events far from it,they make my numbers a joke,and i would still go Caister if Brian wasn't such a control freak,bless him,i would go Lacy but can't as i am bared(don't know why but their you go)and will always go Southport its a great weekend (maybe i am bared from thease gigs now as i dared name them :bigsmile,but my point was i personaly know more people at the small events than the big ones, and to me having a good time is more about the people at a event ,rather than the DJs.Any one agree ??????? or am i just talking bo**ocks as normal

well at 14:42:45 Monday March 26 2007
i am impressed but rd what is 879 x 1.

R D at 14:41:22 Monday March 26 2007

richard in soulville hq at 14:38:30 Monday March 26 2007
Nice number prof

richard in soulville hq at 14:37:33 Monday March 26 2007
I would butI think you get more egg heads on here!!!!!!I must be stupid because i,m talking to a well(or should I be wishing?)

The Professor at 14:35:53 Monday March 26 2007

well at 14:13:56 Monday March 26 2007
blow me down are you in mensa.3

richard in soulville hq at 14:9:9 Monday March 26 2007
I can,look--2

here at 14:1:52 Monday March 26 2007
rd you so unimpressive its funny.ps can you count past 1.

richard in soulville hq at 13:2:23 Monday March 26 2007
Thankyou RD and girth,but he or she may have a point,it may have been having a laugh and I should not have bitten,but if that is the case why not just put your real name up and then I can laugh with you.Hiding behind a screen does make it appear you are having a dig.If i have jumped the gun and not got then i,m guilty for being touchy and i,m sorry for that!!!!!

R D in MISSING MY FAN CLUB ALREADY at 12:40:31 Monday March 26 2007
And as for soulville,it was a good weekend and every punter all 200 of them were true soul punters, not many gigs can say that,Lacy Lady,Caister,South port etc are always packed to the roof, but i bet their are less soul people at thease gigs than what Richard had.And djS PLAYING FOR FREE JUST TO SUPPORT HIM,how many people on this scene command that sort of respect so why don't you tossers leave the man alone, he is a real nice guy,have a pop at me instead as i am a nasty peace of work and all i care about is money i am in my safe counting it now, cor its up to the roof i have so much money now i am going to Burger King

possibly so, at 12:37:51 Monday March 26 2007
but not of him, it was probably his only way of getting airplay

you at 12:30:49 Monday March 26 2007
must have been an avid listener to hear he screwed up.

R D in COME ON BRING ON SOME MORE ABUSE DON'T BE BORING at 12:27:28 Monday March 26 2007
Don't get wound up Richard mate, you are beter than that,and far beter than the litle slime balls on here.People tell me not to bite, but i find it great fun talking to the litle low lifes on here, i can't wait to get home to see my fan club, after all so many people talking about me and my event, loads of free adverts eh

Lets have a laugh at 12:26:19 Monday March 26 2007
at radio shows our no name friend has screwed up, that's fine for a CV eh ? and it was very funny at the time

Girthdevon at 11:21:24 Monday March 26 2007
Yeah yer right....it does...

yes at 11:15:43 Monday March 26 2007
it bloody does.

Girthdevon at 11:12:57 Monday March 26 2007
I think most on here have a sense of humour....its just that those four words, two numbers, a wink and a smile didn't equal 'funny'...

what at 11:6:58 Monday March 26 2007
is your problem i was having a laugh not taking the piss hence the wink and smile.Thats why people do this on here as you are like fish you bite at every single thing.get a sense of humour every now and then it helps.

richard in soulville hq at 10:36:12 Monday March 26 2007
you are sad (yes),we have been very honest about what was happening with soulville,i,ve been promoting for over 20 years had numbers from 20 to 2000 and i really do take offence when people like you come on here to make trouble,I bet you have not got the guts to talk to me have you have you?????I see why RD gets upset,but I will be polite to you(you don,t deserve it)At least we have the guts to put on events(good or bad),we are not money grabbers,so what is your problem apart from being stupid!!!!

yes at 10:22:7 Monday March 26 2007
its now up to 12.

richard in soulville hq at 9:38:5 Monday March 26 2007
Sorry Frostie,will you ring tonight please,tried that number but could not get through.Got the figaro yesterday ,top down and touring.Soulville is increasing in numbers,keep it coming!!

richard in soulville hq at 9:37:47 Monday March 26 2007
Sorry Frostie,will you ring tonight please,tried that number but could not get through.Got the figaro yesterday ,top down and touring.Soulville is increasing in numbers,keep it coming!!

richard in soulville hq at 9:30:13 Monday March 26 2007
I see it was busy on here yesterday,I must make one thing clear the SLA is not chevvy or me,nothing wrong with Mark gs comments and I don,t know Alan Harding.I,m sorry if you two came under fire from someone pretending to speak for us,Niki,s great news should not be used on here for stupid one upmanship .I think Mark G was not comparing but just saying what he felt about the weekend he had just been on,lets face facts these northern do,s could teach us all a lesson,I think most of these northern weekends are SOLD OUT and there are lot of them!!!As far as Alan Harding is concerned he has every right to come on here a and wish niki congrats.Morning debs,how are you today?

Debs in IN SUNNY BOGNOR at 7:39:15 Monday March 26 2007

R D at 1:40:53 Monday March 26 2007
Good night my fan club sweet dreams to AND,WAS,YAWN,AMAZING,COR,MR CHIPS,JANE,Grammar Police,WELL,NEIL hope i haven't missed any one,try not to miss me, see you soon bye bye.

and at 23:23:21 Sunday March 25 2007
what gigs dont you rate RD.

was at 23:22:25 Sunday March 25 2007
you barred or chucked out for baring your naked body at the lacy.

yawn at 22:21:57 Sunday March 25 2007

R D at 21:56:28 Sunday March 25 2007

Why have i got to name a gig?????????? so you can say i am slaging off a gig on here.There are plenty of gigs i don't think much of but thats my view and not for public records ok.(amazing)What a total wanker you are ,this is all geting boring now.I am bared from the lacy and i was told by simon it was on Brian Rix's orders,but i don't slag of the lacy or Brian, i can live with it,i didn't even cry much.

and at 21:50:45 Sunday March 25 2007
your spelling is worse then mr c,s

rd at 21:49:50 Sunday March 25 2007
what gig you on about.

R D in LAUGHING AT THE TWATS AGAIN at 21:46:0 Sunday March 25 2007
And at 18:4:23 Sunday March 25 2007 So we know where not to go on Friday then! RD you shouldnt talk about Viki like that, and we though she was older than 14.-------------------- How does viky come into this crap ?????? and she is 25, how old is your old minger then?????????? .And why are you litle girls picking on Alan Harding then what has he done ????.Pricks and stones won't brake my bones,so back to your stones litle people.This is more fun than i thought with you nerds that don't get out much.

amazing at 21:39:7 Sunday March 25 2007
RD still has not said what 900 gig he was on about.

Steve the invisible lodger at 21:23:23 Sunday March 25 2007
Congrats to Niki, Neill, and Baby Rachel! I really am over the moon for you! Ello also to everyone else - long time no see and all that!

Drumstix at 20:26:15 Sunday March 25 2007

Rio Ferdinand in Israel at 20:14:2 Sunday March 25 2007
Never mind about that.Our biggest motivation this season is that obie Mikell and Essien win bugger all.

Alan Harding in Rainham (Essex) at 19:45:2 Sunday March 25 2007
SLA what has wishing someone congratulations on the birth of their baby got to do with me working for caister? So what if i do, i earn extra dosh helping to produce the program, are you jealous or just another sad no-namer with nothing better to do in your own sad life?

Frostie at 18:56:31 Sunday March 25 2007
What The Child Needs?Faith,Trust and Love=Devotion............

Pete Collins at 18:12:51 Sunday March 25 2007
SLA stay in your bunker. There was no need for your very nasty comment re Alan Harding, probably one of the nicest people you're ever likely to meet either on or off the soul scene. You can have a pop at me as well now anyway, cos I'm going to add my congratulations to Niki, Nelly and Rachel.

And at 18:4:23 Sunday March 25 2007
So we know where not to go on Friday then! RD you shouldnt talk about Viki like that, and we though she was older than 14.

rod in teston at 18:0:36 Sunday March 25 2007
Hi everyone, just a reminder to say that Tony matthews is at the orchard spot in maidstone kent on friday 30th march. For more info ring mob 07939532808

Frostie at 17:54:53 Sunday March 25 2007
No idea what happened there......

Frostie at 17:51:4 Sunday March 25 2007
Allo Maaates!Niki and Nelli,the two ocf you have just performed a fucking mirac Allo maaaates!Niki and Nelli how the fuck did you manage to perform a miracle like that?Less than a week old and already new forum member Rachel shows signs of leaving the shit for others to deal with and not getting out of her pram!More grown up than some of the users and not sucking up to nobody(I presume she is bottle fed Niki!)

Soulville Liberation Army in In the SLA bunker at 17:50:58 Sunday March 25 2007
Mark G with your PROFESSIONAL shout are you taking a pop at us or Soul Village? Alan Harding dont be a swarmy b*s***d we know you work for Caister.

Alan Harding in Rainham (Essex) at 16:54:2 Sunday March 25 2007
No Dave, just taking a break from wallpaper stripping.

R D at 16:39:57 Sunday March 25 2007
Whats the post code marky boy,for the old sat nav

R D at 16:36:33 Sunday March 25 2007
Hi alan you come off those porn sites for a while then just joking.

Alan Harding in Rainham (Essex) at 14:58:38 Sunday March 25 2007
Congratulations Niki and Nelly, and a big welcome to the world to baby Rachel. Glad to hear mother and baby are doing well.

Niki at 14:44:50 Sunday March 25 2007
Thanks guys. We are all here listening, but a coach load of rellies has just turned up.... back later. Niki Nelly & Rachel xx

Marky Mark at 14:32:41 Sunday March 25 2007

Alan at 14:31:24 Sunday March 25 2007
Stand by for some baby-related tuneage ...

Niki at 14:27:53 Sunday March 25 2007
Don't make me laugh.... it hurts when I laugh. Nice to hear you getting the job of wetting the baby's head underway

Niki at 14:26:39 Sunday March 25 2007
Alan & Ian, we needn't worry about those beats, she's so impressed she's slept through the whole thing so far

R D in LIVING THE GOOD LIFE at 14:18:48 Sunday March 25 2007
The last few years of course i have spent geting the wrong 5 punters in my club,not paying to go in clubs,and giving out grubby flyers,what a charmed life i lead

Alan & Ian at 14:16:15 Sunday March 25 2007
Hiya Niki. A few appropriate tunes coming up at 2.30 !

R D at 14:14:50 Sunday March 25 2007
Don't cough mate just incase .b4 you know it she will be asking for your car keys so enjoy every moment mate,my litle monster is nearly 14 now,i can't believe where the time goes.

Niki in doors with baby Rachel listening to Starpoint! at 14:5:9 Sunday March 25 2007
Afternoon all. Sitting here at the keyboard with baby sound asleep in one arm. We are both very well. I'm still a bit sore from the op, but doing so well got discharged from hospital after 48 hours. Just been reading back through your messages, thanks one and all. Alan & Ian cheers for the dedication keep those beats quiet will ya? Can we have some soft & gentle baby music? We haven't been singing Darrell Banks to her yet, but give it time!

R D at 14:4:14 Sunday March 25 2007

HAPPY FEET at 13:20:55 Sunday March 25 2007
Not me Marky Mark ive been in bloody freezing Brighton all weekend with Sweets

Debs at 13:17:52 Sunday March 25 2007

Mark G at 12:57:20 Sunday March 25 2007
Hi Debs, NM and Mr Ran-dell - RE: Prestatyn: Was my first outing and what an experience ! Sum it up in one word PROFESSIONAL Nice to catch up with a few familiar faces. Mr Thrower - Thanks for the Perky Platters

Northern Mick in Soulchester at 12:8:21 Sunday March 25 2007
Debs thats Awesome .....birds whistling to the show !!cant you tell its summer

Alan Champ & Ian Dewhirst in Sutton at 11:58:19 Sunday March 25 2007
Join us Starpoint Radio this afternoon from 2pm til 4pm for two hours of sublime soulful grooves from across the genres. Listen out for the first couple of tunes, which we'll be playing for Niki, Neil, and Rachel. If anyone wants a shout, you can email us at the studio: info@starpointradio.com

Debs at 11:54:50 Sunday March 25 2007
N Mick very nice thanx even the canaries whistled away to it

Northern Mick in Sunny Essex at 11:44:46 Sunday March 25 2007
Morning all....BST at last !! What time is it ....? Morning Debs..Hope its OK 4 U(CD)New T-Shirt required GT ?4Hero......awesome !

Debs at 11:28:16 Sunday March 25 2007
Mark i'm still recovering and i took it easy good to see u both twas a great weekend and was nice to catch up with people i hadn't seen in ages highlight for me was CONRAD BANG BANG BOOL hello Mark G G T i'm good thanx also in brekky mode

Mark Randle in Prestatyn recovery mode.....still!! at 11:2:14 Sunday March 25 2007
WITHOUT BOUNDARIES..........now into our 7th year - as ever we strive to offer you a varied selection of some of the top DJ's available on the 'Modern' scene, playing simply the best music out there in their particular genre on a sound system and setting that we think does the music justice - we hope you agree !!............'WITHOUT BOUNDARIES' - THE COORS VISITOR CENTRE / BASS MUSEUM. HORNINGLOW STREET, BURTON UPON TRENT, STAFFORDSHIRE, DE14 1YQ............Quality 70's Soul, Classic 80's & 90's, through to the latest new and advance releases..........EASTER SUNDAY APRIL 8th - TWO ROOMS - 5.00pm - 12.30am LIVE - Mobo Gospel Award Winners - NU LIFE DJ's - BUTCH, COLIN CURTIS, JAMIE TAYLOR, ANDY 'TATS' TAYLOR, STEVE GUARNORI, RICK SCOTT, COLIN BROWN, FISH & MARK RANDLE..........£10 door / £8 advance..........Cheers!!

cor at 10:31:39 Sunday March 25 2007
that RD is ard.I also have pissed me calvins.ps do you pay to go into this gig dave.

Ginger Tony in breakfast!!! at 10:21:34 Sunday March 25 2007
Morning all! Hi Debs, hope all's good. X

Debs in LISTENING TO NORTHERN MICKS JAZZY VIBES at 10:14:33 Sunday March 25 2007
Morning everyone

Just go back to this to see what this forum was set up for at 9:44:28 Sunday March 25 2007

anonymous at 9:11:10 Sunday March 25 2007
Happy summer time

R D in yawn yawn more yawn at 4:26:4 Sunday March 25 2007
I will be happy to chat face to face with the litle girls on here,i will be at sos sat, come on down then,we can have a group meeting,as for mr and you must go to a different ditch bar then,and mrs well i din't see a question on here,and how am i slaging off a gig if i din;t name it what a bunch of ***ts on here.

Drumstix in looking for a dry pair of pants at 1:41:3 Sunday March 25 2007
You lot have had me fallin' about pissin' my pants laughing at your school boy bickering! Keep it up LADS! you know it would be very interesting to see you all in a room together face to face .... don't s'pose there's any chance of that is there ... just asking

CLA in Vauxhall playing with the electrics at 0:4:49 Sunday March 25 2007
The Caister Liberation Army would like to welcome Rachel Forbes to the world! May the funk be with you

Marky Mark at 0:0:27 Sunday March 25 2007

jane at 22:31:20 Saturday March 24 2007
RD if you think a soul forum is for promoting and supportin gigs, why do you come on here and slag one off that you won't even name? and if you flyered those gigs 4 years ago you were still flyering (if that's a word) them with soul gig flyers? "their are lots of big gigs with 2000+ punters which i don't go in but flyer outside" sounds to me like present day?

