Happy 50th TJ
.....the Celestial Messenger

Congratulations on 50 glorious years!
with love from all your Stalkers

Happy Birthday Teej. 8-3-1 and all that. Queen Cheese xx

Many Happy Returns Terry, have a great birthday. Lots of kisses, Roz XXX

There seems to be a queue of women wanting to wish you well. Hope you have a great day - at least you've still got the energy and enthusiasm of a 21 year old. Thanks for all you do for us. Much love xx

Here's to your first bullseye onto the next.All the best from 'The South of the Water Boys'.

Steve the invisible lodger
TJ, appy birfday maaate!

Dave D
TJ. Happy Birthday. More power to you mate - may you continue to entertain and educate us for amny more years. Cheers!!!

happy buffday thanx for the the inspiration musically (see I knew there was someone without the restrictions) & the friendship. SWAT & Rob XX

Scouser Paul
Happy Birthday, mate. May your record box continue to fill us with joy for many years to come. PS Will you do my 50th?

Happy Birthday fella. You beat me into the world by exactly 10 years. Probably NOT the only reason your record box contains far more than mine.

Claire & Mark
Have a wonderful Birthday TJ.....(think they have to be fibbing me when they say 50)...You can't be 50 and look that good :-) :-) May the next 50 be filled with all things soulful. Loads of Luv Claire & Mark xxx

Maria P
Still looking good at 50!! Thanks for the education Mr Jones, Happy 50th Birthday, Have a great day.

Weekesie chilling here in sunny Southern California
TJ many happy returns for your special day. Thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment on soul24-7. Hope to have you back in my office very soon. Happy 50th have a wonderful day and thanks as always for the chooooooooooons

Happy Birthday TJ. Still the coolest dude around!!!! Here's to another 50 years of educating us mortels

Midlands Collective (both of us!!)
Have a Great Birthday TJ....50 ?? narrr... thanks for the Choons xxxxxx

Have a great day Terry.Hope your 50th will be as much fun as your 40th was. If you get half as much back in your next 50 years, as you've given us, you'll have a stormer. Thanks again for the last 12 years mate, some of my happiest times have been on your dance floor.

Terry, Jim asked me to wish you well for your Buffdee, from the wilds of western Ireland. He hopes you'll have a few of these

Mark G
Happy Birthday -Thanks for the music, the education and the compassion. Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday, Terry! Have a fantastic day and keep in mind you can celebrate again when you finally come to Boston! Love, Claudia xx

WOW!!! 50 I can't believe it. Happy Birthday. Chris Jay & I will have a Cuba Libra for ya. Georgia x

Nurse Doris
What can I say that hasn't been said a million times! TJ - "You Da Man"! Love and kisses Doris XXXX

Happy Birthday TJ THE D.J.! Those toones keep on rolling out the bag! Marcus

Tunji in Brighton
Truly the 'Celestial Messenger'! Happy Birthday TJ!! I echo Mark G....thanx for the compassion and the kindness of heart. Have a great day!! And hope to see you again soon.

Mike Wheeler in Houston, TEXAS
TJ: All the best to you on your half century. It only gets better. (I can say that since I'm a year ahead of you). Thanks for all the pleasure you bring us. We all look forward to hearing you again soon on S24-7. Hope you have a soulful birthday. Take care.

Michelle in Stone Mountain, Georgia USA
Happy, happy, happiest birthday to you, Terry! You are a wonderful man and I hope you enjoy your birthday bash to the fullest!! All good wishes to you! Luv, Michelle

Sponge up the tower
Terry happy birthday from the old T I gang from around the corner, the ones that are left! Phil,Sharon,Tim(now living sometimes in luxury in Limehouse basin when not traveling the globe)Ian,Paul & Kay

loz in Canada
greetings, fellow bull, and Happy Birthday! You're a man with a lot of Soul, and I wish you another 50 years of it . all the best on this big one! loz

Spot in Sluff
Happy Birthday from all at SOLARRADIO.com

Peter in Durham
Terry,a great guy, special friend and definitely the best SOUL DJ in the world,all the best Peter,Kay and the boys.

teee & clive portious in portsmouth
happy 50th mate, from the soulheaven crew, on the south coast...

Andy (NJ) in New York
Happy Birthday Terry! Thank you for opening our ears to so much good music over the years. Thank you for providing the soundtrack to many, many memorable soul nights over the years but thank you most of all for just being Terry Jones.

Ken (Toronto) in Toronto, Canada
Happy Birthday! mate, here's looking at you...

My shirts have never looked finer than when worn by you guys at the Connoiseurs set at Southport....!

To the swiffingess fella I know. Happy Bufday TJ Loads a luvXXXXXXXXXXX

HAPPY BIRTHDAY T.J. BABY! May you have many more to come. Lol from Madam

Simon Garner
Happy Birthday! Look forward to celebrating with you at Chocolate Soul.

Girth Devon
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY - Thanks for all the great nights and the records that you made your own - only one thing to say - DON'T BE AFRAID !!!!!! .Here's to many more memories.

Where would Aretha be without you? Happy Birthday maate!

Carl D
Geezer, it's a pleasure DJing with you as well as being mates with ya. Many happy returns TJ. Leave your car at home for Chocolate Soul!

Happy Birthday geez! Here's to the next 50 yrs of TJ Soul!! See you at Choccie Soul! Luv ya!!