Mr.Chipps (Goodbye!!) at 22:0:37 Saturday March 24 2007
Before you write a book RD,you should try and read one first!

Grammar Police at 20:54:41 Saturday March 24 2007

and at 20:45:7 Saturday March 24 2007
i went to the ditch about 100 punters is that the norm.

well at 20:44:30 Saturday March 24 2007
RD what gig was you on about.as you havent answered the question yet.

Nadine in at 20:12:17 Saturday March 24 2007
Happy Days are here again!!!!!

R D in LAUGHING AT THE LITLE DICKS ON HERE at 19:40:49 Saturday March 24 2007
John at 13:21:41 Saturday March 24 2007 RD why are you flyering events where it's like WWF outside? we don't want those kind of people at decent soul gigs thanks---------------------- I HAVEN'T FLYERED THEASE GIGS FOR 4 YEARS,SINSE I DID THE CIRCUS TAVERN SOUL NIGHT,which run for 18months without a single fight,and with less than a hundred punters at the end so it run at a loss.Its like w****rs.com on here,lots of litle children tring to trip people up by twisting every word i said,but i have to say its fun seeing all the crap on here.Shame though i thought a soul forum is for promoting and supporting gigs not tearing them down,plus say what you like about the DITCH BAR every month we have a great crowd so carry on .

R D at 19:28:23 Saturday March 24 2007
I am thinking about writing a book 'HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE'

R D in HERE WE GO AGAIN at 19:26:37 Saturday March 24 2007
we at 15:27:3 Saturday March 24 2007 all know what RD meant. .up the ditch i cant wait till its ditched. ---------------------------------Tell me please, do then what did i mean??,because if i have some thing to say i will say it, but you litle sad no name twats won't get my back up as you are not worth it,and if you want the DITCH BAR to end you must be another sad promoter or a dj has been to not have the balls to use your name,so crawl back to your mums tit and grow up.

yawn at 19:11:14 Saturday March 24 2007

R D in CONFUSED OR WHAT at 19:1:12 Saturday March 24 2007
Neill at 10:32:23 Saturday March 24 2007 Ah...Finally Rainham Dave shows his true colours...Dave I know to which gig you refer, and yeah you wouldn't mind our door money would ya? Except for if all our punters were like you, there wouldn't be any door money would there? Seeing as I let you and ya mate in for fuck all.----------------------------------------------------can some explain what the f**k you are going on about????????.i did not name a specific gig,and what gig are you refering to ? and i don't know a neil.other than neil riddings and i payed too go civic hall if thats what the gig is you refer to,pleas enlighten me ??????.

marky,push fm, SUNDAY EVENING ONLINE in miami at 17:57:13 Saturday March 24 2007
same format again this sunday evening, 6-8 pm gmt, LIVE online via http://www.pushfm.com deep/jazzy n soulful grooves, dj markymark/dancetrax. dont miss out

Bernadette at 17:48:52 Saturday March 24 2007
saw that this morning Bob and set the sky box to record it's a 2 parter and concludes week after i think....http://www.skyarts.co.uk/genre/features.asp?ID=3618&genreID=8

G.A.H. at 17:7:20 Saturday March 24 2007
Hahahah Bob. Soul's so underground it rotting & full of maggots.

Ginger Tony at 16:55:30 Saturday March 24 2007
Afternoon all! Quiet one for me today, got me bottle of Beaujolais and some tunes to listen to...Selina's at Netball & i've done me chores Cheers for that track Mick. Off to listen to it now!

G.A.H. at 16:42:41 Saturday March 24 2007
Gay Southpark hehehe http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xuw4q_2r3y708 What the fck has the World Wildlife Fund done to deserve that

Doctor Bob Jones in feeling a little Jazz headed at 16:16:56 Saturday March 24 2007
This is aimed at those who appreciate some Jazz in their Soul. The History of Blue Note Records on SKY ARTS @ 7pm tonight Sat 24th March. A profile of one of the most major of New York Record labels. Repeated Tuesday 27th, same channel @ 11pm and Wed 28th @ 5.05pm. Enjoy!!! Dr Bob Jones

we at 15:27:3 Saturday March 24 2007
all know what RD meant. .up the ditch i cant wait till its ditched.

ellie in feelin poorly at 15:12:45 Saturday March 24 2007
Hiya loverlies ...jsut popped in to say herloo ...I've only just got up ...n think am awasy bak to bed oh pooooh am missin my usual saturday dose of good moosic !!!!! am usually sat at puter or dancing round the room from 8am - 3pm

Jester at 15:10:14 Saturday March 24 2007
Good speaking to you Richard ..SOULVILLE - HERE WE COME

Bernadette in I'm not responsible! at 15:3:49 Saturday March 24 2007
Afternoonie feeling refreshed after a quiet night Marcus i'm listening to your theme tune by Alex Brown

Northern Mick in Cold and cloudy Colly at 14:38:12 Saturday March 24 2007
Afternoon Richard,Marcus,Marky Mark and Gavin......... I just love the weekends.....

richard in soulville hq at 14:12:37 Saturday March 24 2007
Neil,smack me if i,m wrong,but did RD mention your gig,if your getting those figures more power to you!!I think a lot of big promoters would give their right arm for 900 punters.

Marcus at 13:51:33 Saturday March 24 2007
Just up Mark?? Balancing the baby whilst typing not for the gonads as just received three kicks below...ouch!!!

Marky Mark at 13:42:18 Saturday March 24 2007

Marcus at 13:35:34 Saturday March 24 2007
Alright Gav...great seeing ya again at A New Chapter and cheers for the advice.Muchio grassiarse

Gavin Page at 13:26:42 Saturday March 24 2007
Oops ! another typo, that will be last nights excesses ! should be www.henrys-restaurant.net !

Marcus at 13:24:48 Saturday March 24 2007
Now chooned into 209radio hosted by Mick O'Donnell & guest 2day is Eddie Hubbard...gr8 soulful indy choones.

John at 13:21:41 Saturday March 24 2007
RD why are you flyering events where it's like WWF outside? we don't want those kind of people at decent soul gigs thanks

Coppo in opp norff in goooorgeous sunny Keswick at 12:58:37 Saturday March 24 2007
G'day y'all Great news Niki & Neil Still up her working me butt off, must get into see the game 2nite in Keswick...EEK it's quiet up here. Full of mad folk that just go walkies up and down the hills Richard(soulville) I shall try and ring ya 2day matey. Right no rest for the wicked, back ta work...Ta Ra

Marcus at 12:52:40 Saturday March 24 2007
Alright Dr.Bob, yep no problem ref magazines. Some excellent columns by Pete Lewis amongst many others.

Laugh? I thought I'd never start! at 12:47:1 Saturday March 24 2007
"Ah...Finally Rainham Dave shows his true colours... If our gig and or punters are so shit, why the fuck are you outside thrusting your grubby little flyers at em....?" HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO WORK THAT OUT,NEILL ?

Doctor Bob Jones in wanting Soul Underground at 12:36:2 Saturday March 24 2007
Marcus, hope your good, can you do me a favour and save those mags? would like to go over them sometime.Many thanks The Doc

Gavin Page at 12:33:49 Saturday March 24 2007
Sorry 30th March

Gavin Page in Info' Soul Essence 25 Warm Up at 12:32:1 Saturday March 24 2007
Friday 30th April, Henry's Bar & Restaurant are holding a special Soul Essence Warm Up event. DJ's Bob Cosby And Gavin Page. Doors open 8pm till late, Admisssion is FREE ! Henry's 01708 864042. Romford Road. Aveley. Essex. RM15 4XB WWW.HENRYS-RESTAURENT.NET

Info@The LACY LADY at 12:28:34 Saturday March 24 2007

Marcus in treacle bumstead at 12:27:1 Saturday March 24 2007
Cleared out the drawers of spare bed t'other day and found some old copies from mid-late eighties of 'Voices From the Shadows' (Rod and Steve)and some 'Soul Underground' from Dr.Bob. Excellent reading.

Doctor Bob Jones in Chillin in sunny Bognor listening to Ash at 12:3:7 Saturday March 24 2007
Yes Jester, trust your good mate....Jihad Muhammad...class mate pure class.... The Doc

Marcus at 12:1:26 Saturday March 24 2007
excellent choone Ash...

bet he says at 11:57:42 Saturday March 24 2007
didnt mean your gig neil.

Marcus in Home listening to Ash at 11:54:34 Saturday March 24 2007
Morning Y'all....Mark G,Cheers for the Ebay shout as now got me own record hehehehe

Jester at 11:16:32 Saturday March 24 2007
Remember the clocks change later on (forward +1hour) tonighty ..fookin' less sleep in the morn'

Jester in listening to Jihad Muhammad - The Dawn (Various mixes) at 10:41:9 Saturday March 24 2007
Morn' - Wayne, doin' a 'mobile' disco 2nite, but thanks for the offer fella ..have a goodie

Mark G in ebay-in-bed at 10:36:40 Saturday March 24 2007
Mornin' NM, Debs et al - One for the Penguin when he rises - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MARCUS-LOVE-THEY-DONT-KNOW-YOU-RARE-MODERN-SOUL-OG-12_W0QQitemZ190093569206QQcategoryZ58650QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Neill at 10:32:23 Saturday March 24 2007
Ah...Finally Rainham Dave shows his true colours...Dave I know to which gig you refer, and yeah you wouldn't mind our door money would ya? Except for if all our punters were like you, there wouldn't be any door money would there? Seeing as I let you and ya mate in for fuck all. I'm a great advocate of saying whatever you want about a gig as long as you've stumped up the admission fee. You on the other hand fly off of the surface of planet RD when one of your own DJ's happens to mention that one of the CD players was faulty. If our gig and or punters are so shit, why the fuck are you outside thrusting your grubby little flyers at em....?

Frostie at 10:15:23 Saturday March 24 2007
Allo Maaates!Not been on here much this week d but aint it good news for Niki and Nelli?Also,with Blowey and Bob Masters in mind and any maaaates that were out on that now legendary acclaimed Ibiza outing in 85,myself and Kerry are off to see Kevin,Julie and the Oxford boys which I know is just bound to turn out messy...........Well its been nearly 15 years since we all said "Allo Maaaates!"

darren in my xxxxxxxxxxx large boxers... at 10:10:23 Saturday March 24 2007
evening you lot...just off to look in my draw now ginger tony.i think i've got a pair that all 3 of us could fit in.me in the right leg,alex in the left leg,and you can sit on the ol' skid mark in the middle ....good call with the joneses-who loves you....ktf...darren

darren in my boxers. at 9:55:46 Saturday March 24 2007
evening you lot...alexander o'neal in bed with ginger tony.i've gotta stop drinking ....ktf...darren

HAPPY FEET at 9:32:22 Saturday March 24 2007
Have I ever met you CARL in person not to my knowledge? but the Carl who posts on here from time to time leaves his e mail addy, Hi Brian on a diffrent note, we are up at Mick Fullers Soulshyne party tonight in Brighton 10.3.30am if you and Jester fancy it, I have two free invite tickets left

Debs at 9:13:50 Saturday March 24 2007
Not bad thanx

Northern Mick at 9:11:5 Saturday March 24 2007
Hi Debs, hope youre well !!

Northern Mick in Dark and Dank Colchester at 9:10:37 Saturday March 24 2007
No Sunshine now thanks to you GT .......Gone over all dark and gloomy ...why did you have to mention the weather

Debs in TUNING INTO SOLAR FOR THE GINGER ONE THEN ASH at 8:58:7 Saturday March 24 2007
Morning everyone morning oh hairy one

Northern Mick at 8:19:22 Saturday March 24 2007
Morning all.......Sunshine, dont you just love it !! GT catch you this morning on the wireless Brian Mac should you be listening to the wireless at work ?? Glad you did though GT I take it you lost your fingerprints at SR on Thursday...left them on the glass, Ouch ! Whatever your weekend has in store for you all, have a Gorilla !!!

Lisa-Jane at 3:44:3 Saturday March 24 2007
Saved by Flip! fab fab night... hic

R D at 2:33:59 Saturday March 24 2007
CARL i don't know HF that well as it goes,its just my view as a punter,and John their are lots of big gigs with 2000+ punters which i don't go in but flyer outside and they are war zones,such as MINISTRY,HAMMERSMITH PALAIS ETC the music is like 2 bustbins shaging and more fights outside than WWF wrestling.So the small gigs are a beter night out,but your choice.

Brian Mac at 0:7:23 Saturday March 24 2007
I was smiling when I typed it Ellie but probably best to leave City Soul to those of us that just appreciate a good night out with NO Agenda

ellie at 23:33:48 Friday March 23 2007
how did that happen ????

Brian at 23:22:58 Friday March 23 2007
now wot did i tell you on Wednesday !!!!!!! smile and little bunnies and sweet flowaers and things !! see it don't matter . don't react sunshine you'r way much better tha them xxxx

Brian Mac at 23:11:28 Friday March 23 2007
Or in other words it's a good night and some people have to act like sulky children because they don't like what they read. Reading back Carl where exactly did Happy Feet (Wayne) have a pop at you ? Carol posted that City Soul is a good night (which it is) and you go into a hissy fit .. maybe time for you to work out which are the regular no name idiots that post to wind you up ? .. personally I doubt answers to your requests will come readily in future.

john at 22:49:52 Friday March 23 2007
what 900 punter gigs are they then dave?

CARL at 22:32:56 Friday March 23 2007
so in otherwords its a shite night but as he is a mate you support it. roll on city soul4

Girthdevon at 21:57:7 Friday March 23 2007
Just over a week away now, from MONUMENTAL SOUL on the 31st March - we are so pleased to be joined by top soul DJ and well respected Caister regular....Chris Brown - digging deep into his soul vaults....alongside your regular DJs Gareth 'Girth' Donovan, Neil 'Daddy' Forbes ??? & Mole. And for every one who knows Mental regular Lee Rothman, he'll be culminating his stag day there that night......so expect some sparkling conversation from him throughout the night....KEEP IT MENTAL !!!!!!! www.monumentalsoul.co.uk / www.myspace.com/monumentalsoul

Info @ TUBBS benefit night at 21:35:24 Friday March 23 2007
Easter Bank Holiday Monday April 9th (7pm-2am) @ DINGWALLS,Middle Yard,Camden Lock. The Paul 'Tubbs' Williams Benefit Concert. For one night only! Featuring Incognito,Founding Members Light of the World/Beggar and Co, Central Line, Orphy Robinson, Courtney Pine, Junior Giscombe, Leee John, Noel McKoy,Kenny Thomas,Donna Williams,Gregg Kofi Brown, Chris Hill, Dez Parkes and very special guests. DJ sets by Dez Parkes and Chris Hill, Marc Mac(4Hero) with special guest DJs joining us on the evening. All proceeds will go to the Williams family and Liquid Spillers. Tickets:£20 in advance. For more information please visit www.beggarandco.co.uk, www.funkmanagementuk.com & www.incognito.org.uk www.Seetickets.com

R D AND VIKY in A BIT LATE at 19:48:37 Friday March 23 2007
CONGRATS Niki, Nelly AND NEW ADDITION RACHEL,IT ISN'T ALL BAD NEWS ON HERE THEN. .On a different note,ive been CITY SOUL its a good night, so whats the problem then ???,ive been to 900 punter gigs and they have been crap(wouldn't mind their door money though eh)

richard in soulville hq at 19:23:27 Friday March 23 2007
Hey HF, can Ihave some of that?

richard in soulville hq at 19:23:24 Friday March 23 2007
Hey HF, can Ihave some of that?

Ellie at 19:13:4 Friday March 23 2007
awwww ..shame .. your such good fun company !!! i've jsut got all booked up . so am a happy girlie.. wil see you soon at Tubbs tribute anwasy xxxxxx

Brian Mac at 18:49:5 Friday March 23 2007
unfortunately not .. have to work .. next year I hope though

Ellie at 18:28:14 Friday March 23 2007
thanks Brian .. am sure Bernadette said she was going are you going ?? xx

Brian Mac at 18:13:1 Friday March 23 2007
13th to 15th April Ellie

Ellie at 18:7:18 Friday March 23 2007
I've jsut phoned a recomened b n b in Yarmouth to book for Soul Essence and when she asked me wot dates I jsut realised I don't even know when it is !!!!!! HELP someone ..i know it's after Easter but what are the dates ?? DOH !

Ginger Tony at 18:0:2 Friday March 23 2007
Night in tonight H.F. Northern Mick took a lot out of me last night and I need a bit of a lay down! If you think the chair was squeaky Brian, you should hear my wallet at it's bi-annual opening...

Girthdevon at 18:0:1 Friday March 23 2007
Had a major headache this week with Virgin Media ballsing up my broadband - only just managing to catch up now with all my mails & stuff online....plus my mobile is currently buggered so any one trying to get in touch this week and not getting a reply, you know why.....

HAPPY FEET at 17:51:9 Friday March 23 2007
Tony are you doing Smersh tonight or should I say 3 blind mice think Webbo is djing. Thanks for your kind words Carol cheques in the post x

Girthdevon at 17:48:54 Friday March 23 2007
Brilliant news Nelly - wishing you, Niki & your new addition Rachel the mostest, bestest time for the future......lots a love Girth, Sally, Bethan & Meghan....

Brian Mac at 17:45:53 Friday March 23 2007
Of course GT .. will join you for a morning of music and squeaky chair accompliment .. I think the 'Name that tune' (squeaky chair stylee) was a GOOD idea

Ginger Tony in a bit tied up. at 17:39:51 Friday March 23 2007
Afternoon all! Today I've learn't to never put my i-pod on and plug in my earphones whilst sat in traffic in the car... Hope you can join me for breakfast bit on Solar Radio tomorrow morning 8-10am. Sky Digital 0129 & www.solarradio.com

richard in soulville hq at 17:12:45 Friday March 23 2007
Well put Carol!

richard in soulville hq at 17:11:41 Friday March 23 2007
no bernadette it,s a GOOD thing!! keep it up.

Carol in in work at 16:54:41 Friday March 23 2007
City Soul has allways been brillant,100%soul crowd attend with a great diverse of music for all,it does what it says on the tin,ive been to clubs were it has been nearly full but the music has been pants,people come on here and knock soul events left right and centre,Soulville Ditch Bar,Henrys if you can do any better i'll be happy to attend,as to my knowledge City Soul have had some grt DJ's playing for them and the friendly atmosphere has been second to none so it cant be bad at all Im glad I have a wide arrange of Soul events to go to now well done to all the promotors who work hard to get these events off the ground

don't know... at 16:53:14 Friday March 23 2007
....about the crowd size but i bet that Carl will ask on the 19th April if there are and old skool or r&b nights on

Bernadette at 16:43:41 Friday March 23 2007
whats that HF Mark

Mark G at 16:12:32 Friday March 23 2007
Blimey Bernadette - for a minute I read bad as bald !! I'll get me teal coat...

is there at 15:59:4 Friday March 23 2007
a big crowd expected

HAPPY FEET at 15:49:17 Friday March 23 2007
Not djing Carl at next City Soul 4,but your more than welcome to come along to the party on Fri 20th April go to www.soulpranos.co.uk to view info and flyer on the forum pages orhttp://www.allinlondon.co.uk/whats-on.php?event=12762 for info and map Bernadette are you doing 3 blind Mice tonight Verve Event.

CARL at 15:15:31 Friday March 23 2007
whens happy feet djing next.

Bernadette at 14:58:55 Friday March 23 2007
you make it sound like its a bad thing Richard

richard in soulville hq at 14:32:38 Friday March 23 2007
Bernadette you are

richard in soulville hq at 14:31:29 Friday March 23 2007
fantastic news niki and Neil,Christine and I are very happy for you both.The only thing is she will be a rebel and grow up loving rock music!!!BOB M you made me laugh out loud about THE BOY!! I,m glad to say we like nats boyfriend olly,very polite but looks like a beatnik from the 60s.His mum and dad are loaded and HE drives brand new golf.He,s a good lad brings her home all the time on time even though he lives north of Norwich nearly 30 miles away.

Bernadette at 14:25:33 Friday March 23 2007
i really can't blame the boys i'm just as bad

ellie in still drooolin at 14:14:54 Friday March 23 2007
Hiya Bernadette I have to admit being a tad squiffy the next day after ANC .. were we having a drinkin competition ??? or was it just them norty boys kept buying round anfter round

Ellie in slaverin over lemar at 14:12:35 Friday March 23 2007
LEMAR on Loose Women in a minit .. cor he's loverly !!! not bad new single out now n'all sig sigh sigh ...oh and morning all xx

Norwich Simon at 14:11:14 Friday March 23 2007
Niki & Nelly, after all...am so delighted for you..not a dry eye in the house...God bless... ...Love from me, Debs, Mia and Danny

Bernadette at 13:55:2 Friday March 23 2007
a lot better than yesterday - was suffering after ANC - someone kept pouring drinks down me throat always fancy Henrys but it's such a mare for me to get back from been to the alldayers which were fun

HAPPY FEET at 13:47:24 Friday March 23 2007
Alfie its Roni

Pedroni at 13:43:35 Friday March 23 2007
Nicki & Nelly - Fantastic news - well done - another Soulful lady graces our planet - Congratulations and dont forget to video as much as possible they grow up so bloomin fast - Pete

alfie at 13:41:15 Friday March 23 2007
hello bernadette ,how is one today. who is over henrys tonight

Selina in Fantasic News at 13:32:56 Friday March 23 2007
I ssssoooo can't wait to meet her. Big Cuddles Please. Hope Nikki's o.k. and wish her a speedy recovering from her C section. It don't get no better, Chuffed from Greenhithe.

Bernadette at 13:7:27 Friday March 23 2007
morning all obviously not Alfie

Mark G in loving the news at 12:38:20 Friday March 23 2007
Cogratulations from all at Midlands Soulboys HQ

Bev in CW at 11:39:29 Friday March 23 2007
Some luvly news at last - a big congrats to u both Niki and Neill All the very best x

spud at 11:16:19 Friday March 23 2007
Nikki and neil the best bit of news ive heard in a while, proper fucking pleased for you is the best way i can put it,all the best spud and pat

WAYNE & TRACY at 10:46:5 Friday March 23 2007
We hear you have a new addition, A sweet little gal who is quite a magician, Transforming each normal adult who sees her To a comical fool just trying to please her. Rachel Congratulations Niki and Nelly xx She'll wrap you around her little finger, As around her crib you often linger, Searching for what can make your hearts twirl The adorable smile of your baby girl

Lisa-Jane at 10:37:17 Friday March 23 2007
hip hip HOORAY happy birthday for yesterday Rachel x

Terry T Shirts and Jackie at 10:4:17 Friday March 23 2007
Niki and Neil, congratulations to you both on the birth of baby Rachel. xxxxxxx

Marcus in home listening to Deborah Foster - I Can't hold back this feeling at 10:1:0 Friday March 23 2007
AbSOULutely fantastic news Niki and Nelly. Many,Many,Many Congratulations to all three of you- Mum,Dad and little Princess Rachel love Marcus xx

Nelly at 9:0:42 Friday March 23 2007
Thank you everyone for all your kind words. As you can imagine I didn't sleep much last night as I'm still on cloud nine. Our Philly princess can be seen here: http://www.soul-source.co.uk/forum/index.php?act=attach&type=msg&id=25216

tara in caister at 8:51:37 Friday March 23 2007
good morning!

Jester at 6:32:23 Friday March 23 2007
That put a huge smile on my face yesterday ..Rachel Daniella Forbes, welcome a mini Boogie Chic, yeah!!!

BriteEyes in Upper Marlboro, Maryland at 3:47:34 Friday March 23 2007
Congratulations Niki and Neil!!! This is wonderful news! And the sleep thing isn't that bad Gilo! Some babies do sleep through the night! --Beverly

Mark H at 2:44:29 Friday March 23 2007
I must add my congratulations to both Niki and Neil. Fantastic news.

Ellie in in rreeeememberin AlfieP at 0:22:24 Friday March 23 2007
yes .i did enjoy seeeeelf ,, nice ot see ya there ... lovelry lil venue innit .hope to se you next time xx

Gilo in Barnet Baby at 23:46:29 Thursday March 22 2007
Evenin ' Gav , I make you right on the Chapter and Verse . Mind you the original were not too bad either !! Well done to the Nicky and Neil - Welcome to a new kind of All Nighter !! The sleep gets better after a few years ..... Honest !

Gavin Page at 23:38:20 Thursday March 22 2007
Tony, Chapter & Verse Black Whip 4th & Broadway. Still sounds bloody great. Have had it back in my play bag for my last couple of Gig's

Gavin Page at 23:36:8 Thursday March 22 2007
Nocturna, Gonna be a monster tune mate. Watch this space, will go big at Yarmuff Good to see you buddy

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 23:34:44 Thursday March 22 2007
Thanks all.. We started with a couple of 70's Porn tracks :mozilla_cool: Then African Music Machine Black Water Gold Soul Power Chapter & Verse Black Whip 4th & Broadway Fela Kuti Chop & Quench Barclay NWA Straight Outta Compton Priority Mantronix King of Beats Sleeping Bag Q Harris Protect cdr Carolyn Harding Be with you Deep Haven Dajae & Bernard Badie Tonight Tony Recs Mark Knight That Motherfucking House Music cdr Stacy Kidd Feat Milton Wares Chicago CSS Graceland & Arnold Jarvis The One (Restless Soul Vocal) Seasons Black Wire feat. Barbara Mendes Greatest Day (Matty's Soulflower Mix)Pata De Perro Blaze ft Mr V Breathe (Ashley Beedle unreleased dub)Slip n Slide Quentin Harris Feat. Rokia Triore Imbia cdr Brand New Heavies You are the Universe (R Sanchez) Ffrr D'Influence Magic (MAW) Echo Kim English Supernatural Hi LIfe Sexorama Amanda by night

alfie at 23:16:19 Thursday March 22 2007
it was nice to meet you aswell ellie.did you enjoy yourself

Ellie in just rememberin met alfie p at 23:15:26 Thursday March 22 2007
hiyer Alfie ... nice to met you last nite xxx

alfie.p at 23:12:13 Thursday March 22 2007
roni. are you playing at henrys tomorrow?

alfie at 23:5:41 Thursday March 22 2007
you got nothing better to do bernie

Bernadette in who's the daddy? at 23:4:50 Thursday March 22 2007
Brilliant news

tony & roni at 23:2:17 Thursday March 22 2007
Congrats to you both, great news

alfie.p at 22:59:51 Thursday March 22 2007
good night last night at anc. top tunes as per usual.the guest wasn't bad either.great set gavin.a nocturna is on the way to me from the states thanks to you. great tune.c u soon

alfie p at 22:55:53 Thursday March 22 2007
fantastic news neil. all the best to the three of you . c u soon

Brian Mac at 22:29:8 Thursday March 22 2007
Congratulations to you all .. wonderful news for the day.

Nelly in doors on Cloud Nine at 22:7:16 Thursday March 22 2007
Evening all & thanks for all your Best Wishes. I've just got back from the hospital & left Rachel snoozing & Mum positively glowing. For those that haven't heard, Rachel was delivered today by Caesarian at 2.40pm weighing in at 6lb 9oz. It's fair to say I cried like a baby. Apologies to those who got the news via the grapevine, it only meant that I didn't have your numbers on my phone. Niki & Rachel will hopefully be back home at the weekend. Over the moon? Feckin' right we are!

Carol at 22:3:5 Thursday March 22 2007
So happy for you both Niki and Neil..great news - love from Carol, Andy and Max xx

Mark Randle in great news!!! at 21:41:44 Thursday March 22 2007
Congratulations Neil and Niki on the birth of baby Rachel...........what great news..........I'm orf to tell my missus......she'll be thrilled to bits for you

Gavin Page at 21:27:17 Thursday March 22 2007
We both so very pleased for you 3! Many, many congratulations!!! XXX God Bless

darren in my happy boxers at 20:43:27 Thursday March 22 2007
congratulations to all 3 of you.wishing you all ,love,life,and longevity.with a bit of philly thrown in for good measure ...ktf...darren

Alan Champ in Sutton at 20:31:33 Thursday March 22 2007
Absolutely brilliant news ! Well done to Niki, Neil, and little Rachel. All our love and best wishes to you. Alan & Jo, plus Ian, Dicky, Dave, JJ, and Andrew.

Northern Mick at 20:21:38 Thursday March 22 2007
Selina !! you are a monkey

Ginger Tony in but I left 15 mins ago!!! at 20:20:21 Thursday March 22 2007

Marky Mark at 20:5:25 Thursday March 22 2007
Is there anything going on in the west end/city tomm night ? Up the tomm and dont like doing tubes in rush hour so might aswell go out

Marky Mark in Mothercare at 19:50:26 Thursday March 22 2007
Nikki and Neil well done to the both of you ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHAEL Lots of love Uncle Marky and the plants

Northern Mick at 19:49:36 Thursday March 22 2007
GT !! What you doing on here ...get on your way !!

Northern Mick in A JSR state of mind at 19:48:53 Thursday March 22 2007
Yes I knew I heard the sound of Gorilla feet !!Big congratulations to Mum and DAD .....Niki & Neil.......Chuffed to bits.......... So much love in the roooooom !! Will be seeing you all very soon !! Regards to Marvin

Ginger Tony in & Selina at 19:44:24 Thursday March 22 2007
We both so very chuffed for you 3! Many, many congratulations!!! XXX

DEBS AND DR BOB at 19:41:18 Thursday March 22 2007

Ellie in eggcitereed at 19:36:22 Thursday March 22 2007
Neil and Nikki .... jsut wunerfool news ... enjoy the moment .... luvs to all three of you .... love peace and happiness sending to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BGG at 19:33:21 Thursday March 22 2007
Very best wishes to Niki & Nelly....from all SOTRC xx

Marcus at 19:29:59 Thursday March 22 2007

Lynn and Geoff at 19:28:46 Thursday March 22 2007
Nikki and Neil Over the moon for you both. What lovely lovely news. Every blessing of happiness in the world to you both and baby Rachel Daniella All our Love Lynn XXXXXX and Geoff XXXXXX

___FROSTIE__ in The Soul Cottage at 19:1:39 Thursday March 22 2007
Allo maaates! Congratulations to Nicki and Neil on the birth of Rachel Daniella this afternoon...We are so pleased for you! All our love Frostie and Kerry x

Gavin Page at 18:45:43 Thursday March 22 2007
Good night last night. Thanks to all that came and the boys foe asking me to do it ! Great news indeed

Kaya at 18:40:21 Thursday March 22 2007

Ellie in in curious at 18:34:34 Thursday March 22 2007
oh stobbit you two !! wot is it ??? is it to do with babies ????

Northern Mick at 18:33:55 Thursday March 22 2007
You're right There Marcus....evening all. Reminder that tonight 2000-0100 hrs JSR BIG Soul night out, Silk Road Cocktail Bar and Lounge ,4 St Botolphs St Colchester Essex, admission free. An evening of Soulful vibes,jazzy rhythms and Funky beats, with DJ's Northern Mick and Ginger Tony. Broadasting Live on the internet @ www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk......Hope you can join us .Shouts and Info call Mick : 07763411627 Have a Gorilla

Brian Mac at 18:30:5 Thursday March 22 2007
Yes, good news indeed

Ginger Tony at 18:12:49 Thursday March 22 2007

DCML at 18:10:47 Thursday March 22 2007
been sitting here with my legs crossed all day Marcus !