Fraser in S.London
A special birthday for a special guy! When it comes to the dancefloor Terry, Aretha said it all...'You're all I need to get by'. Thanx and have a fabb weekend :-))

Perry Batah in Montreal
Hi Terry,have a great one.It has been a privilege to know you and to have been able to meet you at Togetherness last year as well as hearing you on soul24-7.Keep those sweet sounds coming!!!

Happy Birthday to the youthful Mr Jones,have a great one mate. ash


Ian Stewart
Happy Birthday ..... Have Fun

Dear Terry Have a great one mate! Here's to the next 50!!! Lots of Cheesy Love Auntie Pam xxx

Many happy returns TJ, keep on doing it.

Happy Birthday Terry!! See you at Choccie Soul for fun and soulful celebrations!! XX

Happy birthday TJ, see ya at Choccie Soul xx

Chris Alexander
Do you have any 7"s that are older than you????, probably!!!! Happy Birthday Terry, keep smiling and see you soon. Chris A.

Jack Locker
Happy Birthday have a good one !!!!

A soul boy and a yid, a perfect combination in my book and as such deserving of a really happy birthday. I sincerely hope today brings you as much pleasure as you bring to all of us. Cheers Paul

Bev out in the sticks
Keep on keepin' it soulful. Hugs & kissesxx

Johnny T
Hickey Burpy Terry!! Have a great day old boy, Keep the faith, Keep the change, Chuck the chips!! See ya at Cleggy!! Love Johnny x

Congratulations. Have a good one!

Have a good one TJ. xxx

jules sitting in front of my mac
HAPPY B-DAY, TJ!!! MY FEET GIVE YOU THEIR VOTE OF SUPPORT FROM THE DANCEFLOOR. Keep spinnin' the good sounds and, hey, keep the faith an' all! Peace n lurve - jules X

Bloke & Wife On the treadmill
Here's to you, Terry. Looking forward to your next half-century. Much love and boundless respect. Tony & Mandy

Stevie Cee
Happy Birthday to great bloke and a mentor, may your record box be ever blessed (not that it needs much help).

Helen from Basildon
Just to say loads of love & Enjoy!!!!!! xxx

Mark & Lindsey Randle in work when it's bloody gorgeous out there :-(
Have a great day TJ.......thanks for some top choons over the years at some great gigs. Keep it right there. Mark & Lindsey

Wendy Brown in Knoxville, Tennessee
TJ baby have a good one, miss you much!!!!! xoxoxox

Robert Dodd in London Town
CONGRATULATIONS on your 50 years on this crazy planet of ours.

Alan Champ in Sutton, South London
Nice one Terry, and thanks for all the great music. Keep the Faith !

Hi Terry, Happy 50th Birthday, Good to see that you and i are both older than the music we play, Unless they where making good Soul music in the 50's, i don't think so!!!, Respect from gary And Gill and all the staff at Crazy Beat.

Many happy returns TJ. Enjoy! xx

Dave Johnson in Tenerife
Hi Tel, sorry I'm not about, hope you have a great time. I'll have a beer for ya, see you after the Summer, DJ.

Gavin Page in Drinking Stella Listening to Marvin with Sean
Well my love it seems like only yesterday we were all at your 40th. Thank you for all the fun and your support over the last I dare not count years. So love and a BIG KISS. See you next Friday have your drinking head on cause me and Bennet will have bet yer life on it!

Sean Evans in STILL GOT MARVIN ON!!!!!!!!
T.J Hope you have a GREAT NITE "I LUFF YA LOTS" See you x Friday Luff and Stuff Sean xxxx

Beverly Mention Minor in Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Happy Birthday TJ, the smoothest DJ I know! Wish I could celebrate with you at Chocolate Soul, listening to the great Soul classics you always play. Cannot wait for you to be back on the airwaves. Peace and love, Brite Eyes

mr click in peterborough
happy birthday & welcome to the club, i joined it last month

Richard in yarmouth
Birthday wishes from all at Soul Village Organisation. Looking forward to seeing you in a few a few weeks at the weekender!

Chickie D
Have a great Birthday Darlin’ Thank you, thank you, thank you for the musical education, and inspiration. You really were sent from heaven!!!

Tahar Haouachi in Holland
Happy Birthday! And may your age be doubled, at least. Soulfull greetz Tahar.

Happy Birthday big boy!!!!! hope you had a great time

Northern Jane and Big Rick
Happy Belated Birthday Terry. Hope you had a superb time.

Tina and Ceej in Sadcup
Hope we are not too late to add our warmest Congratulations, to a very luvly man, on his Special Birthday. 1 feeling! xxx

Mark H in East London
Happy 50th (i can`t believe it was 10 years ago when we were all partying to 6 in the morning at your 40th) Thanks for the education, enjoyment, and inspiration you and your music have gave to me over the years,especially those fantastic nights at the Norfolk village.I`ll see you Saturday at the Rocket.

Wembley Crew in Wembley
Happy Birthday Geeza. You don't look a day over 30.


Lloyd & Jules in Being fashionably late to fill in your card!
Terry - Stop celebrating and get on with that decorating!! (Can't you just tell I've been working with Chase - Jx). Seriously - you know what we think of ya - and no doubt, we'll tell you often at Cleethorpes in our own sweet way! Much love 'The Kids' xxxxxxxx

Milá in Creating havoc and playing with Barbie!
To my darling Uncle Terry (the Godfather of Soul) How old is fifty then? Lots of love, kisses & cuddles Milá (the godchild of Soul) xxxx

Happy Birthday, Dad. Make sure those standards don't slip. X

16th May 2002