Marcus at 18:8:44 Thursday March 22 2007
There'll be some Excellent news on ere soon...watch this space.

really at 18:3:47 Thursday March 22 2007
alex are you carls mate.

alex in norfolk at 17:52:59 Thursday March 22 2007
this is to really.u r a dipstick

Lynn at 17:39:31 Thursday March 22 2007
Hello Stavros see the boys are back in town, roll on 21st Aug at 02 Arena, another year another great concert a couple of days after our Wedding Anniversary Kindest Regards Lynn. See ya there Sooooooooooooooooo excited.

really at 17:33:31 Thursday March 22 2007
carl you need to do one you twat.

carlc in north london at 17:30:33 Thursday March 22 2007
pardon my french dickhead but the reason i come on here every week is because i thought someone like yourself knew wot was happening out there.but obviously you being such a prat u dunno know nothing .in fact u r an asshole

well at 17:16:13 Thursday March 22 2007
carl you seem to come on here every week and ask the same thing.its a wind up isnt it in my best welsh accent.Or you could just go to the events page or in fact just boil your head.

carl in north london at 17:2:48 Thursday March 22 2007
do u need to be such a dickhead

or at 16:52:32 Thursday March 22 2007
carl just go and boil your head.

Wayne at 16:46:55 Thursday March 22 2007
Carl have a look on www.2-funky.co.uk events

carl in north london at 16:38:3 Thursday March 22 2007
is there anywhere good to go in the london or essex area,that plays some old school ,also r and b

G.A.H. at 16:24:51 Thursday March 22 2007
I thought you'd gone

BUT at 16:19:24 Thursday March 22 2007
wouldnt you miss me.

G.A.H. at 16:18:34 Thursday March 22 2007
Don't let me stop ya

well at 16:12:37 Thursday March 22 2007
when i have listened to your show before i was close to doing me wrists in.

G.A.H. at 16:8:43 Thursday March 22 2007
Don't slip n cut ya throat will ya.

no thanks at 16:4:13 Thursday March 22 2007
better things to do like shave my head.

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 15:58:9 Thursday March 22 2007
Tonights entertainment starts with Rick Prior 6pm till 8pm Followed by T.Hayzer. & sitting in for M Blanco all the way from Scotland Andy Baker FWD

Bernadette at 15:29:41 Thursday March 22 2007
You are welcome sweetie - it was great to see you again

Ellie in still laffin at 15:13:30 Thursday March 22 2007
Bernadette ..youare such a darlin .. made me laugh loads..I luv your sense of humour and banter...thanks for lookin after me xxx

Ellie in missed the fight ??? and the kebabs !!!! at 15:11:34 Thursday March 22 2007
Brian's a puddy cat really !! ....Had a great night with all you guys..what a pleasant way to spend an evening chatting and laughing with loverly peeps whilst listening to some fabby choons from Stevie Cee, Girth and Gavin..thankyou all very much .. Jester thanks for lift to station but unfortuately I got totally lost in Old Street( couldn't find the line for Waterloo) when I eventuyally worked out there are two Northen line branches .. i'd already missed train home... DOH !!!!!!!..anywasy all in all a great night for me and will certainly come along again xxxx

Brian Mac at 15:0:58 Thursday March 22 2007
Moi' ??

this at 14:21:34 Thursday March 22 2007
Brian seems a bit of a hooligan.

Bernadette in a pint & a fight - a great british night! at 14:13:27 Thursday March 22 2007
Glad you got home ok Marcus Thanks Jester for the lift home via our favourite kebab shop Brian what are you like

Brian Mac at 14:11:14 Thursday March 22 2007
Yes Marcus, a good night indeed .. you got closer to him , never got his name .. another anonymous prat

Pedroni at 13:53:37 Thursday March 22 2007
Soulful Strut alldayer 2pm - 2am at Enigma Bar 186 High St - Rochester Kent - Bank Holiday Monday 9th of April - Soul Funk & dance jazz with a slug of Soulful House - DJ's Sharpie, Skatsie, TMIB, Abbo & myself - free entry - fantastic bar - with massive gardens backing onto the castle -n brilliant location - for further info call 07770 820186

Pedroni at 13:49:34 Thursday March 22 2007
Cheers Bob n Paul will let you know where we ended up -- Abbo will pop in and pick up my CD's next week mate cheers for picking them up

Marcus at 13:35:17 Thursday March 22 2007
Another TOP night at A New Chapter last nightio. Cheers for lift and choonage home Jester Brian keep away from the drunken idiots!!

marky,push fm in miami at 11:43:7 Thursday March 22 2007
back again this sunday online LIVE via http://www.pushfm.com , between 6-8pm gmt, playing the best in deep/jazzy and soulful grooves. http://www.myspace.com/markymarkdancetrax

Debs at 9:15:52 Thursday March 22 2007
Morning all thanx N Mick

PLANT at 9:10:27 Thursday March 22 2007
Morning Marky Mark

Marky Mark at 8:28:43 Thursday March 22 2007
Morning Sponge and Mick, morning plants

Paul@sotrc at 8:23:29 Thursday March 22 2007
Pedroni,go native its much better & great fun ..I've been to a couple of Irish Disco's & there shall we say different,or stay in and listen to me on JSR this Friday 8-10. BTW we have to teenage boys 16 & 14 sports part of the answer football cricket sport helps teach them all the right things & keeps them off the street.16 yr old has boys coming over from Newham to play for Dartford.

Northern Mick in Sunny Essex at 8:0:10 Thursday March 22 2007
Morning all !!

carl in north london at 2:6:54 Thursday March 22 2007
anything occuring this weekend,friday and saturday in london,or essex,nice r and b,old skool etc

chevvy in recovered at 22:43:23 Wednesday March 21 2007
still in recovery from the fab weekend thanks to all for the wishes and everyone that went to the ditch and then back ere ugh why did i carry on drinking??????? back to reality now ...debs thanks sweetie how many glasses? ha ha ha ha loads of luv chevvy xxxxxxxxxxxbigger thank you darling excellent set love you too hunnie

tara in caister at 22:33:13 Wednesday March 21 2007
sorry it's a bit late in the day, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMUDGER!

HA HA HA at 21:14:23 Wednesday March 21 2007
your mate who you are arguing with resides in Romford now

G.A.H. at 21:13:8 Wednesday March 21 2007

Lee at 21:13:1 Wednesday March 21 2007
Big Alien - Can you email me please fella.

Bob Masters at 21:6:53 Wednesday March 21 2007
g.a.h., Do you mean 16 stone or age ?

G.A.H. at 21:2:18 Wednesday March 21 2007
Romford! I'd rather chew my own arm off than live there

Coppo at 21:1:1 Wednesday March 21 2007
'ello one and all, hope all had a good time at Prestatyn (hope I spelt it right) if not don't care Still opp norrf in dem der hills Richard (Soulville) shall bell ya 2morrow

HA HA HA at 20:49:23 Wednesday March 21 2007
Yer and you ended up in Romford , what a improvemnt

G.A.H. at 20:44:26 Wednesday March 21 2007
The only thing you got out of was Runwell

and at 20:38:31 Wednesday March 21 2007
i should know i got out of there.

its at 20:37:16 Wednesday March 21 2007
a dump

and at 20:36:51 Wednesday March 21 2007
at 14 there should not be boys knocking at the door in the first place.School should be the only thing on a childs mind.

G.A.H. at 20:34:15 Wednesday March 21 2007
Why don't you just go fcuk yaself you dull insignificant Div

and at 20:33:0 Wednesday March 21 2007
you still live there,not much money in what you do then.

G.A.H. at 19:53:13 Wednesday March 21 2007
Ok Li so you visited Canning Town today.. Let me tell you why i'm particulaly moved by this.. Plaistow, EastHam, Barking is my area. It's where the majority of my friends either live or are from. My best friend runs a footie team out of The Gate & the majority of the players are young Black lads. Now in their early 20's who i've know since they were teenagers.I find it quite sick it could have happened to one of them.. If you were young & Black & was involved in shit like this who would you listen to.. Me, You The Police Tony Fcn Blair.. Maybe just maybe your own Community, Aunts Uncles Parents etc. Yeah Bob i can imagine you being a proper catch at 16.. fckn Facists.

Marky Mark at 19:44:59 Wednesday March 21 2007
Believe me National service or the army will not work! Why you may ask? The Army is now run like a civilian organization ,,, You cannot shout at soldiers anymore, kick them , punch them or carry abusive mind breaking games which installed dicipline ! The army now have to give notice of pending guard duties you cant just jiff anyone like it used to happen ,,, they live in palaces now with all mod cons and do not do bullshit inspections! Basicly when one of these shit heads is told to do somthing and he just turs and goes " piss off " theres not alot the NCO can do about it! I f you jail them and put them on change parades its going to be against his human rights and now in the army they have works conditions... Most of them will use the race card or on religeous grounds cards... basicaly the British Army aint what it used to be! Dont thinks programs like the one based on National service days is like what it is now ,,,,,,,,,,far from it ... I was a instructor at a training depot in 1989 and fellow DS was assigned a group of women recruits and as normal when you first meet your section you go into your shouting I'm in charge routine to wear down any big mouths in there and he said " I dont care for your tits and tears routines" and a complaint was made and he gone by 4pm, PC bollocks ,,,, Rant over

Bob Masters at 19:27:0 Wednesday March 21 2007
Pedroni, Time Out normally has listings for Dublin but the Pod club is very good, PAL JOEYS plays old Jazz-Funk most weekend and is in Croma Alley, Temple Bar.

Gillie D at 19:1:0 Wednesday March 21 2007
Bob the best thing you can do is say how nice her boyfriend is, you know the rules, once the parents approve they finish with em.

Pedroni at 19:0:27 Wednesday March 21 2007
Sorry to disturb what looks like a very sensible debate - anyoner got any ideas of a good (Soulful House) venue on this saturday night in Dublin??? Cheers

Bob Masters in There's just no fun for Dad's any more at 18:53:32 Wednesday March 21 2007
My daughter is 14 and believe it or not is gorgeous. Every couple of nights we get a knock on the door and there stood, 6ft something, hoods up or cap's tilted down. In our day we would have said "Good evening Mr or Mr Smith" is Jemma in, but not this lot.SO !! What's the first thing that comes out of this "missing links" mouth ? "SUP" .........SUP !! I said, walking towards him so I was an inch from his nose, "What the F#*K does "SUP" mean? Is Jems in ? tell her it's Jake he said, no please or thank you. Jake, I've never heard her mention a Jake, does she know who you are, I said trying to wind him up (just for fun I should add) Yeah Right!! he said, Im her boyfriend, Dave's brother. OH !! Dave's brother, I said, I think she's gone to the pictures with him tonight mate. His face hit the floor and just as beginning to enjoy myself, my daughters hairdryer stopped, "who's at the door mum" she shouted, my wife came out, clipped me around the ear and said to Jake "don't take any notice of anything he say's just as my Jemma was shouting "Mum" !! get dad away from the door......................I think I've lost her to the Chav's

Bob Masters at 18:26:7 Wednesday March 21 2007
These kid's are cowards and only find a home around like minded people. They would'nt last 5 min in the armed forces, they would be the ones that go awal, ANYWAY !! Friends of mine that have been in the army have always said they wouldnt want people like that with them.

send all at 17:28:5 Wednesday March 21 2007
hoodies and chavs to these hotspots and tell em if they survive will they behave in future.How many do you think will do when they come back,answer all of em the cowards.We are to soft on these herberts,make them suffer like the peoples lifes they ruin day in day out.In fact whilst i am on my soapbox just drop them in the middle of basra and let them fend for there selves.

Get a grip at 17:20:0 Wednesday March 21 2007
A kid in Manchester got killed what was it 3-4am in the morning what the hell was he doing out at that time and where where his parents,funny how all these parents come on telly and say he was a lovely boy ( innocent school picture when he was ten) never in any trouble never did drugs mugged or stole anything yeah like fuck !!!!!!!!

Bernadette at 17:9:31 Wednesday March 21 2007
Don't they have plumbing out there in deepest Essex Selina sos you can take a shower

Mum of teenagers at 16:51:48 Wednesday March 21 2007
Compulsary national service???? This loony government is already sending troops into hot spots that we shouldnt be in and now you want to send our precious kids...why????? Not all teenagers are trouble.

Ellie in being all eggcitered at 15:48:23 Wednesday March 21 2007
Hiyer Bernadette see you tonight..am gonna meet Gilly and Gavin beforehand I think so see you when we get there... oooo am all in a tizz now ... aww Selina come along we don't mind your smelly !!!! be great to see you xxxxxxxx

Selina at 15:30:18 Wednesday March 21 2007
Netball at lunchtime, all hot, sweaty and a little tired, and it's not cold out there. I'm so sticking to going to the pub. Fancy ANc tonight but I smell and it's not pleasant. Have fun with the animals

Gilly at 13:41:4 Wednesday March 21 2007
No worries Debs, was out last night but am in tonight!! Speak later xx

Gilly H at 13:23:7 Wednesday March 21 2007
Judge Dread I totally agree our justice system is way too lenient, and bring back compulsary National Service, that should sort out the discipline and respect issues !

and at 13:18:46 Wednesday March 21 2007
then birch em,use ex military personnel to torture them,or let them listen to rock and hip hop by des o connor on a loop 24 hours a day,7 days a week.

and teaching spelling in schools again at 13:10:15 Wednesday March 21 2007

Judge Dread at 12:54:23 Wednesday March 21 2007
Bring in I.D. cards.Up the legal age for drinking ,driving and the vote to 21.Introduce the "3 strikes and you're out" rule for conviction of any crime,with a minimum sentance of 20 years for the third offence.Deport all non-british criminals after their sentance has been completed.To reduce road conjestion ban all drivers for life after 3 serious driving offences.A life sentance = full life term.

Marcus at 12:49:8 Wednesday March 21 2007
Morning campers! See ya all at A New Chapter this evening for another excellent Soul fest and Zoo night whereas a Penguin and A Bear will be there ...Sad new about Luther Ingram. Put out some lovely records on Koko & I love 'Trying To Find My Love' & 'When you love somebody'.

Bernadette at 12:6:4 Wednesday March 21 2007
sorry Ellie went to bed so didn't see ya posting. Yes I'm going as always - it's a night I never miss - usually get there early 7ish if i can so I will look out for you

Lisa-Jane at 11:58:11 Wednesday March 21 2007
I'm not offended at all Tony. You are entitled to your views and I'm entitled to mine. But yesterday is the answer to when did I last go to Plaistow and Canning Town this afternoon if you fancy a cuppa

and at 11:2:27 Wednesday March 21 2007
now they are wearing Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine hats and stabbing each other the turks and the blacks what next tweenies.

i am right at 10:57:20 Wednesday March 21 2007
2 years army will do it

Ellie at 10:53:40 Wednesday March 21 2007
yoo hoo gilly, morning ... i got email thanks... will ring you a wee bit later as I have client coming in a minit ...am all eggcitered, I haven't been out the door since Chi Soul !!!

hello at 10:48:21 Wednesday March 21 2007
gah what are you going on about.knife violence goes across all borders and creeds.In fact knife crime has grown since we have opened our borders to new races from both europe and africa where they have a large culture where the knife is the way things are dealt with so has an effect on our society.Also how about that white guy yesterday who got a paltry twenty years for stabbing and killing two white boys.All because he smoked super skunk.

Debs at 9:33:54 Wednesday March 21 2007
Morning all sorry i didn't phone Gilly fell asleep

Gilly H at 9:7:51 Wednesday March 21 2007
Hiya Ellie you have mail !

G.A.H. at 8:9:0 Wednesday March 21 2007
Why are you offended your not Black. There's something desperatly wrong when a young Black lad can't walk down a street in broad daylight without fear of being murdered by other Black lads. We need peace & unity not lilly livered Liberals. When was the last time you walked through Plaistow or East Ham.

Lisa-Jane at 7:52:6 Wednesday March 21 2007
I know who killed Damilola Taylor Tony that was my point, which you missed! doesn't matter who kills who knife crime needs to be dealt with. I think its pretty offensive to the black community telling them that they have to deal with it - we all have to deal with it !

Markthecabbie in bloodbath update at 1:20:56 Wednesday March 21 2007
Thanks to everyone for their concern and advice.What looked like an outtake from "Shaving with Machetes" finally turned into a very unimpressive scab on my bottom lip.Must admit for the 3 or 4 hours I was plying for hire earlier I had some very strange glances at the roll of toilet paper attached to aforementioned lip PS Sure my Dad used to cover up shaving faux-pas with rizlas......

Ellie in it's the walking about phone innit !!!!! at 1:9:19 Wednesday March 21 2007
Brian ...brillinat you guys gona go ttooo....can i ring ya and meet up furst ??xxxxx gimme a calll !!!!!!!!!

Brian Mac at 0:50:35 Wednesday March 21 2007
phone your "nubile" Ellie ???

Brian Mac at 0:49:43 Wednesday March 21 2007
Jester and moi' there also Ellie .. early spot Gavin, followed by Mr Scotch ?

Ellie in all egcitered at 0:44:56 Wednesday March 21 2007
GAV ah wwwould luvs to come ..can yer get gilly to email me lainz154829473@aol.com or phooooone me nubile 07921 655926 xx

Gavin Page at 0:11:25 Wednesday March 21 2007
Ellie. Do you think she would let me out on my own ?

Gavin Page at 0:10:15 Wednesday March 21 2007
Ellie, get your self there. You will love it. Small and fun. Bit like me really, small that is

Gavin Page at 23:51:3 Tuesday March 20 2007
Or should I say knew, bloody Pinot again

Gavin Page at 23:50:9 Tuesday March 20 2007
Shite better sort some records. New there was an M in the Month I was on. Tought it was moctober See you there then !

fat frank at 23:41:30 Tuesday March 20 2007
dagenham and redbridge top of the conference, orient have turned the corner does that mean that wet spam are officially the third biggest club in EAST EAST EAST LONDON..

Ellie in beeeiong wee shy girl !! at 23:14:18 Tuesday March 20 2007
are you going Bernadette ??? am not brave enuf to go on oowwwnsy ..

Bernadette at 23:8:4 Tuesday March 20 2007
Ellie its a small cosy venue with lots of friendly people - i've turned up on me tod many a time

Bernadette at 23:6:3 Tuesday March 20 2007
Don't you mean Mentals Stevie see ya tomorrow bright & early as per usual - i'll be the one with the penguin

Ellie in in tinking would like to attend at 22:52:31 Tuesday March 20 2007
would i konw anyone?? Gavin is Gilly going ?? cuold I meeet uuup with her . so am not on my own going in ?? Ells xx

Stevie Cee at 22:42:31 Tuesday March 20 2007
Sorry I haven't been online for a few days and I've just seen a few postings about ANC. Yes, it is on tomorrow at 3 Blind Mice, 5 Ravey St. London EC2 from 6.30pm. Yes, one of my mentors GAVIN PAGE is the guest. Yes it is FREE. Yes, we love to see any of you over there.. Soul Essence soon come

G.A.H. at 21:42:53 Tuesday March 20 2007
& too be honest i couldn't have give a shit if he pronouced it Playstow plarstow or fckng Bisto

G.A.H. at 21:29:27 Tuesday March 20 2007
Damilola Taylor was killed by Black kids. It's fueling parties like the BNP who win on both counts. I'm asking them to put a stop to them killing each other..(fck me Liberals)

Lisa-Jane at 20:39:35 Tuesday March 20 2007
there's no need to swear Tony - I'm allowed an opinion too what I'm saying is that if you look at the knife related violence that's been reported in the last month its actually about 50/50 white/black killings but you're asking the black community to put a stop to it. I don't remember anyone calling for the white community to put a stop to it when Stephen Lawrence was killed or Damilola Taylor or the young black boy chased through the park in Birmingham a few months ago and murdered by a white bloke. I think its everyone that needs to look at their families/teenagers etc and not just the black community. Has it occured to you that there may be more black families living in Streatham or Plaistow and so teenagers bullying each other are being just that, bullying teenagers - essentially we're probably both saying the same thing but you of course have to take it that one step further and have a good old swear at me about it (Fck me plasterers!)

G.A.H. at 20:25:55 Tuesday March 20 2007
Stemmons Express Women Love thief

Alan in Sutton at 20:13:56 Tuesday March 20 2007
The Luther Ingram Orchestra - 'If It's All The Same To You'. An all-time definitive Northern MONSTER tune. Played on Starpoint the other Sunday - check http://www.sixmillionsteps.com/6MS-2007-03-11-Starpoint-2.mp3

Ellie in just been learning how to shave !!!! at 19:32:33 Tuesday March 20 2007
he hee hee Brian that was educatshinal !!! ... I foudn his top tip for shavig inthe shower a bit disconsertin tho !!! who the eck has a mirror in there showere ..... and WHY ???? i think he left out a more improtint top tip .... .. Neffah let yer wife or g/friend use yer razor to shave her legs !!!! lololol

G.A.H. at 19:14:41 Tuesday March 20 2007
Lisa-Jane what the fck are you on about.. Who said anything about anything being right.. I can understand if there was an element of racism in this violence Not saying thats right if there was (Fck me lawyers)There's something fundamentally wrong in society & listening to Don Letts on Robert Elms this afternoon i'm not the only one who thinks this. The Black community needs to put a stop to this..

Brian Mac at 18:52:31 Tuesday March 20 2007
Sure, smugness I can deal with if it's polite and I agree about Zola - good example of a player who's not an idiot..... Anyway .. my reason to post .. especially for Mark The Cabbie and first posted elsewhere by Pete C .. HOW TO WET SHAVE .... http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-wet-shave

zolaisgod in sw6 at 18:40:42 Tuesday March 20 2007
is it ok to be smug on here

Jester at 18:13:4 Tuesday March 20 2007
Art' - Sad news about Luther Gav Hopefully see ya tomorrow if you are going down to ANC .my first one for a while

Brian Mac at 17:59:27 Tuesday March 20 2007
RIP Luther Ingram (missed the news) .. all I know is tomorrow Gavin .. Pete C did you ever keep that link to how to shave properly ? (can't find on EMS yet)

Gavin Page at 17:57:23 Tuesday March 20 2007
Luther Ingram, whose biggest hit was "(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right" (US No. 1 hit in 1973) died Monday in St. Louis. He'd had a kidney transplant several years ago and fought kidney failure for most of the last decade. I have numerous of Luther's outings & love just about all of his KoKo outings. He will certainly be missed in this household.

Gavin Page at 17:55:50 Tuesday March 20 2007
Help ! ANC this months info please ???????

Pete Collins at 17:36:5 Tuesday March 20 2007
Mark, I refer you to the Book Of Handy Tips For Men, Tip no 127. Quote 'If you don't want to look like a walking toilet roll use an electric shaver' So much nastiness on here generated by a game consisisting of 22 blokes kicking a bag of air round a field - passion for your team I understand, nasty I don't Are you surprised that kids are the way they are then if this is the example that's set

gooner at 16:50:26 Tuesday March 20 2007
oo you baitch.

Brian Mac at 16:46:49 Tuesday March 20 2007
As for Gooner fans I know they are all ok and we can chat like adults do (GT, Ash, Bob and Debs) but then they possess soul too

Brian Mac at 16:44:58 Tuesday March 20 2007
Will be hopefully finding out soon Bob . School playground comebacks from prats, think we can live with it . Even the most recent comeback is from one with a short memory who didn't like it up im last week. Laughable really .

gooner at 16:34:51 Tuesday March 20 2007
typical tottenham fans.Dont like it up em.

Bob Masters at 16:25:1 Tuesday March 20 2007
Lots of white powder falling on Hemel, did frosty sneeze ???? Sad and bitter gooners, all they can say is what their gonna do next year blah blah. Brian, whats the betting that these people who go anon are once again people you know ??

Brian Mac at 16:22:41 Tuesday March 20 2007
Actually I'm not, far from it. One day you might reach or pass puberty and be able to discuss Soul music too. Should repeat your advice to your sulky manager . Anyway, was just passing through, can't be assed to argue with losers like you. As I said once before, I feel sorry for your fellow gooner fans on here having a prat like you representing them by comment.

gooner at 16:8:59 Tuesday March 20 2007
no need to be upset,its only a game son.

Brian Mac at 16:7:54 Tuesday March 20 2007
And you remain an immature cowardly prat Gooner who can't spell or punctuate. With a bit of luck you will be outed from behind your rock soon, I will be requesting that .

gooner at 15:57:36 Tuesday March 20 2007
here brian you were shite werent you.cashly will get a mbe or a knighthood.

Bev in popping up briefly ain't been on ere for weeks - hope ur all well at 15:50:56 Tuesday March 20 2007
Captn Farrer - drop me a mail pleeze

Brian Mac at 15:49:42 Tuesday March 20 2007
Wayne .. he will get a life ban (rightfully so) .. wonder what will happen to Ca$hley for provoking the crowd and kicking the idiot whilst on the ground, and Drogba for stamping him .. must be something in peoples Coffee or Tea

Dr Bob Masters at 15:6:52 Tuesday March 20 2007
Markthecabbie, Try a Tournique around the neck, that should do it.

richard in soulville hq at 15:2:40 Tuesday March 20 2007
hi GT don,t listen to that wife of mine,i,m just big boned!!!!!I,m glad to say soulville is alive and kicking,we will be at kings arms on the friday night and at the mission on sat night and sun lunch time.If you want to book for soul-village all the 2 births have gone and the 3 and 4 births are being eaten into .With their line up and change of camp it seems to have done the trick,it does show that some promoters listen to their buying public and chevvy and I are pleased to be asked to be part of it .how are you today debs ?

Norwich Simon in a hurry at 15:2:16 Tuesday March 20 2007
I'm not squeaky clean, not by a long shot (GAH knows :roll but I'm now aiming to make a difference and am training to be a Primary School teacher (and yes Tone, somehow I did get through the CRB checks!) simply because there's that gap where kids of that age don't have POSITIVE male role models at home.....am now working as a volunteer for a few hours a week at my girl's school (but not in her class) and you can see how things start....and I'm talking Norwich, not Streatham, Plaistow or Moss Side....and yes Richard...the City are improving..I might even renew my season ticket now....Gavin, cheers for your email mate....in a bit of a rush right now, but will reply later

Wayne at 14:58:30 Tuesday March 20 2007
Brian why did you miss last night http://img6.picsplace.to/img6/27/tit.gif

p.s. at 14:48:53 Tuesday March 20 2007
yes I know that does not solve the current problem

Brian Mac in in the office musicing (if that's a word) at 14:47:25 Tuesday March 20 2007
Prevention is the best form of cure Mark .. grow a beard .

scouser at 14:47:4 Tuesday March 20 2007
Nice one, Cyril.

scouser at 14:46:11 Tuesday March 20 2007
MTC - look here: http://www.executive-shaving.co.uk/shaving/safety-razors/cyril-salter-styptic-pencil.php

Ginger Tony in Dr. G.T. in the house... at 14:5:53 Tuesday March 20 2007
Afternoon all! Mark, I suggest you get a pillow and sellotape it to your face! It'll come in handy should you happen to trip and fall too (believe me it happens). If that seems a bit over-the-top, i'd say just strap a cup to your chin to catch the blood till it stops. But don't blame me if you are unprotected in any cases of tripping and falling!

Nappy rash at 14:5:52 Tuesday March 20 2007

Lisa-Jane at 14:4:51 Tuesday March 20 2007

Marcus at 14:2:45 Tuesday March 20 2007
Afternoonie Peeps, Markthe cabbie...Obviously a late night watching Apocalypse Now and trying to shave with a machete doesn't help ! .... The Horrorrrrrrrr.

Markthecabbie in Tissue paper and blood horror at 13:46:16 Tuesday March 20 2007
Nearly 50 and still cant shave Just took a chunk out of my bottom lip,any tips for making the blood stop?Other than walking round with a 6 inch by 6 inch lump of toilet paper on my mush all day? The horror,the horror......

Debs at 13:43:37 Tuesday March 20 2007
Gilly had a great time thanx took it very easy but still feel knackered thanx for the Satsuma bubbles will call u tonight if your about xx

HAPPY FEET at 13:26:57 Tuesday March 20 2007
Carol thanks for e mail, seeing as you cant access EMS here are the details for Sat. You are invited to join us for the SoulShyne Classic Oldies & Anthems Party! DJ Mick Fuller & friends join forces for an evening of musical bliss as they dig deep into their record collections to bring you some of the finest funk, disco & soul grooves they can find…all classics, all anthems, all good! It’s Michele & Leon’s birthday celebration as well, so we hope to see you there! on Saturday 24 March 2007 between 10pm & 3am at Lo Lounge (Beneath The Hilton Metropole Hotel) Kings Road, Brighton Admission is FREE with invitation before 11pm! £5 after!

Gilly at 12:43:13 Tuesday March 20 2007
Morning Debs, welcome back....hope you had a great time!! I have Satsuma bubbles for you...xx

gooner at 11:53:47 Tuesday March 20 2007
could be worse we could have Janus in our side with defoe up front.

yid fan who missed at 11:46:37 Tuesday March 20 2007
sorry to all you tottenham fans on here,but when throwing my weak effort of a punch i realised i was wearing the wrong type of boot and slipped.I thought these blades were better but will go back to the more traditional stud in future.

bty at 11:46:27 Tuesday March 20 2007
yeah mate i have to agree with you ,we have no future whatsoever and you will dominate world football as soon as fabergas learns to shave.i,ve heard this bollocks from loads of your knobend fans for months.at least man u chels,liverpool and spammer fans are grounded in some sort of real life and not a fucking fantasy

Paul at 11:45:11 Tuesday March 20 2007
Don't blame your players your mate Jol was at fault in both games,last changed formation and your midfield might as well been playing at the Emirates,they dissapeared

Debs (R) at 11:40:5 Tuesday March 20 2007

Debs (R) in crying into my cinnamon grahams - another chance lost!!! at 11:38:57 Tuesday March 20 2007
Yids let us down last nite. Poor first half, better second half. What was wrong with Berbatov .... I could have caught those passes. And Defoe???? Definitely should have gone to Specsavers. I saw that chance in Romford!

barry the yid at 11:38:5 Tuesday March 20 2007
p.s well done chels,fully deserved.

gooner at 11:22:10 Tuesday March 20 2007
we will always have a better side than you,and over the last few years we have won a few bits of silverware.What have you won let me think would it be nothing.Our future is bright dont worry mid table for you again next year dreaming of champions league football at shite hart lane.

barr the yid at 11:15:50 Tuesday March 20 2007
dont woory goon your gonna be the greatest team in the history of football next season,or the season after that,or maybe the season after that,or maybe when theos balls have droped or when zzzzzzzzzzzzz

gooner at 11:4:8 Tuesday March 20 2007
shows how shite he is then.

i at 10:41:3 Tuesday March 20 2007
didnt know balls could run

gooner at 10:33:43 Tuesday March 20 2007
also this made me laugh,fan trying to hit FAT FRANK and missing.And you are going out of uefa cup as well.ps didnt lennon play well.He runs faster than the ball.

Lisa-Jane at 9:25:36 Tuesday March 20 2007
sorry Tony I don't get it, even if it was white boys killing white boys it would be wrong. Your saying that you understood if it was white/black thing is bizarre. So if it was 5 black boys that had been killed by five white boys you wouldnt be asking their families to try to stop it (or vice versa)? I think the issue here is the deaths of teenagers possibly at the hands of other teenagers irrespective of colour.

Debs at 9:6:32 Tuesday March 20 2007
Morning just seen last nights results

Northern Mick at 8:0:7 Tuesday March 20 2007
Morning all...........bit chilly this morning some interesting comments made over the last couple of days...

barry the yid at 7:35:59 Tuesday March 20 2007
still here no mark,now let me guess who you support....

but at 1:43:44 Tuesday March 20 2007
he is big enough not to hide like a girl

yes at 1:40:29 Tuesday March 20 2007
gah is ard.

Big Alien in quiring at 23:38:37 Monday March 19 2007
Ere Nurse Doris can I ask if you were house hunting in the Buckhurst Hill area a cpl o weeks ago?

Brian Mac at 23:34:53 Monday March 19 2007
oops .. I forgot that no name prat is there too

Brian Mac at 23:33:28 Monday March 19 2007
We're still around anonymous C**t .. mouthy ? I thought that was reserved for Anonynmous prats that need attention hiding behind computer screens ------> off back to a Soul forum with no prats on it .. ta ta

Ellie in being afraid and scared for my boys at 23:25:52 Monday March 19 2007
I aaagree wiv ya Tony but ol George orwelll ain't to berlame !!! ..i found an9imal farm qwuie a disturbing read ...........but if ya put that scenario in todays society along with Lord of the flies !!!!!! .. scary mary .. nuthings changed ! except people die more vviolent deattths ... for les reasons !!!!!!!!!! sorreee peoples if am being passionate but i have twwweo young sons of ame age as the poor angel wot got stabbed

of what fun at 23:6:44 Monday March 19 2007
Where have all the mouthy yids gone now

Marlene at 23:5:50 Monday March 19 2007
Just popped me head in, Evening to Doris and G.A.H.

Micks boat is at 22:49:9 Monday March 19 2007
Easter Sunday 8th April

G.A.H. at 22:6:9 Monday March 19 2007
There's always been bullying & always been violence Lord knows i've been involved in more than my fair share. But this Black killing Black is differant. Somethings terribly wrong with society at the moment & this shit government aint doing anything about it. They're not socialists at all. The Pigs have taken over & the rest of us Farm animals are being shafted.

Nurse Doris at 21:53:33 Monday March 19 2007
Evening all!

Ginger Tony at 21:46:52 Monday March 19 2007
Evening all! Richard you've been busted matey! Chocolate eclairs indeed! I'm off to watch some Bond and eat those Maltesers we mentioned...

Gavin Page at 21:27:9 Monday March 19 2007
Ali Bet you can't

Laura Stone at 21:11:37 Monday March 19 2007
Does anyone know when Mick Farrer's Easter Boat is on and if there are any tickets left?

Ali at 20:26:17 Monday March 19 2007
Gav, you telling me to bash nails in my head?!! Bet I could do that better than you could!! So ner! Ta-da xx

Gavin Page at 20:22:36 Monday March 19 2007
NORTH HERTS IRISH CENTRE. WORKS ROAD , LETCHWORTH , HERTS , SG6 1AZ. 8.00 - 1.30 am (bar till 1.00AM). tickets £6.00 in advance or on the door,(phone TAFFY 07976465659 to reserve). NORTHERN / CROSSOVER / MODERN SOUL NIGHT .. DJs... STEVE GAUNORI ..PETE HULLATT .. TAFFY .. MICK SMITH + others to be confirmed nearer the day. (just added to the line up is Toby).. FRIDAY 23rd MARCH,for this outstanding event. NEXT CONFIRMED DATE IS..Friday 18th May.

Gavin Page at 20:1:34 Monday March 19 2007
Ali, Head, Hit, Nail !!!

why at 19:55:54 Monday March 19 2007
should anyone respect anyone.

its a case of respect at 19:52:4 Monday March 19 2007
or nowadays the lack of it in the young mostly and parents that do not discipline or even worse care what their kids get up to. most adults i know at least know right from wrong, although exceptions do exist like our regular shy contributor who forever seems to brag how 'ard he is and threaten by e-mail. reap and sow etc.

Weather Update. at 19:26:25 Monday March 19 2007
Blizzards in Hemel.

Christine in soulville hq at 19:17:13 Monday March 19 2007
Hey Richard, who are you trying to kid that you only have maltesers and jelly babies at christmas? Ok so that may be the norm at xmas, but what about the usual mars bars, chocolate eclairs etc etc munched through the rest of the year, you didn't get that body by eating salads!!!!!!

well at 19:14:45 Monday March 19 2007
that must have been where you lived.back in day a lot of people i knew where stabbed or stabbed someone.The violence was always there,tax clothes off people,street muggings etc etc

Ali at 18:48:23 Monday March 19 2007
I don't usually get into the bun fights, but I feel the need to defend teachers here, when it comes to cracking down on these school age thugs and murderers. I come from a family of teachers and my sister and brother-in-law are still doing it, and aside from the unhinged political correctness now that they have to abide by, absolutely love their jobs (and are dead good at it too!). My bruv-in-law is Deputy Head of a large comprehensive in Harlow, and was held by the throat, up a wall, and threated with his life by an angry father, because he had called the Police to an incident (which he was duty bound to do) where said father's thug child had stabbed another in a playground and hospitalised the child. Negotiation was not on the agenda with the father. They just can't win. They cannot physically touch a child, either in chastisement or comfort for the risk of being charged with assualt or molestation. Exclude a child and they are guilty of discrimination. They cannot use the cane or the slipper anymore, yet every child I went to school with who was subjected to that humiliating and painful punishment never offended again (well, not at school anyway!). I think it's a fundamental lack of respect at the root, whether it is for authority, institution or common old decency. And I don't care what colour your skin is. A murderer is a murderer, and long may they rot when caught. Bring back Borstal, I say! And did you know, Beckingham Palace was my local Borstal before the Becks bought it! True! Ta-da xx

Bernadette in tis snowing in Muswell Hill at 18:46:0 Monday March 19 2007
sorry Marky

Bernadette at 18:45:15 Monday March 19 2007
Mark Mark don't bother with the coins - only notes will do for me - ta in advance

Marky Mark at 18:31:49 Monday March 19 2007
aged 14 - 17 had a skinhead haircut listened to ska and had fights with Mods from woodford, went to west ham and threw coins at geordies travelled around getting into more trouble! oh yeah broke into cricket pavillions and got drunk !Did not use a knife ! Did not start on people for bumpinhg into me ! did not start on anyone becuase he looked at me normaly or to look hard in front of me spas becuase him dissed me! Then I found soul and grew up!

Gavin Page at 16:30:30 Monday March 19 2007
Bob, Glad she is okay. I am sure a visit from you would have been more than enough and if not we all could have gone !

Gavin Page at 16:15:55 Monday March 19 2007
A.J all sorted now, thank you anyway. Hope to catch up real soon ! Hope all is good with ya.

at their age at 16:6:6 Monday March 19 2007
we done exactly the same thing,its just in the media more today.

PETER GUNN at 15:54:47 Monday March 19 2007
These so called innocent kids who get stabbed, they are not in any gangs take drugs or steal, mug, ect all very decent boys who all do there home work on time and never rome the streets 3-4am in the morning where the fuck are their parents? we have nowhere to go is the cry from the kids! so what the fuck did we do at their age get a grip indeed

another one for _Mick_ at 15:32:38 Monday March 19 2007
SoulShyne Classic Oldies & Anthems Party! DJ Mick Fuller & friends join forces for an evening of musical bliss as they dig deep into their record collections to bring you some of the finest funk, disco & soul grooves they can find…all classics, all anthems, all good! It’s Michele & Leon’s birthday celebration as well, so we hope to see you there! on Saturday 24 March 2007 between 10pm & 3am at Lo Lounge (Beneath The Hilton Metropole Hotel) Kings Road, Brighton Admission is FREE with invitation before 11pm! £5 after! For invitations or more info call Michele 07989 642 715 Mick 07968 806 340

Markthecabbie at 15:13:34 Monday March 19 2007
post your real name and I'll tell you.Otherwise you'll never know.

and at 15:7:19 Monday March 19 2007
your point is.

Markthecabbie in More madness at 15:6:25 Monday March 19 2007
Man is stabbed near murder scene A man has been stabbed and injured in east London less than half a mile from where a 15-year-old boy was fatally wounded in a knife attack on Saturday. The 34-year-old was stabbed in the leg and back outside East Ham tube station in the early hours of Monday. A person was arrested and was being held at an east London police station. Adam Regis, nephew of former Olympic athlete John Regis, was stabbed to death at the junction of Boundary Road and Kingsland Road in Plaistow.

well at 15:4:31 Monday March 19 2007
ginger i thought i was weird.

Ginger Tony at 15:2:20 Monday March 19 2007
Maltesers christmas treat?! I'm gonna buy you some Richard! Only being allowed maltesers at christmas is surely an infringemnt of your chocolate rights!!! Haven't had jelly babies for ages, i'm off to the shops in a while (Casino Royale's out on DVD today - Yes!) so I might pick some up! Actually i'm a recovering Jaffa Cake addict and i'm living one day at a time. Still manage a sneaky Turkish Delight or Walnut Whip every now and then. I like to stick the walnut bit to my face and go "Aargh" as if there's something wrong with me...how those cold nights fly by!

richard in soulville hq at 14:39:52 Monday March 19 2007
hi bernadette,perhaps it could be foe anyone we don,t like.good afternoon debs(R)hows you and your main man?watched the budgies on sat(simon they are getting better)then had night in.You lucky lot ditch sounded good,well done dave ,keep up the good work!!hi GT,like american wine gums at the moment,but jelly babies and malteasers are my xmas treats.

D'Arcy at 14:39:50 Monday March 19 2007
Bernadette, the tripple buffdee bash was a stormer. Great venue and cheap beer. Secure overnight parking too. Give Taff a ring before you set off as there are strict controls over numbers, (the club not Taff) and tickets have been shifting fast, 07976 465659. Expect an accross the board music policy Northern / Modern / Crossover / Rare and C/U's and a top night out.

MARKY,PUSH FM....PLAYLIST in LONDON at 14:36:31 Monday March 19 2007

AJ at 14:28:47 Monday March 19 2007
Oi Mr Page - give us a ring....

Bernadette in vote for me! at 14:19:49 Monday March 19 2007
National Service for Hippies, Goths, Punks & Rockers

Bernadette at 14:17:36 Monday March 19 2007
Doh! Sorry its at NORTH HERTS IRISH CENTRE you could wear ya rugby top Jester

Debs (R) at 14:16:32 Monday March 19 2007
Suffering badly today ... cant even remember most of yesterday but certainly well worth the effort and pain. What a fantastic nite at Ditch Bar on Saturday. Funniest bit was when I was lighting the candles on Chevvy's birthday cake and melted all me false nails!!!!! Back to the pound shop then ..... dammit! I could have sworn Coppo posted on here a while back that it was his birthday and he would be down the Ditch Bar celebrating .... have I gone completely mad? Great to see Uncle Colin and Diesel for the first time in ages. And Stumpy, thanks for the drink sweetie. They dragged me out to the mini bus just after you left the bar and I didnt get a chance to say bye. See ya on 31st hopefully ... gotta do Soul Network for a while first, then back to Essex for Blue Ice. Busy busy busy! Also hi to Jane, Lisa, Jackie and quilt lady (she knows who she is). Oh and Richard ..... too right mate. National Service is definitely the way to go. Maybe we should start a petition SOULIES IN favour of NATIONAL SERVICE (SINS). Mmmmmmmmm?????

Bernadette in quite fancy this on Friday at 14:15:12 Monday March 19 2007
WORKS ROAD , LETCHWORTH , HERTS , SG6 1AZ. 8.00 - 1.30 am (bar till 1.00AM). tickets £6.00 in advance or on the door, (phone TAFFY 07976465659 to reserve). NORTHERN / CROSSOVER / MODERN SOUL NIGHT .. DJs... STEVE GAUNORI ..PETE HULATT .. TAFFY .. MICK SMITH + others to be confirmed nearer the day. Lots of Parking

Northern Mick at 14:0:46 Monday March 19 2007
Thanks Jester,its always the case that when I cant get away there is shed loads going on or I am bound by other commitments or work

Jester at 13:55:32 Monday March 19 2007
...saying that there's a good night out in Gloucestershire called Soul Fusion with Mike Shawe & Gavin playing (a three roomer) ..or the Baltic Soul Weekender in Germany

Jester at 13:51:18 Monday March 19 2007
One of those '5 week' months unfortunately Mick, so could be fook all

__Mick__ at 13:44:34 Monday March 19 2007
Knowing that most promoters put their respective events on the forum insteAd of using the events calender, can anyone please enlighten me as to what(if anything)is taking place this Saturday 24 Mar 07 in and around the London / SE area....VMT

richard in soulville hq at 13:42:52 Monday March 19 2007
bring back national service,that would do them good and solve the unemployment problem in one go !!!!!

Ginger Tony at 13:24:43 Monday March 19 2007
Sweet! X

Jane at 13:10:30 Monday March 19 2007
Ok Tony you win yes you can draw a face and if you must bring it a hat We both look forward to seeing you soon. x

Ginger Tony at 13:8:20 Monday March 19 2007
Hi m&m, i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but many of your siblings have been taken from us this weekend! No colour was spared as No.1 wife picked them off from a hidden snipers position (which I suspect was on the settee whilst watching telly). I did tell her "Oi no" but having taken all the white maltesers (my current fav)there was no stopping her!

m m at 12:36:40 Monday March 19 2007
here ginger what about me.i am a good mm with the peanut middle.

Ginger Tony at 11:31:32 Monday March 19 2007
I took quite a shine to the little fella. Can I draw him a little face next time I see you? Maybe i'll buy him a hat. X

Jane at 11:12:2 Monday March 19 2007
Hello Ginger Tony, the Malteser is still there and is doing well, thanks for asking !

HAPPY FEET at 11:3:33 Monday March 19 2007
Brilliant night at the Jazz cafe, Fertile Ground kept the uptempo vibes flowing from Live in the Light opening number,Let The Winds Flow,Natural, Navasha Daya on top form

Ginger Tony at 10:30:13 Monday March 19 2007
Morning all! Good to see you and the girls Jane. How's the malteser today?

Maggot in my desk at 10:14:25 Monday March 19 2007
Bob, thats an awfully familiar story, glad you have sorted things out now for your daughter, i can empathize fully with you. Direct action sometimes seems to be the only action. Our society is surely going to hell in a handcart, God save the children as Marvin once said

Jane at 10:4:57 Monday March 19 2007
Morning all, what an excellent night at the Ditch Bar on Saturday well done Dave allo Frostie maate thanks re the guest list Good to see Selina & Tony, Debs (R) & Tony, Chevvy & Steve, Pedroni and any one else I have missed. Jane x

Marky Mark at 8:37:38 Monday March 19 2007
Happy birthday Mork and Mindy

Marky Mark at 8:33:28 Monday March 19 2007
Morning peeps! Nothing happens when they do get caught " he had a poor upbringing , he does not know who his father is and he had a bad education" The girls who shouted Kill kill should get life aswell! Should hanging be brought back ?

Bob Masters at 8:18:42 Monday March 19 2007
Thanks G.P., Yes things are cool....for now. I never feel that it quite gone away though. The other parents would never attend any meetings that were set-up and would always try to dilute the hole thing. I know this next part is totally wrong but I had to take thing into my own hands. I simply told the parents that whatever their kid's did to my daughter, I would do to them. And since then everything has been o.k. We did exhaust every other avenue first though...........

Gavin Page at 7:56:44 Monday March 19 2007
Bob, The episode with your dauhter (I am so sory she had to go through it)This is the sort of crap that is taken far to lightly these days by schools! I hope she is okay now !

DCML at 7:51:14 Monday March 19 2007
I understand that Tony but I still think its all wrong. I am currently acting for the family of a young father who's on life support in Kings, in a coma, because he was set on by a group of (white)kids and stabbed in the spine, he probably won't regain consciousness. I have more clients at the moment that have been the victims of violence than I've ever had before I don't think its a black/white thing I think its a disrespect for authority thing and like you say needs to be dealt with foremost by families and teachers etc (although I'd be far to scared to be a teacher myself these days). What happened to your daughter is horrible Bob, and I would have thought those kids should have been removed from that school - if you email me I can give you the names of some solicitors that specialise in that kind of work that you might want to contact. Having said that, I don't believe that removing them from the education system altogether would help - but a sharp stint in a decent young offenders institute is the least they deserve.

G.A.H. at 6:24:38 Monday March 19 2007
Li that's what Soldiers do i'm afraid.. Only 4. We lost 10,000 in one day at Ypres.. Please if your Black & have Nephews Cousins Son's even.. Speak to them make them stop it.

Bob Masters at 2:19:35 Monday March 19 2007
In a news report over the last few day's it was said, that as a young man was being stabbed to death, a group of young teenage girls could be heard shouting "KILL HIM, KILL HIM"......whats that about !! Tessa Jowl MP, when asked about the amount of crimes of this nature happening in the u.k. said that, we should'nt get carried away with our reponse to these killings as it was more "In Vouge" at the moment to report on these kind of crimes than it had been in the past.........WHAT !! My daughter(14) recently went through an very long, drawn-out, traumatic bullying episode at school by a vicious brother and sister combo.............the outcome ?? Remove the offenders from any classes they shared with my daughter and brought in private tutors to educate them on a one-on-one basis....Nuff Said.

Lisa-Jane at 0:13:34 Monday March 19 2007
I hope you don't mean me Ellie, I'm not making light of the situation at all - I was simply pointing out that the bloke reading the news couldn't pronounce Plaistow. We lost 4 soldiers in Afghanistan in one week, the week before last and that upsets me too... there's too much killing going on in the world today whether it be kids in the street or young soldiers away from home

Marky Mark at 23:53:10 Sunday March 18 2007
you peeping through my bedroom window tony! Whens all this killing going to end

Ellie in in complete panic statioins !!! at 23:50:16 Sunday March 18 2007
how anyone could make light of this siotuation is beyoind me .......I am mother to to two teenagers in west london.. I am soi glad they are at boarding scholl and dont come home ..e except wekends allowd ... ..my gawd .. I cringe and pray every rtiem they go out the dor at wekends !! .. motheres day today ... just try and magine wot that mother is feelig . bout the young lad stabbed to daetha lat nite in east london .. wrtog place wrong trime !!! .... WRONG FRICKING CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM !!!!!!!!

G.A.H. at 23:6:36 Sunday March 18 2007
I just felt sick.

Lisa-Jane at 21:29:3 Sunday March 18 2007
not making light of it at all but couldn't resist a smile today when the man on the news said that the young boy was killed in Playstow... is a bit like us having an office in St Reatham

Gavin Page at 21:20:30 Sunday March 18 2007
Tony, Nail, Hit, Head ! All gone mad mate

G.A.H. at 20:52:4 Sunday March 18 2007
Just seen on the news another young Black lad knifed to death this time in Plaistow.. That makes Hornchurch Plaistow & Hammersmith this week without Manchester what the fck is going on out there. It's not even racial something i could possibly understand but Black kids killing each other Get a fckn grip. I'm so glad im not a teenager.

Ginger Tony at 20:34:42 Sunday March 18 2007
Many thanks for all the birthday wishes...

Gavin Page at 20:1:6 Sunday March 18 2007
Tell you what then, Happy Buffday everyone !

Bernadette at 17:9:15 Sunday March 18 2007
is she drowning out the choons

Coppo in forgot to say at 17:3:4 Sunday March 18 2007

Marcus at 17:0:12 Sunday March 18 2007
Al & Ian, Catch ya next time, Marcus and a screaming 8 1/2 month old Cerys

Marcus in listening to Streetpeople on *point at 16:8:41 Sunday March 18 2007
Afternoon guys in a sleety & haily Treacle Bumstead ..

Northern Mick at 15:51:13 Sunday March 18 2007
Afternoon Bernadette, Lisa-Jane, Tony ,Marcus et al................

Lisa-Jane at 15:37:10 Sunday March 18 2007
all birthday bubbles gratefully accepted... now or in November I'm not fussy Tony, as I just said to you don't drag me into your arguments... any problems you and Dave have are nothing to do with me

Bernadette at 15:37:1 Sunday March 18 2007
afternoony gangeroony HF have a blast tonight - thanks for the offer but i'm having a quiet night in Marcus see ya Wed

Alan & Ian in the Starpoint studio at 15:32:55 Sunday March 18 2007
Hi Marcus, and to everyone else who's tuned in. If anyone fancies a shout out, you call call us in the studio on 08715 661 552

HAPPY FEET in In party mood Jazz Cafe here we come :-) at 15:31:56 Sunday March 18 2007
Happy Birthday Siobhan love from me and Tracy see you soon xxxx

G.A.H. at 14:23:30 Sunday March 18 2007
Li are you like the Queen Still not man enough to apologise though is he.

Marcus in homeio playing Cado Belle - Got To Love at 14:18:48 Sunday March 18 2007
Alright Bigger,Coppo,Alan....Alan, I'll be chooned in for a while mate. .

Bigger at 14:11:27 Sunday March 18 2007
A big THANKS to everyone that came to the Ditch Bar. I have to say the sound system in the Ditch bar is thumping. Great crowd, friendly atmophere. Now then re Dave, I know Dave has taken many comments to heart. I know if someone says something even constructive about the event, Dave does and has bitten and he to his credit has addmitted that. But he has also had a lot of shit off of the sad gits that dont even have the guts to put their name up on here. We are all different, if someone says something bout me or somewhere I play and it isnt nice I very rarely bite or reply, unless they tell a blatent lie, but that is me. Dave this event is a credit to you and all the hard work that you put into the event. You reap what you sew as they say. Just remember not everyone that makes comments about your events are being negative, some are actually trying to help the event become even better with their constructive and heart felt comments. James it was great too see you again my friend. To everyone that danced their arse off thank you so much. To Chevvy happy Birthday and hi to Steve. You know I love you two to the max, the freakiest thing is I didnt even know you were a couple till about a year ago and I have known Steve for a decade. Happy birtday Lisa Jane ps you still owe me Beans and Toast for Breakfast at Southport I wont hold my breath. Hi to Sonia Niki, Tracey, Lisa Jane, Gaye, Jackie, Ginger Tony, Frostie, Pamie and anyone I Forgot. Biggs

Coppo in Snowy Keswick opp norrf at 13:48:38 Sunday March 18 2007
Hi everyone Fanks for the birthday wishes a tad bit early me finks it ain't till June 30th (or I've lost track of time opp 'ere in the lake district

Alan Champ at 13:40:45 Sunday March 18 2007
Get the beers in, and join Ian Dewhirst and myself for a VINYL SPECTACULAR this Sunday from 2pm til 4pm on Starpoint Radio. This will basically consist of us playing old records and talking dreary unrelated nonsense for a couple of hours. There's nothing on telly, and it's about to snow, so take advantage of this unique aural entertainment opportunity !

Marky Mark at 12:16:50 Sunday March 18 2007
Happy birthday Lisa - Jane

Ginger Tony at 12:4:32 Sunday March 18 2007
Morning all! Happy Birthday to you Siobhan! XXX And a big happy birthday to Coppo too!!! Eh up, Mick, Gav and Richard...hope you're all diddling well!

richard in soulville hq at 11:42:27 Sunday March 18 2007
hi Chevvy we have not forgotten you christine and I hopr you had a great night at the ditch for your birthday,sorry we could not make it but as you knoe mothers day today so had to be here for christines mum.coppo hope you had a good one and thankyou sally anytime,you and hubby always welcome here and thanks for your surpport.morning gav how are you two today.

Gavin Page at 11:27:4 Sunday March 18 2007
Coppo, If it was your birthday this week, Many Hsppy Returns, We thought your's was July ??

Gavin Page at 11:24:20 Sunday March 18 2007
Many Happy Returns Chevvy, Hope you had a good one ! lots of love Gav & Gilly xx

NOT SWEARING EVEN at 8:38:21 Sunday March 18 2007

R D in NOT SEARING AT ANY ONE FOR A CHANGE at 8:36:1 Sunday March 18 2007
Thanks to all that made it to the Ditch Bar, and made it a great night again. Special thanks to Chevvy and Litle Stevie,R Debs and Tony,G T and Selina etc,and DJs BIGGER,JAMES,STEVIE,FROSTIE,RUTH,C G great tunes played by all,see ya next month.

Northern Mick in In a party mood with Sirius B at 8:18:24 Sunday March 18 2007
Morning all ......

G.A.H. at 22:17:35 Saturday March 17 2007
Fck me we won one. .. Li did you tell him to apologise to me

eggy eggy egbert in Singing after the ball is over .. at 20:40:0 Saturday March 17 2007
Carlos utd 2 blackburn 1

Nats at 20:26:45 Saturday March 17 2007
oops I think that was Selinas sticky rice I just stuffed my face with Chevvy & Paul, Happy Birthday to you both and have a great nite at the Ditch bar, sorry i cant make it out skiing holiday has taken all my pennies hopefully see you out soon xxxxx

Sally in Chel$ki at 19:48:57 Saturday March 17 2007
Evening,Thank you so much for the lovely message you left on my phone on Friday Richard(Soulville).It was very much appreciated . Lol Sally

Northern Mick at 19:45:17 Saturday March 17 2007
Thanks Bernadette......SD well and truly set in now !!

marky,push fm....easter weekend info. in london.... at 18:38:6 Saturday March 17 2007

marky, push fm in london at 18:34:27 Saturday March 17 2007
this sunday, online LIVE www.pushfm.com Body: join me again thsi sunday 6-8pm gmt, LIVE online via www.pushfm.com playing deep,jazzy and soulful grooves. live streaming/chat/forum and archives..... check the music on my homepage to listen again to previous shows, enjoy !! marky. http://www.myspace.com/markymarkdancetrax

Paul Robinson at 17:36:30 Saturday March 17 2007
"England, Englands number one, Englands number one"

Paul@SOTRC in in recovery mode at 16:44:34 Saturday March 17 2007
thanks to all who made it despite road blocks and made it such a great night we do it all again in May.

Bernadette at 16:18:24 Saturday March 17 2007
NM Mental is the week after - 31st! won't be able to make it cos got me parents wedding anniversary meal you should come to ANC on Wed...you'd love it

SOUL VILLAGE in All Over at 16:8:36 Saturday March 17 2007
UPDATE:- All 2 berths are sold out. Only 6x3 berths remain Only 3x4 berths remain All details correct as from Friday 16th March 2007

Lisa-Jane at 15:56:30 Saturday March 17 2007
I hear what you say Dave, I had no intention of bringing it up on here - so I'm not going to comment. I hope you have a good night

Chevvy at 15:34:49 Saturday March 17 2007

Chevvy at 15:34:48 Saturday March 17 2007

Oooops at 15:24:52 Saturday March 17 2007
Its an even busier night than I thought tonight~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday 17TH MARCH: AREA NIGHT CLUB WATFORD ROOM ONE : HED KANDI- ROOM TWO : Bob Masters ~~~~~~~~~~ SOUL11SOUL @ HERBAL SATURDAY 17TH.MARCH. A two floor sound system special as the Funki Dreds ride back into town for a fresh monthly soul/funk/boogie/reggae session with Jazzie B,Aitch B & Daddae. 9pm-5am. HERBAL 14 Kingsland Road E4. £10~~~~~~~~~~~~~or just across the road at SOUL IN THE CITY This sat 17th@ The DITCH BAR 145shoreditch high street E1 6JE 9--4am -------DJs this month---BIGGER,JAMES ANTHONY, FROSTIE, LITLE STEVIE,RUTH FISHER + DJ CG.2Floors of soul,rnb,soulful house +funky jazz. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday 17TH MARCH spinning for everyone's delight guest DJ. GARY DENNIS @ CAPONES......Admission FREE before 10pm....£5 after...The black stuff is £2 a pint for St Paddys Day. SAS Soul Night at Capones Nightclub, 22-28 Benfleet Road, Essex SS& 1QB~~~~~~~~~~~

R D at 15:23:19 Saturday March 17 2007
Lisa-Jane intersting chat eh ,.I will take your advise on board ok,as for the DITCH BAR you and your friends are always welcome,and ask any one whos been they will tell you its a good night,but if you don't want to come because you think i am agresive on here then don't ok, your choice my dear.

You left one out ,why is that ??????????? at 15:16:54 Saturday March 17 2007
SOUL IN THE CITY This sat 17th@ The DITCH BAR 145shoreditch high street E1 6JE 9--4am -------DJs this month---BIGGER,JAMES ANTHONY, FROSTIE, LITLE STEVIE,RUTH FISHER + DJ CG.2Floors of soul,rnb,soulful house +funky jazz.

Northern Mick at 15:10:48 Saturday March 17 2007
Afternoon all ....just taking in the sunshine before the snow arrives So much happening events wise over the next few weeks spoilt for choice.....got to do MonuMENTAL next Saturday though

Easter All-Nighter at 14:0:23 Saturday March 17 2007

Can't make up my mind at 13:27:18 Saturday March 17 2007
Its a busy night tonight~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday 17TH MARCH: AREA NIGHT CLUB WATFORD ROOM ONE : HED KANDI- ROOM TWO : Bob Masters ~~~~~~~~~~ SOUL11SOUL @ HERBAL SATURDAY 17TH.MARCH. A two floor sound system special as the Funki Dreds ride back into town for a fresh monthly soul/funk/boogie/reggae session with Jazzie B,Aitch B & Daddae. 9pm-5am. HERBAL 14 Kingsland Road E4. £10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday 17TH MARCH spinning for everyone's delight guest DJ. GARY DENNIS @ CAPONES......Admission FREE before 10pm....£5 after...The black stuff is £2 a pint for St Paddys Day. SAS Soul Night at Capones Nightclub, 22-28 Benfleet Road, Essex SS& 1QB~~~~~~~~~~~

tick tick at 13:6:40 Saturday March 17 2007
frosty,what was froggy doing playing room at the top last night.

tara in caister at 12:57:43 Saturday March 17 2007
frosticles-bam bam!

Bernadette at 12:56:52 Saturday March 17 2007
Morning happy birthday Coppo & Chevvie Had to give last night a miss Stevie but will see ya Wednesday for ANC...see you too Marcus

Marcus at 12:47:0 Saturday March 17 2007
Alright Stevie C, ciya at A.N.C. Next week.Who's the Guest?..Frostie,Should still be a great mini weekender anycase. ..Well over my 'downer now and looking forward to coming weeks.

Stevie Cee Hanging Tough with The Board of Directors at 12:40:20 Saturday March 17 2007
Thanks to everyone who goes on this forum that dropped into TCB at 3 Blind Mice in Ravey St. Last night - you made my night - great to see ya!

Frostie at 12:37:14 Saturday March 17 2007
The Long Good Friday line up at the Kings Arms Yarmouth is Marky Mark,Sharpie,Neil(Wickford),Nature Boy Lloyd and myself-We are getting there for eight-Its the Solidarity Soul Night!

Marcus at 12:35:8 Saturday March 17 2007
Happy Birthday to Chevvy and Coppo ...Frostie allo maate,Unfortunately Had to turn down Richard @Soulville as family stuff at Easter. Blowey's still going tho....Will be at Soul Essence following w/end and celebrating 40th... ...Gotta set on Sat too.

Lynn and Geoff at 12:31:25 Saturday March 17 2007
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Chevvy and also to you too Coppo Have a great day Luv L & G xx

Frostie in The Soul Cottage-Fridge full of blackstuff! at 12:29:22 Saturday March 17 2007
Allo Maaaates!Top Of the morn to ya-Or summit like that!Tara Yabbadabbadooooooo!Marky,sorry I never called-Fell asleep at 9-Jim,One hundred quid for a cab eh?It might just happen if I fancy a Reading night out!Marcus,are you going to Yarmouth over Easter?Happy Birthday CHEVVY and COPPO.......Cant wait for tonight!

Marcus at 11:39:55 Saturday March 17 2007
Morning Jimbo,Mark and Tara Ash,Two for the price of one on the O'Jay's

tara in caister at 11:11:49 Saturday March 17 2007
happy birthday siobhan and coppoff,x

Marky Mark at 11:8:21 Saturday March 17 2007
Morning peeps! Happy birthday coppo and chevvy

Syrup at 11:3:37 Saturday March 17 2007
thats new for me tony

Marcus at 10:35:27 Saturday March 17 2007
Morn Nelly and Niki ...I'LL have a blast of that show 2morrow

Nelly at 10:12:28 Saturday March 17 2007
Playlist will be up in all the usual places later for this weeks Starpoint Radio show - 13th March. Download available at: http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=CB043DDF6715F8D4

Marcus in Listening to G.T. at 9:59:54 Saturday March 17 2007
Typo...our meaning YOURS ( CD).O.Shabazz is on rewind most of the time.

Marcus in Home with Cerys listening to G.T. and Ash all morn'.. at 9:49:38 Saturday March 17 2007
Morn Jester and Appy St.Pats to you all. ...Jester our latest CD is still doing to Hemel to Work and back in car...Wicked.

Jester at 9:38:50 Saturday March 17 2007
MOrn' - Happy St Pats! Yep Tubbs Tribute Concert is one I'm REALLY looking forward to

G.A.H. at 7:34:34 Saturday March 17 2007
Jim aint ya got any new ones..

Syrup at 1:23:5 Saturday March 17 2007
cant help it.....oxo cubes in claret & blue new on the shelves, just add water,, laughing stock sorry

tara in caister at 0:33:27 Saturday March 17 2007
hey jo, yabbadabadoo!

The Tubbs benefit guy at 21:56:38 Friday March 16 2007
NP Steve. Will be a great night, much like their Jazz Cafe gig for the Brit Funk Reunion. One not to be missed, will blow your mind if you never went to the previous gig. And with Tubbs in mind there will be a lot of passion in the night.

steve at 21:53:29 Friday March 16 2007
cheers TUBBS

G.A.H. in www.radiogotsoul.com at 21:53:10 Friday March 16 2007
Another 4hr spot.. I'm just easily led Thursday 15th March Raymond & Co Come follow me Urban Montell Jordan Come home Def Soul Nicole Renee Strawbery Atlantic Magnum Force Want you so Bad CMC SOS Band Borrowed Love Tabu Change Change of Heart WEA Kingdom Don't be afraid Light Recs Miguel Graça & Patrick Dream feat. Roy Davis Jr. Real Deal Mile End Rob Paine feat. Lady Alma The Life I Live (Frequent Flyers Remix) Worship Ambrosia Keep it Simple (QH) cdr Pepe Link Cyclone Soul Lovemonk DJ Camacho feat. Janae Jordan Me Shelter Hi on Life Feat Joniece Goodbye (DJ Tekin Mix) Champion Vincent Kwok My Love (Benji Candelario Mix) Eight Fifteen AudioWhores & Roland Clark Inspired (Peaktime mix)Defected Reel Soul Feat Daemon What Am I Supposed 2 Do cdr Groove Junkies & Andy Caldwell ft Alexander Sky I Believe in dreams More House Starchild feat. AnaBelle Brand New Day (Extended Club Edit) Soulmagic Kathy Brown You give good love Defected Althea McQueen Everybody needs love Music Station Aurthur Miles Don't listen to your heart New Music BT Express Do it till you're satisfied (J T Vannelli) Dream Beat The S Man Time 2 stop HT South Shore Commission Free Man (FK reedit) Wave Century Falls Its Music (BSO rmx) Sound Proof Takada Ola-Le ( A Beadle) Disorient Dj Linus Squirreled Compose Ernest Saint Laurent Clumsy Lobster Fluid System Jori Hulkkonen Wanna do you (20/20 Vision) F Comm Eddie Matos Afreeka UTC Liberty City Thats what i got (stirred to tha bone mix) Tribal uk Unknown Society ft Sabrina Johnston Reach Higher (Swing 52) HT Danny Tanaglia Heavy Sound of Lisbon Tribal Mike 303 Summer Funk Versitile Irving Paris ft Eric j End of spikes Immense Marcel Craig pts Breakin the 90's Compose Angel Moraes ft Basil Roderik Heaven knows EBU Unique Open your mind No Noise recs The Source Clouds (B Dlugosh) XL Spunki Spanko The Biz Organic Audio Robert Owns Never too late (V Simonelli) Steller recs Wink ft Ursuler Rucker Sixth Sense Ovum Secret Life Love so strong (Orig mix) Cowboy Podcast available over the weekend ta

Steve at 21:52:53 Friday March 16 2007
CHEERS Tubbs benefit

Tubbs benefit at 21:7:41 Friday March 16 2007
ends about 2am ish

Bongo Bob at 20:3:58 Friday March 16 2007
Ramsey Lewis ?

Steve at 19:49:14 Friday March 16 2007

Frostie at 19:44:36 Friday March 16 2007
Allo Maaates!Marky,I will phone you tonight-Staying in as celebrating St Patricks Day tomorrow with some maaaates of mine and then its Chevvys bash later on.

It says here..... at 19:36:30 Friday March 16 2007

Steve at 19:24:46 Friday March 16 2007
Easter Bank Holiday Monday April 9th @ DINGWALLS-----Sounds good,but what time does it start and finish then ????.

Bernadette at 19:23:48 Friday March 16 2007
Oi GT watch for the carpet burns on ya tongue...lethal

Marky Mark at 19:19:10 Friday March 16 2007

funked u about at 19:15:39 Friday March 16 2007
MARCH 16th SOTRC presents the NEW Kent Soul Sessions @ Inn On The Lake,A2,Gravesend. 2 rooms playing the best in Soul,Jazz,Jazzfunk,Crossover & House. 9 til 2. All SOTRC DJ's plus Special Guest TBA. For further inf contact admin@southoftherivercrew.co.uk with special guests Pete Collins(starpoint radio/caister)Roni O'Brien(solar radio/caister) in the soul/anthem room 1 and Pedroni(seaside strut),and Terry Matthews(acid jazz/avex/magic bus -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- one more time then we start 4 May

Frostie at 19:7:24 Friday March 16 2007
What night is the 11th on?

STILTON SOUL at 19:4:55 Friday March 16 2007

Frostie in Bedrock at 18:55:16 Friday March 16 2007
Allo Maaates!Ah yes.....Certainly sounds like Ramsey Lewis and thats who I had it down as-Honest!!!Lorraine,we have a new nickname for you-Wilma!!!!!!!

Musically speaking at 18:46:16 Friday March 16 2007
Spring High by Ramsey Lewis or was there another before ?

Lorraine in London at 18:29:19 Friday March 16 2007
Frostie, tell Kerry sorry I haven't called...busy busy, busy. Off out to Haverhill tonight.....she knows what I mean....Call her over the weekend xx

Frostie at 18:24:48 Friday March 16 2007
Allo Maaates!Im just playing a remix of Spring High by DJ Spinna and Kerry tells me its one of the first jazzy numbers she bought whilst still at school.Does any maaate remember who did the original as she has lost the original or still has it in storage.

Frostie at 18:8:17 Friday March 16 2007
Allo Maaates!Louise,Gotta say that the village idiot one liner was a classic put down.Good on you girl!

Stevie Cee at 17:51:19 Friday March 16 2007
I'm hosting a little get-together at 3 Blind Mice tonight with Curly CJ Kev Palmer and myself on the decks - music is across the board - boogie, rare groove, house, jazz-fook and of course, broken biscuits. From about 7pm 'til later. 3 Blind Mice is at 5 Ravey St (off Gt. Eastern St), Shoreditch, London E-something. (same venue as ANC). Free entry of course.

ohh you at 17:46:16 Friday March 16 2007

HAPPY FEET at 17:39:22 Friday March 16 2007
It is mind over matter. I don't mind, because you don't matter.

something at 17:31:33 Friday March 16 2007
you do regular then.

HAPPY FEET at 17:29:43 Friday March 16 2007
If I wanted to hear from an arse, I'd fart

village people at 17:28:24 Friday March 16 2007
no he is not because we are at the YMCA.

Louise at 17:26:44 Friday March 16 2007
no name scums You are depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.

HOW at 17:23:45 Friday March 16 2007
can we be happy when we all hate each other.

Selina at 17:22:39 Friday March 16 2007
I like to think of everyone here at Soulboys as one big happy family, Peep talk anyone.

NO at 17:21:41 Friday March 16 2007
its all in me trousers.

yeah but at 17:21:36 Friday March 16 2007
gonna but cd3 what the fuck does that mean

Tony at 17:19:42 Friday March 16 2007
. Shouldn't a guy with your IQ have a low voice too?

and also at 17:18:7 Friday March 16 2007
prats are useful

are you at 17:17:35 Friday March 16 2007
gonna but cd 3?

no he is not at 17:13:21 Friday March 16 2007
he is lovely bloke

here at 17:11:9 Friday March 16 2007
happy feet is shouting.

HAPPY FEET at 17:9:21 Friday March 16 2007

We All Know....... at 17:2:46 Friday March 16 2007
....... that Mr C cannot spell by now (and is a prat, which we do know)

Frostie at 16:53:59 Friday March 16 2007
The word is threatening but credit where credit due-quite funny.Dont get the get lost bit though.

get at 16:40:58 Friday March 16 2007
get lost

does she at 16:20:20 Friday March 16 2007
need to wear black and look threating

Frostie at 16:15:50 Friday March 16 2007
Allo Maaates!Ere,fellow Gooner,I slept for two days!Must be getting old!Jane,I have put you on the door for tomorrow night.

you at 16:14:54 Friday March 16 2007

but some people at 16:14:29 Friday March 16 2007
woul agree with what you said.

Lisa-Jane at 16:12:24 Friday March 16 2007
na, I've read it again... can't get away from the word stupid - who you calling darling?

no darling at 16:6:33 Friday March 16 2007

Lisa-Jane at 16:1:3 Friday March 16 2007
... did I misread that or does it say Kaya and Clarkey are stupid? must be my eyes

gooner at 15:54:18 Friday March 16 2007
ta ta tottenham you planks.Here frostie did you sleep over after the partyyyyyyyyyyyy.

get... at 15:50:35 Friday March 16 2007
...back on that caister forum hf

Ginger Tony at 15:50:29 Friday March 16 2007
I've been eating Lockets* for 3 days and my teeth are all carpety (yes, that's a word - i've checked!) and the cold water hurts when I drink it... *Other throat sweets are available but i've not done the gum to gum carpet test yet.

Shrek at 15:45:59 Friday March 16 2007
Donkey You need a touch ot the old Stephanie Beechams

Ginger Tony in I promise not to give you my cold! at 15:43:35 Friday March 16 2007
Afternoon all! Hope some of you will join me tomorrow morning for the Jump Start on Solar Radio from 8 - 10am. Sky Digital channel 0129 and www.solarradio.com

More names added to The Tubbs Benefit Concert at 15:34:44 Friday March 16 2007
Easter Bank Holiday Monday April 9th @ DINGWALLS,Middle Yard,Camden Lock. The Paul 'Tubbs' Williams Benefit Concert. For one night only! Featuring Incognito,Founding Members Light of the World/Beggar and Co, Central Line, Orphy Robinson, Courtney Pine, Junior Giscombe, Leee John, Noel McKoy,Kenny Thomas,Donna Williams,Gregg Kofi Brown, Chris Hill, Dez Parkes and very special guests. DJ sets by Dez Parkes and Chris Hill, Marc Mac(4Hero) with special guest DJs joining us on the evening. All proceeds will go to the Williams family and Liquid Spillers. Tickets:£20 in advance. For more information please visit www.beggarandco.co.uk, www.funkmanagementuk.com & www.incognito.org.uk www.Seetickets.com

Frostie at 15:4:12 Friday March 16 2007
Sorry Chevvy maaate!Got my wires crossed darlin!

Chevvy at 14:46:24 Friday March 16 2007
Mmmmmmmm After Party? Not sure about that Frost! Will discuss at Ditch, yeah?

Kaya and Clarkey in a stupor at 14:46:19 Friday March 16 2007
Is it Thursday yet?

marky, push fm. in london at 14:4:37 Friday March 16 2007
http://www.radiocafe.co.uk/push/soul%20weekend.jpg info on easter soul weekender push fm special shows.....

BGG at 13:28:40 Friday March 16 2007
Sevilla away

Frostie at 13:1:2 Friday March 16 2007
Allo Maaates!Just to let you all know,its an early birthday set from me to Chevvy tomorrow night down The Ditch and also the After Party sounds good!Once again,dont forget that after Micks boat on Easter Sunday I will be doing the After Party at Sin with Bobbi and Steve-Further details to follow.

Debs (R) at 12:45:0 Friday March 16 2007
And for John Dean on Sunday!!!! and anyone else I forgot. Have a wicked weekend whatever you all decide to do. Have a great time if you going to Inn on the Lake tonite. Prestatyn weekender posse have a wicked one - Debs, especially you!!! See lots of you at Soul in the City hopefully.

Debs (R) at 12:40:20 Friday March 16 2007
In case I forget in the Saturday madness ..... early wishes to CHEVVY and COPPO!!!!!
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Deliah at 11:52:48 Friday March 16 2007
What about the starter and desert oh and the cheese board

is there at 11:2:36 Friday March 16 2007
any wine with that.

MikeMcD in At Work at 10:53:7 Friday March 16 2007
Have a table reserved at Jazz Cafe foe Ronnie Laws 27th March that I cannot now use the price is face value of £150 which is entry for 4 people and 4 main course meals . Are there any interested parties

Bernadette at 10:47:33 Friday March 16 2007
Yeh I know Richard...bummer Morning everyone there's snow on the way

richard in soulville hq at 9:28:50 Friday March 16 2007
happy birthday yesterday gav,I hope you had a good one?debs hope your ok today.hi to jane n-mick and i,m feeling gutted(toon out).

Northern Mick at 8:28:2 Friday March 16 2007
Early morning hitch, back again with an itch this time

_MICK_ at 8:26:52 Friday March 16 2007
Happy Birthday Bob Morning Marky

Northern Mick in Sunny Colchester at 8:26:7 Friday March 16 2007
Morning all.....POETS at last !! .....whatever your weekend has in store ..Have a Gorilla !!

Marky Mark at 8:20:3 Friday March 16 2007
morning peeps ! Happy birthday Bob Masters.looking forward to the blizzards Monday

Its a busy night on Saturday!! at 1:45:52 Friday March 16 2007
Saturday 17TH MARCH: AREA NIGHT CLUB WATFORD ROOM ONE : HED KANDI- ROOM TWO : Bob Masters SOUL11SOUL @ HERBAL SATURDAY 17TH.MARCH. A two floor sound system special as the Funki Dreds ride back into town for a fresh monthly soul/funk/boogie/reggae session with Jazzie B,Aitch B & Daddae. 9pm-5am. HERBAL 14 Kingsland Road E4. £10. This Saturday 17TH MARCH spinning for everyone's delight guest DJ. GARY DENNIS @ CAPONES......Admission FREE before 10pm....£5 after...The black stuff is £2 a pint for St Paddys Day. SAS Soul Night at Capones Nightclub, 22-28 Benfleet Road, Essex SS& 1QB.... SOUL IN THE CITY This sat 17th@ The DITCH BAR 145shoreditch high street E1 6JE 9--4am -------DJs this month---BIGGER,JAMES ANTHONY, FROSTIE, LITLE STEVIE,RUTH FISHER + DJ CG.2Floors of soul,rnb,soulful house +funky jazz. £8 b4 11pm 4members, £10 non members,free membership on the night